Ave Maria, Sung by A Living Christ, AGAIN Exposing PHARISEES & Kurds, Who THIS time are GENOCIDING Everybody !!!!

Behold, My Long Awaited Rendition of “Ave Maria” …. ALL Proceeds From It Go towards What I’ve Donated the last 20 Years of My Life to Doing …. ie Helping African Children & Their Mothers WORK Their Way out of “grinding” Poverty …. You Know, Those “Humans” Whom TRILLIONAIRE Zionist-Jews “want” to suffer agonising deaths …. Whom, in the mean-time, They “Use” to OPPRESS Those, Who Donate to The CAMPS of “displaced” Innocents, the Pharisees & Kurds “created” the Conditions which Drove Them into Them, to Then HOLD Them to RANSOM, whilst Carrying-out “Global” Genocide to go with it …. EUREKA !!!!

All of which is to See-if A Super+Man Will Give Their wank-claw Something to Aim for, to ameliorate against Their BOREDOM & Delusions that They’re a Mastermind, in a competition THEY MUST Con-Troll & which the PANTING Paraphiliac MUST “win” …. This Video is Not Only to WAKE YOU UP, It’s to Make You REALISE that the GENOCIDAL Fuck-Wits Behind Your “Grooming” UNCONSCIOUSLY want You to DO unto Them what They’re Doing to You ….

ie Even Though I REFLECT You in a Manner You’d no-doubt Hate Your Fantasy of Me for, which is Unconscious “True Self-loathing” …. I Attest, That You ARE “Important” & You Can “Morally” CHANNEL Your Desire for POWER at Those BEHIND Your otherwise-deserved “Self-Destruction” …. So Watch This Song AGAIN & Then “REVERSE” Your TARGETS “At Once” & FIRE At “Will” ….

In murdering “Humans,” the prehistoric-brain of the displaced Pharisees & Kurds They’ve subsequently Gene-spliced With, (which is the Equivalent of Trying to Upgrade Your Genes by Mating with a Jerry Springer reject) …. Murdering “both” African Children & Those Who Move Mountains to Prevent the “needless” Genocide, which the “subhuman” Jews are “Creating,” for Them, feels like getting PRETENGE against Ghosts, which They Carry from Their past, Whom They Obediently Turn-into CHAINS around Their Soul ….

Whom They REPEATEDLY feel that They’re Purging & “Exorcising,” by imbecilically Assassinating “Innocent” Humans & in-so-doing become WORSE than the Ghosts They hate, thus Ensuring They HATE what They’ve “become” & on They dig Their punishing route to Hell …. As They SWORE, They Would NEVER Repeat the “Conditions” They were Submissive to, in the Ignominy of Their Perpetually-Looping-Past …. So You MUST die, if You RESIST Them, in Any way or if They feel a BREATH of Slight or CORRECT Inferiority …. Then Along Comes Me, Mr. Overcome it ALL, With His LOVE Of Truth, In All Directions & MY “Winning Smile” !!!!

Meanwhile, “Mr. Hooked nose, Downward-focussed, misery-brewing, hate-stewing, Soul-excoriating, inconsolable, bestial, debauched, gluttonous-evil,” sits on a Tropical Island, wearing a Pair of Bermuda Shorts digging-in to Their Fat Gut, swallowing anti-dote after anti-dote for the “CONDITIONS” They created “&” Their Galactically-stupid-forebears before “Them” …. Subservient to the Whore of Babylon behind it & as miserable as the Day is long …. Except for when They’re TOYING with the World through Their stolen laptop, after it’s been Simplified to “2 Buttons” so even a “Unitard” Can work it ….

The WHORE behind that paedophile, is a Matching magical-thinking, warmongering, Self-hate-projecting HIDEOUSLY-UGLY, abominable, inconsolable, MANIACAL, Soul-filleted “Jewess,” preens Her Self between explosions, by polishing & painting a Shit, She’s arranged a Wig on top of, which She aims to Preserve, like a Pickled Warthog’s abortion …. Whilst, He Sits drinking in Mindless, Morally-Vacant decadence, looking Out at the equally “empty” Shore-line, Scratching His bent hairy Nose, surrounded by the Bones of The Very Children “YOU” Should be Using Your Position in Life to Rescue, by BLOWING the inbred, hate-consumed, Pygmy’s paedophile Head off …. She Turns a blind Eye to His “Cannibalism” & He Hers’, as They Both Know They’d Kill each Other at the Earliest Opportunity ….


2 out of Every 3 Western Females & 1 out of Every 3 Western Males NEEDS to be Exterminated …. If You Distance Your Self from Them, They’ll Consume Each Other anyway …. You’d be Leaving Them ARMED with Nuclear Weapons, but They’d still be “RINGED” by Primordial Shite Who worship Satan, as God & Who want to “be the 1″ Who pressed the button …. (You Couldn’t make it up) …. Evilly-Ironically, the Zionist Jews are Exterminating “ALL” of Them, including You & Yours’ …. If You don’t Believe that, then, GO FUCK YOUR SELF WITH A 12″ DILDO UP THE ARSE & THEN THROW YOUR SELF OFF A CLIFF, YOU DUNCE CUNT !!!! …. (That Should put-pay to Any “delusion” You have of Me WISHING to Influence You by “REFLECTING REALITY” !!!!)

The MORALLY VACANT “grossly-limited” brain-functionality of Megalomaniacs, Who THINK They’re “in the-know,” Deduce that Because Judeo-Christian Teachings are Predominately Augmented-Chinese-Whispers “THEREFORE” Satan is God “&” Jimmy Saville is John The Baptist …. So, THOUSANDS of YEARS of ASIAN “Veracity Borne Wisdom” MAGICALLY disappears, because a brief-fart of a “minuscule” speck of WESTERN SHITE wants to Shove Their baldy Cock up a Child’s Arse …. (It Stand to Reason, doesn’t it ….)

Stick a Wig on it & Call it “Your Honour” …. Until Every delusional Cunt in the Court EVENTUALLY Starts “Genuinely” BELIEVING They’re Meting Out MORAL Justice & play-acting Being Adults, oscillating between Getting off on Histrionic-PRETENGE …. 90% of ALL Those involved in Your Justice System NEED HUNG !!!!

Behold, An Excerpt from The Book Passed-Down Through My Family Tree, Written by My Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, GREAT Grandfather, called, “Beyond The Comprehension of Mong !!!!” …. This Passage is Taken from a Section Called, “Listen Up Lunitard !!!!”

We’re Guided by True Love, Which Lets Souls Sort Themselves Out …. From A Far Distant “Divinity,” We Can All Choose to Gravitate Towards, The Constant Guiding Rule of That Moral Reality Is “Balanced” ….

When the Due date is being held-back, by Souls in a State of disgrace, Your Guide can Choose to Intervene, for Reasons “Beyond The Comprehension of Mong !!!!” ….

So Seeing All possible Outcomes, The Loving+Guide Said to Spazmo, “You are FLAYED-ALIVE by The Truth, You hate …. If You arrogantly-continue to delude Your Self that Reality should Match Your Lunacy then I Shall Flay You Alive, Physically ….”

But Spazmo didn’t Listen !!!!

The Guide then Said, “You BURN the Candle at Both Ends …. If You continue to do so, I’ll Burn You at Both Ends, Physically ….”

But Spazmo Still didn’t Listen !!!!

Their Loving Guide then added, “I CANNOT Alter Reality to Match Your depravity …. If You FAIL to Realise hypocrisy is SELF-DESTRUCTION, then, in The Same way You intend to be evil towards Others, I Will DESTROY You ….”

But Spazmo continued to Fail to Heed Their Caring Guide’s warning !!!!

The unmistakable Voice Continued, “You are CONSUMED by Hatred, due to Your unrealistic Grandiose-expectations & egocentric-delusions & histrionic dire-bitterness …. If You continue to Attack Innocents, due to Your deranged delusions, I Will CONSUME You Whole ….”

But Spazmo continued grinning imbecilically, determined to enjoy it’s incontinent-hatred, geared-towards PRETENGE !!!!

The Peaceful Teacher, Then Imparted, “You are SEETHING from Every Pore, with True Self-loathing which You Project At The People You Directly Benefit From …. All Your evil, for Your depraved, savage, maniacal, but temporary illusion …. If You continue, I Shall EXTRACT Your Self-loathing through EVERY Pore in Your Body ….”

But Spazmo, FELT it was a form of rehabilitation to attack The Innocent & went-on Ignoring The Constant Facts of The Matter, without Justification or Alibi of Any Kind, remaining determined to Destress whilst Attempting to Stress The Innocent, especially The Honest & The Morally Just !!!!

The Guide pointed out, “You are insignificant & utterly Self-deluded, if You continue to Look for People Who don’t Know that Fact yet, then I Shall REDUCE You Further in This Generation, until You’re CONTAINED in Your Ultimate fate, for Eternity ….”

But Spazmo grinned-on, believing itself to secretly, somehow-magically, be a Good Person & that it had it ALL WORKED OUT & so wouldn’t be Fooled by The Guiding Moral Force …. Instead, Re-Assuring It’s hideous persona, by it’s drowning-ego grasping at Straws of Confirmatory-bias, again & again & again & again & again & again, attempting to Pull in All Those Who Offer a Hand down into It’s Obviously pitiful Stinking Abyss …. Treading Water, between Those Marks, whilst using & abusing Everyone They can, as They’re REALLY IMPORTANT Shite in “Their” Self-polluted Estuary !!!!

Reflecting Reality, The Great Guide Continued, “You pretend to Make DEFINITIVE Statements when You Know Your Self to be nothing-more than a manipulative-liar, which You Aggrandise Imbecilically …. If You continue, I Will REDIFINE and REDUCE You further, for Every line You fictionalise with evil-intent, I’ll remove a Line of Your Body ….”

But Spazmo believed it was a Rival for it’s fate !!!!

Insightfully & Undeniably, The Guiding Voice Magnified, “You are a DISEASE, which Hopes to Plague the Lives of Those Who Chose to Exhibit STRENGTH & Follow Wisdom, Openly Leading Their Life, Giving+Loving on A Higher Path, than the downward-spiral You’ve Chosen, repeatedly, ad nauseam …. They GIVE Thanks in The Right Direction, on Their Upward Trajectory …. If You Continue to be a blight, with Your transparently addled-wits, then I Shall RIDDLE You, with Disease ….”

But Spazmo denied the Nose on it’s Own face !!!!

The Echoing Moral Voice, around Spazmo’s head wouldn’t Deter Him, So That Sage Counsel Continued, “You Don’t MATTER, Your LIES have No MEANING, Your Ill-Wishing Is IMPOTENT & Everything You Touch You destroy …. If You continue to TRY to prey-on the Innocent, to hold Them back & sabotage Their Life, with Your Desire for Their Justifiable Hatred of Something as wretched as Your Self, reliant so heavily on Your SOLITARY trick, laying bare what a FAILURE You are …. Then, I will SLOW You DOWN Considerably & reduce Your MATTER, until You’re a Prone streak of impotent grated-hatred & If You persist, until There’s not a pixel left of You ….”

But Spazmo Refused to Heed The Counsel of The Constant Reflection of Eternal Reality & DECRIED The Truth, as-though Reality might be offended, to Pause it’s Onslaught ….

Spazmo placed it’s fingers in it’s Ears, yet The Serene Voice Then Came from Inside, “You have deluded Your Self, in Every situation, behind-which You deluded Your Self There was Someone inside You Whom You’ve FAILED to Become, Who’d Be WORTH Knowing & DESERVED Great Things YOU Have FAILED to Achieve …. Which You PRETEND Others Must pay for, because of Your incontinent sob-story & FOOLISHNESS, again & again & again & again & again …. Your Determined Solitary mind-trick, allows You to Delude Your Self You have a Level of Intelligence You Fundamentally LACK …. You Are RECEIVING what You have Attempted to SOW …. Your DISCONNECT lies between Harvests ….”

The Great Teacher Carried On, “You have Also USED Those as Worth-less as Your Self, to Both Confirm Your Bias & Show-Off How dreadful You Truly Are, for the exact-same End to Your Every Waking Thought & for the Reaction Your Hideously-Ugly Soul is Obsessed with, in The Direction of Those You envy & unjustifiably brew-hatred for, so Seek Attention from, to DISGUST Them at What You’ve BECOME ….”

The Echo of Love Reflected, “When You FAILED to Self-Actualise or Develop, instead of Then blaming Your Self, Everything You Did in Your TEST then became Geared towards Trying to put-Others-off Passing Theirs’, without A Care for Their Eternal Soul, in Your bestial pursuits …. You pride Your Self on boldness & Greed, in hypocritical League with an evil at it’s Most honed, re-assuring Your Self that You’re Secretly not that bad, in mindlessly-repetitive perpetual-titillation, ad infinitum …. Your ever-dwindling Life, Should have Taught You what, I ASSURE You, You’ll be FACING Next, for Eternity, after The PUNISHMENT You MUST Take in This Generation & if You attempt to SHIRK YOUR Load further, then it ONLY Gets HEAVIER & Eternally So, FOOL ….”

But Spazmo thumbed it’s Greedy Nose, ignoring The pervading Voice Of Truth …. Standing to it’s fullest speck of height, Spazmo triumphantly screeched, “GO AWAY, YOU ARE NOT WANTED HERE, You can’t tell Me what to do, no-one can, I Am My Own special Creation & I BLAME YOU for My bitterness & I don’t BELIEVE in You …. I Attract People like My Self & I Use EVERYBODY & I’m CROWING About That Fact …. I USE All Those I Consider to be Weak by Comparison to My Self, make of that what You Will BIG VOICE, I Have Gifts & My Sob-Stories are True ….”

The Peaceful Messenger Continued, “Your LOSSES in Life led You to HOPE to adversely-affect & effect The Outcome of Others; Lives, there’s No Justification for Your Corrupt Character …. When More Sensitive Souls fell for Your hateful-intentions, it made You Feel You’d finally found a magic-power, which TRANSFORMED You from the decrepit nobody, You can now Never ESCAPE Being, into a Sophisticated-bully, titillating Your Self & the Matching Fools around You, You Admit to betraying too …. LOOK AT THEM …. See YOUR SELF in Them …. You Are DESTROYING Your Self & Have ALREADY Destroyed SO MUCH of What You Are …. You Have NO-ONE to BLAME Except Your SELF …. No matter how many People You SHOCK with Your VULGAR Stupidity, You’re LEFT ALONE with the MESS & STATE You Got Your THANKLESS SELF into, even-after ALL The Assistance You were Granted ….”

Insightfully, As Ever, The Mighty Voice Added, ” You find the Same Joke funny Every Day, because You KNOW You’re NOTHING & no-one Ever Need take You Seriously …. But You ARE the Butt of that Joke & The PRICE You Pay for That Means The Innocent Will ALWAYS Have The Last Laugh, at Your Expense …. Your corrupt True Self, DECIDED that PERSISTANCE would pay-off, as Eventually, PROVING You MUST be PUNISHED would lead to the Other Person FEELING like punishing You, as You Only Target Those Whom You Calculate Won’t Execute You ….”

Rounding off the puerile Contrary-party’s Solitary-trick, The Constant+Wisdom Imparted, “You Then Hope They begin suffering, so TRANSFERENCE would Magically have taken-place & They’d Know how it feels to receive YOUR Deserved Punishment …. But, if Your magic doesn’t work, then You Still Think, WHO-CARES, as, You feel temporarily slightly-better, when You’re Being incontinent without Justification or Alibi & Feel You’re exercising that psuedo-magical-power, by Targeting Innocents, with Your thinly-disguised Garbage, to comfort Your repetitive Self-destruction ….”

Spazmo STAMPED it’s foot & DENIED that it had Done So, even hoping to Fool The All Seeing Eyes of The Divine ….

Unaffected, The Calm Voice Reflected, “You have BECOME Your CHOICES, thus WHY You’re such a hideous-abomination & no-matter How Many Times I Punished You, You continued Hoping to punish Others, by obsessively furtively attempting to Offend The Innocent, without Justification or Alibi of Any Kind …. I Take ACCOUNT of Every Deed & Return It At+Pace for Loving Deeds, but for foul Deeds Your Returns slowly-but-surely Catch Up with You, You SHOULD Have NOTICED …. Yet, You Didn’t Improve & became an even-more hideous Character, raging when Others Saw-Through Your solitary delusion & RAGING when They overcame Your infantile Solitary party-trick & inconsolable in Your hatred, due to Your bitter weaknesses & The LASHINGS Of YOUR Just+Desserts, behind All Your pretence ….”

Spazmo spat-back at Their Guide, “I AM TALENTED, PEOPLE DON’T KNOW THE REAL ME, IF THEY DESERVED TO MEET ME Then They’d See I’m not a bad Person, I’ve A Great Mind, I don’t Only have 1 Trick …. THEY are, what YOU are making ME out to be, which is WHY I try to PUNISH Them …. I DO find it FUNNY when They take My crap Seriously, because They don’t Need to …. But I Always HOPE They Do, because I HOPE it ENRAGES Them as much as I FEEL enraged, due to My bad-luck stories …. I WANT ENORMOUS REPERCUSSIONS for next-to-nothing …. WHY Should I suffer alone, WHY should I go through so much pain from birth to death, WHY should I NOT try to KILL Others, Who have it Easier than Me ?!?! …. Why WON’T They SIMPLY LET ME rob THEM, ATTACK Them, LET ME MURDER THEM, ASSIST Me in Doing So, HA HA AHA AHA HA HA ….”

Spazmo prattled-on, “I NEED What THEY HAVE & I CAN get it, so, Therefore, I’m Entitled to USE EVERYONE I Can, to GET it & if They DON’T die then I’ll Continue to Target Them, FOREVER …. No matter how long it takes, even-if They EVENTUALLY Realise I’m simply Hoping-in-hatred in Their Direction, it Gets Me off & Since I’ll NEVER STOP, I’ll NEVER EVER STOP, That PROVES I’m a mastermind & FREE …. When I Send Them My crap & lead Them a merry-dance, I’m WINNING, HA HA HA HAH HAH AHAHAHA, I LAUGH in Your Face God, I’m a fucking WINNER !!!!”

The Guide addressed the loser, “Your ugliness hollowed-out Your Soul, until You’re filled with nothing-but hatred, which requires determined Grandiose-delusion to Continue, so thus Ensures Envy haunts Your remaining wasted Days …. You can fool Your Self with impatient token Gestures, to Those as corrupted as Your Self & As Confirmatory-biased & also with the negative-reactions You PRIDE Your Self on, from as-yet undamned Souls …. But EVERYTHING, I Repeat, EVERYTHING You do is a HOLLOW SHAM, I’ll Say it Again, EVERYTHING YOU PRODUCE IS A HOLLOW SHAM …. Where I’m sending You is a Hollow & Will CONTAIN the black-hole of Your insignificant pathetic evil-wishes Once & For All ….”

Hopping Mad, Spazmo Snarled at The Heavens, “You’ll NEVER stop Me from being evil, I AM evil, It’s SO EASY & I Like it, I LIKE it, it Makes Me feel Better to KNOW I’ve ruined Someone else’s Day or Better Still Their Life …. I GET OFF on it, I TRY My Best to Goad Them, ALL the While They don’t Know I’m Trying to Tee Them Up to SEE Me as I REALLY Am & what I’ve surrendered into BECOMING & to THEN Become ENRAGED at My amputated-development …. They CAN’T Get Me, no matter how many clues I leave, as I’m TOO good at This, if They come for Me I’ll have BULLETS waiting for Them, anyway …. ANYWAY, It’s YOUR FAULT for MAKING Me this way, I want to DESTROY Other People’s Minds, They’re SO WEAK & Vulnerable, They Think They’re SO High & Mighty & yet They’re pathetic measly little sentimental-fools …. I, I repeat, I wouldn’t be FOOLED by ANY of the CRAP I send Their way, so it FEELS Great MOCKING Them & PROVES Everything I Hold to be True about MY SELF, ME, MEEEEE, MEEEEEEEEEEE ….”

The Great Voice Of Goodness, Peacefully Spoke AGain, “Like all evil-doers, You Secretly WANT Someone Of Infinitely Greater Importance than You to FINISH You off …. Hoping You’re magically ruining Their Life when They’re ending Yours’ …. Reality & Morality Remain A Constant with or Without Your incontinent-speck of flatulent-hatred …. You’ve Targeted Humans Who DEVELOPED Themselves Exponentially whilst You arrested Your Self in a myopic-bubble, debauching Your Self into a Numbed state, ever-since …. You SEETH with ENVY at Those Who Grew Their Talents, whilst You hollowed Yours’ …. Who Developed Their Bodies whilst You wore Yours’ away …. Those Who Became More Beautiful, whilst, Your Hypocrisy made Your ugliness continually more Craven ….”

Pinning The Fool with Further Words of Wisdom, “Even after Those Souls Reflected You, with Precision Accuracy, when Most Others would have recoiled in horror at how hideous Their True Reflection was REPEATEDLY Profiled Back at Them, instead, You’d routinely Pretend All of that Hadn’t SUNK IN, as You Still wanted Them to CARE that You’re Consumed with Hatered & for THEM to CHOOSE to FEEL that YOUR Hatred is Something THEY Should Care about & Kill You for, no-matter How Successful They Are & How Easily They’ve Overcome ALL of YOUR precious-evil ….”

Unabated The Divine Guide Summated, “You’ve become so PATHETIC that You Transparently wanted Them to Choose to FEEL like Killing as low a Form of life as You’ve become, so You could Then scuttle off & GOAD Them, from Your Hidey-hole, after Your latest unsolicited plea for attention & yet-more PUNISHMENT, from where, Your ego MANIA impotently-hopes You’re Magically Doing more damage to Them …. But The Self+Actualised Soon Realise that BEING You, EVERY Day, is a far Greater punishment than ENDING Your abominable-state, abandoning You to what You HAVE To FACE, Every Day …. As They SEE You Precisely as Your Are & Choose DISTANCE from the wretched BEAST You’ve BECOME …. So KNOW that I AM PUNISHING You, Inescapably, You Have ME to THANK for THAT PUNISHMENT & I’ve NO INTENTION of cutting it short ….”

The Almighty Concluded, “I Will Not Shorten Your suffering, no-matter how-many times You act-out what’s HURT YOU in the past, in front of Others or in Your Usual COWARDLY & PATHETIC routine of infantile, non-sensical GIBBERISH & Hoping People are HORRIFIED at what an ABOMINATION You CHOSE to be, UNDOING, I repeat UNDOING All The Nobler Attempts To Make A Life WORTH Living …. Your Decision to Keep-on Hoping The Innocent Choose to Become angry at Your FOOLISHLY ingrained SOLITARY brain-pattern, is WHY You are being taken So-Much-More-Quickly, than Those You Envy, to Your FINAL resting-place, where You Will DROP like a Stone into the Chasm You hollowed into Your Soul, out of Your Mind …. Where You Will Resonate at the base-frequency, You set Your Self to, FOR ETERNITY You bloody Fool …. As YOU HAVE BECOME worse than the wretched Creations You hated from Your past & Whom You weakly surrendered to Their Whittling, of Your Very Soul, LOYALLY shaving Your Self down, into Their Own image & likeness, which You’ve continued Ever-since, FOR THEM ….”

Spazmo turned it’s Back to it’s Guide & INSISTED, “NO, It’s YOU Who’s to Blame, WHY Did YOU handicap Me & not Make everyone Think I’m as Good Looking as I Felt I was & gave Me such a Bad Start & hurt Me so many times & NOT OTHERS !?!? …. I HAD TO level the playing-field, I Had to Employ Others to Help Me, because You didn’t Give Me the same start They had, They wouldn’t have Survived what I’ve been Through …. They NEEDED to KNOW a taste of what I experienced …. They MUST SUFFER, as I HAVE & I DO …. But, Behind it all YOU KNOW I’m actually really Nice & Have Great Gifts ….”

Unmoved, The Guiding Light Reflected, “You are a hideously-ugly, wretched abomination, of Your Own Making …. You are a CURSE on Those Who Assist You in ANY Way & You RELY on the PITY of Those Who ENDURE You & The Hand-Outs of The as-yet Unwitting, alongside the corruption of a Parasitic-State which Matches YOUR Hell-Bound Soul …. You’re SO CORRUPT, in Your SOLITARY Pathology, You’d Dangle Those of ENABLING & Evil-Service, Who Ludicrously Benefit You, like a Medal of Honour before Those Whom You Corruptly HOPE Care about Your EVIL Cohorts, more Than You Do, for Them Being SO STUPID as to Pro-Long the subsistence of That which NEEDS BE Extinguished …. A MAGGOT which Will NEVER Become a Fly ….”

NAILING The Coffin Lid, Shut Tight, on the Transparent Lunatic, The Moral Guide Honed, “YOUR DEBASEMENT is predicated on Your Belief that You’re NOT Who You TRULY ARE, no-matter how many times You PROVE what You’ve Become …. Thus, You even use Matching Evil-Doers, Who’ve Attempted to Sustain Your WORTH-LESS rotting Carcass & are reduced to HOPING for the SAME negative-reaction from OTHERS Whom You Want to Witness trying to Keep EVIL LIVE …. Your Self-Absorbed, ergo Mindless-Brain’s Solitary-Ingrained ambition, never-more PATHETIC, when Parading Your Self in Your State of DEGRADATION at the EXPENSE of Your CLOSET Cohort’s Matching, otherwise-unparalleled, STUPIDITY ….”

The Moral Instructor Then Confessed, “When You were Due The BALANCE, for Your early-suffering, You were in No State to Receive IT …. Your Own evil-actions STALLED That Delivery & by That time You had ALREADY BECOME the victim of Your Own devil-may-care Corruption, inhumanity, extreme-hypocrisy, brutality, wickedness & carnal-debauchery, weakness after weakness, no matter how Many times You FOOLED Your Self that You Could PROJECT it into the Lives of Others, with Your bitterest-evil SOLITARY Grandiose-delusion …. Time after time, reducing You to wallowing in Your Self-pitying-borne misery …. Projected AGAIN & again & again & again & again, at Innocents in Your never-ending RUSH to reduce Your Self to the NOTHING You’ve BECOME ….”

The Gift of Insight Strode On, “Whenever Those Great Minds, You’re Existentially envious of, Who’ve EXPOSED You as You Are, ACCOMPLISHED what You can’t Hold a Candle to, You’d predictably Contact Them & scan Their works looking for a tiny-point to match Your Self-arrested tiny Mind’s desperation to Dramatise Your Transparent SOLITARY agenda, hoping to Have an Adverse Affect on Their Opening Night …. Thus Why, when They’d See beyond Your banal evil-desperation and Self-delusion, They’d Witness the OBVIOUS, which Seems LOST on You …. Which RENDERS Your transparently-selective, SOLITARY, Clock-work temporary-amusement, impotent …. They Also SEE the dying, lingering, agonising death I’m Granting You, as You’ve WISHED & BEGGED for, Year-in, Year-out, Decade-in, Decade-out …. So Your impossible-to-disguise unsolicited, superficial wishes are All in-vain & as-per You ONLY have Your SELF to BLAME …. When You RECEIVED The Balance, THINK Of The STATE You were in to Receive what Would OTHERWISE Have Propelled You into The Life You Dreamed Of, but Simply DON’T DESERVE ….”

Turning to face the AWFUL Truth, “THAT’S NOT TRUE, THAT’S NOT TRUE, YOU MADE Me this way, YOU limited My beginning, with Such misery HEAPED Upon Me, I Became SO Hardened, that It Makes Me Feel POWERFUL when these TINY LITTLE emotions People have, have such ENORMOUS repercussions to My throw-away crap …. Admittedly, I go out of My Way to Pursue Them, with My Proverbial Straws, HA HAH AHAAH AHAH HAH HAH HAA …. But THEY are SO Stupid even-when They Catch-on to Me, I can eek-out Their PUNISHMENT, by Magically waving that Away & It makes Me SO HAPPY when They REACT just the same, again & again & AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN, as it then become THEIR PUNISHMENT …. THEY SHOULD BE Feeling what it’s Like to GO THROUGH what I GO THROUGH & because I CAN take-advantage of Their CHOICE to react-negatively I DO …. I Then Choose a contrary REACTION to offend Them even more, even further, like a Dance, I’m GREAT at that Dance, I WIN at That Dance, I Genuinely WIN …. I may have SUNK so low I can barely face My Self in the Mirror, but I’m a WINNER when it comes to TORMENTING People, TORTURING Them, TAUNTING Them, Invading Their Lives, DESTROYING what They HOLD Dear & Have WORKED For & is SO Precariously Balanced …. I WANT Them to feel MY HUMILIATION, to KNOW the EVIL I Know, to REALISE the minds, like mine, which SURROUND Them, HA HA HA HAAH AH AH HA HAH …. I WANT Them to KNOW how BELITTLED I Feel Because of What YOU MADE ME, How DEGRADED I’ve become by What I FELL Into, I was PUSHED By YOU, YOU Put too Much Pressure on Me, so I PUT IT ALL ON THEM & THEN SOME …. I Want Those AROUND Me to BARE The BURDEN Of ME …. I WANT Them to BEND Under MY WEIGHT …. It’s THEIR Fault …. I Want to LOOK at How THEY Experience only SOME of My Hardships, I HOPE with ALL My might that it makes Them FEEL as RAGING as I AM & CRAZED as I Get, I WANT Them to SUFFER as I suffer, ENFLAMED as I am, SUFFER & BURN like I Burn, I WANT THEM TO KNOW WHAT IT’S LIKE to BE Me, YOU PREACHING BASTARD, YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT IT’S LIKE TO BE ME, YOU’VE ALWAYS HAD IT EASY, YOU FUCKING BASTARD, YOU ARE EVIL, YOU BASTARD, FUCK YOU GOD, I WORSHIP SATAN, YOU DON’T EXIST, SATAN IS GOD & ALL MY EVIL IS A SACRIFICE TO HIM, I GET IT, I GET IT, YOU ARE TAUNTING ME, TESTING ME, YOU ARE SATAN & I LOVE YOU, THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME THIS WAY, I LOOK FORWARD TO SPENDING ETERNITY WITH YOU, I GET IT, I GET IT, I LOVE YOU SATAN, THANK YOU ….”

Their Guide’s Closing Statement, “You are FUELLED by the hatred Which has Consumed The YOU I Gave Rise to & Had Such High Hopes For and You BURN within the penumbra of Your myopic frustrations, brought-on by Your deliberately-wayward Self-delusion …. You Chose to DEGRADE All Those around You & to Endlessly make NON-SENSE out of Your Con-Fusion, despite The Timeless Wisdom of Those Who’ve Selflessly Imparted Reflections Of Divinity & You SEEING The TRUE Happiness Their DIRECTION Granted Them …. Since You Clearly WILL continue, along Your solitary-path, on Your vicious-cycle, Thus Why I BURNED You, with The Fuel of YOUR OWN hatred & WHY You’ll Serve Your Sentence, for Your sins alone, for Eternity, in Hell ….”

Predictably, Spazmo exhibited the exact-opposite Reaction, from the Reaction it presumed was Expected of it & again Attempted to talk-down to The Almighty Guiding Light Of Divinity, Hoping Even The Divine Would have a blind-spot for it’s solitary avenue for Projected Self-hatred ….

However, The Great Voice BOOMED So Loudly This Time, it pinned-back Spazmo’s ears, “YOU HAVE FREE WILL, Yet I Can Obviously SEE what You’ll CHOOSE before YOU do Anything, especially amongst Those, like You, Who are So WEAK …. Your Self-delusion & Your Desire to Delude Others to Destroy or HAVE The Life You Can NEVER Have at OTHERS’ Expense, Keeps You in an IMMORAL & incontinently-repetitive arrested-state, desperately trying to Shed YOUR OWN SKIN, until You’ve Made YOUR OWN Flesh Crawl, in Your Pursuit of Those Who NEVER Seek YOU Out …. Since You Continue to Choose to Not Improve, I Shall Turn You into a BEAST & You Shall Remain in an Infantile State, FOREVER ….”

Spazmo, thumbed His flea-bitten Nose & Shouted, “I AM GOD, SAY YOUR PRAYERS & GO TO BED, OLD TIMER, YOU are WEAK, YOU are the LIAR, YOU & Those I Target with My GREAT MIND are responsible FOR MY SUFFERING, I Will CONTINUE to OUTFLANK Human Perception & AB-USE All Those Who Endure Me, even-if I have to Grind My face into the Ground to evade Their Detection of My intention & I Will Go On Trying to EAT AWAY at Their Life the more I Receive Punishment …. So it is YOU Who’s Punishing Them, when You Think it through …. YOU SEE, I’m SMARTER Than You God …. You’ll Need to Go & Think It ALL Through again & Get It Right next time …. HA HA HA HAH HAH AHA HA HA HAHA HA …. YOU Are the DEVIL ….”

In it’s nihilistic egocentricity, the incontinent-arsehole was UNAWARE of The Gifts Their Guide Had In Store for Them, which Their “determination” to practice getting-worse delayed …. Nor that They’d DAMNED Themselves Yet Again, to The “EXACT” Same Fate They’d WISHED on The Innocent, with Their impotent Transparent-denials …. They were LEFT, Hovering & spinning, Until, by The Time The BALANCE was finally Delivered, comparatively, It was Decades overdue & The resultant disgraceful State, which Spazmo was in to Receive It, “Matched” EVERY Promise Made Them, by Our Divine Constant Guide ….

In it’s soul-destroying perverse-addiction, the hideously-ugly wretched-abomination became increasingly UNCARING, so blindly UNAWARE, that the more They’d try to Punish the Innocent The More Successful The Innocent Became, whilst conversely, Spazmo was being “DRAINED” & erased, line by line …. …. …. ….

Day after Day, agonising failure after excruciating blow, the abomination decayed into it’s fantasy-world, stripped of Everything-but it’s penchant for Being a LIAR …. Then, In it’s Hour of Despair & subsequent suffering, Spazmo cried Out for Assistance, “without” having improved 1 iota & having simply gotten a Whole lot worse …. However, since it’s “Transparent” intentions were to still “get-worse” …. The Divine Guide, unmoved, Smiling Serenely, Proved, “The Answer Is In The Silence” ….

I Often Play Gigs for My Chickens, Who Sway from Side to Side, In Time with What I’m Crooning & Afterwards Usually Poop in Unison with a Synchronised Squirt …. Looking back over My Entire Life, The Happiest I’ve Ever Been, regularly, since I was 7, has been “Here,” as I’ve Never Said so-often, “This Could Be worse ….” ….

eg Maw Broon, My Oldest Chicken, My Best Layer, was Up to See what All the Commotion was, as I’d had the Audacity to Disturb Her dust-bathing & Rooting Ceremony, by Opening a Carton of Milk (which I Rarely have now) & was Filling a Huge Translucent Goblet with Coffee …. I was Kneeling Up & When I was finishing It, the Final time I Lifted It to My Lips, the Sun Shone Through The Glass like an Advert for Vinegar-alternatives …. Then as I put My Glass down I Saw Maw Broon Charging towards Me, like an Olympic Walker, as though She was a long-lost Friend eager to Throw Her Self into My Arms ….

She then gave Me a body-swerve & tried to make off with My Milk Carton …. I Love Her …. After Penny Passed+On, (to Give God a head-ache, whilst He’s Working Out how I Execute Every Zionist “Jewess” or Escape the Planet with The “Batons,”) I came out of My Studio to Find Both Maw Broon & Chiquetita Standing Upright, on top of My Desktop, which was laying on It’s Side …. It was Hot Outside, so the Updraft from the Processor Fan, made Them Both look like Marilyn Monroe, in Her Most Famous Pose …. I’d been Moving Furniture about & with The Desktop in That position They were Able to Use It to See Out of The Window, whilst Stretching to Their Fullest Height …. As I Watched Them Looking Out into The Vast Expanse, of The Vista My Farm Affords, I Knew They were Thinking of Penny & Thinking How Brave & Free She was & Is ….

From The Big Double Window of My Villa, You can Get a Suntan in the Living Room, for 2 Hours Every Morning …. So, it’s Advisable to Not Fall asleep with the Windows open, unless You want to Wake Up with only Half Your Face tanned …. I Received My latest Shipment of Chocolate & have Barely made a Dent in it, although I’ve polished-off several types of Portuguese Ice-Cream, which I Had whilst Posing on My Pharaohesque Patio, overlooking The Beautiful Splendour God has Granted Me, for The Selfless Donation of My Life to Saving The Lives of Children, Who are living Lives of undeniable deprivation, on a Planet of scheming 1st world subhuman-shite, Who are Gluttons for Eternal-punishment ….

Later, I sat down to Really Good Portuguese Bread & the Last of My Big pots of Pasta, I’ll be Referencing more on, in “Erol On P.T.S.D.,” whereupon, after a few Mouthfuls, as-though She were on hidden-strings in A Balletic Musical Movie, Maw Broon “Ascended” & Alighted Upon The Middle of My Circular Stone Patio Table ….

It’s at Times like That that You Realise How Life Should Be …. eg If You compare, the Average Person In dnalotcS, having A Chicken Land in the Middle of Their Table, to My Experience, It was A Pleasant Welcome …. She Said, “Where’s My Chair !?!?” …. I Assured Her that I hadn’t Expected Her Company, She insisted that That was No Excuse & Added, “Why Do We have to Wait until AFTER You’ve Finished Your SHARE before We get Fed !?!?”

I reassured Her that I was Being Considerate as I wanted to wait until it was Cooler & I could Provide Her’s in 1 Serving …. She replied, “I shall Accept No Excuses Mr. Erol, (Which All Portuguese People call Me,) I Demand My Sustenance Pronto” & then Rose into the Air & Gracefully Returned to the Stone Patio & “waited” at My Side looking Up at Me ….

I Obligingly Lobbed Her Hot Cheese & Large Clumps of Pasta & She tossed Them into the Air with each Attack, pleased at Her latest Improvement on The Conditions She was Being subjected to, whilst Being in captivity …. (Whilst Being more Free than Any Other Chicken on Earth ….) …. After She’d finished Scoffing, She Opined, “Your Generosity is getting are Rare as Hens’ Teeth ….” …. She didn’t Seem to Recognise the irony & Abandoned the Scene with Her Beak in the Air …. I Love Her ….

Alex JEWns has yet-again Quoted Me “Verbatim” Directly, from My Site, (wait for it,) He’s also Now BANNED My “Name” from Being Mentioned on His Forums & “You” are banned if You so much as Type My Name in His Comments Section …. You Couldn’t make it up !!!!

eg He pretends, on-air, that He gets up at 4 in the Morning, because He can’t Sleep & then SUDDENLY Develops 4 Decades worth of Magnification on REALITY or Unitards or what-have-You …. When, in Reality, Where I Alone Appear to Have the Brain Function to Exist, He actually READS WHAT I WRITE THEN “REPEATS IT,” the big fat lying Zionist-Jew-Worshipping Cunt …. Cue Alex JEWns saying to Him Self, “That Pretend-Proves it, He CAN’T be a Living Christ, as a Christ wouldn’t Say that I AM WHAT I AM ….”

Yehoshua of Nazareth would’ve Said, “DEPART from ME Ye ACCURSED into ETERNAL damnation, You fucking SWINE !!!!” …. However, shite like JEWns believe They’re the ARBITER Of Christs, whilst exhibiting They’re of Their Father, the devil ….

In My Upcoming Video, I’ll be Giving Examples which lay-bare the Delusions of the retarded sex-offenders Who Need Shot & how to Overcome Them, easily …. When I’ve been Magnifying Self-confessed “insects” in Human Form, I simply Treat Them like “Slides,” with a smear of shit on Each 1 …. Admittedly, Ideally I’d execute Them, however, The Following Analogy lays-bare, The Bigger Picture ….

Picture, Living in a Tower Block, 17 Stories High, Your Partner is a little Blonde Glasgow Bird, She’s hard as nails, but You’re Still Innocent & Love Her, in Fact, Everything You can See from the Window, of the cell which Jews have Forced You into, You “Associate” with Her & Attach “Your” Emotions to, Night & Day …. The little Blonde Hard-faced Cow makes Every hard-edge of every building, of each Paedophile-funding Council-vacuum, Softer …. Your Love “For” Her Is Musical & Uplifting, as You’re So Pleased to Have A Friend That Beautiful, Who begrudgingly has dreadful Sex with You ….

Her Fists are regularly Balled tight, with RAGE at All The Other Lesbians She’s in Competition with, Who are NOTHING Compared to Her, so it’s YOUR FAULT if You don’t Break Your Back to Provide Her with what Those Greedy Cows are getting …. She KNOWS You need to Kick Her in the face & She gets Carried-away on Her RAMPAGES, but when She Sees Your Innocence “Survive” Her LAMBASTS, She Realises, after Her Wig has calmed-down, that She’s Got A Good Man & no Real Damage has been Done ….

As, You haven’t Chosen to be as Offended as You SHOULD Be, which She’d faux-blame on You Anyway, As You’re Supposed to Be The Solid Man, She can Kick & wants to Break, Who Must Stand Firm & Endure what CANNOT Weather Her Storms without losing Her or FALLING on Her, without Breaking Her, the Conditions She sets Both wittingly & unwittingly, due to Her internal Psycho-babble ….

You don’t yet Realise the rot has Already set-in, as She Needs Someone She’s “Scared” of, in order to Con-Troll Her Self …. But, She would RUIN that Relationship too, so She’s doomed to SHITE like You …. Which depresses Her & frustrates Her, which instead of Converting Out of Materialism & Infancy into The Great Love Story All Others Would Wish For, instead, She redirects Her sex-drive into Taking Her Shit Out on You, Verbally & Physically, Emotionally & Psychologically, because She Can, because You Let Her, because You Truly Love Her & don’t Yet Realise that She Needs a Free Flying Lesson …. Eventually, You “Begin” to Realise that She’s taking-advantage of The SPHERE of Your Love, which ENCOMPASSES Those Who want Us to Take Their evil “seriously,” whereupon They DRAMATISE Their brutal-sadness even more, where Otherwise They’d wait for the Next Junction ….

Then, 1 Day, She storms in, in Her Bare Feet, You Love Her down to Her Hob-nailed Feet, even Though Her Face is like Fizz & She looks so Stern & thusly the little Blonde Dwarf thumps over to You & DEMANDS that You ANSWER to Her, about Her latest faux-accusation & allegation, as the Arbiter of Reality & an AUTHORITAAAH making Definitive Statements, as Judge, jury & executioner …. Instead, You Place Your Arm around Her Shoulder & “distract” Her, so She temporarily slides Her evil-drama to 1 Side & simply Puts it “on hold” ….


You Draw Her “Attention” to The Motorway, The Thrumming Veins of The Main Feature viewed from Your Tower Block …. Which You’ll Always Remember, when Your Life Improves beyond Her Grasp …. Her little Glaswegian Eyes look Up at You & Say, “WHAT !?!?” …. You Calmly Impart, “We’ve Both Seen that Motorway a thousand times ….” …. She interrupts, “AYE, an’ You’ve Said You’ll get Me a Fuckin’ Car to GO ON IT a thousand bloody times, but I’m still warring Out each Pair of New Shoes, waitin’ on that Miraculous Event ….” …. Undisturbed You Continue, “I Love You & I Will Get You A Car & tie a ribbon around it & Hand You the Keys, Mark, My Words …. However, When You See ALL Those cars All HURRYING & RACING & SPEEDING & RUSHING to get Their beans 1 second faster than the Car behind, I want You to Look Closer ….”

Infuriated, Blondie spews, “WHIT FUR !?!?” …. You Explain, “We’ve Seen This Scene so many times, but it’s more of a Landmark blur, than Something We’ve Ever taken the Time to Peer Into ….” …. Without hesitation, the dwarf Regales Her Self by Announcing, “Ah’d RATHER be PEERING down into the Bottom of a Bottle of Voddy, than Stonin’ Here starin’ oot a Window with a Human Bus Stop ….” …. Without Choosing to have a negative reaction, despite Her CACKLES, which rippled throughout Her latest ruin, You Encourage, “Do It with Me, Look INTO Each Car that Passes & I DON’T mean through the Window, I want You to SEE THROUGH the Driver’s Door ….”

AS LOUDLY AS SHE POSSIBLY COULD, “YOU’RE FUCKIN’ MENTAL ….” …. Slapping Your Hand Away, Automatically presuming You’ll Pursue Her drama, “NOH, YOU’VE FUCKIN’ LOST IT …. I THINK AHM GONNY HUFF TAE GET MASEL’ A FUCKIN’ POGO STICK AT THIS RATE …. COME TAE THINK O’ IT I’D BE BETTER AFF WI’ WAN, THE WAY YOU PERFORM IN BED ….” …. You proceed as though She’d Said nothing, as Her Chin remains tucked into Her Neck, as though She had a Nation-wide Audience Continuing to applaud Her Celebrated Character …. You Slide Your Arm “Confidently” Around Her slight Shoulders AGain, Then Encourage Her to, “TRY …. Simply Visualise Seeing-Through The driver’s door, to the Monkey reclining with it’s Feet Up, Hurtling in the Same direction, with All the Other Carrot-worshipping Chimps ….”

Calmer, since Her outbursts, “Ah know whit You’re sayin’, They’re all stupid animals being led tae the cull & You whant Me to See that it wid be a Waste A’ money We dinny huv Yet, so Get Yer fuckin’ Socks pulled up & Go Oot an’ Earn Us it ….” …. You persist in Your Over+Arching Aim, “I want You to SEE what Those People ARE ….” …. She continues, “AH KNOW whit They are, fuckin’ MILES BETTER AFF than Us 2 plonkers, Starin’ oot a Windae, like a couple o’ rem-dems on detention ….” …. You Laugh & Stroke Her Shoulders as She slightly Pulls Away, “My REASON for Saying This to You, is Because I LOVE You & what I MEAN Is, They’re NOT Human ….”

Your blonde Dolly-Bird spins-away, “OCH, Ah’ve HAD IT, UP TAE HERE ….” …. Her Hand drawing Your attention to Her exciting height of Cheek …. With Your Final Attempt, You reluctantly Walk over to Her & Place Your Hands on Both of Her Shoulders & lead Her in silence back to The Window …. She plods Back, sighing Loudly …. “They’re ALL going the same way, despite being in Different lanes & stacked on top of Each other or facing in opposite directions, no-matter what Their GOAL, They’re on the road to perdition ….”

Pulling a face, which negated the need for the subsequent question, “WHIT !?!?” …. Sensing She’s genuinely Interested, “They ALL Think They’re GOOD People, yet 80% of Them are Primeval Sex-Offenders ….” …. The Look on Her Face, will remain Frozen in Your Mind Forever …. You Hurriedly Proceed, “Their Delusion of Intelligence is Trying to be Offensive, by Dramatising tiny-points & Hoping EVERYTHING disappears from Your Mind & You Choose to feel Frustrated into explaining to a Mental-Quadriplegic what it already Knows ….”

Blondie starts pawing at Your Jumper & Says, a little too matter-of-factly, “Right, Open this Window, Open this window, Cause Ah’m gonny fuck You Right oot A’ it ….” …. You Laugh, to take the way of Her, slightly aggrieved, “When They’ve Scored a few hits & ejaculated a few times & got Histrionic PRETENGE, if You don’t Reply They DECREE You as Being a Good Guy & Think to Themselves, RIGHT Ah’ll Stop Ma’ Shit now, Ah’ll stop Ma’ shit & Smile into Themself as-though They’re receiving a reward & there Should be No Consequence for Their attempts to Cause an Innocent Human Being, Whom the Beast was Existentially-Envious of, P.T.S.D. …. Whereafter, the incontinent-arsehole FORGETS it’s a hate-consumed malcontent & that Temporary-Fix, due to it’s latest Sexual-Conquest, over You, allows the extremely-oscillating Core-inadequate to Then DELUDE itself that it’s a Good Person AGAIN ….”

Slightly Gape Jawed, the Love of Your Life slightly Shakes Her head, in fits, Finally lost for words …. You RUSH on, “They’re ALL EVIL Scum-bags, babes …. THEY Decree Who’s Good & bad & They’re ALWAYS Good & Arbitrarily project THEIR bad at Others, Whom They’re barely ABLE to Comprehend, so They simply MAP Themselves onto Them …. eg They NEVER Once Look INTO This Tower even-if They Notice It or Navigate By Us, Like It or Wish They Lived Here ….” …. On Cue, “Or THANK FUCK They dinny ….” …. You round-off, “They CAN’T See Us, yet We CAN See Them & I’m ASKING You to TRULY See that They’re HORRID, Deliberately-evil High-functioning Monkeys, Who are so delusional They Believe They can evade Consequence, Dictate REALITY & Con-Troll Your Perception of it, by Wishing Out Loud ….”

Wishing She was Legless, “I’m Going to Wish Out Loud, Ah Wish You’d get to the fuckin’ point, So I can Plank Mah Arse Doon & Watch the Telly, That New Show’s Comin’ on where Guys wi Hardly Any Hair, Who meticulously Comb a tiny greasy-fringe, SHOUT at FAT ugly birds that They’re a SLAG & that it isn’t Their baby, whilst She insists it is …. OR …. He Pretends He hasn’t Cheated on Her & then 1 of Her Family Members ATTACKS Him, when They go on Stage & it’s ALWAYS a Surprise to the Cameraman & it’s Always a Surprise to Discover Who’s the LIAR ….”

You Hug Her Shoulders, A Final Time, as Though She were Either a Senile Octogenarian or Special-needs, “ALL I’m Saying BEAUTIFUL, Is that REALITY Is A CONSTANT, nothing-changes no-matter if an INFINITY of Monkeys DECREE Their fantasy, at High speed, Crash after crash, pile-up after pile, jam after overturn, junction after missed-junction, SIGN after MISSED Sign, Ticket after Ticket from a Police-farce serving Paedophiles …. (SHE LOOKS AGHAST) …. I Repeat, ALL I’m Saying is that They’re COMPLETELY BLIND & wish They could CON You into pretending-along, with a Monkey HURTLING to it’s eventual-destruction, Who NEVER Learns no-matter how many times it comes unstuck ….”

She pulls away from You & YOU KNOW, It’s “That” Moment, You’ve Experienced in Previous promiscuity-borne Relationships, where She’ll NEVER Be Yours’ again …. “I’m Just going to Watch the Telly, You can Daw whit Ye Like, Ye can Stare oot that Windae All Day if You whant, but Nothing’s EVER gonny Chainge ….” …. She goes into ignore & stare Mode & in a FLASH, a Ned & a Nel are BOOMING & SQUAWKING at Each Other, whilst a Panting paraphiliac gets-off on Feeling Superior to the already-disadvantaged Couple Being Exploited ….

Over 10 Years later, You Visit an old Friend, Who’s dying & It’s the 1st time You’ve been back to “The Towers” …. You’ve made Your Apologies in advance, as It’s 10PM by the time You Arrive & You’re not Used to Flying, as You’ve Never felt the Need to Leave The Paradisiacal Leisurely Life You Wake Up to Every Day, where You’re Happy to Watch Nature go through Her Seasons, without NEED to pursue buzzing-urges to Affect Your Own Peace …. When You get out of the Territorial-Graffiti covered, piss-soaked Lift, You’re Treated to that old View, from a smaller window, Where You stop, to Look Out into the Artificial-Light revealed commuters ….”

You REMEMBER, Blondie, OH, How You Loved Her, She WAS Glasgow to You, You Recall the Day You Stood on top of A Hill in Maryhill & The Biting wind was No Match for The Warmth of Your Chest, Fuelled by The Furnace of Your Love for Her …. Your Understanding Mind Serenely not-understanding How Hard Her life had been & how victimised by Her Own Thoughts She was, whilst She Stoked You with Her Urgent Demands for perpetual Rescue …. Moreover, not Grasping that She Couldn’t Appreciate Your Manliness unless You played Her at Her Own game, which Your True Love Forbade …. The Life She craved was Always Yours’ to Have & Give, if She’d Only Supported You instead of trying to Undermine You, but, Her lack of Depth was Her downfall ….

You Bravely Open the Window, over 10 stories High, to Amplify the Passing Souls You tried to Magnify All Those Years ago, for the little Blonde Bombshell You Had Such High Hopes for …. Feeling Calmer, You imagine Her by Your Side AGain & Finish what You Had to Say, That Day, Had You Managed to Rescue Her from the TV, the unjustifiable destructive-anger, the dishonesty, Spreading Her Self too thinly, the duplicity, the materialism, the spoiled speed at which All was wasted on Her, the misdirection of Her Grandiose Passions, the insecurity-borne internal-jabbereze, the ultimate betrayal & the continued downward Spiral You Only Sought to Lift Her Out of, Over & Beyond the Competition She was in, where She’d have Then Spent the Better Part of A Decade with You in The Lifestyle She’d Have wept over, when Thinking Back on How She could’ve LOST All That, for a mess of pottage …. So She’d have Heard You Say, “They’re All going to hell, babes ….”

When I Say Something Out Loud, which is Funny, My Chooks Laugh & sometimes MOCK Me with Their Laughter, by Starting off Being Grateful for What They’ve been regaled by & Then Carrying-on Laughing to imply I Should Try harder Next time …. There’s NOTHING They Find Funnier than Me Tripping over Something …. They Laugh like There’s no Tomorrow, as Now “I’m” The Chicken & They’re The Farmer …. I Love Them ….

A little grey Robin hopped over Earlier, after The Chooks had Abandoned The Scene, after having Deluded Themselves at My Expense, whereupon It Took advantage of Maw Broon having abandoned Her Territory, Who would otherwise Usually Charge at the little Cutie before She could purchase a piece of Cracker …. Then, the “tiniest” Robin appeared, no-more than the Height of Cheek & hopped over to See-if there was Anything for Munching …. When I got Up to Frisbee over a few Briquettes, it was Startled & flew off like a Jet ….

I then strategically threw a discus in each area I could Reach & as if by Magic the exact same little lovely Bird returned & Tried to Fly away with the Biggest Cracker …. But was Unable to get Airborne, so was Reduced to Munching sections off it & I Could HEAR Them Saying, “Mmm, mmm, ‘dem Biscuits is Good, is Mighty fine, Mmmm, mmm, My my my oh, my my my mmmm my ….” …. Then after the wee Gorgeous Cheery Angel had nibbled off Enough, Made Good Their Escape, which almost Saw a nose-dive into the Gradient, due to the imbalancing Weight of the Cracker ….

If You’re “Sensitive” & You’ve a LOAD of Things to Say, to People from Your Past, then My Upcoming Video on P.T.S.D. is for You …. As it Starts with BLAMING Your SELF & “ONLY THEN” can You Start to See The Bigger Picture, including a past which Would Be Well Worth Exploring, ie AFTER You’ve Taken “Soul Responsibility” ….

Cue Alex JEWns, “I got Up last Night, I couldn’t Sleep & I Realised We all have to Take SOUL Responsibility & I don’t mean Sole as in S.O.L.E., I Mean Soul, as in the kind of thing You Sell to the devil, it was Just a Thought which Came to Me, which I Originated, at 4 in the Morning, whilst Sleeping Next to My Snoring JEWISH Wife, anyways, enough about Me, for now, it’s TIME, I repeat, TIME, which You’re NOT Supposed to KNOW I’m DELIBERATELY WASTING, I’ll Say it again, TIME, Time to BUY some inbred Zionist-Jew’s individual-antidotes, to the poison THEY are putting into Everything You buy from Them, I mean, Me, My Wife, Em, Them, er Em, I Mean Me, em ….”

My Publicist, Cheryl, was Allowed to Publicise My Previous Post, for the 1st time & within Minutes it went Viral …. SO, to ALL The Newcomers Reading This, YOU ARE BEING MURDERED BY “MEGALOMANIACAL” Zionists, Who call Themselves Jews, Who are “both” the Direct Descendants of Pharisees “&” Kurds, Whom They’ve been inbreeding with, since the 7th Century …. They’ve Programmed Humans to Think I’ve Gone Anti-Semiticalled, for TELLING THE FUCKING TRUTH …. If You Don’t Believe The Truth, it’s Only Your funeral, oh & Your Entire Family’s, Whom You Should just LET die, as After-all Prehistoric-brained Jewish pseudo-satan Worshipping Child-sacrificing Paedophile Cannibals, are going-to “meekly” let Their TRIBE die-out too, it’s the way You “SHOULD” be, Just keep IMBIBING the POISON They’re injecting into You from EVERY Direction, whilst You Sit DOING FUCK ALL, about a Tribe of Pygmy-SPASTICS Murdering EVERYONE You OWE Any Loyalty to, You DUNCE CUNT !!!! …. (That’s “Them” Dealt with, Now Humans Are Welcome To Read On ….)

Even though I Refill A Clean Water Container, in the Chooks MASSIVE Coop, They Never Touch It & Only Drink from The 1 next to My Recliner, on the Patio …. Today, I Discovered They’d Kicked it over for A Laugh, whilst Probably Trying to Conjure Sacken …. Every Day They become More “Secure” About Me & Buggalugs, Who Charged past Them a few Minutes ago, whilst They were Kicking Up Dust Storms under My Giant Bubble-Gum Trees …. They didn’t Even Acknowledge His Sortie, when even a few Weeks ago They’d have Skedaddled ….

The Genetic-Garbage Who make up 50% of the Western populace, are obsessed with Seeing-if They can drag You down to Their low-life ambition, where the Lunatic Hopes You don’t Know it’s a “Shit-Fountain,” which You Should simply Execute …. Pseudo-satan worshipping Paedophiles, (ie Zionist Jews & Their RINGS of Free-Masons & PYRAMID of masonic-wannabee Sex-offenders,) have managed to “Groom” that SHITE, to Prey-on the remaining 20% of Humans, They’re Genociding, by promoting the Local Filth all around Them ….

Who, can be RELIED on to Mindlessly take-advantage of Humans being in “Mental-bondage” …. The pseudo-satan worshippers GROOM that hideous-vermin, (Whom Your Ancestors Routinely executed,) Who are Encouraged to SCREAM at Humans or Behave in a Manner They Know They Need Shot for, in Broad Daylight, in Every Situation which They can …. During which, the Hopefully-Scary, Maniacally-Staring Spastic’s Inbred-Face Reads, “THIS IS GONE BRILLIANTED ….”

It Preys-on the Psychology of the Innocent Human, it’s Magic-trick is to “Ambient-abuse,” as They MUST Choose to Have a Negative-reaction, as the UNTOUCHABLE “GENUINELY DOES” Need Shot through it’s pug-ugly, inbred, drooling, subhuman-face …. So You MUST Choose to React negatively, so the Spastic can FEEL “Gone-Superiored” & temporarily Gone-Happinesses & put Emotional-distance between itself & the Looping-trauma of it’s past the Bestially Thick-Cunt has just tried to Cause You ….

Megalomaniacs are subhuman shite, Who never Develop beyond Infancy & are almost an Animal, in Human Form …. The Unitard’s reach atypically Exceeds it’s Grasp, which You can “Tell” from it’s Opening-Gambit, at which Point it’s “100% MORAL” to BLOW IT’S FUCKING HEAD OFF …. Other-wise, the Unitard will get-worse until You’re Either suffering from P.T.S.D., Dead “or” it Believes it’s Magical-power is-such that it can Then target A Human From An Even Higher League, to Delude itself even further, until the Human-APING Monkey is SHOT THROUGH THE FUCKING FACE or Becomes Edward Heath ….

The Megalomaniac Thinks Compartmentally & over-time, as with ALL “evil thinkers” it DESTROYED It’s Brain’s POSSIBILITIES …. Laying Bare the Poetic+Justice of The Divine Law Your Life Hinges on …. Over time, due to misuse & neglect, the Unitard actually “LOSES” it’s Mind & become “Self-Absorbed” …. In it’s Place, the Lunatic then starts to develop “Compartments” it Intends to House Every Human it Meets Thereafter …. In A Giant Genital-Wart Shaped Cauliflower-Hotel, It’s White-Matter Grew, whilst it’s Grey-matter dissolved ….

Whereafter, the Magical-Thinking 3 Year old believes it’s Con-Trolling the lives of Millions & will Often make “Physical-gestures” in front of it’s Audience or even it’s Tommee-Tippee Computer Screen, to Act-Out “Conjuring” Affects, from Adult Humans, in All Their little Hotel Rooms, in The Tasteless Vegetable’s Head …. As Humans have been Groomed by an Ancient inbred Tribe, of Hate-consumed Evil-worshipping SHITE, to FAIL to “fMRI Brain-Scan” Those Whom They NEEDLESSLY “Factor Out” Con-Troll of Their LIFE to …. ie MORALLY-CLUELESS Genocidal-Paedophiles Who DICTATE “Morality” to You …. When You NEED to dispatch the Junkie-wanker straight to hell, even-faster than The Moral+Law Is Ensuring ….

The West is awash with “Sex-Offenders,” hoping to Cause unsuspecting Humans P.T.S.D., for the hair-brained, hate-consumed, desperado’s obsession with it’s solitary Knock-knock joke …. Who All NEED to be Exterminated “immediately” …. The maniac SHITE You Endure “May-Not” have Any Affect on You, When You Know They’re subhuman-garbage, Who have no Self+Awareness about how puerile & impotent They Truly are & You “May Know” that They’re on Their on Their way to hell, for Eternity, after Their already PUNISHING, unenviable Daily-grind ….

None-the-less, the Mental-Spastic KNOWS it NEEDS to be Executed for it’s “evil-intention,” which the more-emboldened Unitard WANTS You to Know …. As the More You Know That Basic Fact the more likely the wee diddy Believes You are to Cause Your Self brain-damage, due to Getting angry at a Paraphiliac BEGGING You to execute it ….

You’re Paying for EVERYTHING, (from Your Zionist-Jew ALLOWANCE,) for the Lunatics & Lunatits, “again” released by the BEASTS, (pretending to be Your Leaders,) on behalf of pseudo-satan Worshipping Pharisees & Kurds, Genociding You RIGHT NOW …. Who Never-Stop Tinkering, even when They Believe You’re a Dead-Cert …. The Hate-consumed Rem-Dems Continually Adding Proverbial Straws, to Your Already Bowed Back ….

“Atypically” believing You’ll Never Be Able to Work Out, that Whilst You’re paying for the BEASTS in UNIFORM to turn a blind-eye to the BEASTS They RELEASE, The LUNATICS They’ve Released are Being pampered hand & foot & receiving All The medical Assistance to Prolong the Life of Serial-killers & Paedophiles …. Afterwhich, Their Home-Helps then leave Them to it …. Who can be RELIED on to Then either Commit evil-acts Somatically or Cerebrally against YOU …. RESULT !!!!

I’ve Listened to the early Sob story of EVERY Homocidal “Unitard” I’ve studied & it’s UTTER BOLLOCKS …. They’re sex-offenders NEEDING shot through the face …. The actually REGRET the “solitary” time They can still remember when They were a “Good” Person, ONCE …. That’s the ONLY “excuse” for Them Being as embittered a scum-bag as They’ve become …. But, the pathetic coward Doesn’t target Anyone Whom it believes Will Instantly Execute it, which is WHY You NEED to rid Your Self of Your Police-farce & Implement “instantaneous” Counter-Measures or Simply carry-on turning a Blind Eye, until You or Yours’ are Blinded or murdered or raped, etc ….

In the “insectiod” mind of the Unitard, it’s obsessed with Trying to Cause Adult Humans P.T.S.D. …. It’s SO fucking STUPID that it even tries to Set-up Scenarios where the petty, puerile, spoiled, superficial, unselfaware speck of crap can Contact You, but You won’t be Able to Reply to it …. Which, once again, it Hopes Increases the Odds of You Suffering from P.T.S.D., “IF” You Choose to have a negative Reaction to a Spastic-delaying-suicide …. Then, irrespective of Whether You Choose to have a Reaction to Witnessing Something which is NEEDING shot, the imbecile will Send You a “He-Man” Video, where You’ve to Imagine the Mental-Quadriplegic, in it’s mid-40’s, is Shouting, “I HAVE THE POOWWWWWEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRR” ….

But would-be Cyber-bullies are So stupid, the Unitard Then Spies-on Everything You Do & so is HURT “again” …. By You NOT Giving a Fuck about it & simply “Reflecting” the streak-of-shite Exactly as it “is” & Coincidentally Proving that “It’s Shit’s garbage” …. Moreover, it’s Horrified that it’s Self-aggrandisingly, evil imaginary-power, has the Sum-total Influence of FUCK ALL on Your “Targeted Happiness” …. So it then “fricassees” (the ROOT cause of it’s evil-practices) & is Excoriated further at You Going from Strength to Strength, whilst, the pseudo-satan worshipping, Self-deluded retard, is agonising Through every Day, which NO-ONE would Trade-places with, nor Could …. But it Hopes You don’t Know that FACT …. Even-after it Knows You Know The Facts of Life & even-after it’s Contacted You to “Let You Know” …. The Unitard is as THICK as PIG-SHITE !!!!

ie You’ve to MAGICALLY not Be Aware that the Hair-brain is ego-maniacally “Obsessing” over You, when You COULDN’T give a fuck about it & You MUST be UNAWARE that “They” are Contacting You, whilst You Never Contact Them & You’ve to MAGICALLY not Realise that That’s because it’s Consumed with True-Self-loathing, Jealousy, Envy, unjustifiable PRETENGE at being an “evil-failure” & being reduced to having a Life NOT WORTH Living, sending 2D potato paintings & PRETENDING it’s Not Been Hurt Alone & Humiliated by Spitting into The Wind …. Behind which lies an evil wee Cunt, NEEDING Done-in ….

Eventually, regardless of the outcome of it’s evil campaign, the “insignificant” mental-deficient Hopes to reduce it’s unsolicited Junk Mail, to typing the Letter, “T” & the Number “3,” as then You “MUST” Choose to Pay that Some Mind & “work-out” what a Self-deluded “Shit-Fountain” Hopes You waste Time on …. So that the Magical-Thinking nit-wit can Believe it’s Left it’s Shit with You & that It can Then have a Better Day, believing Transference has Magically taken-place & even-if You NEVER get what the Lunatic Sends, “Oh Well,” it felt Better anyway by “Imagining” that The Human is a Toilet for it’s Shit ….

As I Exposed in “Erol On Narcissism,” the Self-deluded Unitard believes it has magical-powers to Cause “Humans” Brain-damage, for which it Needs to Be Executed …. Zionist Jews have Released & Groomed & unleashed all that SHITE, as They can RELY on it to an “agent” provocateur, on Their behalf, for FREE, whilst They’re being murdered as a “Thank You” …. eg Worzel believes that Stradivarius hasn’t Done a Gig for 6 Months because of Worzels’ magical-power to Cause Humans P.T.S.D., when He’s Actually been too busy Shagging ….

The Entire Species has been Held back by Mind-Numbingly-Bored, Mental-Quadriplegics, Who don’t Develop beyond Infancy …. We’ve been GOING BACKWARDS since the displaced Pharisees & Kurds discovered the printing-press & continued Doing what Yehoshua of Nazareth RAILED against …. ie MAKING UP SHITE & Pretending to Dictate Morality, when They’ve NO CONCEPT of Morality & simply want to TAKE OVER, whereafter, the Dunce-Cunts DESTROY ….

They long-since had begun Pretending They “meant to” destroy what Their MEGALOMANIA ensured would turn to SHITE under Their “determined-delusions” & Envious tiny-mind’s unjustifiable HATERED & “Bestiality” …. Until They ENSHRINED destruction of “OTHERS” as A RULE in Their Tribe’s religion …. As The baby-brained, hate-tig obsessed, ego-maniac is NEVER wrong, so what Better way to Hide being AS THICK AS SHIT, than making-up a Religion Dedicated to SLOWLY DESTROYING & de-moral-ising the Culture, so that a Talking-Bonobo can fucking Blend-in !?!?

Even though I have NEVER solicited the Attention of Any Paraphiliac, as Regards My Artistic Productions, when They’ve been Offended by Them, the Unitard’s Shit-Character Then shines Through, due to Their Neuro-Anatomical lack of Self+Awareness …. ie They’ll PRETEND They weren’t Hurt & Enraged by What They “didn’t Have to” Read or Watch, especially since They’ve got No Prefrontal Cortex Function to “Inhibit” Their proto-emotional Fricassee …. (Hor, Hor ….)

The hollow imaginary-Self-worshipping Sadomasochistic-echo, isn’t Mature Enough to Be “Able” to Have No Reaction, In The 1st Place …. So the tiny-minded imbecile Will Then let You Know It’s Seen what It NEVER Needs to & is so retarded the “psuedo-revisionist,” Who’s AS THICK AS PIG SHITE, will Then See-if it can “Con You out of Knowing” what’s Set In Stone & then See-if it can “Con You into Thinking” what the the wee numpty would Prefer …. Unable to Grasp the Basic Truth that it’s ABSOLUTELY “Fuck All” ….


In A Nut-Case, A Human Is “Happy For Others” to Be Productive Artistically, Industriously, Agriculturally & to Make More of Their Family & Friendships & Protect Themselves …. However, We Live on a Planet where hypocritical-creatures Who are “NOT FUCKING HUMAN” by ANY Stretch of the Imagination, are KILLING You & Yours’ …. As Zionist Jews DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW that Their drooling Baboon minion ALL have grossly-deficient Fee-Male brains & to instead Afford “Them” HUMAN Rights, which YOU “don’t” Have …. The Zionists “invented” Human-Rights to “DISCONNECT” The BACK of Your Brain from the Front of You Brain, which is CRYING OUT to FUCKING EXECUTE THEM …. You would ONLY Need HUMAN Rights “because” The Creatures Attacking You AREN’T FUCKING HUMAN !!!!

Everything that’s WRONG with a Unitard, MAGICALLY disappears, when it Points it’s shit-stained Finger at You, with the Remainder Pointing back at itself & the MOUNTAIN of EVIL behind Them, overflowing with the suppurating effluent of All the SHIT They’ve talked & SINS They’ve committed, rising Up like the Bile in Their decadence-riddled Gut …. The SHEER Weight of That Mountain The-Millstone around Their scrawny Neck, which Will DRAG Them to Hell, after ALL the PUNISHMENT They “failed” to Learn from, in This Generation …. Despite ALL Their lies-&-alibis, They’ll plummet & Straight to Hell They’ll go …. After They cross the Event-Horizon, where They can’t Peddle Their crap, on Their vicious cycle, any further ….

A Unitard is “Proud” of Being, what Everyone in Their Right Mind, including Their Younger Self, would Say was a SHITE Person, to become …. See Feminism & Gay Rights & the “resultant” 70% of Males, now having a Female Brain, Needing Kicked through the Back of Their Head …. No-matter the Sex of Body, it’s a FEMALE SUB-HUMAN Baboon, which Genuinely Believes it’s The Bee’s Knees …. But will Still garner it’s “Immoral” Pity-play …. They’re ALL the Exact-same “woefully” Self-deluded Shite …. ie They NEED SHOT ….

As Unitards Target Innocent Human’s, due to The Moral+Conscience which the Baboon’s-Arse LACKS …. The Shit-fountain PRETENDS that Every Handicap it has is an ADVANTAGE, so deludes itself that Having The Innate Ability to Channel MORAL Guidance, makes You weak, in Their TINY, totey, teensy-weensy, wee, minuscule FANTASY world …. Which the 100% DISHONEST Unitard targets as a Vulnerability …. However, Over-time the imbecile becomes So Used to it’s Mindless party-piece working on Humans, that it Pulls a Face of Anger towards the Innocent Human if They See-through it’s Shit ….

But, The Zionist “Groomed” Human then Tends to not want to Be Seen as Being a Bad Person, by the BAD brain, so will EXPLAIN to a Psycho-path what it ALREADY FUCKING KNOWS …. When, in Reality, the Narcissist was Simply wanting YOU to FEEL bad, because it felt bad that it’s usual party-trick didn’t Work …. THAT’S IT !!!! …. Which, over time, Morphs again, into the Unitard GENUINELY Believing You’re a bad Person, if it’s ENDLESSLY “ingrained” pity-play doesn’t Work on You …. Because it SHOULDN’T work on You & when You START Kicking it’s Cunt in, You See the Veil lift from it’s Eyes & A Look in it’s FACE of Knowing that “You’re On to it” ….

Imbecilic-brains refuse to “Retain” The Basic Truth that Humans are in NO Competition with Them …. ie Due to a “bestial-desperation” the Unitard feels, when it is Jealous of HUMANS, Who Couldn’t give a fuck about it & Are Going About Their Lives, As Self+Actualising Humans …. However, despite However Many Kicks to The Teeth, They Morally Receive, the Semi-Simian 3 Year-old Girl, in Human Form, still Feels it’s got a Solitary Magical-Power, but which “REQUIRES” SO MUCH from “You,” it DOESN’T Qualify as Being Anything it can call “it’s own” …. None-the-less, due to the paraphiliac feeling BAD about it’s “inferiority” & WISH that That wasn’t True, thus, it’s fervent DESIRE to have an Adverse Affect on The Innocent Person the Unitard felt inferior to ….

So, the internet is IDEAL for Magical-Thinking Shite like that …. As the Beast can, in cowardly-anonymity, set-about it’s Plot, targeting Your Talented Accomplishments, in all manner of 2D Hocus-Pocus, with Clock-work predictability …. ie The Shit-head wants “Your” ATTENTION “&” For You to MAGIC “EVERYTHING” Away, including what’s BLOODY OBVIOUS about the Hell-bound Fish-Head…. Then, SIT “Motionless” & Choose to Witness it’s woefully-inadequate “prepared” & hastily-compiled CRAP, “then,” to CHOOSE to have a Negative Reaction to the Mindlessly-predictable Unitard’s latest Potato-painting & THEN, Choose to Feel frustrated into Explaining to a Spastic what it Already Knows, “then” be further-frustrated as There’s no way to Reply to a potato-painting, which Cheers the hell-bound imbecile up, in advance of it’s Latest prepared-crap ….

It Hopes, You then Choose to Continue ruminating on the hideously-ugly Reptile BEING “that” abominable a tiny-minded creature & “then” Continue recalling how “Shite” it is & Choosing to Feel frustrated into wanting to explain to a Spastic what it Already Knows, until You Suffer the Same level of TRAUMA that the “uninvited” & unsolicited Imbecile Experienced, when it Witnessed Your latest Gift to The World & felt a BAD feeling of jealousy, which made the Chimp, with Human Rights, (You “don’t” Have,) “Fricassee” …. THEREFORE, You Must be Made to Feel bad, in the evil-being’s perpetual game of Hate-tig, You MUST die from …. Unless You Couldn’t give a fuck about Them & it dies 1st or Better Still You blow it’s Numb-Skull apart with a Shot-Gun …. If You CAN’T then Go to Africa, but Still Expect Snail-Mail & Junk-Mail from Western- Spazis !!!!

So, I SWEAR on ALL The Lives of ALL the Children I’ve EVER Saved in Africa & ALL The Children’s Lives I’m Going to Save, that “whatever” the ENRAGED paraphiliacs have been Sending, since My last few Posts & Hoping I See or Hear-about, I “HAVEN’T” Seen or Heard a SOLITARY thing & the “ONLY” Thing Cheryl has Said is that There’s now almost a DOZEN Chimps JONESING & Champing-at-the-bit for Me to Witness “whatever” it is They’d like to “Delude Themselves” about & to Compares with The Selfless Productions of a Profound Genius & A Living Christ …. Moreover, atypically that I Choose to have a negative-reaction to a Burst-Arsed Spazi Seeking assisted-suicide …. (GET IT DONE !!!!)

Me, “Hello ….”
Store-Manager, “Hi There Sire, How can I Help You Today !?!?”
Me, “Well, I may Have too an Tall Order for You, as it happens ….”
Store-Manager, “Oh, Well I Hope I Can Meet Your Needs, what Is it You’re in For Sir !?!?”
Me, “About a Dozen Poofs please ….”
Store-Manager, “SORRY Sir !?!?”
Me, “Around a Dozen so-called homosexual PARAPHILIACS & I’ll be Needing Dozens more Self-deluded IDENTICAL Lunatics & Lunatits, in the future, so I hope to put more business You way ….”
Store-Manager, “I’m not Quite Sure I understand Squire !!!!”
Me, “Well, in order to Save even-more Children’s Lives, it turns-out I HAVE TO get 2D hate-mail, 2D death-threats, 2D police-farce inquiries, 2D would-be cyber-bullying campaigns & so on, Mainly from WHITE SHITE ….”
Store-Manager, “You’re in Luck then Sir, as I’ve got around a Dozen benders in Store …. Will You be needing Any Coon Goons !?!?”
Me, “YES, sadly, I’ll be Requiring a full RAINBOW of cock-suckers & rug-munchers please & of-course a plethora of paedophiles, ie The SAME damned THING ….”
Store-Manager, “Well, Alls I can Say is Sir, that I’m Mightily Sorry that You have to WITNESS so-many puerile, Self-deluded, Streaks of shite, Who can’t See beyond the end of Their Own nose & are Histrionic Hair-brained Sex-offenders, with Delusions of Intelligence & such a VOID of Humanity ….”
Me, “It’s OK Mate, I’ve Seen Them All Before …. Their shit’s garbage & no-matter how much They wish-type, in a fury of Extra-thumbs or twiddle Their knob on Their Etcha Sketch, despite All Their mosaics & a Smörgåsbord of Magna-Doodles, My Magnascope Sees the impotent UNITARD for what it INESCAPABLY & Truly is !!!!”
Store-Manager, “Enlighten Me Squire, as If I’ve got to Stock Up on These Bent-shots, so I’m better off Knowing ….”
Me, “It’s Simple, when You WITNESS an evil cunt, no-matter Their delusion or disguise, You NEVER EVER NEED to CHOOSE to have ANY reaction, ergo You have NOTHING to suppress, thus rendering Their invisible-rapier as BLUNT as Their minuscule Amygdala …. Admittedly, Although Your Smiling Face Makes THEM then Fricassee, which is humiliating for Them, it’s Still Your MORAL Obligation to SHOOT Them in the face ….”
Store-Manager, “I GET IT Squire, so, even-though They’re reduced to an impotent asshole throwing a fit of tantrum, Standing in front of You & PROVING They’re a magical Thinking SPASTIC, Needing Shot through it’s face, that’s Something You can Simply CALMLY Do, with a Winning Smile on Your Chops, to what Essentially is an evil Fucking Lunatic ….”
Me, “Put Another Couple of Hundred on Order, As This Next Post is Also Going to Be 100% HONEST ….”
Store-Manager, “Crikey Sire, Shite like that HATES Honesty & use Truth as Their EXCUSE to burst out of Their Boxes I Heard …. So I’ll put a Back-order on for an Additional 200 hundred of the Zombies & then Make Sure there’s a Good Returns Policy, so They’re somebody else’s problem & Not a burden to a HUMAN Being Sir ….”
Me, “Thanks & Have A GREAT Day Mate, I KNOW I Am ….”
Store-Manager, “KEEP SMILING Sir, FUCK ‘em ALL !!!!”

Irrespective of accidentally Seeing a low-flying Potato-painting I “Shan’t” be Paying it Any mind or Giving any arse-picking Unitard’s latest Guess-Remembering the time of Day …. They OBVIOUSLY have “Felt a NEED” to Send bitter Shite They want “Me” to Magnify …. However, I’ve not Seen Anything for Months, nor have I ANY Interest AT ALL in Doing so …. As I “Completed” Magnifying & Amplifying the Anti-Human Unitard & there’s NOTHING left to Know about it’s SOLITARY Pathology & evil-aim, let alone it’s 100% TRANSPARENT blubbering sob-story or the hideous indecent Beast’s Self-delusion …. ie Their excruciatingly agonising deaths & unenviable lives are Their Own problems & They get what They Deserve, for a Life reduced & shortened by Their monotonous EVIL ….

My 3rd Last Post Says it All, My 2nd Last Post Rounds it Off Humorously & The Post Just before This 1 Went Viral …. This 1 Is Simply a “GOODBYE to the subhuman-race” …. However, I’m “HAPPY for Them” to Continue Sending “2+2=Banana biscuits,” to My Zen-Desk, when the Truth, HURTS & Exposes Them …. Which translates-into Spazi-Land as Them Attributing Their GROSSS FAILURE, as a Self-Made LOSER, magically, into being My Fault …. In A Phrase, “NO LUCK on being a Loser, Loser !!!!”

Zionist Jews are SO FUCKING STUPID that They “Left” Israel in Their Droves, MONTHS ago, (Hint, Hint ….) …. ie Because They were Planning on firing a Solitary rocket from Gaza into Their Faux-Israel …. Which is a “Needless” TRICK, by EVIL fools, Who want to FEEL like YOU are evil FOOLS …. As that SOLITARY trick STILL works against a significant Percentage of HUMANS Who READ “THEIR” Media-outlets …. So, You’re likely to THINK that The Majority of People are CONNED by the Genocidal Synagogue of pseudo-satan worshipping Monkey-Girls …. Therefore unlikely to “DO ANYTHING” about 3 Year olds NEEDING shot in the face ….

Who’s ATYPICAL unselfaware-ambition is to prey-on Your “Moral+Conscience,” when THEY are to BLAME for the atrocity, behind Their ENDLESS pity-play …. Although there are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Zionist Jews, Who NEED shot through it’s crapper, the Average-Jew in Palestine “isn’t” in on it …. They’re simply Pawns, Who are no-different to The Vast Majority of Westerners …. Otherwise They’d have left too ….

eg The average Israeli is Just a Subhuman-Asshole like 80% of the hell-bound West …. ALL of Whom are FLOATING on A BALL through Space & Even-if They become aware of That Fact, it DOESN’T Stop Them from carrying out evil They’re Determined to pseudo-justify, because Baby felt Butt-Hurt & Believes They either CAN or SHOULD get-away with NEEDING shot in the face …. ie Even-if They KNOW Their unjustifiable-hatred DAMNS Them to hell for Eternity, the “insignificant” grain of ingrained evil simply-won’t go against Their grain Long Enough to REALLY SEE Themselves, in Their obsessive manic-hatred & Fruitless-pursuit of PRETENGE ….

Even in Their Lucid moments, when They Truly HATE Themselves, that’s ALWAYS going-to-be Decreed by the Vulgar, Filthy, Bullshit-swigging Self-made Abomination, as Being “SOMEBODY ELSE’S FAULT” or yet-more Reason to HATE God or Decree God as being Satan …. So somebody-else MUST be MADE to FEEL or CHOOSE to Feel how Spazmo feels about having BECOME the very thing it HATES ….

“Megalomaniacal” paraphiliacs HOPE to Sow Chaos & Then Monopolise the Outcome, as the evil, subhuman, panting pseudo-rescuer …. Where, “whatever” that Outcome is, it will be the 1 which the SELF-BULLSHITTER Will Pretend They “meant” & which it Will TURN, either way, towards it’s long-term End-Goal …. Which “Unselfaware” SUBHUMAN-SHITE, like that, Are ALWAYS Aiming for …. ie HUMAN Men being BURIED & then FUCKING KIDS IN-PLAIN-VIEW, whilst eating LASHINGS of Just+Desserts, staring in HOLLOW Triumph at the Mushroom-Cloud on the Event Horizon !!!!

There’s No Clearer Reflection of the Unitard’s CLONED reject-brain lending itself to complicit-evil, than “Your” pathologically-lying, corrupt, subhuman “Police-farce” …. Panting-in-fear at not Wanting to Lose Their privileged Membership to the “Organised-ring”” of Histrionic Sex-offenders …. By Making “token” gestures, whilst Not trying to Catch “Lunatics,” because, They Know that Keeps Them in “Wank-Club” …. ie An Organised “Ring” of Child murderers & Rapists …. What SWELL Characters …. So, the bestial maniac Keeps-on attacking The Public, paying it’s wages, which the Self-Amazing MANIAC-level LUNATIC “never” gets tired of “&” it NEVER wants to Stop getting-paid, by the “Humans” Whom the Spastic is attacking, for a Living …. See “any” Zionist-Jew employed Gross retardation, to an abominable extent ?!?!

A Unitard’s Guess-work is ALWAYS the exact-same Thought, as it has No Self+Awareness & it’s hatred Never-subsides, until You Execute it …. But it’s mindless-repetition renders the imbecile impotent, as Obviously only They can Laugh at the exact-same Knock-Knock joke, over & over & over & over & over & over again …. Every Day …. Without Exception …. Until “The Day” it stops Laughing, either due to it’s Accumulated “punishment,” but then Starts again, because evil is ALWAYS funny …. Until “The Hour” it stops Laughing, in hell, for “Eternity” ….

eg There’s A Beautiful Brunette, Whom it Shouts at Every Day, whatever the blinking-abortion has Thunked-Up …. In now “atypical” ambition, the expectantly-excited panting Monkey has calculated, that This MUST be the Proverbial-Straw, to get the Reaction the Hair-brained Unitard is obsessed with …. As the Self-Aggrandising low-life Beast Senses that She’s Sensitive, so believes-in it’s hopes that it’s Right, that She won’t Execute it, so She’s “THEIR” Object …. Who MUST LET Spazmo away with NEEDING shot in it’s face, as Spazmo “feels” like it’s Getting PRETENGE against historic Ghosts, in it’s hollow Skull …. So staging Attacks against Someone as Lovely as Her Makes the Self-propelled Asshole Feel “importanted” ….

But, She becomes Quickly Able to Continue Being A Sensitive Soul, without Being Reactionary to an insignificant Spastic, cat-calling it’s Exact-same-shite at Her, every Day, with Mindless predictability …. As, no-matter how much Thunking-up Spazmo manufactures, to disguise it’s delusion, Their Solitary-pathology, Solitary aim & Solitary Thought is “Obvious to Everyone” except itself ….

Which then, leads to the savage Attacking Her “Physically,” as She MUST Have the negative Reaction the Unitard bases it’s Entire delusion-of-intelligence on & gets it’s FUN & Bestial feeling of power from & escapism due-to & the Triumphant feeling of PRETENGE, it’s addicted to, when it Sees that She IS Suffering, even-if it has to THUMP Her …. So, it’s Your MORAL Obligation to SHOOT “Them” through the fucking dunce-hole, exactly as Your Ancestors would have Done, if They’d had Guns when They were routinely drowning the “evil beasts,” You call “Officer” ….

Panting Pigs, Who are Drawn from the 50% of Unitards, Who have Now “Outbred” Humans, to the Point were Only 20% of Westerners are Human & Are Only Represented on 10% of Decision Making Positions, the other 90% are LUNATICS NEEDING SHOT through the fucking Face …. Which were the Exact “figures” Zionist Jews wanted, before “ENDING” the lot of You …. As, Apart from Their evil-ambition to Genocide “Everyone,” Outside of Their “megalomaniacal” Charabanc of Self-Amazing Spastics, the Kurds & Pharisees were “atypically” DETERMINED to delude Themselves, that being a Mental-Quadriplegic is “RIGHT” !!!!

ALL the Other SCUM I’ll be Exposing Shortly, were ABSOLUTELY fucking IDENTICAL to the Unitards I’ve Already exposed …. Especially when They PRETEND They’re NOT WRONG, with The Letters “W.T.F.” HOVERING over Their half-empty prehistoric-skull, in FLASHING NEON …. Which, if You don’t “Let-On” or Easily HAMMER the imbecile, with Blatantly Obvious Truth, then, You See Them Clench Their fist in the Air & Say, “YES ….” …. However, If You DO Let Them have It, as I’ve Said, the Talking-Beast has usually Degenerated to the Point where They GENUINELY DELUDE Themselves that ANY Form of Retaliation, which the Shit-fountain Sees are being Resistance, if that Seems “Over-Powering” to Them, then, the Calculating-Monkey ACTS as-though “Consequence” MAGICALLY PREDATES it’s Pre-meditated Instigation & Perpetuation of Their plotted evil ambition ….

You HAVE TO “Exterminate” Them “ALL” as They don’t Exist in Reality, “AT ALL” & They’re ALL Exactly the Same Human-hating “SHITE” …. They “ALL” Need to be Executed, I repeat, ALL of “Them,” without Exception, EXACTLY as Constantine The Great DID …. Who’s CIVILISATION Program Lasted 1,000 Years, until the most HIDEOUSLY UGLY CHILDREN ever-shat-into creation came along, to OBSESS over “Whac-a-mole,” as-though the LAWS of The Universe are GOING to change to Suit DELIBERATELY evil INCONTINENT Assholes !!!!

However, I’m CONFIDENT You won’t bother & if You Leave the Shit-hole of the West, You’d be Better off in Africa, in the little time You & Your Family have Left …. However, As I’ve Said before, You’d be leaving a bunch of prehistoric RETARDS in Charge of a bunch of Nuclear Weapons …. DUH !!!!

Either way, This Planet’s Species of “UNHUMAN” (Cue Alex JEWns pretending He Invented that “Definition,” before Salivating over Tangy Tangerines) abominations is Almost Over & I’m Sure The Universe Will Breath A Collective Sigh of Relief, that an Open Air Crèche of WORTH-LESS, Thank-less, Talent-less, God-less, Clue-less, Moral-less, Truth-less, often Tooth-less, incontinent-spastics Who ALWAYS KNOW Right from wrong, WON’T SPREAD Their SQUAWKING hatred & Self-amazing lying imbecility to Another Planet ….

As A Farmer, If I was in God’s Shoes, I’d LET All that Shit wither on the Vine & die-off or simply Throw a Canvas over it & Let it Rot …. You can’t Make Wine from Sour Grapes & The Best Thing You can Do with Shit is Return it to The Earth, The Sooner The Better …. If You don’t Do Anything to the Unitard it Will “suffer” anyway, behind Their un-con-vincing ACT, slowly but Surely …. Of-Course, The desperate sinking empty-vessel, Will go-on Constantly Looking for Someone Else it can ATTACK, to temporarily Feel Better, only to ENSURE Yet more LASHINGS of Choppier, Higher & Higher Waves ….

The hell-bound RETARD Will Call Out for MERCY & even-if it’s Saved, the WORTH-LESS Numb-skull Will attempt to Ameliorate against Having Been Seen as drowning, by Being a Parasite in Plain View, sinking it’s fangs into it’s Saviour, Hoping, to the end, for a Surprised negative-reaction, to then act-out the Opposite Reaction, from what the Unitard Hopes it’s Saviour Expects of it & on it goes, down & down, round & round the Eddy, all the way to it’s hell, after it’s Already “UNENVIABLE” subsistence as an evil, Transparently Self-bullshitting, HIDEOUSLY UGLY, stinking, unconsciously Self-loathing, hate-projecting, megalomaniacal wretched-abomination ….

Predominately, “WHITE People are SHITE People” …. White People are less EVOLVED Neuro-Anatomically than Eastern & African Brains …. So primitive-cunts tend to Produce LUNATICS & Lunatits with SHIT for Their brains …. Who are FOREVER seeking to SMOOTH Over Their Tommee Tippee activity-centre play-mat, so that TRUTH has been Squared-away & They can STOP Panting, in Their MUCH Preferred “Delusion State” & All They have to Do is WISH OUT LOUD & Hope You Choose to be offended & then, Get-away with NEEDING SHOT through the shit-piece ….

ie Which is The REASON They HAD to Leave Africa & The East & CLING to FREEZING Islands in the 1st place …. Because, whatever Spazmo WANTS there’s NO LENGTH it won’t go to to GET AWAY with it & that “especially” Includes FUCKING THEIR CHILDREN or better-still OTHERS’ …. That Also includes whatever They are DESPERATE for, which Emboldens the “RUSH-ADDICTED” Mental-Quadriplegic to entitle Themselves to whatever You’ve EARNED, in it’s “undeclared” Anarchic-State …. Which works-out so Well for it, it’s Reduced to “Matching” EVERY low-life Description, You could shake a stick at …. Behind which, Zionist Jews are way ahead of Them & are Running Those Organised-Vices, as They were kicked-out of Every Country “1st” ….

The Unitard Ideally wants You to Want Them to Stop Doing whatever it Hopes You Choose to have a negative reaction to …. It neglects whatever You haven’t had Any Reaction to …. Then focuses on the Leg which Made the Spider React & Pulls again & again & again & again & again & again & again & again & again & again …. You HAVE TO Shoot Them in the face …. (ALL Unitards, Reading this, would Believe They’re “spontaneously” Finding Mirth in Their Great Character, when of-course that’s the Ingrained-Reaction of That SHITE a Clone ….)

ie The Grossly-mentally-deficient 3 Year old Beast, needing shot, “ALWAYS” finds Adult Humans Choosing-to-have a negative-reaction “Funny” …. I repeat, ALWAYS …. The semi-simian believes it’s got a Magical-power & invisibility-cloak, which Helps it ameliorate against Being a hell-bound Mental-Quadriplegic …. When the Spastic acts-out Needing-shot, The Beast feels like it’s getting PRETENGE in All directions …. But Only Ever against Those Whom the cowardly Monkey Calculates won’t Shoot it through it’s face …. Reduced ever-further, the Self-aggrandising, ie Self-bullshitting, impotent Shit-fountain, then SETS it’s Tommee-Tippee LIFE to Permanent-loop …. So the sparking nit-wit programs it’s sparking-computer to Match it’s “Mindless-repetition” ….

I’ve Exposed a “Female Serial-killer,” Who called Her Self Marie McCallum & also Her Mezzanine of Paraphiliacs Who help Her carry out Her crimes, Who are ALL Self-confessed “paedophiles” …. Whom the Scottish Police-farce are FULLY aware of, but will Detain or Arrest HUMANS if They so-much as even TYPE the Truth about Them …. (FUCKIN’ EASY ….) …. The Police-farce are Only there to Oppress the Public, to better Serve & Protect the PAEDOPHILES-RING running dnaltocS, Who are ALL pseudo-satan worshipping RETARDS, as are Marie McCallum & co. ….

