Feminists & so-called Homosexuals are ENCOURAGED by a black-mailed NODDING Paedophile-ring, to INCREASE the number of HUMAN men dragged into a Dungeon System, suffering from PTSD

Here’s My latest Song, Written, in dnaltocS, a few Years before I Ascended to The Promised Land …. The Weather Here, in Portupants, is Now “Legendary,” You Couldn’t Configure an Environment or Scenery to a More Perfect Setting, despite the inbred Portuguese Animals-with-Human-Rights, Whom I’m Blessed Enough to Not even See from 1 Month to The Next …. Having a coffee on My Pharaohesque Stone Patio, in the Afternoon, is the Equivalent of sunbathing in dnaltocS for a Month, in the 1970′s …. ie “Without” the passing-comments of Alcoholic, dead-beat, Self-deluded Mongs, Hoping to be Your New Beast of burden ….

This Song is about the link between Memory & Post-traumatic Stress, which I’d Already a Firm grasp on before I was visited by a State-employed fee-male serial-killer, Who’s every waking Thought is, the same as Every Other Mad cunt, ie “What can I Say or Do that I Need shot in the face for ?!?!” – “What can I Say or Do that I Need shot in the face for ?!?!” – “What can I Say or Do that I Need shot in the face for ?!?!” – “What can I Say or Do that I Need shot in the face for ?!?!” – “What can I Say or Do that I Need shot in the face for ?!?!” – “What can I Say or Do that I Need shot in the face for ?!?!” – “What can I Say or Do that I Need shot in the face for ?!?!” – “What can I Say or Do that I Need shot in the face for ?!?!” …. (You get the “idea” ….)

Each evil-retard has Their “motive” for that M.O., ranging from Trying to Dominate a Sexual-partner for an income-stream “or” Getting con-venient PRETENGE against Ghosts of the past “or” Getting PRETENGE because They’re Existentially-jealous of A Human “Being” Human “or” because They’re a sex-offender Who gets-off on getting-away with Needing-shot “or” because They’re an incontinent-arsehole or “ALL of the above” & then some ….

Suffice to Say, Humans have been outbred by pathologically-lying Talking-Monkeys, Who don’t Think They’re ALL bad, despite the MOUNTAIN of evil that will WEIGHT Their soul to the very Depths of what can “only” be Described as Hell, for ETERNITY, after Their unenviable Life of “returned” punishments, via The Moral+Law of The Universe, which is A “BIG FUCKING CLUE” …. Not to mention, The Consequence of Those Wise Enough to Provide It faster Themselves ….

In My Upcoming Comedy Video, “Erol On AfMErica,” I Point Out the “Progress” of Our Evolution & how Dormant Genes have Essentially set-back “EVERY” Success Story of All Our Ancestors Combined, Who’s Love Stories & Selfless Endeavours Provided Humans with The