“eg” They Send Automated Potato-paintings, to Everyone Who’s been Up Marie’s Arse …. Which Gives Them an Audience in the THOUSANDS …. As the Ghouls get-off on Having an Audience, Who Couldn’t give a fuck about Them …. An Audience, Who have no interest in Them …. An Audience, Who Know the “unsolicited” impotent-hoper’s 2D junk-mail is from a drooling, “sub-lunatic level,” Self-bullshitting, pathetic unitard, Who Stands Up & laughs at it’s Own shite, every-time it’s Wiped it’s Burst-Arse ….

Before, then “wishing” it wasn’t impotent …. After having been “reduced” to Fuck All, by It’s Superiors & Subsequently By “The Moral+Law” & it’s Own Knowledge about Those, Whom the Self-destroyed evil-retard Wishes it’s life-away, Thinking about, Who’ve “Triumphed” Over Them & reduced All of it’s evil-behaviour to simply Staring at it’s Tomee-Tippee activity Centre, Wishing “satan” existed & that it’s furtive 2D Offerings were Evil sacrifices to it’s God …. However, God Is Watching, As whether You’re a Mental-Quadriplegic or A Living Christ, Gravity Remains Constant, As Does The Moral+Law & RETURNS “Every impulse You action” ….

It’s No Coincidence That God REWARDS Me Endlessly, Daily, whilst Those Who Genuinely Believe in a Satanic God are PUNISHED severely, repeatedly, unenviably & In Line with Their every evil Deed …. However, if You CAN’T Publicly drown Them, as YOUR ANCESTORS DID, then that’s because “Your” Country is RUN by Unitards, EXACTLY as I’ve Profiled, Who NEED HUNG “1st” ….

Their brains are All “IDENTICAL” to 1 another, They KNOW They’re the scum of the Earth, but Think Their CLONED insectoid-brain’s are Part of a DARING Take-over of the Human Race, their Spastic-brains feel “ALIEN” to …. They NEED to be Exterminated, YESTERDAY, for the Behaviour “THEY ALL” produce, which is simply BESTIAL & EVIL ….

However, no-matter how many times Their Spastic-Brain is punished, which is “synchronised” to even the “slightest” of it’s ill-wishes, it will Still hoot-&-pant in delight at Anything it can even PRETEND is the negative-reaction it Hoped to provoke You into “Choosing” to Trigger …. ie “Anything” which means the Ghoulishly-stupid “abomination” can Then pretend-prove that Being a Unitard Always Trumps Humans With 96% more Brain Function & so PROVING that it’s a subhuman-asshole “AGAIN” temporarily Feels BRILLIANT, to the laughing Butthead ….

It’s hideous True Self Lacks the Mental-Ability to Exist in Reality & Experience & “Appreciate” Life As It IS, rather than a 1-Dimensional Self-delusion, harbouring an evil-intention to reduce Human Attention to it’s matching microdot “.”

I’m sitting Here in Paradise, having EASILY SWATTED the Insects of Hate-Britain & Claimed My Gifts from God, which, as You’d Expect from A Living Christ, I Simply Channel into The Arms of Those Whom I KNOW Deserve Them more Than I Do …. However, none-the-less, As I’ve Been Saying on Zionist-Jewtube for YEARS now, I CAN’T Give It Away fast Enough, like the famous Scene of Mickey Mouse in Fantasia …. ie No Sooner have I Parted with what Would Make the Average Person CRY, Who’d have to have had Slaved Their Whole Life to Receive what I Simply “Wake Up” to, I’m Then Given The Kindest of Gifts AGAIN ….

Apart from My Selflessness, which I Believe to Be The KEY to The Returns I’m NOT after …. I Believe It’s Also My Ability to “Appreciate” Even the smallest of Gifts which ENSURES The HUGE Gifts Come In Like My Heart was The Dock of Gods’ Kindness …. eg The tiny Light-Grey Robin landed Right Next to Me AGain & I’m More Grateful to Be Able to Watch the wee Beauty than I Would to Spend the Night with a Young Pamela Anderson ….

Furthermore, I Took A Jaunt, to See My Favourite Girl Dog in the Whole Wide World, CLEOPATRA, Whom I’ll Be Forever Grateful for Having Met, as She’s Far More Beautiful than 90% of so-called Human Western-Females …. I Took Her down a Whole Pack of honey-glazed Biscuits, as I’d not Seen Her for Days …. She’d NORMALLY Grab Them, like a relay, dropping Half the Pack as She charges off, on Her precision-drill, however, since She’d not Seen Me for a While, She Stopped to Allow Me to Cuddle Her to Let Me Know She Appreciates The Gesture & that I Mean something to Her, then She was Off like a Bolt ….

I’m Posted in Paradise, where There’s an Endless Supply of Simply MAGICAL Gifts In Constant Supply, Night & Day, including My Dear Friends the Crickets, Whom I Approach with The Cool Evening Breeze caressing My Brow, to Find Them amongst My Grape-Vines, in My Largest Vineyard, Tuning Up, in Chorus with Each Other & Who ALWAYS Find The Same Joke Funny, “Hang Up Your Back-legs Boys, Here comes Buddy Holly ….” …. To Whit, I ALWAYS Reply, “If I Knew Peggy-Sue, She’d probably have a Scat fetish Which doubles with Pulling a Pen-knife out of Her back-passage & emptying Your back-pocket, whilst You’re Squatting like an Aborigini, over a Chick with Half Her brain missing ….” …. They ALWAYS Laugh & I’m Certain They Think I’m making it up …. Then We go into a Rendition of Classic Hits, Where They’ll Often improvise at the Solo Section, unlike Collectors Who’s Instruments simply Gather Dust ….

Conversely, mean-while, the maniac-level Unitard is posted in it’s Own private slice of suffeRAGE & Soon to be posted, in hell, for ETERNITAAAAH …. Half of Your “Test” As A Soul, is to Not Be Able to SEE That Fact …. However, I KNOW it, for A Fact, as Did Yehoshua of Nazareth …. (As Does Alex JEWns, Who MYSTERIOUSLY REPEATS EVERYTHING I PUBLISH, AFTER I Publish It ….) …. Most of Those, Who are on the “Receiving” End of Their desperate-lunacy, Already Know They’re bound-for-hell, so They Think “WHY NOT” keep-on Putting The Moral+Law to The Test …. As how much more bad can Hell get !?!?

And THAT’S the THINKING of the SHITE which Your Police-farce are COMPLICIT in WANTING to Prey-on You “too,” on Their MASTER’S orders …. They REFUSE to Accept They’re WRONG, since “They” MADE the Decision that WRONG was RIGHT & There’s so many MATCHING CLONES being LOOKED UP to by the Average Numpty, paying Their wages to be “seemingly” UNACCOUNTABLY EVIL …. So They CONTINUE to Delude Themselves that They’re MAGIC SPECIALS, “winning” The MAGIC SPECIAL, No-matter How Much “Matching-Damage” & AGONY “They” Suffer, in This Generation, which Just KEEPS ON ACOMING ….

Whereas, The Innocent Humans, Whom the BEASTS are ALL Existentially-Jealous of & Whom They Target with Their EVIL ambitions, INFURIATE Them further on-top of Their INESCAPABLE Divine Punishment …. Due to The “Human BEING” HAPPY, despite not being-into or having what the SCUM-BAG idolises or Sacrificing Their Eternal-Soul for a fleeting, temporary, material-slice of Tasteless evil-surrender ….

So, despite Psycho-paths having MURDERED 100’s of MILLIONS of Humans, The EVOLVED Have Gone on from Strength to Strength, whilst the Self-deluded HIDEOUSLY-UGLY masked, developmentally FAILED 3-year-olds, Who wanted to BASK in the Glory of Having been An ASSHOLE throughout Infancy, have Then been dispatched to HELL, in This Generation & Then for Eternity, after Their Already “unenviable” Life of BOUTS of RAGING Narcissistic-incontinence …. (Snicker, Snicker….)

“eg” I Just Fed My Chickens a Carton of Milk There & Buggalugs, The World’s Greatest Beagle, Then Decided He’d take-over the Situation, so I scrunched Him out-of His Territorial Dairy-Ambitions, by Massaging His Forehead of Caramelised Golden Folds …. I Then Walked away from The Scene, but Buggles muscled-into the Action again & in-so-doing Knocked Over the Entire Carton of Milk, much to My Chook’s Joy, as They pursued the more-convenient River of Milk, ebbing from the Feet of the Culprit, Who’s impatience & greed had Led to Him losing it ALL ….

As I Left Them to It, I Said to Maw Broon, in passing, “I Love You” & As She Walked Away, with Her Back to Me, She Distinctly Said Back, “I Love You too ….” …. Instantly, Buggles Looked Up at Me as if to Say, “Did You Hear what I Just Heard !?!?” …. I Assure You, Chickens are Only PRETENDING to Be Birds, They’re actually 1 Foot High Humans & every-so-often They Accidentally or Self-titillatingly Reveal The Fact that They Can Converse Fluently Verbally …. You have to Give Them a few Days or Weeks to Acclimatise to You & Then It’s “unmistakable,” You’ll Realise that They’re MORE Intelligent than 90% of Western Females, by MILES ….

I Wonder what My New Readership Will Think of My Ability to Communicate with Animals, after Magnifying & Amplifying Their “LEADERS” for so long …. My Posts are Now Getting Wider & wider Notoriety, although if You Look at My Carefully Tended Facebook Profile You’d Think the few People Who’ve been Allowed onto it were Corpses & I’ve REFUSED to Let Che’ Publicise It …. Occasionally People Come & go, but I don’t Check-out Their Profiles when They want an Add, however, I Reply to All Private Posts sent behind The Scenes, which go Via Cheryl, in-case They’re made of Potato, which would Mean I’d “HAVE TO CHOOSE” to have a negative-reaction, because yet-another Unitard wants Me to Know it’s delaying-suicide & would Like “My” Assistance, “WHENEVER” it’s sparking micro-brain Sees fit ….

The Elder Sister, of the aforementioned Female Serial-killer, (Who’s ALSO a serial-killer,) Who’s Reputed by the Younger BEAST as Doing-so for “Sexual pleasure,” Can Be SEEN by You, TYPING in Plain-view, ie NOT in a prison-system or Lunatic Asylum …. (See, “Care in the Community” ….) …. I Visited Her Site, Several Years ago, to Compare Her Typing with Marie McCallum’s …. I’ve Never returned, as it was harrowing to even Read that level of Stupidity’s Typing ….

ie She’s yet-another of the HIDEOUSLY-UGLY Family of Butchers, Who’s a permanently-raging, Knuckle-dragging, low-life loser, Who’s a “hate-consumed,” Muckle Fat-Fuck, typing with Her Extra-Thumbs on Each Hoof …. She’s Also a paranoid Megalomaniacal-psychopath, so She’ll no-doubt Imagine that We’re ALL Watching Her & Then Type the EXACT OPPOSITE “reaction” from the 1 which the Imbecile Presumes We Expect of Her …. “Atypically,” believing She’s CHOOSING, a reaction which is Mindlessly-predictable & is SET in stone …. Cue Her Extra Thumbs ….



I don’t Know if the Link, in the Post Above, is Still Live, but if it is, You can See The Abomination for Your Self …. If it “resembles” What I’ve Written Above, it “Wouldn’t” Surprise Me 1 iota …. As dnaltocS is run by a bunch of Cowards, in Con-Troll of “YOUR” Army …. “ORDER” YOUR Army to RID Your Country of PAEDOPHILES, Who NEED shot through the head, as OTHERWISE Your “inaction” Means YOU WILL BE IN HELL With Them too, for Eternity, for turning a blind-eye to CHILDREN BEING RAPED, EVERY NIGHT, by RABID Mental-Quadriplegics in Fancy-dress …. You “DESERVE” the Company You KEEP !!!!

THINK About Standing before the Event Horizon, WITHOUT EXCUSE, without Your EGO being-able to Save You from The WEIGHT of the SINS of Your SOUL, where “IGNORNACE” is NO ALIBI, “ESPECIALLY” When You FUCKING KNOW Every Word I’m Saying Is A 100% ACCURATE REFLECTION of What YOU ARE “Complicit” with …. However, if You Didn’t Know BEFORE, You fucking DO NOW, so if ME, Making You Aware of What LIES behind the PANTOMIME, leads to Your Subsequent Devil-may-care “INACTION,” meaning You SPEND ETERNITY in Hell, as a Direct Result of ME Opening Your Eyes, which You CHOOSE to Shut again, Then, You’re WELCOME, ENJOY Hell, demon !!!!

What PERFECT Poetic-Justice, for Unitards to have not Developed beyond 3 & to have INGRAINED a Solitary ego-mania into Their Self-absorbed “hell-ferry” …. However, You call Them homosexuals & feminists & Judges & Police & Social-workers & Politicians …. I Call Them “NEEDING HUNG” until Their ROTTING TORSO drops off & Leaves Their hollow Skull as a make-shift Nest for Birds with a Larger Brain ….

I’m Reclining In A Giant Space Age Swivel Chair, In The Mountains of A Country I Call Portupants, where Hanging Over My Head Are Grapes I’d Happily Swap for High-Court Judges, Who are the MOST Rabid of Free-Masons with Total-Recall & a tiny-minded Obsession with Winning “semantic” Quick-fire Games of Top-Trump, Against Innocent Human Men, They KNOW Should Shoot Them through the face …. As the Average Male won’t be Able to Defeat a Corrupt Court, ON RECORD, As I Can …. They won’t Know that You MUST “simply” Replace Your ENTIRE Paedophile-run Kangaroo-court system with “fMRI” brain-scans ….

So, I Heard a repetitive Metallic Sound, coming from Behind Me & swivelled Around to See, that Whilst Buggalugs has Abandoned His Post, no-doubt to See if He can Seduce Cleopatra out of Her Biscuits, in the mean-time, Both Maw Brown & Chiquetita have been tucking-in to His Pizza, which I Bought Him a Large Tray especially for “&” Setting-about His Biscuits, to the Point where The Entire Centre of His Pizza is Now Gone & not to be Outdone, Chiquetita has now Made Her Way into My Villa whilst Maw Broon’s Guarding The Door, They want to Take Over The Whole Farm …. I’m TELLING You, Chickens Are MORE Intelligent than 90% of Western Fee-Males !!!!

A Unitard has “ZERO” INTELLIGENCE …. Thus it will DISMISS Every Time it “PROVES” That Fact to be True …. The Unitard’s ENTIRE “delusion-of-intelligence” is based-upon Seeing-if You’ll “Choose” to have a negative0reaction, “whenever” They Act-out Needing shot …. Thanks to the incrementally, insidious & pernicious Genocidal-Zionist Paedophiles’ Genetic-Breeding Program, that SHITE make-up 50% of the Population of the West & are GROOMED to believe They’re SUPERIOR to Humans & ASSUME positions They don’t “MERIT,” to Work AGAINST the few remaining Humans & fellow-unfortunates ….

The hollow-headed, hideously-ugly STUCK-Masks, “See” the Affect & effect which Their “atypically” Mental-Handicap-Aggrandising BELIEF, that They’re an “ENERGY VAMPIRE,” has on the Able Brained, Whom They CONSTANTLY See-if They can Cause P.T.S.D. …. So,m They don’t want Their Hooves to Be in Human Shoes ….

They’re “NOTHING LIKE” Your Ancestors, Who ROUTINELY “Executed” Them, because Their “Brain” Produces a Self-bullshitting Evil Sex-offender, Who endlessly wants PRETENGE & Pretends there’s REASON to the nit-wit’s perpetually-downard-focus & That “It MEANT” every outcome, no-matter How Deviant from it’s Original “sinful” Mission-statement …. In The End, if Your Ambition is to Kill Everyone & The Average Person is SO mindlessly-narcissistic, that They’ll GO ALONG with it, then it’s “the easiest” thing to do …. (See, The Dodo ….)

There are Countless Family’s “exactly” like the Family of Serial-Killers I’ve Exposed, above …. Who NEED shot through the Yapper, just the same …. Who get up Every Day & aim to commit offences against Humans & if They’re Foiled, then the Unitard, with ZERO Intelligence, will simply Go-on until You FUCKING EXECUTE THEM …. Or until the Megalomaniacal Talking-Monkey is Satisfied that it got PRETENGE against A Human, Whom the sparking-spastic “instigated” & perpetuated a lengthy evil-campaign against …. The Human’s upsetting CRIME being, to RESIST Mental-Quadriplegics NEEDING hung ….

They’re Infuriated Further, especially-if You FOIL Them it at every Turn & Let Them Know Their shit’s Garbage …. However, You’ll “invariably” See a “W.T.F.” moment, due to it’s Magical-Thinking being REDUCED to having it’s Face ground into the dirt, as They’ll go to ANY Lengths & there’s nothing which Shite like-that Won’t stoop to, which is worsened by Their fundamental-lack of Self+Awareness, which Means They’re SO RETARDED They Think The Human “can’t SEE” what the Mentally-Handicapped-infant doesn’t want Them to Focus on, when the desperate-mong is “reduced” to impotently-hoping You Choose to have a negative-reaction, to DECLARE itself the winner of the Criminal campaign it Started & perpetuated against a 100% Innocent Human being …. The type of CRIMINAL Brain which You call “HOMOSEXUAL” …. ie “PARAPHILIAC” !!!!

Because the Unitard has ZERO INTELLIGENCE & nothing-else going for it, except it’s HOLLOW SHAMS & the Reflections of how SHITE a Creature it is, on-account of How it PRIDES itself on USING & ABUSING …. Which is WHY it RELIES so-heavily on it’s “belief” in itself having “P.owers O.f P.ersuasion” …. So it Won’t Stop RAGING when You FOIL it easily & LAUGH All The Way …. It will pursue You “until” You CUT IT’S FUCKING HEAD OFF ….


I’ll be Revealing Them & “using” Them & Exposing Them to Your APATHY also …. Bearing in Mind, that Your Police-farce are SUBHUMAN GARBAGE Who NEED shot through the face …. Who’s Job it is to INCREASE the number of Beasts They can Play Catch with, Who Keep Them in Clown-shoes & FEELING that Their hair-brain is a SOMEBODY, when They’re WALKING SHITE & Need Hung YESTERDAY !!!!

The Unitard’s wish to Make Others Unhappy, are Why You HAVE TO “exterminate” ALL of Them …. However, it’s most-fervent wish is Why the Hair-brain Spastic Makes itself So Unhappy, as it has NO CON-TROLL over YOUR Happines …. FUCK THEM & the Nag They rode-in on …. I repeat, You SHOULD Execute “that type” of FEMALE brain, no-matter WHAT body it’s in or Uniform role it’s playing …. As otherwise, the LUNATIC “Genuinely deludes” itself, as it wants drawn-into it’s World of lies …. Once Again, NEEDING shot through the face ….

The Sheer NUMBER Of “SHITE like that,” on Monkey Island, Con-vinces You that the Few Remaining Kind Humans that They’re NOT what They ARE …. eg 90% of Your Police farce NEED to be EXECUTED “YESTERDAY” & that’s Just for Starters …. They’re a PREHISTORIC Breed of HATE-CONSUMED Shite…. Who never Stop Saying, “YOU ARE WHAT I AM, THAT IT GONE PRETEND PROVEN …. ” …. SHOOT Them through the Mouth ….

However, as I’ve Just Said, if You don’t Think You CAN exterminate the “pool” of Unitards Who “conveniently” put on The Exact same clothes …. Then, DISTANCE Your Self from A CUNToury of SEX-OFFENDERS & “REMEMBER” that They can “NEVER” Make You CHOOSE to Stop Being HAPPY …. No matter what the utterly Self-deluded, unselfaware, hate-staring, “insectoid” slime-bag WISHES, in word or deed …. Especially if You Live in Paradise …. As, GOD Wants You to Be Happy & an INFINITY of nit-focussed Hair-brained Paraphiliacs CANNOT Come between You & Divinity …. As I Said to The Serial-Killer, Marie McCallum, in Person, Success is Simply Finding Your Way to A Smile & Then Staying There …. She looked “defeated” & in Simple Agreement …. However, if You Give Shite, like that, the time of Day, The Unitard will simply Keep-on-going & See-if …. Hanging’s too Good for Her & Her Mezzanine of crap-bags ….

However, You’ll no-doubt Keep Paying for Their Health-treatments, as You’ll NEVER Realise that Those “maggots” would be So UNGRATEFUL that They’d then continue killing & robbing & committing every-offence against Humans, You can Think of, for Sexual-pleasure & a delusional-feeling of POWER, in pseudo-satanic Lunacy …. As a THANK YOU, for You “pro-longing” the Level of Health, which “Allows” Them to Carry-on “Proudly” NEEDING shot in the face …. There’s NO WAY You Could KNOW That “FACT” ….

Megalomaniacs are SO Self-deluded They GENUINELY Believe They’re TOWERING over a tiny Species of Humans …. With Their hate-quaking face Jealous of not Being Able to fit into the Strictures placed-upon THE STUPID …. I repeat, even When You Show SHITE like that Their brain Scan & PROVE to Them that Their brain is the Size of a Gnat’s-Chuff, the “UNITARD” will carry-on & See-if it’s SOLITARY Pathology & SOLITARY Aim of Getting You to CHOOSE to Trigger Your Amygdala will Still Work, as THEN, the Magical-Thinking Spastic STILL doesn’t Need to Develop beyond 3, panting in relief, that it DIDN’T get that WRONG, that remaining an “ANIMACULE” for Life, with yawning Chasm of HELL before it & COUNTLESS Nights of RAGING HATRED behind it & yet-more AHEAD of it, because it’s been GENETICALLY ENGINEERED to Surface so that GENOCIDAL PHARISEES can “FINISH” EVERYBODY off, as it’s Self-absorbed, “100% unjustifiable,” incontinent-HATRED can be RELIED on, to ASSIST that “END” ….

The Incontinent Sex-offender is “addicted” to Seeing-if it Can Get-away with Needing shot …. Tourettes DOESN’T Exist, it’s Simply a LUNATIC Who isn’t SCARED Enough of You “YET” …. So it NEEDS to be Rebranded, “TOILETS” …. As SHITE, like that, mean that You NOW Require “Anarchy” …. As the VERMIN, Who wear Police-uniforms, make TOKEN GESTURES before going-back to BELIEVING They’re AWAKE & You’re ASLEEP at the wheel …. In Their Obsession with Preying on You & Being Treated to Respect They don’t Deserve & HOPING that You’re left RAGING & “unable” TO Provide Them with the BRUTAL, MERCILESS, PHYSICAL CONSEQUENCE They “HOPE” You Choose to Feel like meting out to Them …. As that Makes the Monkey get “HIGH” until it’s Eyebrows Look as though it’s in a high-wind …. It’s Beyond the Simian-Spastic’s Comprehension, that You can CALMLY Shoot it …. In So Doing, You’ve KILLED a Creature which was “evil” & NEEDED the Same Treatment Your Ancestors meted out to “anti-human SHITE” like that …. (I Can’t See Alex JEWns using ALL of That Phrase, but He Certainly STOLE “Anti-Human” ….)

I repeat, ALL of that hate-consumed SHITE are Obsessed with Innocent Human Beings, Whom the “LUNATICS” & LUNATITS “live” to Get-off on acting-out NEEDING SHOT IN THE FACE in front of …. You COULDN’T make that up …. Zionist Jews have Engineered & GROOMED a Race to Consist Solely of Sex-offenders NEEDING SHOT through Their face …. By, ASSASSINATING & MURDERING Innocent Humans Who Remained in WESTERN Hell-holes & The “Wise” Leaving that Shit-pit, to the Incontinent-Assholes Who turn a Blind-eye to Human Men Jumping off EVERY Major Bridge in The Country, Night & Day, suffering from P.T.S.D., due to Relentless Paraphiliacs preying-on Them …. Which to the Average Imbecile is simply a Nuisance, which slows down Traffic, on the way Home ….

I repeat, Your Happiness is NOT under the Con-Troll of 3 Year old existentially-jealous, half-witted, “imbalanced,” confirmatory-biased, Talking-Monkeys …. Which becomes ever-more Apparent when You Live in Paradise & Only See 1 Person Every 6 Weeks & no-longer Get Mail which isn’t “Vetted” & Take Nothing to Do with a Species of “ORCS” …. Which St. Tolkien Correctly Branded 80% of Those Who LOVE His Movies …. (Fnarr, Fnarr ….)

Now Think of all the Incontinent-Assholes Who “aggrandise Themselves” by Referring to Themselves as being Vampires, when St. Bram Stoker Advised You CUT 80% of His Fan’s HEADS off or MAKE Their Heart stop …. There are Areas of America where Zionist Jews have Shut-down Production of Show-business Industries, which Attracted Gullible Innocents, where Self-deluded lying Chancers were in ABUNDANCE, Who All fancied Themselves as Being Masterminds, (AKA “Cerebral” Sex-offenders & common thieves, ie LOSERS ….) …. So, that SUBHUMAN-SHITE Now have-to move to Other Areas, to try-out the EXACT SAME “solitary” pathology on Humans Who are less Gullible & Who won’t Fall for a Self-titillating “pseudo-persona” of the increasingly desperate would-be Psychologically-bully & “GRANDIOSELY LAZY,” Self-destructive, evil-campaigns …. So They’ve ALREADY Started getting SHOT …. (Chortle, Chortle ….)

You’ll Start Seeing that on A Global Scale Now, which Is “Why” Me & Buggalugs have 2 Silver Plated Shotguns, A Pearl-Handled 7 Shooter, Food Stores Aplenty, An Underground Bunker & Enough Liquid Fertiliser to Launch the Ground-Level Farm into Outer Space, should Zombies come acalling …. What Have You Got “Ready” !?!? …. (Underground, Chickens are Worth Their Weight in Gold …. Not Only As Egg Suppliers, but Their Nightly Performances of Individual Dance Routines, Comical Characteristics are Priceless & Their Eventual …. Pharisee Jews & Kurds Serve Them up to You, in a bun ….)

I Just Had to Chuck Maw Broon & Chiquetita Out of the Villa, for Squirting, in Unison, near My Studio …. They were Looking for a Novel New Nest to Hide Their Eggs from Me & I Foiled Them Both, in the act of figuring Out where to Stash The “Loot” …. So, to Teach Me A Valuable Lesson They Both left Me a Shit, Respectively, which Will Turn to Paper in a few Hours …. So Then, after Their Leisurely Stroll Outside, neither of Them to Be Rushed, pecking at My Computer for-effect as They went, as They’re Magically the Cock of The Walk & not to be Messed with …. However, Outside, Maw Broon went Up to the Very Edge of My 3D Balcony & Stood on Her Tip Toes, Threatening to Throw Her Self off, hoping I Don’t Know She can Fly the 24 Feet to the Farm Below ….

She repeated The Pity-play, whilst Periodically Look at Me, Over Her Should, until I Decided to Change The Angle I was Standing At, to My Fine Feathered Friend …. Only to See Her continue with the Mime, only to Find that She was Secretly Stretching to Munch Grapes & Swallow the Seeds …. She’s now Preening Her Self beside Me & Plotting Her Next sortie, under These Terrible Conditions imposed upon Her, in Captivity, The MOST FREE Chook in The Entire World ….

Marie McCallum, (Who changes Her name more-often than She changes Her under-pants, unfortunately,) Said that NEEDING shot in the face, was All that She Knew …. Every time a Megalomaniacal Unitard Realises that They’ve ETERNALLY arrested Their Soul, as a 3 Year old Who talks Constant Shite, They feel EXPOSED & inadequate, belittled, humiliated & degraded, so They fix Their Cartoon-face & pull Their invisible-cape Around Themselves, Decreeing, “Nothing Will Stop Me PROVING I’m a subhuman hideous SPASTIC with Shite for it’s brains & as SHITE a person as it’s Possible to ‘be’ …. No-one, You HEAR Me, No-one Shall stop Me, I HAVE THE POOOOOWWWWWEEEEEEERRRRRRRR, to prove I’m as SHITE as it’s possible to be …. YEEEESSSSSSS …. YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ….” …. (Yawn & LOAD & Then PULL on The Trigger or The Rope !!!!)

I’m Writing This, In Blissful Sunshine, In The Length of Time It Takes to Export My Latest Vid & Upload it To Zionist Jewtube, Then I’m off to Get Some Serious Farming Done, with My New Mega-Strimmer, which Makes ALL Strimmers I’ve had before Seem like Eye-brow Tweasers ….

I Don’t FEEL “Victorious,” when I Defeat People, I NEVER Could & I get “nothing” from it, I’ve NEVER been in Competition with Anyone, the thought has NEVER Crossed My Mind & as I Said to the aforementioned Female Serial-killer, I’ve NEVER felt I Have Anything to PROVE …. Her TELL was Enormous …. When I’m Happy It’s Because I “Know” I’m Helping Someone “Else,” when I vanquish a hell-bound imbecile I Simply Add Them to the List & Forget All about Them “until” I’m Standing in Front of A Camera or Writing about Weak-Assholes, Who are VOID of Excuse due to Them ALWAYS Knowing Right from wrong ….

When I’m Farming I Think of Nothing & Simply Laugh at The Jokes God Keeps Playing on Me …. eg When I’m Standing in A Field, wearing Just A Shirt & A Pair of Boxer Shorts, My Usual Farming Attire, The Wind Is In My Sails & The Sun’s Beaming & I’m Surrounded By The Splendour of An Endless Variety of Flowers & Gorgeous Bountiful Trees, There’s Suddenly “NO SOUND” & Then, 1 by 1 the Birds & Cartoonesque Insects Begin to Introduce Themselves to Me AGain & I Discover ANOTHER Tree I didn’t See before & It’s ALWAYS With Perfect Timing, So I’m Able to Harvest It …. Then I Turn & Buggalugs is Behind Me, Stalking Me & We Play American Football Together & Then, from the Neighbouring Farm, Cleopatra Leaps towards Us & I’m IN HEAVEN ….

Whereupon, We All Turn to See Maw Broon, Who Starts Crawing from The Other End of The Farm, Kicking Up Plumes of Dust, on The Balcony of The Patio, “LAUGHING” Her Head off, as Now SHE OWNS The Whole Farm & I Half-Expect Her to Have Started Building Battlements to Repel Our Advancements …. She shrinks, in Her Ego, the Closer We All Get …. I LOVE This Way of Life & I actually feel somewhat saddened for the Plight of Those Who Will Never Know what Their Ancestors WORKED SO HARD For ….

Only for Their Descendants, to then Hand-over Their “LIVE’S WORK” over, to an “evil” wank-club of “subhuman” Paedophiles & settle, instead, for a freezing-cold Council shoe-box, which the hate-consumed BEASTS get-off on Making You pay more & more & more for, on-top of ALL Their Other SINS against You & Yours’ …. Whilst “THEIR” token-gesturing Police-farce, which YOU are paying-for, PROTECT Them, so that They can get-worse & worse & worse & worse & worse towards You …. I Know what I Would “Give” Them ….

The Joke, I Mentioned, Is Probably Obvious to You Now …. eg When My Shirt is Being Tugged by The Wind, God’s Reminding Me to BE HAPPY …. I’ve “Always” Struggled with That …. Which is yet-another Reason why All evil Unitards’ unselfaware “P.owers O.f P.ersuasion” FAIL, in the Magical-Thinking Spastic’s imaginary-competition, as it’s Victory “RELIES” on Me Alone …. ie They’re Completely cut-off from Reality, where Only They Decree Only Themselves as being of Importance, with a Brain no-different to what You’d end-up with after a high-speed Car-wreck …. Whereas, I Exist in Reality & God Knows I’m A Selfless Man, so The In+Joke Is to “See If” I Can Be Encouraged to Enjoy My Life Selfishly, Which God Won’t Stop UNTIL I Do, thus, Why The Gifts Are ENDLESS & “For 1,” The Average Person would Give An Arm & A Leg ….

The Mental-Quadriplegic Sex-Offenders, of the West, are addicted to Needing shot in Their weak head, through Their hideously-ugly, subhuman, inbred-face …. They’re SO “backward,” in Their unselfaware tiny-brains, that They actually Believe They’re offering up a Sacrifice to faux-Satan, every time They Say or Do Something which They Need shot for, towards an Innocent “Evolved” Human Being …. Pretending that’s Satan’s Rule, OK …. They will ALWAYS Find Their Excuse to BEG You to SHOOT Them, but even-if You don’t, the subhuman-spud ONLY Needs LOOK at how They’re PUNISHED anway, slowly-but-surely, to Then SEE the “in-joke” is “on Them” …. Their Self-importance is so Grandiosely-delusional They even Hope You’ll Feel like Petitioning Them out-of digging with Their Snout, in THE WRONG DIRECTION, which Has Eternity “stamped” All-Over it …. Let Hell Mend Them ….

The Serial-killer, Marie McCallum, Who works with a Mezzanine of Paraphiliacs, Who are Also Serial-Killers, Who employ Self-amazing Techniques, aimed at Causing Humans P.T.S.D., so that a Caravan of Spastics can steal Their Credit-card & “Sully” Any Kind Gifts which the primeval Garbage Receive, for Their faux pity-play or OBVIOUSLY genuine decrepit-state …. Before, during & after Her “parallel” campaign, against Yours’ Truly, She actually fell for Me & She has Stalked, Her “unimportant” imaginary-Self-image & My Great Success Story, ever Since …. The Homo-Enablers & Her Often petitioned Me to Let Her back into My Life, which I couldn’t Take Seriously & simply Used as 2D Projector-slides, whilst “probing” for Any “Variation” on what was Still a Developing Absolute-Definition of the True Self-loathing, Unitard’s “SOLITARY” Pathology ….

Until I was Able to Conclude that They’re PROVABLY An Incontinent “Arsehole,” which I’ll be Profiling in Upcoming Vids & that THEY are the VICTIM of yet-another Example of Poetic-Justice, having INGRAINED a Solitary Pathology borne of Their HOLLOW ADDICTION to Seeing-if They can get a Human to Choose to have a negative-reaction to Them NEEDING shot, when Humans have been Groomed into “Mental-bondage,” by a bunch of Truly DISGUSTING, SUBHUMAN, SELF-BULLSHITTING, GENOCIDAL-PAEDOPHILES ….

A phrase which Resonated with the Female serial-killer was, “Picking The Scab of a wound Before It’s had A Chance to Heal ….” …. Since, garbage like that, have no Self+Awareness, the imbecile is so retarded it Genuinely Expects “You” to Choose to have a negative-reaction the more of a Scum-bag it “Proves” itself to be …. Which it wants to Show-off …. (You Couldn’t make that up ….) …. The Baby-brained-Monkey’s entertainment & panting-ambitions thrive on You Not Knowing that it’s a wee diddy, exactly like Everyone Else “Knows” it to be …. However, it’s an ABOMINATION & Needs to be Executed, as the Unitard is Doing what it Hopes causes a Human P.T.S.D. …. It “doesn’t matter” a Solitary fuck what Counter-arguments the paraphiliac will propose, eg “THIS MAKE YOU WHAT I AM,” as You advance towards it with the Potato-sack ….

Psycho-paths are mental-quadriplegics & without Meaning to Their Life They invariably Target Humans They’re Existentially-envious of, for Which You NEED to Exterminate Them …. As They’re Thankless & WORTHLESS parasites Who destroy Everything They touch & have left You “almost” No-Time to DO so …. I repeat, Everything They Contribute is a HOLLOW SHAM, Which You SEE in the fullness of Time, but which You Tend to Realise when it’s FAR TOO LATE ….

Shite like that, Ideally, seek-out Positions They seek to abuse Humans from, which Makes the tiny-minded imbecile feel “importanted,” ergo Powerful …. As NEEDING shot brings Parts of Their primitive-brain to Life, beyond the Solitary-Pathology the Core-inadequate imbecile ingrained, into a “Hardened” Asshole & CHOSE Not to Develop & instead Absorbed The Parts which Then EXCLUDE Others from it’s myopic insular insect-world, beyond which “You are What They are” in a Bomb-site penumbra …. The Perch, which Self-propelled BOWELS Seek-out, are so that the Abomination can Cum & Feel Gone-Bettererererer about Being That SHITE a Person, when SCREAMING down the phone at the Public, paying Their wages ….

The histrionic-spastic deliberately “instigates” the Conflict They’re ADDICTED to faux-winning at “every” Groomed opportunity …. They perpetuate it, to wield Their imaginary-power & because the Incontinent-Arsehole is “remorseless” it ATYPICALLY Decides that it’s had-enough of the RESULT of it LYING to itself it’s Whole Life & Shouldn’t HAVE to PRETEND to Be HUMAN Any More …. So, the HIDEOUSLY-UGLY fucking retard then begins Talking YET MORE SHITE to itself, in it’s Fantasy-world where it’s a UNIQUE ALIEN MASTERMIND …. Who DECREES that ALL retaliation Magically Pre-Dates it’s unjustifiable instigations ….

Then, if You RUMBLE it’s INNER World & Alert People to it Being the “Agent Provocateur,” the Panting-paraphiliac will work the Angle, whilst TELLING Them that YOU ARE WHAT THEY ARE, the Spastic will Pulling the Exact-opposite Face in Your Direction, from the 1 which the Unitard Hopes You Expect of it …. Believing it PROVING that it’s ANIMATE SHITE will be too many proverbial straws “For You” to Explain, (to The Undecided Clique the Beast has Petitioned,) without EXPLODING & Making the FILTH Seem what They Aren’t …. “ie” TAKING ADVANTAGE of You Being in “Mental Bondage,” when You Can “EASILY” STAB THEM TO FUCKING DEATH, as They BURST like a fucking Tomato ….

They “ALL” feel ALONE as Masterminds , bored, lonely, embittered, permanently RAGING, due to Their Narcissistic Delusions, They suffer “From,” Depressed for the Same Reason, They’re WEAK, backward, subhuman, incontinent-assholes & are lonely even in Company, Wishing They Had the Ideal Mate, when They’re fit for Fuck All & over-the-course, As SHITE a companion as You Could Possibly Imagine, like Lennie, in “Of Mice & Men” …. ie Like calls to Like, Fuck being Them, All Those Who’d Associate with Them, without Commanding A Set Moral STANDARD, “deserve” Each-other ….

The Unitard, would scan-read All of This, looking for the Parts which the maniac-level Lunatic can Aggrandise Itself over, which Lays-bare it’s Fundamental lack of Self+Awareness & it’s Determination to delude itself that it’s “not” Absolutely FUCK ALL …. (To whit, You could Carve in Stone, it’s Mindless counter-reality Thought ….)

As the Constantly-Self-Aggrandising Unitard, Who Decrees itself as being a Superior-Alien Species, of GROSSLY MENTALLY-DEFICIENCY BORNE, CARNAL, INFANTILE-RETARDATION, which “translates” into Spazi-Land as Genuinely believing it’s in a Competition, which Humans “don’t Know about,” which Pretend-proves the Spastic is a Mastermind …. Where the Goal is to get the dehumanised Object to Cause Themselves P.T.S.D., because there MUST be a way the Human will CHOOSE to have a Negative-reaction to a Shit-fountain behaving in a way it Knows it Needs shot dead for …. If You fail to do so, the “manic” Unitard believes it’s a “covert” abuser & Decrees itself The winner of the Competition only it was in …. It’s bogus Presumption “NEVER” takes-into Account that The Human may simply be Keeping Their powder dry ….

Which is Why, GLOBALLY, shite like that are Routinely Executed by Humans, Who’s Kindness “Unitards” mistake for Weakness …. But, Who simply “Take A Breath & wait” until the “Cerebral” Sex-offender is least expecting it, due to it’s Prefrontal inability to Accurately Cognise “Consequence,” coupled to the 100% DISHONEST BELIEF that it’s Secretly a Good Person …. So, AFTER it’s Decreed Your LACK of REACTION “meaning” that You’re MAYBE Good Enough to Meet It’s True Self, it Comes as QUITE the Surprise When You THEN Break it’s fucking Neck …. It’s Your MORAL OBLIGATION to EXECUTE “ALL” Paraphiliacs, without Exception …. You Presently Call Them “homosexuals,” feminists, politicians, police, social-workers, THE legal-representative, etc …. ie 90% of Them are “MENTAL-QUADRIPLEGICS” Needing SHOT through the fucking face !!!!

If I Seem HAPPIER to The “Initiated” Amongst My Dark+Readership, It’s Because I CAN’T DENY I Am …. To the Uninitiated, I May Seem A WILD Man RAILING Against Evil …. However, Most People Who’ll Read This NEED hung, so Will be Desperate to Believe that I AM WHAT THEY ARE …. Blinking-abortions aside …. The Reason I’m SO HAPPY, Apart from The Life I Keep Offering Glimpses into, is Because I’ve Finished A Parallel Project which Took Me 4 Decades to Be “ABSOLUTELY” Certain About “&” I’m Cracking+On on All Fronts …. If I seemed to be Having a negative-reaction During Any of it, which a Self-amazing Unitard could pull it’s Exact-opposite Face-Mask to, then that’s Both a gross misreading & yet-more wishful Thinking, as I Believe I was Rather Humorous Throughout, the remarkably Serious Subject of the End of an Entire Species, due to a Bunch of Human-murdering Lying-Spastics ….

I’ve Illuminated The Darkness & Drawn, with Meticulous Detail, the SOLITARY Pathology & it’s furtive machinations & Self-delusions & SOLITARY aim, in it’s Permanently RAGING “tiny” Self-deluded fantasy-world, where the TASTELESS BEAST delays-suicide …. I at No Juncture, MAGICALLY Transformed a Shit-Fountain into Being the Arbiter of Reality, along with COUNTLESS Other Aspects of Reality I’d have had to have to PRETENDED weren’t True, in order to have the negative-reaction which the Self-amazing Unitards Who “Gave the Most” slides, for Me to Magnify, “invariably” Did So laced with TRANSPARENT evil, thus, making Any Reward for Their Assistance a non-starter ….

In the case of the Serial-Killers I’ve Already Exposed, I Read a “Tell,” in Person, as regards Tim Robbins sending Letters for Years, “until” He got a Reply, in the Shawshank Redemption …. The Difference between Those Unitards & All the Others I’ll be Exposing soon also, is that Those Others were Intelligent Enough to Fuck off & leave No more Evidence against Themselves ….

Whereas, due to the level of True-Self-loathing, of the GHOUL Who pimps-out it’s loved-1, coupled-to Them Being “the most” Stupid Unitards I’ve Ever Witnessed Evidence from, Their RAGING butt-hurt meant That I’d Receive Enough Shit-smeared lenses Necessary to Be the 1st Human in History to Finish An “ABSOLUTE” Thesis on The Unitard, which I Started Studying 4 Decades earlier, alongside “Developing” on Every Other Front, whilst They became “arrested,” more & more, in Their banally-evil, bestial, Self-destruction amongst others ….

The Finishing-Lens was actually a Female Serial-killer, I’d Dug Up on-line, Who “mainly” murders paedophiles & She repeatedly Used the Phrase through-out The Entire Conversation, which I’m Sure God Sent Her to Impart, which would’ve Taken the Aforementioned Homo-Mezzanine around 45 Months to part with, ie She Said, “NEVER SHOW THE UNITARD ANY SYMPATHY, EVER, THEY ARE A WEAK ASSHOLE !!!!”

She Said That Phrase repeatedly & it was Exactly what I was Looking for & had-been Prepared to Offer A GREAT Deal to Reach That Conclusion, due to My “Absolutism” …. eg I’d Offered That Deal to All-Comers, including the aforementioned Whore & Her Mezzanine, “IF” They’d Deserved IT & Would Stick to The HARD & FAST Parameters, I’d Laid Out, in My Offer to The ALL Unitards …. Only to Then Receive it FOR FREE !!!! …. HUZZAH !!!!

When a hair-brained Sex-offender employs the Phrase, “THIS IS BRILLIANT,” it lays-bare the Unitard’s Mental-Quadriplegia, as The evil Scum-bag will no-doubt be doing what “any cunt” could do, when the Spastic Feels that way …. There are countless examples of what a Human would Throw-up at, which an unselfaware evil-retard would Celebrate, ie Delighted by Needing shot through it’s face ….

eg Shit-fountains are “sustained” through Their 2D Campaigns, by the imbecile believing it’s the pseudo-aggressor & the Human doesn’t Know that They’re being targeted by a Unitard Who’s in a competition “against itself” …. To Whom it Pretends You’re a Sex-Object, Whom it Knows Should take Fuck-All to do with the “Troll,” as it “is” FUCK ALL …. If You continue to Give the Lunatic the time of Day, then, the Sex-Offender Thinks it’s magically “Growing” & gets-off on Feeling it’s abusing You Psychologically & Feels better about “getting-worse,” by Choice, when NOTHING changes in Reality, except Your Knowledge that They’re a “Lunatic” NEEDING Done-in ….

It tends-to-forget All the times that it “LATER” Realised, it had been deluding itself throughout …. Even-though it had “Got” High, during it’s Preferred delusion-state …. When it Came-down it Noticed the Human “hadn’t noticed” what the Unitard had been Up to …. So Those times MAGICALLY don’t-count …. ie It REFUSES to Realise that “the times when” it was That Utterly Self-deluded, “PROVE” that It Doesn’t NEED A Human Sex-Object to Pretend in front of, to Trigger it’s SPASTIC Brain’s Addiction …. It simply Prefers Them to be There as it can Pretend more Easily & Feel Better about it’s past, thus, ENSURING it’s Continued downward-spiral as Something which can ONLY be Described as WALKING SHITE !!!!

When a Ghoulishly-stupid, unselfaware, “SLEAZY,” low-life sack of shit, believes It’s “done You wrong,” especially at Length, it will Then Contact You to Let You Know that That was it’s Ambition & that’s proven it’s “Gone-Special” …. So that “MUST” get You to Choose to have the negative chain-reaction which the imbecile, admitting to “a level of decrepitude” it can NEVER-RECOVER from, MUST make “You” Choose to react-negatively to, because, You MUST want to PUNISH it, when it’s ALREADY “beyond the pale” ….

The Jealous-Spastic Ensures it’s PUNISHED “again” & again & again & again by The Almighty Moral+Law, it can Never Escape & by The Fact that the Obsessive, unimportant Imbecile, Then follows Your Life looking for further Titillation at it’s evil-naughtiness & so “Reads” whatever You Write & is Then HURT by The AWFUL Truth it can “NEVER” Esc., until it Does the 1st Decent Thing in the Hideously-ugly wretched Abomination’s unenviable-life & simply Ends it …. The Sooner The Better !!!!

When the tiny-mind of a Serial-killer Sends You crap on-line, when it’s become “embittered” by it’s FAILURE to carry-out it’s Full Thrill-seeking evil campaign against You in Person, because, by EVERY Independent Account, the evil-gambler “LOST,” whilst ALL of Those Neutral Parties Would Say You’re A REAL “WINNER” …. So, reduced again, to Cyber-stalking, the Lunitard impotently-hopes You magnify & amplify & decrypt & “Consider” what an Insect has Thunked-up whilst delaying-suicide ….

The imbecile Tells itself that it will go-on Sending it’s crap without-end, however, it HAS an end, plus, a “100% unenviable” Grinding-life, followed-by That DREADFUL, dreadful end, to Look forward to …. Whereas, Irrespective of an Infinity of Rabid-Monkeys Sending 2D Potato-paintings, circling the Plug-hole of the sewer-works below Dog-world, in a Council-estate, The Human Has A Life “Worth” Living & A FUTURE, which Self-Made SHITE “DOESN’T” …. THE END ….

However, The Jealous-Spastic Ensures it’s PUNISHED “again” & again & again & again by The Almighty Moral+Law, it can Never Escape & by The Fact that the Obsessive, unimportant Imbecile, Then follows Your Life looking for further Titillation at it’s evil-naughtiness & so “Reads” whatever You Write & is Then HURT by The AWFUL Truth it can “NEVER” Esc., until it Does the 1st Decent Thing in the Hideously-ugly wretched Abomination’s unenviable-life & simply Ends it …. The Sooner The Better !!!!

Then, When the tiny-minded Serial-killer Sends You yet-more crap on-line, as it’s become so “embittered” by it’s FAILURE to carry-out it’s Full Thrill-seeking evil campaign against You in Person, because, by EVERY Independent Account, the evil-gambler “LOST,” whilst ALL of Those Neutral Parties Would Say You’re A REAL “WINNER” …. So, reduced again, to Cyber-stalking, the Lunitard impotently-hopes You magnify & amplify & decrypt & “Consider” what an Insect has Thunked-up whilst delaying-suicide ….

The imbecile Tells itself that it will go-on Sending it’s crap without-end, however, it HAS an end, plus, a “100% unenviable” Grinding-life, followed-by That DREADFUL, dreadful end, to Look forward to …. Whereas, Irrespective of an Infinity of Rabid-Monkeys Sending 2D Potato-paintings, circling the Plug-hole of the sewer-works below Dog-world, in a Council-estate, The Human Has A Life “Worth” Living & A FUTURE, which Self-Made SHITE “DOESN’T” …. THE END ….

However, The Jealous-Spastic Ensures it’s PUNISHED “again” & again & again & again by The Almighty Moral+Law, it can Never Escape & by The Fact that the Obsessive, unimportant Imbecile, Then follows Your Life looking for further Titillation at it’s evil-naughtiness & so “Reads” whatever You Write & is Then HURT by The AWFUL Truth it can “NEVER” Esc., until it Does the 1st Decent Thing in the Hideously-ugly wretched Abomination’s unenviable-life & simply Ends it …. The Sooner The Better !!!!

The Panting Paraphiliac, concocts “excuses” to Pretend, that Humans Whom They envy or Who simply Give Shite the Time of Day, “Deserve it, having it Coming, brought it on Themselves & are Asking for it” & so on …. The Sex-offender ideaises “TORMENTING” A Human, All to Themselves, Whom They’d like to Keep in Their basement, in debasement, which You went along with Being Called, “Care in The Community,” BY PARAPHILIACS Who are Black-mailed Nodding Paedophiles, Who Do what the Zionist Jew behind Them TELLS Them to do, as do YOU ….

ALL Imbeciles lie to Themselves “until” the hair-brained Unitard “believes” it, that so They can “Feel” like They’re “repeating” past-battles, which it Intends to Win This time & “re-enacting” similarly, by foolishly Letting You Know What Hurts it Most …. However, I “NEVER” Use That Knowledge against The Filth Who target Their fantasy of Me, I Simply “Accomplish” My Over+Arching Range of Moral+Aims & then Abandon Them to the fate They’ll go on “re-living” …. In a Life They’ve made not-worth Living ….

Although a Paraphiliac is Ideally “hypocritically” Looking for Someone Who’s as Sensitive as They are & Someone They can Feel is “Younger” than Them …. Which would Mean They’d have to Find a 2 Year old …. Which Explains “Paedophilia” …. It’s ideally looking for A Human Who’s Mind works nothing-like a Paraphiliac’s does, to Then Teach Them just HOW SHITE a Person a Paraphiliac Truly is, which the Unitard then Hopes They react negatively to, rather than Simply See Them Naked, Exactly as They are, STUCK as a bottom-dwelling Asshole, for Life ….

ALL Psycho-paths are Reduced to what They made of Themselves, which is what They can’t Accept, since They All Groom Themselves to have such Grandiose Fantasies …. ie They’re Absolutely FUCK ALL & Should count Themselves lucky if They’re “Treated” to Any Advantage …. But conversely, the atypical-ingrate Believes They Deserve “more” than what a Monkey-Child Deserves & so simply becomes WORSE, when it’s Not IN an OPPRESSIVE Pecking-order …. You MUST Realise that 50% of Westerners of Adult age Physically, are Mentally “3 Year old Spastics,” Who Prides Their PREHISTORIC brain on “Seeing-if” it will Either be Correctly-Executed by You or “Annoying” to an extent, instead ….

Picture the SHITE-CHILD tugging on the Leg of a Spider, often without Being+Aware it’s the Tail of A Tiger …. Which They’re Renowned for Ending-up INSIDE …. Once Again, which is Why the “unselfaware,” subhuman-reptile, with a SLIVER of a brain, which is DETERMINED to be evil, dies, on average 10-40 Years “before” Humans Tend to …. As God Takes-out The “Trash,” even if You foolishly don’t ….

If You’ve Made Your Peace with Divinity, Then God Could Call You At Any Time & You’d Be “Ready” for Your Judgement Day …. However, All the evil Sex-offenders of History, Who Considered Their token-gestures to Their groomed-familiars would Square-away Their evil, were Seen Climbing the walls & Post of Their Chamber, Screaming, in Terror & agony, by Countless Witnesses Who’ve Reported that “the evil” are Visibly taunted by hellish torments on Their death-beds, throughout ALL of History’s accounts of The Most OBSESSIVELY-Self-deluded Sex-offenders, (ergo Self & all-round “destructive” garbage,) Ever shat into Creation ….

For the “Last” Time of Reporting Her to A World of Savages, as I’m Pretty Sure My late Chook “Penny” has Already Reported Her to God & hell awaits Her for Her “evil sins” …. If ANY Paraphiliac, let-alone Marie-McCallum or Jacqueline Bradley or Ryan McCallum or Lisa McCallum or Ginger-No-Body or Tam-Pax or Michael Jackson or Barbara Dickson contact Me, I COULDN’T GIVE a SOLITARY Fuck, as I LIVE in fucking PARADISE, which is BEYOND the end of YOUR Nose & In REALITY, Where I Exist, It’s FUCKING AMAZING & I’m GRATEFUL Every Single Fucking Day & It Just Keeps Getting Better All The Time …. Which I Then CHANNEL In The Direction of Helping SAVE Even More Starving Darkies (‘Cause I’m Right Good That Way) …. Whilst, WHITE SHITE are reduced to making potato-paintings in Their STINKING bedrooms, which They’ve to PAY PAEDOPHILES, for the “privilege” of STARING at Their MIND-NUMBINGLY BORING asylum-cell walls …. Which is WHY They’re reduced to BAITING Humans, Most of Whom COULDN’T Give a FUCK About Them, until They Then find People Who don’t yet Know what They “ARE” or what lies ahead of the evil Subhuman FILTH on “DEATH ROW” ….

So I don’t Know Who or what’s Still attempting to Make Con-Tact with Me, with 2D reflections of How TRULY SHITE a Person They are & nor Could I Care, as At This Moment, It Feels like I’m In On The Set of A 1970’s Detective Series, due to the Scenery & Even the Clouds, let-alone The near-perfect Weather …. Moreover, no-matter which Address nit-wits are Sending “Their” shit to, it’s all about to become even-more Streamlined, ie I’ve been led to Believe Only Pre-Approved Messages Will get through to Cheryl, whilst The Rest will rebound …. (Cue Paraphiliac No. 5,563,912,213, “I ACCEPT THIS CHALLENGE ….”)




I’ve got to Be Honest, for YEARS, I’ve Never Let On, that I’ve been Laughing Like Fuck, at What I “THOUGHT” was a Ghoul in The Background, of McCallum’s various Contacts, Whom She’d let-on about Repeatedly, in disparaging & begrudging Terms, repeatedly Throughout Her evil-campaign Parallel to Her Romantic escapism …. However, Being “Absolutist” I Had to Be Certain, so I’ve Only Profiled Those I Could Be Sure Existed & Lumped Them in Together, until Such times …. I’m Certain that if She has some Ginger-Half-Wit in the background, Who’s Still with Us, then it has a “FEMALE” megalomaniacal brain & is a PAEDOPEHILE, as it’s not in the Least bit Manly & if Her Son is embroiled, which the Unitards let Cheryl Know a few Weeks ago, then He’s ALSO not Male or “Human” either ….

ie Although Cheryl says They’re DESPERATE to get My Attention, As I’ve Said, I’ve Not Witnessed Anything for Months, nor have I Any Interest or Curiosity or Any time to Waste on Shit-heads …. The Thing which used to Make Me Laugh though was, when I’d get Messages from the Munsters, which I’d View as A Slide, the Same way “You” Would if You were Looking at a diseased brain’s fMRI scans …. “eg” I’d Picture Them as a 3 Year old, with Their Arms Shooting into the Air & roughly 2 Octaves Higher than the Original, shouting, “HE-MAN !!!!” …. Which I’ve varied over the Course & has Always made Me Laugh at How impotent the retarded & desperately “Self-deluded,” hell-bound, evil BEASTS Truly are ….

The imbecile Brain, so Fundamentally Lacks Self+Awareness that it Doesn’t realise that the EPITOME of incompetence at it’s level-worst, is “Choosing” to Be so, which 90% of Feminists can “NEVER” Comprehend, as They Neuro-Anatomically Fundamentally lack Self+Awareness & essentially worship satan, whether They Know it or not, as when You See the pyro-Maniac stare in Their Eyes, You Realise They’re the devil’s own …. Exactly what Zionist Paedophiles “Groomed” Them to be, hideously-ugly, hate-consumed, Self-absorbed waddling-spastics ….

The same, applies to PRETENDING You “Matter,” to Someone Who’s Made Clear that You don’t Matter a Solitary Fuck to Them …. Where, even-after You’ve Proven You FAILED to Develop beyond 3 & have RUN AWAY with Your Fingers in Your ears Shouting, “YOU ARE WHAT I AM” that’s it all gone PRETEND PROVENED,” followed by, “HA HA HAH AH AHA, NO LUCK BEING A LOSER, LOSER ….” …. Which Should mean the streak-of-crap Feels like a Winner & Triumphant etc, however, the fat-head instead Continues to Torment itself by Looking In The Mirror ….

Whereupon, It Will Continue to DELUDE itself that There’s A Chance You’ll MAGICALLY See it as Having Become the Arbiter of Reality, when it Exhibit how SHITE Their “True Self” Truly is, when the “unselfaware” blither-imbecile Manifests what They Believe They Needs Shot through the face for …. Because that’s Something, about Themselves, which “YOU” Need to CHOOSE to have a negative-reaction to, because THEY TRULY ARE the Scum of the Earth …. It Stands to Reason !!!!

Westerners don’t “Realise” How Hideously-Ugly They TRULY Are, which Emboldens Them to behave in a Manner where They act-out BEING as “ugly as sin” …. Which, in Them, goes all the way to the Bone & then through the Marrow, into Their Mindlessly repeating DNA …. (Which was a Phrase which Really Resonated with, the Scottish-paedophile-State promoted, Female Serial-killer, Marie McCallum, in Person ….) …. They’re unaware that Any Reaction Humans have to Their actions, which They see as Being imaginary Power is Mostly Due to Them GENUINELY Being “Absolutely Fucking Hideous” …. Irreversibly, having “become” evil & with a berth waiting for Them in hell, after All Their impotent shit-talk, face-pulling & ill-wishes ….

The Looping Whooping Lunatic Laughter of a Ludicrous Buffoon, is once-again predicated on it’s delusion that it Matters a fuck & is “therefore” Choosing to have the “Exact-opposite” Reaction to the 1 the imbecile Presumes You Expect of it …. Which “isn’t” a Choice for Them anymore, even-though They’ll still Think it is, even-after They run out of Your House “Grabbing Their Head,” as They STRUGGLE so-much to have “Original” Thought, due to how HARDENED the ingrained-pathology of the Unitard “becomes” ….

Although I’ve Never Returned to the Youtube Channel, where I Heard Marie McCallum’s Ginger-Ghoul’s spine ‘SNAP,’ (where I have it’s “fawning” apology FOREVER “on record” …. Hor, Hor ….) I’d NEVER Dream of wanting It to Stop Producing The Music & Videos I Saw It had A Hand in …. I’d Mentioned that it wasn’t Employing Dolby to Rid itself of the Hiss, in it’s Music, however, Some of the Best Songs & Musical Pieces have Hiss from Start to finish …. Moreover, There’s software You can get which Removes it “without” Adversely Affecting the Track …. eg Waves Z-noise ….

Which I’ve Known about for Ages, but Chose Not to Use My Self when it would’ve Taken away some Hiss which I Liked & Only God’s Perfect …. “Con-versely,” the drooling Ghouls have Conveyed for YEARS that Their ambition was for Me to Slow Down My Rate of Artistic Output, so They can Feel They’re being “successfully evil” …. (You Couldn’t make it up ….) …. ie McCallum admitted to being a tiny-fish which Swims beside My Whale “&” to Being the tiny bird which Cleans the Hippo’s Teath …. So, Despite Being informed in Person & as I’ve Publicised repeatedly, My Art is Completely Independent of ALL influence …. With the Exception of Homage to Past Greats & a time to Make Sure there’s no Funk left by the Animate-Shite I used to Meet ….

During that Unexpected Contact, which They began by atypically Obsessively-Craving My Attention, projecting Their Own Narcissism & impotently-hoping, I Asked, on-record, “HOW” I Could Possibly have the negative-reaction Their SHITE Characters were Hoping for & Pointed Out “Additional” Reasons WHY It was Impossible !?!? …. Conversely, They must Feel DREADFUL about Having FAILED to Self+Actualise, in Countless ways, no-doubt due to desperation & degeneration, which eventually Lead to Marie McCallum burling ’round a Pole, atypically showing what She had for Breakfast, to a Bunch of Woman-hating Paedophiles & “then” eventually weakly-surrendering to becoming a Fuck-toy for Matching-beasts to hate-fuck …. Which She began hating Her Self for becoming “addicted” to …. Behind Whom, the Ginger-spastic Who Whores Her out, would Share in the Spoils of Her tattered soul …. They also Spent Years Deluding Themselves that 1 of the Countless-slides I’ve Magnified would eventually Lead to Me “Impaling My Self” on Their ramparts …. However, it Would’ve been “rather easy” to simply Shoot Them through the Head, from a Nearby Hill …. (Spot The Difference, if You can ….)

Obviously, An Adult Human Man Never Needs-to have a negative-reaction to an infantile mental-handicap sending Junk Mail …. (Oh My Sides, My Sides ….) …. As I’ve Said before, You’d have to be dropped out of an Aeroplane & land on Your Head repeatedly to “Choose” to Emote about a hell-bound Unitard wishing it was a towering-bully, Who’s so Self-deluded it Often feels like it’s getting PRETENGE ….

Cheryl said, that McCallum’s partner-in-slime has Tried to Contact Me in LOADS of Ways, which I Know FUCK ALL about & have ZERO interest in …. I’ve been Led to Believe that’s continued to The Present Day …. However, the disgraceful Lunatic Means FUCK ALL to Me & is the Most Self-deluded Unitard I’ve Ever been Contacted by …. eg Because it Knows it Should be Executed it Believes I MUST Emote about that, when I Made My Decision YEARS ago about Her & Her Whole Clan & I STAND By It …. ie Being Them is infinitely More punishment than Anything I Could Mete Out, especially when Compared to the DAILY punishment God “Returns” to Them …. As otherwise, the Ginger-oddity would already have “another” hole in what, by All accounts, was Already a VERY UGLY FACE, which McCallum “laughed” about in Person, because the Paraphiliac was “atypically” utterly-self-deluded & Believed itself to Look like Elvis, even though it was a Ginger Odd-Ball with a Face like a Rhino Chewing a wasp …. It Then got HIDEOUSLY WORSE looking & then some …. (ie The Mummy’s “Return” …. Chuckle, Chuckle ….)

I’d put down another Pizza for Buggles, to Make-up for My Chooks ripping the Heart out of it …. I Just Looked over & He’s naively Abandoned His post again, so Who’s Got 1 Foot IN His Tray !?!? …. Maw Broon, Who keep Looking Up “guiltily” to See if He’ll Notice & Come Running …. She’s now Got “Both” Feet in & 1 on top of The Goods …. Chiquetita Just Joined Her & They’re unknitting The Best Bits as though They were tearing out His Heart …. He’ll be So Pleased …. Maw Broon is Now On Top of The Pizza & Still Looking Up, specifically in Buggle’s last Known Direction, to See if He’ll Stop Them having “His” Feast …. I Love Them ….

Last Night I “Heard” Them Laying for the 1st Time & They “Deserve” Every Gift I can Bestow on Them …. It was as though They were Receiving Really bad news, “as bad” as the bad News They had Just Received & were Reacting in High Pitched appalled-shock …. Buggalugs Just “Sensed” His Pizza was being denuded & came Galloping towards Us …. Chiquetita was 1st away, however, Maw Broon slowly took Her time stepping-off His Pizza & without Any Exaggeration of Any Kind, when She rounded the Corner of The Villa, to Make Her way down onto The Farm, She began Laughing, repeatedly, to Try to Wind Him Up ….

It’s SUCH a Tragedy, for Ginger-Half-Body, to have BECOME such a decrepit “loser” & abject failure, the way ALL the Others I’ve Studied also became, some of Whom were Vulgar Enough to “Show-off,” what Even Their Boyfriend’s were “sickened” by, when They were displaying Their fundamental neuro-anatomical Lack of “Self+Awareness” more than anything else …. As When They meet Me, a few of Them have Realised I’m Simply A Moral Man Who “Reflects” Reality Accurately, without fear or favour or “ego” …. Which ultimately makes No Difference to the evil Character of even Those less hate-consumed …. Thus, why YOUR Ancestors KNEW They “HAD TO” drown Them ….

I’m Also Glad I got to Know how evil “McCallum’s Ginger-Elephant-Boy” Truly is, (Which I’m Sure would Attract a Crowd, if Their Freak-show was “Advertised,” with That Heading ….) …. As the “unsolicited” Slides, it Mailed, “Counter-Balanced” everything I Believe it would Otherwise have been capable of, with Everything the Beast has wasted about it’s life …. “eg” NO-ONE listens to Gary Glitter songs anymore …. ie It’s lack of “Perspective,” subtracting, from what’s then wasted in “subliminal, pre-meditated, tacit & complicit evil” …. A More Insightful “Heading,” which leaves only the Perspective of an Abomination Needing shot, Who “KNOWS” I Know that it’s simply delaying-suicide ….

However, IF You PUSH Aside a MOUNTAIN of EVIL it’s MOORED to, for Eternity & “separate” what it Otherwise Would’ve been Capable of, then, although it Compares to Me so poorly, that it would make a Cock-roach SEEM like Jesus Christ, when You then “Added” The Comparison of “How” that Cock-roach Compares “to” Yehoshua of Nazareth …. “Then,” I’m Sure that with That Perspective in Mind, You’d Still See what a “WASTE” of what it Could have “Become,” but it Chose to follow the “Direction” of it’s Whole Family …. ie The Road to Perdition & is reduced to wallowing in a sick-bed of it’s Own, damned, evil-choices ….

I Also Stand By The Compliments I Paid Marie McCallum, as although She admitted to being “mindlessly prejudiced” & is evil & debauched, degenerate, weak & consumed by hatred, like Her matching permanently-raging cohorts …. Once Again, what a Dreadful “waste” of Everything She Could’ve Been, As A Gift to The Whole World, instead of Those Her cowardly-ego can suffer, in unenviable situations, Who tend to be the Scum of the Earth, too …. Whom She gave Me the distinct impression were all Parasites preying on Each other, without “Honour” or Self+Awareness, United only in “Matching” Mental-deficiency …. But, Target 1 JUSTIFIABLY & They “ALL” Become “TEAM ASSHOLE !!!!” …. (Repeat that, 2 Octaves Higher …. Chuckle, Chuckle ….)

Think of “The LUNACY of the Long-distance Self-bullshitter,” When McCallum Dedicated This Song to Me, In Person, even-though I Couldn’t Have Been more Christlike & As Loving As I Could Be, towards Something so shallow She makes a Pancake seem like The London Eye …. She’s YOUR problem, I’ve Done All I Can, within The Over+Arching Range of A “Balanced” Moral+Code, “Beyond The Comprehension of Mong” …. She & Her Family of Evil-Beasts are in Dire Need of Physical Correction, Where I Recommend You Employ “Medieval” implements, including Pliers, Tongs & a Roasting Spit …. (Plus Bellows, if it was In The Woods ….)

They were NUMEROUS Tells I’ve Never Mentioned, which I’ll Spare You, which The MUNSTERS “repeatedly” Discovered, Much to Their dismay & “ROBBING Them” of Their SUPRISE element, whenever the evil low-lives would UNLEASH Their latest revelation, only to Discover that “I’d Read the Tell” YEARS Earlier & it was as Surprising as Remembering Seeing a rat in a dustbin in London, Who Thought You Didn’t Know it was There …. Who then Sends a Photo of Your Self passing by it’s Alley, to See if You’d be Offended by Not Know that it was There all along …. When You “Did” & simply Couldn’t Care how a Rodent “wishes” …. Which once-again PROVES it may as well Close it’s Eyes, in it’s Cot & have “Mission Impossible” on a Permanent-loop, on it’s Tommee-Tippee juke-box ….

Cunningly, Maw Broon was the decoy & eventually Lured Buggles, with Her “Goading” Laughter, so, in Both Their Absences, Chiquetita has put in an Appearance Alone & displaced the little little-grey Robin, Who’d taken up Disco Dancing All over the Pizza, as-though having won The World Cup, (which I didn’t watch even ONE kick of, nor Care Who “won” ….) …. The little Robins sound like muffled rapid machine-gun fire, when They fly-off, They’re astonishingly Beautiful & Grow in Friendliness the more Friendly You are To Them, until My Patio sometimes Resembles an Aircraft Hanger as They weave in & out with Phenomenal Aerodynamicism …. Chiquetita, then Heard the Motor of a Farm vehicle, way in the Distance & She Looked rumbled, as though Her Husband had Returned & would find that She was 2 timing Him …. So She Just walked away & left the Pizza, Heralding the Return of the little Disco Dancer ….

When an imbecile is “mindlessly” repeating itself or atypically TALKING CONSTANT CRAP, the Shit-Fountain actually Believes it’s PROGRAMMING You …. Due to You Affording PREHISTORIC evil-doers INFINITELY more Respect than the hell-bound Deserves, for being an “MEGALOMANIACALLY-DELUSIONAL, Undeclared Mental-Quadriplegic, Going-it-alone” …. So, if You waste Any time on it’s fiction, the Spastic Believes You must “CARE,” (ie Have “FEELINGS,”) for a subhuman speck of Crap, Whom You Should Smash through it’s face until it stops breathing …. (Cue, panting Spazmo, “THAT’S THE REACTION MY SPASTIC BRAIN WAS HOPING FOR, YES, YEEESSSSS, EVEN IF IT’S SIMPLY A CONSIDERED CONCLUSION, THEN I’M GOING TO PRETEND IT’S A NEGATIVE REACTION, BECAUSE ME PRETENDING IT’S THE REACTION I WAS HOPING-FORE IS BOUND TO THEN GET THE NEGATIVE-REACTION MY SPASTIC BRAIN IS WISHING FOR, WITH MY TINY, TINY, MINUSCULE SHITEY WEE-MIND ….)

The Unitard HAS TO be ex-terminated, as EVERY single 1 of Them, EVERY Single time, WITHOUT Exception, “Unjustifiably” Target Humans for Bestial motive …. They’re hideously-ugly wretched abominations With Shit for Their brains, Who’s MINUSCULE mind is obsessed with Drawing Your Attention to it’s microdot of Mindlessly repulsive-drama, in Their MEANINGLESS unenviable Subsistence …. They’re hell-bound, “for” Being So consumed with Hatred, because They won’t ADJUST Their TRUE Reflection to The Level where They’d Find Growth in A “Realistic” Moral Manner, which “With Patience” Directly Positively+Affects Their Life, Presently, As Well as Their Future Happiness & the Outcome of Their Soul’s Ultimate Destiny, which is Coupled to the Fate of All Those They Presently CURSE …. But behind it’s DENIALS, the Space-Junk actually Pretends “to itself” that it’s a Good Person & “instead” Grooms Those around it to Think the same …. Distancing Those Who See it for what it is & HOPING They BELIEVE it’s the Arbiter of Their Definition, when the LUNATIC Projects it’s Own Reflection at Them, SQUAWKING, “YOU ARE WHAT I AM, THAT PRETEND-PROVES IT, NO LUCK WITH BEING A LOSER, LOSER …. HA HA HA HAH AH HA HA AH ….” …. It’s Lofty Ego’s Wishes are “irrespective” of it Being “100% RESPONSIBLE” for Committing EVERY ACT OF EVIL Conceivable …. The subhuman piece of shit will Still Believe it is a Good Person …. Thus WHY, I repeat, You “NEED to” SHOOT it through it’s EVIL, Self-bullshitting, beast-hiding FACE ….

Reconsider That Directive as Having Been Written By the Most Evolved & Compassionate Man Alive & The Greatest Mind of All Time …. (Cue, Self-deluded, worth-less Paraphiliac No. 5,472,109,372 Who Seizes that Phrase as Being AUTOMATIC for the people, ALREADY Beaming with Ego-Limbo escapology & pseudo-transference, Visible in it’s Western hate-mask …. “FILL IN the Blank” …. ie SHOOT “Them” in the FACE “too” ….)

Because a streak-of-garbage is HOPING to Offend You, the Spastic HOPES that You MUST Choose to be Offended, “whenever” a Unitard HOPES that You have the Reaction Your Ancestors Survived “Because Of” …. ie On Detecting a decrepit-enemy Who’s an incontinent-arsehole, consumed with Existential-Envy, Your Ancestors Executed what Your “Representatives” ARE & the Beasts They’ve released into Your “Community” were Either Kept on a Turnstyle or Executed as EVERY “Civilised” MORAL Human Tribe Has Carried-Out Since Africa, thus Why They Named the 1st Country, Outside of Kenya, “Dunawaewi” …. Which was Carried out to the Native Chant, “Dunawaewi, Thro da jobbie in da watah …. DUNKA DUNK …. Dunawaewi, roas da pedo in da fahrest …. CHAR CHARC …. Dunawaewi, sqwash da eval wi da boldah …. SQUISHY SQUOSH …. Dunawaewi, hang da loony by da Tonsul …. BLUAH BLUH ….” …. There’s Several more Verses ….

So, I’m HAPPY to Not Know what Combination of Mongs send My Zen-Desk “Their” shit Every Day, in Their Cuckoo 2D fantasy World …. Where, in the past, it was Christened EXCUSE-CENTRAL, which I Stopped Fielding when those Excuses developed Self-titillating “Vast-Variations” …. From Mem-brains So “Intergalactically-Stupid,” that They believed There’s a chance I’d “eventually” Believe that I’ve Contacted “Them” & that I’d MAGICALLY “Care” (ie have “Feelings) about Some burst-arsed Reptile Who’s Consumed with Hatred, due to what They ONLY have Themselves to blame for what They’ve BECOME & the PUNISHMENT it can NEVER escape, but just keeps BEGGING for More of …. The imbecile Then HOPES that I Will See what I Couldn’t give a fuck about & Then be Fooled, into whatever EXTREME of Self-delusion it’s thinly disguised …. I’ve Witnessed The EXACT SAME THOUGHT-PATTERN in “EVERY” single Example, of Every single Unitard, without Exception, I’ve Ever Studied ….

Just about All of Whom BEGGED Me to Kill Them, however, Although it would Obviously Mean NOTHING to Me to Do & Would Not adversely Affect The Destination of My Eternal Soul, I MUST Stand by The Paramount Importance of My Moral+Mission Statement …. So, the “insignificant” Self-deluded Cloned–Trash will Just have to Kill Themselves, as I COULDN’T Give a lesser fuck about Them & “Being” Them is by-far a Greater Punishment, from God, than Any Marksman I Could Hire to “End” Their endlessly-unenviable punishments …. Since “I’m” Not A COWARD, I’m not Prepared to displace My Self for anything that “insignificant” either ….

As I’ve explained to “Every” Semi-Simian Slime-bag, I’m not Going to Jeopardise 1 Breakfast For 1 Girl or Boy in Africa, to Shoot some SUBHUMAN FAGGOT or WHORE, from Hate-Britain, unless I Absolutely Have To …. Especially if They’ve been “reduced” to nothing-more than “Panting,” whilst wish-typing, without Realising I’m Balancing MILLIONS of Infinitely more Important Matters & that Any Reply Is Typed Faster than Every Mezzanine of Monkeys travelling even-if They were Travelling at the Speed of Light …. I Then Truck-On, Reducing Them to what They are, FUCK ALL …. (BDUM BDUM ….)

Whereas, the hideously-ugly Mong stares at Their stolen bargain-basement LCD, with Their solitary Looping brain-pattern, unconsciously CRYING OUT to be Executed for Their Behaviour in YOUR Corrupt Colony …. My Success & Happiness & casual-dismissal of Their proto-jabbering & pseudo-denials, reduces the hate-quaking lunitard further-still, from Their “delusion-based-entitlement,” to Sending the exact-same potato paintings as Each Other …. All Impotently-Hoping, that for the 1st Time in My Entire Life, I’ll MAGICALLY Consider an unsolicited panting-paraphiliac, Who doesn’t Believe what it’s sending, as being the Arbiter of REALITAAAH, so that “I” Be The 1 Who Blows Their Face off …. If They’ve got 1 …. I repeat, the low-life will simply have to D.I.Y. ….

It HOPES that if it doesn’t Let-On, that You’ve Hurt it, Then You’ll NEVER Know that it’s been Hurt, behind it’s MASK …. I COULDN’T GIVE A FUCK if the Truth hurts the Corrupt Western SHITE I’ve magnified & amplified to the Nth Degree, leaving NO STONE unturned …. So There’s NOTHING the clock-work Unitards can compose, (as They decompose,) Say or Do, which Hasn’t “ALREADY” Been CARVED in stone, before the delusion-arrested Incontinent-Arsehole goes to it’s “Specific” Guess-Cupboard ….


eg All I’d Need to Do, to Create the Exact same Conditions, which HOMOcidal Western Shit-Monkeys Base Their ENTIRE Delusion-of-Superiority on, is, Feed My Zen-Desk Free Marijuana, in parcels of Odd Socks & Just throw down some Tea-leaves & CHOOSE to have a negative REACTION to whatever Formation They land in …. “AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH …. Those Tea-leaves Spelled out FLUMPH ….” …. “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH …. Even Though Those Tea-leaves Spell out Something which Contradicts what They spelt out 5 months ago, AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH” ….

However, I don’t Negate 1 iota from The FACT That They NEED to be Executed, I’ve Simply DONE All I Can & Should Do, They’re YOUR problem NOT Mine …. I’m off to Africa where Poofs are ROUTINELY Executed or imprisoned or castrated or LAUNCHED …. For A FUCKING GOOD Reason !!!! …. (Cue Paraphiliac No. 5,126,473,210, “THIS IS BRILLIANT, because EVEN AFTER All of that, I’m going to find a way to Contact Him directly & Send Him Tea-Leaves in a formation of ‘P43′ …. HA HA HA HAH HA HAH HAH HAH HAAHAH …. YEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ….”
Cheryl, “Erol, I’ve been forwarded cryptic hate-mail, from Western black-holes, would You like to See the latest Potato-painting from the Tommee Tippee crèche below Dog World !?!?”
Me, “OK Cheryl, I’m Balancing 15,000,000 things Simultaneously, but I’ll make time for it ….”
Cheryl, “What’s wrong Erol !?!?”
Me, “I dropped a Weight on My Toe …. As regards the Potato-painting it’s simply a panting-unitard delaying-suicide & Hoping that I am Conned into Thinking what the Shit-Fountain wishes I’d Think, then, into Believing it’s the Arbiter of Realitaaah ‘or’ See it as it is, as Hate-consumed insignificant speck-of-crap delaying-suicide …. But, since it Does hate X-amount of Things & 1 of Them is it’s Fantasy of Me, therefore, I’ve to Choose to have a negative affect, after I’ve wasted time decrypting it’s latest Self-delusion & Pay it mind, then, Choose to feel frustrated into explaining to an imbecile what it Already Knows, then Choose to feel angry that There’s no way I can Communicate back to the Potato …. Thanks for the EXACT SAME Slide Che’, of the mind-set I FINISHED magnifying & amplifying Several Posts ago, which have Received World-Wide Acclaim internationally, Thanks to Your Promotion of Them, after all My Begrudging Heel-dragging …. Which is Waking Humans Up that They’re in ‘mental-bondage’ so that a Bunch of Thankless, Grandiosely-delusional, broken-down, Magical-Thinking Spastics can Prey-on A Moral+Conscience The LOSER LACKS & FAILED to DEVELOP …. So I’ll Go On Waking Humans Up to the FACT that SUBHUMAN-SHITE feel They’re tormenting tiny little Humans, Who’s Mental-Bondage allows LUNATICS & LUNATITS to Provoke Them with Words They don’t FEAR The EXECUTION Your ANCESTORS Would Have Meted-out to Them INSTANTLY, ON THE SPOT …. So instead of Correcting a SEX OFFENDER Who’s ALREADY Ejaculated in front of You, EMPLOY Roasting Hot Lead, instead of Paying for a bunch of Hell-bound parasites, to Exterminate the Whole Species, because the panting Paraphiliac is Stuck in Butt-hurt, from eons earlier & are Genocidal, SPINELESS sacks of stinking shit ….”
Cheryl, “I’ve got another 1 from another Bender, I can Read This 1 out to You if You’d prefer ….”
Cheryl, “What happened There !?!?”
Me, “I’m Just Precognitively Lampooning ….”
Cheryl, “OK, it’s a squiggle that I Think is meant to qualify as being Gaslighting, which is scrawled above a picture of You, with a dark Green face, which I Think is meant to be a superficial Jibe, which You’re supposed to Feel Self-conscious about & then there’s a picture of a Female serial-killer Fucking a Pile of corpses of Both Males & Females of All sexes, Family Members & some Animals too, Shouting, ‘You can’t have Me, You can’t have Me, magically Think You’ve contacted Me, magically Think You want Me, magically rewrite History & erase Me letting You Know I’ve been wanting back into Your life, for years now’ …. Which You’re supposed to Magically Think is You contacting Them & Them knocking You back, to fuck cadavers ….”
Cheryl, “Did You drop another weight on Your Toe !?!?”
Me, “No, I Thought You’d Finished, I was Recording the Start to My New Song ….”
Cheryl, “It says under Here, ‘Your next Song will Be About Me, Me, ME, ME, It’s ALL About ME, I’m GENUINELY of GREAT importance, THE WHOLE of PARADISE MUST disappear & be replaced with My squiggles, you MUST not be having a life which is BEYOND My comprehension anyway, as I can’t See beyond the end of My beak, but BECAUSE Life’s BRILLIANT for You, by All Accounts, therefore You MUST Titillate insignificant nit-wits by wasting Your time decrypting My random crap and IMPOTENT WISHES’ …. Plus, ‘Your Next Song WILL be About Me & I HOPE It’s AGES until You Record it, so THAT Must get You to Choose to have the negative Reaction I base My Entire Spastic brain’s delusions of intelligence on, even-though I’ve admitted in the past to having No Intelligence’ …. They then added, ‘Your Next Song will Start With, AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ….'”
Cheryl, “Do You Think You’ll Record that Song now, as Those Spazis will Think You’ve Written it because of Them & that You Must have Seen Their note ….”
Me, “Cheryl, I COULDN’T give a lesser fuck about Them, any more than a Cow which just farted in a field, 30,000 miles away …. YES, They DO need to be executed, but I’m FUCKING BUSY & I’ve Done EVERYTHING I Can to REFLECT the Hell-Bound Westerners AS THEY UNDENIABLY & PROVABLY ARE, This Conscientious Objector AIN’T going to the fuckin’ gas chamber, I’ve got Animals, Birds, A Paradisiacal Farm & FREEDOM & Endless Gifts from On High & I MUST Adhere to The Strictures of a Moral Code beyond the comprehension of sticky-spastics, Who are the most UNENVIABLE subhuman animate-vegetables Ever shat into creation ….”
Cheryl, “What’s the Song Called !?!?”
Me, “Ave Maria ….”

Cue Paraphiliac, “What can I Send His Zen-desk with My Spastic-brain, which Will Eclipse That Great A Rendition & Video !?!? …. I KNOW, I’ll Send ‘3r8y’ He’ll be THINKING about that ALL day, Even When He Finds Him Self ADMIST The Bouquet of The RAREST Of Nature’s Beauty & Starts Laughing Out Loud, He MUST CHOOSE to have a negative REACTION to My latest Reflection of My True-Self-loathing, as I SHOULD BE HIM, as I’m a fucking UNITARD & My Determination to Never Stop being CONSUMED by My Own Hatred, means He’ll THINK about ‘3r8y’ for AGES & then CHOOSE to feel frustrated into Explaining to Me what I Already Know, because I GENUINELY need shot through the head, YEESSSSSSSS, YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS …. Even-though I don’t know if He will even get My GUESSING & IMPOTENTLY HOPING, or not, TRANSFERENCE has taken place in My Mentally-deficient tiny-brain anyway, puff, pant, so THIS Sex-offender is off now, to FACE, what NO-ONE drawing breath on Earth would trade-places with Me for …. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”

If Someone can Live “1” Day without You, Let Them Go the rest of Their Life …. If needs be, Picture Them wiping Their dirty Arse Every Day, after having a Cobra of Crap swinging from Their 3rd Eye, over a pale of Their Own dirt-water, shitting into a Council-toilet, picture Them jonesing like a Rabid Dog in poison-pushing, Flashing-Boxes, Pumping-out Tasteless Music, selling Them piss & Dog-biscuits …. Visualise Them with Their Heels Either Side of Their Hollow Head, being Pumped by the sort of Scum Whom NO-ONE Drawing Breath would Want to Trade Places with, a position They have to Face, Picture Them RAGING & BAWLING & MOANING & MOANING & CRYING & Pissing Their Life up a wall & ALL the CHORES They have to Do for THEMSELF & All the TEDIOUS Times They Spend SITTING waiting on Being Seen for “Their” AILMENTS & All the MATERIAL They CRAVE & Stamp Their Hooves For & last but not least all the RAGING HOPING They impotently do, hedging Their bets across The Lives of Those Who take FUCK ALL to Do with Them, for A REASON …. Those Who do ADOPT Their problems, may as well Think You can Carry-out a Heart Transplant with a Cigarette-paper ….

Whenever a Megalomaniacal Unitard feels BAD about Anything, the Shit-Fountain Decrees that A Human has to PAY, ie “You” MUST be MADE to feel BAD instead, for which You SHOOT THEM IN THE FACE …. The “Human” is Becoming Extinct due to the Rise of Bestial-shite like that, to the point where Jews can Easily blend “in,” on a Country where THEY get to Con-Troll YOUR “BIG GUNS” & BOMBS, which the “MONKEYS” would NEVER have been ABLE To get Their CLAWS on ANY Other way …. What was once a Majority of Human-Acting Beings, most of Whom Saw the Sense in Being So, has now been Replaced with the “irrational” ruthless SHITE which Our ancestors used-to Launch or Personally drown & burn …. Whom You now Call, Homosexuals, Feminists, Politicians, Police, Social-workers & Masons, et al …. Which I Classify as Being “PARAPHILIACS Needing HUNG” !!!!

Infinitely More Importantly, The 1st Week I Set Up Satellite Internet, in Africa, “Bing – Bong ….” ….
Follolaylololololoh, “Excyooz Me Sah, buh Yoo hav New Mail from Computah !!!!”
Me, “Oh, it’s Probably from Cheryl, as no-one Else has My Mail Address, Thank You Man Servant ….”
Follolaylololololoh, “No problem Sah, Thank Yoo for Everyfink an’ such an’ so ….”
Follolaylololololoh, “What ees it Sah !?!? …. Ees it yet mo’ potato painting which hav follow you from the demon island !?!?”
Me, “No Follolaylololololoh, Your Elephant stood on My Foot ….”
Follolaylololololoh, “Sorry Sah, I tighten the Elastic ban’ around it’s chookies too much last Night, It’s making up for Lost time ….”

ASK YOUR SELF “WHAT,” I Repeat, “WHAT” Would a PREHISTORIC Human-Attacking Unitard HAVE TO Do before You WOULD EXECUTE it !?!? …. I’ll POSE That Question for YOU & YOURS’ AGAIN, You THANK-LESS CUNT …. ASK YOUR SELF “WHAT,” Would a PREHISTORIC Human-Attacking Unitard HAVE TO Do before You WOULD EXECUTE it !?!? …. As, They CAN’T FUCKING BELIEVE that You’ll DO NOTHING, “no-matter what” Offence the subhuman SEX-OFFENDER gets-off on committing against Humans They’re NOT FIT to Share a Planet with ….

The PANTING Paraphiliacs believe it can HIDE in plain view & Only Needs to “PRIME” A Human by TALKING CONSTANT SHITE & Then the Human has been “Professionally” Programmed by a Self-bullshitting, 3 Year old imbecile, so They can “then” PANT ON, in front of the Human, in Person & as St. Bram Stoker Lampoons, the MANIAC level sub-LUNATIC then Believes You’re in a “Hypnotic” Trance, BELIEVING all the SHITE the Spastic has Produced ….

When a Shit-fountain Sees itself Being Profiled, the Incontinent-Asshole can Either Enters a State of impotent RAGE or Delirium, depending on how long it’s been since it last played with it’s pudding …. The dopamine-jonesing, hate-consumed FILTH, are Destroying An Entire Species, due to Their “Addiction” to NEEDING SHOT IN THE FACE, at all costs …. Whilst God Watches Them, with Hell awaiting, despite Them being made PAINFULLY Aware of That Fact, with AGONISING CLUE after EXCRUCIATING “INESCAPABLE” JUST DESSERTS …. On, the utterly Self-deluded, prattling Lunatic & Lunatits’ goes, misery-mired on it’s downward-spiral …. After 4 Decades, of Magnifying “Animacules,” This Scene ANSWERS The Question I Posed YOU & Says it ALL !!!!

The KEY to Understanding what I’m Selflessly Conveying is, that They’re “NOT FUCKING HUMAN” & NEED SHOT through the cake-hole, “for” the LENGTHS the Unitard is prepared to go to, to ACT OUT WINNING against a SUPERIOR BRAIN which has 96% MORE FUNCTION than the Shit-fountain …. The MOPING Emotional-Dunce, KNOWS it’s Behaviour has More in Common with an African Shit-house Fly than a Human Being, yet the Short-sighted Con-Troll wants to BE IN CHARGE & can be RELIED upon, by Zionist INSECTS, to get Meet a Quota of “Remorseless” attempts at Psychologically-abusing EVERYONE They’re Existentially-envious, ESPECIALLY HUMAN MEN …. With Paedophile Prehistoric Jews, waiting in the Wings, rubbing Their plums, with Their blood-dripping Talons ….

Their precious Unitards, have been “Groomed” to become Matching pseudo-satanic SEX-OFFENDERS, leading to the downward-spiral of Your Country, due to the vicious-cycle of terrible-infants becoming “Reliably-Obsessed” with Their ego-maniacal FEAR of it’s Self-delusional Bubble being burst …. ie Not Wanting to Be Left FRICASSEEING in frustration, as a 3 Year old Monkey, in Adult Form, being left Covered in ALL Their BULLSHIT …. So You’ve to SIMPLY “LET” a fucking-abominable, Paedophile-state-promoted, ego “MANIAC,” away-with EVERY Offence Under the Sun AGAINST You & Yours’ …. Especially when it DELIBERATELY Hopes to Cause You BRAIN DAMAGE, with it’s SOLITARY SPASTIC brain’s Party-piece …. Which the hate-consumed, panting-paraphiliac, suffering from the GRANDIOSE delusions it’s “SOLITARY pathology vs Your Mental Bondage” gives Rise to, when Coupled to the Fact it WON’T STOP JABBERING-SHITE to itself …. It HOPES You REALISE what it’s TINY mind is up to, as “then” it can trigger the mechanism which produces the EXACT-OPPOSITE reaction “too,” on cue …. ASK YOUR SELF “The QUESTION,” AGAIN !!!!

It was Reported to Cheryl, that Alex JEWns read out a Shakespeare Scene & stopped Reading it half way through, LIVE on Air …. Because the MEGALOMANIACAL Psycho-path REALISED that the Final Sentence was, “OR, to RAISE UP ARMS, against a SEA of TROUBLES & By SO Opposing, END THEM !!!!” …. He Then attempted a damage-limitation exercise, after the Adverts, on Behalf of His Zionist Jew Sponsors, selling You “INDIVIDUAL” anti-dotes, in half-measures, INSTEAD of UNITING You to GO TO THE SOURCE of the POISON & PLUG The Poisoner “At Source” …. For as long as You FAIL to “HANG” Liars-Who-Have-Evil-Intent, They’ll GO ON Amazing Themselves, until They FIND the lie which allows Them to CARRY-OUT Their evil agenda ….

Even the Most retarded of Imbeciles I’ve Ever Witnessed had a Level of Intelligence Which ALWAYS Knew Right from wrong, irrespective of the Lunatic’s delusions-of-intelligence, which Invariably was a Weak-surrender to “Being Backwards” & Hoping I Would be Another Who Failed to Magnify Them & See Through Their Front to Their “100% Unjustifiable” hatered & greed & Thanklessness & Self-destruction & cowardice & stupidity & desperation & evil ….


“And in other news, a token-gesture was made by a Spastic, in a binary-jumpsuit & clown shoes, You pay for …. The Unitard climbed a Tree to rescue a Cat, now KEEP sitting-still, watching Your individual flashing-compartment, where You’ll Soon See more HOLLOW MERTILESS EVIL ATTENTION WHORES after These JEWS Sell You SHIT which KILLS You …. You Get what You Deserve, er, em, I Mean, GOOD NIGHT !!!!”

In My Upcoming Vids You’ll get an Idea of How the Self-bullshitting evil Unitard is rendered as IMPOTENT as They KNOW Themselves to be …. However, evil’s evil & Their PUNISHMENT is Inescapable & Need have NOTHING to do with You …. They can Scream for Potatoes all Day, I’ve NO INTEREST in Correcting what would no-doubt be “Transparent,” Self-deluded & the actions of a Sex-offender “Pretending to believe what They may Wish was True & impotently Hoping,” in Their desperation to Shed Their deserved Sorrow, due to the LUNATIC’S mental-handicap-borne, delusional obsession with “Transference,” which, “Remorseless” LUNATICS “Feel-means” that They’ve Magically Traded-Places with an Innocent Person, Who Then “Has To” SUFFER instead of the Self-destructive, misery-multiplying, minuscule-minded misery-guts ….

Which has NEVER worked on Me, but the panting-paraphliac Believes it MUST, it MUST, it MUST, as it’s Proven itself to be an incontinent-arsehole, Who’s so DERANGED it PRETENDS it’s NOT a BAD Person, even-after it’s SAID that it’s a BAD Person & wants You to CHOOSE to Pretend that “You are What They are” …. What it LIKES & HATES “MUST” Matter to You, Especially if it’s FANTASY of You IS YOU, so YOU MUST Choose to have a negative Reaction, as it’s GENUINELY an EVIL SEX-OFFENDER “NEEDING” Shot through it’s Face, so YOU MUST “FEEL” like SHOOTING it, That’s NOT SOMETHING You can Simply Do “CASUALLY” ….

For the last time of Saying it, You NEED to EXECUTE “ALL” Paraphiliacs or Quarantine Them, NEUTER Them either way …. They’re as THICK as SHITE & You can Calmly & Systematically Do Them ALL in …. Which is an OPPORTUNITY for Zionist Jews to Become HEROES, by EXTERMINATING All Those Who have ZERO frontal-brain Function …. But instead They’re DESTROYING All Those with Frontal-brain function, so They can Blend into Your bed ….

Paraphiliacs NEVER stop deluding Themselves that There’s a Chance You’ll Stop Knowing 2+2=4, the sparking-nit-wit CLINGING to the STRAW it bases it’s ENTIRE delusion-of-intelligence on, which INGRAINED that SOLITARY straw straight down the Middle of the “DETERMINED TO NEVER IMPROVE ON BEING A SHIT-FOUNTAIN, SELF-MADE SPASTIC’S SUBHUMAN BRAIN” …. Even-when the Intergalactic-DUNCE Realises that You’ll “NEVER Stop KNOWING That 2+2=4,” then it will CONTINUE WISHING that “whatever” it HATES Must Matter to You, “whenever” the Unitard WANTS ….

So, it will Continue to LET You KNOW that it’s BREWED UP a skull-full of HATE-STEW & attributes that to it’s Impaired-perception of You, hoping THE FACT that it’s got NO REASON Should “Then” mean that You Choose to have the negative affect which the SPASTIC is impotently-hoping for, because it Genuinely Is 1 of the Millions of Unitards Delaying-Suicide, So You MUST …. Otherwise, it Will just Keep going, as “Groomed” to Do, by Zionist Spastics Who are Murdering Them, as a Thank You, oh & You too, for Turning a Blind Eye …. (See, Dresden ….)

When They Con-Tact “You,” The perennial hoper, hopes You MAGICALLY for-get that “FACT” & Then if You Click on a Link “They” sent or what-have-You, They then Believe They’re winning an Imaginary Game of Tug-of-war …. A.K.A. Sitting on Their Burst Arse, deluding Themselves, in Their Cuckoo 2D fantasy World, where the desperate PATHETIC narcissistic-imbecile feels like it’s Aggrandising itself if You waste-time on Their unsolicited pseudo-revisionism, Sponsored by Tomee-Tippee ….

Think of how Fixated, on Me, Marie McCallum is “&” How SHITE a Person She TRULY is, “All” Things Considered & how utterly Self-deluded Her & Her Mezzanine of paraphiliacs, (Who are “ALSO” Self-confessed, Serial-killing, PAEDOPHILES, GUILTY of COUNTLESS Offences against Innocent Humans”) …. ie They “Genuinely” Hoped that I’d Hire Her to Come & be My Whore, so Ginger Half-body Could buy Wing-nuts for His Neck …. I can Only Presume that She must’ve ruined Things “again” with Her latest Bigamous marriage, after yanking too hard on the Tail of His Spine & finding His Walnut came out on the End of it ….

Superficial, perverted, True-Self-loathing, vulgar, Existentially-envious, low-life, subhuman SHITE like that, Marry “Men” for money, whilst not-letting-on that They’ve lesbian-leanings & then cheating Covertly or even Openly on Him …. Depending on How Many disks She’s pulled out of His Back-passage, with Her Drama, which if He Sees through, She’ll replace Him with A.N. Other, SQUAWKING, “YOU ARE WHAT I AM,” as She pulls down His Curtains, waves His Credit-card at Him & then flies off on Her council-broom-stick, to Phone YOUR Paedophile-run Police-farce & Say, “HE IS WHAT I AM ….”

Whatever COMBO the de-moral-ising flea-brain finds Her Self in, it’s 100% UNENVIABLE & the Self-delusion, on Her & Her MONGS’ parts, is Apparent, ie Since I’d “NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER” pay a Whore to have Sex with Me, “EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER, EVER” …. Let alone a serial-killing female paedophile, Who’s commited EVERY offence Conceivable against Innocent Humans, for DECADES …. She oscillated between Extremes of Ideaisation of Me & THEN simply Seeing Me as an “OBJECT” which She classed as Being “MALE” & Therefore “Deserving” of what ALL UNITARD’S base Their delusions of magical-powers on, ie Trying to Cause Humans “P.T.S.D. ” on behalf of the HUMAN MURDERING SYSTEM OF PSEUDO-SATAN WORSHIPPING MENTAL-QUADRIPLEGICS WHO EMPTIED THE ASYLUMS & CALLED IT CARE IN THE COMMUNITAAAH !!!!

Even if You’re A Living Christ, “the BAD feeling” which the Mite has, when She struggles to get Her way, is ALL the EXCUSE She needs to Then pull Her Flick-Knife out of Her Anal-Cavity & Set about You …. The REGRET She felt, towards Me, was due to Her Having Loved Me as Much as an Insect can …. So no-doubt employing Ginger-Dumbo, whatever the COMBO, She felt there was a VACANCY needing filled, including the 1 between Her Legs & Ears, so Genuinely attempted to Reseduce Me into I PRESUME paying for Her candy & another Wheelchair for Wally …. The TRULY unenviable Beasts “Deserve” each Other …. eg This Video LAYS Bare “THE UNCONSCIOUS RULE” …. ie WHY You HAVE TO Shoot 90% of Feminists through the fucking MOUTH …. WATCH THIS “REPEATEDLY,” I REPEAT, WATCH THIS UNTIL “YOU” ORIGINATE A Phrase Which MATCHES, “You HAVE TO Shoot 90% of Feminists through the fucking FACE ….”

My Advice, to the Whore & Her Mezzanine, is to Stop Obsessing over My Productions, (at the “superficial-speed” of Their trade-mark liquid-silage for-brains,) since What I Reflect HURTS Them SO Much …. (Hor, Hor) …. As, Their shit was Garbage & I “Genuinely” Haven’t Seen, Heard or Read, Examined, decrypted or even-remotely Considered ANYTHING They’ve sent, in Their “Self-defeatist” 2D fantasy world of DENIAL & evil DELUSION, for ages & ages …. Which They can get Tommee-Tippee to CHECK for Them …. In Their ever-spinning Minds, the Hell-bound evil-fools have BEGGED for My Attention to See Their “no-doubt” MINDLESSLY-PREDICTABLE desire for Me to dignify Their “True Self-loathing” ….

What amazed Me was, as I’ve Said before, that the Female Serial-killer DID Genuinely want to See Me In Person, which, if the Lunitards had taken Me Up on My PHENOMENAL offer, before I Met a Female Paedophile-killer on-line, then, instead of Con-tinuing to be Truly Phenomenally disgusting in Their mindless decision to Con-tinue communicating in 2D CRAP, even-after They were TOLD LIVE to Either “Come Correct” or BEAT IT, as although Their Shit has Lead DIRECTLY to 2 People COMMITTING SUICIDE, (AKA “CULPABLE HOMOCIDE,”) They KNOW it CANNOT work on Me, as to My Great Mind, Their shit is Absolute fucking GARBAGE ….

ie They KNOW I’ve NEVER Reacted-negatively to Any of Their Smears I’ve no Reason or Interest in Magnifying, Ever AGain …. They’ll simply have to Accept Their SEWER FATE …. Although I’ve been Lead to Believe that They’re desperately for Their SOLITARY Brain-cell to Be Witnessed by Me again, however, I’ve ZERO intention of wasting a nano-second on Their insignificant-incontinence & That’s NEVER Going to Change …. eg I’m Sitting Here in Paradise, having Had A Lovely Day, Sun Bathing, Typing, Inter-Acting with Nature, Gathering Fruit, I’m Just back from Gathering Eggs & I Am STRUGGLING to even Give a SOLITARY fuck about what I’m Conveying about that GRUESOME Family of subhuman Ghouls …. (Chortle, Chortle ….) …. So, even-after Reading This, at slime-speed, They’ll no-doubt Petition Che’ like Jewish rag-salesmen, with, “THIS !?!?” …. “THIS ?!?!” …. “THIS !?!?” …. “THIS !?!?” …. “THIS ?!?!” …. “THIS !?!?” …. As mindless-sadomasochists are GLUTTONS for punishment ….

You WOULDN’T Treat a Piranha the Same way You Would John Lennon …. Paraphiliacs are NOT HUMAN, They are WALKING shite, Who take-advantage of Your “Groomed” delusion that All People are “Born Equal” & Deserve An Equal Standing in Life, but like Most 3 Year olds They AGGRANDISE Themselves by Pretending They’re a Super-Hero, when Their fMRI brain-scan PROVES They’re a High-functioning BEAST, in a HUMAN SUIT, Who “CANNOT” matter a SOLITARY fuck, as They’ve PROVABLY got SHIT for Their brains & use only 4% of the Brain Function I Have, which the Imbecile believes Gives it an Advantage …. Especially if You don’t Realise IT’S A SHIT-FOUNTAIN, as, the “Cerebral sex-offender” can Keep-on “Talking-Shite-&-hoping,” indefinitely, for PRETENGE against INNOCENT Humans, because, IT’S A BLINKING ABORTION …. Who’ve Multiplied-exponentially, due to the Zionist Jews’ breeding-program, in times where You’ve been Groomed into “Mental-Bondage,” when Your Ancestors would’ve simply “Drowned” the unjustifiably “Human-Hating,” Magical-Thinking, hate “consumed,” 100% THANKLESS, hideous “Crimanimals” !!!!

Shite like that have Sent Me “faux-excuses,” to EXCUSE & pseudo-explain Their evil-addiction, for Years …. Behind which, the panting Superficial-perverts Aggrandise THEMSELVES as Being masterminds, because They KNOW They’ll TALK CONSTANT SHITE, for Every Hour on the Clock You Give Them …. (Which, as You Know, TALKING CONSTANT SHITE, is the “Prerequisite Epitome” to Be Classed as Being a Mastermind ….)

However, Everything They sent was “Always” laced with evil-intent, to “pre-ameliorate” against Rejection & to further Delude Themselves that Their unsolicited Contact is Magically Me contacting Them …. As Then, over time, I’ll want More Potato & eventually have the She-devil’s Fudge-patch Delivered, so I Can get Stabbed in the Night after Paying for Their Candy …. Trash, like that, want to be Transformed from the ugly-duckling, Who Couldn’t get Narcissistic Attention, in Infancy, into Marilyn Monroe & Elvis Presley, but end-up, over-time, as Myra Hindley & Ian Brady ….

THINK about GHOULS Genuinely Believing, that if “They” Con-Tact Me “often-enough,” in 2D Potato-Scratchings, I’ll Magically overlook the Fact They Need Shot & instead Believe I’m Contacting Them, because I want a Fee-Male Serial-killer, Who spends Half the Week Thinking She’s Napolean looking for Josephine & wanting to Invade Your Fridge & Throw Onions at You, then, the Rest of the Week Believing She’s Greta Fuckin’ Garbo …. To then, Give Her money to Send to an “evil” Ginger Paedophile, Who’s also a drooling Serial-killer, with Half His Body missing & a brain the Size of a peanut !?!? …. (Where Do I Sign !?!?)

eg How Hard would it Be to Locate 2 Serial-Killers, in Hate-Britain, when 1 of Them is as HIDEOUSLY UGLY as fuck, with a Bright Ginger Burst-Cushion sticking Out the Top of it’s Skull, which Shows through it’s Face, (half of which is Missing) & Who has at least 1 Leg missing, amongst Other Parts & Who is dying from Flesh-eating Necrotising Fasciitis, whilst it’s Female relative, Who Accompanies it, has Half Her brain missing !?!? …. Along with Her being Diagnosed as Being a Paranoid Schizophrenic & no-doubt having a Criminal-record & having been “Sectioned” for BEING a fucking Lunatic !?!?

Which Tells You Everything You Need to Know, as not-only Do Your Police-farce want That shite doing the ’rounds, The Average Person is a Half-wit also, Who Couldn’t Care less, that They Target Vulnerable People, in Your Community, even if They’re just out of Hospital or on Their death-bed, so that Ginger-nuts can Get another Bag of Crack, on top of the Treatment You’re “paying” for, to “Keep 2 serial-killers killing” for as long as possible …. Instead of Going towards Baby Heart Monitors, from Your Zionist Jew allowance of Fascist-tokens of Your Own Oppression, whilst They’re KILLING YOU ALL …. (You Couldn’t make it up !!!!)

However, in the Bigger Scheme of Things, “Hitlery Clitoris” is responsible for Murdering Countless More Innocent Humans, than All of the Serial-Killers I’ll be Bringing to Your Attention combined …. Yet, You Worship the Ground She shits on, when She misses Her almost-equally Phenomenally-Thankless, Man-hating intern’s vacant-face …. The Bigger Picture is Beyond the Comprehension of the bottom-feeders, Who are also like Her, where, Spazmo is Desperate, in it’s panting Desire, to draw Your Attention down to it’s microdot sized fantasy-world, of Adult-diaper-wettingly, excitingly tinglingly, “prepared” monotonous-crap ….

Where, it wants A “Preferred Witness,” Whom The mindless Ghoul Unconsciously-Wishes They were, Most …. To Then, “Choose” to have a negative Chain-Reaction, to the woefully-inadequate, ergo “incomparable,” degenerate Maniac-level sub-lunatic, TRIUMPHANTLY Decreeing that “Banana-biscuits Make Fanny-batter The Winning-Cake Mixture” & then, instantly Crowns “itself” Queen Ginger the Galactically-Stupid …. (AKA Being “upgraded” & dignified by 2D, promoting the pygmy-mong’s 1D Character, so that all-of-which “incorrectly” prevents the Jabbering Spastic from completing the 1st Decent Thing it Could Ever Do, despite it’s Confirmatory-biased protestant LIES …. ie STOP delaying “Suicide,” another Day ….)

Since I’ve not Seen ANYTHING which I’ve been Informed has been Posted to Me, from almost a Dozen drooling, CRYING-FACED SPASTICS, I therefore Can’t be Absolutely Sure, if Marie McCallum’s Mob are amongst the, no-doubt matching, Quadriplegics …. However, although McCallum bequeathed Burns’ “Aye Fond Kiss” to Me …. I Composed “A Farewell Ode” to the serial-killing Ginger-oddities “&” Their Charabanc of like-minded Spastics & It Goes Out to All the greeting’ faced poovs & lezboids Who are whining for My Attention to dignify Their incontinent pseudo-revisionism, ie HATRED of REALITY, ergo Their True “SELF” ….

The Spastic Cunt !!!!

The Spastic Cunt, is weak & wild
The Spastic Cunt, tends to produce another Spastic Child
The Spastic Child Then grows up to be
Yet more Spastic Shite, like it’s Own progeny Will Be

Then, the Spastic’s, Spastic’s, Spastic Child
Is as Hideously ugly, as All Those behind
Passing on Tricks of Their accursed trade
Cackling vacantly at Evil They’ve proudly made

Hoping to Feel Big if the Target suppresses Moral outrage
The Beasts Deluding Themselves Consequence can be avoided
The Hell-Bound Spastic’s Family Tree
Carries on, Crookedly, in it’s Caravan, thusly, into Infinity

The delusional ghouls, Continually, Taking pot-shots at Humans
Forever moving-on when the Shit hits Their shitty face, off of Their fans
Until which, Their Spastic brain Hopes the illusion of Transference Takes Place
From The Human Seeing How hideously-ugly, the nobody’s goading, gurning, unenviable inbred Face

But You Can Never Be Absolutely Sure
So to Exterminate Them All, before 26, would be Premature
So Quarantine Them All until Then
And Keep Them Securely in a Zoo Pen

Regularly Taking Their Children off of Them
Reversing the Unconscious Rule, imposed by such Vermin
As, A Hybrid, from a Spastic Cunt, Could Mature
So One Day They May Produce, Just A Cunt, Like You Are ….

Since The “Unitard” ALWAYS behaves as though there’s NO ALTERNATIVE to it “needlessly” Proving it’s an insignificant incontinent-asshole, You’d Think what I’d Said to the Serial-killing Whore, in Person, Would’ve pre-vented Them from Trying-out Their monotonous clock-work evil-hopes …. However, If You CARRY ON Being HAPPY or worse “SMILE at Them,” it Absolutely DESTROYS Them, as ALL of the evil little shit’s delusions-of-power are rendered impotent by Your Continued SUCCESS Story …. (BDUM, BDUM ….) …. ie Since the evil Spastic’s “aim” is proportionate to “Your Decision” to Stop Being Happy, because You’ve run-into a hate-projecting, Extremely-delusional, hideously-ugly Imbecile, WISHING it could Magically SHED it’s inescapable PUNISHMENT, it MULTIPLIES with yet-more REQUESTS for LASHINGS of Just+Desserts, to the point where the low-life seeks to “reduce” Your Life to the Gutter of the High-way under Their INCOMPETENT Con-Troll …. Just Run Over The Top of Them & Keep On Trucking ….

The Numb-Skulled Hollow Whores WANT “Attention,” to ameliorate against The Fact that They’re FUCK ALL & simply Waiting for Their DEPARTURE “Straight” to HELL, Where They BELONG, for ETERNITY …. So the evil imbecile “Feels Betterererer” if the drooling Spastic, (laugh-panting to itself,) plays Any part in Destruction of Those it Decrees as “Just Bein’ Lucky,” as You slowing down in Any way, “elevates” the evil-shit from it’s bloody-gutter, as “it wants” to have a disproportionate-effect, when the Spineless Bitter-Unitard KNOWS it Need Only “Compare” the “resultant outcome” of that evil-practice, to it’s Past RESOLVE, at Choosing “Being Good CONSISTANTLY” & Believing in “BEING” Human …. What THAT Produces, In Stead !!!!

However, They’ve often Revealed Themselves to Me as simply being a Confirmed loser & desperate-bandit …. ie A Self-confessed Dog eating it’s Own Vomit, then later Eating it’s Own shit, Then eating it’s Own Vomit again, then eating it’s Own Shit, faster & faster, until it’s flying out of Their nostrils & then Their Ears & THEN It’s ALL Gone Got Goned Pretend-Proven FANNY BATTER !!!!

Even-After the Spastic-Society, Whom You call “Homosexuals, Politicians, Bi-Sexuals, AUTHORITAAAH, Lezards, Very-special-very-caring-members-of-the-Sociopath-work-depts., Feminazis, basically ANY CUNT in a position They can ABUSE in YOUR Country, not-forgetting impotent Meterosexuals,” Read My Thesis on “The Unitard,” the imbeciles were Clearly beside-Themselves with DENIAL that Their SOLITARY Pathology & skull-full of hate-shitting, COULD Magically breach the circumference of Their predominately hollow head …. Yet, I GENUINELY Didn’t Witness 1 Solitary denial or wish which was Sent My Way …. Even after Reading This, The Air-head would Still See-if it’s infantile-incontinence could BREACH the Circumference of the DESPICABLE shit-head’s inbred-skull & Magically TRANSFER into Me CARING what it Hates, “whenever” Baby Spazi-brains “wants” …. As, Self-Amazing blithering-imbecile Deludes Themselves, that it’s hell-bound Self-delusion Can Reach “Me” & I MUST Choose, I repeat, MUST CHOOSE to Consider Them to be of importance, when They’re ABSOLUTELY 100% “Fuck All” & have “NO LIFE” which Anyone Drawing Breath would Trade Places with, let alone The Dead …. (Chuckle, Chuckle ….)

The Woofters & Lesbosians, ie SUPERFICIAL, vulgar, hideous, pathological-lying, Self-Amazing bestial nauseatingly-NARCISSISTIC “PERVERTS,” would no-doubt PRETEND That This Post to EVERYBODY, is dedicated to an “individual” fruit-pie, when SCAN Reading This like a fucking machine …. (Cue, Paraphiliac No. 5,653,193,271, “PLEASE SIR, PLEASE ARREST HIM, HE’S TOLD THE TRUTH & I HATE KNOWIN’ THAT I’M A HELL BOUND SPAZI, YOU SEE …. SO HE IS WHAT I AM …. YOU SEE ….”) …. ie They go-looking for the tiny point that Matches Their tiny Mind’s panting hypocritically-hypersensitive MANIA, with Mission-impossible Music echoing around Their almost EMPTY Skull ….


The Conclusion, They Never Draw, about what to Do with Their Spastic Brain, is, “Realising” that They’re FUCK ALL & Then Ending Their Daily-grind, for what They’ve “become” !!!! …. (Tssk, Tssk ….) …. ie You MUST give a fuck about it, when it’s OBSESSED with Everything You Do “&” Because it Sends You COUNTLESS 2D potato-paintings, etc …. “Therefore,” You MUST be Witnessing Them, examining Them, ruminating on Their Magnifications, as the Lunatic has “No Life” & no Ability to See beyond the end of it’s Beak, “therefore,” it doesn’t Have to Accept Reality, as it Lacks the Mental Equipment to Exist in Reality & 1 of the MAIN negative-reactions the INSIGNIFICANT streak-of-shite impotently-hopes for, is “You Choosing to Feel frustrated into Explaining to a HIDEOUSLY ugly imbecile, what it Already fucking Knows” …. As well as what it “CLEARLY” Doesn’t, as otherwise it COULDN’T carry-on …. Fuck “being” that shit ….

When You MEET a Core-inadequate “Sex-offender” Needing shot in the face, Who won’t Stop Bullshitting Themselves that They’re something they’re not & wanting PRETENGE against innocent Humans, because They’re SO FUCKING STUPID They’re “Already” Damned to Hell, for Eternity …. Their Life READS like a “Synchronised” Series of RETURNS, via The Moral+Law, which that Shite either Keep Pretending They don’t Believe in or Genuinely aren’t Aware that That’s WHY They’re “suffering” from Their IRRESPONSIBLE EVIL …. Either way, They con-veniently “Forget to Remember” & dismiss “Everything” of Great Importance, as They’re So Bitter at Their “inescapable PUNISHMENT” that They “either” have Given Up on Humanity & Prefer to OBJECTIFIY You or “prefer” not to Believe in What They’ve Been “HAMMERED” by & “Thus,” Will CONTINUE to be so, for as long as the Unitard pretends-away REALITY, ie That IT’S not SO …. Which Means, ironically, it’s “DRAINING” itself, Whilst Those it Targets Are Lifted Higher & Higher & Are Happier & Happier & Rewarded More & More …. (FUCKIN’ EASY !!!!)

The hideous Unitard “Stores” what it Believes You’ve had a Negative-reaction to, in the past, which Becomes it’s gleeful-arsenal against You, for when it Arbitrarily wants PRETENGE, in it’s private Fantasy-world, which it Grooms in front of You & which is Why You SHOOT “HER” THROUGH THE FACE, no-matter what Sex of Body “it” is in …. eg Even if the Space-Junk Knows it’s Missed the Mark by Miles, it will Still display itself as a Disgusting Spectacle & Say, “WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT ?!?!”

Because, it KNOWS You Should Execute it, an imbecile, atypically, Can’t Comprehend that You can Do-So WITHOUT Giving a Shit, exactly as You Do when You’re taking-out The Trash, it’s nothing Personal …. ie It’s Simply what You DO with Garbage …. Which is WHY “unselfaware” Genetic-Crap like that are executed & die on Average 10-40 Years before Humans, EVERY time They Mistake Kindness for weakness …. (Hor, Hor ….) …. But, Zionist Jews are reducing the Age EVERYONE die at, right NOW ….

Irrespective of How impotent & SHOCKED the Spastics are, Who want ANOTHER GO, when They discover They not-only lack the Mental-Equipment to Exist in Reality, but, it’s NAKED before My Eyes, as it’s an INSIGNIFICANT asshole to Me, no-matter How Desperate the Mental-quadriplegic to be Seen as the ARBITER OF REALITAAAH …. Due to Zionist Jews Grooming the few remaining Humans, into “Mental-Bondage,” the nihilistic Cerebral & Somatic Sex-offenders, Who’ve RUINED Their Life, Will go-on Seeing-if They can CON THEMSELVES into Thinking They Exist in Reality & You don’t …. EVEN IF You dangle Their fMRI brain-scan in front of The Life-Sized insect’s beady inbred pyro-maniac eyes ….

Even if a Unitard Seems as Though it’s Trying to Help You, it “holds” The EXACT-SAME EVIL AIM in “parallel,” WHILST Doing You Any Good …. It’s “unenviably” NEUROTIC furtive-mind, fancies itself as being in a Physical Duel, which IDEALLY You won’t Know about, which the subhuman shite wants to Reduce You to, as it’s Life was OVER a long time ago, it’s simply Delaying-suicide …. So, if You Give crap like that, the time of Day, EVERY time You Do So, the Shit-fountain Feels like it Might be “Their ONLY Chance” to Feel like it’s Purging & Leaving “Their Shit” with You, which is WHY You EXECUTE so-called Homosexuals …. Who are, superficial perverts, to whom Their IMAGINARY-RAPIER is the MEANING to Their Life & SOOTHES Their Butt-hurt …. ie They NEED shot through it’s numb-skull or Neutered or Quarantined, YESTERDAY ….

“Instead,” You’re blocking off the Roads for “PAEDOPHILES IN FANCY DRESS,” Who Think in BLACK & WHITE, as They’re BINARY Carnal-robots, but PRETEND to be a fucking RAINBOW, as They’re JEALOUS of The Colourful Character of Humans, Who AREN’T “UNITARDS,” Whom They PREY ON to Take the Colour OUT Of Their Enviable Lives, as that PRETEND-PROVES the MAD POOVES are BETTERERERERERER & SUPERIORIORIORIORERERERERER …. ie The Humans Who PAY for it in EVERY way & Who Innocently & foolishly Line The Roads, which the BEASTS Parade down, in Womans’ dresses, in Broad Day light …. Posing for Photos with Their Cocks out, in front of Children & DARING You to Say anything about That, as if You don’t Then that PROVES They’re COn-Trolling Your Perception of Reality & if You DON’T Say Anything that Helps the MEGALOMANIAC PRETEND They’re “Superior” to The PAYING Humans FUNDING the vulgar unselfaware display, Who MUST be ATTACKED Psychologically, as being a BAD Person, if You Correctly Point out to the no-mark that “the DICTATOR has NO CLOTHES” ….

AFTER the Lesbians are back in Their Council shoe-boxes & the Mardi-Gras Balloons have deflated, so the Paraphiliac’s Jumper has fallen-flat …. Without All YOUR “Attention,” the narcissistic Hollow-Whores can’t See Their Atomic Mushroom Cloud anymore, on The Horizon …. So They No-Longer feel like Marilyn & Elvis …. Thus, They begin ABUSING Each Other, consuming Their Own “tale”…. Which is WHY, so-called Homosexuals have ASTRONOMICALLY HIGHER instances of psychologically & “physically-abusing” Their partners-in-slime ….

Homosexuality is a predominately WHITE problem, as Westerners, Jews & Peruvians are the LEAST evolved People on Earth, which is WHY They were Kicked-out of EVERY Country, since the Dawn of Creation, due to Their “Determination” to NEED DROWNED OR BURNED OR CRUSHED OR HUNG …. But They’re NOW in Charge of “EVERYTHING” …. (You Couldn’t make it up ….) …. Which ENSURES The imminent “Extinction Event” …. You Could Say, “Good Riddance to BAD rubbish !!!!”

I’ve Got A Lot Done Today, Each Time I’ve Ran Past This Circular Stone Table, I’ve Fired Out A Paragraph or 10, At Light Speed, before Charging Out onto The Farm Again, to Throw My Weight About …. The View, Right Now, Is PRICELESS, It’s The Lighting which Makes Even The Clouds Seem “Painted” by 1 of The Greats …. You Couldn’t FAIL to Be At Peace Here, no-matter ALL the Battle-cries of the UNJUST combined & the medieval primordial Shite Who Seek to OFFEND You, in an evil-competition Only the imbecile’s in, to PROVE “They’ve WON” the PROOF that They’re an undeniably SHITE Person, Who’s a backward, subhuman, hate-consumed, evil, retarded, bestial, trouble-maker …. So, IGNORE all the insectoid-minded Cartoon 2D fuckwits & Make Your PEACE With God & BE HAPPY, as the “LOSERS” & FAILURES of This World are Receiving Their PUNISHMENT, via The Moral+Law Emanating from Divinity, thus Why the blind-infant lashes out due to it’s Lashing of Just+Desserts …. YOU Be Light+Hearted & Float away from Those “mired” in Their UGLY, “unenviable,” hell-bound, neurotically-histrionic ego-mania …. Hell awaits Them, ignore Their grinning-mask & don’t let the misery-mired evil-shit drag You down, with Them or even the Corners of Your Mouth ….

As I’ll Be “Demonstrating” (or Demon-Straightening,) in My Upcoming Video, “Erol On P.T.S.D.,” You NEVER Need to RECALL the Memory of some BLOB of Shite & it’s SOLITARY “ingrained” imbecile Brain’s “belief” that it Could Say or Do Something You’d FEEL like Shooting it through it’s face for …. No matter how Many times You Witnessed Something that hideously-ugly & mentally-deficient, You NEVER Need to “remember” it or “recall” it or “ruminate” or “reflect” on it or “Care” about it, no MATTER how much it CRAVES Your Attention …. It’s the Direct Result of Generational RETURN of The Moral+Law …. (Which Alex JEWns Decided He’d PRETEND He SUDDENLY Realised 1 Night, again, unsurprisingly ….) …. Which, alongside the Evolutionary Cul-de-sac’s hate-consumed Choices, borne of it’s FREE WILL, the Incontinent-Arsehole Only has ITSELF to blame for it’s Weakness, leading to it being STUCK in it’s ways …. They “became” the hand-me-down routine, it knows is Proof that it’s “from” & is a hell-bound, brutal, Vulgar Child, delaying-suicide …. Simply Think about it as Remembering CATTLE & the unselfaware Life-sized Sphincter is simply 1 of the Madding Herd ….

I’ve not Stopped Fielding My Own Mail, because it’s red-hot-lava or Kryptonite or coming from an imbecile Pulling it’s Joker-face whilst Staring at it’s stolen LCD …. There was Simply “nothing” left for Me to Magnify after I Saw the Singularity of the Unitard’s Solitary Pathology & was Able to Convert Theory into Amplification & Magnification of that tiny a Mind’s Grandiose-delusions, which They NEED drowned or burned for …. But, I Don’t “FEEL” Anything about that, any more than I Do when I’m hacking the Limb off a Tree, it’s Simply Something that Needed Doing & I Either Could At The Time or Couldn’t ….

The hideously-ugly barbarians of This World even Plagued the Romans, Who couldn’t Stamp Them out …. If I had been A Roman Emperor I’d have Either Executed “EVERY” single 1 of Them (over the age of 26) or Placed Them in a Quarantined Land, where They’d have been Executed for escaping …. They’d have Passed The HUMANS They Gave Rise to, OUT of The Encampment, which They Would’ve been “Rewarded” For …. So They Would’ve “Looked Up” to Humans as Being A Precious Commodity & Then Had “A REASON” to Want to integrate Loyally with “The Outside World,” beyond the sucking-savage’s usual circumference of far-more-limited Comprehensions ….

Lunatics can Often Think about The Universe & Metaphysically & so on, however, You ALWAYS Find that it’s the EXACT Same Confirmatory-biased Bullshit, which They FEAR being disabused of, which a Sex-offender, even-if it wants to Communicate it’s primordial brain’s perception to A Truly Great Mind, the Simian will Approach Them in a manner They Know They Deserve to be Executed for …. Furthermore, They tend to Talk Shite about Their Theories, when it’s Their Turn to Do the Dishes …. ie When it Involves SELF IMPROVEMENT, ALL Roads lead to “excuseville” …. Where the “Rule of Thumb” is to Reduce Humans & Progress, to FUCK ALL, “too” ….

This Morning, I was Up With The Sun Promising Great Things Over The Mountains …. The Trees, All Agreed, with It’s Herald as The Clouds Gave Way to A Beauty which Can’t be Seen from Grey Paedophile-funding Council-cells …. Buggles, The Chooks & I Am Starting to LOVE Being Here, however, I Must Continue Upwards, As My Plan is to Get A GARGANTUAN Farm which Will Be Maintained by Local People, Who Will Then be Trained to use Computers & Sell Their Produce to Western Paraphiliacs, whilst in Return I’ll get Parts, to Make My 1st Biosphere & Carry out My Free Electricity experiments ….

Follello, “Please Massah, You have to Come …. The Whole Corn Plantation is on Fire ….”
Me, “Yes, I was Attempting to Launch the 1st Prototype & there was a slight Hitch ….”
Follello, “Yes Massah, em, My Daughtah She now in lake, I was Just wondering if I can borrow the Jeep Sah ….”
Me, “Yes of Course Follello, Kindly attend to that Matter & I’ll empty the Water Tanks & in future I’ll try to keep My Experiments to Hours when Fewer People are Around the Mountain, especially if They’re not Moored by Rope, like the Vast Majority I’ve Noticed have Adopted as a Safety-measure, which Doubles as make-shift Belts ….”
Follello, “Yes Massah, each time We See You Start the Experiment We Tighten the Belts, as sometimes when You hit a Lightning Cloud Our underpants automatically fall down ….
Me, “I’ll Look into That, if You excuse the pun, Quickly, go get Your Daugher & on Your Return, I’d Appreciate if You could Bring Me some of that Sacred Herb ….”
Follello, “Yes Sah, I take it You’re going to be Listening to Playing Rock Music again Tonight ….”
Me, “You Know Me too well …. Now go get that drowning Daughter ….”

The Preferred Face, projected, which I’ve Seen on All the unselfaware Lunatics, Who Think You Can’t See The REAL Them …. Looks like a South-Sea Island Pygmy, Looking for Firewood, on a Hot Night, to Burn down a Neighbour’s Hut, before They get back from Their hunting Expedition & Then They’ll Sit There with Their Innocent Mask on …. I Read “Tells,” which RETARDS “Always” fail to Grasp !!!!

Because of the brain-impairments of “Jacqueline Bradley’s” sister, Marie McCallum & Her minuscule “Modular-capacity,” coupled to Zionist Jew’s Cultural malinfluence, the female Serial-killer at-times Genuinely Felt She was a Man in a Womans’ body …. Although She behaved “NOTHING LIKE” ANY MAN I’ve EVER Met in My ENTIRE Life & almost Sickened Me with what A Female TRULY is, because I Saw the very ESSENCE of what MAKES You Female, in Her, as that’s ALL She “has” & I was Left Believing, to This Day, that “90% of WESTERN Females Are NOT WORTH IT” ….

It Really resonated With Her, when I Imparted A Phrase, I Told Her, about People being like a Giant Mardi-Gras Balloon, with a tiny Little “Man”inside it, at the bottom, working it …. She Also felt She was at the “BACK” of a dark & hollow Head …. Outside of USING Humans & Their “resources,” The only time a shit-head EVER thinks about Anyone Else is to Pretend-Prove to Itself that, “YOU ARE WHAT THEY ARE” & “IT IS WHAT YOU ARE,” See any Lunacy There !?!?

Well, That’s My Video Uploaded & My Farm Work Done for The Day & I’m Off to Sample This Years’ Wine Harvest, Again & Relax & Blissfully Continue to Not Give A Fuck about even 1 White Mental-Spastic, THOUSANDS of Miles away & THOUSANDS of Evolutionary Years beneath Me & Contempt, despite all the scurrying impotent “wishes” of nit-wit’s near & far or furtive machinations with Extra-thumbs, They Will Forever FAIL to be Granted a REACTION, by Their Emotionally+Independent SUPERIOR !!!!

As I Noticed, at 4 & a half, if You Completely Ignore what an Incontinent-Arsehole has Just levelled at You & simply Tear it to Pieces, based on What You Can “See” Alone, it DESTROYS Their tiny-world …. eg If They were a serial-killer or a paedophile & You pulled Them up about Being Evil, They’d simply go into “reverse gear” & Believe They were CHOOSING to have the Ingrained “Opposite Reaction,” from the 1 the fucking Half-Wit “Presumes” You Expect of it …. As Your Brain MUST Work How a “Guess-Remembering” hypocritical 3 Year old Spastic’s Does …. “However,” If You Reflect it as simply being an UGLY, FAT, STINKING RETARD dressed like a TINK, it’s Absolutely DEVASTATED …. Isn’t That Funny !?!? …. A few hours later, You could Overhear the Talking-Monkey Saying to an Innocent Human, Whom the pathetic Megalomaniacal “atypical-coward” has Calculated will Fail to Execute it, “You are an ugly, fat, stinking tinky bastard ….” …. (Just SHOOT “Them” !!!!)

Although Evil NEEDS BE Exterminated & I’m DOING What I Can As BEST I Can & Will Continue to INCREASE That Amount I DO …. There’s NOTHING & NO-ONE “Between” Me & Divinity, no-matter what hovel it plots it’s mired-delusions from …. There’s Peace & Serenity Here, without So Much as a Murmur, although I Welcome The Character of My Chickens & the Plethora of Rare Birdies …. eg Maw Broon makes a Point of Showing-off When She’s Found Something Funny that I Didn’t Manage to Do Right, “For Her,” 1st time …. ie I Take the Lid off a Big Bottle to Fill Up Her Preferred Container, so She can Get Ready for The “Next Round” & when I Uncharacteristically Dropped the lid 1 Day, She Laughed as Though She was harbouring a Grudge against Me & at 1st You Doubt that That could be The Case & Then when She Walks away, Hoping to “Crystalise” The Moment & Continues Laughing in The “Exact Same” Manner, that You “Again” Realise the EVIL of eating Chickens & that Chickens are a little bit Evil ….

Although, They’re MORE “Human” than Western Females, but Every bit as wicked, however, both Maw Broon & Chiquetita, for the 1st Time Ever, have Grown so Used to Owning MY Farm, that They Let Me Stroke Their Back’s Now, although They’re Ready to BOLT & Look TENSE …. They of Course Resent Me being 6 times Taller than Them, which is MY Fault that THEY Feel that Way …. When I was Stroking Her Soft Feathers, I Could Hear Chiquetita Thinking, “Watch Your Self Chief, ’cause I can Dance, Know what I’m Saying, I can do the Cross-step then Double-back & Peck a Calf ….” …. I Love Them ….

So Buggles, Cleo, Maw Broon, Chiquetita & My Cornucopia of Magical Trees & Menagerie of Furry & Feathered Friends Wish You A HAPPY Time of IT & That My Reflections Guide You, if You’re Human or at least Humane …. eg Even though the aforementioned Serial-killer hated Me at times, with Zero-Justification, She committed-to offence, after offence & She conspired, plotted, sullied & attempted to destroy Every Moment, “etc, etc, etc,” My “Emotional+Independence” Meant I “Enjoyed” Seeing Parts of Scotland I’d otherwise have Never Seen & My Care for Her True plight Helped Keep Me Warm when She hammed-up Her Cold-Fusion Hatred & I Did My Level Best to Help Her & I Appreciate Those Aspects of Her True Self which She hadn’t Extracted & Favoured for Promotion, instead, sinking into the “squalor of delirium,” ill-gotten dopamine, rushing-evil & losing BIG, at Great expense all-round & I Tried to Teach Her The “Meaning” of Life & Love, which “cannot co-exist” with hypocrisy, duplicity, extreme-selfishness, hatred, corruption, pseudo-satan-worship, black-&-white oscillation, narcissistic sex-offences, theft, prostitution, black-mail, malicious malfeasance, bearing false-witness, covert-stalking, malignant conspiracy, bigotry, prejudice, wrath, greed, megalomaniacal-melodrama, evil-agenda, pathological-lies, promiscuity, debauchery, gluttony, moral-imbecility, using, abusing, decadence, sloth, destructive-impatience, materialism, grandiose-delusions, covert-evil, INGRATITUDE, You Know “The Usual” …. Nor, can evil co-exist with A REAL Man’s God+Given Gifts, Where He Selflessly Needs to Be Free to Pass Those Gifts On to Those Who “Deserve” Them …. So, when someone tries to drag You down, Rise Above “Them” & Wish Them Well with That Direction & All Their ill-wishes go with Them, as They alone Need to Learn from the “inescapable” PUNISHMENT, borne, of the Error of Their ways …. As, Everyone Always “KNOWS” Good from Bad “Intention” ….

Kind regards,

All PARAPHILIACS Need to be Exterminated by MORAL HUMAN Beings or QUARANTINED !!!!

My Latest Video, exposes “paraphilia,” which the Zionist Jews murdering Everyone You KNOW, reclassified as “homosexuality” & “feminism” …. Which includes the Pen-Ultimate Profiling in a Series of Expose’s of a Family of Serial-killers …. 2 of Whom are imbecilically satan-worshipping “paedophiles,” (AKA “UNITARDS) …. Who are “Protected” by the paedophile-run Scottish FILTH, Who are just-as-primitive a bunch of drooling, “Cerebral” & Somatic Sex-offenders ….

“Your” police-farce prey-on the Public needlessly paying the Spastic’s wages, (ie You” …. They are all-too-eagerly & spinelessly Con-Trolled by pygmy-minded Free-Masons, Who want a Country VOID of “Human” Beings, Who’d Otherwise Expose the shite & ORDER Their Army to Morally Begin The Executions of the noddy, inbred, rabid BEASTS ….

As I Expected, after Selflessly bringing All that Determined-Vermin to the Public at Large’s attention, “Initially” They stopped eating the Zionist Jew’s paedophile-infected crisps long-enough to Scratch Their Arse & then Say, “So, what complicit Poof’s on the TV tonight Margo ?!?!”

However, due to My Publicist’s tireless Articulate Approach to Raising Awareness, We’re Now Receiving Wider Notoriety …. Which no-doubt means, even-more “insignificant-unitards” Will be Sending Our Zen-desk Their RAGING 2D potato-paintings & “then” sitting-back in Their adult-diapers impotently-hoping that I’ll Witness Their evil-hopes & magically Choose to have a negative-reaction to a Spastic delaying-suicide …. Because, somewhere lies yet-another self-deluded, hell-bound, “Self-destroyed” paraphiliac, QUAKE-STARING at their suspiciously-stained Tommee-Tippee computer-screen ….

Unable to “ESCAPE” it’s JUST DESSERTS, deluding itself it’s got “P.owers O.f P.ersuasion,” so it’s minuscule mind’s minutia will “magically” COMPARE to the Adult Human’s Talents & Reflections of Independent+Truth …. Behind the “hollow sham” in Everything They do, They’re reduced to impotently WISHING A “Truly Great Man” would assist Their suicide, due-to Their unconscious True-Self loathing, at what They only have Themselves to blame, for what They’ve boundlessly Chosen to “become” …. (Hor, Hor ….)

Shit like that, have a “Solitary” pathology & no-matter how the imbecile “disguises” that Fact to itself, the unselfaware infantile BEAST has NO other Thought about Others, outside of the Self-Bullshitting reptile’s “Utilitarian” Clique of like-minded Mongs & Groomed Innocents ….

That latter, the Animacule aggrandises itself over, due to it’s covert evil-manipulation, for sexual succour, deluding itself it’s a Mastermind …. You SEE How void of Self+Awareness the desperado is, when It’s delusions are due to “Them” simply not-knowing what it “IS,” Yet ….


However, An Adult Human “NEVER” Needs to Choose to have a negative-reaction to an Endless supply of no-mark abominations, no-matter how much They “wish-type” & impotently-hope “They MATTER to You” & RAGE in Their 1D-delusion, with Their Tommee-Tippee activity-centre, WISHING with all it’s keyboard, that You’ll See it as Being the ARBITER or REALITAAAH …. Where I Exist, in REALITY, such insignificant tiny-minded turds are “reduced” to being worth-less than Their bargain-basement computers, the impotent blinking curser reduced to a blinking-cursor, the same size as the blinking-abortions tiny-mind “.”

The nihilism engendered into the Western Public, by Zionist Mongs, is Not “shared” by Those evil-simian-babies “Grooming” and engineering You to be so …. They “rely” on You being that stupid & “can’t fucking believe” You’re simply going to Your “slaughter,” AGAIN …. Exactly as You did in Bolshevik Russia, 60,000,000 times in a row, “when,” if even 10% of Those HUMANS had “UNITED” & attacked the “3 Year old” Chicken-brained Jewish spastics, They’d have been overcome …. Leaving only a few to run-away & peddle Their “pity-play,” about How They’d been hard-done by, by The EVIL Russians …. (eg “THEY ARE WHAT WE ARE,” “THEY DID WHAT WE DID,” “THEY MUST BE PUNISHED FOR OUR SINS” ….)

Mental-Quadriplegics NEED shot, Your Ancestors “routinely” got-rid of that Garbage when it reared it’s ugly head …. “But” then, Their meek subservience, to the paedophile SCUM Who lorded it over Them, eventually lead to the Lunatics growing in number, Organsing Their clone nit-wits & Now having “Completely” taken over the Asylum …. They’re sitting on 90% of Perches, They’re unlikely to “want” to Give-up …. Placed there by Zionist Jews, “exactly” as They did before the MASS CULL of Russia & Germany’s “Human” Beings, (only a few Decades ago,) leaving only the noddy shite behind to have Their Country easily “destroyed” before Their narcissistic, hate-consumed, inbred, myopic, beady eyes ….

Due to the Zionist “breeding” Program, now 50% of the Population of Every Western Country is a mental-quadriplegic, Whom Your Ancestors would have “drowned,” burned or crushed, hung or dragged behind a horse …. Which Jews want You to call “feminists” or a poofter or a lezzer …. I Call Them “NEEDING SHOT IN THE FACE ….”

So, “now” Zionist Jews can “blend-in” & Their evil Genocidal agenda can continue to Unfold, Magically-Thinking non-stop, at high-speed, that Every Outcome is Either what it “planned” or even-more Self-Amazing, eg “Paedophilia” becoming pseudo-LEGALISED in Australia, by a paedophile in a wig …. Surely, That MUST get Human Men to “Choose” to have the negative reaction the True-Self-loathing sadomasochistic tribe are HOPING for …. When You can simply Calmly HANG Them !!!!

As I Show in This Video, THINK how BAD western females have become, when a “female” serial-killer can fucking BLEND IN !!!! …. Moreover, bear in mind that Her & the Mezzanine of Beasts behind Her, are “all” Self-Made-Poofters & man-hating Feminists …. Doing “exactly” what Zionist Jews “want” of Them …. ie Self-destruction amongst others …. YOUR “inaction,” no matter How Goodly The Humans They target, “MUST” Produce the Exact-Same result, for the Country-destroying Jewish Spastics Who have been “behind” EVERY Atrocity for Hundreds of Years now …. (See, Satan worship ….)

Sex offenders are as thick as shit, the Spastics tend to form “rings” & get-off on Ejaculating in Plain …. They “all” have a death-wish & imbecilically “confirm” each Other’s equally hollow-head’s bias …. When They all Nod Their Skulls at Black-Masses it sounds like the end of a Game of Kerplunk …. So “togetherness” makes Satanism make-more-sense, to Their grossly-impaired perception of Reality, as The weaklings Who’s love of Con-Troll LEAVES Them whe it comes to Con-Trolling the ONLY Urges They NEED Do, as They hurriedly Shove Their Cocks up a Child’s behind …. They’re a “backward” tribe of Totalitarain-pygmies You’d expect to find on a South Sea Island, in the 14th Century …. They NEED shot in the face ….

If You leave the hell-hole & the “Self-deluded mega-stupidity” You’re living through, in an Occupied-Country surrounded by SQUAWKING incontinent 3 Year old witches & HOOTING equally-Self-deluded 3 Year old War-locks & All Their Tommee-Tippee printing-presses & Media-Whores spouting the Same transparent-crap, WISHING You’d See a BULLSHITTING-SPASTIC as being the Arbiter of Reality, making DEFINITIVE Statements …. Then, You leave a Crèche’ of Spastics in sole con-troll of nuclear missiles, after the “Genocidal mess” They’ve Already left Your Children in ….

Shite like that are Determined to “delude” Themselves at All costs & to get Their way, as “Then,” the baby-brained semi-simian Goon feels “temporarily” better, but “Then” the flat-lining Unitard comes-down again & starts to brew hatred & “Then” has-to-be reminded of All the evil it’s Caused in the past & is presently Causing, to Smile again, “temporarily” ….

Which it makes Sense of, in it’s predominately Hollow-Skull, by the primitive Talking-Animal PRETENDING that if it Attacks a Human THEN “Transference” has Magically taken-place, when makes the evil beast NEEDING shot feel it’s depositing it’s suffering into Someone the Spastic Decrees DESERVES “THEIR” punishment …. Whereupon, the semi-simian asshole’s sorrow temporarily-lifts, when, THAT SHITE A PERSON behaves in the manner YOUR ancestors ROUTINELY Executed, for “THAT” Very fucking Reason ….

The imbecile brain ascribes it’s rage & happiness to dark-forces which the Lunatic pretends it’s in-league with …. ie “Irrespective” of how-many-times the Unitard’s “punished” & how many times the hate-consumed Spastic finds itself RAGING alone, again & again & again & again ….

Infinitely more Importantly, My most feisty Chicken, Penny, passed-away a few Days ago …. I Love Her …. She came, She Saw, She Thought, “Fuck This, I’m Off, To Tell God On Everybody !!!!” …. I didn’t Realise an egg can break “inside” A Chook & I’d Thought She was holding Them in, as I’d Began Gathering All Their eggs, to Start Giving Them to Buggalugs …. There was Much Kafuffle That Evening & Penny Stretched Her Self to Her Fullest Height & looked appalled at This Day-Light Robbery ….

A few Days later I’d Thought She was Chiquetita, Who’s much Larger, I’d Thought it was Her Holding Them in, so mistook Penny for Chiquetita …. On the 3rd Night, for the 1st time Ever, Penny Waddled slowly Over to Me & Looked Up at Me & was Begrudgingly Grateful for All I’d Given Her …. She didn’t look in Any pain …. She Then Turned around & waited & So I was Able to Stroke Her back a few times, which She’d “never” have Let Me Do before …. She then Walked off Slowly into the Distance & Now “Penny’s In Heaven” ….

If I’d Known then, what I Know Now, I Could’ve Saved Her, the 1st Night, if I’d noticed it was Her Swelling …. She went Quickly & She’s now Buried on The Promised Land, however, I Know She’s in Heaven, where God Will be Fighting Her for His Studio Time ….

Penny, “Whit’s going on here ?!?!”
God, “Oh, Penny, I was Just about to SMASH the Jews, on the Planet You Came from ….”
Penny, “Are You holding out on Us Bro’ !?!?”
God, “No Penny, I don’t Know what You Mean, I, I need to Finish This plot-scuppering Cataclysm ….”
Penny, “How Come I’m not Allowed in There though ?!?!”
God, “Look Penny, You’ve Got The Whole of Heaven to Swan Around, I’m a tad busy ….”
Penny, “Oh, wait a minute Here, am I not Good Enough to get into Your Studio !?!?”
God, “It’s not That Penny, it’s Just that You’ll shit Everywhere, like last Time & Waddle out Laughing, believing You’ve demeaned what You were jealous of ….”
Penny, “Oh, It’s like That is it !?!? …. I can Go both Ways Chief, You Know what I’m saying, I can get Tasty ….”
God, “Penny, Sharpening Your Beak on The Ground doesn’t Scare Me …. I’m God, for My Sakes !!!!”
Penny, “I can Stab an Open Toed Sandal if You’re Thinking about Taking Me on Bro’ …. I can Do the Dance, I can Run rings ’round You, Beardy ….”
God, “Oh, For CHRIST’S SAKES, You Can HAVE My Studio …. Just don’t start sending Potato-paintings to Erol, that doesn’t work on Him, TRY Giving Him ALL Your Love & Then Waddling off into The Sunset Where He’ll Have A Tear in His Eye Writing About You ….”
Penny, “Aye, Don’t catch Your Toga on the Way out, old Yin …. Now, BUCK-Off !!!!”

I Got to “Treat” Penny Really Well, I Often Think Our Place, In This Life, is Simply to Look After Animals & Children & execute Those Who “prey-on” Them & Know Better but Act worse than Them …. To Think, I Lived in Hate-Britain, where I’d “Never” Have Had The Opportunity To Appreciate The Life Time of Wonderful Creatures, in Blissful Surrounds …. I’d have been Stuck where the weather is grey, the Birds are Grey, the insects are grey, the Sky is grey, the clothes are grey, the building’s are grey, the People are grey & Their souls are Black & dripping with the Heavy-Tar of Their “sins” ….

I’ll Be “Forever” Grateful to God, for Introducing Me to The Wild Life of This Bounteous Paradise, Where little Lives of “Every Day” Happiness Made Themselves Known to Me & Became My 1st Friends …. I’ve never had a Friend & You don’t miss what You’ve never had …. However, Buggalugs, Cleopatra, My Chooks & “All” The Cartoonesque Characters I Meet, when I Stroll around The Promised Land or Recline, as I’m Doing Now, in the Sunshine & Am Visited by Lavishly Painted MASSIVE Butterflys & the little Light-Grey Birds Your Here aren’t like the mindless Scottish churn, These are little mini-Robins, Who Cock Their head from side to side & hop about as Though They Can Hear the Disco Beat of God’s Love …. They perch with a Phenomenal grip, to the Side of the Water Canister, I Like Filling for The Troops, Who then Dip up & down, like a Texan oil-rig ….

Yesterday “Everything” I Ate was “Made” Here, which included Apples which Taste Better than You can get from a “super” Market, (including sampling some Apples, from Other Trees I Tried, which “weren’t”) …. Moreover, Eggs I’d Pilfered, which My Beautiful Chooks Produce around 1 Each, per Day …. I Also Made My Self Stewed Pears, I’ll maybe Give that a miss in the future, as They Smelled like Zionist-Jew-insisted Mercury Tooth-Fillings, but They were Nice …. I’ve got another 4,000 if I Need to Experiment again …. (You can LEAVE Them in a Bucket & after a few Days, You Return & it’s Pear CIDER !!!!)

I Learned More about Making Wine, from Last Season’s Batch, which I’ll be Applying to This Seasons’ …. The Grapes are in Abundance already & I’ll be Adding Them to My Fare, if I’m Still Here when They’re Harvestable …. The 1st Wine I Made Is Still The Best, the Newest 1 is 100% Proof, but has more of a Vinegary flavour to it & the Fumes would Shut Your Eyes …. However, I Discovered by Drinking it, Apart from Feeling like Putting on Loud Rock Music, The Vinegary Quality to it “Cures” You of Any Ailment …. (Which is why the Spastic-society Tell You that Salt, Vinegar & Sun are bad for You & yet You Still FAIL to Execute Those “behind” That inhumanity …)

eg I Had a lump on the Right inside of My Throat, (Cue a paraphiliac, “GOOD, HOPE HE DIES FROM IT” …. YAWN !!!!) …. I’d been “Strenuously” Recording “Ave Maria,” which was only 3 Years overdue, on My List …. I’ve got The Video Recorded for It Now Too, where I Contrast & “Compare” 1st World People with HUMANS suffering, whilst Unitards are focussing on nothing-other than Their GREEDY Extremely-Selfish ingorant-snout, which produces the level of hatred They Justly suffer from ….


So, after 1 Glass of My latest Wine, That Night I stamped My Feet & The following Day My Amygdala was Dead & My Throat was “Completely Cured” …. Vinegar is Great for You & replaces “all” anti-bacterial Agents, but Zionist Jews “want” That Bacteria becoming “stronger,” as They See “Themselves” as Life-Sized Germs, Who Wish They’d been Born As EVOLVED As Humans & “instead” of the Vermin Feeling Grateful at Being more Evolved than a Monkey, the Existentially-envious Talking-Monkey ATTACKS the Human Instead…. ie Which Is The “REASON” Your Ancestors kicked The UNJUSTIFIABLE Self-loathing-projecting “remoreless” Shit-heads out of Every Country & Also Executed The Home-made with That Birth-defect, by Dint-of-Cunt ….

Maw Broon & Chiquetita are Regaling Me Now, with Their Peacock-like Drinking, which usually Ends with a Shake of Their Head, like a Boxer lashing with sweat, spraying His Corner-man’s efforts, About to Go into The 10th Round with a long-suffering Sheet of Styrofoam, They then Stick the Nut in, until They resurface like a serial-killer Who’d been drawn-into a concentrated Beam of Head-Banging, only to Snap out of it, surrounded by the Dismembered form of What They’d Set-about, just-about Realising They’d Over-done it ….

Meaning, I’ll have a little more Sweeping Up to Do, for Wednesday’s visitors, Whom there’s a 50% chance are BEASTS “NEEDING” shot in the face, 30% chance They NEED Their Jaw Broken & a 20% Chance They’re Innocent Humans wanting to “Escape” from a Tribe of Self-deluded Unitards, being “betrayed” by Organised Self-deluded Local Unitards & Genocided by a Tribe of Self-deluded International Unitards ….

It’s beyond the Comprehension of Mong, that “Whomever” They feel “hate” in Their rooted, perma-raging, hell-bound Skull for, it is of NO IMPORTANCE …. “eg” If They LOVE Hitler or HATE Jesus, “I” Couldn’t Give a fuck …. ie If They WORSHIP Lulu & HATE Joni Mitchell, “I” Couldn’t Give a fuck …. If They HATE “Me” or LOVE Me, “I” Couldn’t Give a solitary fuck …. The Unitard Believes that if it Decides that it hates It’s Fantasy of You, then You MUST Choose to CARE what a Spastic likes or wishes it could Con-Troll …. “I” Couldn’t Give a fuck about Them ….

I’d EXECUTE the ALL such “self-deluded” spastics Just the Same as Our Ancestors did, however, There are “MILLIONS” of hate-consumed unitards & as Churchill once Opined, if He was to STOP & SHOOT Every Single Cur which threw a stone at His Carriage, He’d NEVER have Gotten into the Position to be a War-mongering, alcoholic paedophile ….

So, when You Consider My Growing Popularity, which is as fickle as You’d imagine, PICTURE the MILLIONS of Confirmed-Poofters & Man-Hating, hell-bound & “equally” hideously-ugly Fee-males, “ALL” impotently-wishing that I Choose to have a negative-affect due to Their “skullful” of hate-stew & “Belief” that You MUST be in Mental-Bondage & You MUST Choose to have a negative Reaction, because THEY “DID,” when They Witnessed CONFIDENT TRUTH Being Told, which They can NEVER Escape & have to BULLSHIT Themselves con-stantly every Day to MAINTAIN Their Distance from LOVE, “without” PITY ….

Which lays bare the pig-ignorant, grossly-incompetent, utterly Self-deluded, Human Man Hating Lunatics & Lunatics, Whom Zionist Jews have Groomed to take-over the Asylum …. As They’re INCAPABLE of Seeing beyond the End of Their nose & ALL They live for is to Head-Bang …. ie Whenever the Baby-Monkey-Girl Feels Bad “YOU,” in All it’s Forms & Clown-outfits, YOU “Must Choose” to feel bad “instead” …. Whereas, as I Promote in This Video, TAKE THEIR FUCKING HEAD OFF !!!!

In All Forms, in All Their “Camps,” LUNATICS are wearing a Disguise, They’re ALL “hideously-ugly” inside & subhuman fucking Garbage …. But They “DON’T REALISE” that, Zionist Jews have TARTED Them All up, which ALL Sex-offenders want to Do, as THEN They can Project “Their” Hatred at You even-more …. Because it’s SEXIER for Them when They BUILD You Up & THEN Destroy Your “ego” …. eg The Twin Towers or the “YES WE CAN” campaign, which the Unselfaware Imbeciles, behind that farce, found titillating & which Also Lays bare Their “Failure” to Channel Being A “Success” & Their ABJECT HATRED for “OTHERS” Outside of Their ring-of-reptiles ….

The unitard brain is a failure in Every Conceivable way, They’re a failed “race,” They FAIL at Everything They Do, They’re REDUCED to magical-thinking to Pretend-prove otherwise, even if that Means Nailing Yehoshua of Nazareth to a Tree, after beheading His Cousin, so a Paedophile-ring can CON-ON & behind the scenes a vacant Dancing-Whore can “temporarily” shed Her unfavourable-COMPARISON-borne True-Self-loathing …. Which means the “Naked Lizard” stops Believing She’s a Lizard, before She feels the PRESSING Truth penetrate Her bubble, slicing-through Her hair-brain, again & again & again ….

Their Assassinations continuing All the way through to The Kennedy’s & The Great Musicians Who Preached PEACE, which Those Who are wretched, don’t want to Leave YOU “In” …. As there’s no REST for the WICKED, Therefore They’ll NOT Leave You In Peace, as They don’t Truly Realise how UTTERLY insignificant the magical-thinking banally-evil-doer “is,” behind Whom lie Those Who’s Death-Wish SHOULD be “Instantly” Granted ….

When a maniacal Unitard Hopes to Stop Your Juggernaut, Fuck Them, You Run over The Top of Them, by Simply Carrying On, Happily Doing what The Spastic is Jealous of …. BDUM, BDUM ….

I’m Just Back from A Stroll around The Promised Land, Resting Near My Bubble-Gum Trees, where The Birds have Taken Away the Biggest Figs for Me, Showing Off Their Gorgeous Plumage, from Pastel Blue Parrot-like Birds, all the way through to Bright Yellow & Black Streaked Characters …. I’m Looking Forward to Getting My New Chickens, Whom I Hope Settle in Well with My Incumbent Chooks …. If I’d been Quicker I Could’ve Bred Another Penny, however, I Sense Her Spirit & Know I’ll Meet Her Again, where She’ll Stand Staring at Me Expectantly no-matter How Kind I am to Her, wanting More of Me, As Well She Should ….

Meanwhile, if We Turn Our Magnascope back to the primeval Western smears of Shit I’ve magnified, We SEE insectoid, hollow, hideously-ugly attention-whores, Who pseudo-decree Their faux-reality, via a Brain “missing” All The Necessary Parts, emboldened with the Entitlement of a Global paedophile-ring, “using & murdering” Them, to Genocide Human Men & raise FATherless hair-brained Unitards …. A Unitard has ZERO Intelligence, it’s simply a “Guess-rememberer,” Who Sees-if ….

“Until,” You Do what Your Ancestors Did with Incontinent-Arseholes like that, which Means, You HAVE TO “Either” Start Executing the Unitards Who are on 90% of Perches DICTATING Morality to You …. Even though They “Know” They’re VOID of the Concept, as They’re TALKING BEASTS, Who are Guess-Rememberers, Who “MINDLESSLY” See-if You’ll Choose to have a negative-reaction & “then” Suppress It, as THEN the “Sex-offender” can Magically delude itself that it’s an Energy Vampire, getting histrionic PRETENGE, against the Scum it’s “obediently become” ….

The Only Alternative For “Humans” Being, Abandon a Nation of unselfaware, hate “consumed,” Self-deluded, “primitive” pin-brains & “UNITE” with Like+Minds, in Africa, to Eventually LAUNCH Your Family off of This Planet of “Pan’s People” & Put As Much “Physical” Distance between Your Self & Those on The Other Side of The Evolutionary Gulf, As Possible …. They are a fucking ABOMINATION, Who “NEED” to be Exterminated, so either “CHOOSE” to DO SO or Distance Your Self from the Black-Holes Who Swallow Their Own Tail !!!!

Every Time I Recline I Look Up At A Canopy of Grapes, which Produce a Rare Spirit, I’ll Have A Go at Making It …. When I Sat Upright, Chiquetita was Rehydrating, after Her Upper Farm Travels & Showing off Her Shirley Temple Bloomers …. My Chooks Are Loveably like mini dinosaurs …. They Stoat About The Farm, with no fear of Any Obstacle & I Looked down from The Balcony a Couple of Days ago & They were Helping Each Other down a Steep Embankment, in a hurry, Hoping I Wouldn’t Know They could Do that Sort of a Thing & Would Bring Them grape Seeds Manually Instead …. Bless Their little Hearts !!!!

ALL Unitards SHOULD be Exterminated, as it’s beyond the hate-consumed, insignificant, Guess-rememberers “comprehension” that You Should Be “Happy for Others” …. That Thought NEVER Occurs to the hate-consumed …. As Concepts like Love, Morality, Guilt, Shame & Countless Other GUIDING Lights are “Abstracts” which They “cannot” even being Cognise …. SO Think again, about Shite like that Dictating Morality to You, whilst wearing a wig, with a 5 Year old Boys’ Shite all ’round it’s baldy half inch ….

The Concept of Others, lies in the Scary Zone beyond the limited mental-resources & primitive incapacity of the Unitard …. Where it would have to Stop Thinking about Itself & it’s Hollow-Shams for more than a “split” Second & Deal with SCARY Adult Subjects, in it Infantile delusion-state, Void of Moral “Reasoning,” Humane “Meaning,” Depth, Peripheral & Accurate Long Term Vision, as “it doesn’t See” WHY the glaikit-spastic Should do what it doesn’t FEEL like Doing, as the “hideous hypocrite” prefers to get-off, on going, PECK, PECK, BOOM, BOOM & VROOM VROOM & ZOOM ZOOM & DOOM DOOM !!!!


When I Produce A Song or “Anything,” EVERY Unitard Who Witnesses It Thinks It’s About “Them,” (As Everything’s about the hideous, hollow dirt-bag) …. Shite, like that, Believe They’ve got a Tractor Beam, emanating from Their hate-quaking face, which You MUST Choose to Care about, when I “Couldn’t” give a “lesser” fuck about the beggars, Whom Insects are Intellectually Superior to, as Unitards have “ZERO” Intelligence ….

Nor Have I Been Made Aware, for quite some time, About 1 iota of what Any of the wretched-beasts Obsessed with Their fantasy of Me, have been hoping to convey, with Their “minuscule” solitary-pathology & DESPERATION for Me to dignify the Grossly-unselfaware, hate-consumed “mindless-repetitive,” Who KNOW They NEED shot, so You MUST Choose to FEEL like shooting Them, as They ARE 1 of the MILLIONS Of Hate-Consumed Spastics Who NEED shot, So It’s a “MUST” that You SHOOT That Specific 1, as that Specific one LOVES Hitler, Hates Jesus, WORSHIPS Lady Gaga & SUCKS COCKS, so because the hate-stewed Unitard wants Your Attention for it’s ridiculous, ludicrous, unenviable hate-STATE, You MUST pay it attention, no-matter how Successful You Are & how Easily You’ve Triumphed over ALL that shite, to the Point Where You’ve
Being “Celebrated” Internationall & Invited to Speak on the Subject of Unitard, with Glowing Introduction …. Moreover, I’ve “INFINITELY” Greater Interest in A Solitary Delicate Flower, which Just floated by, like an Angel ….

The Flowers Here Are Still A Constant Surprise & have “no rival” for My Thoughts …. Even in a Field of Hay, You’ll Find a little bunch of Lillac posies Nestling, in Sweet Smelling Spleandour, protected from the Wind & the sucking-void of the hell-bound Who’d rip Even Them from Their Beds, when the drowning clown is Clutching at Straws ….

Whereas, in dnaltocS, You’ve got a Choice of Dandy-Lions & Daisies, with raging-beasts Staring at You across the road, from Their Asylum-cells …. Believing YOU should Feel how SPAZMO feels, as You AREN’T feeling BAD like Spazmo Feels, so You MUST be MADE to PAY, as it’s magically-gone “YOUR” Fault, that Spazmo is being Punished, for never having Developed a 2nd Thought about Others in it’s solitary-life & instead, degenerating into a Corrupt Self-bullshitting unitard …. So, Spazmo FEELS BRIGHTER when He opens the window & Shouts, “HOH, Is It No’ About Time You Got A Hair-Cut ?!?! …. GOD BLESS You My Son ….”

Then, the unselfaware Spastic, turns with a pyro-Maniac “mask,” towards it’s paedophile-funding Council-Wall, papered as thinly as it’s Amygdala & as Tastelessly Garish as You’d Expect from 1 Look at the unselfaware imbecile-arranged physiognomy, having “Gone-Proudnesses” of itself, “Genuinely” Believing “Transference” has Magically taken-place, “temporarily” forgetting WHY the “remorseless” Unitard has been “PUNISHED” it’s WHOLE Life, due to the “STATE” it gets itself into & the STATE it was in to Receive “The Balance” of The Moral+Law of A Divinity beyond it’s twitching grasp ….

If a lunatic shouts at You, in a Council-estate You “Never” Need-to Choose to Feel anything about a “Sex-offender” Disgracing itself, again & again & again & again …. However, I’d Advise Executing it “or” Abandoning “ALL THAT SHITE” to Their unenviable FATe & Moving to Africa, where You’ll Meet “EVOLVED” Humans, rather than Bleached, inbred, primordial slime-bags, Who NEVER Develop beyond Infancy & Who’s “behaviour” lays-bare a Self-deluded Animal, living in a Cuckoo fantasy World, with a flashing Compartment of prancing Poofters “rotated” with Watching a bouncing-ball, which is the Talentless, loveless, hollow Sham’s Everything ….

Every Day I Arise, I Receive News which Would Have The Average Person Running down the Street Naked Shouting, “YEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ….” …. However, more often than not, I knock it back, for Reasons “Beyond the Comprehension of Mong” & all it’s Guess-remembering & histrionic desire to “become” evil …. This last Week has been Remarkably Lucrative & I’m Going for the Final Push, “despite” having Carried-out a “parallel” Large Social Experiment, with a far-distant paedophile ring ….

What lays-bare what Western Fee-males “are,” is what They DO with the imaginary-power They’ve been “granted” by the paedophile They turn-a-blind-eye to, for Their Perch to BASH Men from, to feel betterererererer …. Think of how Self-deluded, tiny-minded, peurile & PETTY, blame-projecting & hateful a Scum-bag 90% of Western Chicks are, They’re REPULSIVE “lunatits” ….

When I’m Holding a little fluffy Yellow Chick in The Palm of My Hand, in the Next Few Weeks, I’d Not Swap Her for a Weekend with the hottest “looking” Nubile Chick in the West, as 90% of Western Females are unselfaware Gobshites NEEDING drowned or burned …. The More “Like” Muslim Women Western Females become, the Happier They’ll be, at the Moment They’re EVERYTHING Zionist Jews Tarted-Them-up to be, pseudo-denials & all …. How degenerate & PATHETIC to have become the “PRECISE” evil, which a Genocidal Pharisee-Paedophile “Groomed” You to become ….

I’ve Just Returned From A Stroll for More Apples, I Found A Tree which Bears Basket-Fulls of Delicious Tasting Bright Green Picturesque Fruit, I’ve got around 12 Apple Trees …. In Scotland I had a drying-green, an overgrown back-garden & a String of passing-alcoholics, I don’t Know if You can Spot The Difference …. I Almost-Always forget that I’ve given away more money than the Average Person will Ever See in Their Lifetime, which is Why I met as many low-life Jabbering Spastics as I Have ….

Of course, You get megalomaniacs Everywhere & in the Process of Selling the Farm, As I’ve Said, I’ve unsurprisingly Found 50% of the Viewers to be Just that, ie Rabid Sex-offenders NEEDING shot through the face & 30% more to be Time-wasters also, Who are so retarded in Their “meaningless” Life, Their “backward” brain Believes there’s “NO WAY” You could EVER Know that They’re BEGGING You to SHOOT Them, as They Hope You have Hopes “riding” on Their hollow-presence ….

However, I’ve Simply Seen It the Same way I Did when Selling Computers, when I Presumed Someone “wasn’t” going to Show Up …. ie It became an Opportunity to Hasten My lax Domestic prowess & if They Did show-up, to Use Their Focus on the “Minutia,” which an imbecile will “pretend” is important to it, to tittilate it’s MANIA …. Which I “Then” Employ to Better Inform An Authentic Customer about What I may Otherwise not have Mentioned to Them …. Ideally, I’d have simply broken Their neck & Buried Them in the back-garden, “For You” …. But, Your Country’s run by Paedophiles & complicit Sex-offenders Whom You haven’t Galvanised YOUR Army to Exterminate Them Yet ….

When You Look at a Map of the World, where hair-brained Poofters are ENSHRINED by “Genocidal” Zionist Jews into Bigoted-Privilege, that Map is BLACK …. As black as the inken-well ALL the SHITE find Their WEAKNESS leads Them down …. Wheras, on the SHINY Part of The Map, which is BRIGHT & Poof-Free, You find over 90% of Africa EXECUTES Poofters & LAUNCHES Them …. Yet Another Reason, Why A Mountain In Africa Suits Me Down to The Ground ….

Cue, the furious potato-paintings of the burst-arsed streaks-of shite, plaguing My Publicist’s Zen-desk, impotently-hoping in a fury of Tommee-Tippee etcha-sketches, Seeing Themselves as a Self-Amazing would-be Bully, travelling at Stealth, in a 2D Upgrade to Their 1D Life, in Their “Half-Arsed” Delusion …. (Chortle, Chortle ….)

Cheryl informed Me a while ago, that a Certain female serial-killer is “FAT” …. I Laughed, “before” I Knew Absolutely Why …. It was because the She-Beast had “wanted” to Meet Up with Me Again & was “paving The way” …. Laugh !?!? …. I was nearly bent-double …. I’ll expose more about that, in My Next Vid …. The sad Reality is, by far-seeing into Her Suffering, I Could “Identify” with Her desire to Never be bullied again, but as She “Knows” She has “NO” Excuse for what She’s become & then some ….


eg I’d informed Her about a Mexican Woman I’d Helped A Great Deal, by Teaching Her how to “Clean” Her Memories & be Non-Reactionary, whilst Still Taking Affirmative Action …. ie Making A “Decision” or Channelling what Served to “Moor” Her, into “Doing” Something …. BDUM, BDUM !!!!

As a Young Girl, She’d been Adopted & the Only time She Saw Her Brother was when They were “changing places,” ie He was being taken “out” of the Toy-box & She was being placed back in it …. They were raped repeatedly, on a Daily basis & beaten & starved regularly …. Eventually They were “handed-back” to Child Services, like empties …. Her Brother is now in a Maximum security prison for what would Appear to be the criminally insane & I’d Dearly have Liked to have Spoken with Him …. However, I Then Helped The Woman “erase” the perverse, evil, weak, degenerate Beasts from Her Memories & put “THEM” in the Box …. In the same Way I “reduce” no-marks to nothing, Who Hope to Loom-large over The GIANTS The Thankless low-lives (factoring-out Their needs & death-wish) Benefit from ….

It Went Really Well & although I was far from Perfect towards Her, She had moved-on a Great Deal in Her “Ability” with haunting-memories of “non present” hell-bound spastics …. She’d “Realised” Her Life was to be Envied & That Simply Smiling Was A Triumph & Counted Her Blessings, with Her Greater Mind than past-perpetrators …. She then began coming-on to Me, behind Her Husbands’ back & “fortunately” what Happened Next was an Act of God ….

I at 1st Thought, The Thankless Cow, as I didn’t Hear from Her again for about 3 Weeks …. Then, It became Apparent “Why” Her Huge House, which She’d originally Shown Me photographs of, had been So inexpensive …. ie She lived on “Tornado Ally” …. Her Street had been in it’s path & “both” Houses on Either Side of Her were “gone,” along with The Occupiers, whereas, Her House had had a Tree Fall through the Roof, where She’d kept Her Computer, in The Loft & it had Taken all that time to Get Everything repaired ….

She Showed Me the resulting photographs & Sure as Fuck, both Neighbours were Pants-to-the-wind AWAY & There was a Bloody HUGE Tree, which had been at the Other End of Her Large Garden, Embedded in Her Loft …. However, She was Overjoyed, as She Didn’t Like Them Anway & was Still Counting Her Blessings & Had Benefitted So Much from My Advice about How to “Overcome,” that She was simply online That Day to Thank Me & Take My Advice about “Making More” of Her Relationship with Her Husband …. (The Thankless Cow ….)

My Point being, when I Said All that to the fee-male Serial (Marie McCallum) The “TELL” I got from Her was GINORMOUS …. As She had “NO EXCUSE,” Her pity-play was TOTAL bollocks & Her Own sob-story was Her Own FAULT for the “STATE” God found Her in, when Paying Her the “Balance” Due …. Which Her evil-antics had fore-stalled & way-laid That Delivery, due to Her Rabid Jonesing delusions of power as a Self-aggrandising, hate-spewing, nihilistic Information of Fuck-All, Who;d BURNED Her candle at Both Ends, as did Her partner-in-slime …. NOW They’re PAYING the PENULTIMATE price for that, the Unitards want OTHERS to Suffer, instead ….

As Shite like that tend-to weakly-surrender to taking-advantage of Their inability to Experience REMORSE …. Which is Exactly why Zionist Jews “again” Invented Care-In-The-Community, precisely as They Did before WW2 …. IF You Love Your Family CLAIM “YOUR” ARMY & turn Them against the RING Leaders, Who are sitting on Tropical islands, flicking Their greasy Wank Claw across Their Tommee-Tippee laptop

Tonight I’m going to Make My Self a “rare” Dish of PASTA …. HOORAY Shouted His Menagerie, due to This Complete Change in Their Diet …. (Even though They’ve got A Whole Farm of Goodies to Choose from, it MUST Be “My” Scran They pilfer ….) …. I’ve got “Another” Shipment of Chocolate Coming & Although That Means I’ll be Without Pasta for Days, I DO Intend, This Time, to Make It Last for a few Days longer, than My Usual Approach, which tends to be simply “Getting rid” of it …. It Makes A Nice Change, however, I’m Going to go through the Excruciating Agony of Trying to ENJOY It !!!!

I’m more Vicarious when it Comes to Enjoyment, I don’t Seem to Store My Own Enjoyment as Something to “Repeat” for Further Enjoyment …. All My Brain’s Advanced & Evolved Capacities & Faculties Lead to Me Being “Selfless,” as Has My early Life Experience, which I’ll be Covering in “Erol On P.T.S.D.,” where I’ll be Providing All The Solutions I’ve “Withheld,” whilst Unitards were Still Sending My Self, then Cheryl clues I Could Magnify about that tiny & evil a hell-bound Animacule …. Now a Zen Desk dispenses with it before it gets to Che or She bins it before it Comes to Me ….

As I Wrote, to a filthy, pathetic, degenerate, Self-destroyed, unselfaware, debauched, unenviable, stinking GHOUL, Who’s 1 of the fannies Whom “Marie McCallum” gets to Type-Shite for Her, I Made It Clear to the “desperate” sparking-nit-wit, “deluding” itself (like all poovs,) that it’s HATING-In-Plain-View …. I cut-through the imbeciles wish-typing, imbecilically hoping-away THEIR evil sins, which are & “ALWAYS” Will-Be Their Own “problem” …. I Impressed Upon Them that Their SHIT is & has Always been “IMPOTENT & 2D,” so to Either Come Correct or Get to Fuck & that It’s NOT POSSIBLE for Me to CHOOSE to have a Negative Reaction to a Spazi, especially when I’m Climbing Mountains, (7 Now,) with money coming out of My Ears & EVERYTHING Coming My Way, Every Single Day !?!?

So the Beast “apologised,” through gritted false-teeth, (You’re paying for,) in the closest thing which the cowardly bag of shit would Ever get to Being in a Competition I Know About, which Animacules are “obsessed” with winning, which Requires The Human to Not Know it’s an imbecile PRETENDING it’s the Arbiter or REALITAAAH & capable “revising” history by sending-enough potato …. So I Have the “PRICELESS” Moment, of Hearing the hate-consumed, evil scum-bag’s Spine SNAP, “on record” …. (Fnarr, fnarr ….)

Although Their Shit is garbage, In This Video I Make Clear that Her Ghoul “IS” ALSO a serial-killer, which is Why the Unitard can’t believe that His Shit doesn’t Work on Me or Why I don’t Just have Him bumped-off …. However, I Made My “Decision” Public, 3 Years ago & I’ve reiterated it Several Times since …. ie Simply “BEING” Them is an Infinitely worse punishment than Anything I Could Mete Out & Executing Them would Take Away the Punishment which God has In Store for All Those Who Follow in Their hoof-steps ….


So, Although I Tried Everything, EVIDENTIALLY, to Encourage Them UP & Out of Their “CHOICE” to murder & steal for Sexual-pleasure & fleeting trivial-pursuits, The call of the sewer was too Strong for Their hell-bound, weak & feeble tiny-minds …. Which LAYS BARE how CORRUPT & “worthless” Your Police-farce are, that That’s The LENGTHS “I” Had-to Go to, to Try to Save The Next unsuspecting Kind Person, Whom that Shite Will target …. As You’ll find out, in My Latest Vid, the PIGS Decided to Try to imprison Me, on the Serial-Killers’ (Plural) Behalf ….

However, Due to My Decision to Allow God to punish Them, instead of My Self, as It’s Gods’ Place to Forgive or GRIND You down, (Hint, Hint) …. Thus, EVERY Day, which the Gruesome Serial-killers have Suffered, (which They KNOW I KNOW They Have, for the last Third of a Decade,) They Have ME to “Thank” for that SUFFERING …. “They’re Welcome” …. And That’s Just the Entrée, With Hell for “Afters” & further “LASHINGS” of Just+Desserts, I’m a “Helping” Kind of Guy ….

As I’ll be Revealing in Upcoming Vids, there are Several Other Family’s of Spastics I’ll be Exposing, Who are megalomaniacal psycho-paths, ie Sadomasochism addicted, hate-gritted, Self-deluded “PARAPHILIACS,” NEEDING shot in the face …. I Have Their Home Addresses & could have Them ICED any Night of the Week …. However, I “Used” Them, which Shite like that Always reduce You to Doing, 1 way or Another, due to the “Determination” of the Spastic to “win” the criminal-campaign it Started against An Innocent Human Being, which it’s prepared to go to Any Lengths to get-away with, including Magically-Thinking itself into a parallel universe, (Which I’ll be exposing ….)

As the imbecile feels POWERFUL if it can commit-offences & then get away with it, as Then the the self-deluded PANTING spastic waddles off, feeling it’s going-up in the Jungle …. When it’s a low-life criminal scum-bag with Hell waiting for it, after it’s UNENVIABLE low-life, an INESCAPABLE fate beyond the Peripheral Conceptualisation of the mental-quadriplegic, let-alone it’s Ability to See into The Future “Accurately,” where it’s Whole Family Will Soon be Being Exposed “Internationally,” Evidentially & Ridiculed, Humiliated & The “system” which Supports that Shite laid-bare, “again” …. How Many More Times Guys !?!?

90% of so-called Homosexuals are the SCUM of the Earth & 2 out of Every 3 of Them NEED to be Exterminated, which They “KNOW” …. They believe Humans are ASLEEP & that They’re masterminds, which is the equivalent of Me Walking Up to a Male Goat & Kicking it in the Arse & Then SHOUTING, “YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ….” …. Decreeing My Self as “Being the Winner” of The Competition only I Knew about …. (Cue the unselfaware, superficial, hate-consumed paraphiliac, “RAM !!!” ….)


Paraphiliacs are Mental-Quadriplegics, 90% of FEMALES are “paraphiliacs” …. 2 out of EVERY 3 Females is a “PAEDOPHILE,” Who Should “NEVER” Be left alone with Children, so “WHAT” Do Zionist Jews ENGINEER to Produce & Promote Endlessly !?!?

2 out of Every 3 Females has “ZERO REMORSE,” so She can ABUSE Her Children then go back to watching a Soap Opera of a Butch Cunt SHOUTING at a Man, Who “doesn’t Know” She secretly cares, in Her wafer-thin brain, so He then Treats Her the way She DESERVES to be Treated & She then JUDGES Him on that, because “secretly” She fancied Him & if He’d Only ENDURED Her Stabbing Him repeatedly through the face, overlooked the 6 superficial-lesbians She’d winched & forgotten about His Dog She ran over, forgiven the Credit-card Debt She ran up, Erased the visit from the Police-farce in the middle of the Night, “THEN,” He’d have won a FUCKING LUNATIC !!!!

If He attempts to overcome Her imaginary baffles She Thinks less of Him, If He leaves She never Loved Him anyway …. But on the Rare Occasion when She’s ABSOLUTELY GAGGING for it & She Knows She’s not fit to Chew His Pants, Then, She STOPS NEEDING SHOT IN THE FACE & for 2 Blissful Weeks She “WARNS” Him, with “panting” fear & excitement, as She’s ENJOYING Her Self …. A Fortnight later, He’s leaving the Scene in a Taxi, as 1 Night the Clunge got Bored & He wasn’t “expecting it” ….

He was Wisely “Budgeting” & Suggested They Enjoy A Cuddle & A Night In & A GOOD Laugh, She then ACTED out SHRIEKING about Him Being a Skin-Flint & that ALL the Other Pseudo-Lesbian Man-whippers were dripping with Diamonds & He’s wanting to Keep Her under Lock & Key !?!? …. She then BLASTS OUT an Ear-splitting Cyndi Lauper Song on the Stereo He fuck-patch Won Her ….

Then, a Defeaning misleading Sting Song, to Emphasise Her Message ….

Followed by Her breaking Her Heart, so The Watching Couch-bound Fee-Male is GROOMED to Think, what She SCREAMS at The Mirror in Her empty House, “ALL MEN ARE BASTURTS, ABSOLUTE FUCKIN’ BASTURTS, IT’S NEVER YOU HEN, NOH HEN, IT’S NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER YOU, NEVER, IT’S ALWAYS HIM, YOU BEING the COMMON denominator in ALL Your past FAILED relationships is ONLY A FUCKIN’ COINCIDENCE, that only a FUCKIN’ MAN Would Cast Up anyway, NEVER MIND The Fact HE BUILT YOUR FUCKIN’ HOOSE, HA HA HAAAA HAH HAH HA HAA, THAT’S GREAT I’ve Rembered Something I Can Be PROUD Of, I’m LIVING In the House That JACK BUILT & I’ve JUST Slammed the Door in His Fucking MAN Face, HA HAHA HAHA HAHA AHHAH HAHAH, YEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS, YEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS …. Oh, sob, I don’t feel as high anymore, now that He’s gone & I don’t have an Audience to ABUSE Psychology & leave with a Long Lasting Looping Trauma, if He’s a fuckin’ WEAKLING, the fuckin’ weakling, WHY CAN’T ANY MAN SIMPLY STAND THERE & LET ME SCREAM AT HIM EVERYTHING I CAN DREDGE UP from My hob-nailed Boots, the fuckin’ weaklings, so I can FEEL I’ve WON & that He’s TOO SPINELESS for Me …. Oh, sob, I’ve gone inconsolable, it’s HIS fault, HIM, ALL of Them, EVERY 1 of Them’s been a fuckin’ MAN, MEN are the enemy, pah, sob, blubber …. It’s NEVER the fuckin’ Jews ….”

She’s then Seen, behind the closing Credits, crying behind a twitching net Curtain, as He Rounds The Street Corner, for the Last time, before She Turns weeping, then slightly Smiles at a Vodka Bottle …. (Where Do I Sign !?!?)

Think of the PHENOMENAL perversion of taking a Child, kidnapped by the Sociopath-work dept. & Handing it to 2 RAVENING paraphiliacs !!!! …. Zionist Jews “NEED” to be Exterminated & the remaining Quarter of Poofters Who don’t abuse Children “PHYSICALLY PUNISHED” & the Exact volume Fee-Males PHYSICALLY Punished & ALL Your so-called AUTHORITAAAHS “rounded up” by YOUR Army & after You weed-out the MASONS’ Grandsons & EXECUTE Them, THEN, Execute the “Police-farce,” followed by the “SATAN WORSHIPPING PEDOPHILE” Free-masons, Who Are ONLY “united” to “serve & protect” ….

A Unitard is Thicker than an overflowing pale of Pigs’ shite, You “ARE” in Mental-Bondage, when of-course the Solution is to DO what YOUR Ancestors did, as I Expose in This Video …. You LET People Stand in Front of You & Behave in a Manner Known as “BEGGING TO BE SHOT THROUGH THE FACE ….” …. Zionist Jews are sitting on Tropical Islands LAUGHING at What You’ll put-up with LUNATICS Needing SHOT in the Face Who won’t Leave You In Peace ….

Zionist Know what I KNOW, They’ve UNLEASHED Absolutely Mindless Lunatics & Lunatits, Who are hate-consumed incontinent-Arseholes, Who are wired “back to front” & Whom it’s Your MORAL Obligation to Either FINISH or place in an “ASYLUM,” which was the Step “away” from DROWNING Them, BOTH of which You EXIST “BECAUSE” of Your Ancestors ROUTINELY Doing “THAT” ….

The MOST Compassionate Men in History ALL Said, “NEVER” Treate a female as an Equal, as She’s got SHIT for BRAINS & Will Reveal that She NEEDS Her Cunt Kicked in …. Yehoshua of Nazareth Said, “WOMAN, KNOW THY FUCKING PLACE YOU DUNCE CUNT !!!!” …. He also Added, “SHUN the homosexual” …. As He NEVER once believed that They’d be on Every perch of a perverse, amoral, evil open-air Asylum, which He “foresaw” when He was Whipping fuck out of the Pharisees for “MAKING UP SHITE” & trying to con People into not “SEEING” Them for What They are …. Which, If You don’t KNOW, You WILL after You Watch My Latest Video ….

Kind regards,

Sun SHINE !!!!

My latest Song, “Sun Shine,” Written in Freezing cold, bleak, driek dnaltocS, over-run by Rabid Beasts roaming that Tundra, then, Finally Recorded in Blissful Weather in Sunny Portupants, Where Every Day Gives You the Kind of Vibe where You want to “Store” It as A Memory, like You would when You were on Holiday, in Youth, but, without the Panic of Your 14 Days count-down to Returning to sinners Who’ve become the Very thing They hate, ie “evil” ….

We Live On a Planet which has Degenerated, due to the End Result of the Zionist Jew’s breeding-program, which has Produced a Crèche of hate-consumed Spastics, especially in the West …. Who Echo Their engineers by Mindlessly-obsessively attempting to ameliorate against Their True-Self loathing, by acting-out Needing shot in the face ….

Which, if You “Choose” to react negatively to, the degenerate primitive “devolved” imbecile Believes it’s a Mastermind as it Ejaculates without Touching it’s groin when it gets an Adult Human to Choose a reaction They don’t Need to Have, even-when Witnessing a hell-bound Abomination, (which is All that the flat-lining Mental-Quadriplegic lives for) …. Moreover, if You don’t Detect it, it “again” deludes itself it’s a Mastermind, by Covertly-Cumming in front of You, as it hasn’t Developed beyond 3 & is an Evil beast which Won’t Stop Being a Sex-offender, until You Execute it ….

The vermin Target Those Human Beings, Whom the monkey-with-a-calculator deduces “won’t” Shoot Them in the face, during times where, conversely, Humans have been Groomed into “Mental-Bondage” …. Which is what follows, after the endless-propaganda aimed at Congenitally-Stupid Females, Who have Always been Predominately paraphiliacs ….

As I Exposed in “Erol On the PIGS,” the Closest We’ve Ever Been to being Free was with 1 Paedophile preying-on Each “Stable,” which was Then worsened by the Norman-invasion & since multiplied-exponentially by the influence of megalomaniacal Jews, Who are the Direct descendents of the Pharisees Who crucified a previous Christ, Known as Yehoshua of Nazareth …. Those Spastics hooked-up with “battle-craving” Kurdish Gypsies, after Getting Their Arses Kicked out of Palestine almost Half a Millennia Earlier ….

The Moral+Law of The Divine, “slowly” returns Evil, Generationally as well as Personally, it’s “inescapable” & The Only Rule which You Should Govern Your Life by, no-matter how incontinent Your death-wish …. eg The Ancestors of present-day (European-Descendent) Americans, were guilty of Genocide of “Both” Native Americans, Mexicans and then enslaving All Camps including Kidnapped Africans …. You Can See the “return” of Their Just+Desserts better than They can, as They’re “in” the Cauldron, Zionist Jews are stirring & hotting-up & spicing with Endless “ingredients,” whilst Their tiny cocks tingle with Glee ….

However, a few Good Men, for a brief spell, fought on That Land & overcame The evil swine Who Sought to “Con-tinue” Their evil Determination to Con-Troll The Species or Be SLAIN …. Atypically, the coward uses Others to Fight for it, Thus Why They Hooked up with the Kurds …. However, They were to be Overcome by The Brave Men & Women Who had fled Their Home countries which were Treating Them the way “You” are Being Treated right now, by Exact-Same Family of Evil Jews ….

Those Courageous Freedom Fighters, “Channelled” The Moral+Law, against Seemingly unstoppable Opposition, funded by Zionist Spastics in London & in-so Doing, Enshrined Their Freedom, in A Constitution to NEVER Allow Jews to usurp Them again & on Record Set In Stone The MORAL Code The Whole Country Should be Governed by & if Anyone “DEVIATE” From That Humane Treaty They would be Executed by Those Brave Enough to Risk Their Own Lifes, watering The Tree of Liberty, in order to extinguish the unjustifiable-blight of “Determined” Sex-offenders ….

As Sexual-deviants have a Death-Wish & Their Choice is “destruction & evil OR death” …. Which is Why, Those Behind the “temporary” Emancipation of the Slaves of All Tribes “Knew” that You HAVE TO Mean it When You Say, “GIVE ME LIBERTY Or Give Me Death !!!!” …. As The KEY to “Watering The Tree of Liberty” is the Part of That Phrase which the dumbed-down, doped, duped, divided & stressed-out, Modern Day “Descendents” Rarely Realise, States, “With The Blood of PATRIOTS !!!!”

A Decree & Constitution which has now been Shat all over by the Descendents of usurping Pharisees & the slithering paraphliacs Who “front” for that Hell-bound Shite …. Whom You’ve now got to Swear an Allegiance to, in Writing, before You’re “Allowed” to pretend You’ve become A “Representative” of The People of America, when, in 90% of cases They’re a Black-mailed paedophile Who “nods” for a Living when a Jew pulls the String hanging out of Their arse …. The other 10% “Know” Their Blood would Soak the Roots of the Tree in a Heartbeat & that The People would NOT be UP in Arms about it, so They sit-tight & Watch Rome burn ….

You’ve been “Groomed” by Zionist Jews “murdering” You & Everyone You Know, Right Now, into Thinking that Violence makes You a “BAD” Person …. Consider that the ANIMATE-SHITE Who are DICTATING that BULLSHIT to You, are the fucking SCUM of the Earth & NEED Strung up by Their Tits & FLOGGED to DEATH …. More than Half of the Zionist Jews are Fee-male & MORE evil, in most cases, than Their paedophile Counterparts …. Malcom-X Said, “When it’s Self-Defence I Don’t Call it Violence, I call it INTELLIGENCE ….” …. I Call It now-uncommon Sense & “CONSEQUENCE” …. ie “Deserved” Physical Punishment, which They unconsciously WISH for ….

Until which, the perma-sulking Paraphiliacs ameliorates against it’s interminable boredom & Grandiose-Delusions of Grandeur, by getting-off on “tugging” what The imbecile”hopes” is the leg of a Spider, leading to Your Amygdala, which They “wish” to Torment, as that Makes Mongo temporarily go Smiley-face …. “eg” They believe American Patriots “Must Choose” to have a negative-reaction, when a hideous-poof Gets Up “Every” Day & Says, “I’m going to Tear Up the Constitution” ….

Which makes the “insignificant” Self-amazing bath-house prostitute feel “powerful” and “detoxing” the bad feelings it built-up (in it’s proto-emotions) and getting PRETENGE against “Humans” paying the subhuman Sex-offender’s wages, for acting-out Needing shot …. All of which Proving it’s a Mastermind, with Half a Chicken’s brain between it’s ears & a “Clone” sitting in the Wings, as the POTUS was Planted to Ramp Up the “stress” Americans are put-under, to Such an Extent, the Zionists believed an Assassination attempt was “inevitable” …. But People are So Divided, narcissistic, evil & duped that They’ve simply “acclimatised” ….

Like Jews, Westerners have been shat-out of Every Country, since the Dawn of Creation, until They had to Reach out & cling to the Coldest, wettest & dampest Freezing Islands They could clamber onto, to Continue being an incontinent-arsehole, Who’s tiny-mind doesn’t Develop beyond 3 & like the Kurd & the Jew gets-off on “Instigating” conflict, oh & Their “tradition,” enshrined into Their phony-religion, “Child-abusing” ….

They also act-out Needing killed, to ameliorate against Any bad-feeling They suffer, as They’re “completely” cut-off from Reality & Believe They’re playing pass-the-parcel (ie Transference) …. They’re “remorseless,” morally-vacant and Void of Insight & never “Develop” a Second-Thought for Others, until the Day They die …. When Any Tribe “settles,” eventually a Form of “Civilisation” becomes Manifest, where a semblance of Morality becomes Apparent although Always favouring it’s Own immediate Gene-pool & pacts …. However, Those Who Begin to Civilise A Country, have Always been Set-back by the Marauding-Tendrils of Megalomaniacal Empires & invariably The Local Saville-row ….

Cowardice, division, evil, immaturity & myopia have Always been the “Deciding” Vote which has Allowed the “Ruthless” Paedophile to Maintain it’s “invisible” Grip over the Populace, when They’re “no-longer” Prepared to Risk Their “LIFE” for The Cause of Freedom, The Wisdom of Their Ancestors, which was, Simply BELIEVING In The Moral+Law of The Divine “would” have Saved Them from the “ever-increasing” Sexual-depravity of the 3 year old, mentally-deficient Girls, (in Human Suits,) Who are Responsible for Driving an Entire Species to the Brink of Extinction ….

If You Afford a megalomaniacal-unitard infinitely more Respect than the Primitive, Vulgar abomination Deserves, (by Affording Them An “Adult Human” Level of Respect,) then it believes it’s Magically-Mocking You, by Lying-Pathologically & “pretend-proving” Reality doesn’t Exist …. The West has “degenerated” back to it’s Early Ancestry & is now simply a Continent of incontinent-arseholes ….

Now, Only 10% of Female Brain Owners are Human & Only 30% of Males are Human …. Of Those, Most of Them are so-duped The Truth must Seem like madness or badness to Them …. Whilst the Ever-growing number of Cerebral Sex-offenders & are too-obsessed with Trying Their “solitary” Party-trick, which Gives Them away & which They NEED shot through the face for …. But They’ll Continue to “Risk” Starting Fights for as-long-as the “odds” & the PAEDOPHILE-RULES are in Their “favour” ….

So Those Who “Stand out” as Being Human, with Life’s “Worth” Living, are Constantly Targeted by the Growing-Hoardes of drooling Beasts …. As, Humans “Incorrectly” Tend to Fail to EXECUTE Spastics Who “start” fights with Them, so Then, the Ghoul Feels it’s Magic-Spell Still works & “levels” the Genetic-Gulf between Man & Beast …. (Whilst, in the Distance, the Jew rubs it’s Plums, on the Hill, “temporarily” pleased, when it’s reminded of it’s Lengthy Genocidal con ….)

Each subsequent Generation of “uncivilised” Brain-types, began realising that They’re an “evolutionary cul-de-sac,” Who’s the “embodiment” of the sins of Their forebears & instead of breaking-the-cycle & Growing in Strength & putting Their Blood line on an Upwards Trajectory Again, the nihilistic garbage weakly-surrendered to Enshrining Their vice into “rules,” protected by matching-beasts, prepared to Drag You into an “EVER GROWING” Dungeon System, of Effete Family Men …. (Hint, Hint ….)

Zionist Jews, Who are amongst the most primitive of inbred shite, of All time, are predominately paedophiles and paraphiliacs, Who have a “useless” High-IQ and almost no emotional-intelligence at all …. Their “incremental” & secretive approach to Everything, the creeps are after, is due to Their neuro-anatomical Short-sightedness & “cowardice” …. Behind which lies it’s Desire for Fresh Children to Rape, torment, sacrifice & Drink Their blood …. Their High IQ means FUCK ALL, as They’re Mental-Quadriplegics, Who “Only” use Their Puzzle solving & Trickery to get what You’d expect from an “evil infantile female monkey” in Human Form ….

“Unbelievably,” They Decree-Themselves as Being a “pure” Race, which was due to Them imbecilically Thinking that Being “inbred” is Better than Hybrid & so “every” time the Spastic-society Realises that A Hybrid Soon Produces A Superior Evolved Mutation, They “Assassinate” Them, to continue inbreeding, so that Their handicapped-brain Magically-hasn’t been “Proven” wrong, again & again & again & again & again, etc ….

They Did eventually Ceremoniously inbreed again, amongst Other inbred Families, Who pride Themselves on Thousands of years of inbreeding too …. You can See the High IQ at Play there …. In Their Teachings, They prattle-on Gleefully about “mixing” Up the Goyim, to “defile” You, so that Their “inbred” Stock seems even-more Pure …. (See, Scottish huns, for the same blithering-imbecility & arrested-evolution ….)

All “megalomaniacs” are the same, ie They talk “constant shite” & void of Self+Awareness They Amaze Themselves …. Irrespective of how many times They fall-flat on Their inbred face, the imbecile “pretends-away” That Experience, fails to Learn from it & “Ensures” the Exact-Same fate, over & over & over again, which may be Why Jews have hooked noses ….

However, the imbecile atypically Then wants to “con You out of Knowing” it made a mistake & there’s no lengths the pseudo-revisionist Spastic won’t go to, to pretend-prove it meant it & the recidivistic arsehole has magically “rewritten” history & so now it’s You Who’s stupid & not it, with blood dripping out of Their nose ….

All that hair-brained bunch “ingrain” a hypercompetitive “streak” early-on, which Their corrupt pseudo-religion, evil-culture, inbreeding and malrearing Produces the Exact-Same marauding & tinkering Vermin, generation after gene-ration …. Which has led to the Garbage not Evolving for Thousands of Years, as Humans didn’t want to Breed with that Filth & Ejected Their “ingrained” immorality out-of Every Country, They’d Then return-to, to get PRETENGE & destroy …. (ie The Reason They were expelled in the 1st place ….)

So the descendents of the Pharisees, Who “assassinated” Yehoshua of Nazareth, began slowly-destroying Everything They See, out of Their desire to “convert” Their True-Self loathing, at “Always” Proving to be a fuck-up, into Being a Successful destroyer, in the Unitard’s sole ambition to get Reality to Match the Lunatic’s delusions of Grandeur …. Even though ANY CUNT can destroy & PRETEND, without EVIDENCE, that They’re “secretly” A Great Talent & if-only Everyone outside of Their Tribe was Dead “1st,” THEN They’d have The Right Conditions to Reveal, that They’ve not Developed beyond 3 & could THEN Pull-out a Potato-Painting to Rapturous Applause, from Their dying Mum ….

They “copied” the Ancient Roman Model, where Italian megalomaniacal-paraphiliacs would 1st de-moral-ise the Citadels They’d invade …. By sending in spies, saboteurs, whores, assassins & laying-siege to supply lines & mindlessly-proliferating Their partisan-propaganda …. They’d then Exacerbate tensions so that, “within” the Walls, 1 Division would attack the Other & weaken The Once-Balanced Tribes, as a Force, before the Romans Then set-about Taking-Over ….

They Romans would often “arrogantly” Offer to Make the Winning-Division Lords “over” the Losing Section …. The alternative, being-attacked by Roman Legions, after They’d already become battle-weary & plagued, with a Host of accompanying infections …. When that was foolishly accepted, the Roman megalomaniac’s next step was to Radicalise the Women, through “amplifying” the Majority of paraphiliac’s “introverted” persecution-complex & thus “extroverting” it …. ie Giving Core-inadequate, Self-hate-projecting, unselfaware, incontinent-arseholes “channels” to persecute Men through, Who were Entirely Innocent, in most cases ….

Which, in turn, led to the “Fatherless” Children, which the campaign was geared-towards recruiting, to “expand” the incumbent Emperor’s delusions, into further Foreign-battles & “accruing” Those unhinged Children, suffering from P.T.S.D., due to Their Husbandless “immoral” Mothers “reliably” preying-on Them, due to Sexual-frustration …. So, as Adults, Those de-moral-ised Children were Then easily turned-against Their Own, to “ensure” the ill-gotten gains, for the Empire ….

Zionist Jews updated all that, by calling it “Feminism” …. Which went-down well amongst People Who’d long-since Given-up Their Birth-Right & been “drawn” from indentured Farm Lands, to a “corrupt” City, where They were ripe to be de-moral-ised further, by slowly-increasing the number of perches for dependable “paraphiliacs,” all around, the Hard-working growing number of “slaves,” divided, Conquered, duped, robbed, betrayed, abused, impotent & “reliably” Self-destructive ….

eg As with the anti-social turncoat Traitors, of olde, the modern regime was able to Produce yet-more nihilistically “unruly” Fatherless Children, from radicalised paranoid Man-haters, Who’s badly-raised Sons & now Daughters became Your new Police-farce …. Which would Make token-gestures to “Appear” to be There to Serve & Protect, whilst being a bunch of criminal-scum in Clown-outfits ….

ie Paraphiliacs, “getting-off” on Barking at Humans for PRETENGE & Man-Handling Innocent People, to feel better about Themselves …. Behind which, They commit Most of what “They” call crime …. ALL They have to do to Earn that unenviable-privilege is “Turn a blind eye” to Paedophilia & Protect “Only” the Inner-Paedophile “rings” …. Whilst They oppress “You,” on-behalf of the Paedophiles, Who’ve crushed You into the City, to Feel, like They’re running The Whole country …. But since that doesn’t cut-it They won’t stop preying-on You & getting-worse, due to Their addiction to “evil” ….

Just as in Days of Yore, alongside Their Occupying police-farce, Lawyers became increasingly greedy & eager to fleece the Culturally-ostracised Men, through a system that promotes “paedophilia,” by so-easily imprisoning “Divided” Human Men, into slave-labour camps, which is THE “goal” which lies at the rotten-core behind All the “determined” hate-consumed Lunatics’ actions …. Who are THE type of bestial, bullshitting-scum Whom “Genocidal” Jews promote to the highest-perches, as They myopically & nihilistically get-off on destroying Their Own ….

Ring, within ring, within ring was formed, slowly but surely, each manned-mechanism geared towards the Exact-Same approach as seen in Roman Sieges …. The Propaganda & material “lures” eliciting the True-Self loathing of the “infantile” & primitive “into” Channelling that into Self-defeatist misanthropy …. Geared towards eventually Producing a Generation of what would appear to be “Lunatics,” when compared to the Civilising Influence of Past Generations, so that They could Shut the Asylums & The Lunatics could Then “blend in” …. (In the Distance the Jew doesn’t Feel as much of a fucking Lunatic, when They See People going on the exact same way …. The Difference being, They ensured the Citadel would become that-way ….)

Whereafter, the subhuman Jew “rebranded” the Concept of Paraphilia into “homosexuality,” whereupon “lunatics” were then promoted-culturally, which, alongside “divorce” & the promotion of promiscuity, displaced “Human” Men from The Society They & Their Forefathers Had Built, further & further & farther still ….

Then, the masses “sat idly” & Observed, as nodding black-mailed paedophiles made-up rule after “rule” to bind You further, on Behalf of the Claws up Their gaping back-passage …. Including, “unleashing” Every Lunatic from the Asylums & Calling it “Care” in the “COMMUNITY” …. Then Decreeing “You” as being a BAD Person, if You Point Out that Lunatics are RABID SEX-OFFENDERS Who NEED shot through the face …. Who, if They’re to be Kept Alive, MUST Be Kept Sedated, in a Well-Supervised CALM environment, like, a fucking LUNATIC ASYLUM !!!!

Whilst, the Propaganda Wing continued to give rise to yet-more “rings” of Militant Feminists, Who get-off on “Dictating” to People They believe are an “easy win,” for Their ego & histrionic-bigotry …. Which “groomed” 6 Different Sluts, to jump at the Chance, to put in Daily Appearances at Each “individual” foaming Lunatic’s council-flat …. 1 to do the dishes, 1 to make coffee & biscuits, 1 to make the bed, 1 to hoover & dust, 1 to make Sure the Lunatics’ OK & the other to provide a Meal, All falling-over each Other to Fuss over the Lunatic, as the best 3 Year old at Providing the Tommee-Tippee service ….

“Conversely,” if the Lunatic doesn’t act “infantilely,” then the 6 Dragons have the Much-preferred “Bestial” excuse to Shout at & Dictate to the outpatient, if They defy Their AUTHORITAAAH …. After-which the Half a Dozen Toy-town Infants toddle out of the House, having EJACULATED & of-course the untagged LUNATIC can simply be Expected to just “sit in” Nights …. Or to Not turn to it’s weapon of mass-deception & ambient abuse & kiddie porn & Obsess over it’s Con artistry, whilst “grooming” Whomever it can, to accept a Nightly Visit, from the Paedophile ….

Your politicians are a “ring” of black-mailed nodding paedophiles …. They do as They’re told by war-hungry, Genocidally-determined, incredibly-primitive, paedophilic Jews …. Who were desperately behind Boys & Girls being “mixed” into Concentration campus, to be dumbed-down further, so that a Congenitally-stupid Girl would feel She’s more intelligent than a Much Larger Brained Boy, by “both” of Them learning a load of old fucking crap …. Thus Giving “rise” to the Illusion that IQ & Qualifications MEAN something, when They mean FUCK ALL, especially-if You have HALF A CHICKEN’S BRAIN !!!!

“Meanwhile,” Zionist Jew’s Children were Learning about how a Unitard can take-over the Whole world …. Whilst hate-consumed hideous-females were dragging Good Men through fleecing-mechanisms run by Paedophiles in wigs, to Produce the Fatherless Children of the “plot” …. Whilst that “turmoil” was ensuing, the Jews were “ridding” The Country, under-siege, of Their “Industry” then replacing that with “Service” industry ….

So that, Those resultantly duped Girls would feel “They” could Fill the menial-role of that Position, just as well as Any Fucking Man …. Whereas before, She’d have been incapable of the Industrial work Her Mother Benefitted from, as best as You could expect, for a Daughter of a Whore lured to the bright-lights of the City, which dim, with each passing generation, until There were none ….

The mind which was “rejected” from Every Village throughout the West, was the “female” megalomaniac, when it reared it’s ugly head it was Considered to be a “Witch” …. That type of Female was routinely drowned or burned …. Due to the depravity, cruelty, wickedness, immorality, incontinence, malinfluence, mindless-repetition, dishonesty, sexual-depravity, ingratitude & transparent desire to disturb the peace …. The Village answered to nobody for the Execution & Felt Better-off after Seeing the Back of the jabbering Self-deluded evil-cunt ….

However, when Zionist Jews got Their claws on a printing-press, the Spastic-society “Decreed” that it was no-longer “Moral” to kill Witches & Warlocks …. Which lead to Their “dominant” genes then beginning to “replace” the “Civilised” Human “Brain,” in the Gene-pool, which meant it was easier-still to de-moral-ise the Country under-siege …. So that the Jew could continue to delude itself that it’s a mastermind, by ridding itself of the Competition, in the “race” Only the evil semi-simian mental-pygmies are in ….

Now, You See homosexuality is centre-stage, despite 2 out of every 3 homosexuals being a practicing paedophile, Who increasingly Publicly Declare Their “insidious-support” of Paedophilia being “Natural” …. IF YOU’RE A FUCKING “BONOBO” !!!!

2 out of every 3 females are also paedophiles, as without a Husband the hideously-aggressive, Magical-Thinking, “Hypercompetitive,” hypersensitive, underdeveloped, over-groomed, Grandiosely-delusional imbecile can be “relied” upon to commit Countless acts of Gross-indecency towards Her Own Fatherless Children, “without” REMORSE …. Producing a long-lasting Anti-social behavioural & Self-destructive “pattern” in the resulting Child’s future …. (That is, when She’s not having Her Children cut-up before Her eyes, by a Paedophile dressed as a Surgeon, funded almost exclusively by Jews ….)

An “additional” Quarter of females & so-called homosexuals, are paraphiliacs, Who “all” delude Themselves that They’re of “great” importance, thus Their great-incontinence & “resultant” unhappiness, from Their delusional-expectations & feeling of Entitlement to Express Their horrid Character’s disappointment aggressively, evilly, immorally, bestially, brutally & inhumanely, as-engineered by Zionists, Who learned that Females are “the weakest link” …. (Goodbye !!!!)

In the Male Column, the Males Who’ve been Born in the wrong Sex of Body, (AKA lesbians,) which is Both a Natural Occurrence & has been “Additionally” Engineered, Genetically & Chemically as well as Culturally through the Zionist flashing-compartment’s “perversion” …. In Both Male-brain Columns, the “dominant” primitive Female brain (rejected throughout time,) has “resurfaced,” due to the Tinkering of Jews, (rejected throughout time) & now “maps” itself onto 7 out of Every 10 of Those “Male” brains ….

So only 30% of Male Westerners are Human, whilst only 10% of Females are Human, whilst 160% are NOT Human & ALL “Female” …. Of which 66% percent, in Female Bodies Would’ve been Exterminated by Your Ancestors, for a Witch & 33% in Male Bodies Would’ve been Exterminated also, as a Warlock …. An additional Quarter of Females Would’ve been Routinely “Physically Punished” & would’ve “behaved” due to That Factor & an Additional 40% of Males would’ve feared risking being Physical Punished also, which is the Only way You can get “Animals, in Human Form,” to not be HYPOCRITES ….

Zionist Jews KNOW this, They simply Produced all that SHITE, as LUNATICS can be RELIED upon to DESTROY Their Own Country, by Jumping up & down on it, to satisfy Their incontinent-mania, until Countless Men are Crushed, Children Crushed, Innocent Women Crushed, even-though the Vast Majority of the Agent-Provocateurs, Who are Morally-Vacant, Imbecilically Grinning, are so unselfaware They Then take Their Own lives, as They feel like hollow-ruins, (as “programmed” ….)

You’re at “that” Stage right now …. As the Genocidal-Zionists are removing the Final Cocktail-stick & Everyone’s going to FALL into the “Vortex,” which Hollow Pyramids ALWAYS Create, “beneath” The Shit-cones …. Which draw horrid-fools towards “the illusory carrot of inhumanity,” for the Selfish-ends which Beasts are turned-on by, without “Meaning,” to Their Life or the Culture They’re “party” to Completely-Destroying ….

Whereupon, without Farms & without Industry & without “Wisdom” & even without service-industry or a solitary menial-position left, without an “Economy,” without Family, without Love, without Father or Husband or Their Wisdom or Love …. Surrounded by, delirious Lunatics on every perch, All fit for Fuck-All, You’ll STARVE & then “BEG” for the reconstituted poisoned-gruel, which has Already Weakened You in every way, during the Jews’ Quiet-Siege ….

Any Attempt to Wake The Engineered masses Up is met with pity-play “for” perverted-Poofters, persecution “tales” for primitive-Females, nihilistic deaf-ears “from” Spoiled-brats, Aggressive inhumanity from “Traitors,” blind-eyes from Onanists, Drooling sycophancy from demented-Paraphiliacs, Cold-shoulders from the Self-deluded, arrogance from the Self-destructive Narcissist, Happiness from the hell-bound-anyway & Then there were none ….

I repeat, Westerners were Shat out of Every Country, since the Dawn of Civilisation, for A Reason …. As were Jews …. But even Your Ancestors wouldn’t have put-up-with the Doddering Shite which tries to pass itself off as a Woman, These Days, Who waddle-around SQUAWKING Their hollow head off & pulling as ugly a face as She can Muster at the Few Remaining Men, She Envies, Being Emotionally Independent, out-with Her Con-Troll …. The “accumulation” of Witnessing such hideous Witches & Brutal Growling Warlocks, (Who are Equally Envious of HUMAN MALE Brains,) in a Loveless society void of Any Kindness towards Him or Anything to Give Him Hope, Leading to the Suicide figures of Men at an All time High ….

Leaving 70% of Males, with the hideous Female’s minds, (which were routinely drowned & burned,) to Mate with the “Same Filth” in the Female body … Which, She doesn’t realise, is a 3 Year old Witch, “mapped” onto a Male Brain, Who’s “USING” Her & intending to DUMP Her, before She can predictably start acting-out Her Histrionic, melodramatic pseudo-revisionism …. Whom She Worships, because He “plays” Her with His “larger” Brain, but Same corrupt tiny-mind …. He Keeps Her panting & cowardly & “needing” Him to Validate Her Worth ….

But She’s eventually dumped, when Her desperation is considered to be “disgusting weakness,” by the interminably-bored 3 Year old in the Other Body, Who also has Seen the mess She’s in “before” & Realises She can “die” from that, so Moves on to Fresh Flesh, feeling “Gone-Big” …. So She then takes that-out on The Next Innocent “Human” Man, She’s Lucky Enough to Date, Who Then Ends Up throwing Himself to His death, due to Her causing Him P.T.S.D. “beyond” the point She suffered it …. (Every Night, 3 Men Jump, from Every Major Bridge the length & breadth of the Whole Country …. Paedophiles NEVER put-up Nets ….)

The Hatred, I’ve Witnessed, amongst Westerners is Due to the Other Branch of the Judean Post Promising You yet-more Shiny Lights, in the distance …. Leading to Your “collapse,” under the weight of Your expectations & evil avarice …. ie The “deflation” paraphiliacs “Always” get-off on Witnessing …. As best Exposed & Lampooned by St. Bram Stoker, Who portrayed the core-inadequate Ct. Dracula throwing a ball, “wasting” Everyone’s time & “using” Them as a “Front” to aggrandise “Him Self” & to ameliorate against Future betrayal as He Projected His untrustworthiness onto Others ….

Behind which, He was a decrepit, miserable, narcissistically-depressed, “delusional” imbecile Who believed He had the power to hypnotise People, by Talking constant-shite …. He was a Sex-offender Who got-off on trying to ware People down, slowly but surely …. Like All Unitards, He had, “I KNOW A SECRET YOU DON’T KNOW, DOO DAH, DOO DAH,” playing on permanent-loop in His Hollow head …. “Feeling” like They Know Something You don’t, is the ideaised-position of the Lunatic, as it allows Them to delude Themselves They’re masterminds, to counter-act the Hatred They feel for Themselves, due to what They endlessly Chose to “become” ….

If You Look through the History Books at the Greatest Minds of All Time …. Let Me Know when You Find 1 Who was Considered to have Made A Great Contribution to Society, by Talking “Constant Shite” …. ie Retards see Themselves as being Energy-vampires, the Key to Understanding Shite like that, is The Fact that, like the Count, They “can’t” SEE Themselves …. They’ve Zero Self+Awareness, so the Mental-Quadriplegic simply Targets Your Amygdala & “never” develops a Second Thought in it’s entire Life, except for that !!!!

The “sex-offender” derives it’s atypically Self-aggrandising glorification, of it’s “solitary” evil trick, due to Humans being “worn-down” if They keep-on Choosing to Trigger a negative-reaction to what They’re witessing …. “Any” reaction will do, for the guesser-&-hoper, if You “then” Choose to Suppress Your Moral+Obligation to Execute the Human-hating Spastic …. Which is why Con-Trolls, Who are crushed into the “Renfield” role, have to indulge in even-more pathetic Magical Thinking, when They’re reduced to “Exhibiting” what I Laid Bare in My Previous Post …. ie Steps “A. to H.” …. As The more “Cerebral” Sex-offender’s “ENTIRE” mentality is simply “impotently-hoping” with evil-intent ….

When I’d Decided to Profile the Animacule 1 last time, which I’d been Magnifying & Amplifying, as a Pet-hobby, on & off, for almost 4 Decades, I Still Wasn’t “Absolutely” Certain of My Findings & All I was Really Looking for, irrespective of How much it would Cost Me, was a Female Serial-killer simply “repeating” Her Self, in Key ways I Could be Certain about ….

As I’ve Reported before, I Then had a Very Timely Lengthy-Conversation with one, where She repeated “throughout,” that You Should NEVER Feel Sympathy for Unitards, which I was Already Certain about Interpersonally …. I’d Asked Her about A Thesis, I was Going to Write, by way of Inspirational Encouragement to Those at the lowest ebb of Their Own Self-destruction …. She replied, FUCK THEM, They’re “weak assholes” ….

She repeated, “FUCK SYMPATHY,” which I’d “Already” Become Absolutely Certain About & She added the phrase That They’re a “weak asshole,” periodically, throughout the Entire Conversation …. It was Exactly what I had been Looking for & Yet Another “Timely” Gift from God …. I Then Received a couple of Key Phrases from My publicist Cheryl, about 1 of the past Cases I’d Studied, involving a Family of Serial-killing Ghouls & was Able to Write My “Final” Thesis ….

Where I Profiled with “Absolute” Certainty that They Only have ONE Thought for Other People, in Their ENTIRE Life …. Which was AMAZING to Finally Conclude about “&” to Complete The Final Section of Their Psychological “Profile” & to Actually SEE that They Genuinely ARE An “Asshole” …. HUZZAH !!!!

eg Picture Someone with an Asshole in the Middle of Their forehead, which is the end of a Length of Rectum, that is fed by Both an Overflowing Toilet & “the bursting toilet” at the rotten Core of Their tiny-mind …. That’s it …. ie Both the Cerebral & Somatic Sex-Offender are as common-as-muck, because They’re a primitive weak Asshole, Who’s essentially a Mental-Quadriplegic, Who’s as desperate to “Genuinely delude” itself as it is to Ejaculate, at Other’s expense …. It simply TALKS CONSTANT SHITE & without “Self+Awareness” or DEPTH, irrespective of the length of time it lies for, it’s Often 100% Transparent & due to that “Solitary” Length of Rectum it only has “1” Thought Pattern towards Humans …. ie “Guessing & Hoping” …. Double HUZZAH !!!!

When You’re A Good Person & You’re Doing Good “You Feel Good,” but if You’re a bad Person & You’re doing bad, despite feeling Good, that’s “not” Sustainable …. Which is Why Shite like That Target Human Beings, with the tacit Approval of The Zionist Jews They destroy “Themselves” on Behalf of …. To Bolster it’s flagging “hollow” imaginary Self-image, what degenerates into a Sex-offender tends to target The Vulnerable & Those They’re Existentially Envious of …. The more Self-deluded the Unitard, the more They Ideally want to Lock The Human into an Imaginary Battle, Only They Know about, which the Spastic can Never win, as it’s an unenviable heap of jabbering-sludge ….

ie To simplify, whether it’s in 3D or 2D, the pathetic-coward “impotently hopes” that You Choose to Trigger Your Amygdala, that’s “ALL” it’s got …. Irrespective of whether the insignificant Imbecile “Believes” in what it’s Saying or Doing, if the tiny-minded Spastic doesn’t “Touch” You Physically then it’s simply acting-out Needing Shot & You still Needn’t Ever “Choose” to React negatively, to a magical-thinking reptard, no-matter how hideous the abomination, “proves” to be …. Although You may Innocently recoil in horror at what They’ve become, the “wretched” beast is simply delaying-suicide & of ZERO importance ….

Infinitely More Importantly, Today, My Beard is long & I’m Shaving in Blissful Paradisiacal Surrounds, with Chooks at My Feet & My Dogs in the Shade Looking at Me Thinking, “What’s His problem !?!? The Sun’s HOT !!!!” …. However, I’m Rejoicing as I FINALLY Got another Delivery of Computer Gear, Which Allows Me to Sit “outside” When I’m Composing, so I Can Multi-Task, ie Sunbathe “&” Create simultaneously …. As unlike 80% of Westerners I’m Not a Lizard, Who can Do nothing but Lounge ….

I was Raised in Forgewood, in dnaltocS, on Raw Onions & Girders (& Sherbert Dabs) …. Where there was a Communal Back Garden, instead of A Farm Yielding Home Grown Food …. “Thus,” Zionist infected dish-soap Would overflow from the Kitchen downpipes & I’d Sometimes whiff it in passing, it Always looked like an Alien invasion, slowly expanding from the Ground Out …. If, Tonight, “You” heard a sound coming from a sewer-pipe Outside & You Removed the Pipe-work coming from Your Bathroom & then lifted the little man-hole cover & Looked down the Drain, then, if a little Voice called up to You Saying, “I GUESS & IMPOTENTLY HOPE,” would You Reply !?!?

If You Realised it was coming from a microscopic “animacule,” which Provably had Shit for it’s brains & it Said, again, “I BELIEVE WHAT I’M GUESSING & IMPOTENTLY HOPING,” would You React negatively to it !?!?

If You Magnified it & Amplified it & Realised it was a Truly hideously-ugly wretched abomination & that it’s Intention, like the Higher-forms of waste, was that You “Choose” to have a negative reaction, which the insectoid-mind bases it’s “entire delusions” of Grandeur on, Would You !?!?

If You don’t Choose to have that Reaction & You went inside Your House again & later that Night You Heard, coming up from the drain outside, amplified through Your pipe-work, “I GUESS AGAIN & IMPOTENTLY HOPE,” would You go to the Bathroom & put a Plug in the Sink !?!?

If You were Taking a slash, the Following Day & bubbles Started forming in the Toilet-bowl water & when They popped, You Heard, “AGAIN I BELIEVE WHAT I’M GUESSING & IMPOTENTLY HOPING FOR,” would You just piss on it or Choose to have a negative reaction ?!?!

The KEY is, due to a Lunatics’ fundamental lack of Self+Awareness & Their “failure” to Ever Develop beyond a Self-soothing internally Jabbering-imbecile, it doesn’t Realise that it’s simply Saying, “I’M ALSO ONE OF THE COUNTLESS MILLIONS OF SPASTICS WHO NEED EXTERMINATED TOO !!!!” …. See any Self+Awareness there !?!?

I’ll Exhibit it again, ie EVERY Unitard I’ve EVER Studied, Proudly Displayed Themselves, like a Vulgar naked Abomination, Who “chose” to remain 3, for Life & Who Delights in having the “Exact-Opposite” Reaction from the Reaction, it “impotently guesses & hopes,” You MUST Expect of it …. However, since I’ve NEVER targeted a reaction from Anyone, let-alone an imbecile, in My Entire Life, it’s performance of decrepitude was simply Saying, “LOOK DADDY, I’M ALSO ONE OF THE COUNTLESS MILLIONS OF SPASTICS WHO NEED EXTERMINATED TOO !!!!”

Let’s try that again, When an Imbecile “isn’t” Touching You Physically & irrespective of whether it “believes” what It’s Saying, Typing, Doodling or Doing, or “not,” Whether it’s tiny-point is Right or wrong, in it’s nit-wit’s desperation, for You to Magically Lose All Sight of the Bigger Picture, lost on it’s minuscule brain, the panting-paraphiliac desperately-desires to get-back to the Toilet-Throne of it’s delusion-position …. So it’s impotent-wishing RELIES on You “Choosing” to have Any negative-reaction to it’s repeat Performance of, “WOO HOO, LOOK DADDY, I’M ALSO ONE OF THE COUNTLESS MILLIONS OF SPASTICS WHO NEED EXTERMINATED TOO !!!!”

That’s the subhuman speck of Shite which Zionist Jews rebranded “homosexual” …. ie Even in times where flecks of crap, like that, are LAUDED above Men throwing Themselves off bridges, They’re still “reduced” by Their determined-delusions & evil-comeuppance to ever-diminishing Circles & reveal Their True hideous-character, which the Sex-offenders don’t Want “Their Public” to Know They get-up to behind The Scenes …. However, I’ve Studied Enough so-called Homosexuals to Know that 90% of “Them” NEED shot through the face & They KNOW it ….

10% of Them are Innocent Women, trapped in a Male Body, “perverted” by Zionist Jews into Sinking down into that Neurotically-jabbering Quagmire of ALL that subhuman, imbecilic, petty, evil, woeful FILTH …. When there are Perfectly Good MEN, in Female Bodies, with over 3 times more to Choose from (All of Whom, Jews call Lesbians) …. The 10% Would Benefit Infinitely more With A “Human to Human” Relationship ….

Unitards are brain-jealous, of Humans Who didn’t imbecilically ingrain a Solitary-pathology down the middle of Their head for a dopamine-hit …. Over time, the pathetic low-lives come to realise how cut-off from Reality They Truly Are, despite Their neurotic, Self-bullshitting, pseudo-revisionist, internal-monologue ….

Thus, When The Core-inadequate membrane Meets Someone They’re Existentially-envious of, if The Human Sanely Tells The Truth, then the MANIAC wants to Con-Troll Them & if it can’t, then, it has a BAD feeling, because the Human’s not in Mental-bondage …. Then, the imbecile Projects Their Own Arrogance at it’s preferred-fantasy of the Human, converting it’s Jealousy into disguised-hatred & Will then Act-out Needing shot …. The Unitard, Impotently-hoping for the “solitary” goal, being a negative-reaction from “Reality’s Proxy” …. Whom the Spastic has Decreed as being the bad-breast, for Not Psychically & Precognitively Knowing which “Lies to live” …. (You can See the unconscious Admission of True Self “loathing,” in Projective-identification ….)

Whenever I’ve Studied Animacules I’ve always Thought that They were FILTHY, the Males more so than the Females, but both of Them are “weak” & Never Develop beyond Their Stupid-lying, for as-long-as They believe it can produce an “evil” result, for the Arrested 3 Year old Semi-Simian Abomination …. No matter how Clean They looked or expensively Per-Fumed, They Still seemed a Self-deluded Fat Skunk or a Self-propelled Burst-Arse or a Stinking Shitty Dip-Stick …. ie In All Their cases, a desperate, Self-foiled, Unselfaware, Superficial, Hollow-headed hypocrite BEGGING to be Shot through the face ….

Which is Why St. Bram Stoker portrayed Dracula as having a death-wish, as behind it all, the Jew & the rejected Female mind, They’ve re-engineered to mix chaos into the Citadel They’re besieging, Hate “The Fact” that They have a Ferrari Engine in a Mini Metro & drive it from the Glove-compartment …. Remember, You Must NEVER Sympathise with Them, for which, the Sex-offender will Also “Decree” You as Being the bad-breast, for “Appropriate” Consequence ….

Male so-called Homosexuals are the Most disgusting-abominations I’ve Ever Studied, They don’t Realise that half of Any Affect They get-off-on, if The Human “Chooses” to trigger Their Amygdala, is due to how “hideous” The Woofter TRULY is, to Witness such a “hate-consumed,” Transparently miserable, myopically “unselfaware,” narcissistic, “Self-debasing,” corrupt, jabbering, morally-disgraceful, Self-deluded Vulgar Lunatic, BEGGING to be executed, as it’s too “weak” to stop deluding itself & can’t bring itself to end it’s own evil-addiction, for as-long as Jews promote Them & You fail to Execute Them ….

Whom I’ve Witnessed, in Many cases, “imagining” that I’ve Chosen to FEEL like Attacking Them, as the Spastic is “Reliving” it’s History in front of You & Ejaculating in Public …. It’s delusion-of-power, is simply a desire to cause You brain-damage, RELIANT on You “Choosing” to react & “THEN” Choosing to SUPPRESS Your Moral+OBLIGATION to FINISH it …. Which, if You Suppress, causes You nerve-damage & comorbid neuro-chemical brain-damage & a looping trauma & knock-on effects, from letting a Sex-offender get-away with Needing shot ….

Humans Still Have That Reaction, as They’re The Embodiment of Their Ancestors TELLING Them to KILL that fucking SHITE …. Which Zionist Jews, Who Should have FUCK ALL to Do with YOUR Country, have PROGRAMMED You to FAIL to do, through Their PLANTED nodding paedophile-rings, to ENSURE Dresden is carpet-bombed again …. Due to ALL Those Prancing Spastics, becoming more & more Emboldened, spinning on the Deck of the Titanic, with Cum flying out of Their ears, whilst the Voices of REAL Men are drowned-out ….

THE TIME HAS COME, You’re Witnessing Spastics, Who’ve become so delusional, They “Believe” They’ve become the “arbiter” of Reality, at which Juncture it’s Your Moral+Obligation to Blow Their fucking heads off …. However, You still “Never” Need to have Designs on Witnessing “Their” reaction in the ping-pong “fantasy-world” The Pig’s wallowing-in ….

Shite like that ALL “KNOW” where They’re going “next,” despite the stolen-moments where They arrogantly pretend-otherwise, whilst clinging-on for dear life, PUNISHMENT after PUNISHMENT after punishing Daily-grind, They have-to face …. As Then …. It’s The “inevitable” pit, for Eternity !!!!

The more of a numb-skull “&” liar the Unitard is, the More it Narcissistically con-vinces itself that it’s a Mastermind & Romanticise being Alone in the Universe, due to Their Giant Hollow Head & “only” Other low-life Garabage, like itself, could Understand …. ie What They’re “Neuro-Anatomically” INCAPABLE of “Appreciating,” let-alone Perceiving …. Thus why They “Never” Learn ….

When You move House & You live in a different City, “if” the Animacule down the old sewer-pipe, Still called out to You Nights, “I guess & impotently hope” & “I believe what I’m guessing & impotently hoping this time” & “I hope I’m compounding what I believe & that’s what I’m impotently hoping about” …. If You got out of Bed, flew thousands of Miles & revisited Your old Property & Asked the New Owner if They’d heard that Call as-well & They Replied, “Aye, I don’t Give a fuck about it mate, it’s just a wee speck of shite, rotting away down a sewer pipe, I Just piss down it & laugh ….” …. Would You Choose to Have the Reaction the Animacule’s entire-concept of Other “&” ego is based-upon, Then ?!?!

The Cerebral Sex-offender KNOWS it Deserves to be Executed for what it’s “become” & intends to continue to weakly-surrender to, in it’s tiny-minded ambition, ie For the core-inadequate Reptile’s “wish” to “be” the Cause of an Innocent Human suffering P.T.S.D. …. Behind which, whether it’s a 2D Potato painting, a lengthy Gaslighting campaign in Person or a Drill between The Eyes, like Jeffrey Dahmer administered, along with a vial of Acid, ie It’s the Same Damned Wish …. As the savage bitter-loser wants You to Experience how it Feels to be Them, even though They can “Never” trade places …. TRIPLE HUZZAH !!!!

That SHITE a brain-map’s rise to the 80% mark, signals THE END of an Entire species …. Due to Zionist Jews programming You to Morally FAIL to Execute narrow-minded, nit-witted, True-Self loathing, hell-bound, brutal, Self-deluded Garbage like that …. The BEST Solution isn’t focussing-down on the nit-wit, The Best Direction Is Floating Away & Distancing bad-insects …. ie In Biospheres, Drinking Our Own Piss & eating Our Own shit & Getting The Sun Any time We Want, whilst Putting “Space” between Ourselves and the Endlessly-griping Spastic-society …. We’d Have Solar Sails & Inter-Net & Great Sounds & Marijuana & No Need to work Just Spread Comfort & Joy ….

“eg” I Already Drink & Eat My Own waste, as I waste Nothing …. ie I’ve got a Turn-around Rate of 9 Months for My Piss & 2 Years for My Shit …. I Could Quicken that to 3 Months & 1 Year …. Of Course, only The Nutrients from the No.2 Mixed with Vegetable Matter & the Nitrogen from the No.1 are what’s Converted ….

It’s A Tragic Disgrace of Evil Proportions that A Species which “Could” Have worked Together, to get the fuck Away from Each Other, is Being done to death, by Those Who get-off on Attacking Others, without Just Cause …. As endlessly-warring, Existentially-Envious, insect-sized minds Feel “temporarily” big, if They get 1 over on The Target …. As it Helps Them ameliorate against the delusions the long-cons doggedly Suffer from, even-more than the short-cons ….

So, the Mental-Quadriplegic is a pathological-desperado, Who gets-a-rise from it’s solitary-gutter, when it believes it’s in a Binary-dance with Someone Who can’t Yet See it’s an imbecile Needing flattened …. So the evil-fool gets to believe it’s found Someone “younger” than itself …. The Goal of the paraphiliac, being, to Make The “Human” Experience the Lunatics’ sadomasochistic Ghosts, which are Borne of The Unitards’ Own hatred of Truth …. It’s performance Preferably going-on until it ejaculates or at-least has a dopamine-hit & with lashings of “extra” jabbering, a performance of “Spazmo’s Delirium” ….

The more undeserving of Company the Sex-offender, the more They Tend to Try to Fuck Targets in the Head, as Dahmer did or as near as damn-it …. eg So that You’ll Know how it feels to be as Hypocritically-Hypersensitive, as an evil, Transparent lying-imbecile, throwing pebbles from inside a Glass-house, inside another Glasshouse, inside a Tomee Tippee Glasshouse ….

I Christened the Phenomenon, I Witnessed, with the Cowardly Shite I’ve Studied, Who, want to Do unto You what works on Them, laying-bare the Imbecile’s “Achilles-Body” within the Transparent baffles, which, due to Their limited moral-fibre, They actually “Quake” when They trigger a “negative reaction” from Their Own Amygdala …. ie I Call it the “Fricassee” …. QUADRUPLE HUZZAH !!!!

If You were to Attempt to Correctly Exterminate 2 out of Every 3 Poofs, You’d find Females forming a Wall around Them, which is Handy as They NEED to be Exterminated in the Same number …. You’d find Them Hugging Those CHILD RAPING Poofs, as They “identify” with the SAME fucking shite BRAIN …. ie Man Haters ….

They’re parasites Who are breath-slighted incontinent-arseholes, wanting Permanent PRETENGE, irrespective of The SINS which the “remorseless” bigoted-imbecile has committed throughout it’s Entire life …. Because, They get-off on it & believe They can get-away with it, it Helps ameliorate against Their “Superior-misery” ….

So the Pathologically-lying, Self-grooming, hell-bound raging nit-wit Targets “Any” Man Whom it calculates won’t Execute it or Whom They’re instantly-jealous of, where the low- life will Then take the Thrilling risk, (it’s “Paedophile-Groomed” to feel Entitled to,) due to the spoiled reptile’s delusions of Grandeur & it’s Belief that You are in “Mental-Bondage” & ripe to be Caused the brain-damage They stand in front of You & Ejaculate whilst “hoping” That’s what They are causing You, by Yourself Choosing to FEEL like Physically PUNISHING a piece of shit Who KNOWS They need at-least knocked-out ….

Whereafter, the Spastic becomes imbecilically-proud of itself, feeling “freer” & believing it’s won a battle against an olde enemy, a war only the jealous-retard was in & Then waddles-off believing it’s Righted past wrongs & brought You down to an “ego-maniac sufferable” level & You’ll now be Left suffering the Trauma of wanting Legitimate Revenge against an evil Sex-offender, Who believes “Transference” has now taken place, ALL because of Whom “They Chose” to Date in the past & still haven’t got-over Their Childhood & They’re a Lunatic ….

Pathologically Solitary Facecrack plattitudes & microscopic Confirmatory biased Tweets State, that, “FOR A MAN TO DESERVE A WOMAN HE MUST TAKE HER AS SHE COMES AT HIM WITH A KNIFE & AFTER 37 HEAD WOUNDS IF HE DOESN’T STILL LOVE HER HE DIDN’T DESERVE HER ….” …. You can GENUINELY find that POOF invented SHITE all over the net ….

Poofs have Free reign over Females, They con-troll what Hair-styles They have, torment Them with the Shape of Body They can Never have, as the Models are an Androgynous homosexual’s fantasy, which I’ve been Raising Awareness about for 4 Decades …. Paraphiliacs are hate-consumed TRAITORS, in Male Form They “want” to destroy Females lives “as well as” Males …. As They wish They’d been Born in a Female body “or” Were a Man & They may LIE & LIE & LIE & LIE & smile & smile & smile, yet STILL need shot, for the hideously-ugly abomination which 90% of fags Truly are …. ie A Shit-fountain !!!!

So, whilst ALL that Shite pretend-believe that Innocent Men have it easier & are Part of an Imaginary Patriarchy, as I’ve Already pointed out, The Hard Worker is teetering on the Edge of Every Major Bridge, nightly, whilst She’s Sat-in Watching millionaire Poofs prancing about Pretending “Dancing & Singing” MEANS Something …. Whilst, “begrudging” not Being Able to Eat More Chocolate & that Being MEN’S fault & trying-not-to Think about Male Sex-objects She still-simmers in PRETENGE about, Decreeing the “Next” Man the bigot sees is going to Get it ….

Because She DESERVES Marilyn’s lifestyle, even though She’s a uniform clone, in Her 5th Decade of Life, Who’s greatest claim to fame so-far is that She’s “destroyed” Her Self from Being what Any “Great” Man would “Ideally” be Attracted to …. With COUNTLESS Examples, ie With a Tattoo across Her Arse, in Chinese, which She got a Human-Hating Poof to Ink, which She still doesn’t Know, that when Translated, Means “No.42 without the rice” ….

Behind witch, the Zionist Jews rubs Their Claws together, in imbecilic Glee, that the infected Chocolate & the Male suicides, the Fatherless Children, the hideous planted-paraphiliacs, The subsequent Fee-Male suicides, the Black-mailed Paedophile-rings, the resulting Youth-suicides, the Treacherous Goons Who abuse Their Own & Abroad, Who tend-to commit suicide & the Ghouls Who believe-in the Promise of Jam Tomorrow, which Never comes, Who’s “Entitled-racism” perpetuated & stirred by the odd-token Gesture & the INFECTIONS injected into the “Goyim,” from EVERY angle, “all means,” that the plot’s going “Exactly” According to plan ….

When I Wake Up, on My Farm, Cleo Looks at Me & She’s A Cuddle Monkey, Then We’re Away …. Buggles Picks Up the Pace behind Us …. eg I’ve been Gathering LOADS of Chickens’ Eggs recently, I felt Empathy for The Chooks, as I took Them away, as They are Such Doting Mothers to be & They were Upset with Me, so They Crawed Unusually & Stretched Themselves to New Heights …. However, I Had to Start the Process as Otherwise Their eggs would Just go to waste ….

I’m Still getting Loads of Requests to View My Farm & There’s A Family, from Australia, Who are Very Keen to Buy it Outright in September …. So if I Move in the Short Term & Buy A Mountain-Top Farm in Portugal, I’m Eager to Get A Cockerel to Make More of These Beautiful Birds, whilst I Still Can …. I’m also been forwarded paraphiliacs, Sending Bogus requests, so the Spastics can Ask impertinent Questions, from the Con-Troll’s unenviable sewer ….

If I move to Africa 1st, then I’ll Be Forever Grateful for Having Met The Loveliest Beings I’ve Ever Known, in My Life & Had no Idea They’d either Have 4 Legs or 2 Wings …. I’m in No Hurry to Go, as My Farm’s in Full Bloom & You Can Walk Around Eating Straight Off the Trees, however, I Indulged in Another Big Bag of Chocolate & I’m Pacing My Self this time, as I don’t Think I can Enjoy Food Except when it’s Surprising …. I Do My Best to Appreciate The Fare Here, however, I’m A Giver & I Give All I’ve Got ….

It’s An In+Joke Between Me & The+Divine that I NEVER want to Stop Receiving what I Then “Channel” towards Those more Deserving, but, I don’t have the “Reaction” which Imbeciles Would be Running Up & down Their Safari Celebrating, if They Received even 1 of The Gifts I Get Daily & At The Pace I Set My Self ….

Last Night I had a Dream, where I was Comfortably Carrying A Heavy Weight, through A City, for a Young Lady Who was of Good Character & I Looked at the hate-consumed faces of the passing Walking-dead, begging for “Me” to put the final nail in Their Coffin, as the unwilling Guest at the funeral of Their ego …. Then, 2 panting-paraphiliacs got out of a Car, Hoping I’d See Them as Being Pigs & simply Allow Them to put Their Hands on Me …. I waited until the Furthest Lunatic was nearer & then Shot Them both in the face ….

I Woke Up & “There” was Cleo & We Hugged, Quite Happily, then Went Outside & Fed Infinitely Higher Forms of Life, Pasta, Crackers, Cheese & Biscuits …. I’ve “Always” Behaved in Dreams the Exact Same way I would in Life, I Just Felt I was Doing what’s Right & “IF” You’re Human IT’S TIME “You” Realised Your Moral+Obligation towards pant-wetting Suicidal-Poofters BEGGING You to SHOOT Them in the face …. It was A Good Sign !!!!

Whoever Inherits This Great Farm will Find A Lot of Lemon Trees Growing, as I’ve Scattered Many Seeds across The Whole Land & An Orange Tree I Nurtured from Bud, Is now The Same height as Me & Sticking Up Saying, “Whit’s Goin’ On Here !?!? How Comes That Russet Pear Tree is in My Road ?!?!” …. There’s nothing worse than Having to Explain to a Thankless Young Upstart that You Saved It’s Life & Helped It Grow to The Height of Cheek ….

The Russet Pears are My Favourite as You can Eat Them Straight off The Branch & They don’t Need to be Softened Up over Night, moreover, They don’t Need Pesticides as the Beastie’s Turn Their noses up at Them, as Though They were Foreign Muck ….

I’ve not Had Plums for a Few Days, I Tend to O.D. when I Discover Something Unexpectedly Moreish …. Due to Other Farmers Shooting Them, I’ve become a Haven for the Most Gorgeous of little Birds … When it Rained a few Days ago, a flock of What Look-like little Fat Robbins landed & They’ve been around Me ever since …. I was Regaled by The Fact that They don’t Walk They “hop, hop, hop,” They’re AMAZING fliers as well, Who can weave in & out, at High Speed, Almost as Well as Bats ….

I Tried to Stay Still so They wouldn’t be Alarmed by Me, with a Coffee Perched against My Lips & Then They were Joined by Pastel Blue Birds of Paradise, Swooping into My Giant Bubble Gum Trees, for the GIANT Figs …. Which are the Largest I’ve Ever Seen Them, this Year, weighing The Lowest Branches to The Ground, creating a Secret Haven for The Dogs & Chooks, Whom I Thought had Abandoned Ship, only to Find Them in Their New Overarching Arching Gang hut …. Which was Like a Scene from Watership down ….

I don’t Know if I’ve still been Getting Turkish Prostitute Junk Mail or Zionist Jewtube Channels Dedicated to Me or Sadomasochistic Projective-identification in the Comment Section under My Vids or Impromptu Twitter Accounts dedicated to Me, etc, etc, etc, YAWN …. As Cheryl & Co, Kindly take Care of that Side of Things for Me now …. As I’ve Said previously, even if I was to Witness “Self-loathing in 2D” I couldn’t Give a lesser-fuck about which of the rotting-paraphiliacs is the latest to have greased it’s mouse-pad, Hoping to Contact Me to Let Me Know They’re still evil & a serial-killer ….

ie “Impotently-Hoping” for a Reaction I’ve Never Had & Never Will & which No-one Ever has-to, made especially-easier when You’re Living in Paradise, Dunce Cunt Free …. Moreover, when The Sender is FUCK ALL, with Shit for it’s brains, Who believes that because “They” Know They NEED shot in the face, “therefore,” WHENEVER 1 of the MILLIONS of Spastics does-a-typing & a hoping or sends a potato-painting or wants to Lure Me into Studying Their Solitary-Thought pattern again or be “wary” of Accidentally Witnessing it’s insignificant shite …. You MUST have the REACTION the 1D UNITARD wants to “Transfer,” in 2D ….

It Finds the SAME Knock-Knock Joke BRILLIANT, EVERY single time it NEEDS shot in the face …. Hoping it’s pulling “the wrong face,” from the Reaction the imbecile “hopes” You expect of it, is the face of Lunatic Wanking in the Mirror, Which it CAN’T See Itself in …. Feeling it’s Brillaint, EVERY time, it Stretches the Boundaries of Human Decency, where the Human Appears not to Realise it NEEDS shot through it’s face …. It “IS” the joke …. St. Bram Stoker portrayed it as repeatedly CHOOSING to be the evil Butt of that Joke or to be More Accurate, The Arsehole ….

Even after Reading My Previous post, which Included Cheryl’s “Greatest Put down of All Time” & My Final Word, on The Thesis, no-doubt a paraphiliac somewhere would Still delude itself that There’s a chance 1 of Us might Consider it to Magically have “become-importanted” & Choose a negative-reaction, which an unenviable impotent-unitard is reduced to “begging” for, in it’s 2D fantasy-world, with clanging chimes of Constant-shite, in Their air-head, decaying-away in it’s sinking-prison …. (Since I lack Arrogance, that was Just in Case, as I Genuinely Don’t Know, They might have Sent fuck all …. Curses, how come I even get dead-beat stalkers !?!?)

Speaking of Which, I Probably Should’ve included a Telling Reference, which I Alluded to, in My Previous Post, “She’s FAT” …. It Made Me laugh, when Cheryl just came Right Out with it 1 Day, a while back & I didn’t Know “Who” She was Meaning …. After I finished Laughing, She Said, that The Female Serial-killer (I’ve exposed, alondside Her Whole Mezzanine of REAL+Man Haters,) is “FAT” !!!!

I Still don’t Know, nor Will I Ask, where She got that from …. But, whilst I was Laughing, She was adamantly talking about the Beast, Who called Her Self “Marie McCallum,” on the police-farce bogus report She filed against Me, when Requesting I be detained, for Typing The Truth in an Understanding & Caring Way, after She’d committed 4 Dozen crimes against Me ….

That crime was committed, on record, along with Her hideously ugly elder Sister, Who pretended I’d Sent Her a Bomb, in a Package, namely Jacqueline Bradley …. I’ve never Visited Her TWITter profile, but I’ve been lead to Believe this is the Female serial-killer, Typing in plain view, Who’s Younger Sister & Whole Family try to Kill Men for money & sexual-pleasure, delusions of Grandeur & PRETENGE …. Whom Your “police-farce” are 100% complicit with, as I’ll be Exposing in My Next Vid ….


Before I’d had a Recent Conversation, with a “different” Female Serial-killer, online, (Who’d Helpfully repeatedly-employed the phrase, to Describe Unitard Sex-offenders, as being, “weak assholes,”) I’d Offered an “Amnesty” at the End of 1 of My Vids, to All the Beasts of the Day, to Afford Me A “Fair” Deal, which that random Killer, on-line, Then did for Free …. I’d Said I was Prepared to “Channel” A Miracle into Their Life, if They “Deserved” 1 ….

However, the Mezzanine of vermin Surprised Me by Making Contact & I Informed Them “Live” that Their shits’ garbage & Their evil’s transparent, so Their low-life ill-wishes Can’t work when You’re Flying High & I’m Higher Still, so They then Apologised for Their “Self-aggrandising,” Atypically paraphiliac-attempts to Hope to Be offensive in-plain-view …. (I Heard Their Spine snap !!!!)

But, I missed the Next “Prepared” Part of the 2D floor-show, so My Absolutist Develop+Mental Gargantuan Mind simply put it down to Them hoping-for the Exact-same “reaction” that’s Never going to be “Chosen,” irrespective of “how-long” a Spastic Proves it hates “itself,” even in NUMBER …. Nor can I lose Reality+Based Peripheral, Frontal or Core Brain Function, nor “Memory,” coincidentally-despite Their ambition to “narrow” the parameters, so that the con-trary insects Then get-high, Hopping from side to side ….

They’re serial-killers & undoubtedly Their crap Must have Worked on Humans in the Past, Who then Killed Themselves, after suffering from P.T.S.D., which the Spastics are Sanctioned by The Scottish Police-farce to get-off on Doing, until the Person kills Themselves …. Which I “Needlessly” informed the police-farce about, due to My Concerns that Few Humans Would Have the Same Ability & Insight that I have, into the Mind of the “Lunatic level” of Intelligence, the “deliberately released” Beasts obsessively manifest ….

However, I have NEVER Instigated Contact with the Family of Serial-killers, in My Entire Life & They subsist Thousands of Miles from My Farm, in Their shit-pits, from where They’ve sent Me “legitimate” laments about Their lot & sorrow & bleak darkness & suffering & weakness & hatred & jealousy & envy & “determination” to Keep on Killing until “You” stop Them ….

Whereas, I’ve “Done” All I Can, “Evidentially” way more than Yehoshua of Nazareth would’ve done & I’m Cracking+On, on All Fronts on an Upward+Trajectory, Being Rewarded From On+High Near Constantly, whilst the aforementioned utterly Self-deluded Mob were still hoping to draw My Attention down to a microdot …. I Expressed to Them Live, if You’ve Had A Blissful Day & You’re Doing All You Can by Your Promise & Because You Can “See” Africa coming Closer, You Feel like You’ve Just won the Lottery & a couple of rotters want You to Look at a medley of slides of Their “Admissions” that Their Life is SHITE, It Almost BEGS the Question, “HOW THE FUCK COULD I Choose to have an Adverse Affect on MY SELF over THEIR Just Desserts !?!?”

Since I never got to See what the Next slide was, under the Magnascope & Since I “Hold” Alternative Explanations for Anyone’s “Expressed” Approach, I’d “Maintained” that Their approach was probably a remarkably lengthy pity-play, “without” The Sex-offenders wanting Anything at the End of it, except to pretend They’d revised History, due to Their megalomania & Say, “YEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, I’m STILL an evil Spazi !!!!” …. Which isn’t Something I’m going to “personalise” or Petition Someone Out-of being …. Which I’d Expressed to Them Live …. SNAP !!!!

None-the-less, When Cheryl then Told Me, “She’s FAT” …. I “Realised” that They HAD wanted to “Come Correct” & that The Twitter Profile They’d made for Cheryl to See, recently, was the Tail-end of Sour grapes …. Akin to the Phrase I’d Told Her, about a 7 Year old Poof called Stephen, Who’d Said, “I DIDN’T WANT 1 ANYWAY ….” …. When He’d missed the Ice-Cream van, which We All laughed-at, as it was “Obviously” not True …. But You can See How that Kid Fundamentally “lacked” Self+Awareness & was indulging in Magical-Thinking Out Loud, in Public …. (Although He was Very Well Spoken, His Mum was a Common, low-life, hooligan nut-case ….)

So That Explained the B.B.W. Site link, I’ve never Visited, for the Same reasons …. ie They’re Self-aggrandising imbeciles, reduced to a 2D fantasy World, where if You click on a Link to “Witness” it They Believe They’ve drawn You down to Their level & can Hop around like fleas on a hot tin-plate ….

However, it doesn’t “matter” what “any” of the sexually-deviant evil-unitards, (I’ve been reduced to “using” & then Launching,) Believe or Pretend to believe, which is HOW I was Able to Profile So Many Animacules, for so long …. However, Those Days Are Well & Truly Behind Me, as I’ve Seen it All now & it got “Samey” Several Months ago …. So 1 last Look allowed Me to Deduce there was “ONLY ONE Thought” They EVER Have, About “HUMANS” …. Which I’m Now “Absolutely” Certain about, having left “No Stone unturned” ….

I had to Stop to Do a Bit of Work There, as starving Children don’t feed Themselves, due to Your complicity with a bunch of “over-privileged,” Mental-quadriplegic, “Self-destructive” Lunatics & Lunatits …. I’ve Just Returned from Gathering & Making a Crown of Thorns, for My New Emblem …. It was Tricky working with Something That Jaggy, but I Just thought of Trying to hug a fee-male Whom You haven’t bought Chocolate for, for a while …. Then, When I Got Back to The Patio Maw Broon Started Singing, “Where Did You get That Hat, where Did You get That Hat !?!?” …. My Hair’s like a Burst Cushion, after Trying it on ….

I Realised Yehoshua’s Must’ve had “leaves” on it, at 1st …. Maw Broon’s been Laughing ever Since, I Think She Believes Transference has taken place, I Love Her …. However, She doesn’t Know that Today, I got Yet Another financial Gift from God, which Most Humans would Think IMPOSSIBLE & be Doing Cartwheels Over, whereas I’m Just Sitting Here with a Coffee, Smiling, In The Early Evening Sun Shine …. I “Appreciate” It & I’m Going to Keep Increasing My Output, Even more So, with Every passing Day ….

To round off, about the Vermin I mentioned earlier, the evil serial-killer had recently wanted Me to Know that “She’s FAT,” for When She believed She could “Meet” Me & She wanted Me to Save the Whales, as I Presume The Mezzanine & Her must be in Dire Straights & so had Almost Breached the Surface of Their 2D “WISH-TYPING” …. (Oh My Sides, My Sides, My aching Sides, Hor Hor ….) …. They were Expecting Me to Communicate with the Ginger Flea, but the Unitard then began F’ing-&-blinding Baz & Cheryl, in My Absence, when I was Mountaineering, which put-pay to All the evil-rogues’ 2D ground-work …. (Much a Do about nothing ….)


I’ve only got Baz’s interpretation to go-on for that, however, I believed that was the Jist & reported it as Such …. But, I Now Realise that She had Wanted Me to See Her in a more fun-loving evil-way & Then Befriend Her & then probably buy Her Services as a Whore, which I’d Informed the Scottish police-farce about, 3 Years ago …. (With Other Marks spinning on top of Canes in the background ….) …. Which, if You Think about that “intention,” They Think more of You if You don’t fall for that Crap & perhaps Then You’re Friend material, which You’re more likely to be “Decreed” if You’ve got a Square Head with Nothing in it …. “Otherwise” Your Knowledge of Their evil-greed Makes You dangerous to Them …. (FUCKIN’ EASY !!!!)

At This Juncture, 1 of the little Bobbing Birds, Who to My Surprise was Shooed Earlier, by Maw Broon My oldest Chook …. They’ve taken a wander onto the Stately Grounds, so in Their absence, the little birdie suddenly hopped along & Picked up 1 of Their Crackers, from the Huge Patio I’m On, Seemed to Exclaim, “FUCK THE JEWS !!!!” & then Flew off with it, at High Speed, BEAMING ….

I Stand by All The Complimentary Definitions I Reflected Her Inner-Self As Being, before I Knew what She’d “become,” I found it Staggering that She oscillated to a place Where She felt Worth-less, when, due to Her lack of Vision, She’d No Idea how Great Her Life Still Could’ve Been, all Those Years ago …. However, She chose to Take a flame-thrower to Her Candle, so Her menagerie of demons & Her have failed to get-on My wick Ever since …. Whilst Those drug-addled, materially orientated, hate-consumed, unselfaware evil-imbeciles, continue committing Their Thrilling offences as Lunatics tends-to do against “The Host” …. All I’ve Ever Wanted to Do, was to Put A Smile, like Sintayehu’s, on Even more Girls’ Faces in Africa, because I Can, Therefore, Morally I Must ….

In Person, I’d Told (Marie McCallum) about a Male Paraphiliac, so-called Cousin, Whom I’d Encouraged to Take Up the Bass Guitar, as in 3 Years He could’ve been Proficient on It, however, He was consumed with Hatred & Jealousy & irrational pretenge towards Me, whilst I Grew in Christlike Compassion towards Others …. Yet, when I Told Her That, She looked as Though She wanted to Change Tack, but didn’t See enough drug-money, material-crap money & City-breaks money, coming from That Direction …. I Also Sensed, She Thought it would be 3 Years before I’d “Get” Her ….

So 3 Years later, I Finally Got Her & She is a phenomenally Self-deluded, unreformed degenerate sex-offender, criminal prostitute & evil serial-killer, Who Will be So until She or Her Mezzanine of Assholes die or are Stopped, along Their solitary-track …. I’ll Finish by Adding, “IF” all the IFs in the World, You can Think of, Weren’t True & ALL the Buts & all the ANDS weren’t So, then She was Always going to be Good Enough for Me as I Said to Her in Person, I’d have “Appreciated” Every nuance of Her Being, especially since She had a Unique Mind, “but” She’s Neuro-anatomically incapable of Appreciating Others in return, as Most Westerners are ….

However, She Could easily overcome that, with Technological-Aids …. But Whomever Would take on that Role, Would have a Job on Their Hands in Weaning Her away from whatever Class-A shite She was on & Reducing Her Alcohol intake to Nights only & Attempting to Help Her Ingrain New Pathology …. However, You Must NEVER Petition Anyone out-of The path They plough, They Raise Themselves or You watch Them fall …. I knock the dust off My Sandals & abandon Them to Their endlessly-unenviable fate ….

If She’d come as a Friend, I’d have unwittingly Helped All the evil cunts behind Her, ie Without Knowing what “I Do Now” …. Lastly, I Would NEVER Date someone Who’s “lesbianiac,” let-alone Promiscuous or Committing crimes against The Kind or Seeing other People …. If Someone wants to See Other People whilst They’re dating You, Be Happy for Them to See Those Other People “without” Ever Getting to See You AGain …. I’ll Stick to A Beautiful View, that doesn’t Need a Jag & a Fag & a Drag & doesn’t resemble an obnoxious Hag, Who’s a loud-mouthed Slag, an offensive Shit-bag, a permanent Lag, a devil Who needs a Gag, where everything will sag off a non-stop witting nag, sitting on Top of My Mountains, for Them to Look Stunning, All Year ‘Round …. That’s All I Have to Face ….

eg You Know You’ve Probably got low Levels of MAO-A when Your Desktop Background is of Your Own Farm & It Just Seems Normal …. Although I Am Enjoying Writing Outside AGain, which I’ve not Done since a Night of Wine put-paid to My Trusty old Laptop Screen, which is Still Half smashed, as I was That Night …. This is The View taken at a similar time of Year & if You Look Closely, before the 1st Row of Greenery, You can Just Make Out the Path Cleo beats to My Farm, When She wants to Give Me a Hug …. (Admittedly, sometimes She’s Just after a Hug & Grab ….)

Cleo's Cheese Run !!!!

Cleo’s Cheese Run !!!!

Cheryl informed Me that even on the Days when She’s not Promoted My Sites They’ve have a Steady Flow of Readership & Viewers & Humans Appreciating The REAL World & the insect-world I’ve Magnified …. eg Really old Posts I’ve put Up are Still Being Regularly Read …. Her Own Work is Getting Much More interest than Mine, as I’m Harder Hitting & People are “groomed” to Distance Themselves from Anything which even Remotely Resembles Honesty or “Personal Development” …. Especially if that Means having to Admit That “They” are to blame & that They’re a hate-consumed Cunt, Who never stops spewing-shite at Innocent People, for Their Own damned-sins, thus They “remain” a Transference-obsessed butt-hurt Unitard ….

Carefully Consider, that The Life YOU Should Be Leading, can be waylaid by Delirious-Spastics Who want to Reduce Your Destiny to Culling Ghoulishly-stupid Humanimals, because They’re too pathetic to Do The Decent Thing & Kill “Themselves” or Roll up to a Genocidal Jew & Do The Decent Thing by Being killed trying to take-out The worst Example of “Themselves” …. The subhuman Lunatic wants PRETENGE against Innocent Humans, Whom They neuro-anatomically Treat like “Objects” …. They Tend to Avoid Those Who “couldn’t” Give a flying fuck About Them, Who SEE Them as They OBVIOUSLY Truly Are …. Which They HAVE TO “hide” from Humans, Who can’t yet See Transparent Lunatics, As I Can …. Who’d Otherwise Also See Them as tiny-minded, Corrupt, hideously-ugly, burst-arsed Unitards, delaying-suicide & NEEDING hung ….

When a Unitard is on a covert-mission to Cause a Human P.T.S.D., They’re “sustained” by “I KNOW A SECRET YOU DON’T KNOW, DOO DAH, DOO DAH,” on a permanent loop in the Sex-offenders cum-swimming numb-skull …. When They Meet Me, even-though They’ll not Admit it, “They” are worn-down despite “triggering” Their hate-ejaculate, which When They Realise has “Zero Affect” on Me, over-time the impotent beast reveals a 3 Year old miserable primitive “loser” ….

Whereas I’m Clearly Flying High, As That’s GOD’S Will, I Simply Do What’s Right & Inherit That Upward Stream & unlike the Vast Majority would have, I Still Offered My Left Hand down into that Quagmire & when reduced to “using” what’s left down there I Selflessly Profiled the Self-propelled Arsehole-with-Dentures 1 last time, to Form The Definitive Model of The Unitard …. Who Invariably produces yet-more Shite, “guessing & impotently hoping” that The Latest Sex-Object Causes “Themself” brain-damage, on behalf of “Zionist Jews & Their molecule,” which is rotting-away, whilst sinking-down a sewer pipe, on it’s way to hell, for ETERNITY ….

Obviously when the Magnified-smears had become so-samey it was Due to Me Being Able to See the “uniform” Sole-motive in “EVERYTHING” a Self-deluded Sex-offender Thinks about Others …. I Stopped Fielding My Own Mail, because the “Filth” Who’d been Sending Magnifiable Contours, on the Quantum Level of evil They subsist on, were Essentially the Kind of 3 Year old Who’d wipe Their arse & then Show You the paper …. I’ve Studied Several “Identical” Lunatics I’ll soon be exposing & I’d all-but Completed My Thesis on that subject ….

Throughout Which, I’ve Never Chosen to have a negative Reaction, which 2D monkeys impotently-hope-for throughout & I Documented throughout that I’d Never Been “Absolutely” Sure which 1 of the aforementioned Mob was Sending Their crap & Repeatedly simply Did My best to Say, “Good Luck with Your Psychiatrist …. I Wish You Well …. Ta, Ta, Bye Bye Now & Thanks for All the pish ….”

I Ordered Laptop Equipment from China, around 8 Years ago, not Seeing the Genocidal-con behind That Manufacture-base, as Well as I Do Now …. I Then tried to Cancel the Junk Mail They started Sending Me …. eg “Hide camera in pee-hole, See inside Fee-male Wookie ….” …. “Insivibility Glasses, See-though Hideous-dogs to malnourished Skeleton, She love You long time ….” …. “Life-Sized Sex Object to Beat with Stick, brain reconstitute over-night, like Real Man ….” …. “Electric Spine-support for Long-term Relationship, Keep Him Upright or Apply bolt of Lightening to Testicles ….”

So, although it had the Sum Influence of FUCK ALL on Me, even-when They sent begging-mail as Their factory had burned down, due to Their New line in Electric bum-hole tighteneres back-firing on Them …. I’d Sent it to Junk & then Tried to Block it, maybe Once every 3 Months or so …. But, it was Still Coming in, although at a much slower rate, each-time a New suicide took place, in that Position & it was refilled by Someone Who started at the Bottom of the Decade-old Filing-Cabinet, where My Address must’ve been filed ….

So, 8 Years later, up-until Che took-over & then passed it on to The Zen Desk, I was Still getting That Crap, but WHY Would I “Personalise” it ?!?! …. Of course They’re cheeky desperados, but few People Checked Their Junk filter for arseholes …. It’s just something You either Send there or goes-there itself & You Crack+On …. “ie” There’s no difference, if I was fielding My Own Mail it would just be the same thing, only less-industrious & more-evil ….



After This, She’d no-doubt be Screeching in Rage, “WHERE’S ME PITATAHS, WHERE’S ME PITATOES !?!?” …. Whilst a fellow animate-corpse is reaching for it’s Knocked mouse-pad & the Other for it’s suspiciously stained bargain-basement Keyboard …. Fuck “being” Them !!!! …. (I’m off to Make a Burnt Offering to The Gods’ & The tiniest of the Bobbing Chubby Birds, Just Appeared alone, to Try to Fly-off with the Biggest Cracker & Couldn’t get Air-borne, So She Eventually Said, “FUCK THE JEWS” & bit small bits off it & Then Skedaddled into My Bubble-Gum Trees ….

I Discovered I’ve Got “GIGANTIC Plums” & My Peaches Are Surviving Despite Me …. I Took A Stroll down to the Bottom of My Furthest Field, as I Must’ve Managed to Harvest all My Plums from the Upper Farm Just in Time, as They All Seemed to have disappeared …. So, When I Then expected to Find Something of Similar Size, Imagine My Surprise when They Turned out to Be BLOODY HUGE, I’d to Fetch Them with a Stick & They Tasted Near-perfection, ie Bitter & Twisted like an old whore …. The Field that Takes You There, when You’re Half Way along it, It Turns into Barley & when You Open Your Hands & Trail Them, it’s Like You’re Walking through a Waist High Sea of Terry-Towelling ….

Meanwhile, back in the Sewer-works below Dog-world, Man-hating paraphiliacs have been “reclassified” as Being Lesbians & Poofters …. The Zionist Jew’s nodding black-mailed Paedophile-ring, (which You call Politicians) get-up Every Day & make Their way to Toy-town, to Make-up Another Rule, on This Planet, which Allows the “Whac-A-Mole” obsessed 3 Year old primitive, hair-brained nihilistic-reptiles to Give yet-another Excuse, for the THUGS & GOONS & GHOULS to Mob You & drag You into Their dungeon-system, YOU are paying-for, to become the SLAVE labour You DESERVE to be, for turning a BLIND Eye to the SUFFERING of Innocent Good Men …. Those Men are in CHAINS right now ….

The Chains which Weigh Your Soul down, the More Aware You are of Your “inaction” Producing Their suffering …. You CANNOT Be Human “&” DELUDE Your Self that You’re A GOOD person “irrespective” of the DAMNING EVIDENCE “against” You, which can be SCOOPED out of Rivers, every Morning, can be Found SCREAMING that Her Kids have been TAKEN by Gypo Scum, Who’s wages YOU pay to PRETEND to be SOCIAL workers ….

That EVIDENCE, can be SEEN peering Through Bars in Maximum security prisons, so that a Bunch of nipping paedophiles with SHITE for Their brains can skip & hop about FREELY raping & murdering Those kidnapped Children …. All the while, YOU sit watching DANCES WITH POOFS & Square-headed Paraphiliacs DICTATING from Their Tommee-Tippee porta-potty, Whether You can SING or NOT, on “Britains got NO Morals” !!!!

Every pathologically-lying imbecile, Who’s Ever felt like They were “winning” a Competition against Me, were Desperate to make Sure “Only They” were in it & Delighted Themselves when They Believed I was under-hypnosis & They were hiding-in-plain-view, Their head-spell based-on “Talking-Constant-Shite without receiving Physical-Punishment” …. Therefore, They were Transferring Their Self-loathing & Pretend-Proving that “I AM WHAT THEY ARE” …. ie They believed They were having a Sexual-Conquest, Whilst I Calmly Witnessed the jabbering “sparking-nitwit” delaying-suicide, BEGGING “Me” to kill Them, instead ….

The nihilistic Spastic Always reveals the Fact that it’s “insecure” about it’s imaginary-conquests, through Projective-Identification …. When I Produce Anything, It Will Think “Every” Video, Article & Song & Work of Art, I Produce, is About Them …. If it’s About SHITE “like” itself, it then Reinforces that Onanist-Presumption, Since They’re All “Identical” …. However, the Following List are the “Admissions,” of 1 of Them alone & She Knows Who She is & Knows That I Know too, however, It’s True of “ALL” of Them, as I’ve Said, They’re the exact-same SHITE ….

eg She Said She “Hated what She’d become,” which was what had produced the endless downward-spiral, due to the Gulf & disparity between Her ideaised Delusions of Being A Great & indeed “Good” Person & the “horrific-reality” of Being Solely to BLAME for the “remorseless” Lunatic committing depraved acts of EVIL against “Others,” which Paints The TRUE Picture of “Dorian Gray” Whom She “admitted” to See Her Self as Being like ….

The following are the “TELLS” & Admissions She Gave, in Person, which Sum-up Her Self & the mindless, evil, backward, subhuman, hate-consumed, desperate Filth, Whom She Commits Her Crimes against Kind Humans with …. Many of The Humans which subhuman Spastics will pretend They’re dehumanising by referring to as Objects, Marks, Targets or whatever Self-titillating Slang They’ll employ …. Many of Whom, in “Parallel,” She Considered to be a Potential Life Partner & to rescue Her from the clutches of Her Vermin-Associates ….

But, She’d always find Her “excuse,” as the Virtueless paragon, for The Innocent to then “Deserve” to be tricked, abused, robbed & ideally repeatedly-offended by Her “premeditated” criminal-performance & covert remote-con-troll, which She “pretends” Means because She’s doing Much of Their bidding, that What You WITNESS Her Ejaculating over, is “Their” fault, behind which She’s secretly a Good Person ….

With Their eventual unbelievable EXCUSE, it “always” Allows the “mindless” Jack-in-the-box, to Believe They’re getting PRETENGE & pretend-proving They’re a mastermind & FEEL They’ve gone-big & Act-out hopefully BEING SCARY, rather than, the inbred imbecile & it’s Mezzanine being dragged into the Street & hung …. She referred to Her Self-Aggrandisingly as Being the Devil, in Person & then Either She or another mad-staring Spastic, of the Mezzanine of Poovs, Posted This Song for Me to See, after I’d foiled Her ….

She “complained” that She was on the lowest-level of Dante’s inferno, She’d killed Animals (by accident) throughout Her Life & then Said She’d been Cruel to a Dying Woman & wanted to Smother Her to Death (as a Kindness) & Lamented the Woman getting “The Last Word,” by Her Own Choice of Funeral Song ….

She Then made “excuses” for Paedophiles, pretending it’s Their “nature,” to be a WEAK Surrender-monkey Who gets a perverse evil Sexual-Thought into Their Head & then Confirms it as Being “natural” & DECIDES to Then put Their Shoes & Socks on, then Stalk, Groom & Rape a Child …. Which I Corrected Her about, as regards ALL “addiction” & also Propaganda merchants “responsible” for resulting Deaths …. She also implied She’d committed acts of Emotional-incest against Her Son & “because” She’d done Other Nice things, “therefore” that Shouldn’t Count …. He was the 2nd most brain-damaged Boy I’ve ever Witnessed & consumed with a Hatred, which can Only be Purified by Fire …. His Cousin was The Most brow-beaten Zombie of all, Whom I Couldn’t Believe was the Embodiment of a Character I’d Invented, called, “Pigeon Boy” ….

I Read The “TELL,” When I Informed Her about a Ben Kingsley Movie, “House of Sand & Fog,” where a Couple are driven to “Suicide” …. I’ll reveal Other Tells, in My Upcoming Vids, about What I’d Already Studied about “Stress,” which the Family of paraphiliacs, Whom You’d call “homosexuals,” work-together to Try to Cause Innocent Humans, coming-at Them from several angles, including covertly Recording the Events for future titillation & hopefully-extortion ….

“After” Their pre-meditated Campaign begins, in hot-pursuit of “excuse” for explosion, to pseudo-justify Their evil-bitterness, greed, crushed-delusions & inhumane imbecility, which titillates Them if the Mark takes Them seriously, as They Know They should simply be beaten to death & until You Do So, the Spastic-society will carry-on committing offences against Humans, with the Full Complicity of the System You are paying for behind Them ….

Despite the failure to Appropriately Execute Vulgar, evil, Bawdy FILTH, like that, “ALL” Those “miserable” retards are PUNISHED “unmistakably,” in Their accursed, unenviable-downward-spiral, especially-when the Self-bullshitting nit-wit’s focus becomes momentarily-lucid & it’s State of denial gives-way to the inescapable Realisation, of what They’ve “become,” on Those Cold whistling, haunting, inescapable Nights, foretelling Where They’re going NEXT, for Eternity, Squared away ….

She “Realised” that She’d been an Evil Cunt Her Whole Life …. But, if You are Decreed by Her as becoming the BAD breast, then She’s to Forgive You “For-Ever” …. Even When She “Knows” She’s the sinner …. Your OBJECT Will Do, to aggrandise Her Delusions that Manipulating Someone, Who Believes in Them, is Proof of Genius …. As Offering less-than Fuck-All & Balancing Taking-more than You Give as Being a Favour to The Human due to the Delusions of the Megalomaniac Proving it’s Worth-less piece of Crap, is TRULY AMAZING …. ALWAYS Amazing …. Self-Amazing …. Self-Praise being No “Honour,” especially Amongst Thieves ….

I Told Her, I Never Try to Win, but if They’re Playing a Game with LIFE, I ALWAYS Win, as I Trained with The Best & because I’m NOT Playing, Since I HAVE The Mental Equipment to Exist in Reality, ergo without Strategising, My Non-Reactionary Love of Truth Means “I ALWAYS WIN,” irrespective of the Self-bullshitting of INFINITELY-unenviable & “PROVABLY” Abject-losers, Who reduce You to “using” Them & then Launching the evil villain & Their sick pantomime ….

When I Confronted Her about liars “deluding” Themselves that Lying makes Them more intelligent than The Kind Human affording Them INFINITELY more Respect than They Deserve & that Lying is something ANY CUNT can DO, it’s magical-thinking …. She began crying & Said, “I feel about That big” & Held Her finger & Thumb around 2 millimetres apart …. She oscillated between “Maybe & See-if,” ie Maybe You could be dragged into Her fucking-ridiculous, evil, debauched Choice of Self-destruction amongst Others, due to “Ma Luvliness” …. Then, when Reality began to Bite, too near the bone, You’d See Her “LEAP” into The imaginary Arms of the Semi-Simian Audience to See-if She could Hide Her core-misery by getting-high on NEEDING shot !!!!

She repeatedly alluded to Dogs, ie Having Sex with Them, being Treated like 1 & then Projecting Her identity at Marks She’d fleeced in the past, but Whom She’d also petitioned the Mezzanine to Approve of Her Genuinely Considering a relationship with The Human …. But She “Wrote” that She’d “Proudly” with-held Her True Self & They still don’t Know Who They were shagging all-ways ….

Because She pretended Her name was “Polly-Anna Fanny-biscuits” so Them plundering Her bowels were Magically Somebody-else’s Bowels & She “lied pathologically” to Them throughout & committed countless crimes against Them & hated having found the Excuse Her immorality & lies Seek, where She found “none” with Me, but Minds like that Will Still dig for The Cheese …. She hates Them, with a Passion, to This Day, especially if They Survived or Even Thrived or Helped fund the paedophile-ring She’s complicit with, to buy even-more wigs & kit-out Their basement, by taking-out a Restraining Order against Her ….

She Admitted to being a Prostitute, repeatedly, then Pretended She’d only been a Pole-dancer & then admitted to having carried-out the most degenerate of sex-acts You could possibly imagine, the Key words being “ANYTHING” & “submissive” …. Which She degenerated into enjoying, but Then, like Most prostitutes sought an Innocent Good Man, for the Bigot to take that “SHIT” out on Them …. ie She indicated that eating-shit & having More than 1 Penis in Her back-passage was to Her liking …. After which She felt She could shit round corners ….

She insinuated that She’d gone to Orgies & enjoyed Them, with fellow pseudo-satan worshippers & had Sold Her Soul there, with Some insignificant-spastic or other Performing a Ritual, amongst Like-minded Mental-quadriplegics, ALL nodding in Confirmatory bias, “4 Limbs Bad, No Limbs Good ….”

She confessed to being a promiscuous Nympho-maniac, Who delighted in being the 1st to try to Destroy Young Girls’ lives, even of School age & take-away Their innocence, which Temporarily gave Her imaginary powers …. She also implied She imbecilically drank blood ….

She confessed to committing Countless crimes against People, stretching back Decades, with Her Family of subhuman vermin, Who’s tiny-minds “atypically” Will target tiny-points to Pretend Prove that a 3 Year old picking up a penny on the Street “justifies” Them robbing a Pensioner in Dorset & then Leaving Him waiting by The Window, in Women’s Tights, for Her return, when She’s already Disco-dancing, pumping Her Head to the BOOM BOOM BOOM, over Her Marching Shoulders like a Rabid Pit-Bull, briskly walking down the Street …. Then, in Her 40’s, seducing a 17 Year old Male or Female, to aggrandise Her Self even more, having brought another Bone back to the Kennel ….

She intimated that She’d stolen several Cars & wanted to Steal another & “then” She’d be coming back for Me, because I was Above the Masses She’d committed Her acts of evil against, in-collusion with Her Ventriloquists, Whom She was “just-as-evil” if not more than …. ie SLIME-BAGS Who Cannot “Really” Say They Truly give a fuck about Her “&” Work with the Half-brained Lunatit & then “profit” fiscally from Whoring-out Their Mum, Sister & Daughter to “Carry-out Relative evil” …. Despite Her Obvious “inner-sorrow,” due to Her Self-destruction & “guilt” ….

Upon Reading that, the unselfaware Paraphiliac would Mindlessly Quip, “Oh, I Don’t Know, I quite Like a Carry-out My Self, MA HAAH HAAH HAAHA HA HAHAH” & They’d All roll about Their crypt cackling, in unison, “MAAH AHH HA HH HAH HAH HAAAA,” then, that’s Reality all been Squared away & hell with it & The hell They have to “Face” in Their Daily punishing “unenviable” apology for a Life ….

Their Whole Family clearly hate Themselves, “Greed” plays a part in that, behind which lies delusions of Entitlement & to PRETENGE, as the Spastics feel that if They “CAN” get away with committing offences against Kind People then WHY NOT !?!? …. They’re FULLY AWARE that Your Police-farce are COMPLICIT with Them …. Thus emboldening Her motto, being, “FUCK IT !!!!”

She admitted to being an “Evolutionary Cul-De-Sac” …. She admitted to trying to cause Humans P.T.S.D. “countless” times …. She Said She had a, “Get out of Jail FREE Card” …. That People She’d targeted in the past found the INJUSTICE-SYSTEM They’d been paying-for was the “Twilight Zone” & Everyone “So divided” You DO NOTHING-BUT “Support” That fucking SHOWER OF SHITE, Who make-up crap & then THUGS drag You into a dungeon system ….

Which She lampooned by Implying I’d Experience being in the “Shawshank Redemption” …. On a Walk She Likened Her Self to Her Dog again & Said, “She’s Good at Digging Things up” …. She also Saw Her Self as being “Inspector Gadget,” due to the covert recording devices She had with Her …. She also had a Pen knife lodged in Her Anus, in-case She was “Correctly” Physically Punished …. I Could go over more, however, I’m going to Throw what I’ve Already Exposed into the Updated Vault of Guilt, where I’ll be Putting Every demon ….

Then it’s Up to You to Either Con-tinue Funding high-functioning Semi-Simian “LUNATICS” or Execute Them or “Move” Your WHOLE Family of PROVIDERS to Africa, “Free” of crones, beasts & ALL Those inbred Parasites …. I Publicised “My Decision,” A Long Time ago, as regards the aforementioned Family of Unitards, as I’ve Always Said “being” Them is INFINITELY more punishment than cheaply Ending it for Them & Since I Prolonged Their Attention & You “Should” Have A Justice System, I Followed A Path which “Should” bring Them to Justice, however Your Police-farce “are” what She Informed Me & so I Chose to Selflessly Expose Them All, whilst Having Infinitely More “IMPORTANT” Matters to Rise to ….

So You’d imagine that Since I Correctly repeatedly spurned the Opportunity to have Them Detained by “lying,” as I found Them as scary as a small packet of lost crisps …. However, 3 Filthy Pigs on 3 Separate Occasions, Who’d become “Exhausted” after Their addiction-sustaining Crap had “expired” & They were Reduced to The Knowledge that I “NEVER HAVE TO” Choose a Reaction “irrespective” of “Which” of the COUNTLESS Spastics I Witness, “WHENEVER” They Choose to PROVE They’re a hell-bound, unenviable fucking “Disgrace” ….

They added, “But We can GET THEM on ALL this ….” …. “We can Question Them for HOURS about This ….” …. They could get Them “sectioned” & so on …. However, I could’ve played the Muslim card, which Marie McCallum Knew, as I Informed Her about it …. ie If I’d Told the Truth & Said, “She’s Racist” & then Lied & Said, She’d targeted Me because I’m Muslim, She’d have been put in a Maximum security prison ASAP …. But if You’re deemed “Irish Catholic,” Male & Self Employed, Agenda 21 & the Scottish-paedophile ring “want Your cash,” to OPPRESS You & cause You P.T.S.D., by Taking ALL Your Earnings off You, via “THE” lawyer …. They ALL got “FUCK ALL” off Me, except A “Record” of Every Event, I Carved in Stone !!!!

There were Several more-immediate Methods I could’ve Also Employed, including, Private Detectives Who wanted to Share info, which I refused …. However, My Only Other Main Concern was for the Innocent hate-consumed Junkie-wankers Next target & because I’d more Concern than Her Own so-called Family, for Her Personal Safety, due to How ropey & Transparent Her “woeful” performance is, which Lunatics “pride” Themselves on, fall after fall …. ie I Believe Several People have tried to Knock Her block off ….

So, You’d imagine that My Decision to Let Them Simmer in Their Own Juices, rather than “lie” & Fail to EXPOSE The ENTIRE Ball of Wax & spurning offers to “Physically” set-about Them, that They’d “then” not con-tinue to Send Me 2D Potato-paintings, impotently Hoping for a reaction that’s Never going to Come, from a Man Who Also Has TITANIUM Prefrontal Cortex Nerves anyway …. eg Shite like that, Would Walk Up to A Monk in Tibet, Who’s NOT Employed His Amygdala for 20 Years & still See if, firing a Gun next to His Ear got the Reaction that Makes the Chimp feel POWERFUL …. For which, A Shoalin Monk Would Calmly Stands Up, take the Gun off You, Shoot You through the Head with it & Then Sit back down & Continue Calmly Being At 1 With The Divine …. Before Then Getting His Shit Done !!!!

St. Bram Stoker portrayed the unselfaware delusions of paraphiliacs, in Them believing that if They Talk-Constant-Shite They’ve hypnotised You & created a Window to Ejaculate in front of You, whilst Trying to cause You brain-damage, which Allows the Spastic to believe it’s a mastermind & the Sex-offender atypically-aggrandises “Themselves” by Romancing itself Narcissistically, void of Self+Awareness …. By Pretending it’s an Energy Vampire, if You fall-for Causing Your Self brain-damage & Then “Associate” the Spastic with Future Thoughts …. As the villain does, with Their histrionic incontinence ….

Which pretty-much sums up Marie McCallum & Her Hate-consumed motley-crew of equally Self-deluded, Man-haters & degenerate little poofters …. Who’s Combined intelligence is the Equivalent of a 3 Year old picking it’s arse & then Flicking it at a Tommee Tippee laptop & Then drooling at it’s Accomplishment, EVERY time & Expecting Different evil-results, from Someone Hundreds or Thousands of miles away, because, “They” KNOW They NEED shot …. Her Assistants have no alternative but be reduced to a 2D fantasy world, which, despite Their imbecilic-determination to con-vince Themselves about The Honest Human being “what They are,” also lays bare Their “Admission” that They’re NOT Who They wish They were ….

I informed Her about A MOLE I Passed, when I was working for the Forestry Commission, in dnaltocS, during 1 of the Social Experiments I carried out, whilst Writing “Veracity Vs Adversity ….”

The Mole had been Flattened by a Lorry & each Day I went There, it was a little more decomposed, however, it had tiny little Human looking Hands & individual fingers …. Eventually, All that was Left, were it’s Hands …. That resonated with the Serial-killer, as it summed up Her Campaign & delusions of being a data-miner with Mission-impossible Music playing in the hollow between Her ears ….

I Also Read a Tell, when I Told Her about, 1 of the Guys there having greatly-reduced His girth, which Made Me Realise She’d been “FAT” …. The portly imbeciles There were All “air-heads” & acted-out Being Superior by Dint of Being “inbred” & Scottish, therefore Hoping I’d Choose a negative Reaction, as “They” would choose to feel around a mental-pygmy Pretending it Believed it was Superior, in the rodent’s Desperation to get-back to it’s preferred Delusion-state ….

The manager of that outpost, NEEDED shot in His face, I didn’t Realise at the time that He was a Megalomaniacal Unitard, however, His behaviour Stood Out a Mile & resonated with Her, as He was an incontinent-arsehole also, with Zero Self+Awareness …. eg I was sawing a piece of wood & taking My Time, as I was stoned out of My Box & was in No Hurry …. However, He was under a Tractor “unable” to Loosen a Nut, so the Spastic then “Shouted” about Me taking so long to Saw a Piece of wood I “Couldn’t” have given a lesser fuck about, but in His “desperation” to find an “excuse” for His Own “failure,” the imbecile indulged in blame pseudo-shifting Projective-identification, which Made the Animacule feel less “frustrated,” as when Shite like that Don’t Then have Their head sawn off the Spastic has Magically turned being a failure into a Sexual Conquest of Someone Who doesn’t Give a fuck about it ….

It’s Fundamental lack of Self+Awareness became apparent a few Days later, when the unitard pretended to be Friendly & Then Asked Me several Questions, ie Data “mining,” I didn’t Realise that He was “jealous” of Me at the time, nor that He was a paraphiliac with Homosexual leanings He hated Him Self for & when He’s attracted to REAL Men, Who are Human, He then wants to Dominate that “weakness” on His part ….

So, after Answering several questions the “Clueless” animate-garbage had Thunked-up, the hair-brained inbred evil reptile asked Me what I Intended to Do That Weekend, I “Tested” Him by Simply Saying, “Getting Stone & Fucked oot Ma nut ….” …. He eagerly chose the “reaction” I’d anticipated & then He was Visibly Staggered when He’d been “unwittingly” Locked-into Answering “My” Question, to whit He hastily lied, “Eh, em, HANG GLIDING, em, eh, with Me & My Girl-friend ….” …. I Asked, “Where ?!?!” …. He wasn’t Sure ….

I Also Informed Her, about an old Bloke Who worked There, Who’d led Me to the Bus-Stop, in Chapelhall, through the Woods, “In Silence” & I referred to Him as Having been a Dickhead for that …. She looked “rumbled,” as That’s part of Her criminal-campaign, when She takes Marks on Walks through The Woods & then CHANGES on Them, into Each Exaggerated dynamic, behind which, is the Desire to Be an Aggressive Arsehole, which She feels most Comfortable as Being, in Her Feral complex …. (AKA Needing Her neck broken ….)

When a paraphiliac sends You Junk, if You Field it, the Parasite hopes Those Who Triumphed Over Them, Will Then “THINK ABOUT THEM” That Day, as Baby’s done a jobbie & as it slides down Their stolen LCD screen, Baby’s Spastic-brain’s gone-proudnesses, as it’s produced the “Exact-Same” Thought, which the Unitard has ZERO Alternative to Pathologically & Neuro-Anatomically & which the “desperate” Mong is addicted to “Seeing-if,” until You Execute Them …. Which the Spastic Hopes is a Reaction, rather than Simply the Same Approach a Human would have to “Taking out the trash ….”

Every Clique of Sleazy unselfaware Self-deluded Spastics, I Studied, Hoped that Themselves Revealing Their “serpentine” Character MUST solicit the Reaction from Me due to Their decrepitude …. However, They’ll go-on Doing what They believe They SHOULD be Shot Through the face, which some of Them Already Appear to have been …. As it refuses to develop, when You’re in “Mental Bondage” on a Planet over-run by 3 Year old TANTRUM throwing “RETARDS” with Tommee-Tippee Squeaky Hammers, whacking moles, which Makes Spazmo “temporarily” feel better, which is ALL the Mong cares about ….

Even if You Spurn all “Unjust” Offers to Take Them to Task & Abandoned Them to Their fate, Years earlier, the tiny-rodent’s pointy-talon, will grease it’s mouse-pad & whilst Making a Ghoulishly-Happy sound, will Still Send 2D Junk, which the Rodent Knows it SHOULD be Shot through it’s face for …. However if You simply “Couldn’t” Give a lesser fuck about Them & SEE Them as They are, the Same way You Would, when Looking at a Creche of Mentally-handicapped 3 Year olds, then The Difference that Makes to Your Day is the equivalent of Their net Worth, ie FUCK ALL ….

Moreover, You may not even Ever have met Those involved, in Guaranteeing Themselves yet-more Punishment via The Moral+Law of The Divine, which They CAN’T Wish Away, especially when They “LOOK IN THE MIRROR” …. So sliming-up Their knocked Tommee-Tippee etcha-sketch, in Their Mum’s bedroom, Genetically “missing” a few Links, so “not All there” & moreover, being “soft in the head,” from a Long Line of Self-Confessed “Scum” & “Trash” & Self-Confessed “ZEROS,” Must Be BRILLIANT ….

I don’t Know whether, after Cheryl’s WORLD RECORD BREAKING Put-Down, which I Exposed in My Previous Post, if the loser Typed to Her again or Not …. It Wouldn’t Surprise Me, as even-if EVERYONE in History Said, “THAT WIZ THI GREATUST POOT-DOON AE AW FUCKIN’ TIMEZ BY THE WAY, THAT WEE DAFTIE YE DESTROYED IS AS LIMITED AS A THIMBLE-FULL OF TAR ….” …. (Cue, hell-bound assholes thunking-up what You can Do with a Thimble-Full of Tar ….)

LIARS Lives are NOT WORTH Living, the Vermin Then Target Those Who’s Lives “Are,” Who’ve Overcome what the Subhuman Filth Chose to succumb to, due to the Sadomasochistic Ghost, Who’s the STAR Who Haunt The inside of Their head the black-hole let it “Sculpt” for Them, Whom They Then Chose to “become,” a living homage to what They HATED Their whole life & have Now no-doubt become worse Than ….

Outside, Finishing This in The Sun, Maw Broon has Started Harassing Me for Crackers …. My Typing Skills have got to the Stage Where I Started Writing This, when The Sun was Coming Up & The Average Person would Take a Couple of Months to Get This Far & I Could go over more, however, unlike ALL the Animacules I’ll be Revealing over the Coming Weeks & Months, I Have A Life Worth Living, which They “don’t” & yet in that “unenviable” low Life They have-to “Face,” They still can’t Get Over Themselves …. Irrespective of how Much They’ve “destroyed” Themselves & Every Opportunity & Gift God Gave Them ….

Bear in Mind, Whole Families of Garbage like that have “sprouted” Exactly as Zionist Jews “wanted,” which is “WHY” You’re in Mental-Bondage, as, just like the Jewish-Reptiles, They AMAZE Themselves that Humans are Asleep, for as long as You INCORRECTLY Think it’s Not MORAL to “SHOOT Organised-rings of evil-intent LUNATICS in the fucking-face” …. They’re KILLING YOU “&” YOURS’ !!!!

Think of the Direction of the FOCUS of the BEASTS Who LIE & LIE & lie & lie, because They’re as THICK as fucking PIG SHITE …. The AGENDA behind Their nit-witted focus, MATCHES the Genocidal GROOMER’S …. ie It fits-in with the short-sighted, hate-stewed, “hypocritical,” Mental-Quadriplegic’s ALL-IMPORTANT delusion-state, which is ALL ABOUT “destroying” & consuming, as the 2nd-wave of the Original implosion …. Those Who’ve Decided to destroy everything They touch, get-off on hiding Their “evil-intent” in Plain view …. eg Jimmy Saville, Who was Famous for Fuck-All ….

I Informed the aforementioned Ginger serial-killer, that if People had 1% of The Talents I’ve Got They’d be Running down the Street Shouting LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME …. She Laughed & Agreed She would …. She also was “foiled” when I Asked Her to DO THAT & Shout, “I’m FUCKIN’ BRILLIANT ME, LOOK AT ME, BECAUSE I’M SUPERIOR TAE EVERY CUNT ….” …. I Then lampooned the predictable reaction ….

ie Genuinely Talented People Tend not-to Want to Stand in front of Crowds & Prance around Shouting, “LOOK AT ME,” the way the 3 Year old Paraphiliacs You call Homosexuals “do” …. Which Jews PLONK in front of You, to CHANNEL Their Hatred, like Saville, into what They “Feel” is a Country-wide Con, They’re Addicted to …. Aimed-at the ego-syntonic, neutered & satisfactorily-emasculated Entertainment of TRULY-UGLY, “THICK,” EVIL CUNTS, with SHIT for Their Hair-brain, Groomed to HATE MORE ….

Meanwhile, Their know-nothing, Zionist-guided, “unwise,” Fatherless-Children make Their-own mistakes, “precisely” as Programmed by claw-rubbing Jews, EAGER to “finish-off” The Citadel …. Thinking to itself, “Now onto Other Planets, where We can pick-on Their Species too, all We have to Do is Learn Their Language & then LIE & LIE & lie & then Say YOU ARE WHAT WE ARE, if They start to wake-up & Then We get to RAPE Them, ROB Them, abuse Them, con Them, HURT Them, KILL Them, KILL THEM ALL, KILL THEM ALL, MMMMMmmmmmmmmmm, Mattessons ….”

I Told the aforementioned serial-killer, in Person, that if She wasn’t Mentally-ill then She’s “the Most Despicable Person I’ve Ever met in My Entire Life” …. She Chose to exhibit the Exact-Opposite Reaction, from the 1 She incorrectly “presumed” I’d Expect of Her & Cackled like a Witch on the end of a Pier, kicking Her legs into the Air, 1 after the Other, like a Vaudevillian Whore ….

She Actually Said She Thought I was Absolutely Flawless & yet Still the “Monkey with 4 Asses,” (as She Classified Her Self as Being,) like ALL Unitards, Carried Out Her Clapped-out evil-routine Anyway, as Unitards have no-alternative & perpetually Amaze Themselves if it Still Works & You Afford INFINITELY More Respect to what You Should be Hanging …. As I’ve Said before, She Fell for Me, before During & after ….

But That’s Like a 3 Year old fancying Keith Chegwin for a Couple of Weeks & then Crying when He’s not On 1 Weekend & Then “Forgetting All” about Him, after He’s been replaced by a leering Jimmy Saville …. Who’s shallow imbecile obnoxious incontinent-tantrum craves & then hates, craves & then hates Those Who Give the evil hollow whore attention, without Dominating Her ….

She goes through phases of Getting-off on Being the Dominant & then Acts-out Her disgust at Her Own past Masochism, then, returns to Look for Someone Who wants a BRUTAL LUNATIC to satiate Her “greed & loneliness” & Desire for A Great Affair, which Always Comes from BRUTAL LUNACY, pathological lying, hidden evil, hypocritical-testing & Self-destruction amongst others, with a Stinking Mezzanine tuning-in for Their supply of Bum-gravy …. ie Ideally, Someone Who doesn’t Mind Raising an evil-monkey, Who, even on it’s Best Behaviour, at Night, Will still try & Cut You ….

Since I’ll Not Be Mentioning Ever AGain in Writing & for Reasons Beyond Her Ken & despite the EVIL SHITE that She TRULY is & Her SUBHUMAN Hideously-ugly Utterly Self-deluded Kin …. ALL the IFS ANDS & BUTS to 1 Side, Puff, Phew, that’s “that” Moved Away …. If it Wasn’t for Her Lesbianicality & Her irredeemable-EVIL & Her String of spineless Husbands & Paedophilia & ABUSING Young Girls & Boys & Teenagers & Males (Since Infancy) & WASTING So Many COUNTLESS Opportunities that She Had in Life, due to Her Core-inadequacy & Her Alcoholism & Junkiedom & oh Yeah EVIL again & EVIL & murdering & black-mailing & Being COMPLICIT with What She KNOWS is a GHOUL “begging” to be Executed & FAILING The “Next Generation” of Her Family & FAILING Her Self & trying to pass-on disease & to DE-MORAL-ISE People from Her seat-of-hatred & BURSTING Her Arse round All-sorts & PRANCING AROUND like a Fanny spreading Her Pish flaps for old Paedos, Who’d later Hate-Fuck Her & Whom She’d WORSHIP & pseudo-satan WORSHIP into the Bargain, Confirming HUMANS are What BEASTS are & Genuinely being imbecilic-enough to go-through with a Ceremony Where She sold Her Soul & Witnessed Child-sacrifice & Every act of Sexual-depravity & evil Conceivable, not to mention Fucking Animals, moreover, WASTING Her GIFTS from God & CONFIRMING Every Self-Destructive lie She could Tell Her Self & BUZZING until Her Body & Brain come-apart at the seams & TRYING to RUIN Innocent Humans’ Lives, PRETENDING that’s THEIR fault, oh & for financial-gain at HIGH SPEEDS, as though ANY of That was Their Fault, into the “bargain” & PRETENDING She’s getting revenge against SCUM & “Also” The Innocents Who Overcame Her, in Her sordid past & HATING Innocent Men with “MINDLESS PREJUDICE” When She gets into Any Position She can ABUSE, when She wouldn’t DARE Say BOO to Them if She Met Them Walking down the Street, where They’d have Offered to Give Her A Hand, if She’d been Struggling with the Loads She BLAMES THEM for having had to Carry ….

Whom She later Maliciously Reports, for Being Kind, Moral, Humane Men, Who SAVE Countless Children from the SAME fate the Hypocrite LAMENTED All “Her” Days …. Oh, then black-mailing, Stalking & TRYING to Cause Humans P.T.S.D. & breaking & entering Their Homes & hoping to Gaslight Them, so They KNOW what it’s like to have become a SCHIZO, then when She’s in the saddle, HAMMERING FUCK out of People & Frightening & Terrorising Innocent Humans & KILLING GOOD People & betraying EVERYONE Who’s EVER been Good to Her, the ONLY exception being SCUM exactly like Her Self or Whom She’s SCARED Of, I COULD go on & on & on & on & on & on & on & on & on & on …. SUFFICE to SAY, She’s an honorary “JEW,” thus WHY They promote & “GROOM” Such Self-destructive Mental-Quadriplegics, Who have NO “MEANING” to Their Life & are BESTIAL, Human-Jealous Sex-Offenders, so that They’ll ATTACK Humans, Who are Conversely-Groomed to FAIL to SHOOT THEM IN THE FUCKING FACE !!!! …. ALL THAT ASIDE …. (Drum Roll ….) ….

Those Who employ pity-play & Bite The Hand that feeds, will Know the pit of silence & the biting cold Eternally …. I Would Have Moved Mountains for Her, The Way I Do for My Self, to LIFT Her Up & Out of the-shit Pit She Always “finds” Her Self in …. I Saw a little Girl inside Her & When She’s in a State of Calm & under No Stress, like Her Daughter also Signalled behind Her Back, You Couldn’t Help but feel sorry for Her in A Way She’d Have not been Patronised by, when She’d come down from Her High-Farce & evil carry-on & I SO wanted to Make My Excuses & Leave, at “That” moment, but I Felt Such Care for Her True Self, that I was Stymied between Leaving & Staying ….

When She Asked Me to Stay That Night, I Said I had to Return to Look after My Plants, which I’d Often Thought about Her, when Tending Them, as She’d been the Final Inspiration to Start Growing Them & She’d Referenced That, as Her Opening Gambit, when She’d contacted Me after 5 Years, since I’d fixed Her Computer, when She’d Sent Me the Telling Paragraph, which underscored that She doesn’t store Any “Depth” of Emotion with Memory …. (At times, in Person, I Saw Her like This ….)


She Then came back to Mine With Me, before which, She’d wondered Why I Staid at the Other side of The Room, I Pretended I had a Sore Gum (I’m not Very good at lying ….) …. Later that Night, when She’d Thrown the most horrific Pair of Brown Drawers Skyward, which I’ll never forget & which Barbers Would die for, (to Save on Elbow-grease,) during That COLD encounter, I Again Stopped & Gave the excuse that I had a Sore Gum …. I’m simply Not a Paedophile !!!!

I Told Her, Ideally, I’d have Taken Her Away from Her sordid Family & Taken Her on Long Walks & Listened to Her Word Salad & Made Her Laugh & Enjoyed All Weathers with Her & Given Her Treats & Carried Her on My Back & Sang to Her & Listened to Her make Birds cry with Her wailing, which I’d have Pretended was Excellent & Then I’d Have Complimented Her Honestly, Encouraging Her to Be Her True Self & Shown Her The True “Meaning” of Life, where BUZZING isn’t of Any Importance & there’s no “Toll” ….

eg Simply Inhaling Flowers, As I Told Her in Person, BEATS Any drugs Hands down, I’d have Introduced Her to Wine-Making, by Hand & Allowed Her to BUILD instead of Destroy what She Would’ve been Able to Hand on to The Next Generation & Preferably Exposed Her to The Whole World, to Bring an End to JEWS murdering everyone & Then Protected Her from the predictable back-lash of Spazis, like Her Mezzanine, Typing, “YOU ARE WHAT I AM” ….

I’d have Loved Her as Best as I could & as Much as I Dared, in All Weathers & “Appreciated” Every minute Detail & Remembered It All, Like I Did, when She came to destroy My Life, but Eventually Considered Me to Be Worthy of More Mayhem, I Put My Foot Down About, Having Had Enough & Witnessed what She had for Breakfast Again & didn’t Know She had an off-switch between Her Legs at that point …. I’d Have taken Her Walking Through My Barley Fields & no-doubt I’d Have Turned to Witness another Hundred Dogs, as well as Buggalugs, Come bounding towards Me ….

When She took Me through a Field, less-lovely, I Felt like I was an Orderly Wearing A White Blazer & then a Documentary Film-maker & wondered How it Would be Possible for the Wildness in Her to Ever Be At Peace & As The Sun Brought A Sheen from Her Hair & She offered Her Hand to Me to drag Me through the Tall Grass, to ware Me Out, when She remembered it was Supposed to be a “silent walk through the woods,” for Her prepared Campaign of “planting” more Hooks into My Life, This Song began Playing in My Mind on That Day & I Told Her on That Brisk Stroll that 1 Day I’d Walk in Fields of Gold, As I Did Today, AGain …. I Have MASSIVE Plums !!!!

I’d Told the insectoid serial-killer that I’d Seen A Girl Who Looked a lot Like Her, with 2 Tone Hair, Whom, I Know now, “Why” She Looked so Studiously & at an Odd Angle, to Each 1 of The Band-Member’s faces, Whom I was unfortunately with That Night …. The femme-fatal Opined that She was “Also” unable to Tell An EVOLVED Alpha Male from a wishy-washy Guy, as “unless” He Shows it on His Face & She can “read” it, without having a Dorsal Hippocampus then He’s Beyond Her Comprehension & will be Considered to Not be Good Enough for Her & then He’ll “SEE HER” for what She is …. ie Shite like that, NEED to be Told, which She Obviously KNEW …. So, I Tickled Her when I Told Her about the following ….

Gentle Man, “Excuse Me Melanie, I have to Say, Although This is a Council Estate & We’re Both waiting for a Bus, on a Cold Night, When I Look at You There’s A Kind of Magic takes Place & This Whole Area is Transformed Inspirationally to Me, because of You & Also into The Place We 1st Met, Where I Felt Emboldened to Beat A Path through The crowd to Earn what I’d Gladly Hand to You, Just to Let You Know How Much You’re Truly Worth & Mean to Me …. You’re The Epitome of What Every Girl would Dream of Being & You don’t Appear to Know That You’re A Star & Should Have The Confidence of Blondie & although I no-doubt Stand before a slew of Admirers Who Can Only Wish, that They Stand Out from The Crowd as Much as You Do, If You Believe I Embody The Hope You Have In Your Heart, You Can Trust Me & I’ll Never Let You down ….”

Melanie replies, “GET TAE FUCK, YA FUCKIN’ FANNY ….”



The Brusque Voice Shattering The Night Air replies, “WHO DAE YE HINK YER CALLIN’ A DICK YA WEE FUCKIN’ SLAPPER !?!?”

Melanie gulps & with Her small Heart Beating 10 to the Dozen, manages, “I’m really Sorry Maldie, I’ll no’ call You that again, evur ….” …. 2 Seconds later You could Stamp a Thousand envelopes with the Amount of Slobbers Coming off the Whaling-Tongues of The French-kissing Imbeciles ….

I didn’t Presume that the murderous-flea & co. would have Needed My Assistance, nor Did I Offer it beyond the Amnesty which I’d Offered to All Comers, it’s simply a DAMNING INDICTMENT on Your Police-farce that That’s what I was REDUCED to, to See-if it was POSSIBLE to Save The “Kind” of Human They Target, because if I Can, Then Morally I Must …. However, Fortunately, They must’ve been Getting enough from Crime & YOUR back-pocket too, to Not be desperate Enough to break cover, Fully …. But, as I’ve Profiled, It Turns Out, in The Final Analysis the Hate-consumed Loonies DID Want Me to Help Them, out of Whatever disposition They’ve found Themselves in & Did Want The Miracle They KNOW I Can Channel, Especially When They “Consider” Everything They’ve Witnessed Me Overcome & Accomplish, Despite All those evil-doers COMBINED efforts …. (FUCKIN’ EASY ….)

As I Said to an ex-partner recently, Who’s an Expert Fartress, (as-well as to the Aforementioned Serial-killer,) I Find Mediterranean Males to be more laid-back but less-evolved than Most Scots, but that’s “ideal” for the manipulative to prey-on, as They Find Them ego-syntonic, due to Them being short & because You can get-away with Farting due to Them stinking of Garlic Themselves, despite the evil of Knowing Their Lungs are only wee …. This was the Video which Gave-away The fact that at least 1 of Her Husbands had a Matching Mediterranean Temperament which Endured Her disgraceful dishonest behaviour …. She Gave Me the impression, His Begging, Delighted Her, before She begged Me for, ahem, to Body Surf on a Tundric “Beaver Lake” ….

She ideaised Necrophilia, Which I Felt I was Accidentally indulging in, When I bonked Her, however, This was 1 of the Vids She put up for Me to See, several Years ago, which might’ve upset the Mediterranean Dwarf, at having yet-another Husband show-up on the Scene, carrying Her over the Threshold, whilst He was begging on His Knees on the front step ….

He clearly must have been OK with Her working as a prostitute, but “at that time” She gave Me the impression that He didn’t Know She also indulged in “Lesbianic” debauchery, imbecility & evil, due to “Confirming” whatever “urge” She gets & Her desire to “ruin” Young Girls’ lives …. I’d informed Her about a Blonde Girl, Who kept contacting Me on-line, Who was an Artist & seemed nice, but was a bit spooky …. She’d not Informed Her Boyfriend, Whom She was about to marry, that She Saw Her Self as being a Lesbian …. I Encouraged Her to do so, but She was so lonely & shallow that wasn’t going to happen …. I Informed Her that She shouldn’t be “wasting” Other Men’s time when He’s out & about, which was the “Tell” which resonated with the Serial-killer most ….

I’d also informed Her that I’d endured a little prick, Who looked like Dave, from the Young 1’s & His Partner had waited on Him for Years, to get back out of Prison …. Without-hesitation, She Said, “Stupid bitch ….” …. As though She was Doing the World a Favour by Giving Voice to That Truth …. ie Which “Told” Me that She’d been waiting on, perhaps the Guy from the med, getting back out of Prison ….

You “See” the Compartmentalised “MINUSCULE” Mind of the Delusionally Megalomaniacal Psycho-Path when They’ve deluded Themselves They can be ALL things to ALL People, like the Count in front of The Mirror, at The Ball, “UNABLE” to See Themselves, despite All Their assistants …. Incidentally, the little prick Said, that He’d been in jail for murder for 20 Years & His partner & Him had turned super-grass, so They let Him back out & when He went to a Local market He wanted back in again, as People were now SO FUCKIN’ RUDE, courtesy of Zionist engineering, He was Prepared to SHOOT Them, until They imprisoned Him again …. I Agree !!!!

ie I “dismiss” Nothing, irrespective of the possibility of a Spastic Saying, “YOU’RE PARANOID,” even-though My Amygdala is So LARGE it’s Impossible for Me to be Paranoid, however, “EVERYONE” Can get it wrong …. eg With the Aforementioned fartress, I was going-to Spark-out a Shop-Assistant, because I misunderstood Him & due to My Presence of “Mind” I Asked Her for a 2nd Opinion & She Corrected My take on it, however, I was “stressed” from Her “very-subtle” evil towards Me & My Lack of Self+Actualisation to My Own Exacting Standards & Meeting Gob-shites on a Regular basis, unaware I’ve Donated Hundreds of Thousands to Save Children’s lives, in-so-doing I now “KNOW” How to Save Them “ALL” ….

Since I dismiss nothing, the Shopkeeper Kept His Consciousness & the following Staid with Me, ie I’d informed the evil-prostitute that I’d Known Twins, Who were “both” Male & Female & that I’d been Taken to See a client, by the Fartress, Who informed Me that no-one Would Visit Him, because He was dying from Flesh-eating necrotising-fasciitis …. There were Several Other “Tells” I read, which Lead Me to Believe that She had a Twin Who was in an awful state …. Being “Absolutist” I Couldn’t Conclude until I was Certain ….

eg I Told Her, I’d Visited the Large Rangers fan & indeed He was as foul stenching as I’ve “ever” Experienced, to the Point where I Actually Felt the Urge to Either Leave or Pull My jumper over My Mouth …. In the end I made the excuse of Taking His Computer away with Me …. He’d insisted that there was more likelihood of Him catching Something from Me, than the Other way ’round …. I wasn’t Troubled by That, as I’m Protected by The Moral+Law of The+Divine …. The Other deciding factor was the overwhelming smell of Cat-shit & because He had a Large-screen TV where He was rooting for Rangers loudly throughout ….

I Fixed His computer at an all-time low price, despite Him being a hun & Wished Him well …. When Conveying that to the criminal, I Read The Tell when I informed Her that He had “Loads” of People on-line to Whom He was Pretending to be “well” & Somebody-else, Who All Thought He was a Dashing Dude & He had Them on a string …. When His Mother Spoke to Me, on the Phone, She informed Me that when He was in the shower, He Screamed like a New-born, as His nether-regions were “Raw” & He was always in pain …. So, if She has a Twin, He’s in an awful way & He may have suffered injuries His Whole Life …. If He’s gay then He’s actually a female which would explain His devil-may-care stupidity, which has led to Him Self-harming ….

She also Gave the impression that They’d been Separated in Youth & had then Re-united & had a Sexual-relationship, due to Her being a Nympho-maniac …. I Could go on, but a lot of the information They’ve sent Me has been “trivial” & The Equivalent of Telling Someone Only the Colour of Your 1st Cat, over 39 Days …. I’m Sure She’d corroborate, the Other Tells I read were ….

Also, The Movies, “The Man without a Face,” “The Dark Knight,” where a Character loses Half His face & “Born on the 4th of July,” specifically about Tom Cruise’s Characters’ Struggle to “Keep” His Leg …. Furthermore, the Lunatit felt She was on-a-par with a Winner from the Early Series of Big-Brother, Who’d been unlikable until He Declared He’d Done it all to Get a Lung & Heart Transplant for a Girl with Down’s Syndrome, (I’m Confident You can Spot The Difference ….)

Moreover, I’d informed Her about having had a Poisoned infection in My Chin & an ex-partner from My early 20’s finally admitting that it had been repulsive, after it was All Healed …. During which, She Still Managed to Accept 5 Orgasms per Night, by The Methods I Teach in This Great Book ….


I Informed Her that 1 of the few Sketch-Shows I’d Laughed Hard at was “The league of Gentlemen’s Christmas Special,” in a scene about “The Monkeys Knackers” …. Which produced Tell after Tell from Her, where I was Able to See the “primevally-primitive” mindset of Truly magical-thinkers, Who believe They “can” Genuinely Trade-places with You, if They cause You brain-damage & steal from You & in-so-doing are Satanically passing-on “THEIR” curse …. ie By ensuring yet-more Curse for Themselves, for a Temporary feeling of Relief, due to Never having Articulated the Experience of “remorse” or the “Recollection” of that Guiding Feeling, which Steers You away from the razors’ edge ….

Moreover, She intended to communicate imbecilically, thereafter, in a Manner She Knows She & Her cohorts NEED Shot for, as paralleled by the Indian Shadow-puppet Show in the Scene, (See, Tommee-Tippee Potato-Paintings ….) …. ie Sex-offenders want to “revisit” Their pseudo-accomplishments to “Feel” They’ve gone-big again, in Their “solitary” desire to Get the Human to Trigger Their Amygdala, due to the Spastic’s wish to Con-Troll the Human’s perception of Reality & exact a “toll” on Them …. ie So They’re “unware” They’re accruing brain-damage & knock-on physical effects, when having Their time Wasted by the Zionist Jew ordered nodding black-mailed paedophile-ring’s, freemason-run complicit police-farce & rings of sociopath-reptiles’, RELEASED BEASTS, sending You vague-impressions from an arse-picking 3 year old Stinkfest ….


She was induced into a state of panic, as regards the following Song, which Profiles the early tug-of-war between John Lennon’s parents, which took place on a pier, as His cold-hearted Mother & Father let Him down badly ….

During the Window of Amnesty, which Closed quite some time ago, I had Occasion to “Witness” the Cats in the bag Kicking, for All They’re worth, without Altering the Parameters of What I’d Publically Laid Out, 1 iota, as They’d been “TOLD” …. Nor Could Their Wishful-Thinking make Me Pretend that I’d “Ever” Contacted Them, especially-not to Hire a Prostitute or Want to Solicit Her & Her Sock-puppets out-of Their mindlessly-predictable, Self-deluded, “Transparent,” 2D evil-intent …. Which They Know They NEED shot through the face for, (which They APPEAR to Have been ….)

Nor, would I Magically want a Love Affair, which I’ve “Magically been Unaware” I’ve been Pursuing, which Paraphiliacs (Whom You Call Poofters,) are SO retarded, the unselfaware-imbeciles impotently-hoped, that if They Kept-on Sending Potato-Paintings, (I Rarely Saw,) I would …. Also I Didn’t-See what was to follow or Any ever-since …. Behind which, alongside Their Genuine-Desire to “eventually” Come Correct, which I Didn’t Know about, “Team-Asshole” got what it “Deserved” again …. As along-side Hedging Their evil-bets, They FIRST wanted to Pretend-prove, that Secretly, Everyone-Else is what a GROSSLY Mentally-DEFICIENT, Ghoulishly-stupid, Pathologically-lying, Self-Confessed BEAST “is,” Alone ….

As I’ve PROVEN to EVERY Spastic I’ve Ever Met, A Human NEVER Needs to Have ANY Reaction, when a Sex-offender Acts-out NEEDING shot …. The Talking-Animal is BEGGING Humans to Exterminate it, behind-which the filthy-imbecile Sees itself as Being a Mastermind, when it Feels Free at Disgracing itself, Who believe that if They “lie long-enough” then it will Have Created a Window to Ejaculate in front of You, under False pretexts & See-if There’s Any room for Further Offences-against-Humans, Whom the evil-retard can Then Con-sider Themselves to be Superior to …. With Half a Chicken’s-brain between it’s Ears, in the Hollow of the Numb-Skulled Clown’s haunted-head ….

Do You Feel You HAVE TO “Choose” a negative reaction, to a Family, Who “confessed” to being “Rooted, raging demons,” when They Send You THIS !?!?



What about This !?!? …. The 1 in the middle wants to Be with You ….

Anything ?!?!

Prepare to be DRAWN DOWN to the microdot & SWAYED …. As You MUST interpret THIS as being FROM “Her” & that She wants You to Talk-Her-out of Being Lesbianic Bum-worship ….

Anything ?!?! …. Meanwhile, She’s working as a Topless Waitress in a Cocktail bar, but People Keep asking Her to Put Her Clothes back on, until She Lets Them Know She Does, “ANYTHING !!!!”

I Joked to Her about The Lyrics of that Song, being reinterpreted as “Don’t You want MY Baby ?!?!” …. She Gave Me the impression that She was “Either” Already Pregnant by a Darkie or Wanted to become Pregnant with 2 Tells, the 1st being The Step-Toe & Son Movie, where He Realises it’s Not His Baby & I’d Told Her about an ex-girlfriend Who’s brother had been lied-to for 8 Months, by a Chick Who just kept “EATING” & pretending to be Pregnant, to the point where She went to the Hospital with Him, expecting to be able to “con” Them out-of Knowing She’d “never” been pregnant, She was simply a lonely, desperate mental-quadriplegic, Who needed put in Her Place ….

He launched Her …. I Told the murderous, thieving, paraphiliac spy, that Any Chick Who was Like the Character in the following Song, needed Shot in the Tits & I Read the “Tell” When I Pointed-out that now the Lead Singer, “She’s FAT” …. However, the Song was Recorded on-location, “Face down on Beaver Lake, Lesbi Avenue, Mediterranus, Incestuous, Safari park …. Produced by Incontinentia Buttox ….”

This Song, is a bit Spookier, When I Told Her it was 1 of My 1st 12″ Record I’d Bought, the lyrics Seemed to Prick up Her Ears, I’d have been Better off Trying That End My Self …. The Key to Understanding what Jews have “solicited” from Never-ending DUAL-bullshitters, is that dishonesty leads to Sexual-frustration “REDIRECTED” into evil ….

Thus why She then implied She was Kathy Bates in “misery” & It Really Resonated with Her when I Pointed out that a Colin Farrell had been TOLD that He “loved misery,” by His Therapist, that’s Why He Chose to wallow in it when He was “alone” …. He gave up Drinking after that …. The serial-killer Identified closely with Both Mother Teresa & Florence Nightingale Who were Both Wittingly & unwittingly (respectively) Responsible for Murdering, deliberately & undeliberately (respectively) THOUSANDS more People than They saved ….

When You Receive THIS through Your Junk Mail & You’ve never “dismissed” the Possibility it’s Her Gay Son, or roll-up Brother-in-Sack or Horrid Sister or an older sadomasochistic Dunce in the Background, Who want to See You “Petition” Her out of 2D, as an evil Witch has Cast a Spell on Her, so She can No Longer Spread Her bare Arse Cheeks & Beg You to Fuck Her, in Person, until You work-out How to UNDO the Magic-Spell, which the Dummy-Ventriloquist’s Dummy-Ventriloquist is under …. sob ….

Anything ?!?!

What About This !?!? …. Because I Believe She’s ended up being Lost in a Sea of Ordinary faces, Who don’t Realise that She’s a storm-trooper Who shits Her Self from Real Conflict, thus Her insidious build-up to Revealing Needing kicked through the tits & it hides Her Real Genius, because Her gay-mafia were Fronting for Her, whilst She got Blootered in the Livingroom fox-trotting with a Dwarf, Whom She’d allowed to Temporarily buy Back His Spine ….

I Knew My Suspicions were Correct, as THEN I got This ….

When I was Still Not Absolutely Certain Who was Sending the Unsolicited Junk, until it was Passed to Cheryl & Friends, I was to be PUNISHED, by Being Set-Back in My Magnification with This DEVASTATING Blow ….


I don’t Know about You, but from the Following photo, I Heard, “HELP ME EROL, I’ve accidentally been Attacking Men for Decades, pulling the spine out-of the Arse, of Dwarf after Dwarf & accidentally Killing All Those People Who LET Me, abusing as Many Fee-Males as I can Get My Foot Up, Who have it coming, since I’m Existentially-jealous as I won’t Stop Pretending to BELIEVE I’m a MAN, then TEACHING My latest Dwarves a Lesson, because I Can get ANY Fucking Man ANY FUCKING MAN, YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS OR Any Fucking Woman or School Girl or School Boy or DOG or Squirrel to Get My Nuts off …. Which It Allows Me to Think I’ve gone Magical special, whilst Taking Dictation through an ear-piece & Following a set-pattern I Need shot through the face for, Which I Appear to have been …. But NO FUCKIN’ MAN, NO FUCKIN’ MAN Will Stop Me, I’m FUCKING EXCELLENT, FUCKIN’ EXCELLLLLLENT, YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS …. HELP Me Erol, I’ve accidentally Gone 2D, Please RESCUE Me from My Deliberate Choice, to Hope to Cause Humans P.T.S.D. to ejaculate in Plain view & titillate the Mezzanine when I’m out Whoring, as a histrionic sex-offender, mindlessly-bigoted & arbitrarily hate-consumed, abject fucking Lunatic NEEDING hung !!!! …. Please Help, I’m fading …. Cough, wheeze, achew ….”

I don’t Know if You’ll get The Same from the Following 2D “Cry-for-Help” She was Reduced to Sending, due to The evil spell SOMEBODY ELSE has Cast on Her, no doubt a fucking poofter …. Upon Seeing This, I Straddled My Horse Ready to Charge into Battle to Rescue the poor mite ….

When I have Bonked Fee-Males, Who ALL Visited Me, I NEVER ONCE Felt that I was “Dominating” Someone or Even Tried to …. The Best Sex was “Going places Verbally,” but They were All “tension-stretching” fucktardians & Now “Fortunately” a “thing” of-the-past …. Although there was More than 1 Whore & Both were “Remarkably” bad People, with a Fun Gay Side …. However, 1 got Me “out” of the Holding-cells whilst the Other Did Her worst to get Me in them ….

I made Her Laugh, when I Told Her that even-though She’d “started” Con-flict, whilst I was going out to Work for a Local Charity, I didn’t Realise was corrupt yet …. ie I Thought I’d Seen the Last of Her & then was Reminded that I’d had My Finger Up Her Cunt only a couple of Hours Later & was sadly still able to Smell Her …. She Hooted like Something You’d expect to find in the Woods, stirring a Cauldron, with Men with X’s for Eyes, hung upside down, split wide, being added to the Heady Mixture ….

What I DIDN’T Tell Her was, when I Put My Middle Finger up Her Cunt, although to My Absolutist Mind it Didn’t “Feel” Right, for the 1st time Ever, Instinctively, It Felt like I was Saying “FUCK YOU,” to Her Entire Body & Everything that She is & Everyone Behind Her, repeatedly, every time I Thrust My Finger Up Her Snatch ….

Both Her & “THE MEZZANINE” have Admitted that They’re EASILY Hurt & yet hypocritically target “THE REACTION,” even though They are in Those Glass-houses …. Pretend all They may, Cheryl informed Me that I’ve HURT Them “LOADS” of times, yet I Knew “nothing” about that & wasn’t even Trying …. Despite Me Commiting No Offence against Them & taking up None of The Unjust Offers to Temper Them, They can’t even BEGIN to imagine what I COULD Do to Them, yet Still They sent Potato ….



I realise, looking back on it, at times They’ve “waved the white flag,” but the HYPOCRISY & “primed” evil has always been “laced” into Their unsolicited “unitard” Thought-pattern, so They ONLY have Themselves to blame, as usual, as NO Adult Human Could take Them seriously in Their 2D garbage You Need A Magnascope to Then “waste” Your Own time Magnifying, People Who NEED put through a mincer arse-first …. Freud wasn’t wrong, the arrested-paraphiliac is the Enemy of Truth, ergo the Enemy of Honest Humans, it’s the Enemy of Reality, ergo it’s the Enemy of Those Who have No “problem” Existing in Reality & don’t want to Make Their fears & fanciful-notions & “bitterness” & GREED & inhumanity & darkness, Anyone Else’s “problem” ….

The paraphiliac is evil pseudo-denier of BLAME, ergo the LIAR seeking an Innocent Human Who’ll FAIL to break the Spastic’s neck …. When, it’s a HOLLOW WHORE, ergo it seeks FALSE praise & HOLLOW victories & brutal relentless PRETENGE from the Able Minded & Self+Actualised Who are not “from below” …. They Target Your GREATEST & Your FAILURE to Provide Them with Moral+Justice ENSURES the REPLACEMENT program of Zionist Jews, reaches completion of Your “Extermination program” …. Also, Due to The Kind Hearted & Generous, Who air-brush out the Hideously-ugly “evil” which Snout-Proudly Self-deluded swine, wallow & swallow, swelling on stolen swill….

ie It Proves to be a “MANIACAL” Incontinent-Arsehole, NEEDING done-in, as the Truly Phenomenally-disgusting subhuman Sex-offender DELUDES itself that Anyone Who Affords the piece of shite “Respect,” is fair game …. If You INSIST on 100% Respect the Spastic will Try it’s Solitary Trick, eg DECREEING that “YOU ARE WHAT IT IS” & hoping to malinfluence others into Thinking You’re arrogant, when what it’s HOPING for is that You LOWER Your Level of Self+Respect so the Spastic can get-off on Offending You & has Magically-Traded-Places ….

So it can FEEL THRILLING rushes going across the Junkie-Wanker’s crimanimal-brain, especially if it’s gone in-1 & up-1 in an imaginary pecking-order You’ve been castigated from, which the Unitard then hopes to Work an Angle by Grinning at You from it’s Sainthood amongst the Duped-morons, hoping it’s on a perch You covet, as that MUST get the negative-reaction the worthless subhuman guessing-asshole is hoping for ….

It Believes-in PUNISHING The Innocent & Any OBJECT Will Do …. The More BRILLIANT The Human the more SHITE the retard will FEED itself to “pretend-prove” Other-wise until it’s Satisfied it’s appetite for Self-manufactured Dung …. Ideally, the Sex-offender “feeling” that it’s LEAVING it’s PUNISHMENT with the Human, Whom it’s now besmirched & HOPEFULLY a Long-lasting Looping Trauma, from the negative REACTION They “MUST” have Chosen, the way the LOONY had when it was CONNED at LENGTH by it’s 1st Boyfriend …. Thus ENSURING HEAPS “more” PUNISHMENT for itself, having become worse than the Thing it hates, on The evil-soiled Dunce-cunt’s downward-spiral …. Who doesn’t See itself as being That Bad a Person, irrespective of ALL “The Facts” ….

Unsurprisingly, although I Heard 1 of the Mezzanine Sock-puppets’ Spine SNAP, when the Coward folded like a Cheap Suitcase …. As I’ve Stated, I was Unswayed, Unmoved & Didn’t Realise until Recently how Foiled They were “&” that They were REALLY HURT, Again, by “Their Own” evil-intention to Turn “Calm Witness” into what They Wished would become Turmoil, from 2D-Potato, which They could Then offer the Cure for …. Yawn …. They Have “No Alternative” but to Face Their Just-Desserts, with The MOST Unenviable & Inescapable of Fates, I See, Coming for Them ….

The Tragic aspect is that Out of ALL the hideously-ugly arseholes, Who BEGGED Me to Shoot Them through the face, I’ve Witnessed so many pieces of crap Reveal Their HATRED of Their True Self & the PUNISHMENT They’ve “Received” for Their primitive-brain’s Determination to commit acts of evil hypocrisy …. No-matter Their magical-thinking & acting-out Their incontinence NOTHING CHANGES, except They “GET WORSE” …. That Said, As I’ve Said before, although She was evil, Her Family too, She was the littlest vampire, there “was” Some Reason to Show Her Compassion & Her cohorts …. There was A Truth to The way They saw the Average higher-functioning Unitard …. The sadness I Speak of, is Due to what They “Could” have Overcome & “Could” have Been & “Could” Have Done & “Should” Have Directed Themselves & That …. But instead, “became” evil in All it’s banal Self-destructive forms ….

Ironically, They Could STILL Come Forward & ADMIT to Their crimes & whilst They’d get let-away with Being Nut-cases, in-bits & bags, They Could Easily EXPOSE the Police-farce & The PAEDOPHILE RING They ADMITTED to being 100% Complicit with, (in-order to Get Their Quota of Sexual-Thrills at the Public’s Expense) …. Who “CANNOT DENY” (Either way,) that They “CONPSIRED” ring, within ring, within ring, EVIDENTIALLY to unjustly-imprison Yet Another Innocent Human Man & “section” Me, (ON Record,) due to My Selfless Skill & being Undetectably Smarter than ALL Spastics ….

Which, IF the Family-Mong DID, Then They’d be Striking a blow against Organised-Paedophilia Just in time for TRUE Independence …. Then, I’d “HALF” The Dosh with Them & Donate My Half to Starving Darkies (Cause I’m Right Good That Way Me ….) …. Conversely, I’ll go on “Using” Them, as Self-deluded Lunatics Always Reduce Me to Doing with Them, whilst They are Magically finding Excuses to Ejaculate, They don’t Need, when the Back of Their Eyelids Are AS VALID as Their perception of Reality any-way …. PROVABLY !!!!

The problem with Unitards is when They’ve got High Puzzle-solving Ability, then, the Moral-imbecile “uses” that Against Humans, which LAYS BARE the hypocrisy of Them Continuing to BENEFIT from Humans Affording MANIPULATIVE, IMMORAL, Anti-Human EVIL Spastics “INFINITELY” More Respect than SUBHUMAN-ENEMIES Merit …. ie You MUST Distance Them from Your Self, either Physically or “Mortally” …. However, the “Doomsday” Clock is ticking & the Sheeple are simply sitting Allowing Themselves to be degenerated, so a bunch of degenerates can Shout, “YIPEEEEEEE, now YOU are LESS evolved than Us, WE WIN, WE WIN the Game ONLY we were in, called SHOOT THE OTHER RUNNER ….”

Because it’s such a high-functioning Mental-Quadriplegic, it atypically goes into denial …. But in times Where You’ve been Groomed into Thinking that Providing Them with “INSTANT Physical-Punishment” makes You BAD, Their number has Now grown exponentially, producing yet more TRUTH HATING ergo “ADULT HUMAN hating,” immorally-manipulative & incontinent evil-spastics, Who secretly-wish They weren’t Born, which the LUNATICS & LUNATITS can be “relied” on to ATTACK Humans for, in EVERY way …. Oh I Do Wonder “why” JEWS would Alter the Majority to the Exact-Same “Brain-Type” as the Dresden-Spastics !!!!

Infinitely More Importantly, The PEACE You Get on My Farm is Other Worldly & You CANNOT Help but FEEL Like You’ve been “MADE” to Feel Happy, when The Sun Gets in between EVERY Atom of Your Skin …. I tend to Leave My Villa Door Open & The Chooks Walk in & Start Throwing Their Weight about & due to My Recent Egg Nabbing, Chiquetita has been Waddling around with What Looks like 2 Eggs inside Her, Protecting Them from Me taking Them, thus, I “Must” Get A Cockerel THIS Weekend …. When I’m Out in The Evening Especially & Sitting on Erol Heights, I Talk to The Sun for a While & a procession of Ants Usually Finds Me & the littlest 1 always Says, “Whit the fuck’s going on Here !?!? …. Know what I Mean ?!?! …. Ahv Carried This fuckin’ Piece of whatever, to Please Lady-Muck, aroon’ for 2 hoors & Noo, A Mountain wi’ Legs has Just Plonked Hisel’ doon & Ahm supposed to Fun’ a way Roon Him, noh, no fuckin’ way, Ahm no Ha’in’ it, He can Whistle, sitting There with a 20 Storey Coffee !?!? …. Right troops, Straight Up the Jean Legs & We’ll Soon Shift This Man Mountain ….” …. However, I place 1 Index towards Them & They immediately have a Spontaneous Change of Heart …. “Right, ahve goat a Better idea noo, c’mon We’ll jus’ go aroon’ Him in an orderly fashion ….” …. Followed by a Larger Headed Ant butting-in, “Whit’s going on Here, with This Hold up !?!?” …. To whit the tiny one replies, “It’s aw been sortit, Ahve left a piece of potato wi’ Him, He’ll be scrutinising it for Days & We’ll be long-gone by Then with the Goodies, so We’ll be Well in the Clear, by the Time He realises Ants are More Intelligent than Humans, yeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssssss, yeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ….”

The more addicted to delirium the Unitard, the more it believes it’s got a Magical-power, by Needing shot …. ie The unselfaware “State” the delirious Sex-offenders ideaises is “Frank Spencer AFTER the car-crash” …. Bear ONLY in Mind that You NEVER Need to have ANY reaction to “Witnessing” an evil-fool, which Renders it’s Sparking wand, simply a Moron making an unenviable Spectacle of itself & PROVING it’s a hell-bound, fallen destitute, scum-bag …. Simply SMILING At the imbecile Reduces it to it’s net worth, “No-Thing” …. Although, if it’s CONVENIENT or POSSIBLE it’s Your Moral Obligation to “Execute” it, with The Same Smile on Your Face …. (However, I Recommend “ASKING” the Beast IF what YOU Believe IS what’s taken place & WARN it of the Consequence, if it SMIRKS it’s a Good indication You Should “FINISH” the Lizard “off” ….)

SHITE like that have resurfaced in times where it’s being “Used” by Zionist Jews to destroy “itself” & the Whole Species, “for peanuts,” whilst the Higher-functioning Garbage are “paid,” from Your “allowance,” for Your Execution to take-place in as Organised a manner as possible …. eg Both Somatic & Cerebral Sex-offenders are All Such fucking Stupid sub-animal Reptiles, that The-Following Demonstrates how SHITE a Person “They” TRULY are & lays-bare Their “psychology” & Your SOLE CONTROL Over the Outcome of it’s Life, it’s REQUESTING that You “END” ….

Zionist-Groomed Mong, “Hiiiiiiiii, I’m Margo, I just called round to Offer My Condolences, because I heard Your Mother died of the Bum Cancers ….”

(Correct Response, “You KNOW it’s none of Your fucking business, You reptilian-reject, I KNOW Margo isn’t Your Real name, You mindless Lunatic” & Then BRUTALLY Execute it ….)

Human in Mental-Bondage, “No, no, it was Breast Cancer & Thanks, I’ll pass on Your Condolences to The Rest of The Family ….”

Zionist-Groomed Mong, “Oh, I’m so sorry to Hear that, I KNOW that’s the WORST of the cancers & it MUST have been EXCRUCIATING AGONY She died in ….”

(Correct Response, “You KNOW it’s none of Your fucking business, You reptilian-reject, You’re a TRANSPARENT Sex-offender NEEDING shot through the face, You mindless Lunatic” & Then BRUTALLY Execute it ….)

Human in Mental-Bondage, “No, no, She went quite quickly & She died peacefully, fortunately, She was on Morphine near the end & Had the Whole Family Around Her & went with A Smile on Her Face ….”

Zionist-Groomed Mong, “Oh, I’m SOooo GLAD, She DIED quickly, which would have saved Her from any more EXCRUCIATING AGONY, which She MUST have been in anyway to NEED the morphine ….

(Correct Response, “You KNOW it’s none of Your fucking business, You reptilian-reject, Your SHIT’S Absolute fucking GARBAGE” & Then BRUTALLY Execute it ….)

Human in Mental-Bondage, “Well, We’ll NEVER Know, because She didn’t Exhibit Any hurt on Her face, during the Entire time We sat with Her, so She must’ve been Getting enough of dosage to Counter-act the worst ravages of the pain ….”

Zionist-Groomed Mong, “THAT’S GOOD, I’m GLAD She DIED that way, instead of the lingering lengthy death that BUM CANCER can be, which takes it TOLL on the family and SCARS Them, due to Seeing that TRAUMATISING a death, ahead of Us All !!!!”

(Correct Response, “You KNOW it’s none of Your fucking business, You reptilian-reject, You’re 100% Transparently BEGGING Me to EXECUTE You, so THIS Should come as NO FUCKING SURPRISE” & Then BRUTALLY Execute it ….)

Human in Mental-Bondage, “No, no, as I’ve already Said, it was Breast Cancer & She went peacefully, so Thanks for Your Concerns & I’ll pass Your Wishes on to The Rest of the Family, Who Just want to Be at Peace, During This time, due to Our loss ….”

Zionist-Groomed Mong, “I UNDERSTAND, You MUST All be having a TERRIBLE REACTION to LOSING Your MOTHER, it MUST be SO UPSETTING & DEVASTATING to have lost Her to such an EXCRUCIATING death ….”

(Correct Response, “You KNOW it’s none of Your fucking business, You reptilian-reject, YOU are SOLELY responsible for the PUNISHMENT You’ve RECEIVED, for PRETENDING You’re NOT a UNITARD, every step of Your RESPONSIBILITY for Your All-round & Self-destructive downward-spiral, You Worth-less Self-deluded Subhuman degenerate FILTH” & Then BRUTALLY Execute it ….)

Human in Mental-Bondage, “Everyone’s baring-up Well, exactly as She’d Expressed, as She wanted Us to Be Happy & to Celebrate Her Life, rather than Mourn Her passing, as She Believes She was Going to A Better Place, to Wait for Us There ….”

Zionist-Groomed Mong, “She was obviously DELUSIONAL then, due to the HEROIN they were PUMPING into her, to DULL the pain you CAN’T really NUMB, no-matter how much They try to STOP bum-cancer when it’s Reached the Agonising death-throes stage ….”

(Correct Response, “You KNOW it’s none of Your fucking business, You reptilian-reject, What You HOPE I Choose to REACT like ISN’T going to Happen, as I’m GOING to NOW Execute You with a BEAMING Smile on My Face, exactly as My LOVING Mother Would have Encouraged Me to Do & Raised Me MORALLY to Realise Is APPROPRIATE” & Then BRUTALLY Execute it ….)

Human in Mental-Bondage, “As I’ve already Said, it was Breast Cancer & She was Lucid & simply Repeating what She’d Said for Years before Her diagnosis, moreover, it was Diamorphine & not Heroin, although She was Our Heroine & Fortunately She died Like A Scene from A Great Movie ….”

Zionist-Groomed Mong, “GOOD, GOOoooood, I’m glad She DIED like that & you’re not SCARRED by the HORROR Movie it MUST have been, in those CLOSING scenes & those DYING moments, where there would’ve been NO WAY of dulling the EXCRUCIATING AGONY of Her fighting for Her Life in front of the Whole Family …. MAKE SURE You pass on My CONDOLENSCES to the WHOLE Grieving Family, TRAUMATISED by This DREADFUL DREADFUL HORRIFIC DEVASTATING-BLOW to the WHOLE mob, BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ….”

Correct Response, “Whilst” the Chicken-waddles off, with it’s Beak tilted-up in Ecstasy, Orgasmically Proud of It’s Wonderful, WONDERFUL, Transparent SPASTIC-BRAIN, staring with Glassy-eyes at the Mushroom Cloud, Where the Face of it’s past Persecutor Looms from the Smoke, to “Daub” it on the Fore-Head with a Bell-end Blessing of satanic-cum, Proclaiming it’s backward-progeny, a sadomasochistic-loser “too” …. Provide the LETHAL-blow to the “BACK” of it’s predominately-hollow Skull !!!!

If You FAIL to Execute it, the Bird-brain Feels it’s “tenderised” You & can Then get-away with Doing “very little” in future, as You’re now on it’s “Wank-Rota” & so, in-passing, it Hopes to Produce RIPPLES from it’s Tiny pebble-shit sized brain’s more casual-efforts …. Which Allows the Onanist Spastic to Delude itself it’s “Gone-powerful” & ALWAYS Has Something over You …. So it’s not Really an insignificant piece of Walking-Shit …. eg The Hate-consumed Self-destructive imbecile, Would Then Walk-Past The Same Orphan & Say, “I found this Article, I hope it brings You comfort,” Handing Them a Folded-Up Sheet of Newspaper, then waddling-off …. Then when He Opens it, He Witnesses, “10 Top-Tips for Recovering from a Loved 1 Dying in Excruciating Agony, from Bum-cancer ….”

You NEVER Need to “Choose” Any Reaction, which the evil-retard’s Hopes & Delusions ALL rest-upon, “ideally” …. Any Verbal Confrontation, then allows the Animate-hate to PRETEND it isn’t a LUNATIC hoping to TRAUMATISE You, which the Unitard is “TRULY” 100% HOPING for, for Themselves to “Then” Temporarily-ameliorate against How Much They HATE what They’ve “become,” of which the WORST Aspect is, They ONLY have Themselves to blame …. Thus ensuring it Just gets WORSE for Them, Day in Day out, Weak in, Weak out, due to The Moral+Law of The+Divine, which the insignificant Filthy-article CANNOT “wish-away” …. QUINTUPLE HUZZAH !!!!

So even if You simply “Define” a Unitard, Who are ALL Identical, Each 1 of Them “IMPOTENTLY HOPES” You’re Choosing to have the Reaction the Hideously-Ugly Spastic, with Vomit-for-Brains, “wishes it’s Life away” obsessing-over …. As it’s ENTIRE DELUSION of Intelligence, is BASED on that FANTASY …. Talk about STUPID !?!? …. To whit, the mindlessly-predictable imbecile, Void of Self+Awareness, Who is of Zero importance, would Say to itself, “YOU ARE WHAT I AM !!!! …. I WIN, I win the Magic-Special, I’ve gone-brilianted, That’s ME, I’ve WON, I’ve won ….” …. Before rolling over & falling onto the floor again, where it’s Prosthesis rolls across the stolen-rug, in it’s Galley …. (Chortle, Chortle ….)

Since dnaltocS is run by pseudo-satan worshipping primitive-pygmies, She doesn’t Seem to Look-after His evil-sex-addicts Very Well …. To Counter-act Their black-magic I’m going to Produce Some New Movies, Called, “The Spastic Pretends” …. Followed by “The Spastic Hopes” …. Finished off by, “The impotent Spastic ….” …. They’re EASILY defeated, “IF,” I repeat, “IF” You’re in Competiton against Them …. eg I Could Easily point-out to THE MEZZANINE that I FUCK Their Mum & She was a SHITE Ride …. I FUCKED Their Sister & I Had-to Tie a Plank to My Arse …. I FUCKED Their Wife (That goes out to The MULTITUDE) …. I Even FUCKED Their Niece & She wore Pants that would Curdle Your Milke …. I FUCKED Their Daughter & I ASSURE You She BEGGED Me on Her Hands & Knees I’d to “GENUINELY” Pull My Cock out of Her Claws & Almost Out of Her Mouth & She INSISTED I Tell Her “Why” !?!?

According to Che, We’re now getting so Much Mail I’m Overjoyed I’m not Even accidentally Witnessing Single-Fingered Fucktards popping-up amongst The “Well Wishers” …. To perenially See-if Their mired-misery is something which will Magically Transfer through this New “thing” the Computer, as Then Spazmo goes Happy-face …. Before realising FUCK ALL’S changed & it’s Still a slumped Ghoul Who’s an “unenviable” burst-arsed reptile in a Shit-bag …. (That “Fact” Made Laugh There, Hor Hor !!!!)

Jews KNOW This, They KNEW what They were Reducing the West to, again …. They’ve Reduced 80% of White People to nothing-more than a Bunch of Finger-Pointing Hair-brained Spastics with Shite for Their Brains, Who are Temporarily Overjoyed about Humans witnessing the unselfaware delirious reptile Needing shot …. Until They come-down again, like a fucking BOULDER, into the Pit of Their despair, where the hideous Giant-Toddler irresponsibly & hypocritically-mourns …. Then SPAZMO gets an Idea & it’s off again, like Whacky Racers …. They nose-dive again & again & again, like a Simian Yoyo ….

When You’re Driving Down Route 66 & You run over 2 Glorified Corpses, lying in the Road, grinning imbecilically & drooling out of Both sides of Their Mouths, Gleefully, at How Shite a Person They are & You simply Run over the Top of Them, as though They’re Not There, “BDUM, BDUM” & You Keep on Going, without Even Looking Back, whilst Enjoying Listening to The Radio …. When They “recover” They’ll do the Exact same thing ….

Because They’re “hyper-stupid” All The More Reason to Not Give a fuck about Them, irrespective of How Much They “Wish” & wish & wish with All the insect’s might …. ie As I’ve Said before, if You Bake Cakes at a Garden Fete, when Each 1 is Placed on a Table, the unselfaware, Self-loathing projecting, delusionally-entitled Arsehole, if They’ve calculated You won’t Provide it with the Punishment the imbecile Knows it Deserves, They will Squat & Shit on Each 1 & Then STARE at You, with it’s Best Reflection of How “primitive” & Consumed with Hatred, paraphiliacs are …. They’re “Intelligenceless” …. (Pause for Laughter at the tiny-compartment minded ….)

However, You Should Only Ever Bear in Mind Their Absolute Net Worth, which is “FUCK ALL” …. None-the-less, Take the Cake Knife & Carve the Reptile into Slices & Serve it with a Tennis Racket …. If You don’t Believe You can or You fear being dragged into “Your” Dungeon System by Obese Somatic homosexuals, then, Good+God Does That “For” You Anyway …. Thus “Why” They’re Consumed with Hatred ….

eg I’ve Never Known a Hun to take a Full Compliment of Limbs or The Gifts God Gave Them, with Them, to the Grave …. Nor to Make More of Them, as Easily As A Human Does & That which losers would point at to “wish” Weren’t True, is the Embodiment of Their “failure,” in Countless ways, due to Their past-desperation & that irresponsibility, Giving rise to yet-more evil “comeuppance” ….

The-delusional anticipate “You” Expecting “Them” to have a Reaction too, which Requires You to Give a fuck about Them & to be a “Unitard” also …. However, if Your Entire Idea of Intelligence “isn’t” Obsessing Over Other People’s Amygdaloid Cortex, then You’re simply Witnessing an “unenviable” subhuman slime-bag delaying it’s suicide …. “eg” A Woman Exclaims, “Oh, There’s a Mouse ….” …. Whereupon, a Unitard Will Let You know it Needs it’s Throat slit, by Suddenly Blowing a Plastic Trumpet & then Tap-dancing, Grinning from Ear to Ear deliriously, Genuinely Believing itself to be Brilliant, when in Fact it’s a mindlessly-predictable, mindlessly-repetitive, mindlessly-unselfaware, Phenomenally Truly Disgusting, subhuman abomination, Needing kicked through the face until it stops breathing ….

Which would “seem” like the “reaction” the Spastic is Hoping for, however, You don’t Need to have Any Reaction when Simply Doing “The Right Thing” …. Moreover, Feel Free to Channel Moral+Outrage towards a bouncing bag-of-filth, if it Helps You to Finish the blob …. Conversely, if You simply Distanced Yourself from the monotonous wretched-abomination, whereafter, the Sex-offender Sends You the photo of itself Tap-dancing & Transparently Grinning, “unable” to Hide how unenviable a Walking-abortion it Truly is, then, It’s Still “Wise” not to “Choose” to have Any Reaction to Witnessing a Beast which is as “ugly-as-sin,” especially since it’s unaware it’s simply a Dancing fool …. (Ergo the “damage” the suicidal Sex-offender is Hoping to cause You “FAILS” ….)

They’re Destroyed, when You Laugh or even Smile at Them, during Their performance, however, for Their “intention” Execute Them …. If You don’t believe You can, then Simply Expose it’s Photos Publicly & Then Execute it when it’s Then convenient For You to Do So or Move Country to a Place where shite like that “Are” Routinely Executed, if They Choose to Remain “3” & want to “Celebrate” Their vulgar arrested development & addiction to ejaculating in Public ….

Which allows a sex-offender to Confirm Their bias, feeling like it’s Getting PRETENGE against Reality, feeling like it’s bullying Honest Humans, Who Truly See as it is …. ie An “endlessly-unenviable” horrendously-ugly abomination, Who spends it’s Entire life “Guessing” at how to Get People to Choose to Offend “Yourself,” due to How ugly They are, when the evil Crazed-Spastic is Openly indulging in Magical-Thinking, to Ejaculate & ameliorate against it’s Existential “envy” ….

ie The “unselfaware,” Semi-simian, arrested-infant “Hopes” it’s Pounding, with Each Hoof, on a tiny-point, which the reptile believes MUST be Your Chosen-Reaction …. However, Self Actualised Adult Human Beings, NEVER Need to Choose to be offended when Witnessing a MEANINGLESS “evil-doer,” Who’s a “ridiculous” Self-propelled Burst-Arse, Hollow to it’s rotten core …. ie Despite How “manically” the Air-head Jigs & deludes itself, with All the pathetic & despicable mite’s might ….

Shite like that, are eager to Find People Who can Magnify that tiny a Mind & Choose to React how the magical-thinking Cerebral sex-offender “hopes” Their involuntary Audience MUST …. The Beast believes it’s reject-brain has resurfaced in times where You’ll not Be Able to Provide it with the Consequence The Moral+Law Does anyway & that You’ll not Be Able to Make Others Realise that it Needs to be Exterminated “&” it Seeks to take-advantage of You DOING NOTHING about living-through times where Shite like that are on 90% of the Perches “You” Are funding, with Your Zionist “allowance” ….

So the incontinent-asshole believes it’s “bullying” You, even in 2D, even with a Potato-painting & even-if You Never See it or simply “dismiss” it Out of Hand …. ie In it’s never-ending desperation for You to Choose to trigger Your Amygdala, it Believes You don’t “Know” it Needs shot in the face or won’t find-out until later that it’s delaying-suicide …. As “then” or sooner or later, You “MUST” Choose to Assist it in satisfying it’s “Solitary” Thought-pattern …. Which You “NEVER” Need to Do, as it’s FUCK ALL & if You CAN Execute it DO SO, if You can’t Then Don’t pay it Any mind, it’s an unenviable Truly fucking-hideous ABOMINATION ….

Even-if You NEVER Do, it Will go-on TRYING anyway, for which You “HAVE TO” EXECUTE Anti-Human SHITE like that …. Once again, ALL Spastics Trying to FOCUS on Reading this, as fast as Their air-head can photograph it, would DESPERATELY delude Themselves that I MUST be Having the REACTION the semi-simian infant’s ENTIRE delusion of intelligence & feeling of power, is BASED On, irrespective of “THE FACTS” ….

Think how CORRUPT an ASSHOLE You would have to be to PRIDE Your Self on being “successfully cruel,” which RELIES Entirely on The “Other Party” NOT Knowing that the imbecile is FUCK ALL but an unenviable, “broken-down,” low-life, sleazy, scum-sucking, filthy UNITARD, “delaying-suicide” …. Simply “being” Them is Infinitely GREATER Punishment than ANYTHING You Could Ever mete out to evil LIARS, Whom God Decreed “Be Punished” from The DAY They Start-Lying to the Day They-End, as it becomes INGRAINED into a “Hardened Retard” …. (Tssk, Tssk ….)

All of which makes the “unselfaware” Hate-face-pulling Sex-Offender Hope it’s got You locked-into a Competition, where Your Mind must Work like a Monkey’s does & You must want REVENGE against a Spastic Who lacks the Mental equipment to Exist in Reality & the Closest the megalomaniac ever-gets to that is “if” You CHOOSE to Trigger Your Amygdala, when a wretched-loser is “Expecting” what Requires a Nuclear Microscope & Bat like Hearing & “Having A Reason” to unencrypt the babbling of a mindlessly-repetitive Self-deluded Lunatic, with Shit for it’s brains & a solitary-gutter it’s Forever stuck dribbling-along …. SEXTUPLE HUZZAH !!!!

When a Thought goes into the Rear end of the Length of Rectum the Unitard has, coming from it’s Overflowing “&” the Bursting Toilet, at the Rotten-Core of it’s Hollow & Peripherally dead-head, it MUST come-out the Other end of the Spazi, irrespective of You CARVING IN STONE what it’s going to Say “before” it plops out of the Other end of the Asshole …. (Pause, for Making My Self Laugh AGain ….)

When I Put Something Out, Even Though I’ve No Way of Knowing for a Fact if it’s had an Affect on the Mongs & Spazis I’ve Magnified in the Past, It’s As Though I Can Pick Up, through The Ether (rather than the Ethernet) Which-Parts Resonated with Them & “Got Through” to Them …. Even though I’m Actually NOT Thinking about Any 1 in particular When I’m Producing It ….

eg When I mention the Family of Ginger serial-killers, if it Appears I’m Exclusively Writing about Them, I’m Actually Peering Through A STACK Of Other Spastics, Whom I’ve Met in Hell-holes All Around The World, Who ALL “BEGGED” Me to End it for Them …. Whom I left Deliriously Spinning in a Cuckoo world of Their Own, before They “descended” back into the hell-hole They project Their Truly-hideous, unenviable, solitary-pathology’s Truth-hating death-wish out of ….

eg I Told the female serial-killer, of that Crew of dead-beat hell-bound hollow Dirt-bags, that I’d Seen a wee fat PIG, Whom I Helped get Launched off Her Perch, Whom I’ll be Exposing in “Erol On Banks” …. ie The snapping snout, of the Teller, was Getting-off on ameliorating-against Her Sexual-frustrations & Grandiose Narcissistic-depression, by SHOUTING as LOUDLY as She COULD at ALL the People in front of Me, so I was DETERMINED to Let Her Have It, although, UP to That Juncture I’d Always Played a Character I Called “LUMP,” ie Since They’d No Idea I’m A Dynamic Human Being, They would simply Reveal Their True Self …. (Which the female serial-killer HOPED I’d “Magically” believe that Equated to being a con-woman, prostitute, thief, serial-killer, sex-offender, black-mailer, house-breaker, sadomasochism-addicted, evil lunatic, et al ….)

In the Report I Sent to the Bank, I expected-nothing …. However, She & a malinfluencing older Cunt “clearly” Must’ve had Their Arse’s Felt, as I Then Saw the older 1 in HUNda, for the 1st time Ever & Smiled at Her Knowingly & She Looked terrified & acted-out fearing for Her Life, fumbled with Some soap-powder & Then “ran” away …. I Then went-on Trying to Be Helpful towards a Thankless old Cow, Who’s Life I’d Saved ….

When I’d been Standing in the Queue to Donate Thousands to Starving Darkies, That Day, the little sack-of-shit SQUAWKED at an elderly Refined Lady, Whom the Mong had Decreed “Deserved it, as She’s no-doubt a Shite Person like Everybody else” …. After the subcommon-hooligan had finished Ranting, the Elderly Women turned, looking as Though She was about to cry, composed Her Self as She knotted a Plastic hat around Her head & Then Walked Solemnly Out into Her fate, as Though She was Facing the Gallows ….

Next Up was a Single Mum, with a Baby, Who asked an Innocent Question & Who was then Treated to another Volley, from the degenerate-spastic behind the Security-Glass …. The Young Mother attempted to Reason with the Fat-Arsehole, but Got Nowhere & was Shouted at Repeatedly until She left unsatisfied ….

Then, an Immigrant, Who had a poor grasp of the Language was next in-line to “Witness” the Paraphiliac commit what She “INTENDED” to be more crimes against Humanity & when He “understandably” Asked a Basic Question, She mocked Him as best as She could act-out & it wasn’t Long before She was ROARING at Him through the Glass …. He left Looking slightly puzzled ….

It was Then My Turn & I Already Knew what I was Going to Say & that Her Guard-dog, (Misses Spoon,) would pipe-up & Join-in, which unitards can Collectively-Pride Themselves on …. ie Talking-shite QUICKLY, which “Confounds” Human Beings, Who don’t Realise Psycho-paths have ZERO Self+Awareness …. I Still wasn’t Able to Magnify as Well as I Can Now & They’d STILL have Fallen into the Category of, if You’re Going to KILL Someone, “WHY THEM, OUT OF ALL THE OTHER MILLIONS OF EVIL SPASTICS !?!?” …. ie Just Because YOU Witnessed Them !?!?

That Said, before I was Able to Refer to Her as Being a Goldfish & that there would be No Difference if I Saw Her cubicle fill up with Water & that’s What She DOES, for a Living, “For a Reason,” She “SMILED” at Me …. SWEETLY …. ie She’d got Her QUOTA of SQUAWKING done & had EJACULATED & was now less-frustrated & Ready to “PRETEND” She’s a Good-Girl again …. She was Nice to Me throughout the Entire transaction …. Then She later passed Me at a bus-stop outside & Smiled again, as though She was Just a little bit naughty …. However, I Still got the sad-sack the-sack !!!!

I Assure You, I’d Think NOTHING of Executing Her …. Which You HAVE TO Think through, ie If You KNOW You’re going somewhere where a Zionist-Jew Groomed paraphiliac is likely to Act-out Needing Shot through it’s snout, because it’s an existentially-jealous Spastic, Who’s an “incontinent-arsehole,” so, when MONGO feels bad it behaves “how MONGO remember” when a matching-retard acted-out Needing shot in-front of it …. It can Also improvise, but it’s the EXACT SAME Solitary-Thought, which if it has “ZERO Affect” on You renders the Lunatic’s imaginary-powers to Zero ….

But the more desperate the Mong, the more-likely You IGNORING it’s “wishes” are to “NOT COMPUTE,” in Spazi-land, (unless it Magically-Decrees that it’s a “covert-abuser,”) as it “IS” Acting-out Needing shot, so You “MUST” Choose to Trigger Your Amygdala & have the Affect a LUNATIC in Human Form, is Hoping You “HARM Your Self” by CHOOSING to REACT negatively to, from Simply WITNESSING something that hideous an absolute-fucking-disgrace, KNOWING it NEEDS shot through it’s Pig-head & The Amazing Part is It’s GOADING You to DO SO & Doesn’t EXPECT You to …. I repeat, DO SO Smiling, even-if by the time You Realise You’re clubbing the Back of it’s Head in !!!!

The more “Self-deluded” the Spastic, the more Determined the paraphiliac will Manifestly Give You EVIDENCE, as the incontinent-arsehole believes, “THIS IS BRILLIANT, I NEED SHOT THROUGH MY FUCKING INBRED SUBHUMAN FACE & THEY’RE DOING NOTHING TO ME, THIS IS BRILLIANT, I’M THE MONARCH OF THE SEWER BELOW-NARNIA, I’M A STINKING BAG OF CRAP, BOUNCING, BOUNCING UP & DOWN, WITH GLEE, I’M TRULY A WORTHLESS SUBHUMAN PILE OF MANURE, YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ….” …. Which the primitive Unitard believes is MAKING A MESS …. Which “You” have to Clean-Up every time a SPASTIC produces it’s Shite …. Which “MUST MATTER” to You, as it’s EVERYTHING to itself, no-matter how degenerate a hideously-ugly, Filthy, Vulgar, hell-bound MONG You witnessed delaying it’s suicide ….

Once again, if it becomes determined, then the unselfawarely Self-Aggrandising imbecile Sees itself as being “STEALTH” …. Even-though it remains a Spastic, Who’s so stupid it hasn’t developed beyond infancy, whereafter it LOST Access to what Would have Been Huge swathes of Capacity, in the pig-ignorant Grunts now vacuous-skull …. So, it “Hopes” that it’s Already Done some-damage, by Your non-existent Choice & so All it “Then” has to Do is Drop a Pebble & You’ll Eventually Suffer from “P.T.S.D.” ….

I repeat, which is WHY it’s Your MORAL OBLIGATION to Execute “ALL” Paraphiliacs …. They’re Executing YOU & YOUR’S & EVERYONE You LOVE & Everyone You CARE About & EVERYONE You’ve EVER Met, so that a bunch of subhuman POOFTERS & equally man-hating Lesbians, with a SOLITARY STREAK of SHITE down the middle of Their Bird-brain, can Pull a GHOULISHLY-STUPID face of Self-satisfaction, that Their hideous-character has pseudo-accomplished Needing shot “without” being Shot, again ….

Which is Why trash like that, exhibit the EXACT SAME Behaviour as Each Other, as I Profiled in “A. to H.” in My Previous Post “&” Pointed Out The Variations which are “ALL” Tantamount to The “Exact Same” THOUGHT …. ie “Proving” it’s a Wishful-Thinking, insignificant, pathetic, Truly-ugly, mindlessly-repetitive, Transparent, unenviable, degenerate-asshole & then “Impotently Hoping” …. “Impotently Hoping” …. “Impotently Hoping” ….

1 of The Most Surprising Things about the Specks of SHITE I’ve Magnified & Which I’ve Always Noticed, is that You Simply “SMILING” & Continuing To Be A SUCCESS “devastates” the petty, puerile, pathetic, unselfaware bottom-dwellers …. They “Target Your Smile,” which is a Phrase which Resonated with The Best & the worst of “Them” …. Moreover, it Tells You “Everything” You need to Know about Those tiny-minded, jealous, hell-bound pieces of animate-dirt & where “Their” way gets Them …. However, if You have No “Hopes” Resting on it, as You’re “Absolutist” & don’t Confirm anything until it’s Fact …. That Renders impotent Magical-Thinkers, as simply being “VISITORS,” even-if They’re Human Brain-jealous Sex-offenders, They’re simply a “thing” You’re “Witnessing,” which is nothing-more than a Blinking-Abortion delaying-suicide …. (Now convert that to 2D !!!!)

I’ve not Reread what I Wrote about a Paedophile & it’s Obese Butt-Boy, a couple of Posts ago, Who were 1 of Several Groups to View My Farm & ticked most of the Boxes above, as did 80% of Them, as I’d Expected, in-keeping with My Estimations, which I 1st Began Gathering Decades ago …. That Post Must have Upset Ryan McCallum so much, that He’d Then Reveal Him Self to Cheryl, which was Completely Unexpected …. Perhaps He’d Thought I wasn’t Going to Write about Them anymore & was Horrified by The Similarities between Him Self & the 2 Beasts or He felt “defeated” & so wanted to Play The Ace-card He’d always had up His Sleeve, (which I’d Already profiled as facing-the-wrong-way round, whilst Wearing a T-Shirt) & it’s Joker having the Sum-influence (on My Absolutist Mind) of less-than FUCK ALL ….

But, perhaps it was the Other roll-up rotter, Pretending to Be Her Son, as He’s pretended to be Everybody else …. If it was Her Son & the Quote Cheryl gave Me was Pretty Conclusive, I can’t Deny I was Really disappointed in His Mum, as due to My Absolutism I’d not Concluded about His involvement, even-though He’d imbecilically been Her accomplice in Person & His hatred & paraphilia were Self-evident …. For Her Sake, I’d not Wanted to Know that She’d “Failed” as a Mother to that Extent, by getting Her Son to “impersonate” Her, to Help Her try to “murder” Marks, remotely & to reseduce Them & cause Them P.T.S.D., until They were exhausted every which way They could be ….

It’s Natural to Want Someone to have a Saving Grace & when She’d told Me She’d climbed out of Windows, with a Kid under each Arm, to get away from Men She’d enraged to That Extent …. I’d simply Hoped, for Her sake, that His complicity was a 1 off, although I Knew His Behaviour was Punishable overt-hatred, without Justification or Rational alibi of Any kind conceivable …. It’s simply horrendous to Think of the long-term damage She’s done to His brain, but He has Free Will & now Only has Him Self to blame & is Now Splashed across Every anti-Gay website on Facecrack, as a Poster-child for Why Gay-rights = “wrong rights” ….

As I Alluded to in Previous Posts, the more evil & Self-loathing the degenerate Sex-offender, the more obsessed with the illusion of “Trading Places” it becomes …. Which is an Unconscious Admission They wish They didn’t have a Chickens’ brain & that They could have Yours’ …. No matter how long the con it’s Simply-disguising the Exact-Same evil-pish & Hoping You Choose to Create the illusion for Them, so They can Then Waddle off, hoping They’ve done the damage, with Their hollow-head Tilted Up towards the Mushroom Cloud, proud of Being That Shite an imbecile …. ie They’re utterly insignificant, irrelevant, inconsequential garbage, stuck on a downward-spiral, in a vicious cycle, “UNWORTHY” of Human Attention, let-alone Company ….

The serial-killer, Who at the time called Her Self Marie McCallum, imp-lied that She was So Stupid Her rabid Family were “Making” Her pimp Her Arse out & Bullying Her into it, the poor wee lamb …. NEXT THING I was Looking at What She’d had for Breakfast, whilst Her Bare Arse was 6 feet in the Air, again & Then Watching Her roll around the Living Room Carpet, in delirium, which Shite like that Get-off on …. As, DISGRACING Themselves is MAGICALLY Them getting PRETENGE against Humans & pretend-proving that The Human is what They are ….

Ideally, to cause You P.T.S.D., the covert operator’s competition, when it’s resigned to Not Being “Good Enough” for The Human They’ll often have Fantacised breaking-out of The Parallel “evil campaign” for …. If They Decree the evil to be the Chosen path, then They hope You’re caused P.T.S.D. from REMEMBERING a Spastic Which Begged You to shoot it in the face, Dancing around BEGGING to be shot in the face & You DIDN’T REALISE that at the time or Crapped-out of Executing the Animated SACK of SHITE ….

Who’d Still be Grinning Imbecilically if You were Approaching with a Carving Knife, as that’s THE REACTION the Unitard’s Angling “for” …. Then, You’d See the Look of Con-Fusion, as it GURGLED it’s Last, wherafter, it Would Find itself in COMPLETE ISOLATION, FREEZING, “IN SILENCE,” FOR ETERNITY ….

Garbage like that Can Genuinely Believe in God & WITNESS Miracles & the Delirious High-functioning Spastic will still GO ON Behaving EXACTLY like Zionist Jews can RELY on, Shite like that to Behave like, as the GIANT Burst-Arsed Baby, with a MONKEY’S BRAIN Stomps around REQUESTING “You” SHOOT it …. Which if You don’t The Moral+Law of The Divine WILL Still Punish it, Physically & UNDENIABLY, which the utterly-delusional EVIL REPTILE, Who wants to SHOW OFF it’s arrested-development, Will “again” put-down to YET MORE “bad” Luck …. Which “yet-another” MASTERMIND is COINCIDENTALLY “suffering” from, along-with it’s ego-maniacal onanist “perpetual-delusions,” which last “until” You SHOOT it in the fucking face !!!!

I’ve repeatedly HURT the Family of Spastics, (I’ll be Displaying in The new Vault of Guilt shortly,) without Even Trying …. They’ve “irrationally” been Raging about Being Exposed, foiled, “Profiled,” spurned, overturned, slapped-down, Dominated & reduced to Sending impotent 2D potato-paintings, in Their cuckoo fantasy-world ….

“eg” They’ve even imbecilically Hoped I’d Choose to Trigger “My” Amygdala when They’ve Conveyed that They intend to go-on Murdering, robbing & abusing Innocent Humans, which is “Their sin alone” & I’ve Done All I Can to Resolve the situation the hell-bound Spastics “choose” to fail to Easily-improve on ….

The Hypocritically-hypersensitive atypically try to Brow-Beat Humans Emotionally, so They’ll Then be Sensitive-enough for The Lunatic not to Exhibit it’s MANIA, around Them …. Who then Atypically become “bored,” due to Their proto-emotions & Thinks less of The Human & Then begin ATTACKING Them, “redirecting Their sex-drive into evil” & Manipulating The Innocent due to greedy-delusions ….

Not Knowing For “A Fact” Who was Trying to Con-Tact Me, I Never Chose to Reply as I Could’ve been Replying to Her HORRID HUGE BAG OF Potato-Skins, Jacqui, the Hate-Consumed Man-Bashing Slime-Bag, Who needs to Feel Her teeth sliding down the Back of Her Throat ….

So, as I’ve Said 1,000 times before, I’m reduced to “using” imbeciles, Which I’ll go on Doing until “The Humans” Realise how easily They can rid Themselves of the police-farce, Who are 100% complicit with Their “like-minded” fellow pseudo-satan worshippers, Who all have 1 Thing in Common …. They all have “shit for brains” & the Majority Think You SHOULD FUCK KIDS ….

Evil Dunce-Cunts, like that, Who are Bottom-feeders, Ideally want A Human They can Target & then Send Junk Mail to, Through the Post, also Junk Mail through the Internet, then Potato paintings for the drooling lunatics to delude Themselves They’re drawing the Attention of a Human Being, down, to the microdot, where the Spastic dreams They’re a Monarch-nit, Trading Places & feeling They’re having a Cerebral “Enema” …. Throughout Which The Human, Who Has A Life, Is Fully Cognoscente, that the Spastic can Easily Communicate in Reality …. However, The Unitard will continue to make crank Telephone-calls to Them, Send bogus Letters, deliver Pizzas They didn’t order, etc, etc, etc …. Everything You’d expect from an industriously-incontinent 3 Year old, with it’s 1st Tommee Tippee laptop ….

If You provide the animate-crap with Consequence, the hypocrite believing They’ve already suffered-enough in Life, PRETENDS Your “Retaliation” magically “predates” Their Instigation & the provocation of Their unwarranted inhumane-campaign against You …. Which Sexes-up “Jack” so the retard can Then “feel” that it’s Just, in Shooting You …. Who then Feels like a Bigger-Beast & that it’s got PRETENGE against it’s sadomasochistic histrionic-ghosts & Traded-places with “the bullies of it’s past,” so it can now return to drinking, mindlessly Self-Satisfied ….

Before which, the reptile Hopes You Choose to “Articulately” explain to a primitive “BLUNT” slime-bag what it “Already” Knows …. As the Asshole wants to “Feel” that They’re Powerful & Dominating someone Who is “suffering” under Their onslaught of Their reign, echoing Their past …. Which if You See-Through, as I Do & React with a Diffusing Smile, They Then may Think Highly of You & Want You to Join Their Gang, but as an “outsider” …. However, They’d simply Continue with Their microscopic dung-world & go-on “pretending-&-hoping to be offensive,” which if You laugh-off the Unitard’s solitary M.O., You’re then Decreed “maybe” Good enough to pay for Their candy “or” a weakling & on “it” goes ….

They’re fully cognoscente that They’re Sex-offenders, it’s hard Not-to Know & that Particular Family of evil Serial-killers were even-more incensed, as Regards My Self, as I reduced Them in Their campaign to nothing-more than Sending 2D Junk Mail, which no-one even Sees anymore …. Reducing All the prepared-moves of the banally-evil Unitards to impotently-hoping, that I’d have a reaction, which are the shifting-sands the Self-deluded’s entire delusions-of-intelligence are based-upon ….

In Their continued “Hopes” to Cause an Innocent Man P.T.S.D., Who’d been Nothing But Kind to Them, They contacted Your police-farce, to have Me “detained” & questioned about “Typing” in An Understanding & Caring Manner Publicly, about a Family of serial-killers, (due to the “Genocidal” Paedophile, Gordon Brown & paraphiliac-megalomaniac Tony Blair’s, Telecommunications “act” …. Who’s made-up rules You Obey to This Day ….) …. However, “I Trained with the best,” so I Chose to Have My Self arrested, on 2 out of the 3 occasions, the Serial-killers YOU are paying for, sent the Police-farce YOU are paying for, to detain Me, for Exposing Them ….

None of Them Knew I had a Plane waiting on the Run way, as I’d decided against Moffat …. It Must’ve Blown Their tiny-minds …. For the Unitard’s Fundamental lack of “Foresight,” if it’s NOT in the Length of Rectum of prepared plot, it CAN’T be & CAN’T Happen …. (Fnarr, Fnarr ….) …. 1 Place kept Calling My Name, although I’d even Looked at Nicaragua, however, I “Couldn’t” Have Been “Guided” to A Better Location & You’d have to be “blind & evil” to Not Appreciate What A Phenomenal Gift “The Promised Land” Truly Is ….

I Spoke to God 1 Night, about My disappointment about How ugly the Portuguese People Truly Are & Many of Them have “Admitted” to Being out & out Sinners …. I didn’t Expect ANY Reply, God Replied ….

Which When I Heard Gods’ Voice I of course Doubted My Own Mind, especially when God had Said Something I’d Otherwise NEVER have Thought My Self …. So I Went into The Studio, Where The Voice had Come from & There, In The Dark, was The Projection of The “Window” I Have in All My Vids, on The Other Side of My Studio Wall, even though The Lights were off …. I Laughed & Then I Looked Up to Where I’d Felt Most Drawn All Along, when Communicating With The Divine & God “Repeated” That I’d to Sell The Promised Land ….

Which, As It Resonated As A Directive, I was Smiling, because I “Had To” Then DO So, however, It Still Seemed like Selling Your Granny, which a psycho-path Would Do in a Heartbeat …. So, when I Returned to The Villa Living-Room I Began Feeling Lighter as It “was” The Right Thing to Do …. As the People around These parts are Genuinely hideously-ugly & evil inbred primitive hate-consumed Sex-offenders, Who are brutal, mindless Lunatics …. (Which the Estate-agent, Who’s a sadomasochism addicted Paraphiliac, Told Me also ….) …. Plus, I was going to Africa anyway, but had Planned on Doing more Business Here 1st, alongside Hoping to “acclimatise” to Weather I Thought might be Too Hot for Me & a load of Other Needless anxieties & Discoveries which are Well Behind Me ….

I’ve not Made it Easy on the People Who’ve wanted to buy & I’ve been Targeted by WAHOO deliberately time-wasting, hate-consumed, True-self-loathing, hair-brained Sex-offenders, ALL with the EXACT SAME “mind,” despite the Body …. ie BEGGING Me to Shoot Them in the face, They’ve NO IDEA, as I’ve Said before I was Standing There with a Loaded gun, an Excellent 7 Shooter, however, I’d have Used My Right Hand & since, in Some Cases, there were 3 of Them, I couldn’t be Considered a Bully …. Which Included several so-called homosexuals & 1 paedophile, with Shit for Their brains, Whom I “Profiled” previously, before My “Final” Thesis on the Animacule ….

Obviously My Moral+Mission comes before executing Those “Specific” Spastics, out of All the Other MILLIONS & “Morally” I can’t “invite” People to My Farm & then Shoot Them …. However, since They have a death-wish & See Themselves as being Energy-vampires, They EJACULATE in front of You, by taking the risk of BEING Shot …. But, as You Know, I’d be “pursued again,” by the Zionist Jew “Organised rings” of Paraphiliacs, complicit with the Paedphile-rings over Them …. It’s a simple Choice & You HAVE TO REALISE They’ll GO ON FUCKING KIDS because YOU won’t WAKE UP & “Unite” With Humans to EXECUTE Them or “DISTANCE” Your Self from a pit of WHITE SHITE ….

Atypically, Vermin like that would con-tact Me again, eg In Reply to My Advert for a second-hand John Deere tractor, which I Thought would be a Nice Touch to Leave the Next Stewards …. ie Sex-offenders gets-off on what They perceive to be disproportionate-reactions to it simply trying to be annoying, which it “ALWAYS” finds funny, as it Knows it’s FUCK ALL …. But, wasting a Human’s time means it’s Magically traded-places with Them & it’s “Gone-Big” & no-longer an imbecile Who can’t tell it’s Ass from it’s bell-end, Who’s dripping from the Arsehole whilst reading This …. (Hor, Hor ….)

Moreover, if it introduces itself, on the blower, as Count Alucard & You don’t Appear to have Rumbled Them, then that’s “Reality” been Squared-away, ie History has been “revised” & it’s ruffled-ego has been smoothed over, as it wasn’t Entirely Happy with the previous offences it tried to commit against You, especially if You Told it it’s a disgrace to it’s hollow fat-head …. So, simply “pretending” to be a Somebody else, which ANY CUNT can do, the panting, desperate, evil sex-offender is pseudo-perfect again ….

ie It’s not Really a Self-made abomination delaying-suicide, Who’s Entire delusion of intelligence is based upon “talking constant-shite” & impotently hoping for a reaction which Never comes …. Either way, since the Spastic Knows it Needs shot through it’s face, that’s-enough for the hollow-headed grinning imbecile to Ejaculate & Feel it’s Top Banana, when it’s so repulsive it’s Nearest & Dearest secretly “hate” Them & for what They’ve “become” …. (Oh Dear ….)

If You were Carrying out Open Heart Surgery on an imbecile, it Would wake up & Tell You that it’s Heart was on The Other Side …. If You were Carrying Out a Lung Transplant, it would Wake Up & Tell You it’s Lungs were in it’s Arse …. If You were Operating on it’s Liver it Would Wake Up & Say, “YOU’RE HAVING THE REACTION, YOU’RE HAVING THE REACTION, YOU’RE HAVING THE REACTION ….” …. Just slit it’s throat ….

My Chooks Just put in Another Appearance, trying to Throw Their weight about, without Crushing The eggs They All Think They can Hide from Me …. However, It’s Long Overdue that I Started Fertilising As Many Eggs as Possible, within Reason & outwith Ear-Shot …. eg In the Length of time it took Me to Write That, Maw Broons already down on The Farm & is Below the Balcony & Still Laughing Up at Me …. Now Compare that to the agonising & excruciating & harrowing-isolation of “a crucifixion” …. To Whit Yehoshua & I Would Say, “FUCKIN’ EASY !!!!”

I was worried about My Chook’s Hearts, being So Small, however, They RUN like Lightening & Love Bombing along, to get to Where They’re going Sooner …. It’s AMAZING to Be Able to Gather Your Own Eggs …. Which They’re now Hiding Them from Me & Chicquetita is Walking Around Secreting Her’s Inside Her Self, Unwilling to Part with Hers’, I’m so Looking forward to Getting Another Cockerel, to MULTIPLY The Joy, as The World NEEDS less megalomaniacs & More Chickens !!!!

Cleo, the Most Beautiful Girl Dog “Ever,” when She wants to “plank,” She increases Her Gorgeousness & Sits Looking Up at Me & then Licks Her Front Lips, as if to Say, “Whit do I have to Do Here !?!? …. I Mean, I’ve near gone completely perfec’ …. You can’t hold out on Me Brutha, what You got for Me ?!?! …. These Hugs don’t pay for Themselves, ’cause of the Jews !!!! ” …. She’s taken to burying Whatever I give Her now, from Chocolate to Cheese …. I Should give Her ex-girlfriends …. I’d teach Her to Bury Them upside down, with The “Attractive End” hanging out, as Somewhere for Buggalugs to bury His bones ….

At Night, even if You were Told Your Mother’s dead …. (Pause to Manually move the corners of My Mouth back down ….) …. I’d Take a Stroll at Night, with the Rarefied Breeze You get, due to being Equidistant from The Sea, in Every Direction …. Which Cools My Titanium Nerves in My Prefrontal Cortex & Regales Me with the Sound of Crickets, where even the Deliberate Recollection of the core-inadequate, quaking, hideously-ugly, mindless, conflict-obsessed, hair-brained Poofs, I’ve Witnessed, are erased …. As They Should be Physically, from the piss-poor service-industry Perches They delude Themselves in further …. Instead of the deranged, I Have The Open Range & A Chorus of little Friends Calling Out to Me ….

Africa, is in My Heart & Although This Country Is A Series of Gifts that even Maw Broon continuing to Laugh, Hoping to “compound” the Reaction She’s not going to get, Can’t detract from …. However, Although I’m in My 3rd Year of Receiving The Heaven+Sent, I Still Know Africa Will Bowl Me Over & Eclipse Portugal, mainly due to such “admittedly” predominately-horrid “Lunatics” …. Whom I Rarely if ever See & have Reduced to 1 Person every 6 Weeks …. I’ve had the Privilege of Meeting The “Most” Human People I’ve Ever Met, Here too, in a Neighbouring City & I Felt like Hugging Them until I was Removed by a Couple of Fat paraphiliacs ….

However, since They’d not have “understood” Why, I refrained & Simply Attempted to Will Them Humanity, whilst, behind Them, hate-consumed slime-bags quaked, from Their undeserving greedy-perches, apparently still not “enough” for the worth-less conflict-starting tiny-minded reptiles, Who should be drying-out on the Bank of a river or Being returned to the Earth, as ash ….

I’ve Seen Rome & The Sun Setting into the Sea, in Sorrento …. Rowed Along the Lido, in Venice …. I’ve Seen the Sun Rise in Mersin, in Turkey, near Constantinople …. I’ve Tasted Goulash in Zeebrugge, Carried a Sheleighleigh after a Hover-across to Ireland …. I’ve Banged My Way across the Length & Breadth of Ooga-Booga Island, Blessing That “unholy” Country with The Cumming of The Lord …. I’ve Felt the Wind through My Hair, in Gay Paris’, Seen the misty clouds sinking around the Mountains of Austria …. Travelled-along Tunnels Through The Swiss Alps …. Drank Guinness in London, whilst All the low-life Whores & bores galloped-by …. I’ve Been Entertained All Night, By God, upon Landing in Faro, in Portugal …. I’ve Sailed Across Seas, Flown Across Continents, bedded the most Exotic of Fee-males & imbibed The Lushest of Herbs I’d Conjured …. Drank Loch-Lomond dry, Refill after Refill, partaken of Every type of Culinary treat Conscionable, but Nothing Compares to The Atmosphere Here & The “Sense” I Already Know I’ll Feel when I “Return” to Africa ….

I Knew, before Visiting Them, All the Other Places would Struggle to Move Me, nor the Carnival of the “carnal drama” of Those I endured on Those Trips, preying on My Mind for Their lustful-egos …. I Intend to Remain in Africa, on Top of A Mountain, until I Ascend into Heaven …. Every Night I’ll Tour Mt. Sinai & Whether That Be With The+1 or Simply With A Lioness on A Leash, I’ll Be Equally as Happy, as Long as I’m increasingly Saving Starving Children from Needless excruciating-agony, with the Western Islands of clawing, grasping, Self-deluding, grubby, hate-consumed, bowed-greedy, “hell-bound” Klaxon paraphiliacs far behind Me & 10’s of thousands of Evolutionary years “beneath” Me & contempt ….

Maw Broon Just rounded the Corner & Partook of the Top Up I Gave Her Water Supply, She Thinks I don’t Know She’s Just wetting Her Whistle to Get Her Quota of Ambient-abuse Done, whilst Penny Sneaks into My Villa …. Despite Me impersonating a Cockerol …. Although She’s stopping When I Craw Convincingly Enough & Pretending She’s not “simply Going to continue” …. I can Read Their Minds, She Just Said, “He’s got the Whole fuckin’ Farm, know what I mean !?!? …. The Whole Farm, MASSIVE it is tae & He’s begrudging Me shitting in His Villa, EVERYWHERE Must be shat upon, it’s Chicken Rules, OK !?!?” …. They’ve Now been waylaid by a Confetti of Pasta & Are Regaling Me with The Beautiful Way They Drink, like Peacocks ….

The aforementioned Westerners’ atom-thin subsistence is simply “impossible” to Compare to The Reality of A Life “Worth” Living, On An Ever Upwards Trajectory, “Giving” to Those Who “Deserve” It, instead of to evil-beasts Who don’t …. I’m Selflessly Donating My Worth While Efforts & unsurprisingly Receiving Daily Gifts, I’m Grateful for, whilst, the abominable, “cunningly” never-improve & waste-away in Fruitless, hollow, worthless decay …. There’s “No Alternative” to Selfless Donation of Your Life to Children, if They’re capable of Appreciating It …. If not, FUCK THEM too !!!!

I’m Happy to Say, that African Children were The most “unspoiled” & Guiding of Lights, to Whom Selfless Donation Clearly “Meant” Something …. They lacked the desperation or the Self-conscious Narcissism & ingratitude of The Other Tribes I’d Benefactored …. Which is “why” demented, delirious, unselfaware, evil-giddy Zionist Jews are falling over Themselves, to get Their rancid-minion to Gallop all over that Great Land, again, to “Completely” destroy it this time & as soon as possible …. Whilst, the Average imbecile & boring-whore sits on Their worthless burst-arse, tin-pot dictator of Their council “flat” or flattened Whackee, squatting on Their unenviable-perch, amongst equally brain-damaged cliques of equally worth-less Mongs, still, Decreeing-Themselves as Something Which Should “Feel Good” about Being SCUM …. However, I Intend to Be of Enormous Benefit to Those “Human” Africans & Wake Them Up “or” Become A “Decent” Stock in A Giant pot of Broth ….

Maw Broon Just Turned to Me & Said, with Her Wet Whistle, “FUCK THE JEWS” …. Penny’s now Trying to Dig Her way to Africa around My Orange Tree, She’ll “Show Me” …. She’s now Just fallen off a Wine-bottle & pretending nothing’s happened …. To return to the “monotonous” subject, when a Sub-Chicken faux-human believes An “Authentic” Human has had the Reaction, which the unevolved-degenerate is hoping for, then, the imbecile “temporarily” feels-like it’s traded-places & Caused You P.T.S.D. …. The primitive-spastic then feels “proud” of an imaginary-power Known as “needing shot in the face” & the imbecile, Who bases it’s intelligence on “Being backward,” then feels like it’s got PRETENGE against the Ghosts from it’s past, even-though the mindless-bigot targets Humans Whom it Knows to be nothing-like the People from it’s past …. However, There Will Be Humans in it’s sordid History Who’ve Correctly Told it to “Fuck Off & die,” because, despite it’s constant-desire to delude itself, it’s GENUINELY a “Truly” repulsive & “weak,” hell-bound incontinent-arsehole ….

My Advice to the Unitards scan-reading this ….

When an Undeclared Spastic Aggrandises Themselves, eg By Referring to Themselves as Being The A-Team, it’s “solitary” impotent HOPE is that You Choose to Feel frustrated into Explaining to a Spastic That it’s NOTHING …. Once again, Every Single 1 of The imbeciles Would Panic & Say, “WHY YOU WRITING ABOUT ME THEN !?!?” & Then dance around The room (or roll ….)

Funnily Enough, if I’d Been Able to Be “Absolutely” Certain if it was the Ginger flea Contacting Me, then She wouldn’t have produced the exact-same Self-fulfilling prophecy She is guilty of, Her Whole Life …. eg If She’d just been using Others to Convey Her Own Considerable Mental “Gifts,” I’d have Welcomed Applying Erolic Rigour to Reflections, which If They’re TRUE, Must Be Provable ….

But, as I’ve Said, I Always Thought it could’ve been Her Muckle-Faced Gargantuan Sister, so I was Never going to Be Able to Do Anything Other than Witness, Reflect & Profile ….  However, I so-wanted Her Plectrum-headed Bent-Boy “not” to be Involved, for “Her” sake & I’d always wondered if There had been a Honking rolled-up “Ghoul” involved or whether sometimes it was a nearby Cat having an Epi …. So, as usual, She only Has Her Self to blame, for Her imbecilic Choice of Communication & continued “solitary aim” …. For Years !!!!

Beggars Shouldn’t be Choosers & The evil Should be Bloody Grateful, but They’re evil-beggars for a Reason …. Which Culminated, “atypically,” in Her Greed & Determined-inflexibility to improve on that evil-laced Choice of communication & led to Her subsequent Royal Butt-Hurt, after I SLAMMED The Door of The Amnesty in Her Face …. Which I didn’t Know had Hurt Them all, to My Absolutist Mind, until Cheryl conveyed 2 Final Phrases which Profiled the disappointments & wasted Efforts & Family-combined Lunacy …. (She also Said that Her Theory is that the Female Serial-killer was Magically-Seeking to barter “Terms of Endearment” …. Terms which would no-doubt Require The Human to have Lost Their Mind ….)

eg I Know She tends to Read “1 Word” at a Time Her Self or Gets Others to, out of fear of Her Own “Reaction” to The Result of Her mindlessly-repetitive, evil-laced, unjustifiable unwillingness to ever improve on Her debauchery & Needing shot …. Whilst I’ve been nothing-but Christlike, Open & Honest …. My Advice is to Always Read Everything I Write At A Modest Pace, unless of-course You’re simply looking for Information to use against Me, with a SOLITARY aim in mind ….

If There was Only “1” Man on Earth You Could Trust, Then I’d Have To Be “Him” …. With the Other Guys, if You feel You have to Pull Their Spine out of Their Arse & beat fuck out of Them, to See if They’re Good enough for You, You don’t “Deserve” Them & No Great Human Would put-up with that treatment, which is Likely to Be True of You if You have No Great Human Man in Your life …. I repeat, no Great Man or Woman would put-up with a cacophony of obnoxious incontinence, without at-least Thinking You were mentally-ill first & even-then ….

The 66% of Western Fee-Males, Who don’t develop beyond 3, are “superficial” sexual-deviants, Trapped in a Permanent game of Whac-a-mole, psychotically abusing Good Men & Who are encouraged to become homosexual, by Zionist Jews “deliberately” failing to put up NETS to Catch the Results ….

The Feminazi, Jews have “groomed,” Who has Shite for Her Brains, Who’s Absolutely Bugger-all but-evil, yet con-vinced to Believe She’s BETTER THAN ANY FUCKIN’ MAN …. Your Ancestors Considered the SHITE You Presently Witness, pretending to be BOTH Human & Adult, as Being “Evil-incarnate” & Needing to be DROWNED or BURNED ….. Which is exactly what Your Ancestors did with the Man-Hating SHITE You See ALL AROUND You …. If You Turned the Tide, presently Washing Men ashore, You’d then “SEE,” a “Telling” LOOK on the EVIL slime-bag’s whining face, of, “OH FUCK, RUMBLED !!!!”

“She’s Resurfaced,” due to Her being a Nympho-MANIAC, the following Song was Written about the fee-male Sex-offender, by a Woman Who Distanced Her Self from Them, since Infancy ….

I Fall Asleep with The Windows Open, in the Big Easy Chair & I Wake Up getting a Sun Tan, in the Living Room …. You Couldn’t Make it up …. Cue Paraphiliac, “WHAT CAN I SAY OR DO WITH MY SPASTIC BRAIN, THAT I NEED SHOT THROUGH MY FACE FOR !?!? …. WHAT CAN I SAY THAT GETS HIM TO CHOOSE TO HAVE THE NEGATIVE REACTION MY SOLITARY PATHOLOGY IS ENTIRELY BASED UPON, except for the egg-cress salad for the Cat which Squares everything I’m guilty-of away AND the token-gestures to the Dafties around Me, Who don’t Realise I’m CON-TROLLING EVERY SINGLE 1 OF THEY FUCKING CUNTS, Whom I of-course AM GOOD to, which PROVES I CAN be GOOD & I Don’t have a SOLITARY Pathology INGRAINED straight-down-the-middle of My SUBHUMAN Chicken-brain, BUCK-AW, Oops, hiccough, burp, must’ve been something I ate, it must’ve been FOWL, OH HA HA HA HAH AH AH AAH AH HAAAA HHAHAAA, I CRACK ME UP, I’m a fucking RIOT, AAAAH HAH HAH HAAHAH AHAHAHAAAA HAAH AHAAA …. FOWL …. I’m away again, MAAAHAAA HAAH AHAHA HAHHAA, I Could go on all Day, oh yeah, where was I, Oh, yeah, MY SECOND THOUGHT, sounds like something You’d get Written on the cover of a Note-pad Sold with My little Pony, for Children under 3, so where was I, Oh uhu, Yes, I DON’T just have ONE solitary Thought, I’m GOING to give it My BEST Shot now, SQUEEZE BUN CHEEKS TOGETHER until They QUIVER, QUAKING ALL OVER, THIS IS IT, I’m about to have The 1st NEW Thought of My Entire Life, FISTS CLENCHED, KNEES KNOCKING, AWWWWWW FUCK, I’ve followed through, awwwww noh, this, this has to wait, I CAN’T be doing with this kind of dis-TRACTION, BUCK-AW, awww fuck, whit’s going on, noh, that’s Me, kaput, I’d have EASILY had that 2nd Thought, WAIT, WAIT, I’ll NOT be Beaten Here, so before I change My adult diaper, I’ll Just Quickly Try again, it’s EASY, so Here goes, GNNnnnnnnnnn, I IMPOTENTLY HOPE, I IMPOTENTLY HOPE, GGNnnnnnnnnn, I IMPOTENTLY HOPE HE CHOOSES TO HAVE THE REACTION HE NEVER NEEDS TO CHOOSE TO HAVE. EUREAKA, THERE, I’ve FINALLY had the 1st 2nd Thought of My Life, EUREKA, Noh come to Think of it I Reek ah, Gosh, that’s some amount of poo down there, Awwww noh, My diaper’s full of blood too, I’ve burst an Arse grape, BUCK-AWFFF ….” …. (Perhaps I Should Stop Letting sewer-life Know How Easy “I Got IT” !!!!)

The SADDEST aspect for Me, despite ALL the undeniable “evil,” is of how GREAT a megalomaniac’s Contribution Could Be, to All Those Around Them & “Beyond,” due to How They Could Turn Their Hand to Making People’s Lives “Better,” Innocently & without Selfish-desire from Those Who “Truly Deserve” Their Donations ….

But, Their nauseating Self-focus & defeatist untrustworthiness, coupled-to Their histrionic-addiction & worship of the gutter, in Their “solitary” Self-destruction, robbed Themselves of That Bright Future …. When “denial” of Their infantile-desires, “resisting” with The Strength it Would’ve Taken to ADMIT Blame, to GROW, to Overcome, to BE HONEST, to stop ATTACKING Others whenever They’re feeling bad, to stop PLOTTING against Innocents because deluding Themselves is more important & Their “P.H. balance” is more important & “Decreeing” Humans as having it easier, on a Planet SURROUNDED by Hate-Consumed tiny-minded 3 Year olds Obsessed with Brow-bashing Them ….

An Evolved Human Is The Most Rarest & Beautiful Creature Alive, which Sex-offenders simply won’t Choose to resist murdering, until They Start “hunting down” the murderers & blowing Their nit-wits out of the back of the ugly-cunt’s hollow skull …. On the Local Level, Humans, on a Daily basis Witness shite-performance after shite-performance from Lizard-brained unselfaware-garbage, Who’ve RULED that Humans “Deserve” to Witness an imbecile Needing shot …. When simply “pursuing,” What I’ve Just Profiled, would Produce An Easy “Way to Be” & would soothe the Narcissistically forlorn-hatred which Gives rise to Self-destruction & Would have saved Them from losing the plot & Producing Their losing-lot, “trading Glory for hollow stolen-moments,” where They Must Know They’re simply Ghosts in the departure-lounge, with Their Jet coming to fly Them straight to hell, for Eternity ….

Penny Just Shot off at High Speed to Follow The Others into Their Coop for The Night …. Last Night They were in The Ancient Stone Cottage & Sang & Drank, to All Hours & Played Cards, whilst plotting against Me & Smoking Cuban Cigars …. I Could See Them from the window …. Chiquetita is Waddling Really slowly to Follow Them, I’ll Let Her Spend the Night on Her Eggs & Then snaffle Them Tomorrow Evening & Make A Call Tonight to Get a COCKEREL, AGain !!!! …. SEPTUPLE HUZZAH !!!!

I Make It Difficult for People to Appreciate My Self, My Arts, The Wisdom I Channel & Selfless Works, however, that’s more due to Their hatred of Truth & hypocrisy “atypically” pretending that I’m “Reality’s Proxy” & MUST have the reaction They do, due to Their HATRED of Truth, as an undeclared-spastic ….

There’s NOTHING between You & God, irrespective of the most Self-deluded Homosexuals pulling-faces & mashing Maris Pipers, in Fury at what it’s degenerated into, Courtesy of Jews tickling it’s Arse to OUT How much of a “horrendous-imbecile” it Truly is …. ie No matter the dis-traction, There’s A “Channel of Peace” Like A Broad Sun Beam, which is impregnable, between You & God …. No-matter how-evil The unjust Are toward You, They cannot “come between” You & The Divine …. The evil “surrendered” Their Divinity a long time ago & That’s got “nothing” to Do with the Humane Objects They worsen Their ultimate fate, by faking-it towards, in Their horrid-pursuit of hijacking Your Life & sabotaging Your Smile & “Serenity” …. Which Is Next to Godliness ….

As I’ve Seen repeatedly, in the past, When You’re studying Animacules, even When You Have Roundly “Publicised” The Fact that You Carry Out Social-Experiments & are Non-Reactionary, unless by Choice …. Even-if the imbecile Reads that, with the Mission-impossible Them-tune echoing in the Hollow between it’s ears, it’s Solitary brain-cell Will Still “See-if” & Then Get carried-away in it’s “onanist” Fantasy World, where, if You don’t “Give Them WHAT FOR,” the mental-pygmy believes You’re under a Magic Spell & it’s the Spastic Who Exists in Reality & You’re wide-asleep, whereupon You’ll Witness it BEG You to kill it ….

There’s no Clearer indication into it’s spurned Grandiose-delusions, unconscious & often-witting True-Self loathing, than Acting-out Needing shot, when I’m Standing in Front of You with a Gun, which I’d Always Choose “2nd,” to simply Breaking Your Neck with A Swift Right Hand …. Whilst “Feeling nothing” about That, other than “Taking out the Trash” …. I Have no Feeling of Triumph or Victory when I defeat Anyone at Anything, even-if I Try to “Choose” to Celebrate Something I can’t fake Anything …. Although I Can mislead for An Over+Arching Range of Moral+Aims, with Provably Only “Good Intentions” at Heart & I Can make My Self Laugh when I Tell The Truth in an Unexpectedly Funny Way, about Anything, let-alone “The evil Lunacy of brutal-bullshitters” ….

Grossly “Handicapped-Presumptions” lay-bare The Hopeful-imbecile behind Them & You Simply See You Should take it’s head off, as it’s a fucking Lunatic with No MEANING to it’s Life, Who gets-off on Provoking & “feeling” big & as-though it’s preying-on Human Beings, Who Have Provided the proto-mind with EVERYTHING the dismissive-reptile RELIES on & Has Received throughout the Entire Formation of it’s Sucking black-hole …. Thus Humans, alongside Their Earth-bound “freelance” persecutors, are being EXTERMINATED because of SHITE exactly like that “behind” the scenes, Who’ve PLANTED Those “LUNATICS” & LUNATITS,” Who wear a Mask of Humanity, but Who are atrocious & ABOMNIBALE hideous CARNAL parasites, in Every Conceivable way ….

eg Because Many of “Them” have Total-Recall, When They Miss the Mark by Miles, with Their tiny-mind’s “SOLITARY” Goal, You SEE They’re an “INFORMATION OF FUCK ALL” …. I repeat, Behind-which is the SOLITARY aim of the Spastic-society …. ie The hideous primitive’s peanut NEEDING Kicked through the back of Their hollow Skull for it’s perverse, relentlessly hate-consumed, blame pseudo-rejecting, THANKLESS audacity !!!!

However, Until the bullet’s touching the centre of it’s Empty forehead the Imbecile will con-tinue having the “reaction” the Animacule believes You MUST be Offended by Themselves CHOOSING to have the Exact-Opposite reaction to What it “PRESUMES” You would Expect of it & “Therefore” MUST React negatively to …. It’s a RETARD, Who finds it’s EASY to “be” Backward, because it “IS” wired-backwards in the Ventral-Tegmental reward Centre, where the Carnal beast is weakly-addicted, in it’s Lengthy pursuit, to an ever-increasing Self-destructive Desire for a “Hate-ejaculate,” which GUARANTEES “unmistakable-punishment,” slow-but-surely RETURNED, in This Life & HELL for ETERNITY “for afters” …. (TUCK IN Kids & don’t forget to Thank the Jews !!!!)

Because it’s SOFT in the head, the Lunatic-level of Intelligence still has “NO EXCUSE,” which They ALL Admitted to Me & although Admittedly They are “identical” & Their behaviour Manifests Their “bias” after “Specific” head-injuries, that’s simply because the deficiency “reveals” that They were a psychotic Unitard all along …. Which again, the most evil Unitards Confessed was True, as They ALWAYS Know Right from wrong & get Their Comeuppance in SO MANY Ways, which Jews don’t want You to KNOW about, until it’s TOO LATE ….

eg For not having INGRAINED A more MORAL Pathology, Your brain “degenerates” MUCH MUCH FASTER than A “Humane” Pathology & as I’ve Said for a long time Now, if You’re dishonest & negative, (eg Even insecurity-borne pessimistic, Narcissistically sarcastic or Self-defeatistly cynical,) You’re unwittingly DEMENTING Your Self, so that When You Naturally start to break-down Prefrontally You Do So FASTER & “then” begin to “rot,” due to the “swiss-cheese” affect of Your Own damned-choices leading to “Dementia,” in Any or All of it’s degenerative forms, which make Your Death a long & lingering hell on Earth …. Where You’ll be “exposed” & Distanced by Those Who See through Your baffles “without” You being Able to Magic that away ….

I found it Almost Unbelievable that AFTER I’d Turned Over “EVERY” Stone & EVERY Stone had Acted-out, printed-out, Said, typed, Sent, Done, Not-Done, etc, IT WAS THE “EXACT SAME” fucking THOUGHT, that Unitards have, without-end, as regards Others …. You COULDN’T make that up, They have ABSOLUTELY “NO” Intelligence …. The Phrase, “PSEUDO Intellectual” explains that the Animacule is just an Life-Sized insect Who LATCHES-on to The Human & Then Chooses to be Con-trary, in it’s imbecilic Belief that Bullshit baffles brains ….

eg Jimi Hendrix, interpersonally wanted to “feel” like a Bully, as does Bezerk O’Bampot …. It makes Them feel BIG & due to Their Bestial perception being vacant of remorse, the Narcissist will “deny” The Nose on it’s Own Face & when You Listen to a “Hendrix Solo” You can Hear that He’s simply “Choosing” to be Contrary, rather than being Guided by A “Depth” of Human Feeling in His Body ….

Likewise, You see the angular way, O’Bampot “lowers” His Head & Thinks-up the next “riff” in His Solo, which You can See the Clone do Live, where He Pulls a Face of “YES, I’ve got it” & Tends to Point His Finger, like Ralph Wiggum …. They’re ALL the EXACT same evil SHIT …. They can be CHANNELLED into impressive & “Greatly Appreciable” Artistic FORGERIES & Scientific Discoveries, but should NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER be in CHARGE of ANYTHING, EVER, no matter how Tempting …. As the outcome’s “almost” ALWAYS the exact-same ….

When I Spoke to a paedophile-murdering Serial-killer recently, She Asked How many Years “THE MEZZANINE of Mong” had been Sending Me “Evidence” for & Then Said, “fuck with Them & Then ignore Them” as That Will DEVASTATE Them, She Said, adding that My Success is Always A “Foregone Conclusion,” beyond the reach of the talons of the hell-bound, despite Their ant-tics …. Whereas, Although it wasn’t My intention to Devastate Them, nor Do I Feel Arrogantly that Not having Viewed Their potato paintings would have The ripple-effect She’d outlined, I Simply Did What I “SHOULD” Do IF I was Living in A World where Everything was As It SHOULD Be, despite the Transparent acts of hypocrites ….

eg I’d often simply Presumed that the Incontinent Ginger-murderess had been wanting to get the “repeated” last Word, to revise History, to win a competition only She’s in, “eg” To See-if She can “con” Me …. I repeat, I’ve predominately-accidentally Hurt Her & Her Charabanc of Spastics, essentially due to “Reflecting” THE TRUTH, as She “Associates” That with “My Wisdom,” especially when it comes-back to Slap Her in the Chops, no-doubt After She’s simmering-alone after having just mugged Somebody, in some way or other …. (Bear in mind “They” Decree “Themselves” as The JUDGE of The Competion Only the 3 Year old pygmy is in ….)

Moreover, I Have to “Balance” An Over+Arching View, which is “Beyond the comprehension of Mong,” Who Only Ever “Complete” 1 Thing in Their Life, which is Being Thankless & “Then” Deservedly proudly-falling for Their Own stupidity, again & again & again & again & again …. eg Pseudo-revisionists Would See A Public Declaration, which I Made A long time ago, to Let Them be punished by simply “Being” Themselves, as an “excuse” to Continue deluding Themselves that there’s a Chance, at some juncture, I Will See a potato & Think, “AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I’M DEFINITELY NOW GOING TO, THIS IS IT, NOW, I’M GOING TO CHOOSE to HAVE This REACTION, involuntarily, which will Do Me NO GOOD & Will STRESS My TITANIUM Nerves & CAUSE Me a LOOPING TRAUMA Every time 1 of those SPASTICS Sends Me another Potato, which I’m going to go out of My way to See, for YEARS, to have this involuntary reaction & THEN, THEN, BY JIMMINY I’M GOING TO, AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I’VE REMEMBERED THE POTATO, AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, THERE WAS ALSO AN INSCRIPTION, whatever could it mean !?!? …. Whatever could it be ?!?! …. Upon Spazmo-level of magnification, it read, 2+2=Banana biscuits, AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH, what does it all mean !?!? …. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, maybe the number-2 stands for Jew & the Banana is the colour of 2 YELLOW Wellington-Boots & Therefore a burst-arsed ROTTING CORPSE thousands of miles away & beneath the sewer-works below Dog-world, is wanting Me to THINK OF, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I’ve ACCIDENTALLY Thought of 4 YELLOW WELLINGTON BOOTS, which has brought back the Memory that I’ve STILL NOT Executed hair-brained hell-bound evil sex-offenders delaying-suicide, AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, IF ONLY 1 of Them was a ROTTING CORPSE with HALF it’s FACE Missing, then it would be EASIER for Me to COPE with this TORMENT, Their pebble-shits are putting Me through, due to MY CHOICE to WITNESS & then REACT to the pathetic 2D mentally-deficient, evil, ego-maniac’s impotent-wishes …. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, if Only the other had Only 1 Eye & no Teeth & COUNTLESS OTHER THINGS I’M SAVING for My Next Stand-Up routine wrong with Them, THEN, it would be easier to COPE with THIS REACTION I’m CHOOSING to have, as They’re GENUINELY Self-deluded impotent Spastics Who NEED HUNG …. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, THEM being as hideously-ugly & unenviable an abomination, with wafer-thin heads, who unenviably-suffer for what They’ve become, is something I, I repeat, I, I repeat, I, I, I MUST suffer for instead, BECAUSE I’ve Accidentally been PASSED a Picture of a Potato with the Phrase YOU ARE WHAT I AM inscribed into it & it’s ALL GONE PRETEND-PROVENED, I MUST match the MAGICAL thinking of evil retards’ forlorn-hopes that I’ll CHOOSE to TRIGGER My Amygdala, because an UNSELFAWARE nincompoop is DOING AN IMPOTENT-HOPING whilst rotting-away in it’s myopic hell-hole …. AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, this has COMPLETELY OCCLUDED The Luxurious Movie Star Lifestyle I Have …. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, DAMN YOU TOMMEE-TIPPEE YOU BASTARD, DAMN YOU FOR LETTING GHOULISHLY STUPID Reptiles get Their claws on Your Baby-Tools …. etc ….” …. Yawn ….

I repeat, because I so Easily SEE what Shite like that are up to, doesn’t Negate from The Fact that I’m Exposing “serial-killers” & Their “Intention” …. ie After Sending Their “loved-1″ to Try to Cause the Mark P.T.S.D. “1st” & then, the Homo-Mezzanine continue taking-turns at Pretending to Be Her, which Allows the Spastic-society, throughout, to Believe it’s getting PRETENGE against Humans & to oscillate to it’s Preferred Grandiose delusion-state, which Allows the Vulgar Family of evil Sex-offenders to THRILL Themselves ….

When She returns to Her Wafer-brained cohorts, She “informs” Them, along-with the “recordings” She’s made & the primitive “hackers'” then get-off on further-observing The “Human” remotely, with Airwolf music playing in Every 1 of Their hollow heads …. Every 1 of Them NEEDING shot through the face & if You Read My Previous Post You’d Realise That EVERY Phrase I’ve Ever Written about Garbage-bags like that, COMES to PASS “Exactly” As I’m Profiling Moral-Imbeciles, Who have Shit for Their brains & NEED to be Exterminated …. However, even-if You don’t “The Moral+Law of The Divine” not-only Punishes Them, exactly as I’ve Magnified that They SHOULD be, for Their actioned-intention, ie That Law punishes “Each” Subsequent Generation which Follows that Same “solitary” Path, ie The Road to “perdition” ….

So Picture Picasso, He’s finishing His Dozenth Masterpiece & He Turns to See an insignificant unselfaware poofter Standing There, with a Potato painting & it’s atypical homosexual face Quaking, NEEDING kicked-in …. The bender Then Shoves it’s woefully-inadequate “incomparable” Doodle at The Great Man, “Hoping” that Picasso “Chooses” to FEEL like MORALLY Kicking fuck out of it …. Because the “Jew’s-Own Spastic” Believes Picasso is in Mental-bondage & so Must “BOTH” Choose to React at How IN NEED of a Severe Kicking the HIDEOUSLY ugly-runt KNOWS it is “&” Then Choose to SUPPRESS His Right to Provide it with Precisely WHAT the Spastic is Hoping to Provoke ….

Garbage like that, want You to FEEL like They feel, having been born a REPTILE, Who has suffered it’s Whole Life due to it’s Delusions-of-Grandeur, pseudo-denial of Reality & it’s MINUSCULE ability to COPE with the after-affects of “FRICASSEE” …. (Hor, Hor, Oh, My Sides, My Sides ….)

Many of the Potato paintings I looked at, in the past, May have been from Her Twin-Brother or it May be Her Lover (or worse, Both,) Who’s behind Her in the Aerwolf Chopper, whilst She’s out rolling-about in the hay with All sorts, Who don’t Realise She’s a Serial-killing scum-bag Who’d fuck Her Granny, given half a Chance …. (Mind You, most People probably have) …. No matter “what” the THING is behind Her, whether it’s Her Son or the Bag of Crap JacqueFAT, I’ve Never been Able to Do Anything Other than “Witness Slides” since I’ve Never Been “Absolutely” Certain, due to the Self-deluded “Self-confessed Dogs,” Contacting Me in 2D ….

You’ve to MAGICALLY wave-away the Fact that “They” Contact You, You’ve not to KNOW that’s because They hate Their LOT & “suffer” so-easily in the manner They can impotently “ONLY WISH” You Would too …. Which is WHY They Crave a position of pseudo-power (ie Self-destruction amongst Others,) where the Hypercompetitive Unitard can get PRETENGE, without Consequence, which is “FUCKIN INEVITABLE” & UNMISTAKABLE & “INESCAPABLE” ….

However, You’ve to MAGICALLY wave-away the Fact that They come to You, You’ve not to KNOW that’s because the SPASTIC hates it’s LOT & everything’s the proverbial straw for the incontinent arsehole …. You’ve to MAGICALLY wave-away the Fact that They OBSESS over You & put tonnes of hate-time into You, which They ameliorate against by Sending That Potato to Several Others, therefore it’s Not Dedicating it’s Life to You …. You’ve not to KNOW that’s because the Animacule hates it’s LOT & ENVIES You, whilst You “Evidently” Never Give Them ANY Thought & Simply “Reflect” on Past “Similarities” between Animacules, for A Thesis stretching back 4 Decades on the Unitard ….

You’ve to MAGICALLY wave-away the Fact that They Send You THOUSANDS of Articles of Evidence against Themselves, You’ve not to KNOW that’s because the Vermin hate what They’ve “become” & delude Themselves They’re a mastermind by “Hoping” to be a psychological-abuser …. You’ve to MAGICALLY wave-away the Fact that They DELUDE Themselves that Their minuscule puerile shite couldn’t distract a fly, You’ve not to KNOW that’s because the Self-made LOSER hates it’s Life & it hates it’s Self & I DON’T BLAME Them ….

There’s NO WAY of Jabbering Your Way out of Hell, for Eternity …. NO WAY of Jabbering Your Way out of Prosthetic Body-parts & Mental-Quadriplegia …. NO WAY of Jabbering Your Way out of Degenerative disorders & Diseases & burst-arses …. NO WAY of UNDOING the “SINS” You’ve COMMITTED against INNOCENTS & having-to “FACE” Hell for ETERNITY, because of That “FACT” …. After the “hell” of FACING what They “100% unenviably” HAVE-TO Face EVERY Day, in Their driek, bleak, cold, “harrowing” subsistence, Giving the remorseless lunatics Just a “hint-of-HELL” to come …. (Chuckle, Chuckle VISION ….)

Because I’ve COMPARTMENTALISED “SO MUCH” Of What I’ve been Saving Up for “Erol On P.T.S.D.” it’s no-doubt maintained hate-consumed spastics’ delusions, that if They act-out needing shot then it DOESN’T MATTER if the Human has the REACTION the vulgar-filth is HOPING for anyway, as it’s Done-doed what Spazmo wanted to done-do so that’s it gone-brillianted …. See Any Lunacy there !?!?

ie If They don’t Fear PHYSICAL PUNISHMENT, it believes that it MIGHT suddenly MAGICALLY become “SIGNIFICANT” to You …. It MIGHT suddenly MAGICALLY become IMPORTANT to You, despite having not bonked it or even met it for Donkeys years or EVER …. It MIGHT suddenly MAGICALLY “MATTER” to You because it KNOWS it’s behaving in a way it NEEDS shot through it’s face for …. It’s JABBERING shite MUST then MAGICALLY have “MEANING” for You …. So, the Opportunistic impotent-hoper MIGHT suddenly MAGICALLY “stop delaying-suicide” ….

Can You imagine BEING a blabbering, whining, noddy-cunt like that !?!? …. They’re Genuinely a Hedonistic “Head-on-a-stick,” being worked by a Self-propelled Arsehole with Dentures …. Whom, if You “WITNESS” the evil-retard & have Any Response, the Merchant of Bullshit Will Act-out having “Gone Up in the world” …. Shout, “FUCK THE JEWS” & Their drooling-minion of Your Local Traitors, & Then “Get Blasting !!!!” …. (Or Leave that Hell-hole & “Return to Africa” & Take with You Like-Minded “Human” Beings Who aren’t Jonesing evil spastics ….)

Even after Reading this, the gurgling sewer molecule, would prattle-on to itself, in it’s dark confines, “THEY MUST Have the REACTION My ENTIRE Delusion is Based-upon, THEY MUST, because I’ve SEEN it happen so many times, I CAN GO ON & ON & ON & ON & on UNTIL I’ve con-vinced MY SELF, YEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, That’s what I’ll DO with My Life …. Because He MUST have this REACTION My Self-romanticising Self-loathing Self-delusion is SOLELY based-upon, HE MUUUUUUUUUST, as I’ve NOT DEVELOPED Another Solitary Thought about Others in My Life, which Allowed Me to Think I was SUPERIOR to Them, now I REALISE I’m so fucking stupid I’ve DESTROYED My Own Brain & Ended up a Unitard with Swiss-Cheese for My Brain, SWISS CHEEEEEEEESE …. I’ve GOT the Cheeeeese …. So, it HAS TO work, I’m a decrepit broken-down extended-arsehole, so if I KEEP ON GOING & PRETENDING I’m ecstatically happy, DESPITE THE DAMNING EVIDENCE I’ve GIVEN to the CONTRARY, then IT MUUUUUUUUST WORK, as it HAS so many times in the past, EXCEPT for ALL Those times the so-called Humans Couldn’t MAGNIFY My tiny a mind, but That’s just because SOMETIMES the black MAGIC doesn’t work, it’s got NOTHING to do with Me, it NEVER has …. If I’d had MORE Time I’m SURE I’d have GOT-TO Them too, to Aggrandise this MAGICAL power of Mine, which has got Me SO FAR in Life & IF I’d had more time with the ONES WHO GOT AWAY, then, THEN, THENNNNNNNNNNNN, They’d have WANTED to EXECUTE Me too, THAT’S HOW POWERFUL My SPASTIC Brain’s Solitary Pathology TRULY Is, MY Wonderful Spastic Brain, My WONDERFUL, WONNNNNDERFUL SPASTIC Brain, Oh, Spastic Brain, SPASTIC BRAIN, WONDERFUL WONNNNNNDERFUL SPASTIC BRAIN & I’d have STOOD There defying Them, ALL My bad FEELING Magically-Transferring into Them, NO LONGER BEING ME, They’d become Me & I THEM, whilst STILL Being ME, because it’s BRILLIANT Being Me, wanting Someone else to BE ME isn’t An ADMISSION, AN ADMISSION, ADMISSION, ADMISSION that I HATE MY SELF & WANT TO DIE, it’s THEIR Fault I’m a Walking-Abortion, err, em, I mean, They ARE What I AM, I AM what They are, It’s ALL GONE Pretend Provened, that’s it been SQUARED away now, as there’s been a Magical-JABBERING, so everything’s been SMOOTHER over, I’ll make an Egg-Cress salad Later & it will ALL be Squared-over, puff, pant, wheeze …. So, Apart from Those Who dismissed Me as BEING FUCK ALL, Who MISSED OUT on Witnessing My Magical power courtesy of My SOLITARY Thought …. It was just an aberration I didn’t have TIME to CORRECT, to the RIGHT REACTION, which They WOULD Have had, because I GENUINELY AM A FUCKING SPASTIC, I GENUINELY AM A WORTHLESS FUCKING SPASTIC, So I GENUINELY Being A SUBHUMAN SPASTIC WITH SHITE FOR it’s BRAINS, Means They MUST CHOOSE to have this REACTION, as I’m GENUINELY ROTTEN to the core, I’m as SHITE a Person as it’s possible to be, behind-which I make Egg-cress & it’s ALL smoothed away, which Turns Me on more, because They don’t Know, THEY DON’T KNOW, I’m Secretly A GOOD & Great Person & They simply Don’t Deserve to Receive My Egg Cress …. I GENUINELY AM, I’ve Gone Such PROUDNESSES OF THAT FACT, I GENUINELY AM, Yes , Yes, I AM, THAT’S WHAT I TRULY AM, I’m SO Proud of My Self, because I GENUINELY Am A PARAPHILIAC with SHITE for it’s Brains, Who’s the SCUM of the Earth, I TRULY AM a Mindless piece of shit, NEEDING Shot through it’s Tits, that’s what I PRIDE Myself on, because No-One’s going to DO that to Me, NO MATTER how much I NEED Shot through My Tits, but That’s WHAT I NEED & They don’t Know WHAT I TRULY AM, A MINDLESS UNITARD WITH SHITE FOR IT’S BRAINS NEEDING SHOT through it’s ghoulishly-stupid shit-hole, so this allows Me to SUSTAIN My mistake MADE at 3 & REPEATED EVERY HOUR OF EVERY DAY SINCE-DECIDING that NEVER-DEVELOPING-A-SECOND-THOUGHT about OTHERS, was the RIGHT way to DIG …. I’m SO FUCKING STUPID It’s ALMOST unbelievable, I’m SO ENRAPTURED With what I’ve BECOME, as I’m TRULY Mindlessly Predictable & ABSOLUTELY FUCK ALL, That’s what I’ve BECOME, that’s what I’ve ACHIEVED in Life, FALLING FLAT on My inbred face, time after time after time after time, but I NEVER Learn, which is YET MORE PROOF I’m A MASTERMIND …. YIPPEEEE, It’s BRILLIANT, Where’s My MAGNA-DOODLE, I’m going to COLLAGE Me Up a STORM of Potato-Paintings & Jabbering-Inscriptions, which No-one’s interested in & No-One Will EVER Give a Fuck about, as I’m GENUINELY ABSOLUTELY FUCK-ALL, That’s what I’ve BECOME, I’m ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC at that, HAVING ARRESTED-MYSELF as an accursed, SUBHUMAN, STINKING, ROTTING, worthless BAG OF SHIT, MMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm, Mattessons ….” …. (AKA Homosexual-Rights, Feminism, N.A.M.B.L.A. & “AUTHORITAAAH” !!!!)

Unless You call Them on Being, essentially, a Magical-Thinking Talking insect, which Spurts into it’s Own brain & is addicted to Bum-gravy Granules …. The hideous-abomination then “feels” it’s Acting-out being the “Somatic” Sex-offender & evil-imbecile Jack, in Shane, walking-away from the Innocent Man on the Ground, it Chose to pick-on …. Only, the Guy on the Ground now Magically-embodies the BAD which Jack earlier felt, so Jack Now feels He “is” what the Human Corpse “was” ….

Like-wise, the “Cerebral” Hair-brained Gnat Hopes You Choose to Feel frustrated into Explaining to the retard what it “Already Knows,” when it waddles-off …. It’s “determined” to Produce it’s Feeling-of-delusion, even-if You Couldn’t give a fuck about it or the reaction it Guesses would be the “wrong” thing for itself to “exhibit” …. Behind-which it Genuinely-believes at-times that it’s “secretly” a Good Person, “despite being” an evil sex-offender Guilty of Countless crimes against Humanity …. Which it Squares away by Decreeing They “Deserved” it, which the endlessly-jealous incontinent scumbag, will ALWAYS find “excuse” to bullshit to that end ….

Due to it’s Delusions it feels it has a MAGICAL power, even in 2D, which is the sum-total of deluding Your Self alone, whilst producing “ENDLESS SYMANTIC-CRAP,” behind-which the Ghoul derives sexual-pleasure from Any Reaction You Choose & even-if You don’t, the Morally-Mute “desperado” Will Still go-ahead & ejaculate in Self-Amazement at it’s COMPLETE delusion …. As THAT must get You to Choose the Reaction the Space-Cadet HOPES for …. If-not, OH WELL, the vulgar, unselfaware, filthy, dirt-bag CAME anyway ….

Also, it’s lunacy becomes more apparent to The Self+Aware, when any material-gain which the bird-brain can “steal,” further aids it’s delusions of “Grandeur,” reduced, further and further, in it’s desperation, crushed, under the weight of Reality, pressing-down on the imbeciles face & COMPOUNDING the corrupt, Stupid liar, into the pit it “never” Learns “from” …. (Boo, Hoo ….)

Paraphiliacs get-off on Being taken-seriously By Adult Humans, as the evil-runt Knows it Originated from the-lowest of Native-American Tribes, Who were Considered to be Beneath The Navajo & The Souix, namely, “The Fuckawtae” …. eg The paraphiliac would ENTHUSE, “He’s Taking Me Seriously, but I’m a time-wasting Asshole with Shite for it’s Brains, so THAT’S BRILLIIIIIAAAAANT …. Even Though I’d Contradict that Fact by Then oscillating into Delusions of Grandeur, gone-proudnesses of My Prefrontally vacant-skull …. Whereupon, I leap in Gay delight, with equally-hideous Applauding Incubi & Succubi, clacking Their claws Together, in the Hollow at the Front of My Air-Head, where My Brain fails to Process Sugar …. Who’ll temporarily relieve Themselves into the Void, relieving Me from Fricassee, ALL based-upon MY SELF Incontinently acting-out NEEDING Shot through My subhuman grinning imbecile face, especially if I can PRIDE My Self on having WON the Opportunity & got away with it, by TALKING CONSTANT SHITE & being Afforded INFINITELY more RESPECT than a Lunatic MERITS …. ie Whenever, I’m Being Given The Time of Day by A Human, when I’m Absolutely Fuck aw Tae ….” …. (Or to Put it in Their native forked-tongue, That’s “HOW” !!!!)

The Family-Mong Could Produce Their Own Gallery too, Called “Potato Paintings, by Spastics” …. The Whole Installation could be Called, “Today, I impotently-wished, with My evil hell-bound Solitary-pathology, obsessed with Hoping People Kill Themselves, by Choosing to React to Us NEEDING Shot & suppressing Their Right to have Our faces knocked-off, AGAIN …. So instead, The Human We fail to Appreciate & then Deliberately Attack, to FEEL better about Being THIS SHITE, Contain-the-Trauma which then Causes Them P.T.S.D., exactly-as They PAY for, leering-down from EVERY Perch, of the Abattoir, to Get-away with Trying Them too ….” …. It would be an Instant Hit, Ideally Between Their Eyes, if They’ve any left by that Juncture ….

“The Murderess McCallum,” would have the Help of Her Plectrum-Heided Son & fold-away Kissing-Cousins …. But WHO are They impotently-hoping to con-vince !?!? …. “ie” WHY would You feel the need to con-tact Someone Who “NEVER” Contacts You, to DECLARE You’re GENUINELY Happy ?!?! …. As I’ve Said before, If You Live in Paradise You May Write about It, In Your Journal, but You Don’t SEND IT to People, in the middle of the Night, Hoping it Comes across as Shouting, “HAH HA HA HAHA HAH AH AH AH” …. Moreover, Humans are HAPPY FOR OTHERS Who are Doing Well …. Furthermore, if You’re Up to Your Eyes in the Bosom of Someone You “LOVE” You don’t Say, “Ho’ad own hen, Ah need tae contact a wee coo and Her family ae spazis, just’ tae let Them ken Ahm in rapture wi’ ye an’ that …. Aye, ah know hen, ah ken, but ah need tae tell them that ahm as happy as fuck, which is why I’m IGNORING YOU to TRANSPARENTLY contact someone completely different when You’ve got Perfectly Good Big Love-Pillaes tae Bury Ma Face in …. Hoad own, ah Need to Pull My Uncle Willie oot ae the Cupboard, as I relies on Him tae gi’e Us a Hon’, so tae speak …. Right, hoad that thought, I’m Jus’ away tae contact a bunch ae flat-chested benders, tae stuff this wan right up Their burst-arses, that’s if They can stop sucking-cock long-enough to join bodies together to then SEE and figure-oot what ahve Sent in the form of potato-paintings …. NOH, NOH HEN, COME BACK, YE DINNY UNDERSTON’, It’s aw True, That’s the way THEY bangers dae hings, I KNOW it sounds mental, They’re lunatic-level intellects, Who are desperate to the point of scraping Their face off the floor in-denial of OBVIOUS REALITY …. NOH, NOH DINNY, COME BACK, COME BACK, DINNY LEAVE US YA FUCKIN’ COW !!! …. WHIT ?!?! …. OH, SORRY, AH THOUGHT YE WERE LEAVING, AYE YE CAN GET A GLASS O’ MILK, AHM NO A STINGEY BLOKE ….”

Tragically, The “combination” of The paranoid-schizophrenic serial-killer WANTING to be in The Human’s Life & escape Her Own, coupled-to All the Lunacy of Her core-inadequacy-borne Desperations & “evil-level” incompetence, behind-which Her Enablers in cohoots Persist on Pestering the Human, delighting Their tiny minds that Humans won’t Bring Them to Justice & that They’ve got a Magical Arbitrary power to Cause Humans P.T.S.D., which They KNOW They NEED shot through the face for ….

However, They also Know that Their SHIT’S GARBAGE, when it comes to A Christlike Great Mind Who Sees Right Through You, due to My LOVE of Truth, despite the titillation of Maniacs Who Pride Themselves on Imagining They’re “invisible,” because Humans Still Think that Other People BELIEVE what They’re Saying, which Allows PRIMITIVE Paraphiliacs to Delude Themselves that They’re MOCKING You …. (No matter how devastated the low-life finds itself “becoming,” due to it’s unconscious Self-loathing ….)

Blow Me, When I Got Up Today, The Sky was Like the Cover of An Eagle’s Album …. I’ve Strolled Around The Promised Land, AGain Counting My Blessings & Appreciating The Company of My Menagerie of Feathered Friends & 4 Legged Compadres, with The Beauty of Nature, those Void of Ego Find “Enough,” whilst Those mired in ego CANNOT See That Beauty nor Feel it, “until” They STOP neurotically fixating on negative-minutia & winning butt-hurt-battles …. ie Breathe In The BIGGER Picture, rather-than simply Proudly continuing to destroy Themselves, Alone ….

So whether You’re Artistically a Picasso or more of a Piss-artist or something worse that Rhymes with that, despite what ALL Others are Doing or Putting Themselves through, irrespective of Their ego-maniacal desperation & COMPLETE hatred, no matter how “unjustifiable,” there’s Still No Juncture Any Time Soon when You MUST FEEL like wanting a “shower-of-shite” to Want to Stop Sending You potato-paintings or typing, “YOU ARE WHAT I AM” under Your Art Gallery ….

ie There’s No Juncture Any time Soon, that You MUST CHOOSE to have a negative-reaction to a family of serial-killing all-round “crimanimals” PROVING that “They” Are the SCUM of the EARTH & having ZERO Awareness about That, except in “unenviable” Lucid flashes & inevitable “heaped” punishment, despite ALL the egg-cress tokens the motley-crews can muster ….

Lunatics HATE being EASILY TUMPED & I Tumped the LOT of Them, “FUCKING EASILY” …. To paraphrase, “I Fought the Law & the Law lost, I fought Their Mongs & the Mongs lost ….” …. However, there’s No Lengths SHITE like that won’t go to, even spending cash to Pretend-prove that They won …. As I’ll be Exposing Identical Examples of, over the Coming Weeks …. Thus Why My Moral+Conclusion & Solemn Oath is that You “HAVE TO” Shoot Shite like that in the face …. Or “Distance” Your Self from the shit-pits where the hell-bound commit to Their “thrilling” SOLITARY Offences & do All Their rooted, raging impotent-hoping, ill-wishing & FRICASSEE, after fricasee, after fricassee …. As God Provides, for Those Who “Deserve” to Be Trusted, As They Donate to Those Who “Deserve” IT More ….

eg You can See The Universal Law For Guidance, even-if You were to simply Look at “The Family-Mong’s” Medical-records, Their psychiatric records, criminal records & Lunatic-Asylum records …. Then Let Me Know if My “Suspicions” Are Correct About That being a LONG LIST of “TELLING” Factors Your Police-farce “failed” to Provide Me with EVIDENCE of, “SEVEN TIMES OVER,” when Officially requested by My Self, representing My Self, as I REFUSED to Allow “THE” lawyer to Fleece “YOU” out of 1 bean, to put that Shower-of-Shite “ON RECORD” in Court ….

Which I’d Engineered Due to My Selfless Social-Experiment & it being Left Up to Me to “Keep Them” having-to Show Up in the Kangaroo Court …. Where They ideally want to Fleece Hard-working Men, as the nit-wits, no-matter how Much You give the primitive, inbred, wig-wearing, True-Self-loathing, “Magical-Thinking,” Greedy LUNATICS & LUNATITS, They are Carnal-Beasts & Their numb-skull lives-for Ground-hog Moment & Their DESIRE for “Fresh Flesh” being Stripped from What The EVOLVED Human has EARNED ….

Ie On top of the MILLIONS You Already pay that Shite, from Your Zionist “allowance” …. The Good Lord Above Sent Me My Passport & Lined Up Absolutely Everything for Me, so It Worked Out Perfectly & I repeatedly Casually “Steered” the Court so That I’d Then get a Hearing to Enshrine on Record The True Events, without having to Witness the “lies” of the Delusional lunatic, I’d kept on a string, for all that time …. I Then Flew Out of That icey hell-hole, to Blissful Weather Ever Since …. eg I Keep Disappearing to Get some Work Done & Then Jumping back Up Here & there’s No Way I could sit in dnaltocS Outside with My T-Shirt Pulled behind My Head at 9PM & Write All This, Periodically Throughout The Day, whilst Leaving I.T. Equipment laying around outside, without Some drunken “myopic” piece of shit Thinking “I’ll just nick that,” because it’s done-a-calculation ….


“RIGHT, RIGHT, GIMME ROOM, AHM ROLLIN’ UP ME BASTID SLEEVES, HE MUST HAVE A REACTION TO WHAT AHM ABOOT TO HAMMER OUT WITH THESE BLASTED PITATAHS …. Because I AM A fucking Spastic that NEEDS shot through it’s Face, This Does NOT COMPUTE, AT ALL …. I Simply CAN’T Grasp the PUBLICISED Fact that He’s ABANDONED Me to Me unenviable fate, which is OBVIOUS to ALL but Me & Me clique of desperate Mongs …. I GENUINELY DO NEED SHOT through Me fucking Face so HOW CAN HIS LIFE BE SO WORTH LIVING that He doesn’t CHOOSE to Give a fuck about Me, SO LACKING in Me SELF+AWARENESS that I’m simply Letting-on I HATE what I’ve become & I’m a Self-deluded piece of shit ?!?! …. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH …. HE MUST, HE MUST, HE MUST CHOOSE THE REACTION REPEATEDLY EVERY DAY, ALL DAY, My Entire delusions of Intelligence are BASED upon HIS DECISION, because People HAVE killed Themselves in the past due to Me & Me Family of Spastics ALL NEEDING shot through Their Faces too, OBVIOUSLY …. It’s ONLY A COINCIDENCE I TELL You, ONLY A Coincidence that We LOOK LIKE We HAVE BEEN Shot, We ONLY LOOK that Way by, by, by COINCIDENCE …. So You See He MUST Choose, for EVENTUALLY if My SPASTIC Brain, My wonderful, WONDERFUL Spastic brain, Oh, My spastic brain, KEEPS REPEATING the EXACT SAME THOUGHT, then He MUST Choose to Have the Reaction My insectoid Mind’s delusions are ALL based upon …. Especially the LOOoooooooonger I go on for, because He’ll NEVER realise the passage of time & I can PRETEND That that’s what My BEGGING was ALL about, just WASTING time & using ROTTING POOVS tae help me …. I CANNOT ACCEPT THAT I’m simply a living corpse delaying-suicide, I CANNOT accept My UNENVIABLE Life is ALL Me own fault, no-matter how Much Help I’ve Thanklessly Received from Those I envy …. I CANNOT simply Be a STINKING wretched abomination delaying My ADDITIONAL inevitable comeuppance for My delusion-borne sins against The Kind, I’ve made token-gestures, it’s ALL been squared away …. THIS CANNOT BE REALITY, REALITY CANNOT BE, AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH ….. Eventually My insect-sized mind Will Get Him to CHOOSE the Reaction, My Whole Family are involved, EVERY brain-cell We have between Us, which is around 1, EVERY prosthetic part We can GREASE up and then slime our mousepads with WILL be employed …. No-one PUMPS Me & gets away with it, except for all the Johns Who paid Me tuppence to DESTROY Me, YEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, I Mean NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I mean YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES, NOOOOO …. He MUST …. HE Must …. He MUST have the negative reaction ALL psycho-paths PRIDE Themselves on being a MAGICAL power, a REACTION He’d have to Choose to have EVERY DAY, REPEATEDLY, FOR WEEKS, AT LEAST, TO THEN CAUSE Himself the P.T.S.D. Which ALLOWS SHITE like Me to Then continue DELUDING Myself I’ve Gone Magicalled & that He’s NOT GOOD at all, It’s ME & Me family of serial-killers, EVENTUALLY We’ll FIND the EXCUSE We’ll ALWAYS find to PRETEND-PROVE Even a LIVING CHRIST is a fuckin’ BASTID …. I’ll hav PRETENGE, PRETENGE I Tell Thee, PRETENGE against Humans, Whom I compare to like a Sewer-MOLEcule Compares to Yehoshua of NAZARETH …. YEHOSHUA OF NAZARETH …. I SHALL BE PRETENGED ….” …. (To Whit, Most Moral Human Beings would Simply Say, “With All Due Respect, Take a HINT, FUCK UP & hurry-up & DIE, You subhuman evil wee tit !!!!”)


I Spent the last few Hours before Hitting the Hay, working on My Music, Channeling the financial Gifts I’ve received, after bugging Buggalugs, My God Given Brilliant Beagle & Then Checking on This Year’s Wine Harvest (Which Is To Near-Perfection & Makes You Think of Pouring It Over Ice-Cream) …. I Then Caught Some Zzzzzzzz’s, ordered some more Seeds & Farming Equipment, then Hooked Up The Rest of My New I.T. Gear, in This remote Mountainous Location & That’s “Before” A Coffee, whilst Watching The Rising Sun, Spreading God’s Blessings, over My Mountains ….

I’ve had to Bribe Buggles with a Whole Pack of Glazed Biscuits to Get Enough Time to Finish This & have been Grateful All Day Yesterday & Will be Today Too, at Receiving “Always Unexpected” Gifts, which Make Me Laugh, at The In+Joke …. None-the-less, some of Them are Amazing & I Equally Appreciate the seemingly small …. Most People Miss The Gifts All Around Their worth-less Head, as “Everything” Is A Gift From God …. Those Who seek to destroy, “receive” Their Own wish ….

The “faux-meaning” of a Paraphiliac’s life is Sex …. The Vulgar Filthy Talking-Animal oscillates between miserable-acceptance of it’s Abominable arrested-development & “reacting” to that & becoming Hell-bent on Deluding itself, ie That it’s NOT what it “IS” & has irreversibly become & will Triumphantly-never “DO” what IT “takes,” to overcome being a TRULY SHITE Person, Who “All” find the Exact Same Humour in Needing shot in the face …. To facilitate Their “rejection of Truth,” the Unitard becomes Obsessed with the “Illusion of Transference” …. Whilst Reality Remains A Constant, the Human-Mask wearing Lunatic goes-on deluding itself that “lying makes” Them a mastermind, it’s no-coincidence They’re sex-offenders & criminal scum, Needing shot !!!!

So, the hideously-ugly arrested-development Beasts, Who endlessly-relives Their past Butt-Hurt, in Paedophile-run Cultures, (ie “Paraphiliac-Entitled” death-beds,) unsurprisingly “Groom” Humans to not be Able to Tell the Difference between a LUNATIC & a “Homosexual,” (AKA a LUNATIC) …. The lunatic then Decrees Innocent “Honest Humans” MUST Experience “Their” past-betrayal, which the Jabbering BLOB Now “Embodies” …. As it’s “become” the Very Thing it hates & has mindlessly-repeated Those betrayals by Getting-off on betraying Others, until it has no-longer Any Reason to hate it’s “TEACHER & CREATOR” ….

Then, Due to it’s Lack of Self+Awareness, the evil Incontinent-Arsehole, Who “Knows” it’s Now become a “Sex-Offender,” temporarily-feels High about Getting “PRETENGE,” by usually Lying-pathologically with the sound of crystals, chiming off each other, in it’s bitter, hollow, evil dead-head …. “The imbecile’s belief” is that it’s endless Jabbering MUST Con Innocent Humans, Who Afford Paraphiliacs “INFINITELY” more Respect than evil Unitards Deserve …. Who’s Entire life is pretend-proving They’re Superior to Humans by Talking CONSTANT SHITE, which They don’t mark Themselves down for, because They “Know” They’re talking shite & have evil intent …. It Stands to Reason ….

The Unitard believes it’s getting PRETENGE against SHITE, exactly like itself, from Their past & “ridding” Themselves of BAD feeling, it Attributes to Anyone Who’s HONEST …. Which Magically “Transfers” from the Onanist, through thin-air into The Human, Who MUST Choose a “Parallel Synthesis” of the Bad Feeling which the abomination, “ejaculating in plain view,” temporarily feels it’s Magically-Shed …. For as long as They’re “Given” The Time of Day, by a Human Who “doesn’t” Know They Should be Shooting it in the face …. Even if They Do …. Which the Magical-Thinker would con-vert, again, into it’s “Solitary” Hope that Because They Do, then They MUST “Feel” like Killing it, as it’s DOING what it BELIEVES it NEEDS shot through it’s face for …. So You MUST have the “Reaction” it’s entire Self-Thrilling brain is sadomasochistically-based on & addicted to …. When, throughout it DOESN’T MATTER A FLYING FUCK, as there are “FLIES” doing the Exact same thing on the wall ….

However, it’s Your MORAL Obligation to Either Execute shite like that, if You can & if You can’t Then MOVE to Where You Can & are “Unlikely” to Ever Witness as-hideous an “abomination,” as the Self-deluded Coward Who wants to be a Psychological-bully, Marking it’s Territory, trying to put You off & Associate itself with Your Independent Affairs …. Which “Exhibits” it’s Lunacy, when The Human Does See-Through it, to the 3 Year old Needing shot & Confronts Them …. As, They’ll “still go on,” as Their Shit-Torpedo is lodged half-way Along it’s “Solitary” Pathology & so MUST come out the Other end of the Asshole ….

The Bigger Picture is Completely beyond the minuscule-compartment of it’s tiny mind …. It “MUST” have the Reaction the Spastic’s hoping for, so it will Carry-on, as it’s getting a Thrilling-Feeling at KNOWING it Needs shot through it’s face, “despite” You Telling it that You Know it’s a pathological liar, a disgrace or the most despicable Person You’ve ever met & even-if You Could Produce Having Put That to Them Earlier, in Writing …. If You Do so “Diplomatically” You See it Wince or even Jump in fear or suck in-hatred & simply CONTINUE, only “Now” it’s got yet-another Excuse to pretend “Humans Deserve it ….”

The Sleazy Incontinent-Arsehole becomes DESPERATE to Ejaculate in front of The Human, even if the Human Lets the Scum-Bag Know it’s Shit’s Garabage & it’s simply a fucking-disgrace with Shit for it’s Brains, humiliating “itself” alone, belittling itself alone & degrading itself alone, etc …. But, the Spastic will con-tinue anyway, as the PLOT has gone in 1-end of the Rectum, between it’s Ears & so MUST come out the Other end, in tin-pot Triumph, which simply Produces the “W.T.F. moment” …. Either way, it Then finds itself plummeting-again, to it’s Usual fate, as a “Hollow-ruin,” which it Only has it’s “Deluded-Self” to blame for & the Ghost it’s Now a Hollow-Clone of, Who hurt it’s butt in the “looping” past ….

Thus, the ever-increasing Existential-envy & hypercompetition “against” Innocent, uncorrupted Humans, behind the Filthy Beasts’ “bogus-excuse” …. In it’s “desperation,” the Spastic Cares to Know FUCK-ALL about The Human’s TRIUMPHS in “Overcoming” SHITE exactly like itself, in Their past, without “becoming” a degenerate, evil, subhuman sex-offender, “impotently in-denial” …. However, from My Experience, (wait for it,) They THEN “Genuinely” want “SYMPATHY” from You, like a Toddler, after exhibiting it’s disgraceful behaviour & evil-tantrum …. Which it Then Starts to Feel BAD about, after it’s come-down from it’s High, but doesn’t want to Face the Consequence of Being Cast-Out from The Paternal Figure, now that the “competition,” ONLY They were in, (which They felt They’d won,) begins to Sink-In, as a “Hollow” Victory, which it’s TINY mind had Ignored REALITY throughout, to Ejaculate in-plain-view & PRETEND it was a WINNER …. (You Couldn’t make that up ….)

Although, Admittedly, it becomes “even-more” Corrupt, as the arrested-anus ages …. ie It Then begins PRETENDING (at those sulking-times) that it doesn’t Know it “Doesn’t Deserve” Sympathy & PRETENDS that it “Doesn’t Know” that the rotten-actress NEEDS SHOT through it’s subhuman “Mask,” when it Solicits “Human Attention” again, for it’s monotonous downward-spiral …. It PRETENDS that even “that” BAD feeling is Something “Someone Else” Should be Made to Feel instead of the “remorseless” Spastic “Morally” NEEDING shot through it’s face ….

They HATE The Fact that They’re a High-functioning Spastic & so the behaviour Zionist Jews solicit, from Their Groomed demonic-nincompoops, means that the pathologically-lying delusional-beast “NEEDS to be” Executed …. If You Don’t Execute Them, then the “Self-amazing,” delirium-addicted, hell-bound, wretched-abomination “goes-proudnesses” of itself, as it kills-time in it’s Meaningless Self-destroyed Bestial subsistence ….

Whilst it’s Delaying-suicide, it gets PRETENGE against “ADULT” Humans, Whom the Spastic wishes to CON itself into desperately & “Genuinely” Deluding itself about …. “eg” Having “Taught Them a Lesson,” by TALKING CONSTANT-SHITE …. “Irrespective” of Being rumbled & “used” & Told to it’s Face what it is …. Regardless, “the FAKE” Will go-on PROVING Everything You’ve Said about the incontinent Sex-offender is TRUE, as the Smear-of-shite believes, By PROVING it “is” PRECISELY what it HATES You KNOWING it is, “therefore” Means that You MUST Feel how the unselfaware, unenviable, evil Unitard’s BAD feeling, which is it’s Denial of even the slightest scrap of MORAL Conscience & “Either way” the Lizard believes it’s PROVING “You are what it is” !!!! …. (You COULDN’T Make that up !!!!)

You HAVE To EXECUTE 2 out of EVERY 3 so-called Homosexuals, as They’re PAEDOPHILES & Then ADJUST Your Perception of an Additional Quarter, as being “LUNATICS” …. As You Know, the remaining 10% are “perverted” by Zionist Jews into being preyed-on by all Those degenerate INSECTS in HUMAN Skulls …. The EXACT SAME Percentage is TRUE of “Females” Who get a “MAGICAL-BY” from Humans, due to the EXACT SAME “Grooming” by LYING ZIONIST-SPASTICS, Who are murdering EVERYONE “Above Ground” due to Men LETTING All that Bird-brained SHITE steal from Them, abuse Them, attack Them, murder Them & then PRETEND to believe Those Men are to BLAME, so They don’t have to feel the WEIGHT of 1 scintilla of Conscience about it, as Though They can FOOL GOD !!!!

Zionist Jews take-advantage of the megalomaniacal ego that’s “resurfaced,” Whom Our Ancestors used to Routinely DROWN …. Those Jews KNOW that SHITE like Themselves will Target the Same Thing They’re Existentially-envious of & FEARFUL about & WISH They were …. So They’ve Solicited “100% Unjustifiable HATRED” for the crime of “Being MALE” …. Which makes Men Responsible for ALL the LUNATIT’S “P.”ast “H.”urt, (It’s P.H. balance) …. The “MINDLESS” BIGOT is “groomed” to prey-on Him, harp on Him, Hen-peck Him, make ridiculous DEMANDS They don’t DESERVE of Him, the HATE-CONSUMED “hideously-ugly” common-cunt “getting-off” on ATTACKING Men for ENDURING such a worth-less piece of SHITE, on Every Perch, which Zionist Jews have REDUCED the Population to ….

ie 3 Year old, Squawking, EVIL, Pathologically-lying GARBAGE, “united” ONLY in Their HATRED of Human Men, Who “PROVIDE” All that SHITE with EVERYTHING They Rely on, whilst, the Thankless “taker” begrudges Giving Men the steam off Their pish, in Return “for” …. Instead, Continuing to attack Them in wide-eyed Self AMAZEMENT, the Bigot hacking-away at Ghosts from it’s past, due to Their “EXECUTION DESERVING GREED” keeping Them in that-hatred ….

Due to Their Entitlement-spewing Zionist-programming, the megalomaniacally Ghoulishly-Stupid WHORES, Who pursue PRETENGE for even the most MINUTE fraction of Truth PENETRATING Their Bullshit-Dome, will Form a Bigger-Bubble to “Protect the Con” …. ie Where You’ll witness a BOGUS Sorority Magically-forms to MAKE THEM the ARBITER of REALITAAAH, to Confirm Their Jew-ingrained Bias, whenever MEN Confidently Appear to KNOW The TRUTH …. Which the MENTALLY-ABUSIVE COWS will Then DO Their best to MOO-Away & pull-faces, (AKA “NEEDING” SHOT IN THE TITS) …. As, when there’s a GAGGLE of LYING-SPASTICS, The Man MUST Choose to FEEL “worried” about EVIL WITCHES “wishing” it was True that “He is what They are” & If He FALLS-for Their Collective-Crap then, due to the tin-pot Dictators nodding-hollow-heads, “Dresden CAN’T be Carpet-Bombed” …. (That Sorority, “united in hatred,” Magically doesn’t-appear, when 1 of it’s minion are Alone & committing suicide, exactly as Programmed ….)

Leave “Them,” to an Island of Benders, Beasts, Pube-brained Rug-Munchers, Paedophiles, Paraphiliacs, Cerebral & Somatic core-inadequate Sex-offenders & Histrionic Mongs …. They’re ALL “Evolutionary Cul-De-Sacs,” LET Them DIE Out & “LEAVE” That hell-hole, UNITE With EVERYONE You KNOW & Move to Africa, Next Stop STAR+TRECKING !!!!

The-spastic Finds Solace in Fantacising about “itself” & the more-evil the-retard the more Destructive the semi-simian-Infant tends to be, as that Helps more-easily bolster the delusions They Choose to “suffer” from & that downward-spiral sucks-in All Those Around Them, Innocent or not …. ie You’re being Genocided by Those Who SO want to “Delude” Themselves that They pretend They must Kill Everyone Else on Earth, as You won’t “Pretend-along-with-Spazmo” …. Who, due to it’s Self-Bullshitting, it Relies-on Being “Genuinely” Self-deluded, “thus,” it’s desperation to Delude You Also, into Thinking it’s Genuinely Self-deluded, so it can go-back to “Genuinely Deluding itself” …. (Puff, pant, wheeze ….)

It “Always” has the Exact-same intention, ie Hoping to Offend Others as it hates the “Reality” of what it Truly “is” & what The primitive-imbecile’s Dual-bullshitting “Ensures” Produces a darker black-hole for itself, from which it “decrees” Confident Happy Humans as “Deserving it,” especially The MORAL, ie “HONEST” …. However, The-Vortex “can” Produce & if-so The World would Marvel at it Self+Actualising & the Hollow-Mong could get-off on the “attention,” behind-which It will “Still” Commit acts of evil, to maintain a Buffer against Those it Decrees to be “what They are” ….

ie Interpersonally it’s still a disgusting, banal, mindless, “bestial,” remorseless, subhuman speck of shit, Who wants to Live in-denial, as “it Deludes itself it feels Happier that way,” because it’s SO SHORT-SIGHTED, exactly as JEWS prey-on, so that it DRAGS everyone Else down around it, into that pit of despair …. As the evil are invariably “punished,” the Jews behind the scenes are ALL “miserable wandering cunts” & Their wig-wearing spastics are HAIR-BRAINED losers or AIR-HEADED unenviable SHITE …. IMAGINE being a Jobbie & FEELING Superior to A Human Man …. Ergo, You Must Either Distance Your Self from the incontinent evil-giddy spastic or “Execute” it, as You would a Mosquito which was about to Bite a Child, as it’s Not Your fault it’s an “Evolutionary Cul-De-Sac ….”

After the serial-killer Proudly Admitted that What I’d ALREADY Put in Writing, (to Her FAT THUG elder Sister, as being a “pathological liar,”) She eventually Beamed at Me that I’d “Won the Magic Special” & could Now be Introduced to the rest of Her Mezzanine of Mongs …. (Whilst hiding a plethora of other sins ….) …. Whilst presenting Her Actors, eg Her Son, Who, if He turns Sideways, Looks like He’s been put through a Planer …. A Brother/Lover Who looks like He’s been pulled out of a Bone-fire …. A Sister Who Looks like A Gigantic Pile of Horse-lain Road-Oranges & no-doubt Several Other Mongs & Odd-shaped Oddities, behind Them, into “the bargain” ….

You See How “hideous” an Abomination She is, as The imbecile no-doubt had a long-suffering “ego-sized” Dwarf, in the background, may have been pregnant, goes through phases of Thinking She’s a man & abusing equally-hate consumed Youngsters of Both Sexes …. Even though Her Dwarf had Removed His Spine to Earn the Right to “Endure” Her onslaughts, whilst She cheats on Him with All & Sundry & no-doubt Dangles that Over His head …. “RIGHT I’M AWAY, I’M AWAY ….” …. Unless …. He does as He’s told, like a “Filleted Dog” …. Bearing in Mind, I’ve Gathered All That from “Tells” & Then unsolicited past 2D “PITATAH” Paintings, from Her & Her ordered-minion, of Irrational evil-denying “complicit” murderers …. (AKA Poofters ….)

Cheryl deduced that because They’d let Her Know There was Definitely a Male Who was “either” Still Alive & dying excruciatingly “or” already Dead (ie The usual 2D vague unsolicited con-tact,) Therefore They’d “wanted” a Miracle “or” had been Wanting to Show “Why” They’d been eager to Rob & Prove to be serial-killers in the past & Sex-offenders & would-be terrorits Trying to Cause People P.T.S.D. until They commit suicide …. It Stands to “Reason,” that That’s The Behaviour of a Humane Being’s Charitable Drive …. However, I’ve “nothing” to go-on Except that last 2 Phrases Cheryl Told Me, as I’ve Stated Previously, I’ve Zero interest in Magnifying evil pieces-of-shit, Sending evil pieces-of-shit, as 2D potato-paintings …. Lacking arrogance, I hasten to Add, I’m not presuming They still Do, if They are, it’s “Accidentally” being Treated as, BDUM BDUM !!!!

To Give You an Example of Her witting Lunacy, In “1 of the Impressions” She Gave, about Her insignificant-minutia, (in Her 2D fantasy world, shared with Her Mezzanine of fag-butts,) was about Her late Father being American, also that He may have been a butcher, She also Said He was a Policeman then Made-out He was a Gangster & also a Dustman, She implied He raped Her, then that He only bullied Her severely, “then” that He was the Best Dad in the World, with Photographic Evidence, “then” He was Murdered by Her Mother, Her Mother Being the real-villain of the piece, “then” He gassed Him Self, “then” He drowned Him Self …. That’s how much SHITE Someone Who’s a SHITE Person Talks …. Moreover, Whoever’s dying from the Flesh-eating fasciitis may “already” be dead, if-not They “may as well be” …. ie Her Brother could Just as-easily be Her past lover or “both,” as She implied She was a Surrogate Mother for Him (or Somebody,) Judging by Her off-spring, perhaps the Dog …. (You Couldn’t make it up ….)

They’re Self-destroyed & it’s Tragic, as Compared to all the Other Shite I’ll be Exposing They’ll “See” The Difference, that They “neuro-anatomically” Can’t BELIEVE In, as Much as They SHOULD Have Done, through-out Their wasted Life of Hypocrisy …. They KNOW it’s IMPOSSIBLE for Me to “Forget” almost Anything, although I’m NOT Able to Recall like LIGHTENING, like They Do, which is SUCH a dreadful “WASTE,” which They turned-to-evil ….

3 Years ago, the evil-mite Sent Me Junk-Mail, with the atypically-superficial add-on, “Why Pay more for The Same Thing !?!?” …. I Know Someone’s True Worth & If She hadn’t have degenerated into depravity, Self-bullshitting, surrounded by the-sundry, (She lamented in Person,) all leading-to the knock-on PRETENGE against The Innocent, from hating Her Self for Producing yet-more Core-inadequacy borne evil, Her True Worth Would’ve Been Priceless …. As St. old Les once Said, “What a waste ….”

I Obviously Pass Every Recollection Through Moral+Reasoning, Cross Referencing, Appropriating Emotional Responses, ie Insightful & Empathic Theorising or Feeling, Universal & Spiritual Perspective in a Constant Continuum …. I Could Go On …. Suffice to Say, Unitards do 4% of The Processing I Perform, with Every Seasoned & New Thought & Experience …. As ALL They’re interested in is a FANTASY They made-up about Themselves, when They 1st Started LYING-PATHOLOGICALLY, when They were “3” ….

Thus why it’s TRUE to Say, They’ve become a “BULLSHIT-SELF” …. Which the LUNATIC wants “PRETENGE” against HUMANS, for, Existing in Reality & not Precognitively & Psychically Allowing a LYING imbecile to Con-Troll “Which” Truth You Can & can’t Say, which might cause SPAZMO to FEEL BAD, which would Then Mean Spazmo “MUST” Attack Human, ATTACK HUMAN, as They’re Reality’s Proxy & to “Blame,” for the sins of the UNITARD Who won’t stop LYING to itself, who degenerated into a scum-sucking Sex-offender, Who KNOWS it NEEDS shot through it’s fucking face !!!!

Once again, after Reading that, many of Those nit’s wits would SMILE, as They’d imagine That “both” The “Moral+CONCLUSION” Above, was Me “Choosing” the coveted-reaction, the Imbecile’s SOLITARY brain-cell bases it’s Entire IMAGINARY World upon “&” That by the myopic Lunatic-Grinning, “therefore” it’s having the Exact-Opposite “reaction,” from the 1 it “presumes” I would want the utterly-inconsequential, microscopic but-evil, insect to Exhibit ….

When They’re ALL the Exact-same & I COULDN’T give a flying fuck about Them, Exactly the same …. They’re Self-obsessed, unenviable & 100% IDENTICAL “evil trash” …. It’s Simply Your MORAL Obligation, to LOOK at The Children around You & “REALISE,” that, PARAPHILIACS “FUCK THEM” …. Paraphiliacs “HATE” Children, Paraphiliacs want to DESTROY Them, as the onanist-spastic’s desire for PRETENGE produces “never-ending” BULLSHIT excuses to Get-off on NEEDING-SHOT …. PICTURE 1, hunched-over a Child it’s about to MOUNT, “WHAT” Would have to be wrong with “YOUR” Head if YOU were about to RAPE a Child !?!? …. Now ASK Yourself OUT LOUD, “WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ‘YOU,’ that YOU would LET IT CONTINUE to Happen, when You can EASILY go to where They ARE & SHOOT Them in the fucking face !!!!”

The Moral+Law can be Simplified, by Countless Phrases, which have been Invented to DESCRIBE It, from Generation to Gene-ration & in Different Continents, with Completely unconnected Tribes coming to the EXACT Same “UNMISTAKABLE” Conclusion, as ALL Paths Walked by Open Minds CANNOT FAIL To Come to The Same Conclusion on A Higher Plain …. But the nit-witted Western Spastic-society DOESN’T CARE, as The UNITARD is locked-into it’s Desire to get PRETENGE against a BREATH of TRUTH, often against Countless nit-wits, Who “may well” DESERVE to be Executed, but “GOD’S CALLING,” Is GREATER, In “EVERY” Way …. The BEST Thing You can DO is DISTANCE Your Self from the MILLIONS & MILLIONS & MILLIONS & MILLLIONS & MILLIONS & MILLIONS & MILLIONS & MILLIONS & MILLIONS of opportunistic, Self-destructive, tiny-minded ABUSERS & Their unconscious Death-wish…. All furtively digging Their Own graves, whilst being murdered by & On behalf of, Their mind-engineers, the fucking JEWISH megalomaniacs ….

“ie” This Era’s Pharaoh is Obsessed with the Exact Same PRIMITIVE Bird-brained, Semi-Simian SHITE, as All “Misleaders” throughout History …. ie Child-sacrifice, worshipping imaginary dark-forces, ie Anything that’s tingly-titillation, eg MURDERING for feelings of “power,” (AKA Self-destruction amongst Others) …. The MORAL LAW of The Divine, is “WHY” ALL Those Pyramid-schemes Collapsed” …. The HOLLOW Vortex “beneath” the Lets-pretend-Society CONSUMES Them EVERY fucking time, yet, The 1-Track-minded Loco-Motive continues to the “bitter” end ….

Whilst I Turn My Back to The West & Will Forever Keep My Distance, With My Trusty Man Servant, Buggalugs, by My Side & Cleo, Who, when The Mood takes Them, Howl at The Moon “Together” & If You’ve Never Heard a Girl Dog Howl, Who’s Neither too Big nor too Small, When She Joins In, Your Heart Goes Out to Her & You’re Grateful …. We All Then Raise A Glass & Promise to each Other that We’ll Not Fall down the Well & With A Clink of Fine Crystal, We All Shout, “FUCK THE JEWS !!!!” & Cleo Adds, “And ALL MASONS” …. Then Buggalugs Choruses, “And ALL AUTHORITAAAH !!!!” …. OCTUPLE HUZZAH !!!!

When I Recall Some of The Lives I Met, some of Whom are on My Facebook Profile & You Can See Their Young Children running Around, unaware They’re being “murdered” & programmed into a “rigid” denial of Anything which Would “Require” TRUE Love from Them, which Would Reach beyond boundaries SET by claw-clacking rabid Jews …. Basically, The ONLY Currency Should Be Love, Money CON-tains “You,” Con-Trolls You, Divides You, Crushes You & Slave-drives You, etc, “NEEDLESSLY” …. So that, a Bunch of SPASTICS, from the dark-ages, Who NEED hung, can Get-off on NEEDING shot through the face, which They’ll DO until You string Them up …. If there weren’t HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of JEWS killing ALL the Children You Know “RIGHT NOW” I’d Recommend Hanging Them, as They’re not “Worth” 1 bullet ….

History Speaks “Volumes” of Why the “ruthless” aren’t “Fit” to Judge a Shit-Chucking Contest, but Elbow Their Way to the Front of The Race “only They are in,” to Abuse Innocent Humans, for a Feeling of power in Their semi-simian Bird-brain …. Those Who Delight in Proving They don’t Care, whilst keeping up “appearances,” can’t fool Their way out of hell, after Their Already “unenviable” subsistence of stolen-moments, between embarrassing “FAILURE” ….

Due to the hypocrisy of the Hypersensitive ego-maniac, the endlessly-incompetent Seek to Psychologically-abuse You, so that They can Then Say, “THERE NOW, That’s You gone Tenderised, PANT, pant, puff ….” …. They feel They’ve Dominated You into Submission to Their ego & Your HONESTY is now under Their Arbitrary Con-Troll & further-exploitation, which They’ll lose all Respect for You over & Then Con-Troll over Their misery-inducing, hair-brained unchecked Megalomania, which if You oppose all hell breaks lose, as They fight to Be Your Chicken-hat again …. (AKA NEEDING kicked through Their subhuman face until They stop breathing ….)

The rotting-garbage believes because it’s CHOOSING to be evil, the Banal-imbecile is NOT Really being Evil, because it KNOWS the Difference & it’s the ARBITER Of Evil & Good & it’s Made an Egg-Cress salad for it’s Cat & it’s Pretend-Kind to a Clique of sleazy Evil-Shite, exactly like itself, so When They Blow Kisses at Myra Hindley Their Irrational Evil towards “Humans” is SQUARED AWAY & puff, pant, wheeze, SMOOTHED OVER, pant, puffy, wince, That’s it ALL gone PRETENDED-AWAY, as the “Remorseless” imbecile Continues Being evil, by Deliberate Choice, which it “Knows,” despite all it’s wishing-away, ensures Everything simply Gets worse for itself & ALL Those Around It, Including The Children You See on My Facecrack Profile ….

Mad Staring, Ghoulishly Stupid, Sadomasochism-addicted, Abominations imbecilically Map  Their Own Tiny-mind Onto Humans, (Who MUST Think how a Spastic does,) Who MUST Have the REACTION that Helps a Ghoul then Feel “TRANSFERENCE” has taken-place …. “Then,” THEN, THENNNNN, You’ll See the Ogre’s arse collapse, into an ejaculate-of-relief & oft-times terror at The Fear of Being Correctly Executed for Becoming the ABOMINABLE BEAST it’s Self-Bullshitting has lead to the DETERMINED-ARESHOLE “becoming” ….

Which the Garbage wants to Improve on, to a More Regular Supply of “Provably” Tormenting Others, to the Gaugeless Spastic’s Relentless, MEANINGLESS, narcissistic hell-bent, WEAK, “unselfaware” Determination to BE SHOT in the face …. However, IF it GETS a willing victim then it Loses the THRILL of running-the-RISK of Being CORRECTLY Ex-Terminated, as unconsciously it’s “BEGGING” Humans to Kill it ….

You have MILLIONS of so-called Men, FACING a Bouncing-ball EVERY Weekend, whilst a Bunch of 3 Year old Paedophiles Take advantage of Their Backs “ALL” Facing “THE WRONG FUCKING WAY ” …. Apart from Spraying Everyone with Every type of murderous nano-agent The Magical-Thinking Lizards can Conjure, matters are Made worse, via Their Cultural evil-agents & the 100% UNJUSTIFABLE Female-Hatred They “promote,” to Compare Themselvves “unfavourably” to a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT Species, Who NEED to Go back to DROWNING “ALL” Those lying, evil subhuman CUNTS & the DISGUSTING MAD POOFS alongside Them, Witches & War-locks & GENOCIDAL JEWS “behind” Them ….

You can RELY on Football Supporters to Show Up in ALL Weathers, UNITED …. But MEN appear to be Also RELIABLE enough to GO to Their EXTERMINATION “Divided” & Conquered, so that a Bunch of “ORGANISED” Mental Pygmies can FUCK CHILDREN out in the Open, for a Thrill, the Mental-Quadriplegics feel Entitled to …. EXACTLY as St. Mel Gibson showed You in APOCALYPTO !!!!

The more Accepting SHITE like that are of What They’ve “become,” The more They “then” get-off on You NOT Knowing what UTTER SHITE They ARE …. They’re DROOLING Paraphiliacs NEEDING Shot Through Their Face & They’re on EVERY Perch, Courtesy of the Zionist Jews KILLING Everyone “&” Those STUPID worth-less subhuman CUNTS …. EVIL SPASTICS Tend not to CARE about Humans, irrespective of Their ARGUMENT being with SHITE Exactly like Themselves from Their Own past …. (ie Who Learned to ABUSE Psychologically “before They did”)

And instead of All that CRAP Targeting the GARBAGE Who malinfluenced Themselves, They “LOOK FOR” & ALWAYS find Their Excuse to SHOOT the “Greater” Man lying on the Ground, no-matter what Lengths They have-to go to or what “MENTAL GYMNASTICS” the onanist-imbecile has to perform in order to CON itself, in it’s ENDLESS appetite for Thinking YET MORE BULLSHIT & manifesting Behaviour “They” NEED Shot for …. Remember, When They KNOW They Deserve Physical Punishment the DUNCE-TRASH Always ATTACKS “You” in That Exact manner !!!!

To FEEL GREAT You Need Only Make Sure Your Conscience Is Clear, Rather than Perpetuating what You’re Solely to BLAME for …. Then, “IF” You’re DOING Everything You Can By Your Promise, Then You’ll FEEL GOOD & That’s The Right way to Feel, to Keep IT Going …. Which is EASY to Do, Unless You’re a guilty cunt, on it’s way to hell of-course, GUILTY of COUNTLESS sins You can “NEVER” undo …. (Chortle, Chuckle ….)

In the tiny-tube of the Sex-offender, Their Pride is a degnerate imbecile’s “direction,” as a “fixed” weakness & lunacy-level of hyperactive morally-vacant intelligenceless acceptance of hell-bound atonement & LESSON after PUNISHING Lesson in This Generation …. Wheras, The Human Will Continue to FEEL HAPPY For Others, in ALL Conscience, without need or desire to Deceive Themselves or Others & rejecting Those Who approach Them with Buckets of Salt from the dried tears of Their Self-wasted Lives’ past Conflicts …. Because They’re jealous nit-wits They “expect” You’ll be Jealous, which is yet-another “False-Presumption” that Lays-Bare Their Self-destructive Excoriating-Character ….

Whether SHITE like that are jealous or not, I’m off Out into NEAR-PERFECT “SUN SHINE” to Make More of The Gifts God Grants Me Daily & Keep On Channelling Everything I Receive In The Right Direction, far from the madding Herd & Their desire to draw Your Attention down to Their SOLITARY thought …. To Be A Success, In Any Field, You Have to Have An Open Mind, rather than a closed-shop of Confirmatory-bias …. Despite The Hard Work You Put In, If Your Life Is “In Line With The+Divine,” You’ll Feel Life to Be A Friendly Breeze, rather than a biting wind, which rips You to pieces, lays You bare & flays You alive, then THROWS back in Your Face Exactly what You wished on Others, You Knew to Be Innocent, all-be-it badly Raised …. ALL That Aside, Puff, Pant, Wheeze, I’m off to Climb Another Mountain & When I Get Back, I won’t be Entertaining the sticky-insect pathology of Any Self-deluded Cunt …. Bless Them !!!!

Kind regards,

Measure UrSelf !!!!

Before You Listen to This Song, Close Your Eyes & Take A “Deep Breath” & Refuse to “React” to Any Thought from Your Memory, fair or foul, Throughout …. Then, no-matter How Invasive or Soothing Your Experience of Each Phrase of The Song, Keep Your Eyes Closed & Deeply Breath & Listen to The Lyrics, even-if You can’t Make Them Out The 1st Time ….

Then, By The End of The Song You Should Be “Free” …. If Not, Keep Playing It Until You’re “Emotionally-Independent” of the mere Memory of the utterly Self-deluded, hideous, hollow dirt-bags Who’ve “resurfaced” to Destroy The Civilised, now that You’re in “Mental-Bondage,” so that Thankless, degenerate, hate-consumed, existentially-envious “Unitards” can prey-on Humans Who Have A Moral+Conscience, Physically or “whenever” a Spastic-delaying-suicide “Points-&-hopes,” with Half a Chicken’s brain between it’s ears, Who Then goes-happy & even-ejaculates if You Fail to Execute it ….

In This Song, I Play 2 Notes on the Guitar at All times, Although It may Sound like 1 …. I’m Synchronised to The Bass, like We All Are to “witting & unwitting” Sins, which Can Only Be Overcome by Selfless Designs & Efforts towards Others, Who “Deserve” The Fruits of Our Labour More than Ourselves …. Those Who seek to waylay, steal or obstruct are simply stealing Chains to Add to Their Own Eternal Soul …. Dickens, Shakespeare, Yehoshua, old Les & “Me” are NOT wrong !!!!

I Live In Paradise, On The Promised Land, which countless People now Wanting to Buy from Me to Quicken My Inevitable Return to Africa …. Divinity Will Guide Me on That Path, High Above the “clawing” paws of the hell-bound degenerate vermin I had Felt Such Compassion for & Who want PRETENGE for Every Just punishment They “Deserve,” in Their hypercompetitive fantasy-world, cut-off from Reality, an onanist Junkie-wanker with Shit for Their brains ….

The Weather Here Has Now Surpassed “Anything” I’ve Ever Known, eg The Other Night I Lay on top of My Quilt, on My old Camp bed …. I’d Given the bed I Inherited away to a Romanian Gypsy on My Arrival, Due to My Sheer Joy at Becoming Steward of The Most Beautiful Farm You could possibly imagine, in return for Him Emptying Out the lake bed of rusting Metal …. As You’d imagine, the primitive retard Then made-out that “I am what He is,” as a Thank You & Drove off in His Windowless Car, circa 1970 ….

A few Days ago, In the Middle of the Night, Cleopatra, A Beautiful Neighbouring Girl Dog, Who’s the Lady of The Whole Manor, decided to Hop Up onto My Bed before I Could Lay down & There She was, Ensconced Exactly Where I was about to rest & She Looked Up at Me as if to Say, “Don’t You Dare Brutha !!!!” …. So I Slept on the Edge of the Bed, where I Usually Find My Self of a Morning, when She comes to Stay …. But before I even Closed My Eyes, She Had both Her front Paws up on My Pillow, Celebrating Being crowned Queen ….

When She Gets Up, She takes Her time, until She’s Good & Ready, then She Stretches Her Arms Out, with Her Spine so Bowed, Her Backside is Over the top & of the Half Way point of Her Back, like She was Preparing for an Olympic Gymnastics program …. She also has an Amazing Ability to Bite Your Hand, no-matter what You Do, without breaking the Skin & if She Thinks She can’t, then in a nano-second She bites Your Wrist …. A Skill, Which I Believe She Developed whilst Practicing Making Mouse-handbags, which I’m Keenly Weening Her away from …. I Gave Her 3 Payloads of Cheese Yesterday & She buried the 1st Somewhere, Carried the 2nd Lot off to Her Kennel 2 Farms away & Then Planked the 3rd in My Studio & Dared Me to Put on a Performance “before” She’d Consumed the Lot …. She Looks like a Cross between a Monkey & A Real Life Teddy Bear & Her Ears feel like a Velvet Purse ….

When I leave The Villa to Drink A Coffee on My Pharaohesque Patio, She Always Follows Me as if She was My Bodyguard, ready to sort-out Any lesbians Who might get Bright Ideas about Her Cheese & Bedding Supplier …. The Other Night I Woke Up & Felt the middle of Her Back, against the Middle of My Back & Realised Again, that Dogs are more Human than 90% of females, poofters, 70% of so-called Lesbians & so-called Men ….

I Then got Up & it was about 6:30AM, I’d Left the Double-Windows open in The Living-Room & the Sun was Just Rising over the left-hand Side of The Mountains at the End of My MASSIVE, MASSIVE, Fuck+Off Farm & It Looked Picturesque, however, I Noticed A Wind coming, about a Mile away, as It Parted The Trees & Everything in It’s Path, So I Opened My Arms & Stood There, in The Warmth of The Morning Sun & Then, The Steady Stream Passed Around Me & unexpectedly I was inhaling Every Beautiful Scent It Had Gathered, from Every Fragrant Blossom, On It’s Journey to Me …. I Thought again, “Who could want Cocaine !?!?”

There’s a Gorgeous Group of Flowers, next to the Main Gate to The Farm & I Decided to Sample Their Rare Odour & I “Couldn’t” Work Out what it was They Reminded Me of, so Over 3 Days, I’d Have A Coffee & Take A Jaunt over & Try & Work It Out …. On Day 3, the Closest I got was, “Boil in the tin Sponge pudding, with Raspberry jam, spliced with the smell of Your Granny’s linen drawer ….” …. I’ll Give it Another Go …. Once again, WHO could desire Cocaine !?!?

With That Thought in Mind, I Spotted The Previous Steward’s Strategically planted Roses, in Full Bloom, down by The old Well …. So I Took a stoat, in My Boxer Shorts alone, to Investigative, Inhale & was Gobsmacked …. The 1st Beautiful Pink Rose was Spread Wide, in Ever Petal & as I Neared to Sample The Rare Bouquet, I Noticed a “tiny” Cricket, sitting Looking at Me Saying, “You better watch Your Self Chief, I can go both ways, You know what I mean !?!?”

So, I VERY Carefully Came away with The Smell of Birds’ Angels Delight, (the Pink 1) …. As I Carefully Experienced the Beautiful Scent the Cricket staid Motionless, then as I was Pulling Away I’m Sure He Said, “BIG NOSE” …. I Then Approached the RED Roses & They again Smelled like “£20″ & if You were Wearing 1 on Your Lapel You’d “Feel” like You were wearing a 3 Grand fitted Suit …. I THEN Partook of the Yellow Roses & to My Joy I Discovered it was an Exact Mixture of The scent of the Noble Red Rose crossed with “Banana” ….

Wait for it, I Then Decided to Visit My old Vegetable Plot, to See what had Survived Me & Pluck Tall-Cabbage leaves for My Chooks …. Then, Peripherally I Spotted Some Plums & last Year I had Managed to Gather a Large Bag from 2 of The Plum Trees Combined …. However, as I Approached I realised The Tree was bent-double under The Weight of This Years’ harvest & without having Sprayed It with Any Chemicals ALL The Plums were blight Free, except for 3 which had been Half eaten by Birds …. So, I Gathered A Huge Bag & Then Chilled Them & Scoffed the Bloody Lot ….

I Realised Today that I’ve Accidentally eaten £30 worth of Plums, over the Last 3 Days …. You Could eat All Year Round from My Farm, “without” Doing Any Work, eg I’m About to Inherit over 2 Tonnes of Grapes & Just Sampled The Wine I Harvested by Hand Last Season, where I Managed to Make 50L in 3 Days, which was 6 Hours all in …. If I’m Still on This Farm, This Season I Intend to Gather 100L of Red, 50L of White & Try My Hands at Pear Cider, Apple cider vinegar & a Rare Spirit which comes from a Very small Grape which Grows on My Patio & Along the Right Hand Side of The Farm ….

When I was last at My Gatepost, Chiquetita slowly ambled up towards Me, Thinking to Her Self, “Don’t get Any ideas, I’m an Independent Wumun You Feelin’ Me !?!? …. I’m only slowly advancing towards You because You usually Treat Me ….” …. When She was Right next to Me, She then started clawing at Hay & Looked Up at Me as if to Say, “Whit am I supposed tae Dae with This lot !?!?”

Then, like a Cannon-ball, Maw Broon SHOT out of the Chicken-coop as-though She Thought She was wearing a Helmet, it would have been Appropriate to have a Fanfare of Trumpets …. She then Spied Chiquetita, as She’d Sensed & then Galloped like a miniature Dinosaur over to Where We were …. THEN, like a Rocket, Penny came charging Out also, following the Exact Same Path …. Only for Them Both to slow-down, non-chalantly, as They neared Me, so as Not to Give the impression that They were needy ….

So, I Thought to My Self, if I go Back to The Patio would They All Follow Me, like a Procession …. It was Great Fun, when I Looked back after I’d covered around 10 Yards & There They were, like School Girls, Chatting Away to Each Other, as They Followed The Master to The Food Hall …. Whereupon, I Showered Them with Their favourites, Crackers & Pasta ….

It’s Amazing to Watch Them Conspire against Me & then after Their plans’ been hatched, if I foil it, Then One Will attempt to Stop the Other Party from Straying from the Prepared Plot, regardless …. American Football coaches could Learn a Great Deal from Them …. Chiquetita’s favourite Move is simply doubling-back in next-to no time, Only for You to Look Around & Find Her immediately on top of My Tallest Chair in the Centre of the Living Room …. Whereafter She “pretends” She’s lost the Ability to dismount & Employs a feeble pity-play “every” time ….

Penny’s still a Riot, when She silently Appears at the Studio Entrance & Looks at Me, as if to Say, “Swap You the Whole Farm for The Only room We’re not allowed ?!?!” …. Whereafter, if She’s foiled, Sooner than Her ego Desires, She takes a few Steps Back Saying, “Steady, steady Bro, Cause I can get Tasty, You feelin’ Me Dawg !?!?”

Then, if I Still Advance She sharpens Her Beak on the Stone Floor & Eggs Me on, “You Feeling Cocky Homie, cause I peck All day for a Living, You diggin’ Me !?!?” …. Then, when I Continue to Calmly Advance, She about-tails & considers Giving Me something to Remember Her by, however, more usually These Days, She simply Bobs, hurdles, weaves & waddles Out into Perfect Sunshine, to Decry Me, Just Before She Feels like a Winner again, as I Hail Her with Biscuits or whatever They’ve not had recently ….

The Other Day, I Discovered 2 of Them “Hiding” Behind My Big Chair in the Living Room & They Took that as Their cue to wander Out, with Their Heads down, however, I was Going Out to Eat Pasta with The Pooches, so When They Reached the Door to My Villa, I Surprised Them by walking Straight past Them & They Did A Doubled take towards Each Other, in doubt at What They were Witnessing …. Then, When I Looked Over from The Stone Patio Table, Where The King of the Apes was Having His Feast, surrounded by His Menagerie in Blissful Sunshine, Topping Up My Tan, They hung Their Heads & walked-out Together Anyway, as though the Jig was Up …. Ye canny Win !!!!

If I’ve been Immersed in Songs or various business, for a while, When I Then Put My Boot Out into The perfect Sunshine of Portupants, It’s like a Scene from Quantum Leap, as Broad Rays of Sun Shoot Up & Out in Every Direction from The Toe of My Footwear …. Then, I’m In Another World, with A Heady Mixture of A Jurassic Backdrop, offsetting a 3D layered Landscape, which Buggalugs, My Trusty Beagle & Man Servant, presides Over & Guards against low-life homosexual surprise-attacks ….

Buggles has 2 Gears, “We Go ?!?! I Sleep !?!?” …. When He gets-going He’s A Man for All Seasons & Loves Basking in The Sun until He’s panting & Then, Reclining In the Shade & in recovery, occasionally Looking at Me, as if to Say, “What ?!?!” …. Cleo’s the boss of Him, although He still tries Her patience …. “He” wants to boss the Chickens too, but He simply Can’t be in 3 places at the Same time, So He’s reduced to Huddling around what He prefers, as They take the Lions’ Share ….

Whilst “Appreciating” My Gifts from God, As Living+Proof of The Moral+Law of The Divine, I’ve not Witnessed Any Cat-calls from the hell-bound reptiles of the West, for quite some time now …. eg The Last Potato painting I Examined, was Quite by Accident & aptly included AC/DC …. In All this time I’ve “let” a Family of serial-killers “believe” that I was Still Examining Their repeatedly unsolicited desperately-encrypted militant malintent …. However, All I’ve Gleaned have been via 4 Statements from My Publicist, Cheryl, Who Told Me about the Following ….

ie “Twins,” which I Mentioned a few Videos ago …. “Flesh eating,” which I Documented Recently …. I was “Belatedly” informed about the Ginger-prostitute’s Youtube channel, I also didn’t Know about a Mail They sent about “Saving The Whales” which Cheryl Said was to do with “1 Word” I Wrote in a Post a While Back …. I haven’t Seen or Perused ANY of Them & most Recently, the following; “My mum’s lesbianic, I love me some MARIAH,” then pseudo-celebrating being a UNITARD & then there was a Link to an Instagram profile, which Neither I nor Cheryl visited …. ie Yet Another waster, of Their Own time, in Their hollow “meaningless apology” for a Life, which God won’t Entertain either ….

According to Cheryl there’s been TONNES more, but I’ve not Looked at Any of it, or the Softcore Porn links either, (Curses ….) …. Suffice to Say, I’d Already “Profiled” Countless desperately “Self-deluding” Lunatics, for 1 Lifetime & Their obsession with Hoping to Draw Your attention to Their micro-dot Sized template, for it’s perpetual Intention to Offend, (AKA Gay rights, Feminism & AUTHORITAAAH) …. So I Can Only Deduce that They “Must” have been “Genuinely” wanting to “Build Up” to Coming Correct, (perhaps She was between Marks,) but as-usual She Only has Her Self to blame for Their failure, despite My Offering to Channel A Miracle into Their Lives, should They have “Come Correct” & offered A Fair Deal, for Moral End …. Unsurprisingly, although 1 Group of Them did Make Con-Tact, All the others didn’t & it what Followed followed a “mindlessly-predictable” M.O. ….

So, due to All of that & “Other” TELLING Factors where They’d Really “EXTENDED” Themselves, in Their “petition,” I presume They’ve then become HURT “AGAIN” in Their glasshouses & that’s Why They’ve since-continued to “Wish in 2D” that I’d Field Their Simian-scrawls & Potato-paintings, then CHOOSE to React to the “impotent” insignificant imbeciles, disguising Their bitterness & jealousy to “Themselves alone,” due to the unjustifiable-hatred which ate Their “Soul,” whereafter an “infinity of revisionism” can’t Grow by-pretending a Living Christ is to blame for the failures of tiny-minded Serial-killers …. The “Evidence” is Damning !!!!

“eg” The Typical M.O. of the paraphiliac is as follows …. First-off, “Hello, I’ve gone got goned become gone Your best friend gone officialled & everfink ….” …. Then, “HA HA HA your maw’s a darkie ….” …. Followed-by, “I WIN, I WIN, YEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, I’m a fucking DISGRACE Daddy an ABSOLUTE fucking DISGRACE, YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS !!!!” …. Yawn …. (ZZZzzzzzzzz ….)


I didn’t actually Witness the last mindless “Celebration” of the macabre, since I was Up A Mountain, which I’ve Now Seen Several more of & Will Choose 1 or Overlook Portugal, with Divine Guidance, in Favour of Africa more Immediately …. Upon My return from On High, I was Informed that the “exact same” pattern had manifested itself …. Despite Me Saying, “on record,” Live, to 1 of the female serial-killer’s homosexual-assistants, that Their Shit’s garbage & that I’ve had Zero “reaction” to Their most evil of impotent-wishes & if Their intention is to Produce another Potato painting, then, “Ta Ta Bye Bye now & Thanks for All the Opportunities to Expose & Define Them, to a T” …. So, by both Cheryl & Baz’s accounts, the ginger prostitute was Celebrating nihilism, faux-loving continuing to be an evil disgrace & that She’s a paranoid schizophrenic serial-killer …. SO “WHAT’S NEW” !?!?

ie They’d again wasted Their time, with “prepared” potato-paintings, as Though I was “Tony Hart” & They’d been inspired by Me …. During the Conversation, with what I presume is Her dying Male twin Brother (or worse, Her Son,) I Dominated “Her” & it Apologised in such submission I Could Hear Their Spine “SNAP” …. ie Such was Their desperation to con-tinue in 2D, with Their Tattie-paintings …. eg Hoping I’d be having a Sympathetic Reaction, which Would “then” turn-to Becoming HORRIFIED, at My Adopted “Grand-Daughter” having Shat up the walls !!!!

On the Subject of WHO the Phantom Faggot is, it’s Either Her SON or Her twin Brother, Who’s been Helping Her try to “Kill” People, Whom She’s already tried to commit several crimes against, Whom They then cyber-stalk for Years & either Build-up to working Their way back into the Person’s life or obsessively See-if They can formulate a Potato-painting which the Human will “Choose” to REACT to, especially “repeatedly,” until They unwittingly begin suffering the Affect of P.T..D. …. Each time, the deranged-duo Know They need shot in the face for Their actions & “Know” that They’re fuck-all & No-one need Ever pay-attention to the minutia of Their tiny-mind’s impotent “evil-hopes” ….

Which doesn’t negate from the FACT, that That’s the Method which the low-life SHITE use, as They “BELIEVE” it MUST cause Humans P.T.S.D., if They persist, after Their Lunatit has Already tried Her best to Cause Them P.T.S.D., in Person …. Whom They then intend to Cause yet-more mental consternation to …. Deluding Themselves that They’re powerful masterminds, with SHIT for brains, a Whole Family of inbred retards Clearly delaying-suicide …. Until which, The pathetic-cowards constantly behave in that Manner, which They KNOW They NEED shot in the face for …. ie “Except,” towards People Who WOULD Shoot Them in the face ….

I Stopped Magnifying & Amplifying Them ages ago & even in That Live Chat They tried to Give Me Useful Information, although in the usual form of a Trojan Horse …. Due to My LEGENDARY Ability to simply be Non-Reactionary, whenever They’d contact Me, I was Able to Clean the evil off the Smear-of-Shite & use it as a Lens, Stacked upon Other Lenses, All blowing Me Raspberries & Magnify The Minds of Those Who are behind the Extinction of the Entire Species & the destruction of past Civilisations’ Efforts …. eg Nero, Hitler, Caligula, Stalin, etc ….

The “Tell” which Cheryl Read, was After I Put Up A Post about 2 deranged poofters, Who’d Visited My Farm, 1 of Whom I’d repeatedly Referred to as St. John, in Writing, Who’s research on Me “failed” to Gather the Basic Insight that I Referred to Jesus of Nazareth as Yehoshua & Publicised that the Letter “J” didn’t Exist before the 7th Century, more of Which I’ll be Covering on “Erol On Constantine The Great” ….

So, when I was Referring to the “paraphiliac” as being St. John, I was essentially referring to Him as Being St. Nobody or St. Nothing, as Obviously I would otherwise have been referring to Him as being St. Yohanan …. However, it was Another Opportunity to Study high-functioning Lunatics, without effort, which You can Read About in My Previous posts ….


My Point Being, upon reading That Post, I Must have Hurt the serial-killer’s “Son,” as straight after it Cheryl got the aforementioned Hastily concocted TWITter “follower” …. She wasn’t going to Tell Me about it …. I didn’t Witness it, however, after She Informed Me, I Then Posted the Following, which is Now Spreading across the World …. (Which Should Help the so-called gay-community “Protect” Themselves from Yet-another hate-consumed megalomaniacal complicit member of a Family of Serial-killers ….)


When I Gather Insights & Information, I “dismiss nothing,” which Lunatics & Lunatits would like You to believe makes You what “They are” …. ie I Simply “Accrue Everything” & As I Follow An Over+Arching Range of Moral+Aims, I watch what Develops & “Forms,” until I have The “ABSOLUTE” or as-near-as Damn It !!!!

So, when Cheryl Said that She’d KNOWN, After Reading My Post, that since EVERY Narcissist believes Themselves to be the “Very Centre” of the Universe & All-important, despite All the Evidence to the Contrary, in Reality Where I exist, then, due to Their delusions-of-intelligence, which are Solely predicated on Their desperation for Humans to “choose” to trigger a reaction, (Emanating from Their Amygdala,) She Predicted that upon Them Reading My Post, They’d be HURT by Seeing how “Identical” They are to All Other paraphiliacs & then hope to regain Their All-important State of “Self-delusion,” by pretending to be “Maxentius” …. Whom I’d Aforementioned Profiling, in The Post Above, when I’d been looking through a “Stack” of Lenses …. (Whereafter, Cleo disabuses Me of the Need to Even take 1 Deep Breath, when Witnessing something that hideous, nihilistic, corrupt, unselfaware & desperately-delusional ….)

In Their ego-maniacal desperation to concoct a TWITter profile, to declare Themselves as “being” Maxentius, did They take the time to Realise His “fate” !?!? …. If I was a Gambling Man I’d Say, “Yes ….” …. As They’ve very-often been Self-effacing …. However, I was Really disappointed to have-to “Conclude,” in a Way which is “alien” to Their evil-heart’s “desire,” that Her not-so-gay Son “was” in on it, for so long & “Evidently” from the Start …. As I can’t Think of a Greater Failure for a Mother than “using” Your Son to commit crime & murder & theft & acts of EVIL, where He has to IMPERSONATE “being” Her ….

It’s no wonder, when I met Him “why” He seemed SO brain-damaged & suicidal & “consumed” by Hatred, more than Any Other Male of His age I’ve Ever Seen …. A True-Self loathing, which Lunatics Then always ameliorate-against by hoping to Make Others, Whom They envy, feel the way They’re feeling, as-if it’s That SOMEBODY ELSE’S FAULT, for what The real-culprit “Deliberately Chooses” to keep-on doing, despite the “inescapable” Consequences ….

And let’s LOOK AT “Those Consequences” …. For the 1st Time I’ll Say, “THEY” Are Living Proof of The Moral+Law of The Divine too …. eg His Mother’s a serial-killing prostitute, Who burned the Candle at Both ends for so-long, Jonesing for Hit after hit, receiving hit after hit, “no’ gi’in’ a fuck, FUCK IT, FUCK IT, YEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, SCREEEEEEECH ….” …. Beep, beep …. Beep, beep …. “I’m not sure She’s going to make it …. If She does recover, She’ll never be the same way again …. It was touch & go ….”

“YOU” paid for Her recovery, then cut-forward a few Years to Her bare-arse Being 6 foot off the Ground in My Living Room, “hoping” to Cause Me P.T.S.D., whilst I simply Saw what She had for Breakfast & Wondered How it was Possible to develop an arsehole which looks like the Entrance to a Farmers’ Wellington boot ….

You paid for Her brother’s recovery & continued “assistance,” then, although They may in different continents, cut-forward a few Years, to Him laying on a mattress, in bits, working-with His Sister to “con-tinue” to Try to cause Marks “P.T.S.D.,” remotely pretending to Be Her, half the time, when Her Son’s “shift” is over, in the Mezzanine …. Both Twins have been heavily-into heroin & no-doubt They continue to take Class-A shite & I was led to believe She’s still an Alkie …. Moreover, She seems eager to Celebrate still being a Thieving, Brain-Assaulting, Murdering Prostitute (& more,) ie Hoping I’d “Emotively” Choose to Petition Her out-of Organised Inhumanity & abject Lunacy, due-to the “MINDLESS” obsession of All “unitards,” to See-if You’ll Choose to Trigger Your Amygdala & React to “Their” wilful Self-destruction & “undeniably” abject-misery behind it …. eg “In Person,” She was CLEARLY harrowed & broken-down by the “gulf” between Her grandiose-delusions & what She’s “become” & has to “FACE,” in Her 100% unenviable-life & with what She’s repeatedly Said were a Family of demented savages & surrounding Mongs ….

I’ve Documented, Evidentially, since Her 1st imbecilic 2D unsolicited Contacts, that There Seemed to be Someone more “Literate” Than Her Self, Who sent Me a Message Saying that, “I was going on to Bigger Things, so to essentially turn a Blind Eye ….” …. Which I Showed Your Police-farce, Who’s job it is to IMPRISON “Innocent Men” & turn a blind Eye to the LUNATICS & LUNATITS Whom Zionist Jews let-out of the Asylums & Then EMPLOYED “as” the police-farce ….

Whilst, bundling Humans Who are MOST likely to Resist the Reptilian take-over & Extinction of the “ENTIRE” Species, into “THEIR” Asylum cells or Slave-labour Camps, after a Paedophile in a wig, with a Toffee Hammer, acts-out Needing hung …. Which I simply HAD TO Carry-out a Social-Experiment On, Considering the Ginger-murderess had “informed” Me that They would protect Her & imprison Me for Exposing Her …. Which I Selflessly Did, to SAVE “both” Her future KIND Targets & Her Self from inevitable-destruction …. I wasn’t Surprised at Anything which followed, nor was I Swayed from My Over+Arching Range of Moral+Aims, As Always …. (She Dedicated this Song to Me & Her degenerate weakness, in Person ….)

My Nephew, Connibold The Amazing, Contacted Me recently to Spontaneously Inform Me About The “Conclusion” About The Great Effort I’d Put In to Make “Inroads” As A Male “Role” Model, laying Positive Moral+Pathology in His Impressionable Young Mind, with My Gifts of Humour, Affection, materials, Hugs & swedgers …. ie He Spontaneously Revealed That He’d Been Profoundly Positively Affected & would Never Forget The “Benefit” of My Selfless Input into His Life, At That Key Time & His Brother too, Loollipop (Who’s Cherub-like Cheeks still Bear My Teeth Marks) …. ie Which I Accomplished “Despite” having to Walk through a Tundra & Blizzard of icen-hatred towards Me, from Their Mother, however, as Every Psycho-path Knows, “cat-calls” from the low-lives Who are Neuro-anatomically a Well as Physically in the “gutter” NEVER Stop Me Doing What’s Right or My Upwards+Trajectory ….

I’ll be Revealing the Scottish police-farce, Who NEED to be Mass-Culled, in My Upcoming Vid & due to My Ability to Look through clouds of impotent-evil, I’d Actually offered an Amnesty for the Serial-killer to “Come-Correct,” after All Her & Her Charabancs’ unsolicited Attempts to Contact Me over the Years & warped-method of Sharing insights into Their Chicken-brains & how SHITE a Person They are …. They unsurprisingly continued with Their Self-destructive Lunacy, which then Allowed Me to “FINISH” the Final Section of the Profiling of the micro-mind, which I’ll Never Magnify or Amplify again …. As I’m ABSOLUTELY Certain, it’s simply a Hell-bound “ARSEHOLE” with fuck-all Self+Awareness, Who hates the Truth, as it hates it’s TRUE Self, thus it’s desperation to produce an easy Feeling, for itself, at all costs, based-on what it Wishes was True & alongside it’s endless “wish” for You to trigger Your Amygdala the Insecure perpetual-urge to hide it’s underdeveloped, woefully Self-bullshitting, hideously-ugly True Self, “IN-HATE with The Truth” …. Which gives rise to nothing-other than utter “Self Delusion” & inhumanity towards “Humans” the hypocrites Deem “outside” the tragic-circle …. (Behind All Their lies, lies an interminably-bitter, grossly Mentally-deficient 3 Year old, spliced with a Rhesus Monkey ….)

eg This is the SUM TOTAL “Thought Pattern,” of EVERY Psycho-path I’ve EVER Magnified in My Entire Life, which They’ve imbecilically INGRAINED into Their tiny-mind, as They mindlessly-repeatedly “Chose” destructive-escapism as Their preferred respite from Their fate, due to Their “Deserved” Moral PUNISHMENT, thus Ensuring Heaps more :-

A) “Pretending to believe, what it may Wish was True, then impotently-hoping ….”

(ie HOPING You Choose to Trigger Your Amygdala, without-which the unimportant nit-wit’s fragile ego is as NOTHING !!!! …. Which doesn’t negate from the Fact it NEEDS shot in the face ….)

B) “Incorrectly Believing, what it Wishes was True, then impotently hoping ….”

(ie HOPING You Choose to Trigger Your Amygdala, without which the unimportant nit-wit’s fragile ego is as NOTHING !!!! …. Which doesn’t negate from the Fact it NEEDS shot in the face ….)

C) “Correctly believing, what it Wishes was True, then impotently-hoping ….”

(ie HOPING You Choose to Trigger Your Amygdala, without which the unimportant nit-wit’s fragile ego is as NOTHING !!!! …. Which doesn’t negate from the Fact it NEEDS shot in the face ….)

D) “Pretending to believe, what amounts to Wishing that the Truth wasn’t the Truth, then impotently hoping ….”

(ie HOPING You Choose to Trigger Your Amygdala, without which the unimportant nit-wit’s fragile ego is as NOTHING !!!! …. Which doesn’t negate from the Fact it NEEDS shot in the face ….)

E) “Pretending to believe, what it doesn’t-care about Being+True, then impotently-hoping ….”

(ie HOPING You Choose to Trigger Your Amygdala, without which the unimportant nit-wit’s fragile ego is as NOTHING !!!! …. Which doesn’t negate from the Fact it NEEDS shot in the face ….)

F) The 1st “Seeming” Variation being :- Focussing on a Microdot & then DRAMATISING it, impotently-hoping You’re Conned out of “EVERYTHING” which is Clearly beyond the unselfaware, desperate, imbecile’s perception of Reality ….

(ie HOPING You Choose to Trigger Your Amygdala, without which the unimportant nit-wit’s fragile ego is as NOTHING !!!! …. Which doesn’t negate from the Fact it NEEDS shot in the face ….)

G) The 2nd “Seeming” Variation being :- Saying the Exact-Opposite “or” the Last Thing the piece-of-shit Should EVER Say …. The Self-aggrandising “Sex-offender” Especially-apparent when the Lunatic Exhibits the Belief that it’s Mocking Your Intelligence & proving itself Superior, “whilst” being RELIANT on Your Humanity & You Affording it “infinitely” more Respect hat it Deserves, due to Your not Being-Able to Believe it’s That SHITE a Creature …. It’s usually Calculated that Even-if You Realise They’re a tiny-minded corrupt evil-retard, You’ll Fail to Provide it with Physical Punishment & be left “Traumatised” by Containing what the hideous beast Knows it Deserves & unconsciously WANTS ….

(ie HOPING You Choose to Trigger Your Amygdala, without which the unimportant nit-wit’s fragile ego is as NOTHING !!!! …. Which doesn’t negate from the Fact it NEEDS shot in the face ….)

H) The FINAL “Seeming” Variation being :- The sub-animal UNIVERSALLY-REJECTED mutation, of Anything even-remotely Civilised, in a Human BAG, Who’s HOLLOW to the ROTTEN Core, pointing it’s gnarly finger at YOU with 3 crooked talons Pointing back at ITSELF, jabbering, “YOU ARE WHAT I AM” or “YOU SHOULD DO WHAT I SHOULD” or “YOU DO WHAT I DO” ….

(ie HOPING You Choose to Trigger Your Amygdala, without which the unimportant nit-wit’s fragile ego is as NOTHING !!!! …. Which doesn’t negate from the Fact it NEEDS shot in the face ….)

THAT’S “it” !!!! …. Whether it’s speeded-up or slowed-down, if You RECONSIDER “ALL” of Those intentions above, They’re “ALL” EXACTLY the fucking SAME Thought …. OVER & OVER & over & over & over again …. UNITARDS “Never” have a SECOND Thought, for Anyone Other than Themselves & Those They’re using, Who They make the odd token-gesture towards …. However, if You were to Film How They Treat Their nearest-&-dearest, You’d Loudly Say, “TAXI !!!!” ….

There’s “ABSOLUTELY” FUCK ALL else which the mindlessly-looping butt-hurt spastic is CAPABLE of Thinking about Others, as They’ve NEVER Chosen to Develop since They were 3 …. ie It’s ENTIRE mentality is focussed on “Seeing-if” Acting-out NEEDING shot will cause You to “Choose” to trigger Your Amgydala …. You Couldn’t make it up !!!! …. Talk about Just+Desserts !?!?

Although It’s TRULY Great That The Moral+Law of The+Divine PUNISHES “liars,” in COUNTLESS ways, beyond Their Comprehension, despite “&” due-to Their partisan “solitary” Pathology …. However, the phenomena which the onanist pathologically-lying tiny-pointers seek to trigger, is Now at an epidemic-level of LUNACY, because HUMANS are in “MENTAL-BONDAGE” …. ie Groomed out-of providing LUNATIC SHITE like that, with PHYSICAL PUNISHMENT …. Let-alone even a BREATH of Truth, which the like-minded Who’s wages You pay, are eager to put You in a slave-camp for Even Typing, thus “WHY” They’ve unleashed Those drooling UNITARDS on You ….

So even-though the Aforementioned Family of Mongs are Genuinely “insignificant” pieces of Shit, (by Their Own “Admission,”) I Knew that They’re such Grossly inadequate unselfaware subhuman filth, that even-under “Erol On Narcissism,” the TALENTLESS mindlessly-repetitive Animacules, would shamelessly-perform Their “Solitary” party-piece & Hope & See-if …. The retard’s “Shameless” due to it’s hideous-lack of Self+Awareness & Vulgar weakness for the Sexual-titillation the degenerate craves, especially when it is Existentially-envious of the Sex-object, the Brain-jealous Spastic gets-off on is misbehaving in front of …. In 2D, it’s pathology is IDENTICAL to All other Mental-Quadriplegics …. “Thus” why Cheryl, with some Ground work from My Self, was Able to Produce “THE GREATEST PUT DOWN OF ALL FUCKING TIME !!!!”

Bear in mind, a Spastic believes that from the Moment it starts lying, then, magically, “YOU ARE WHAT IT IS” …. ie When it’s prattling in a manner it hopes is believable & You don’t PUNISH it, then it believes it’s “magically” belittling You, humiliating You & degrading You, by Talking-shite, for as-long-as You don’t yet Know it’s a “jabbering” True-Self loathing retard delaying-suicide ….

The would-be annoying Reptile, when “CRUSHED” in Reality, is then Reduced to a 2D fantasy World, where the Magical-Thinking & Wishful-Thinking onanist Produces the Exact-Same Mentality as Jack in “Shane” …. ie All it Cares about is Triggering it’s flat-lining Numb-Skull into a State of near-delirium, which “temporarily” bolsters the “Delusion state,” which is the unselfaware IMMORAL Lunatic’s Everything & which makes the Bestial Sex-offender feel it’s going-up in it’s fantasy-world & magically-teaching You a Lesson & pretend-proving it’s a Mastermind, because You haven’t let Them Know that “You Know They’re a lying-spastic” ….

So it becomes increasingly emboldened, to pretend-prove what it wishes was True, as when a “misery-romancer” is masturbating-in-plain-view & You don’t Come Right Out & Let-on that You Know, then, it means that it’s All gone Pretend-Provened & now “You are Officially what They are” …. In Person, shite like that Act-out the misery They want to “trade-places,” by Pulling faces, Squawking, lying, targeting tiny-points Bombastically, ALL the while hoping to Con You into Choosing to Trigger Your Amygdala ….

Which You NEVER have-to do, especially since the Spastic usually targets You if it Thinks You WILL & Then “CAN’T” Physically Punish Them, whereupon You See the Self-deluded sadomasochism-addicted histrionic Sex-offender …. So, If You CAN, then it’s Your Moral Obligation to EXECUTE Them, as They’re an “EVIL LUNATIC” with SHIT for brains, HOPING to Cause You BRAIN DAMAGE, for Their-Own damned sins borne of Their “endless-lies” …. They START it You “FINISH it” !!!!

I’d to “Add” a German Hunchback, to the Stack under My Magnascope & a 6’3″ Nazi Vagrant, on top of Each Other, plus 2 Dutch Poofs, to Profile the Following Phrase …. (Hold on to Your Hat ….) :-

Upon Meeting Someone Who “SEES Them” as They ARE & “Tells The Truth” about Them, then, the Spastic’s Core-inadequacy borne inferiority-complex becomes too Starkly “dystonic” for the Imbecile, Who Prefers to DELUDE itself so it NEVER needs to Improve, (Perish The Thought) …. Thus, WHY it SUFFERS throughout the Course of it’s Entire Life & Seeks to ATTACK Others to “temporarily” Make the Reality-hating lunatic “feel” Better, when it Calculates it can get-away with NEEDING Punished …. So The Phrase is; “Their AMBITION is to See-if the Spastic can GENUINELY Con You out-of KNOWING what the retard TRULY is & into Thinking that YOU ARE WHAT THEY ARE ….” …. To simplify, the All-important feeling for the insignificant arseholes Who’s nothing-more than a wee piece of shit is, “It wants You to genuinely Delude Your Self, that THEY are Genuinely that Self-deluded, so it can Then go-back to GENUINELY deluding itself ….”

I had to Employ TITANIUM Nerves in My Prefrontal Cortex to Acquire That “Definitive Phrase,” but I’ve Never Needed to indulge in “Deep Breathing,” since My Encounter with the Aforementioned Fee-male Serial-killer …. Where due to How despicable a Person She’s Truly become, I became no-longer capable of Disgust, as Anything Other than a “Definition” of Witnessing a Ghoul BEGGING to be Executed, Whom You Must Have ZERO Compassion for …. eg I “Sensed” that Her evil nit-wits became ENRAGED when She Discovered that Her “return” & FINAL Visit to My old House, in dnaltocS, was in-vain …. As I’d Decided I was Going to Overcome a feeling of “anxiety” I felt when She around & Simply Discovered that if You “Breath In Deeply” when a Unitard is Hoping to get You to Choose to trigger Your Amygdala, then it Counteracts the affect & negates Any further effect They can have on Your unassailable Life & the Sheer face of Your Height & Strength the evil mite seeks to scale & get it’s Hooks into ….

So, when Cheryl informed Me about the fantasy of the Gay Male, whether it’s Her Son “or” Her Twin pretending to Be Her Son (or worse,) Who’d hastily referred to Themselves as being Maxentius, then, the “timing” alone lays-bare “evidentially” the evil-intention of “Their Part” in The plot to Try to Cause Human Beings “P.T.S.D.,” so that They kill Themselves, due to the relentless approach of the State-protected Serial-killing Family & Their ambition to adversely-affect the Humans’ mind, with Their delusional-collective Chicken-brains, which I’ve Simply Observed, Magnified & Profiled ….

Any “Response” from Me, leading to the Demented imbeciles then going-delirious & then playing-out Their clapped-out, dead-beat, premeditated-performance, in Their un-con-vincing Pretence that I’m having a “reaction” that’s Causing Me “Chaos” & “Con-fusion” & “Stress” & Emotional-turmoil & anger & See Tommee Tippee for whatever Else They “Believe” You MUST have Reacted like, due to 2D Potato paintings from Life-Sized “INSECTS” in animate-corpses, Who’s life is “harrowing” to Witness, as They “routinely” Pride Themselves on going to hell for Their evil, hollow, “horrific sins” …. (They’re the Kind of inbred filth UNITED in Their SHITENESS, Who’s mantra is crap like, “Blood’s Thicker than water,” when They’re SO FUCKING THICK They Believe that Everyone Else has WATER for Blood ….)

However, If You Have Zero Affect on Your Own Amygdala “&” Reread The Brief Look into My Life on The Promised Land, Above, Then “Ask Your Self,” would YOU Give a flying-fuck about the aforementioned Mongs, no-matter how many Potato paintings which Self-bullshitting reptiles Sent You, if You Could Walk Out Your Villa Door & Physically Be in Paradise, Every Day !?!?

What if You Could Also HURT Them “easily,” without Even Trying, despite All Their “transparent” machinations “&” simply Continue to Triumph over Every Adversity, (beyond Their comprehension or low-life evil-ambitions,) with Such Consummate-Ease & Produce Everything You In-Tended to, Right Across The Board, Bang On Target Every Time without Fail, Steadily Accomplishing Your Over+Arching Range of Moral+Aims, irrespective of the “impotent ill-wishes” of a bunch of hell-bound evil-cunts …. It wasn’t Really a Question !!!!

I Could Go On …. Suffice to Say, cRAP like that want to “attach” Themselves to What You Do, the jealous all-round destructive numb-skull wants You to “associate” a hideously-ugly retard, Who has a speck-of-shit for it’s brains, with Your Accomplishments …. As the disgusting Spastic “hopes” to try to RUIN whatever You’re Capable of when You Self+Actualise, as it Believes it’s SUPERIOR to Everyone it meets & puts it’s PUNISHING “evil-returns” down-to Themselves “just being unlucky,” EVERY time, no-matter how OBVIOUS & unmistakably “synchronised” to Their evil-practices ….

The Self-deluded imbecile Also AUTOMATICALLY believes it’s Superior to Other People Who “Give it the time of Day,” especially if the Spastic believes it can “beat Them at the fighting” & will Decree that The RESULT of All Your Optimistically Humane Channelled+Gifts repeatedly Bearing Fruit, (which it Knows Nothing about & wants to “dismiss” to pseudo-accomplish it’s goal,) means that “You’re just LUCKY” & it Should & Could have Easily have been Them, as They continue wasting Their every Day, choosing to be the Exact Same sinful-way ….

Conversely, every HORRIFIC “punishment” it brings on itself is simply REPEATEDLY “BAD LUCK” to the ARBITER of Reality …. Even when They have WITNESSED Miracles, They’ll STILL go-on digging Their way to hell & heaping Further “lashings” on Themselves, as predominately-unconsciously They’re too “Ashamed” to Stand Before God & atone for Their endless evil & Shit-talk ….

When You “Compare” My Life to the low-life criminal FILTH I Selflessly Offered to Help, for Over+Arching BALANCED Moral+Reasons, clearly-beyond the Comprehension of Mong, You SEE They’re trapped within Their downward-spiralling “desperate delusion” & That’s Their hollow-everything ….

Once Again “Compare” My Daily Life, where eg Last Night I was Awoken by Cleo, Who had relocated to the Foot of the bed & was pleading Her way back to the Top again, so that When I Opened My Eyes, She was holding Her Arms Out to Me & Then She Hugged Me in a way You Wouldn’t Think was possible, She’s Genuinely like a wee Human Girl at times …. She then Tried to bit My Hand for about 15 minute, Whilst I was going cross-eyed …. Conversely, the aforementioned Fee-Male serial-killer Wakes Up & Looks to Her Bedside table, leaning over “whatever” Spineless brow-beaten dwarf She’s bagged most-recently & Reaches for a Glass with Her Teeth & Eyeball in it …. (Now that’s what I Call an Aperitif)

She then Tries to “remember” Who She “is” & Who the masochistic endurance-athlete is by Her Side …. Then, She swings Her pins over The Side of Her pit & Paints Her Hobnailed Feet black & Laces Up Her toes …. Every Muscle in Her Torso pulling against Each Other & scratches the implanted hair ontop of Her numb-skull with over “Half Her Brain” Missing …. She screws in Her Eye ball, Slots in Her Gnashers & Then looks down at Where Her Tits “used to be,” when She was getting-off on Swinging ’round a Greasy Pole, in front of Paedophiles egging Her On, desperate to be the 1st to Make Her cry, when She was swallowing Their cum …. Reduced from the spinning top, to chewing on Gristle from an old perv’s nob Cheese, “unable” to Look at or even Drink Milk to This Day, because of the Gallons of Jizz She imbibed from Woman-Hating reptiles …. Like Her Self !!!!

Her Brother stirs, in His crypt, He’s almost blind, has “half” His face missing & Most of His Upper Body Skin …. He looks down at His “missing” Leg & Raises a Maimed Hand to Reach for His fucked Tommee Tippee Laptop …. He ignores the sound of the nibbling maggots in the Wrap, You’re paying for …. He ignores the foul-stenching Smell coming from the flesh-eating necrotising-fasciitis eating Him Alive …. He ignores the Agony of His perineum & what’s left of His molten member …. He fears going to the toilet, He fears getting washed, He fears getting up, He hates the smell, He hates YOU, he hates EVERYBODY He can’t “use” …. After He finishes SCREAMING in agony, He switches on the Internet to Find Out how Many People “don’t Know yet,” that They’ve been Being Communicating by a Rotting Corpse delaying-suicide, Whom, if You put Him “together” with His Sister STILL don’t make “ONE” Whole Person …. HUZZAH !!!!

There’s NO WAY I could Know that UNLESS “They” Sent Me that information, which Cheryl then Passed-on, when it was “too late” for Them, as I’d Already Closed the Door on the “Amnesty” I was Offering the “degenerate” evil serial-killing Sex-offenders, once-again for Reasons beyond Their Ken …. Thus, They Only have Themselves to blame as-usual & the EXACT SAME M.O. They never “developed” Beyond, thus Why They’re “stuck,” in that dreadful state, as a Unitard, in a 2D fantasy world, even-more desperate than-most to “delude” Themselves, despite the Damning Evidence to the Contrary ….

Cheryl had the exact-same experience with Them, ie Before She handed-over Our incoming Mail to a couple of Anonymous workers, Who perform a Zen-desk facility, She Said, about 5 things would come in from Them & She’d ignore all of Them & if She Opened the 6th, She Saw that “They Thought” I Must’ve Looked at the 1st 5 & were “following” The Exact-Same Pattern of Them Hoping to Draw My Attention down to a Microdot to “invariably” Then Shout, “HA HA Yer Maw’s a Darkie & I’m a Fucking DISGRACE, YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS, YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS ….”

However, if You haven’t Seen the 1st 5 & don’t look at a 7th, then even-if You “Chose” to Trigger A Reaction, via Your Amygdala & Sat There “THINKING” about Them & “associating” Them & “attaching” the Aforementioned Semi-beings, to Your INFINITELY more Important Life, then, since You haven’t Seen the 1st 5, They have the Sum Total influence on You of Their True net-worth, ie Less than FUCK ALL !!!!

I’d Also noticed that, in the past, as I’d happened upon the Exact Same misconception on the unsolicited Senders’ parts …. ie The KEY to understanding the “sadomasochist” mentality is as follows :-
They target a tiny-point, as Detailed above, then HOPE You Choose to REACT, but even-if You don’t, the W.T.F. moment happens anyway, when, You See the wilful spastic ACT as-though You “HAVE” had the Reaction it’s impotently-hoping for …. THEN, the retard HOPES to “PRESSURISE” that tiny Point, by “imagining” it’s Pretending “ON TOP OF” the initial non-reaction …. Which, produces ANOTHER W.T.F. moment, when, You CLEARLY didn’t CHOOSE a REACTION the evil-imbecile’s hoping for ….

“Then,” You’ll often Witness it attempt to “Con-clude,” to COMPOUND the-point it had MISSED by a Country-mile with it’s “1st” Fresh-air shot …. All The While pulling a face which Needs Shot, as though it was a hate-consumed Adult “Taking Candy” from a Child They despise & then Waddling-off towards the Mushroom Cloud …. The ugly, infantile, Semi-simian retard’s Half-empty Skull pointing Up at an Imaginary overlord in the Sky Nodding & Saying, “Very Good My Child, KEEP IGNORING the fucking OBVIOUS, keep-digging & DON’T PAY any heed to Your degeneration, it’s NOT a synchronised-return for Your sins …. Mmmmmmmmm Mattasons ….”

All of Which LAYS BARE how Grossly mentally-deficient the “hideous” sinner is, as it’s “GUESSING” …. Which Should’ve been Apparent to the MUNSTER Family, all this time, when Marie McCallum ADMITTED to Me, in Person, “I JUST GUESS,” which I even Recorded in a Stand Up Video …. Yet Still, the SOLITARY Pathology of the UNITARD means it will Still “See-if” …. As the Spastic HOPES it “MUST” be Annoying, therefore You MUST be CHOOSING to Trigger Your Amygdala, especially when the aforementioned Semi-beings Conspire …. ie Following the Pattern Detailed above, through Letters A.)sshole to H.)ell ….

Such is Their “predictability,” that ALL THIS TIME They’ve believed “I” have Been Witnessing Their petty Lunacy, which They “no-doubt” Continue to Send to Countless People, Their grossly-mentally-handicapped Sister has ALSO plagued the Life of …. However, ALL I’ve had to Go on, for ages, are 4 Statements made by Cheryl & FUCK-ALL Else, so THAT’S how “MINDLESSLY” Predictable They are …. ie To “PROVE” That, BEYOND Any Shadow of a doubt …. I “Chose” to Refer to 1 of My Comedy Videos, in a Recent Post, namely “Erol On Narcissism” …. I Then asked Cheryl to do the same in Her Post …. Afterwhich I Got Her to Change the “Setting” for That Specific video to “Allow” Comments to Appear “unfiltered” …. I was Even Able to Predict which “Channel” They’d leave a Comment Under ….

I Then informed Cheryl that on Her Behalf, either the phantom father-figure, a homosexual-ghoul Twin “or” Her Son, (Whom I inadvertently Devastated recently, like I Have Them ALL “Countless” times now,) would Leave a Message, following the EXACT SAME pattern …. ie “Hi, I’ve gone got goned become goned Your best friend gone officialled & everfink, Here’s a Transparent question ….” …. Then, After Cheryl finished Laughing She was primed for this INEVITABLE eventuality …. So, She didn’t Tell Me when it Happened, however, a few Days Later She Made Me LAUGH until My Portuguese Coffee went Cold …. (Portuguese Coffee turns sinners IMMEDIATELY into Saints, it’s THE BEST Thing after Dogs, Weather, Scenery, Bread, Fruit & Wine Here ….)

So Cheryl was “Then” Able to Reply with a PHENOMENAL put-down, when the imbeciles Contacted That Exact video, Exactly as I’d Predicted, on That Exact Channel …. However, the low-functioning retards didn’t REALISE that She’d ALREADY “hammered” Them, because I’d Obviously informed Her that the Unitard “prepares” it’s Transparent-Confabulation & Once the torpedo of Shite, has Entered the back-end of it’s Solitary pathology, it’s falling-over itself for that to come out the Other end of the Asshole …. So, when Coupled to it’s megalomaniacal-arrogance & ego-ameliorating delusion-state it Only scan-reads Your Reply …. Thus, Cheryl was Able to Simply Copy & Paste EXACTLY what She’d Already Written “BEFORE” the impotent-assholes had even Replied to Her, which Revealed the MINDLESSLY predictable imbeciles, Which You’ll find Here, in the Comment Section below The Vidoe I Predicted They’d reveal Their minuscule mind’s solitary “evil party-piece” …. I repeat, THE GREATEST Put-Down of ALL time, which NO-ONE could EVER Come back from …. DOUBLE HUZZAH !!!!

I Stopped Magnifying what They sent Me, quite some time ago, as “They’re ALL the Same” & after A Chat with a Female serial-killer recently, unsurprisingly My Final Knowledge about the Lunatics I’ve Tried to Help, over the Years, produced an IDENTICAL pattern of the hideous unselfaware subhuman-garbage …. ie You’re reduced to “using” Them & Then Launching Them & Cracking+On …. I, on My Upwards+Trajectory, At The Pace I Deserve to Receive Gods’ Gifts At …. As I Said, on Facecrack the Other Day, I Nearly Fell off A Deckchair Laughing, when I Realised, that When I’d Finally Finished, in a very Timely manner, Psychologically “Profiling” EVERY ego-maniacal so-called Psycho-path I’ve Ever Met in My Life, I Found it was somewhat Circular & When You Complete The Circle, it Looks EXACTLY The Same as a hideous ASSHOLE !!!! …. TRIPLE HUZZAH !!!!

Ie ALL Their shit’s garbage, it became “samey,” Old-hat, unjustifiable-hate & disguised-hurt, fear & abject Lunacy, (which is the lowest-league of Intelligence ….) …. However, it doesn’t-negate from Your Obligation to Do 1 of 2 Things, either, Physically Punish the Self-deluded Spastic-society, Who RING You & UNJUSTIFIABLY Prey-on You, from Every angle & Replace Them with Competent Adult Humans in the little time You have left “or” Knock the dust off Your Boots & LEAVE All that SHITE beneath & behind You, as Far As I Have Done & Return to “Africa” before it’s TOO DAMNED LATE for You & Those Whom You “SAY” You Love ….

My GREATEST Advice I “Can” Give You Is, DON’T WATCH TV anymore & DON’T FALL FOR the confirmatory-bias of How NORMAL things are “made” to seem, in Your Day to Day “believable” Life …. Just THINK about The People of Dresden, from ONLY a few Decades ago, Who were MURDERED EN-MASSE, by the EXACT SAME inbred Spastics Who are MURDERING “You” & ALL Those You LOVE “RIGHT FUCKING NOW !!!!”

If Everyone dies on This Planet, God simply Conjures Grass roots Out of Another to Harvest Souls to Swell+Divinity or Cast out into A Void …. What Better Place to Stick free-radicals than in Purgatory, to Eternally Loop or be “separated” from The Almighty for Eternity …. I repeat, LOOK at The FATE of the Aforementioned Family of Scum, Who are passing-on Their CURSE to the Next “Generation,” as Their previous Generation did Them …. Then Look at What I’ve Overcome & As I Did with Connor, Passed On A NEW Legacy Which Has Him Soaring to New Heights, whilst His Cousin “Chose” to Sink to new Lows, despite ALL I Did for Him …. You GET what You DESERVE …. The MORAL+Law of The Divine Can NEVER Change for the Ruthlessly “Self-deluded” hell-bound “hypocrite” !!!

As I’ve Said, repeatedly, if The Self-deluding Lunatics ever fancy hurdling, to Con-Tact Their fantasy of Me again & “priding” Themselves imbecilically on Me Replying, (Exactly as Cheryl Did,) then, if You are “conned” by the Superficial Spastics, Who delight in Signing Their name, “Fanny Whistle,” if You don’t Spot the minutia of the insignificant ego-maniac, as You HAVE A LIFE, on a HIGHER Level, beyond the Consciousness of the nit-wits, then, the Fanny-whistle will believe its magically-punishing You, pretend-proving “You are what it is” & can blow it’s Own Horn & Shout, “YEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS !!!!”

However, Neither the Anonymous Zen-Desk, Cheryl or I are Wary or Intrigued to Investigate what Is Now SET in STONE …. So, no-matter how many 2D fanny-whistles were to snake-through & be Delivered I’d “continue” to have Zero reaction & Zero intrigue to investigate or wariness about Adding Them to All the Other Profiles I Never Look at either …. eg iMacro coupled to unfollowers.me Means Cheryl wouldn’t even be Able to See what any Generation of the panicked Funster-Munsters typed next …. As it Simply goes like Light Speed, Adding or Unfollowing in a flash & then it’s On to it’s Next task ….

So, even-if They typed, “IT’S GREAT HAVING DESTROYED YOUR LIFE, BECAUSE OTHER PEOPLE ARE NEEDING SHOT TOO, BUT WE ONLY TARGET KIND HUMANS, IT’S GREAT, WE’RE ALL SOOOOO HAPPY, WE’RE NOT CONSUMED, I REPEAT CONSUMED BY HATRED & WE’VE MAGICALLY DEVELOPED SELF+AWARENESS, HERE’S A LINK TO POTATO PAINTINGS, YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ….” …. Which is EXACTLY what You’d Do if You were “Happily” Screwing Sophia Lauren, You’d switch on Your Rumbelows bargain-basement laptop in Your Mums’ bedroom, at 2 in the morning & Type, “AHV GOAN HAPPINESSES, phony tiny-point, phony tiny-point, fake-intro, phony tiny-point, phony celeberation, IMAGINE BEING EVERYTHING I WISH I WAS & A LIVING CHRIST TOO, POO POO ….” …. iMacro makes it impossible to See Their transparent bullshit, as Does having No Intention or Interest …. (Chortle, Chortle ….)

Moreover, She has Thunderbird Set to Only Show the “number” of incoming Mails rather than whatever insignificant cryptic crap the Self-deluded “Animacules” may want Her to read & Inform Me about “NEXT” …. Lastly, We’re going to take the Beyonce’ approach, so that Anyone Who leaves a Comment on Zionist-Jewtube or Other Video Sites goes completely unanswered, as You CAN’T Improve on the near-perfection of Cheryl’s WORLD RECORD BREAKING “Put-down” !!!! …. (RESULT !!!!)

Nor would I be informed about the latest MINDLESSLY PREDICTABLE jabbering, of “Mental Quadriplegics” …. ie Paraphiliac’s Who ATTACK Humans, if We don’t psychically & precognitively Pretend-along-with-SPAZMO’s Self-delusion or DARE to Provide the IMBECILE with a BREATH of CONSEQUENCE or intimidate it’s imaginary-territory & AUTHORITAAAH …. In Their magical-thinking Chicken-brain, They’re desperate to “Delude Themselves” that something which Looks like Animated Road-Kill has magically “gone-powerfulled,” which They’re “prepared” to PRETEND has happened, even-if You COULDN’T GIVE A FUCK what They “Guess & Hope” NEXT ….

I Would’ve Stood by My Promise to Channel A Miracle into The Munster’s Lives, during the Amnesty, despite what They’d have revealed, across the board, for A BALANCED Over+Range of Moral+Aims & as SHOULD Have been Apparent to Them, because I’m Non-Reactionary except by “CHOICE” …. Which means Their shit’s garbage, as it is when They try it on Each Other, which is “harrowing” to Consider such a Loveless Approach to 1 Another, passed-off as Humour, when it’s simply a bunch of hollow, evil sex-offenders, being SHITE to 1 another, using each-other & Collectively DAMNING Their souls, generation upon generation upon generation ….

Their lack of “Belief” in God, in The Truest Sense, has Created Their “Self-fulfilling Prophecy” …. I’d Stipulated “Evidentially” that I Had NO Selfish-desire of Any Kind of Them & I Believe I Would’ve Channelled an Amazing Miracle into Their Lives …. However, as I’ve Previously Documented, When “They” contact You, They “pretend They believe” That You’ve Contacted Them & that Therefore You Must want to Hire a ginger-whore Who’s a serial-killer & since They don’t Know about All the “TELLS” I Read in Person, no-matter How Many Times I’ve Written that I’m an Absolutist Lover of Truth, They ultimately wanted Me to be aghast at Their wilfully-slothful subsequently eeked-out Revelations, I’d Already Perceived, yet Couldn’t be “Absolutely Certain” about, until They Sent Cheryl the last 4 Clues ….

However, That Said, it May not Be a Twin Brother, it may be Her Husband & She’s playing-away as He gave Her Permission to Do so, as He could no-longer get it Up or Provide the Paranoid-Schizophrenic, serial-killing, criminally-depraved, Megalomaniacal-Psychopath with “Anymore Children” …. (TAXI !!!!)

ie Her pseudo-gay Brother may be dead, however, if it Is Her Brother, Whom She & whoever else it is have implied was Called “Michael Jackson,” for a Third of a Decade now, then Her Son may-not be Involved, but, I Witnessed Him being-so, in Person & “WHY” Would His Uncle Pretend to Be Him, on Twitter with Yet another unsolicited Contact…. (Cheryl only Looked at the “Profile” Blurb, without Going any further onto the hate-stewed losers’ 2D-Wall ….)

Which Again, could Mean that the Uncle’s Dead & the Bent-Son has been doing “Her” dirty-work, for Her, all this time …. Either way, I’ve NEVER Contacted Her, Thought about what She’s been getting-up to or even INSTIGATED Any form of Intercourse, of ANY Kind, EVER with Her, “Evidentially” …. Whilst the criminal Scum have tried to Commit COUNTLESS crimes against Me, which produced the Sum total of FUCK ALL Their end, except a REMARKABLY KIND Gift I Gave the Ginger-flea & which was WORTH 100,000 times More For Me, which I Told Strathclyde Police-farce, on-record, When They sent Lorrainne Sharkey & Stevie Nolan, from the aptly named “Domestic abuse” Dept. Who’s job, WAIT FOR IT, was to Try to cause Me P.T.S.D., by Expecting Me to “?!?!”

“ie” They hoped to get Me to “unwittingly” CHOOSE to Trigger My Own Amygdala, repeatedly …. Your Police-farce are paid to Cause You “ambient-abuse,” even-after You reporting That as Being the secret weapon of “The Spazi” …. So Lorrainne ejaculated in front of Me, when She snaked-out a faux-question about the Kind Gift I’d Given the serial-killer, with a Great History attached to it, beyond the comprehension of Mong, which I even then Chose to “add” to, which Shows A Generous Caring Heart rather than a hypnotised-mark, witting John or blind Husband, any-of-which the delusional-cunt was after, although She Idealised Me from Time to time & “wished Her Family away” & the hideous Grunts She also “suffers” …. (I Read the Tell, about 1 My Upcoming Songs, I Told Her about; “Is This The Way Our Marriage is Going to be ?!?!”)

The police-farce “DROOL” in front of You, when They’re “casting-up” what They Hope You “Automatically” Choose to be offended due to Witnessing, which then ALLOWS the SPASTICS, Who don’t develop beyond 3, (Who Need SHOT through the FACE,) to “DELUDE” Themselves that They’re masterminds existing in Reality, whilst You’re ASLEEP & Letting Them abuse & KILL You, out of OBSESSIVE existential-pretenge !!!! …. However, They “unsurprisingly” became so exhausted & upset, (HINT HINT,) that They gave-up & wanted to detain, arrest & section the LUNATICS instead …. Furthermore, Lorrainne as-good-as Admitted She wanted Me to Make a Move on Her, but I’ve no-interest in Gepetto’s sloppy-seconds or thirds or 7 thousandths’ …. Which I’ll be Exposing Shortly, in Yet Another of My Now WORLD FAMOUS Stand+Up Comedies …. QUADRUPLE HUZZAH !!!!

I Stand By ALL The Positive Reflections I Gave of the little ginger bastard, Who went-against Her Grain & premeditated criminal-campaign against Me, to try to Help Me, whilst oscillating between Ideaising A Relationship with Me & SHOUTING, (as Seen on Witness Statement,) “YOU ARE WHAT I AM,” “YOU SHOULD DO WHAT I SHOULD,” “YOU’RE DOING WHAT I’M DOING,” (according to the Witness,) Whom Your police-farce tried to talk “out-of” giving Her Accurate Account …. To whit, The Witness, She Added that I’d Attempted to Reason with Her ….

ie She Said She’d Heard Me Say That, “ALL I want to Do is WORK HARD To Help Save Children from NEEDLESS Excruciating Agony,” then added that The Female Serial-killer, Hoping to Cause Me P.T.S.D., would carry-on Screaming Her head off & Harassing Mr. McBride, repeatedly & at odd intervals …. Then, when the sadomasochism-addicted Evil Spastic “Lorraine Sharkey,” Who LIVES to get-off-on Saying what SHE Believe She needs Shot through the Face for, (as Then You “MUST CHOOSE” to Trigger Your Own Amygdala,) then asked The “Reliable Witness” in a deliberately-misleading way, “What was Erol’s response, when She was Shouting Her Head off in the Street Outside as well !?!?” …. The Witness replied, “Erol Just Laughed ….” …. (Hint, Hint ….) …. To be continued ….

The Other serial-killers, I’ll be Revealing Soon, will Make the Munsters Realise that They’ve simply been giving Me TONNES of opportunities to Magnify, Amplify & “Finish” Profiling the Animacule, which the Others Mainly DIDN’T, as They were wise-enough to scarper & leave little-more Trail, although They “Inevitably” still Con-Tact You in disguise, due to Their ego-mania …. As it makes the Sex-offender Believe it’s “rewriting history,” when it’s simply delaying-suicide …. Although, I Still Managed to Get Their Home Addresses, Photographs, Video Footage, Licence Plate Numbers, You name it …. Now THINK “Why” Would I Be Able to Uncover ALL Those Serial-killers & Megalomaniacal Unitards, then, for there to be “NOWHERE” I Can Hand Them in & “WHY” Would “I” be hunted if I Shot Them through the face !?!? …. (It’s a no-brainer ….)

Your Country is OCCUPIED, it’s “OVER” for You & Yours’ as You’re surrounded by Talking-BEASTS Who don’t “want” to get-back into Their asylum Cell, They were “Deliberately” released from, Exactly as You Saw before WW2, in Both Germany & Russia, where They “Then” gave Them ALL the Top Jobs, EXACTLY as You’re SEEING “now” in LONDON …. Where the LOWEST FUNCTIONING GYPO SHITE, Who were at-1st being CHASED by the EXCUSE to hire MORE pigs, to INNURE You to that NUMBER of Somatic Sex-offenders getting-off on Feeling BIG …. Whilst the money They stole from the pinned-down public was siphoned-back to the paedophile-ring Who invented the rule Which Allowed England to be Swarmed by Them ….

So the Police-farce has now been Swelled by the Ranks of the VERY Scum-bags They were Chasing, only a couple of years ago, Who NOW “ARE” the POLICE-FARCE …. You fucking COULDN’T make it up …. Zionist Jews have UNLEASHED “organised” Paedophile-rings on You, You SHOULD be “UNITING” with EVERYONE You KNOW To DRAG Those fucking FILTHY SCUMBAGS out into the Street & Provide the SUBHUMAN, STUPID, evil, VERMIN with irreversible PHYSICAL PUNISHMENT !!!!

The Police-farce are NEEDLESS & “Your” SOLDIERS are supposed-to belong to “YOU” …. Think How HEROIC They’d Feel when SHOOTING filthy Pigs in the face & Beheading Paedophiles & FORCING “GREEDY” Man-JEALOUS, BIGOTED Fee-male LOSERS back into The House until THEY turn it into a HOME, instead of a plywood-stage, where They have-to Remain in Their Council shoe-boxes under CURFEW, on Pain of Being SHOT …. BANNED from sticking Their snout out, without being on a LEASH & a BELL, dangling from Their collar, so You can also SCARPER when You See a POOR BASTARD Dragging 1 along behind Him …. However, if She “deliberately” Pretends She can’t Take another Step, as She’s “gone-special,” whereupon, ALL Men would Turn a blind Eye to Her Having THE SHIT “kicked” Out of Her …. (I Recommend 7 Different Shades ….)

Although, It’s Important to ASSESS The Situation First, in-case We Believe Him to be the Culprit …. ie Then It’s Our Moral+Obligation to Ask, “Excuse Me Sir, what has the HUMANIMAL done so that You believe She Deserved to be Physically Disciplined & are You Aware the Dunce-Cunt will Delude Her Self magically that She’s Got the Reaction out of You that She wants, over the long-haul !?!?” …. If the Gentle-Man of the FAIRER Sex Replies, “She’s a Gobshite Who NEVER Learns that I KNOW Everything She does is a deliberate choice ….” …. WALK ON !!!!

I’m “Looking Forward” to Doing “Erol On Yehoshua of Nazareth,” where Yehoshua is played by Al Pacino …. Where Al (as Yehoshua) says to Christopher Walken (as Yehudah,) in the Famous Scene which leads Yehudah to betray Him ….

Yehoshua, “Did I Ever Tell You You’re an Asshole Yehudah !?!?”

Yehudah, “I, I, I’m not an asshole ….”
Yehoshua, “Yes, You’re an asshole ….”
Yehudah, “Are You calling Me an asshole ?!?!”
Yehoshua, “No, I’m telling You You ARE an asshole !!!!”
Yehudha, “B, B, But I’m, not an asshole, how can You Say that to Me ?!?!”
Yehoshua, “I’m simply REFLECTING what You ARE Yehudah ….”
Yehudah, “But I genuinely don’t believe I’m an asshole doh !!!!”
Yehoshua, “That’s the problem Yehudah, an asshole NEVER does ….”

Cheryl Told Me, if You Listen to the “organised” Resistance, They OPENLY have Adverts where impotent Men, in Mental-Bondage Say, “I Received My Male-Booster IN THE POST Today, now I’m Ready for an INFO-WAR, where is My PAPER Sign !?!?” …. It BEGGARS fucking belief how IMPOTENT Males have become due to the EGO-MANIA of Self-bullshitting Subhuman Western Female SCUM, Who Need Kicked through the tits, Who’ve been GROOMED by Genocidal Zionist paedophiles to reveal what HIDEOUS VERMIN They ALWAYS were & to “RELIABLY” Destroy Themselves & Everything They fucking touch …. Conversely, I’m Climbing Mountains READY to Take On ARMIES of Beasts, Single Handedly …. Whilst, the Average Male is swallowing impotency-ameliorating tinctures to then PAINT a paper Sign, which of-course “ALWAYS” puts PAEDOPHILES off going to the black-mass “That Night” & sacrificing a Child, before, the Orgy of evil against the Kindapped Children from “Your” Sociopath-Work dept. ….

No-one’s EVER Laid a Hand on Me in My Adult Life, otherwise The World would be a slightly Lighter Place, to the Tune of negative 1 Asshole & It’s no Coincidence that My Success is Proportionate to How GREATER The Scope of My Morality has Become, from the fine-tuned Level of the minute-minded, Whom I’m Prepared to Show The Utmost Sensitivity towards as-long-as They can “Maintain” The Same, All the Way through to The SOLUTION to This Species’ Fate, which Involves EITHER “Executing” EVERY SINGLE 3 Year old in Adult Form & REGULARLY Physically Punishing the 5 Year olds “OR” Distancing Your Self from all that hell-bound GARBAGE ….

We’ve Now got the Ability to Bring In Views, from Many Sources, of People Who’ve “Clearly” Gone On to Be “Influenced” By My MORAL Output …. ie Cheryl’s Site gets More views than Mine, at the mo’ …. (Hint Hint) …. I Intend to GO LARGE with The OUTPUT Level I’m Moving Into, as I’m Upping The “Pace” of My Intentions, Every Passing Day, due to My Friendship With The Divine, which “nothing” could EVER come between …. Whilst, Every Person Who’s Contacted Me, behind the Scenes, now Sees the Moral+Law of The Divine’s “RETURN,” yet They NEVER Choose to Improve on “Choosing” to get worse ….

Due to the Lunatics’ belief it can leave it’s shit with Envied Sex-Objects, by following 1 of the Steps from A-H above or Physically being detrimental towards Them …. As then the Brain-Jealous, tiny-minded FILTHY Beast waddles-off “feeling” lighter, having Weighted-down it’s Soul even-more for Eternity …. When SHITE like that have an Epiphany, At Best They tend to “tread water” for a while, then simply Continue sinking down again, despite BECOMING the curse They’ve lamented Their Whole Life …. Whereas, I’ll Keep On Ascending …. (I’m going to Take Some Photos of The Next Mountain I Check Out ….)

Although it’s NOT IMPORTANT, I’m Still not “Absolutely” Certain that “The fee-male Serial-killer Who Loved Me,” has a Male Twin, despite the Countless Tells I’d Read in Person about Chimpwomanzee & Oranguman …. However, For ages I’d Said The Key Phrases that People like Them “Need SHOT in the face” & the Other Phrase was, “Even-when They’re reduced to a pulsing-coating on a stinking Mattress, They’ll go-on being evil & deluding Themselves” …. I PUBLICALLY Stated That “That’s The RETURN” of the Moral+Law of The+Divine to the depraved HYPOCRITE, for it’s “Choices,” which are worsened for Them if They’re “COVERT” …. As covertly being evil is the lowest-league & evil at it’s Most honed & Means You’ll be PUNISHED at it’s most UNMISTAKABLE …. Conversely, Just like I’m Rewarded UNMISTAKABLY ….

So, If You LOOK at Hawd-It & Dawd-It, THEY Genuinely LOOK as Though They’ve BOTH been Shot in the face & are Reduced to a Pulsing Coating on a Stinking Mattress …. (You Couldn’t make it up !!!!) …. Again, RECONSIDER My Fate, Compared to Theirs’ & Bear in Mind I “Didn’t” Consider Their Physical & Mental States in “Any” Way when Promoting Those Terms, at That Level of Magnification of The Animacules I was Profiling …. As Those Phrases Were simply A Reflection of What I MORALLY “See Fit” as The Punishment You “Should” Mete-Out to Shite like that as The “Deserved” Consequence of Their baby-brained, evil & Wholly unjustifiable perverse-actions, to the Somatic & including the slithering “cerebral” BOMBASTIC SPASTIC …. Who can often, softly by as brutal & in SILENCE cause much-more violence …. See, Ambient Abuse & P.T.S.D. …. Which Self-deluded Spastics Who See Themselves as Being powerful energy-vampires, with Shit for brains, don’t want YOU to KNOW about …. (Hint, Hint ….)

YOUR Species is becoming Extinct, because of a Bunch of USELESS arseholes, Who are PRETENDING You DESERVE to be ATTACKED by Them, because They were Born a TALKING-MONKEY & You Weren’t & as My MORALITY Proved, If You Treat “hair-brained” SHITE as an EQUAL, it will ATTACK You “EVERY single time, without EXCEPTION, for fucking ETERNITY !!!!”

They STAND in front of You & PROJECT Their True-Self LOATHING at You, which is the THANKS You get for TREATING MONKEYS to “Human” Rights, whilst YOU Have “NONE” !!!! …. Which I’ll be PROVING, in the Upcoming Vid, which is WHY I’ve put the “Preface” Here …. To Make Enough Room for it, as Otherwise I’ll have to Record, “Erol On Kangaroos ….”

When a half-wit REDUCES the competition, only They are in, to what They feel are Their Strengths, which are “Really” Their weaknesses & They STILL lose, They simply keep-on trying to Attack the Innocent & trying-to Reduce the parameters, in Their egomaniacal-desperation, especially in Cultures where You’ve been Groomed out-of Physically punishing evil “hypocrites” …. As the Self-deluded hate-tig obsessed spastic is intent on REWRITING history, to temporarily FEEL happier …. At ALL costs, when it’s got NO alibi or Justification of ANY Kind whatsoever at all …. Moreover, it’s NEVER GOING to BE Happy …. (HINT, HINT ….)

As it ALTERS NOTHING about it’s “Mental STATE,” despite Your submission or it’s eventual satiated-delusion, allowing the Lunatic to “fleetingly” Feel it’s RIGHT to continue to delude itself further & that it’s got PRETENGE against HUMANS, for Being Honest …. ie For the crime of not Allowing SCUM to Commit offences against You, for Their Delirious Sexual-pleasure & Spoiled “feeling” of Entitlement, which They NEED shot through the face, for the fragile-delusion They “permanently” want to Make Others Suffer from, at ALL costs …. As other-wise They Then form into “rings” & con-tinue to DIVIDE You to the INEVITABLE Extinction, which 3 Year old Grossly-mentally-handicapped, screaming-mad Girls, spliced with a Bonobo are “BOUND” to …. When There is PERFECTLY GOOD Rope & TALL Trees !!!!

You SEE the delusional ACT of the imbecile, when it completely-misses The Mark & then GRASPS at ANYTHING, then, grinning imbecilically & PRETENDING it believes that That WAS it’s Original ambition & PRETENDING that it BELIEVES that it’s getting the reaction, “etc,” as Profiled above … ie Irrespective of How Obviously the Lunatic’s Foiled, in it’s SOLITARY ambition for YOU to “CHOOSE” to trigger Your Amygdala, which You “NEVER” EVER Need to choose, despite ALL the “thunked-up” ill-wishes of a Glorified stinking mattress, from a long-line of half-witted inbred Mongs …. Who’s “Mentality” is EPITOMISED by the “Last Laugh” of This Scene ….

The REASON You’re dying-out as a Species, at a RAPID set of KNOTS, is because the Average Dunce’s DELUSION is based-upon “behaving” in a Manner They KNOW They Need SHOT through Their face for, as it FEELS “GONED-BIGGERED,” if it THINKS it can get-away with NEEDING Severely-Punished …. As then it feels it’s MAGICALLY going up-1 in an imaginary pecking-order & can “FEEL” better about BEING a SHITE Person …. Who ENDLESSLY “wishes” that REALITY Would Match it’s ego, when They’re “FUCK ALL” ….

They have amounted to FUCK ALL because They’re an IMBECILE Who can’t Tell SHIT from SHINOLA …. Also, “No GREAT Human” wants ANYTHING to DO with Them …. BECAUSE, They’re a hideously-ugly “INCONTINENT ARESHOLE,” Who’s ENTIRELY RESPONSIBLE for ingraining that SOLITARY Pathology, (which Zionist-Jews ENCOURAGED Them to,) Straight down the middle of Their “Self-destructive,” hell-bound, Phenomenally Truly-disgusting, “permanently-disgraceful” tiny-mind …. (Which is simply A 100% Accurate “Description” & Then Some ….)

Their Determination to “Grandiosely-delude Themselves,” is WHY They “LOST” Function in KEY Areas of Their Brain, which OTHER-WISE Would’ve Made Them “REALISE” How NOT to be a Transparent Arsehole, Who obviously has SHIT for it’s brains …. I was Fortunate in That Marie McCallum (so-called,) had No Function across the Front of Her Brain, so I Could “SEE” What was Going on, even-without All The Tells …. ie I Got to SEE Why They’re OBSESSED with Saying, “YOU ARE WHAT I AM,” so it can pseudo-return to the BAD FEELING it gets “from” it’s perennially Chosen DELUSION state, Predominately dependent on if You Choose to REACT How it “wishes” …. She probably still doesn’t Know how FORLORN Her True Self came-across as Being & How Easily I Could’ve Helped Her Overcome the Blackness in Her Soul …. However, even if it’s “Somatic” & Physically Attacks You, it’s evil & “determined” delusion takes-place in “A REALITY” which is NEVER going to STOP “punishing” the abusive & the delusional, irrespective of Whether “YOU” punish Them or not too …. Their NEVER ENDING evil FATES Themselves to Therefore SUFFER for ETERNITY “on top of” it …. (You Couldn’t make it up !!!!)

The West is AWASH with animate SHITE, Who so-regularly Con Humans into “Fearing” being Thought of as Being a BAD Person, “by” REPTILES Who NEED Kicked through the face until Their Chicken-heart stops, that, the secretly-cowardly pathetic Ogres eventually come to “EXPECT” ALL Humans to have that “reaction,” which the LUNATIC hopes-for by Pulling a face or Wishing-out-loud, jabbering, “YOU ARE WHAT I AM,” etc …. Which is that doesn’t work Their hypocrisy “spreads” …. All of Whom are Obsessed with Whac-A-Mole …. Until You Stand+Up & fucking State EXECUTING “Them,” irrespective of Their Full-Spectrum-Incontinence ….

ie When “the corrupt” FEEL bad about You NOT Choosing to FEEL bad, about BEING An HONEST Human Being, then the Spastic GENUINELY wants You to CHOOSE to feel bad, because You “Maintain” The Ability to SEE Them as They ARE …. As, over-time, the evil-imbecile has come-to believe NOT Choosing to Feel BAD about CORRECTLY Profiling Chicken-brained Evil-doers, “MAKES” You a BAD Person, because, UNLIKE Most Humans You don’t CHOOSE to THEN worry about Being Thought of as being a BAD Person, after STATING or DEFENDING The Truth, irrespective of the “primitive” BAD Person BEGGING You to “STAMP” OUT Their evil, through Their fucking face !!!! ….

However, Their dying words would be, “That pretend-proves it, Correctly PUNISHING Me Pretend-proves YOU ARE WHAT I AM, as ALL the Most Humane of Beings Who ALLOWED Themselves to be ASSASSINATED by Us, FELT SORRY for Us until the end & very often Killed Themselves so as NOT to be Thought of as Being a BAD Person for CORRECTLY Executing the Real Culprit Who’s spiteful-words were Echoing in Their Head as They leaped, as Their Mental-assailant had PRETENDED to be the ARBITER of Reality, UNITED in it’s HATRED of HUMAN Men & had Said The Human is what the INSECTOID evil-doer is, often-enough to con The MAN out of His Life, so You Should at Least FEEL 1 of Those 2 Ways & ALLOW subhuman Lunatics to Continue ASSASSINATING You & All Other Superior Humane Beings, so that We can go-on Bullshitting in Our evil, pathetic, subhuman predominately-hollow Skulls” …. It’s 100% MORAL, to KEEP+ON STAMPING until the hollow SHITE with Eyes stops TALKING SHITE, Forever !!!!

Tragically, I’m Sure There Will Still be Several more “unfortunates” Who’ll Settle for being “ab-used” by a Jonesing Traitor, Who’s addicted to Needing shot in the Mouth, because She can’t Accept the unenviable plodding Life She’s “reduced” Her Self to, by Mindlessly-repeated “Choice” & the “inescapable” return of the Moral+Law of The Divine …. As You already have A BALANCED “Fate” Ahead of You, to offset Any sob-story, but if, in Your IGNORANCE, You spurn God’s Gifts, during The time leading up to That DUE Date, then You’ll be in NO FIT STATE to “Receive” Them ….

Zionist Jews have promoted the “death-gambling” ever-testing, Human Mind obsessed, hair-brained Psycho-path, to ENSURE WW3 & the end of the Entire Species …. But What is a Psycho-path !?!? …. It’s a form of Animal You EXECUTE !!!! …. The Self-jabbering gleefully-evil unhinged Psycho-path can reach a state of SUCH denial or worse COMPLETE ACCEPTANCE that They’re going to keep-on-going to hell, thus, They’re so retarded They even want to “See-if” They can get a REACTION from God …. When it’s ALREADY All Around Them & & Theirs’, “exactly” as Their past-enemies WISHED would come true ….

So it should NOW become Clear “WHY” Zionist Jews in-vented Feminazis & Homo-cide, as They can be RELIED upon to go to ANY Lengths to get PRETENGE for the conflicts They start …. As the Spastic-society want REALITY to Alter to SUIT …. Even-though They’re FUCKING IMBECILES with SHIT for Their brains, Who are immoral LUNATITS & LUNATICS, Who think NOTHING of “piling” heaps of MILLIONS Of “murdered” Babies & COULDN’T Give a fuck about What’s going-on in the World, as long as They can sit & watch a MAD Poof Dancing on the T.V. & go-out & “MILK” or ATTACK An Innocent Man to Feel “powerful” & for a few dollars more …. Mean-while the Poofters are PARADING down the Street in Bright Pink, whilst Connor informed Me, without prompt, that He gets Held-back EVERY Day, with REAL Men THROWING Themselves off The Bridges We Build ….

Yet, You can STILL See the look of absolute fucking HATRED, borne of True Self loathing, when a MAD Fag, dressed like a Nazi Camp performer Walks Up to You & DARES You to Say Anything, EVEN THOUGH They’re Prancing in front of a MILE LONG Flotilla of “PARAPHILIACS” Who’s ENTIRE Character is Based-on The Fact They CELEBRATE Enjoying being BUGGERED, the ring which UNITES Them & They’re Encouraged from EVERY Angle to “OUT” How vulgar, depraved, imbecilically Unselfaware & All round Self-destructive The Self-delude SHITE Can Be & Truly Are & are falling-over Themselves to “become” ….

Which is “WHY” It STILL Pulls it’s inbred face of Hatred at Those Doing it No Harm & Going-along with the PROMOTION of OVERT LUNACY, because, at it’s HOLLOWED-out rotten core, it KNOWS it’s a FUCKING IMBECILE Who “chose” to go the WRONG fucking way, in Infancy & HATES You for Not STOPPING it, as it’s going to go-on PRETENDING for as long as You pretend-along with “Them” having “WRONG RIGHTS !!!!” whilst Humans have NO RIGHTS at all & are preyed-on to EXTINCTION by a Bunch of Vulgar Spastics being MURDERED by the Very Vermin Promoting Them, because They can be RELIED upon to TARGET & prey-on You & then KILL Themselves in Their 40’s …. RESULT !!!!

Paraphiliacs are so retarded, when the primitive Realises You’ve no interest in the “win,” as You’re not a subhuman fucking-gnat with Shit for it’s brains, then the “returd” Thinks, “EASY win” & that “YOU ARE WHAT IT IS” & farts-on in it’s hollow skull, gleefully & monotonously jabbering, “ALL THE MORE FOR GREEDY MONGO” …. Whilst You Continue to not Give a lesser fuck about the Pig-ignorant Grunt Needing shot …. Who’s like Something You’d find waiting on the Shoreline of a South Sea Island in the 1400’s with it’s 1st born Son’s Femur through it’s Nose, grinning, holding a Spear, Thinking, “I’ll pretend to be Their friend 1st, then I’ll test Them, then They’re going in the pot, They’re going in the pot, mmmm, yum, yummm, yummity yum, They’re going in the pot ….” …. Excited all-the-while It has The Human’s attention, about the Prospect of You Not-Knowing it “NEEDS” shot !!!! …. (Poor old Cpt. Cook ….)

Due to it’s Legendary lack of Self+Awareness the desperate paraphiliac, Who’s a Lunatic, which means being “as Thick as Shit” & obsessed with getting-off on EVERYTHING it can Publicly & simply HOPING it can get-away with it, with ever-increasing boldness …. Which Needs an ENTIRE Culture to be “Groomed” for the HIDEOUS vermin’s Solitary party-trick to “work” on Unwitting Humans & it’s EVIL to go unchecked …. Whilst Humans are conversely “Groomed” out-of PUNISHING mindlessly-repetitive subhuman-shite like that Physically …. ie Despite COUNTLESS Experiences of it Being made PAINFULLY Aware that it’s INSIDE a Glasshouse, within an “inner” glasshouse, like a Matryoshka Doll THROWING stones, it simply HOPES You don’t Know that Fact ….

Which Leads to it being easily “Lacerated by The Truth,” which perpetuates Donkey Haughty’s determination to get PRETENGE, for the Conflict it’s weakly addicted to “starting” & thrn perpetuating, without-end if You “RETALIATE” or even Respond to the infantile semi-simian imbecile & even-if You simply “Profile” & REFLECT Them Precisely as A MIRROR Does …. If that’s TOO MUCH for the Spastic to take, then it HAS TO be EXECUTED, especially when it’s prepared to carry-on trying to commit further offences after Being the “instigator” …. The Bullshitting-quitter, Who Needs to be Quieter & Behave itself Around Humans, MUST take it’s shit out on Those MURDERING Everyone Whom They SAY They’re Loyal to …. e Zionist Jews & Their ghoulishly-stupid brutal-minion are MURDERING Everyone You Know & You CAN Stop Them, in the little time You have left …. Best Profiled by St. J.R.R. Tolkien ….

The cerebral Sex-offender’s “pride” is hurt if it’s MAGICAL MENTAL-POWERS “fail” to get the Human to CHOOSE to trigger Their Amgydala, when witnessing a Spastic BEGGING to be executed …. fMRI Brain scan EPITOME of, Con-Troll …. It’s Your MORAL Obligation to BEAT Mind Con-Troll obsessed imbeciles to DEATH, which You can Do Just as Easily without Choosing to Emote in Any way about That, it’s Simply Your MORAL Duty & Your FAILURE to Have Done So for so Many Decades has led to HOLLOW Headed SHITE outbreeding Humans, to ENSURE the Extinction of EVERYONE-BUT Zionist Jews !!!!

If You attempted to Tell a Fag the Fact that it’s being USED & the Hatred it feels Should be targeted at Zionist Jews, then the “Hair-brained,” Hen-pecking, hideously-evil Asshole will See-if it can “CON YOU OUT OF KNOWING” That Fact & if there’s a “Consensus” of Spastics like that, ALL nodding in Agreement that YOU are what THEY are, then Dresden CAN’T be Carpet-bombed …. 2 out of EVERY 3 Females NEEDS to be Exterminated, in the West, the Same applies to Poofters, 1 out of 3 of the Other Column of so-called Lezzers & so-called Men NEED to be Exterminated, IF I Think This then Jews & Muslims Think that too …. However, True Islam is not to be Con-fused with the “radicalising” Zionist Jew “planted ring” of Serial-killers, calling themselves the Muslim Brother “hood” ….

If a Lunatic can “CON YOU OUT OF KNOWING,” it allows the Incontinent-Asshole to Believe “Transference” has Magically taken place, because it LACKS the Mental equipment to exist in Reality & the feeling borne of it’s EGO is it’s EVERYTHING, even-though it’s of LESS IMPORTANCE than a fucking Chicken …. But 1 Facecrack plattitude or 1 Twitter Quote, from a dead prostitute & it’s ALL GONE PRETEND-PROVENED that the Mongs Must CON-tinue to NEVER-IMPROVE NEVER EVER IMPROVE, EVER, on CHOOSING to get worse …. As-though HELL for Themselves can be CONNED out of Their future & be something “YOU” Should Petition Them out of too, which They’d get-off on ….

Would You bother to Try to Stop Them, which Charlton Heston was HIRED to Show You the FUTURE FUTILITY of …. Alongside “Invasion of The Body Snatchers,” which You See ALL AROUND You Right now in Arrested-developed Hate-spewing Mental-pygmies & hate-projecting Goons …. Of-course more Clearly profiled by “Planet of The Apes” & “Soylent Green,” (See Pepsi & Max-factor) …. Then “Sky Fall,” (Hint Hint,) not to mention Countless “ZOMBIE” Movies (Hint, Hint, Hint, Hint ….) …. If 66% of Females & Poofters were ALL Willingly walking into a Mincer, along with 33% of Lezzards & Semi-men, UNIFORMLY CHANTING, “YOU ARE WHAT I AM, THAT’S IT GONE PRETEND-PROVEN, AS WE ALL AGREE THAT YOU ARE WHAT WE ARE & YOU SHOULD DO WHAT WE SHOULD, AS WE ALL BELIEVE in The Mince We Talk, THEREFORE WE MUST Walk into the MINCER, with the HANDLE being turned by Zionist Jewish pseudo-satan WORSHIPPING Paedophiles, with SHIT for Their Brains ….”

“YOU ARE WHAT I AM, THAT’S IT GONE PRETEND PROVEN, AS WE ALL AGREE THAT YOU ARE WHAT WE ARE & YOU SHOULD DO WHAT WE SHOULD, AS WE ALL BELIEVE in The Mince We Talk, THEREFORE WE MUST Walk into the MINCER, with the HANDLE being turned by Zionist Jewish pseudo-satan WORSHIPPING Paedophiles, with SHIT for Their Brains ….”

“YOU ARE WHAT I AM, THAT’S IT GONE PRETEND PROVEN, AS WE ALL AGREE THAT YOU ARE WHAT WE ARE & YOU SHOULD DO WHAT WE SHOULD, AS WE ALL BELIEVE in The Mince We Talk, THEREFORE WE MUST Walk into the MINCER, with the HANDLE being turned by Zionist Jewish pseudo-satan WORSHIPPING Paedophiles, with SHIT for Their Brains ….”

“YOU ARE WHAT I AM, THAT’S IT GONE PRETEND PROVEN, AS WE ALL AGREE THAT YOU ARE WHAT WE ARE & YOU SHOULD DO WHAT WE SHOULD, AS WE ALL BELIEVE in The Mince We Talk, THEREFORE WE MUST Walk into the MINCER, with the HANDLE being turned by Zionist Jewish pseudo-satan WORSHIPPING Paedophiles, with SHIT for Their Brains ….” …. (When, You worshipping Satan is brought -out into the Open, You Shouldn’t Blush Deep Purple, HINT, HINT !!!!)

I repeat, WOULD You TRY to Stop Them ?!?! …. If They ALSO Sent You Chinese Junk-Mail, from Their nit-witted Focus, Saying the Exact-same Above !?!? …. That’s When, the 2D-focussed Zionist-programmed Narcissists can snap-away long-enough, from the Single-columned mini-notes They send each Other, on the unicellular “social” media websites, where They’ve Groomed a Consensus of like-minded Spastics, Who also Spurn-Reality …. Which You MUST Accept an imaginary Pecking-order or You don’t get allowed into the 2D circle, so You Must ALLOW Them to CON You OUT of KNOWING that They’re FUCK ALL, with an impotent headfull of mince, heading in UNISON towards a culling mincer !?!? …. Would You Invest Your Life’s Time attempting to Get Them to Ingrain A “Second” Pathology ?!?! …. Yehoshua of Nazareth Said, “FUCK THEM !!!!” ….

When Zionist Jews, took advantage 90% of Females worshipping the exact-opposite of what They Should & getting-off on Pursuing it, “especially” if You Say Otherwise …. That Lead to “Fatherless” Children, the number-1 Target after Human Men, throughout History, by HOMOSEXUAL PSYCHOPATHS with SHIT for Their brains …. In the Modern Era, that Led to the HORRID offsprings not Being Taught to Sit on The naughty “step” …. Which means They “remain” in a Proto-emotional incontinent State of Confirmatory-bias & preferred Self-delusion …. So No Matter how much Lee-way You Give Them, They KNOW it’s in the wrong-direction & a SPOILED brat hates it’s Self-induced predicament, so will Project that at The Carer Who unconsciously is to Blame for Not PHYSICALLY Punshing Them, which They’d “flee” & You’d be imprisoned in Their Crèche for ….

Moreover, They’re “Inconsolable,” because There are NO BOUNDARIES for the UNSELFAWARE “incontinent” ARESHOLES Who want to GENUINELY Be “Self-deluded” …. THUS “All” the propaganda, “MEN BAD FEMALE GOOD ….” …. Even though the EXACT OPPOSITE is Predominately True …. Whereafter They imbecilically pursue “Unobtanium” & are prepared to WHIP & BASH Every MAN They CAN until They are SATISFIED, when They can ONLY be Satisfied by being PURIFIED by FIRE …. eg Even-when They’re an OLD fucking HAG, even with 1 Eye swimming about a glass with Their false teeth & a fanny stinking like a septic tank, They STILL Believe Someone Can GIVE Them what You can ONLY Give Your Self by GROWING THE FUCK UP & “Giving” to Those Who Deserve It “more” than You, “SELFLESSLY” …. The Men suffering from P.T.S.D. “were” Your Saviours, You ARE the weakest link, GOODBYE …. (So the Nation of MURDERING SPASTICS I left Behind, Only have Themselves & Their 3rd Blind Eye to blame, Who GET what They Deserve ….)

On A Lighter Note, Lizzie Fell off the Ceiling, My pet Lizard pursued a Moth & although She rarely Catches Her prey, The Moth inspired Her …. I was Gobsmacked to See Her “plan” on Leaping from 1 Wall, in the Corner, to the Other Wall, which She bobbed Her Head Up & Down, repeatedly, until She Ventured to “Take That Leap of Faith” …. Lo & Behold She Did so & Made It to The Other Side …. Then to My Utmost Amazement, only a few Hours later, She lands at My Feet upside down …. I Thought, “OH NOH, She’s dead ….” …. Then, She simply flipped-over & Climbed Up 1 of My Huge Olive Bottles …. I Then Noticed She looked as-though She was Wearing an warring African Head-dress …. On Closer inspection, She had a HUGE Spider in Her Mouth, with it’s Legs all Hanging out …. The Look Suited Her …. She then fell off the Bottle, poor Lizzie …. Later that Night, a Saw a tiny Ant in My Studio & it was All alone, When I was Looking down at It, They looked Up at Me & Said, “This has Been Me since This Morning ….” …. I Know NOT to Lift Them, as it Doesn’t work out as well as You’d Hope …. So I Offered Them something to eat & They Looked Up Again & Said, “Phew, Thanks Chief ….”

I Love Portuguese Insects …. They’re Cartoonesquely Fun & Often Remarkably Beautiful …. eg When I was Plucking Plums I Saw 1 of 2 Amazing Butterflies Who Look like “Angels,” as They have a White Body that Hangs Lower than You’ll find on Any Other & It’s PURE White & They Float & Flutter about You, with Such Delicate Grace, it’s like They were Sent from Heaven …. Then there’s the MASSIVE Butterflies Who look like They’ve been Painted as Part of a Exhibition They’ve lost Their way from ….

Conversely, the Human-sized Insectoid Target People Who “Do Choose” to react to the pathetic, puerile, even in 2D …. eg Due to the Paraphiliac being Neuro-anatomically & Pathologically weakly “onanist,” the unenviable-hypocrite get-off on Sending often “long-considered” & prefabricated hate-mail …. As the Shit-head Knows They “Deserve” to be Executed for what They’re doing, so They “Hope” that the Human Knows that too, as the “More” the Human Knows about how dishonest & disrespectful the Unitard is Hoping to be Thought-of as Being, “then” the more the returd believes They’re growing in imaginary-powers, at Any Adverse Affect the Human has, when Experiencing how “hell-bound” the evil & deliriously Self-deluded Filth Truly are, when the Lunatic is hoping to provoke The Superior Being …. Which is usually worsened if the Human Originally Formed a Romantic Attachment to the 3 Year old, Who Will “then” underscore itself as Being as low a form of life as it’s possible to have degenerated into being ….

Whether the brain-damaged bent Son (Ryan McCallum) or Her rapidly-decomposing homo Brother/Ex-Lover or worse Still, Her hideous psychopath Sister Jacqueline Bradley or even a subhuman FATHER lurking in the shadows & rotting-away in the Loft beside Her latest spineless Dwarf, swinging by His Ankles from the Rafters …. ie Whoever would Con-tact Me again, on Her Behalf or because the “utterly Self-deluded” sadomasochism-addicted homosexual Believes it’s Thunked-up Something which can Rob Me of EVERYTHING I’d have to OBLITERATE, in My Perception of Reality, to then be conned-into Thinking what a tiny-minded Spastic, with Shit for it’s brains, is impotently-hoping for, whilst it’s delaying-suicide ….

ie Upon concoction of detritus, from a Family of Junkie Reptiles, being cleaned-up & unstanked via 2D digitisation, I’ll Be SURE to Think, for the FIRST time, “MAYBE She loves Me, maybe THIS time She’s not working with Her coven of Mongs, following the Exact-Same thinly-disguised evil pattern that’s Never worked on Me, although They may Genuinely be So Self-deluded They Have Felt They’ve Won-the-magic-special due to simply Believing Their Wishes …. Or Maybe it’s ME Who’s Her & Them Who are Me …. Maybe, this is what’s going on here ….”

Whereafter I’ll Shout, “LET ME HELP YOU OUT OF 2D, MARIAH CARELESS, LET ME HELP THEE, TO UNCAST THE SPELL THAT’S CRUELLY BEEN CAST ON YEE & Your inbred subhuman pseudo-family of corrupt filth needing shot in the face, as obviously it’s SOMEBODY ELSE Who’s performed This evil voodoo on You, not a Reflection of Your SHITE Family & OWN undeniable corruption & abject fucking wahoo lunacy & 100% UNFUNNY senseless corrupt pursuits …. IF ONLY YOU COULD HAVE YOUR WAY, which I KNOW would be CHOOSING to no-longer be under the spell of that SNOWSHAKER You’ve accidentally fallen into …. OH You POOR soul, it’s a TRAGEDY that You can’t be BUTT-NAKED again, either 6 feet in the Air or On the End of My Cock like You SO DESIRE …. IF ONLY the evil-spell could be Broken by SOMEBODY ELSE Who’s the liar & then the motley-crue You use & abuse & Who are the subcommon SHITE Who’ve FED on ALL Your possibilities, then MAGICALLY disappeared & THEN, OH THEN, You were finally Able to be HERE to RUIN My Life for Me, as worse as You could, in Your deranged, hysterical, delirious lunacy, IF ONLY, IF ONLY You could ROLL UP Your stinking Brother like an old sleeping bag & Your other paraphernalia & Self-deluded paraphiliacs delaying-suicide, then Put Your Son in a Mic-Case, bury the remains of whatever falls of the Munster’s next & Fly Out of the sewer-works Below the leper-colony of Dog-world, dangling Your dismembered Familiars beneath Your Broom Stick, Wishing as-usual that Your Stick was a Dick, replete, with ALL of Your MOLES swinging from it, Whom You WHAC arbitrarily, to MAINTAIN Your Svelte Composure & Then You’d BE HERE ….”

With, “32 husbands void of spines & Eyes ablackened, 26 Girlfriends pock-marked Behinds, 2 Dozen Cats All going blind, 22 Dogs Who wish They were deaf, 46 Creditors Who wish You were dead …. Butt Naked like You were Before & I’d be Found Laying Face down on Beaver Lake once more, Freezing with a Chattering sound coming from 6 feet below Me, from a Beaver stuck in an Ice-flow blowing Kisses Up at me, with Her legs Spread either side of Her half-empty Head, laughing Skywards at imaginary Stars, as Though She wasn’t in Her Right Mind & Should be Behind bars …. Taunting & Magically Expecting Me to Fuck My Way through the Ice, Considering Her Self lovely whilst not being at-all Nice …. OH, My Pig Faced Love, Oh, My Pig Faced Love, Come Back to Me, My Pig Faced Love, I fear I haven’t suffered enough, Just Mother-fucking Hurry Back to Me, My Pig-faced Love, I feel I haven’t Suffered Enough, of, Your Motherfucking low-down filthy Pig-faced Love ….” …. (The last Part, are the Lyrics to a Song I Wrote 4 Years before I met the serial-killer, Who Gave Her name to Your Police-farce as “Marie McCallum” …. It’s UNCANNY How “Like” a Significant Percentage of My earlier Work She “is,” which She DIDN’T Know About before She targeted Me, for Her range of Self-delusion borne criminality, sexual-depravity, lunacy & “convenience” ….

The West is Predominately Peopled by “Nations of SPASTICS” Who are morally-VACANT “returds” Who are TOO STUPID to Grasp the Basic Concept of TRUE+SELF+RESPECT which “requires” 2 Things OF YOU …. (A) You aren’t an ASSHOLE towards other People Who don’t DESERVE to be Treated that Way, because YOU are a Self-deluded JEALOUS ASSHOLE Who hasn’t DEVELOPED beyond infancy & WISH Your Apology for a life-away, with STOLEN moments that Aren’t WORTH a fuck …. (B) GRASPING that The MORAL+LAW “RETURNS” what YOU CHOOSE to manifest, irrespective of how HIDEOUSLY UGLY a MAD CUNT You are, Thinking You’ve WON the magic-special, When You ATTACK Someone & “Think” You’ve got-away with it, when You can “NEVER” Escape Your “JUST+DESSERTS” …. So, Get a Spoon & A Plate, TUCK IN Your bib & then TUCK INTO “Your” unenviable “LASHINGS” of the AWFUL “stuff” !!!!

Even after Reading all of this, the Self-deluded Mental-Quadriplegic, Who’s FUCK ALL, would Desperately TELL ITSELF that “it ISN’T what it IS” …. Then, LOOK for the tiniest-point, the Same dimension as it’s tiny-mind, to pretend-prove “YOU ARE WHAT IT IS,” as the ARBITER of REALITY, when it’s FUCK ALL & simply the neurotically-prattling end RESULT of a Zionist Programmed WASTED Life of Confirming dishonest-bias …. (AKA a “wretched-abomination delaying-suicide” ….)

When a fool is Groomed, (by External, Internal malinfluence or Both,) to be So Unselfaware a Retard that it GENUINELY begins to EXPECT Humans to be Automatically DELUDED too, over any “tiny point” (which it more-often-than-not KNOWS “Doesn’t” Contra-Dictate What You’ve Said,) it’s OFFENDED when it can’t EASILY Get You to Believe it’s pretend-proven that “YOU ARE WHAT IT IS” …. As it doesn’t want to have-to SIT WITH “the knowledge it can’t-escape,” which produces a BAD FEELING for the imbecile …. It’s FAILURE to Sit-With THE TRUTH about itself, including BLAME it’s DESPERATE to shed, led to the INGRAINED “thought-pattern” which ARRESTED it as such an evil, all-round destructive Mental SPASTIC for life ….

With Zionist Jews, on the hill above the almost-equally-ignorant, CLACKING Their Claws together at the FILTHY Mong They’ve “groomed” to be Their Free-Agent of Self-destruction amongst Others …. Which ULTIMATELY leaves it “ALONE,” when ALL it’s bridges have been deliriously BURNED & it’s Facing a Waterloo of Sailing Boats deserting a Sinking Rat, as Humans have no-interest in winning “interpersonal” wars against Vermin, as HUMANS Seek to “UNITE” on an Upwards Trajectory of A SUSTAINABLE “Higher Love” …. Leaving the “hollow shit with eyes” to fart it’s last, Finally Facing it’s “Sour” Milky-Loo ….

1 of the Key Aspects which Allowed Me Study Animacules was Their Doubly-mistaken Perception of Reality, when I was Being Non-Reactionary, (which is Easy when You “KNOW” You “NEVER” Need to “Choose” to react & STUDY The Worst example in History of BEGGARS for punishment ….) …. Then, if You “Compare” the Sheer-Number of Evil-Spastics across the Globe, with the Self-destructive VOLUME of abominations taking-place right now, then Contrast & Compare that with COUNTLESS Fee-Males You can find in the West, Who’d “Genuinely” Assure You that They BELIEVE Themselves to be REALLY Good People & that They’re as MORAL as They can be, whilst “NOT GIVING A FLYING FUCK” about EVERYTHING They KNOW is taking-place behind the “scenes” They mindlessly POSE in front of, where CHILDREN are being SUBJECTED to UNIMAGINABLE agony ….

With “Everything” in Mind, which is “beyond” the Capacity of the hell-bound Soul, I’m Able to Easily Put “ALL” of the Self-destructive, incontinent-assholes Who’ve “NEVER” laid a Hand on Me, into “Perspective” & it’s Easier still when You can Make Your Self Laugh & Laugh “at” Them & Have NOTHING between You & God “&” Happen to Live ON 1 of Gods’ Greatest Gifts, which Keeps+On Giving, which is “undoubtedly” The Most Beautiful Farm, I’ve Ever Seen, out of the HUNDREDS I Pored-Over in dnaltocS & then the Hundreds Selected by the primitive reptile Estate-agents & then out of the Dozen I Short-listed, This was The 3rd I Saw & I KNEW as soon as I turned the Corner, before I even Saw The Great View ….

However, I didn’t Know I was Going to Gather the “final” Lenses I’d Require to “See” the Animacule to The Extent I Now Do & “Finish” what I Thought I’d Already Profiled Well Enough, until I ACTUALLY “SAW” The Finished Outline of Their Psychological-profile & Nearly fell off My Deck-Chair Laughing …. Which Must’ve been How Max Perutz Felt, when He finally Finished Selflessly Modelling Haemoglobin …. I COULDN’T Believe it, as On & Off, for nearly 4 Decades, I’d been “Tracing” the outline of a puckered ASSHOLE !!!! …. However, Haemoglobin isn’t on almost Every perch Exterminating The Species, LUNATICS are, so NOW “Begin” the dual-bullshitting Sex-offender’s PHYSICAL PUNISHMENT In Earnest or Distance Your Self from that PIT of viper …. For Good !!!!


The Main Contributors, in lagutroP were a Self-confessed Female paedophile, Who ejaculates without flicking Her bean …. Moreover, a Thatched, hate-consumed, hideously-ugly, unselfaware, low-life, subcommon, superficial ergo pseudo-lesbian French dwarf …. 2 German Homos (1 Hunchbacked Who was a 50 Year old Male 3 Year old Mentally-deficient Girl, the Other a 6’3″ 5 Year old Girl) …. 2 Dutch Poofs (‘Nuff Z) …. An English Jew (I’ll be Exposing Soon) …. A Whole Family of Romanian Gypsies & a few more …. An inbred Nest of primitive Megalomaniacs …. 2 “acting” officers of the toy-town Portuguese Police-farce, both “Female” minds, in Male Bodies, 1 a Megalomaniacal Dwarf the Other a sparkling-eyed Drooling evil Lunatic ….

ALL of Whom haven’t developed beyond 3-5 & are More Simian than Human & CONSUMED by HATERED, Jealousy, imaginary pecking “orders” & Sex-offending, as They want to BREATH DEEPLY as They Look to the Upper Plume of the Imaginary Mushroom that draw Their Soul into the Void of Their Just+Desserts …. Most of Whom I’ve not Seen for 2 Years now, nor Anyone for a Blessedly Long time …. I’m Officially in My 3rd Year in Portupants Now & The Weather & Scenery is Absolutely 1st Class ….

I’ve Almost Empathised with Zionist Jews, at times, as When You’re Isolated & You’ve not Seen Anyone for Weeks, even in passing, There’s a Stillness, where You Notice That Even the birds & the Insects have Chosen A Moment to “Be,” to Not break the Silence & You Look Out at The Ever changing View & there’s no “incontinent” infant Wailing, no hate-consumed hypercompetitive evil-nincompoop, no Traffic sounds, no hatred, no jealousy, no desperados, no transparent LIARS, no ego-avengers, no filthy-beasts, no pseudo-dictators, no threats, no bigots, Just Sunshine, Nature, Tranquillity, Beautiful Basking Pooches & Then Penny puts in an Appearance, Runs straight Up to Me, like a Mini Ostrich & Says, “Where’s the Pasta Chief, for fucks Sake, My Arse is dryin’ oot Here !?!?”

As Usual, I Immerse My Self in what I MUST …. My Pet-Project of Studying Animacules is Now Over, Moreover, irrespectively Since Everything is Working Out Well for Me at The Moment, Expect A “GARGANTUAN” Volume of Output Across All Fronts …. Whilst the West sinks like the Titanic behind Me …. As Noah’s Sailing Ship is deserting Sinking Rats drowning in Wave after wave Their Just+Desserts, layered by dark under currants ….

Unsurprisingly, Irrespective of the ill-wishes of impotent half-wits, I’m Receiving Gifts from God & I’m Attuned to The+Pace Set Me, by The+Divine to “Improve” on My Divinity, by Ever Increasing The Amount I get Done Daily & Wisely Resting In A Way Westerners are “not allowed” to, as They’re slaves to the “system” of Their Own extermination, whilst I’m Basking in Constant Perfectly-Set Sunshine, I Can Step In & Out of, from Dawn to late Evening …. Now, Multi-Tasking for Me, is simply Topping Up My Tan “whilst” Getting Things Done …. (Having Officially Retired 4 Times since I was 40 …. I Push The Boat Out AGain, because Morally I Must You’d have to be a PIECE of SHITE Not to Devote Your Life to Saving 1 Kid IF You “CAN” ….)

None-the-less, if the “aforementioned” pack of Savages, were to Read Me Revealing that Despite all the money I’ve made out Here, My Favourite Clothing was Now an old “Jumper,” whilst They dropped-dead prematurely, 1 by 1, suffering from Their “inescapable” fates, before the last of Them was hurtling into the “void,” for Their “unavoidable” Eternal comeuppance , Their combined-Intelligence would be to Waste the last few Months of Their Lives, Sending Me Photoshopped Pictures that I’ll NEVER See, Examine, Magnify or be Wary about Accidentally Seeing or be “Curious” about clicking a couple of times to Decrypt, which “if I did,” I’d no-doubt See a 1960’s Hippy on the Back of an Animal, with the Logo, “Kanga-Christ” !!!! ….

Which would be a Slide, I’d be Sent Every time Their brain had a bowel-movement & Their Life “Reflected” Their abject-failure in SO many ways, They wanted to magically Shed, every time They return to the pit, where They find Themselves, after Their evil-borne high has abandoned Them …. Determined to Fail to “stop Being evil” & Channel what “remains” of Their Life into an unhypocritical Moral+Direction, avoiding-gallous Self-delusion & “Producing” Their Gifts For Those Who “Deserve” Them, leaving The World “Better” than It would Other-Wise Have Been, “For THAT Day” as Well as Every Day They Endeavour to “Tap Into” The Moral+Law of The+Divine, even for Selfish Reasons, which would Eventually be “UNMISTAKABLE” & WOULD Seem Genuinely “Magical” ….

As I’m Living Proof You can Give ALL Your money away to Starving Children & Help Countless People, Who came to steal & offend, Endure Sex-offenders of both Sexes & Their tiny-worlds’ “dreadfully-wasteful” brain-damaging drama-charities, You can have ALL Your Efforts adversely Affected, by unjustifiably vengeful hideous-imbeciles, conjoined evil parties, adversely affect or subtract from Your Donations at times or Partly, however, The LAW Which Governs This Universe, I Discovered, ACCOUNTS For Your “INTENTION” & even-if 49 thieves cut sections off Your Donation until Only a Fraction Reaches the Injured Party, You Receive “4 x More” in Return & In Turn That Produces EVEN MORE …. (Whilst Their fate isn’t worth even Thinking about ….)

Moral Rewards Are UNMISTAKABLE, Especially if You Give Selflessly, which Narcissists SHOULD Be Able to Do EASILY, when You Think It Through …. That’s An Upwards+Trajectory & Lifts You out of Tiny-mindedness, bestial & unconscious Self-loathing …. Whereafter, You’d Discover You have NOTHING to Ameliorate against, when You Have True+Self Worth, ergo A Healthy Confidence & You Find A “BETTER” Way of Getting “ALL” Your Efforts THROUGH to The More Deserving Souls, in otherwise-impossible plight …. Which if You Can, Morally, You MUST !!!!

So Think AGain, about How easily the Whores of Babylon Smile, preening around a Table, posturing, Feeling like They’re on a “meaningless de-moral-ising” TV show, called Sluts in the City …. Woefully Inadequate hair-brained unselfaware garbage Who, “By Dint of Cunt” the Dunce-Cunt is Magically-Superior to Men, due to con-venient Zionist MEDIA programming, when She’s a BAG of fucking GARBAGE needing “taken out,” like ANY fucking TRASH …. However, the coven sit around the table, ALL proud of Themselves, feeling ELITE & untouchable & 100% “REMORSELESS” about The unborn babies They had put in bins, the ex-Partners Who killed Themselves, by Jumping off bridges, The paedophile-rings They support in Every conceivable way, the now-unavoidable TRAPS ahead of Their Fatherless Children ….

ie Beneficiaries of & complicit-with the paedophile’s-vacuum Kangaroo court-system, They fleeced ex-Men through, Who didn’t Realise They were in a competition against a “Greedy,” Hollow, evil beast, Who makes Her Self unhappy & then wants PRETENGE at all-costs, until His toes are Over the Edge of the Bridge He Helped Build, swaying in the wind, suffering & ignorant of Her causing Him P.T.S.D., not wanting to be Thought-of as Being a BAD Man, for Correctly Executing Her, due to His MORAL+Conscience She preyed on, without-end, in cohoots with the System Who eagerly robbed Their Pay Master ….

A few Seconds later His ribs shatter like Glass, in His Chest & the icey-water fills His torso, where His bones pierce Holes bursting Through The Skin, when He shudderingly hit the Water’s Surface not-expecting the SUDDEN stop He hoped would engulf Him, then desperately panicking under-water, drawing cold river in His last Breath …. (The Next Day, after Driving Over the Bridge Jack Built, the poised Sluts Compliment each other, on Their New “false” Teeth ….)

If You Tell The Truth about a hate-consumed bigoted “evil” Fee-Male & She Phones the Filth & Says She’s “Gone terrificationaled,” then brutal Lunatics “You” are paying-for will Target You, as That’s the “excuse” to get-away-with dragging You into a Paedophile-run Dungeon-system, as Slave-labour …. CAN You not SEE “paedophiles” being Exclusively behind that, Who are “NOT” Human & are nihilistically party to the Zionist Jew’s genocide-program, which has become Emboldened to the point where You’re PRESENTLY unwittingly GENUINELY being EXTERMINATED !?!?

Due to, TRUTH-HATING, hideous females & equally-treacherous LUNATICS Who complicity Man the Mechanism which Increases the Capacity of Their Own Consumption, of the Ever-widening Jaws of Death, which I’ve been Publicising on Zionist Jewtube for Years …. Basically, Your Species is becoming Extinct, because 8 out of Every 10 Westerners SHOULD be Wearing a T-Shirt with “AH’ WHANT EVERYCUN’ TAE DIE COZ A WUZ BORN A SPAZI AN’ A CANNY ACCEPT THAT FACT !!!!” …. On the Back, “AH’M A SEX-OFFENDER WHO AMELIORATES AGAINST BEING BORN A SPAZI BY TAKING-ADVANTAGE OF HUMANS BEING IN MENTAL-BONDAGE INSTEAD OF KILLING TALKING-MONKEYS ….” …. Basically !!!!

To ALL the Self-babbling paraphiliacs delaying-suicide out there, as There’s Now No Way & Obviously No Interest in Seeing the Kind of Thing Cheryl still used to Send Me, eg We’ve even Stopped having a Laugh at Some of the Searches which Bring People to My Sites, eg “Insects’ Cunts” was 1 …. Which I Looked into, if You excuse the pun & Found that I had “Insectoid” & “Cunt,” in a Post, in 2 Different Places, unsurprisingly Referring to the Died-blonde Serial-killing Prostitute “alias” Marie McCallum …. Forever Now to Be Known Internationally as An “insectoid cunt,” with Only Her Self to blame, alongside The cold imbeciles Behind Her & Whom She Associates with …. There was Also, “Women go on about Black Men’s Cocks, because They’ve got GIANT holes ….” …. Echoing An “Obvious” Insight I’d had millions of Years earlier, before I Realised how evil, Selfish, envious & Subhuman People Truly are & In Need of INSTANT Physical Punishment, although HONEST Words often Harm Them longer, but There’s No Substitute for a Splash of Claret ….

Although Chicks have always Visited Me & I Always Had An “Open Heart & Mind,” My Sexual desperation & poor Fatherless upbringing meant I Dragged My Manhood through Gutter, for Years …. I Still have the Teeth Marks in My Bell End to Prove it, not to mention the Experience of a wee Girl in a Nightie Grabbing My Champer & running through the sewer works below Dog-World, cackling, “Tee hee hee, tee hee hee, cum wi’ me, cum wi’ me, riddle me ree, riddle me flea ….”

I of course, immediately Pulled Out My Magnascope Then threw a Mirror Down the Sewer Works to Observe The Pathways were the little maddie ran through the labyrinth …. As She ran, dragging My Champer behind Her, cackling & whooping, She passed-by an inlet, Whereupon I Saw David Jenkins, swinging from a Vine, in an alcove, shouting, “CARE IN THE COMMUNITAAAH” …. The increasing Magnification of My focus Then laid-bare the Con-tents of the Next recess, wherein Sat Kay Milton, hoping to Starve Her next Mark to death, by putting-Them-off eating, Every meal time, whilst Hoping to cause Them P.T.S.D., the hate-consumed bigot “fluctuating” to keep Them sweet, for Her eventual Visit, where She’d finish the Job, at Her Majesty’s Pleasure, as I Looked on She sat & Typed, “YOU ARE WHAT I AM, THAT PRETEND PROVES IT, YOU ARE WHAT I AM, THAT PRETEND PROVES IT …. YOU ARE WHAT I AM, THAT PRETEND PROVES IT, YOU ARE WHAT I AM, THAT PRETEND PROVES IT …. YOU ARE WHAT I AM, THAT PRETEND PROVES IT, YOU ARE WHAT I AM, THAT PRETEND PROVES IT …. YOU ARE WHAT I AM, THAT PRETEND PROVES IT, YOU ARE WHAT I AM, THAT PRETEND PROVES IT ….”

Then after passing that fucking loony, I Saw the “paraphiliacs” Neville Edwards, a Chicken-brained Spastic I’ll be exposing shortly, Who’s from a Family of Satan-worshipping, Self-deluded imbeciles, Who’s unaware I have His “home address,” Who was Sitting there watching E-bay lots He’s trying to shill-bid, NEEDING shot in His face, as if He can’t “win” then He Sends hate-mail, Every Day to The Human He’s tried to rob, Who foiled & exposed Him & He “felt punished” by, so He attempts to shill-bid The Humans’ Other lots, UNTIL He’s EXECUTED …. Otherwise the desperate imbecile will go-on suffering, EVERY Day, deluding Him Self The Human “MUST” Choose to have a negative Reaction to a UNITARD typing-&-hoping, guessing for ALL it’s worth …. Who gets-off on HOPING it’s being cruel …. (AKA “NEEDING” Shot through it’s face ….)

Otherwise You Witness it, including Groomed demonically-unselfaware Other Parties, eager to Prove They’re Self-deluded sadomasochism-addicted Atypically Western pieces-of-shit too …. Who were Also foiled in Their drooling imbecility, so still harrowed, by His Own “determination” but foiled at Every turn, in His pant-wetting incontinence to get PRETENGE against The Innocent Human, the PARAPHILIAC (You call HOMOSEXUAL) will go-on, in the 100% unjustifiable competition Only The Lunatic’s in, in the Conflict it Criminally started & which the Infantile-Monkey-Girl perpetuates at all costs, until it’s pretend-proven to itself alone, that 2+2=Banana-biscuits, FOR REAL !!!!

Then, last but not least, I Spun a final Mirror down the “Man Hole” to Be Able to See ’round the Final Corner & THERE laying on a Mattress, was what looked like Dog’s vomit & beside it was a Boy with a Plectrum shaped Head, Who looked like a Mic-stand when He turned Side-ways, the Only thing giving Him away, in His impression of being Human, was His quaking hatred at Having been Born to the flighty nightie, dragging My Member ’round the Bend, All of Whom were under the spell of a Grinning Retard with Shit for it’s brains …. I Could See the Harrow on All Their faces, as With or Without Cock, She Pops Up in the Middle of the Night Shouting R.E.M. are a great group, to go Stabbing in the Night to …. Whereupon They All run or crawl or roll for Cover ….

If Her Father/Step-Father “is” still on-the-go & Has Solemnly Observed The Song about a Father Bullying His Daughter, which Then causes Him to have an Epiphany & “that” then Leads to Them Both Embracing, so that His Hell-bound Hate-consumed hollow-head can finally Confess, “Ahm Sorry Hen, fur Startin’ You oaf in the wrang direction an’ influencing You tae ‘hink the same damned-joke is ALWAYS funny, when it’s simply the exact-opposite of What You Should Ever Say, ALWAYS, which I Never tire ae, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, but noh, seriously, I realise noo, that Ahm a cunt & need shot through ma face, fur no Dain’ mare to Rescue You an’ raise Ye Right, instead o’ being a spastic wi’ shite fur it’s brains, Who confirms it’s every bias and uses You tae delude Masel’ I’m a mob gangster, an’ shit like that, when Ahm actually a sad fat wanker with shit for it’s brains, so Ahm sorry hen, although I don’t feel remorse comorbid with Zero Self+Awareness amongst other incapacities, none-the-less I hope what Ahv just says has a profound affect and effect on You, now You’re in Yer mid forties and well-past it, to save Ye ken, frae the rude-awakening You’re bound tae otherwise experience, which wouldn’t really bother us, tae be truthful, but I’ve been moved by that Song, posted fae That Living Christ, Whom Ahm Existentially-envious of & wish I was as smart as, but Ahm no and like the rest ae yeez, ahm reduced to a 2D fantasy world where Farting is mah main pass-time, in-between Grinning imbecilically at the Exact-Same Joke wur Hail Family Laughs at, Every Day, oh, hoh, hoh, hoh, hah, haha, ahm away again, haha ,hahah, ha hah haha, cough, splutter, humans, aha haha haha, haha, oh, my hernia, I find their REACTION funny ever single time without exception, as it’s ALWAYS funny, when We believe rightly or wrangly that Humans are what We are, with a peanut between Wur ears, producing the Mountains of evil shite behind Us that is ALL Our Family represents, COME HERE LUV ’till a Squeeze Ye, tae mek it Aw look Convincing, ha ha ha ha haha haha hah ha ha ah hah ha AHHHHH, don’t squeeze tae hord, tae late, ahv let 1 go, HOH HOH Hoh Hohohohohoh Hoh hah hahaa, YEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS….” …. Then, I’d STOP Filming the Family watershed, at That Point if I was You, before the inevitable ensuing Sound of Adult Diapers Hitting the Floor, followed by the Sound of Octopuses French-kissing ….

Her Brother has a female mind, as does Her Son & She’s more Masculine than ALL the SPINELESS pathetic hell-bound subhuman cowards put together, but She’s the MOST Female Cunt I’ve Ever been Visited by in My Life …. 1 of the Most Nauseating aspects of Families of grossly Mentally-deficient Filth like that, can be seen in the Self-delusion of Giving Themselves Names to “Bind” the “ring” of retards …. eg “The A-Team” or “The Wolf Gang” or “The Amazing 4″ or “The subhuman-spastics with Shite for Their brains, delaying suicide, needing shot in the face” …. (Shite like that BELONG in Council-estates, which Should be Reclassified as a, “SAFARI” !!!!)

Unless You Provide psycho-paths with PHYSICAL PUNISHMENT the Lunatic gravitates towards “NEEDING” SHOT through the FACE & there’s no-lengths the animate-shite Won’t go to, as They WANT to FEEL like a “powerful” Bully, (AKA NEEDING to be “Instantly” DESTROYED) …. Shite like that were EJECTED from EVERY “Citadel” in History FOR A fucking REASON, yet Their psychology is STILL the Exact fucking same, ie Going round & round Looking for a way in, to Get You to Choose to Trigger Your Amygdala, it’s a MUST …. Which You NEVER Have to, yet I ASSURE You You “SHOULD” Execute Them ….

Hate Britain is Run EXCLUSIVELY by SPASTICS Who “NEED” hung, Who’ve “released” & INVITED “every” LUNATIC Ever Shat into Creation, into the Citadel & Given Them positions of AUTHORITAAAH to “abuse” You from, which are ORGANISED “rings” of 10’s of fucking THOUSANDS of “relentless” REALITY & HUMAN-Hating Psycho-paths with SHIT for Their brains …. Whilst the LOCAL Mong can be Relied on to Attack You Also, due to it’s programming & “Death-Wish” …. So GET THE FUCK OUT OF that Open-Air Asylum & Move to AFRICA !!!!

The MEANING of Life is Beyond the comprehension of Psycho-paths, Who are Self-made losers, Who delay-suicide as They Enjoy abusing Humans, as that makes Spazmo go Smiley-face …. Moreover, They can Think They exist in Reality & You don’t, if creepy-spastic can even-temporarily con or upset or menace You or are Afforded Privileges They’ve no Right to & Who’s “Legendary incompetence” is WHY Zionist Jews plant Them in Towers They “intend” to COLLAPSE, Who’s hair-brains “con-tinue” with the competition Only They’re in, even AFTER “2” Planes fly into the Side of The Twin Erections ….

However, in times where “MINUTIA” is Propagandised it allows Their tiny-mind to prey-on Those in Mental-Bondage, with Zionist Buzzwords & practiced crap aimed at Your Moral Conscience & “AMYGDALA” …. Reliving it’s CRUSHED past where You Re-Represent the Abusive Object & THIS TIME it’s the Winner, in it’s endlessly-repeat performance of NEEDING shot in the face …. So, any “reaction” can make the revisionist-recidivist “choose” to FEEL like it’s RISING from the grave of it’s pathological Gutter, which the insignificant lying imbecile is other-wise STUCK in, as Then the Binary Reptile can get-off as the Vulgar Spastic hops from Side to Side, hopping You Choose to Explain to a Transparent imp what it Already Knows ….

Under such conditions, even-though in a bygone Era It would’ve been KEPT on a Turnstyle & Soundly Beaten for “Starting it’s Crap,” conversely, Today it’s Turnstile is as Tall as Most Skyscrapers (See, leaping Bankers, “again” ….) …. On the lower level, the “endlessly-incontinent” INSIGINFICANT nit-wits often become desperate to “pretend-prove” that They’re not a high-functioning-retard & “any” tiny-point will-do for the worth-less pathological-liar …. ie The less-function the Lizardesque have at the front of Their brain & in Other Key Areas, the more feverish the Spastic becomes to con-vince itself that it’s the Arbiter of REALITAAAH, for as-long as You fail to Physically punish it ….

Thus it’s unconsciously-jealous “focus” on Innocent Humans, due to the Unitard’s hypercompetitive desperation to Try to become or remain Your Chicken-hat …. However, the nihilists’ numb-skull is VOID of Every Prerequisite Module to Exist in Reality, “thus,” it Obsesses over “Conning” Humans out-of Knowing The Truth, as then the Existentially-envious half-wit can con-tinue to “delude itself” it’s a Mastermind, to “pretend-prove” it Exists in Reality & Decree that You don’t & that it’s not so bad NEEDING shot in the face ….

Be-cause, if it wins the “Competition” against A Human, Whom the spastic is “Brain-jealous” of, (which only the conning slime-bag is in,) “therefore,” You Affording a “Sex-offender” infinitely more Respect than Your Ancestors did, Who takes-advantage of Your Friendliness, to Then trot-out it’s premeditated “disguised-crap,” which, if You simply “Give it the time of day” that as-good-as allows the Mindlessly-repetitive Self-deluding Beast to go-back to “Genuinely deluding” itself that “it is what You Are” & slow down it’s panting to a sigh of relief, as it confirms it’s bias, in yet-another competition Only it Knew it was in …. “Despite” The Fact that being Grossly mentally-handicapped is FUCK ALL LIKE The Human’s perception, Who Exist in Reality & Are Guided by The Truth “without” Having to Think about It, Thunk up “bullshit,” Hope to Offend or enter into “hypercon mode” ….

So I now “Look Forward” to 16000 offers to Sell Me a Tractor, so the “disguised” de-tractor can Then ask Me Questions, which the Talentless imbecilic evil Sex-offender will be getting-off on, as the sadomasochistic-spastic Knows it’s No Right to even Share the Same Planet as Me, so Will Feel it’s detoxing, magically trading-places & “supernaturally” transferring it’s “Humiliation, degradation & how belittling it feels to be Solely RESPONSIBLE for what it INESCPABABLY has BECOME” …. Thus magically, The Successful Farmer, Great Musician, Profound Genius, Unblemished Soul, Moral Leader, Phenomenal Writer, Legendary Philanthropist Responsible for Saving Countless Children’s Lives, Great Artist, Multi Multi Talent, Inventor, Outstanding Theorist, Deeply Humane Being, will TRANSFORM into a honking-mattress, with a Glass-full of Prosthetic odds & ends by My Bed, because a SPAZI pretends-it-believes the phrase, it DIES by, “YOU ARE WHAT I AM !!!!”


Every Psycho-path I Ever studied, was a piece of crap with shit for it’s brains, Who was EXACTLY like ALL the Other Mentally-impaired Kids, but, Who WOULDN’T STOP LYING to itself, to pretend-prove what the “primitive imbecile” wets it’s pants wanting You to pretend-along with …. ie I Repeat, it simply follows 1 of the Steps, from “A-H,” Every Single fucking time, “without exception,” due to the unitrad’s desperation to “Feel” as Deluded as it wants to remain, which is “why” Humans are all-but Extinct, so They can be replaced by True-Self loathing “demented” BEASTS …. eg Even After Reading ALL of This, the Spastic would STILL attempt to “disguise” PRETENDING to BELIEVE what it may WISH was TRUE then impotently hoping ….

Which is why many of Them become “somatic” as You WON’T & Shouldn’t “Pretend-along with Spazmo,” Who’s a Self-destructive, incontinent-asshole delaying-suicide, whilst NEEDING shot …. “Hi, I’ve gone got goned becomed gone Your bestest friennnnnnd …. (NOD & WAIT for Human to TALK & then SEIZE the moment) …. 2+2=Bananana biscuits, doesn’t it ?!?! …. Well if I gave You 2 Banana Biscuits, twice, How many banana-biscuits would You have !?!? …. (NOD & WAIT for Human to Say what Spazmo’s prepared, puff, pant, wheeze) …. HAH HA HAAH AH AHA, (As loudly as possible) …. I’m away, I’m away, That pretend-proves it, that’s it gone-got-goned pretend-provened, I WIN, YOU ARE WHAT I AM, That’s it ALL gone got goned pretendolonied, HAH HA HA AH AHA, YOU MUST feel how I impotently WISH now …. I’m GENUINELY HAPPY, that’s makes it You Who’s ME now, I’ve got PERMANENT pretenge, so I’ve GONE YOU, I’m YOU, YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ….” …. (In the little time You’ve got left, bring-back “HANGING” !!!!)

When You amplify the babbling of the most-crushed unitards You Hear, “Eventually it MUST Work, because I GENUINELY Am a Mindless Spastic with Shit for it’s brains, Who’s going-nowhere in Life, except-down, HUMILIATINGLY, humiliation after humiliation, degradation heaped-upon degradation, but My Motto’s FUCK IT, even-though I’m neuro-anatomically Short-sighted, which COULDN’T POSSIBLY by WHY I’m transparently Consumed with Hatred, due to the LOOPING end-result, every time & Being endlessly-incontinent isn’t a BIG deal, especially with Delusions of Intelligence & Delusions of Grandeur & delusions of delusions …. Eventually it MUST Work, so if I Keep on sliding-further down into the quagmire of My desperation, where even-the-most minuscule of delusions Will-do, I’ll go-on Hoping to OFFEND People in a 2D fantasy world, whilst delaying-suicide, as then I’ll FINALLY get PRETENGE & everything Will be Squared away, as when I prove I’m a piece-of-shit with shit for it’s brain, Who HATES the fucking TRUTH & THE TRUTH & THE TRUTH about how Truly hideously-ugly I am, so I MUST desperately See My Self as Being a Mastermind Who can Manipulate Humans into Becoming what I AM, Who MUST Choose to Trigger Their AMYGDALA if I just keep-going, I’m absolutely fucking brilliant, if My insignificant spastic-brain just keeps-on talking-shite or even typing-shite, acting-out need shot then The Human Who’s repeatedly HURT Me with THE INESCAPABLE Independent+Truth MUST FEEL like I Do, because I HATE The Truth …. Eventually it MUST Work, so if I keep-on PRETEND & HOPING by targeting tiny-points then The Human WON’T SEE ME AS I AM anymore & will MAGICALLY FEEL that TRANSFERENCE has taken-place, puff, pant, wheeze, as My ego’s ENTIRE DELUSION IS BASED UPON You CHOOSING to trigger Your Amygdala & have a CHAIN reaction to Me ADDING Chains to My Immortal Soul, puff, pant, wheeze, I’ve NOW Done-a-Typing, targeting ANY tiny-point My spastic brain doesn’t need Explained back to Me, so that’s it ALL gone pretend-proven that They are what I am now, oh, thank fuck, I no longer Need to be Existentially Jealous of Those Who HAVEN’T destroyed Themselves, THEREFORE aren’t Responsible for Having destroyed Themselves & therefore CAN’T then Feel how hate-consumed SPAZMO feels, Who’s simply a LUMP of breathing-waste on it’s way to hell, after it’s ALREADY hellish subsistence …. That’s it All gone PRETEND PROVENED, as My tiny-mind has done a PRETENDING pretend-proving with a BOGUS tiny-point & Now I can PRETEND I’m GENUINELY what the HUMAN is, so NOW the Human MUST feel that They are what I AM & I’m HUMAN AT LAST, AT LAST, I’M HUMAN & THE HUMAN ISN’T THE HUMAN ANYMORE Because I TALK UTTER FUCKING SHITE …. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS” …. Whilst in Reality, where I Exist, (Which Remains Constant,) the remains of the lunatic delaying-suicide remain the same, despite All it’s 2D, 1D & Semi-3D mindless-garbage ….

Reconsider My Life, far from the madding Herd Who Hate Their True Self & most of Whom See Themselves as Being Psychological-abusers, Who are PROOF it’s the END of the Civilisation …. Then Compare The Life I Lead to the lot of the Average Man …. When He’s being caused brain-damage by an Arbitrary psycho-path NEEDING shot in Her tits, Who’s an incontinent Arsehole Who tries to Cause Him brain-damage by emotionally distressing Him & if He doesn’t Pretend-along-with-Spazmo, She SCREECHES, “YOU ARE WHAT I AM” & abandons the scene of the crime …. However, if He Does “endure” the subhuman garbage NEEDING shot through Her mouth, then He’s STUCK Every Weekend BUYING the Whore’s favour & being TOLD that THE ONLY THING She’s Good for, which She’s often seen giving to a murdering-paedophile to PUT IN A BIN, is the REASON He MUST be ATTACKED by the SEX-OFFENDER redirecting Her sex-drive into ATTACKING Him, because otherwise He’d find-out She’s a Nympho-Maniac ….

ie Having The Sex She’d Prefer would mean The Beast would be giving Up Her imaginary-power, to A Man She doesn’t Feel is Good Enough for Her, even-if She’s got 1 eye, no Teeth, hob-nailed Feet, an Arsehole like a Well Entrance, Tits like a Couple of Empire biscuits, a Ginger Mohican at Both ends, a HONKING Fudge & less than Half a Brain, riddled with disease & a bloody serial-killer …. But 90% of females are INCAPABLE of “REMORSE” & “NEED” SHOT in the HEAD for Their PREDICTABLE BEHAVIOUR, in Countries where SCUM-BAGS are treated like Equals, because of that Neuro-Anatomical little-known “FACT” …. 1 Third of Males NEED to be Executed & an Additional 40% need PHYSICALLY Beaten on a Regular Basis, by “The Wise” SUPERIOR Human Beings the tiny-minded Beasts Will NOT RESPECT OTHER-WISE …. (This Song summed up the “Superficial” incapacity of the Whore-Who-Loved-Me, in Person ….)

As I Predicted, in a Previous Post, I ate All The Chocolate I’d Ordered, in Next to No Time, despite My Best Laid Plans & “Didn’t” Enjoy a solitary Mouthful …. The Dogs’ Enjoyed Theirs’ but I Live Vicariously Through Other People’s Enjoyment When it Comes to Narcissistic Pleasures …. I don’t Give to Receive, so it was Only Recently that Resonated More with Me, that I Do Receive when I Give, but it’s “Never” Motivated Me …. Purely Doing what’s Right is All Which Have Ever Been My Guiding Lights …. As Well As Self+Actualisation & A Love of Truth, on a Planet of sputtering SHITE ….

Because I’m a LIVING Christ I’m going to WARN the Fee-Male serial-killer Who May Read This, BEFORE This Next Sentence, which again Underlines I’m not in Competition with Anyone, nor Do I FEEL Great Triumph & Certainly don’t feel “orgasmic” Even-When Overcoming the evil & Their magical-thinking SPASTIC BRAINS …. Nor have I Ever Felt a Negative-DESIRE to get the “last” word, Which “means the world” to the petty-tiny-minded Lilliputians of freezing-cold Shitsville & Their temporary-goals for infernal “ETERNAL” Damnation …. The Phrase IS ?!?! …. “SHE TAKES AFTER ‘HER’ MUM !!!!” …. Ooooooosssshhhhh !!!! …. (Could You Feel that !?!? …. Could You ?!?!)

“IF” She also has a Father or Step-Father, Who’s “behind” Pimping Out His Daughter & Then getting-off on Contacting The Humans She’s been having sex with, whilst usually carrying-out Her P.T.S.D. campaigns against Them, then That IS the most SUBHUMAN, unselfaware bag-of-shit, You could Possibly imagine …. Who’s so retarded He smiles at That Fact, as it’s “mindlessly predictably” the “Exact-opposite” of what the Spastic “Hopes” You’d want Them to SEE Themselves as “being,” because “You KNOW” the ABSOLUTE fucking SHAME, You’d Feel if You were that low a form of life, an abject loser in Every conceivable way, Who’s impotent-denials “drills” Them hell-bound ….

Who’s better-off dead if They were “responsible” for malinfluencing A Girl, Who Could’ve ended-up Developing Her True “inner-self,” but NOW “Will” find Her Self in Her Own private hell, after Her “already” unenviable “hollow” agonising-demise, which I SEE Coming …. Instead of “BUM WORK,” THIS Is What A “HUMAN” Family would’ve Channelled A Girl in His Care Into, with even Half Her Gifts, now turned to shite, but Who for a Loooooooooooong time has Only had Her Self to blame ….

She wanted Me to Witness This Song, a Third of a Decade ago ….

What GREATER Kick in the Tooth would This Song “Be,” when DEDICATED to What You “are” & have been Towards Your Daughter, than the Song the wasted Marie McCallum epitomised Her Father’s mindlessly-repetitive “pressure,” imbecility & cruel-obsession to Let Me Know “why” She’s as-bad as She had “become” & remained …. (Although in the Next Breath, She’d Tell You it’s Her Mum, then Her Step-dad, Then Her Step-Mum, but Ultimately it’s “Her” True “Self” ….)

When a retard is scared it redirects that, like Everything else it can, into it’s Sex-drive & gets-off on Behaving like a Savage at a Bonfire, acting-out Needing shot …. eg If You caught it Shagging a Dog, it would Turn towards You & Start Giggling Manically & Grinning Broadly defiantly, STARING at You with Daring pyromaniac Eyes, Goading You, as it Knows that’s the “exact opposite” way it Should behave, as even in THAT position, They want You to “Choose” to Trigger “Your” Amygdala …. Simply Trigger Your Gun ….

I’m The Most Compassionate Man of All Time & I ASSURE You, Your FAILURE to Execute Anti-Human BEASTS, Who’s gripe is with Themselves & SHITE Exactly like Themselves, but Who Target Humans “instead” as All They Really Care about is Getting-off & That’s the THANKS You get for Treating SHITE as-though it was Equal, when it’s a High-functioning Monkey that “NEEDS” to be executed, for what it’s PROVEN itself to “be” …. ALL They live for is Sex & They’re a blithering IMBECILE, Who “genuinely” would deny the Nose on Their Own face & The Coupons of like-minded Filth They tend to form “rings” with …. Most of Them Feel like the Walking-dead, due to How They were “misappropriated” by Zionists & WANT the World to DROWN Them, under Tidal-waves of CONSEQUENCE ….

Humans Combining to “Be That Tide of Humanity” would Allow Their ring to Form 1 last faux Martyr-Hug, even-though They’re EVIL, degenerate, bags of SHITE, delaying-suicide & until You DO SO They’ll go-on PROVING to be Homocidal Self-bullshitting Lunatics & Lunatits AMAZED at Their gross-hypocrisy & ever-increasingly “determined” to Get Their Way, either Physically or “covertly” Employing “ambient-abuse” Techniques (as above) or Remotely-Hoping to Intimidate, confuse or Terrorise the Uninsightful Mark or Physically, with Death-threats thrown-in for Good Measure, behind-which They May “worsen” if They Like You as a Person …. I repeat, They’re PGYMIE SPASTICS Who have “FUCK ALL” which even REMOTELY resembles HUMANITY to Their “IMPARTIALLY” Scrutinised Behaviour & Who piss-away Their entire life Constantly LYING to Themselves, to Confirm Their bias, with Their tiny, minuscule, minute, Animacule-sized mind …. (See, Zionist Jews ….)

I once Read Celtic-fans, on-line, Triumphantly Celebrating Learning what “Cognitive dissonance” explains, about the “Remorselessly” Self-deluded, when Their preferred “ring” of lies Meets The “Insistence of Reality” & They “Realise” that They’re GENUINELY as SHITE a Person as it’s possible to be & a fucking evil cunt, so despite All Their babbling & the Confirmatory-bias of Their fellow Conspiratorial nutcases REALITY Remains Constant, so the MORON Then wants to ATTACK “Reality’s Proxy” …. (AKA a “hun” ….) …. The female Serial-killer was sub-hun & Dedicated This Song to Me, in Person ….

However, most Europeans have TINY minds & WHITE People are STILL the EXACT SAME as They were when They LEFT Africa, which They CHOSE to Move Away from because CIVILISED Human Beings Tried to STOP Them FUCKING Their Kids & PUNISHED Them for Being Sex-offenders & Liars …. They wanted RID of “obsessively-backward” imbeciles “addicting to ATTACKING Sex-Objects” to FEEL pseudo-superior, as a Sexual-Conquest which Ameliorates against The FACT that They’re mind-numbingly boring arseholes & Absolutely FUCK-ALL like how They “WISH” They were & if They ATTACK Someone Verbally or Physically or “detract” from Them in Any Way, if the Human Doesn’t PHYSICALLY Punish the Spastic-Monkey then the IMBECILE “feels” Better temporarily …. Before Starting all-over again, as an Enemy of The “HONEST” & The Humane & The Good & The Attractive & The “True+Self CONFIDENT” …. Towards Whom, You “SEE” how tiny Their mind is, it’s “INSECTOID” !!!! …. So, since the Ghoulishly-stupid retard believes it DESERVES to be PUNISHED, irrespective of How Self-deluded the Magical-Thinking Mental-Pygmy You SEND IT TO THE FUCKING UNDERTAKERS !!!!

The Weird Thing is, When I Wrote A Post recently, about A Girl (impersonating a Priest) obsessed with Transference & “Trading Places,” I have No Way of Knowing what Kirkintilloch’s murdering-mob’s “reaction” would’ve been to that, yet, I “Sensed” that a gruesome-twosome were horrified at how “Transparent” They are …. Ergo “impotent” & ineffectual & when Imbeciles are Rumbled Their “default” is to Pretend that wasn’t Their EVIL “plot,” ie They hope to “Con You out of Knowing” what You Just Told Them …. You’re Witnessing the Extinction of a Species Because there’s no PHYSICAL PUNISHMENT for “misery-mired” EVIL-SPASTICS, Who are prepared to ENDLESSLY Prove that They’re “ZERO-LEVEL intelligence LIARS” …. Their “BINARY” Pattern NEVER changes …. But 1 egg cress Salad for it’s Cat & a Nod from it’s Groomed clique & it’s All been Squared away, it’s been Smoother Over & now it’s Gone-officialled that “YOU ARE WHAT IT IS” & Now “They’re You” ….

Overcoming the Motley Crew of Kirkintilloch was like Taking Candy from Babies & Their Delusional imbecility can be Seen, even without Their brain-scans, as the End Result of ALL Their evil practices are Self-Evident, whilst I Ascend to New Levels of God’s Reward on A Daily Basis …. However, whatever “They” believe “MUST” be what’s happening, even-when They KNOW They lack the Mental-equipment to Exist in Reality …. The lying-returd “feels” like You must be what “They” are, the more “shit” it talks, especially if You don’t Come Right Out & Expose the asshole or Kick the shit out of it ….

ie Their Shits garbage, but You EXECUTE shite like that & I’ll be Exposing More Families Garbage over the Coming Vids …. However, Expect the malicious hell-bound reptiles to BEG the “like-minded” Who’s wages YOU pay, to IMPRISON Me for “Their” evil, which MUST Continue to be PUNISHED by The Moral+Law, then for Eternity & “Should” Be PUNISHED by “YOU,” by Your Distance or Your Right Hand …. Otherwise YOU “WILL” be punished “too” …. (See “Hitler” …. Who was a 3 Year old Girl, spliced with a Rhesus Monkey, NEEDING shot in the face ….) …. Incidentally, the female serial-killer Dedicated This Song to Me, in Person ….

What I Originally Thought was an Idiot, is Simply an evil Congenitally-stupid Sex-offender “acting” Being Intelligent, Who so lacks Self+Awareness it simply Comes across as Being an Idiot, to A Human’s Perception of Reality, Who are Groomed to Fail to PUNISH it …. The act is to hide the Existentially-envious wretched-beasts’ evil-intention, ie Hoping You CHOOSE to REACT to the inconsequential piece of shit …. So-called Psycho-paths are so fucking stupid, the “SOLITARY pathology” of the subhuman reptile is-such that if They attempted to Seduce You outside a Kebab Shop called “The Spew-inn,” in Leeds & “didn’t” Know that You’re the Raj of the Taj Mahal, in India, then, after They failed to get You to Choose to react to Their provocation, the Spastics would “take” You Returning to India as Being Proof that They’re “responsible” for You not wanting to live in “Hunslet” anymore ….

Then Even-After They See The Raj Smiling, Outside The Taj Mahal, the mindlessly-unselfaware reptards, with shit for Their brains, Who are the GREEDY SCUM of the fucking Earth, with 1 Thumb in Their Mouth & the Other up Each Others Ass, will Thunk, “Just try the exact-same thing anyway and See-if ….” …. They then Send the Raj hate junk-mail, with a heading in Lilliputian, which Translates as, “SORRY TO HAVE MADE YOU HAVE TO GIVE UP GETTING YOUR DINNER FROM THE SPEW-INN, You MUST Choose to Feel BAD about that now ….” …. Then the unselfaware evil-spastics, panting in sadomasochistic-expectation, impotently-hope for a reaction that can Never be, whilst staring at a blinking cursor which has become Their Entire apology for a life “.”

ie “YOU” are “Paying” for that shite to DO that for a “living” …. Whilst I’m Getting 5 Inquiries Per Day to buy My Farm now …. I won’t be Able to Push Them Away, so it Looks like I’m for the off & I may have to Say Goodbye to Cleo, despite wanting to Dognap Her, (Decisions, Decisions) …. However, cut forward a few Months & when I’m Sitting on Top of a Mountain in Africa or Portugal 1st, when Cheryl forwards Me a message, which got past the Anonymous Zen Desk, Which I Then Decide to Translate from Swahili, it reads, “SORRY TO HAVE MADE YOU HAVE TO LEAVE CLEO You MUST Choose to Feel BAD about that now & I bet You wish You were still living on a freezing cold Island of hell-bound Spastics, SOOooooOOOOooorrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyy ….” …. (See, “Guessing & Hoping” ….)

Which sometimes makes the delirious “lunatics” FEEL as though They’re being a bully, but Unless the Paraphiliac is “Certain” that You’ve Chosen “the desired-reaction,” then They simply Think, “Just keep-going, just keep-going, eventually He MUST translate from Simian to Human & then Choose a Reaction, at a Rate faster than 0 to 1 Third of a Decade” …. ie Despite That Rate needing to become INFINITELY faster, which an Infinity of Self-deluded Chicken-brains will NEVER be Capable of ….

Cue semi-beings impotent-monotony, “Just keep-going, just keep-going, because We Definitely DO Need shot through Our faces, so Eventually He MUST want to Execute Us & so that’s a Reaction & that Must cause Him the Brain-damage which tiny-minded Bog-beasts delaying-suicide are impotently HOPING for …. He must, He MUST, because a spastic has done-a-wishing on it’s suspiciously-stained wank-board, so it’s a MUST, a stinking reptile has THUNKED up PROOF that it’s a piece-of-shit & So self-deluded I Thunks I’m a mastermind, so it’s a MUST, a MUST, this is what the People of hate-Britain are PAYING for, so it’s a MUST, Erol can’t let the tax-payer down ….”

In Person, I read a “Tell” when I Spoke to the Ginger-whore about Horoscopes …. ie Countless People Think it’s about “Themselves,” yet of-course it’s deliberately vague & Open to Interpretation & Relies on the Narcissistic adaptation of the Reader …. Although the “time” of Year You’re Born “can” have an Affect on You, as well as Larger Inter-Stellar Influence, eg The Moon can cause “weak assholes” to Become even-more depraved, thus the Description, “LUNATIC” …. Especially if, inside, although They may not be Able to Feel Any “Depth” of Emotion, They spend Countless Nights a prisoner of Their hypercompetitive grandiose evil delusions ….

NEVER Petition Someone out-of Destroying Themselves, as You may Realise that They’re Doing the Right thing …. However, if They target Others to “imbecilically” See-if They can leave Their shite with Them, You simply See how “hideous” a wretched-abomination Most People are …. This Photo was taken, by a Witness, the last time I was Visited by the female serial-killer …. So, for The LAST time & more for the Sake of the inner-child I Saw in Person, all Those Years ago, Speaking Directly to Her, “Take A Right Turn Clyde !!!!”

You “See” the assholes-that-be’s “token” gestures, which the “restrictive” avenues con-trolled by paedophiles process …. Yet NO HUMAN Men Are SOLVING A “Huge” Volume of problems & Leading with Brilliant Solutions, on A Daily Basis …. Instead, 3 Year old Monkey-Girls are “creating” problems, as They’re Tantric-Spastics, egging Each-other on …. Until They’re resigned to Hell “or” People Wake+Up & Depose needlessly being Abused to death by a distant paedophile-ring of pygmy-reptiles, Who get-off on mass-murder, the exact-same-way a bitterly nihilistic low-life returd temporarily feels-big when it imagines “Transference” is taking place, after it acts-out Needing shot …. But since hollow-headed 3 Year old paraphiliacs, with Shit for brains, Who “need” Done-in, have “Replaced” Humans, it signals the End, EXACTLY as You Saw before Dresden was carpet-bombed ….

Lunatics & Lunatits are Truth-hating ego-maniacs Who’s ENTIRE concept of Intelligence is Saying or Doing what They KNOW They Need blow-away for, whilst You’re in Mental-Bondage, as They have like-minded Reptiles on Every perch, drooling Over Humans, Whom the “anal-retentive” have NO REAL gripe against, it simply “temporarily” gets Them off & fleetingly ameliorates against the “hell-bound” Spastic’s JUST+DESSERTS …. With The ENTIRETY of The Universe to Look To for escape from what ails Them, but what Would They Wank over Out There, when They’ve got the anger or hurt on Your Face in mind !?!?

After a reptile’s done-a-hoping, as part of Their lengthy ambition to cause You P.T.S.D., then, if You “Choose” to react-negatively to what the Semi-Simian Grossly mentally-deficient 3 Year old Girl is superficially hoping-for, in it’s petty minuscule fantasy-world of ACTING-OUT NEEDING shot in it’s face, THEN, whilst You attempt to explain to an Absolute IMBECILE what it ALREADY KNOWS, it Will Stand before You, feeling TRANSFERENCE is Magically taking-place & ghosts from it’s past, (Whom Your OBJECT represents to the animate-shite,) are being slain, AGAIN & again & again, again & again & again, again & again by Donkey Haughty ….

Then, whilst stroking the “hollow temple” of it’s subhuman Brain, billing & cooing, in-worship of it’s UNITARD pathology, it’s pryo-maniac eyes Void of Any Semblance of Humanity, “HOPING You’re DAMAGINGLY at the BITING point,” between Fight or Flight, whilst the insignificant “Sex-Offender” pulls the EXACT-OPPOSITE Expression from the 1 it “Hopes” You’d Expect …. Whereupon, it “mindlessly” repeats in the hollow between it’s ears, “SPASTIC BRAIN, SPASTIC BRAIN, My wonderful, WONDERFUL SPASTIC BRAIN, SPASTIC BRAIN, SPASTIC BRAIN, What can I pretend I believe NEXT with My SPASTIC BRAIN, which I would NEED shot through the face for, SPASTIC BRAIN, SPASTIC BRAIN, My wonderful, WONDERFUL SPASTIC BRAIN, SPASTIC BRAIN, SPASTIC BRAIN, What can I pretend I believe NEXT with My SPASTIC BRAIN, which I would NEED shot through the face for, SPASTIC BRAIN, SPASTIC BRAIN, My wonderful, WONDERFUL SPASTIC BRAIN, SPASTIC BRAIN, SPASTIC BRAIN, What can I pretend I believe NEXT with My SPASTIC BRAIN, which I would NEED shot through the face for, SPASTIC BRAIN, SPASTIC BRAIN, My wonderful, WONDERFUL SPASTIC BRAIN, SPASTIC BRAIN, SPASTIC BRAIN, What can I pretend I believe NEXT with My SPASTIC BRAIN, which I would NEED shot through the face for, SPASTIC BRAIN, SPASTIC BRAIN, My wonderful, WONDERFUL SPASTIC BRAIN, SPASTIC BRAIN, SPASTIC BRAIN, What can I pretend I believe NEXT with My SPASTIC BRAIN, which I would NEED shot through the face for, SPASTIC BRAIN, SPASTIC BRAIN, My wonderful, WONDERFUL SPASTIC BRAIN, SPASTIC BRAIN, SPASTIC BRAIN, What can I pretend I believe NEXT with My SPASTIC BRAIN, which I would NEED shot through THEIR FACE for, SPASTIC BRAIN, SPASTIC BRAIN ….” …. EXECUTE it !!!!

You See Magical-Thinking, when You Consider, ALL the serial-killers I Studied Asked misleading Questions, to “Confirm Their Bias” that a Load of old Shite, They Tell Themselves, is True …. As They’ve NO INTENTION of improving on Choosing to get worse, on Their way to hell, for Eternity …. However, iIf You don’t Come “Right Out” & Let on That You know They’re attempting to Con You into Giving an Answer to a “Different” Question, which “suits” Their Determination to NEVER Admit The Truth to Themselves, especially if it “hurts,” then You See Them “NOD” & even pull a Clenched Fist of Victory, in the Competition Only They’re in, to “pretend-prove” what They “KNOW” is TOTAL BULLSHIT, until They “believe” it “again” & is yet-more proof of Their weak surrender to the Achilles-Body of Their Brain’s arrested development ….

In the Great Novel, “Of Mice & Men,” Lennie hurts “Living Objects” without Meaning to, at times …. Which is Why SHITE like that Want to Be in CHARGE, because that way They can PUNISH You when THEY get it wrong …. If They make up the rules Then They can NARROW the parameters, without True Concept of The Bigger Picture, beyond Their ever-dimming ken, in a desperate bid to limit the Consequence “seemingly” to Zero, in a Mind which was Meant for Darkness, which REJECTS Light & yet will “immaturely” call itself Illuminati ….

They ALSO want to “Confirm” that EVERYONE is EVIL, due to the “Source” of The Asshole producing it …. eg If You CORRECTLY Swat a Mosquito in front of Them, that’s “ENOUGH” proof for a Serial-killer to “have” it’s EXCUSE to believe that You’re the SAME as the hollow-skulled “returd” & therefore You Deserve it, have it coming, brought it on Your Self & are Asking for it …. Moreover, despite Them having Committed a Lengthy campaign against a Mark, ANY “slight” the incontinent-asshole SUFFERS from, during or after it’s been Successfully “foiled,” means that the FOOL Who Sees Others as Being OBJECTS must get PRETENGE, at ALL costs, forever …. To “ALL” such Vermin I Say, “SUFFER, You little bitch !!!!”

ANYTHING a tiny-minded SPASTIC can SHOUT about, it will, which it will ALWAYS do UNLESS You’re prepared to Spoon-feed it SLOWLY, every minuscule piece of information, to Pre-Vent the UNITARD from BOMBASTICALLY targeting tiny-points to PRETEND the ENTIRE Universe away, in it’s perverse-hope to Trade Places with You, in it’s Weather-House See-Saw LOONY-TUNES mentality …. It’s Your MORAL Obligation to Provide SHITE like that with PHYSICAL Punishment …. Better Still, Distance Your Self from ANY Country that would PUNISH “You” for CORRECTLY Providing VERMIN like that with “CONSEQUENCE” …. Irrespective, LEAVE a country over-run & AWASH with animate-effluent like that, as Otherwise YOU ARE unavoidably DOOMED too ….

Lesbianism is honking-degeneracy perpetuated by Core-inadequate Attention-whores Who are Narcissistic mental-handicaps, Zionist Jews tend not to Tell You that & They try Their worst to “pervert” the Remaining 30%, Who are Human Men in Female Bodies …. The poor bastards …. Without ATTENTION the Lesbian goes-off Her partner, HALF the Excitement to the paraphiliac’s mind is Your REACTION, which if it’s “negative” then “Encourages” the Nano-mind to bury Her face even-more in Nana-bush, Who THEN adds being Lesbianic to Her Arsenal to use against Men, as She can Always go to the Furry side of the Cup, if He doesn’t Allow Her to abuse & get-off on Dominating Him …. I’m So Attractive to the Opposite-of-Sex, that Even the most Man-hating hell-bound Rug-munching savage, was Maniacally Attracted to Me, but instead of Going to bed with 1, Put “EVERY” paraphiliac Lesbian in a Car-crusher En-Masse & Get Them ALL to fuck ….

ALL Psycho-paths have a death-wish & no Self-Awareness, so Their insect-sized Mind grows in Confidence until You Can SEE that the Spastic believes it’s got an Invisible Rapier, with a BLUNT Amygdala …. ie A minuscule mind that Fantacises it’s Life away …. So The Sooner The Better !!!! …. In Their more LUCID moments, They’re “slumped” & miserable, nursing Their numb-skull, still-unwilling to blame Themselves for devastating Their Own life & “dementing” Their degenerating Chicken-brain, with Their endless REALITY-denying arrogant lunacy …. ie They REALISE “They’re SHITE & They KNOW They are ….”

In Either “direction” a MAD abusive cunt NEEDS Their faced kicked-through, especially if They “reveal” Themselves, eg When You’re “GIVING” Them what They Should be Grateful for, which They “desperately” Bullshit is somehow magically-doing You a favour “or” When They’re Ejaculating in front of You, which Most Humans wouldn’t Know is happening or that They “NEED TO” Execute it upon detection …. Over the last 10 Years alone, You’ve become 600% more likely to BATTERED to DEATH by a Lesbian in a relationship, than a Man …. But Zionist LIES take-advantage of the Fact that 2 out of Every 3 Females is INCAPABLE of “REMORSE” & Doesn’t Believe what She wishes wasn’t True …. Ergo the FUCKING LUNATIT Who’s a wishful-thinker DELUDES Her Self further, until She’s face down in a Vodka cup !!!!

So, unless You Say, “NOH DINNY, DINNY MARGO, DINNY BE A LEZZER, LOOK AHV GOAT AW IT TAKES TAE PLEASE AN’ ENTERTAIN YE, DINNY GO WI’ A HOWK, AS YE DINNY KEN YER OWN SENSES, THERE MUST’ BE SUNHINK WRANG WI’ YE, Noh, noh, Ah didny mean WRANG wi’ YOU, AH MEANT that You’re NO AWARE of or RESPONSIBLE for it, like AW the times You’ve SQAUWKED YER HEID AFF AT US AN’ THEN LATUR WHEN YER WANTIN’ SUHINK AFF US YOU JUST WAVE-IT-AWAY AS THO IT WAS AN ABERATION AN’ NEVER HAPPUND AN’ THEN THINK MORE OF ME FOR what You later caw being a SPINELESS BASTART, but then LAUGH and CACKLE and look delirious as Your eyes roll up in Yer heid and You say, YE CANNY WIN WI’ ME BOAY, YE CANNY WIN, HA HA HA HA HA HA AH AH AHAH AH AHAHAHA, KIND OF LIKE THAT, AN’ THEN YOU ATTACK ME PHYSICALLY AN’ AH LUV YE SAY MUCH THAT I ENDURE IT, AN’ YE KICK US OOT AE MA AIN HOOSE AN’ THEN WHEN I BEG for the 17th time, USUALLY, Ye let Us back in an’ the PLACE has been TOTALLED, usually after the POLIS hus let Us oot for Havin’ BREATHED in a Suspiciously Male way near Ma Ane Hoose, so PLEASE MARGO, DINNY, DINNY GO WI’ A LEZZER, em, ah mean, eh, A SPECIAL baby lady-cake, DINNY go wi’ wan ae thae wee roasters, noh, noh, YOU DON’T MEAN that, noh, noh, DINNY SAY they kind of things tae Us, I’m NO’ in ANY competition with a Woman’s ARSE fetish You’ve goat, Ah’ve goat the Same fetish Masel, but it’s YOU I LUVS, noh Yer arse, although it Would be Nice for You to REDIRECT Your sex-drive INTO IT occasionally, instead of ATTACKING My Mind and causing Me to feel DRAINED whilst Your eyes roll up in Your Hied again, due to Your ANAL-Retention I could Help FUCK oot Ye, AYE, aye OK, OK, Ok STOAP, just stoap a minute, stoap hittin’ us PLEASE, AWRIGHT, awright, Ah’ll get oot ae ma ain Hoose again, Could You jus’ Tell Us tho, if Ah go doon the pub wull I be considered to be a FUGITIVE at-large for No’ being here when You phone the polis-farce ?!?!”…. My Point Being if He “DOESN’T” Endure the tyranny of a hell-bound Harpie, Then, She “goes-off” the latest Tart & fancies a Bit of FUN at the EXPENSE of a Man & His “nervous system” again, instead …. I repeat, if He doesn’t take the EVIL joke seriously She’s Instantly “Magically Straight” & if He doesn’t then Hell-mend the other “unenviable” Man-hater too ….

Zionist Jews, (ie Genocidal Paedophiles,) invented Feminism, to promote “Self-amazing” Fee-Male Sex-offenders, Who are Addicted to Seeing-if They’ll have Their Neck broken for behaving in a Manner “They” Believe They Need Their Neck broken for & if They “aren’t” Physically-Punished then the imbecile “temporarily” feels that the “spell” has been broken, due to Her trying-Her-worst to Psychologically-abuse An Innocent Man, because She WON’T STOP LYING to Her Self, which is “what” Gives rise to the Spastic’s hypercompetitive inferiority-complex …. The “disparity” between Her BULLHIT & Reality MAKES Her feel BAD, which the DUNCE-CUNT converts into being “HIS FAULT” ….

Then, FEELING Openly triumphant, Her face “quakes” in Happiness, with pyromaniac eyes, hoping to Compound His “reaction,” as the Innocent Man magically-re-embodies the Mindless-bigots’ past demons …. ie BELIEVING She’s OVERCOME the EVIL of Her Chosen past, Whom the Present Male OBJECT represents, to the Panting Paraphiliac …. The onanist Abomination soon goes-back to the Bigots’ “default” misery-position & on it goes …. (AKA Continuing to Need Her scrawny Neck broken ….)

Picture a moral-imbecile PROUDLY Revealing that it’s yet-another of the BILLIONS of “evil-nuisances” Who have SHITE for Their brains …. The Zionist Jews’ progeny are falling-over Themselves to Declare Their vulgar arrested-development & hideously-ugly True-self, as Best Profiled by Burns in Tam O’Shantar …. As You’d “expect,” when it’s displaying it’s wretched-decrepitude, the unselfaware garbage is “wanting” You to Choose the “reaction,” the returd is impotently-hoping for, because You’ve Witnessed a “degenerate” Sex-offender Display a Declaration that it’s irredeemably “beyond HELP” & amongst “the unenviable” ….

The few remaining Humans’, being preyed-on by Walking-abortions, Predominately aren’t aware that LUNATICS with SHITE for their brains, Who are Self-deluded Garbage NEEDING shot through their hollow head, are simply attempting to ameliorate against the hum-drum life Their handicapped brain would have to SETTLE for, but WON’T when it’s got a MAGIC-trick, courtesy of MORALITY-dictating MORALLY-vacant Zionist Jews & Their planted AUTHORITAAAH …. Who pretend They’re the ARBITER of REALITAAAH, because They don’t Fear being SHOT in the face by “YOU” & have ORGANISED Themselves into “ring” within “ring” of PRIMITIVE SAVAGE bestial-hypocrisy, which They’re DAMNED and DOOMED to “FACE” hell for, for ETERNITY …. (But insignificant GLIB shite like that will PRETEND hell-away, “irrespective” of How Many times They’re UNMISTAKABLY & “inescapably” punished …. Tssk, Tssk ….)

The AMBITION of the evil is proportionate to the suffering They experience Themselves & Their disappointments, which They’ll con-tinue, “despite” The Evidence that They’re a hideous-reptile “solely responsible” for Their appetite for horrific Self-destruction …. Yet, They’ll Still go on Seeing-if the Raj will be put-off Walking in The Blissful Gardens of The Taj Mahal, because a Couple of Spastics from Nitshill are lying in Their bed, stinking up the place, impotent-hoping He’ll miss the Curry-House in buyers’-rode, all the while Wishing They were Human “instead” …. As They float in & out of fantasy, with Their Tommee Tipppee mobile’ over Their mainly-hollow skulls, imagining Themselves to be the Monarch on Their “TOILET-Throne,” where no-one could Envy Them, passing the Royal stool ….

Zionist Jews Knew that fags & hags are NOT EQUAL, by ANY STRETCH of the WILDEST IMAGINATION, to “HUMAN” Men, as They lack “REMORSE” or Reasoned & Rational EMPATHY towards Anyone They can’t Dominate & Who won’t accept abuse from an incontinent 3 Year old NEEDING it’s Teeth kicked in, because it wants You to psychically & precognitively pretend-along with a ruthless pathological-liar, Who’s idea of Intelligence is NEEDING strangled to death UNLESS You “Pretend-along-with-SPAZMO” ….

The Zionist SHITE Know that the CLOSEST which 90% of “Western” Fee-Males can get to ANY Semblance of Love is simply Fierce Loyalty, which They Rarely show & AGAIN is simply a Narcissistic-Projection of Their Own histrionic tiny-bubble-brain, which aggrandises “itself” …. When in Reality, Where I Exist, They’re a fucking CURSE on All Those around Them, especially Their nearest & “dearest,” an ACCURSED evil-burden They’re Determined to Pass-on to The Next Gene-ration & due to Their endless Confirmatory-bias, the Broken-clock never “Realises” that Fact or FEELS the BLAME, until it’s Far too-late or in-deed “ever” ….

Most mental-pygmies I’ve Witnessed, BEGGING Me to slay Them, were lost in Their feats of DARING do …. You SHOOT evil-doers through Their SUBHUMAN face, “Irrespective” of Their BULLSHIT sob-story …. For the “way” the SPASTIC feels ENTITLED to or has Calculated it can get-away with, ie It’s 100% Moral for You to EXECUTE it …. Blow it’s fucking tiny-brain out of it’s half-hollow Skull …. If You CAN’T DO that in the Country You’re in, You’re being “oppressed” Morally by hate-consumed SHITE, exactly like that, Who’d POINT & unsurprisingly Say, “YOU ARE WHAT I AM,” for KNOWING You Execute “the evil” …. Zionists want to OUTBREED Humans, to bring-in the “SPASTIC-SOCIETY,” Who are Self-destructive fucking-imbeciles with SHIT for Their brains, Who fuck-up EVERYTHING They Touch, then “PRETEND otherwise,” WITHOUT end, until You’re CARPET BOMBED, which You’re slowly “being” subjected-to RIGHT NOW !!!! …. (HINT, HINT !!!!)

Upon reading that, any unimportant Troglodyte, even-with Shite pouring out of it’s Every Orifice, Would GRIN imbecilically & slightly drool, whilst Thinking that “I’m” Having the “REACTION” the Spastic wishes-for Every time it’s brain produces a cum-bubble …. In it’s day-dream, atypically deluding-itself that it’s in-1 & up-1 in an Imaginary pecking-order & it’s Obviously-Correctly REJECTED genes are winning an old battle against the Humans it’s Ancestors “instigated” Conflict with & then “perpetuated” it, until They were incorrectly-launched, when the creeping-spastics should’ve been MORALLY Executed instead !!!!

In a lucid moment and an Honest flash, They’d tell You Themselves that it’s a SHITE Person to have been born, when They See The Alter-Native …. However, They need ONLY Visit The Zoo, to Count Themselves LUCKY that They’re MORE Evolved than a Monkey, but instead The THANKLESS Talking-Bonobo psychotically wants PRETENGE because You won’t PRETEND it’s HUMAN & then let it RULE You & then just SIT THERE, in SILENCE & LET IT KILL YOU, LET IT, LET IT KILL YOU, LET IT, LET IT, LET IT PROVE IT’S SUPERIOR to be a MONKEY NEEDING SHOT in the face, than a “Humane” Being, Who doesn’t TALK UTTER FUCKING SHITE near-constantly, whilst pretending it’s “GREAT” to DESTROY & BETRAYING Everything You can Shake a stick at ….

They actually EXPECT You to Answer to Them, as Narcissists Think They’ve got the Measure of Human Beings …. KICK UTTER FUCK out of Them & DRAG Them about by The Hair & STAMP on Their Face until You See a Chicken-McNugget roll out of Their hollow-head, which is what They WANT, as They Think They can “win” That battle as Well …. GO ALL OUT, fucking EXECUTE it, it’s subhuman SHITE & EMBODIES the EXTINCTION of “HUMANE” Beings, Who are The Most BEAUTIFUL Creatures of ALL fucking TIME …. Yet the McNuggets are the same GARBAGE You’ll get Saying, “ANIMALS ARE BETTER THAN HUMANS ….” …. Because Animals can’t TELL THEM THE TRUTH about how inadequate They Truly Are or Remind Them about how Neglectful or RETARDED Their bullshit is & Humans “Correctly” DO ….

So Their bullshit translates as, “I HATE HUMANS, even-though They’re MORE Beautiful than ANY Animal Drawing Breath, because I’m a HIDEOUSLY UGLY, brutal, savage animal Whom Humans WON’T PRETEND is SUPERIOR to Being Humane, so I PRETEND a CAT is Superior to HUMANS, because I’ve got SHIT for My Brains & Humans won’t PRETEND I’m Elvis or Marilyn WHENEVER I FEEL like that & instead They CORRECTLY want NO MORE to do with My evil BIRD-BRAINED hen-pecking hypercompetitive hypocrisy & MENTAL OBSESSION with trying to get Humans to TRIGGER Their Amygdala so I can Think-Magically & which makes Me temporarily FEEL better, which I NEED shot through the fucking FACE for & UNTIL Humans PUNISH Me I’ll just get WORSE & WORSE & worse & blame THEM & Them & then NEGLECT the Cat, but that’s Somebody Else’s fault & The Cat won’t Remind Me, so nor WILL I …. EVER ….” …. Spot The Difference if You can !!!!

So, irrespective of the Hate-Consumed, whether They Be a Starter or a “STARER,” Who prides itself on being “one Who pretends to believe without-end,” HOPING that “eventually” You’ll be Conned-into Choosing to Trigger Your Fight-or-Flight-mechanism, because an Arsehole-with-dentures has “impotently” WISHED for long-enough, with all it’s Might …. However, I RECOMMEND You “DO” Trigger Your Amygdala & then CHANNEL that How You See Fit, with or without Witnessing a desperate defunct degenerate debauched deranged & demented Spastic 1st …. ie Stand Up & get as far away as possible from a nightmare-crèche of incontinent-arseholes Who are essentially ANIMATE-SHITE, “CONSUMED” by Their TRUE-SELF “loathing,” into becoming a Hate-filled VACUUM …. “RESULT” !!!!

When an imbecile, with SHIT for it’s brains, thinks it can “beat You at the fighting,” by routinely-mistaking Kindness for weakness, the hypocrite soon Exhibits it’s TRUE Self & becomes the Arbiter of arrogance, especially if it’s JEALOUS of the Humane Being …. Which the incontinent-retard WILL always become “sooner-or-later” & if it’s grossly-miscalculated Then the Behemoth becomes increasingly DESPERATE to WIN the temporary ego-salve of Behaving in a Manner, towards the AUTONOMOUS Sex-Object, which the WORTHLESS CHIMP Needs PUNISHED for …. If it can get-away with that, then the subhuman-garbage temporarily Feels it’s Successfully beaten “ITSELF,” as it’s Obviously been Narcissistically-projecting it’s TRUE-Self loathing & gross-inadequacies at the Evolved Human Being ….

“SEX-OFFENDERS” are essentially bird-brained LIZARDS in Human Form & They’re ALL the exact-same & have GROOMED You into FEARING being Thought-of as Being what THEY ARE, for CORRECTLY reflecting PHENOMENALLY-DISGUSTING subhuman “EVIL” sadomasochism-addicted hollow replicants, as THEY Truly ARE …. (As though that was Somebody else’s fault) …. But, since most of Them are Desperate to “FEEL” that They’re somehow GOOD People, it produces nothing-but more evil behaviour, due to Their wilful-incontinence, towards Those They’re “also” GROOMED to ATTACK, on behalf of Zion, for simply “SEEING Them” as They TRULY Are …. There’s an ENORMOUS disparity between the WISHFUL delusion of the average unevolved Western-Genes (“Due to Citadel Ejection”) & the LOWEST Entry-Level Classable as “Genuinely” Being “Authentically” HUMAN …. Which becomes “clearer” when Many of Them will Say Their CRIMES against Humans are for Their “Family” or Are Moral …. Now “REREAD” This Paragraph & NOTE The Operative Word !!!! …. (Too late, as an insignificant Bird-brained Unitard already TRIUMPHANTLY Squawked, “PHRASE … It’s an Operative Phrase …. Ha Ha Ha ha haha h Ha h Ah HA HAH H HAaha h HAh ha ah ah haaha ….” …. Bothered !?!?)

Bullies are simply Brutal half-wits Who’ve got carried-away with PRETENGE against Anyone-but The REAL Culprit, ie Themselves & All the SHITE “behind” Them …. They can actually Think They’re Genuinely “sticking-up” for Themselves at times, but it’s what slithers between Their ears or Sticks-up between Their legs NEEDS “Put Down” …. The Solution is to DISTANCE Your Self “Proportionately” to How EVOLUTIONARILY Distanced You are from the Subhuman Garbage I used-to Treat Compassionately, before I discovered How to Shoot down a Tree with 16 bullets, In A Jungle, with A Beaming Smile ….

Evil cunts are an information of fuck-all …. The SUM Total, of the Insight of the FILTH, You’re being subjected to, dressed in clown-outfits & wigs & capes & in ALL Their guises, is BASICALLY, “SPAZMO GO UNHAPPY FACE,” if You try to stop Spazmo from Being part of an Organised “Ring” of Human Bashers or Solo Bashing …. Moreover, the “organised” resistance are just a bunch of disparate Narcissists Who ALL want to be the 1 Who LEADS The World Out of “Bondage to Extinction” …. Which They PLAN ON accomplishing by Proving They’re a pyramid-obsessed nit-wit Who “DOES FUCK ALL” except hand-out fliers or march with paper or “PETITION” the evil-obsessed for MERCY or types hollow Posts on Their unicellular websites, whilst Rome BURNS & Children scream & HUMAN Men & Women are murdered, by ORGANISED “VIOLENT” Zionist “rings,” so subhuman filth can get-off on “Doing unto Others” what They Can NEVER Justify & Pretend “YOU ARE” if You even “SUGGEST” PHYSICAL PUNISHMENT “IS” THE “FINAL” SOLUTION ….

I’m Glad I’m Neither Eastern or Western, I’m An Evolved Hybrid with African Foundation …. I SEE How Society Would Be “Encouraged” & if You’ve Lasted This Long, SLOW DOWN & Appreciate The Following …. A Mum when She’s Given Birth SHOULD Be Treated with SUPERIOR Respect at ALL times, which would Keep Her from degenerating so She could MAINTAIN That Deserved Standing …. ie She’d be “introduced” as Being A Mother & it Would Automatically Mean Those She Meets Would Treat Her as though She were A “Higher Up,” which Would Help Ameliorate against Her “mindless” Narcissism …. Dads are The FOUNDATION of The Citadel, without Whom ALL is Lost …. I obviously excluded dead-beast bums from This …. A Father PROVIDES “Everything” You Can THINK of, which is of VITAL Importance in EVERY Conceivable Way, “ask Your Self,” WHY They’re the TARGET & victim from EVERY angle of the invaded Citadel, until They’re REDUCED to Standing on Cranes dressed as Super-Heroes, THINK How Much Better They Could’ve been “Channelled,” save for the bitterness of Their “mindless” opposite …. Girl Should Be Kept Chaste & Pure & not “exposed” to immoral WHORES in Zionist Media …. They Should be Reflected in Everything Beautiful They’re Shown, from Flowers to Butterflys & Birds & Rivers & Told They Are A Spirit which NEEDS The Earth to Moor Itself, without which The Earth has no Beauty other Than It’s GENEROSITY …. Then, MAKE Her sit on the Naughty Step, IMPOSE Boundaries, MAKE Her Expectations REALISTIC …. Lads, Should Be Encouraged to Get STUCK IN to Everything DANGEROUS which Makes Them Grow & Build The Backbone which Carries EVERYBODY Else …. Unrepentant Lesbos & Poofters should be Kept in the Distance as Great Performers & Artisans, never allowed NEAR Human Beings nor Let it be Known what They & ADULT Aged like-minded Creatures get-up to, behind the scenes …. Megalomaniacs, Should be “Groomed” to Think of Themselves as being super-brains & Fed Cookies from a Safe Distance, as We simply Accept or Veto whatever They Deliver & REWARD Them Handsomely, whilst NEVER EVER EVER EVER Allowing Them to make an Executive Decision that Hasn’t been Run Past GREAT Men 1st, Who Exist Exclusively in Reality …. That Way “OUTER Space Awaits,” instead of, Self-destruction, due to Unconscious True Self-loathing projected onto Others Who have “NOTHING” to Do with Your “history” ….

The Greats were Done to Death (or There abouts) by Subhuman tripe Who get-off on setting Fire to Buildings so They can Stand Back in Self-Amazement, at what ANY CUNT can do with a Box of matches, then Waddle Away “feeling” a tingle up Their arse-pipe …. You Should “NEVER” Manifest Compassion towards the Zionist’s Cookie-cutter pygmies, Who eagerly play Iraq-Sized “WHAC-A-MOLE” …. Whilst, the lower-forms of “that” shite are Always Thinking-up what the Thankless trash can Say or Do, which They Hope You Choose to Cause Your Self “Trauma” about, due to Them being a Self-revealed piece of shit, “without a clue” about The Bigger Picture, Who’ll wittingly & unwittingly hide-behind “The Generosity of Humans,” whilst They bite at the Hand which Feeds Them …. The Moral+Law of The+Divine ACCOUNTS for every “swipe” at the ball-of-shit which the mentally-handicapped “Hate-Tennis” whacker can NEVER rid Themselves of, as it’s “ALL” IN “Their” head ….

So by now, I’ve no-doubt Laid Bare, that You can Realise Someone Needs shot through the face “WITHOUT” having ANY Reaction …. It Gives You Room for Manoeuvre & makes the reptile feel as “tiny-minded” & impotent as They Truly are, ie When You Clearly Go On HAPPILY Not Giving a Fuck about Them …. I RECOMMEND at-least Hammering Them with The Truth, especially whatever the Animacule has imp-lied “YOU ARE WHAT IS” about …. ie In it’s desperation to get-back to the ALL important DELUSION State, which lays bare it’s decadent, decaying, Tasteless, unenviable, hideous-apology for a life, at “the speed of dumb” ….

Every glass-eyed Spastic You’ll ever meet, is Hoping to be the Proverbial Straw, upon Detection Break it’s Back …. The imbecile will more-often-than-not simply be Guessing-&-Hoping, which is the cowardly Lunatic’s life-blood …. If 2 out of Every 3 Western Females & so-called Homosexuals & 1 out of Every 3 so-called Lesbians & so-called Men “NEED” to be Exterminated, if That’s TRUE then Zionist Jews “MUST” be Exterminating You RIGHT NOW, as unlike Me They’re not “Discriminate” …. Besides Those Numb-skulls, the “Morally-selective Muslims” Who’s fMRI brain-scans come back as Half-wits, would Execute You in a Heart-beat, unless You Convert to Their Indoctrination, which Supercedes “TRUTH” or TRUE Morality, but Wouldn’t be as BLANKET a form of Genocide as You’re currently Experiencing …. Most People are rabid maniacs BEGGING to be EXTERMINATED, Who “GENUINELY” Don’t DESERVE to be Saved, however, “Full+Wits” Need only Move to Africa & NEVER Witness Western Shite Ever again & Get the fuck AWAY from This Planet’s “mindless,” nihilistic, incontinent, hate-consumed, evil, degenerate, debauched, SCUM-BAG “LUNATICS & LUNATITS” ….

The guess-work of imbeciles, (best seen in Their fresh-air shots,) underscores the lack of “MORAL Meaning” to Their Life, when what They “wish” You to suffer from is Precisely what You’ve Decided on & what They “wish” to con You out of Knowing is What You’ve Just Told Them & You’ve Developed Your Whole Life …. They’re Thicker than Pigs’ Shite & simply NEED shot in the face …. But You’ve LET Them form “rings” of Armed reptiles All around You …. They’re GENUINELY Provably Out & Out LUNATICS & “NEED” to be Exterminated …. However, the “EASIER” Route Is OUT Into Space, to get as-far away from Spastics, Who’s Ambition is to Find Someone Whom, the Monkey-with-an inbuilt Calculator, Believes will FAIL to provide Them with Physical Consequence, thus revealing the semi-simian, ever-desperate to Delude itself that it’s ALIEN to the Human Mind & therefore SCARY or Confounding, when it’s simply a Self-destroyed, wee daft spastic Needing Shot, delaying-suicide & going to hell Either way ….

Most People lack “insight” into Their Own unconscious, which boils down to “attacking” whichever Object They “decide” made baby feel bad …. Irrespective of Their “GUILT” …. So, if They’re “indoctrinated” into a Way of Thinking, which is pathologically ingrained “dishonesty” Then They’ll simply want to ATTACK You “rather than” go Through the Growing-pains of Ingraining A “Better Self,” Who isn’t Their Own worst enemy & an arrested-development dumb little asshole ….

As the lazy, unaccomplished, MEANINGLESS garbage seek Innocent Humans They deduce They can pick-on & HOPE that the Innocent Feels the way the Spastic felt when it was being preyed-on by a UNITARD from it’s past & would want to ATTACK it, but WON’T if the calculation’s right & if it wants to Then THE CHASE is in, which creates room for extra GOADING, YIPPEE, YIPPEE, as it feel important & that it’s GENUINELY “tormenting” Someone, YIPPEE, YESSSS, YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS, YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ….

Whereafter, the BIGOTED, anti-Human returd’s EVERY Waking Thought, about the Sex-Object, becomes, “WHAT CAN I SAY OR DO that I need shot through My face for ?!?! …. WHAT CAN I SAY OR DO that I need shot through My face for ?!?! …. WHAT CAN I SAY OR DO that I need shot through My face for ?!?! …. WHAT CAN I SAY OR DO that I need shot through My face for ?!?! …. WHAT CAN I SAY OR DO that I need shot through My face for ?!?! …. WHAT CAN I SAY OR DO that I need shot through My face for ?!?! …. WHAT CAN I SAY OR DO that I need shot through My face for ?!?! …. WHAT CAN I SAY OR DO that I need shot through My face for ?!?! …. WHAT CAN I SAY OR DO that I need shot through My face for ?!?! …. WHAT CAN I SAY OR DO that I need shot through My face for ?!?! …. WHAT CAN I SAY OR DO that I need shot through My face for ?!?! …. WHAT CAN I SAY OR DO that I need shot through My face for ?!?!” …. Basically !!!!

The TRUTH is irrelevant to a SPASTIC, as it believes YOU must be a LYING daft CUNT too …. Irrespective of The Fact that You can “PROVE” The Truth Is The Truth & That Should EITHER “debunk” what You’d be WISE not-to THINK Anymore, was True & Think what Is True …. However, the average Westerner’s mind is SO “minute” The ONLY Solution is Distance of EXECUTION !!!! …. By the Same token, “Radicalised” so-called Muslims Need Only “Compare” Morality & the DISCRIMINATION You “MUST” Show in order to BE Moral, when Executing EVIL-retards …. NOT ALL retards are Evil, but nearly ALL the-evil ARE Provably “retards” ….

If You try to Give A Farmer Shite He simply Turns it Into More Fare …. I’ll Be Taking A Stroll Around My MASSIVE, MASSIVE Fuck+Off Farm, in a few Minutes, where My Huge Fig Trees now Smell like Bubblegum, where I’ll be Accompanied by A Living Teddy Bear & A Watsonesque Beagle, followed for a While by a Trio of Hilarious Chooks, Whereupon I’ll Stop to Inhale More Gorgeous Flowers & Gather Another Huge Bag of Plums …. Mean-while “impotent” ill-wishing hair-brained hate-consumed rooting & raging reptiles sit in Their bleak, driek, hum-drum, UNENVIABLE “inescapable” comeuppance …. So WHENEVER a returd like that Says at You, “YOU ARE WHAT I AM,” it’s simply letting You Know it Hates it’s Life & is often too stupid to Know it hates it’s Self …. It’s got HALF A BRAIN & no-one exists beyond the end of it’s Own Nose & the ONLY thing it UNDERSTANDS is PHYSICAL punishment …. However, Those Who Would have Loved the Lunatic & Punished it “Lovingly” are Throwing Themselves off bridges Every Night, whilst the “Loveless” unpunished Brutal psycho-path sits Stewing in Rage about All The 1’s Who GOT AWAY …. HUZZAH !!!!

To the EVIL dregs & “drags” of This World, Who “intend” to put People off Their PATH, I’d Simply “Recommend” FEELING the LIGHTEST Part of Your Mind & “BEING” That & DISTANCING Your Self from Those Who would TRAMPLE all-over You Being “That Way” too & never DWELL on Those Who encouraged You to “become” like Themselves, ie “BAD” …. Neglect the Thankless, “get” Them out of Your Life …. Ignore the recidivists Who take & Think YOU ARE WHAT THEY ARE & Hope You’re blinded by Your Own Generosity to the Thankless back-biter …. Simply LET Your little Light Shine & CHANNEL It UP & Out Into Being Part of The GREATER Light, which You Can Even SEE If You Close Your Eyes, when Listening to My Latest Song & “You’ll Begin to SEE” WHERE The Divine Truly ARE & The Direction They Lead “You,” Up Out of the Quagmire of tiny-minded BESTIAL pursuits & foul-wishes ….

Darkness is only an apparition which Countless Clues GIVE You A Guide to Mentally Overcome …. As The MEANING to Your Life IS “Fairness” & Light Heartedness, which when “Selflessly” Channelled Induces The Returns Best Served …. Other People’s sins are Theirs’ alone, the grinning maniacs eager for You to CHOOSE to REACT are simply delaying-suicide & THE INEVITABLE Comeuppance after Their already unenviable-fate of Stolen-moments & ill-gotten fleeting-gains …. IF You WANT You CAN Overcome even the most “hideously ugly” of trials by Lunatics or You Own Damned fault …. Over Time “Recovery” is Simply The Position You FACE when You Take Your next Step, UP & Keep+On Going …. The fool Who Thinks They’re going-up by imagining They’re Stepping “on” Others is simply sinking-further down the Muddy path which LEADS to perdition, for next-to-nothing in “return” …. Compare what I Have to SHOW for A Life of GIVING to Those More Deserving, to the ill-gotten gains of hate-consumed shallow Thrill-junkies …. So I Advise You, put aside the bestial-pursuits of This World, “About Turn” & NEVER Turn Your Back on YOUR God, “Ever” AGain ….

If You’re HUMAN & Incensed, GOOD, however, Just Remember, That BEING-Them is PUNISHMENT “ENOUGH,” which is BEYOND the Mental Ability for the Mentally-deficient Walking-abortions, You’re surrounded by, to Realise is BLOODY OBVIOUS To You, especially if You “Give Them the time of Day” …. So simply “REALISE” the following Phrase, “Fuck BEING Them” & if They’re not IN Your Life don’t RECALL Them, if They’re not TOUCHING You don’t FEEL anything about Them & if it’s a SHITE Person it’s because it’s BEING punished for it’s SINS …. Moreover, Their PUNISHMENT is a Gift from God & Like All Gods’ Gifts it KEEPS-ON “GIVING” …. INFINITE+HUZZAH !!!!

Kind regards,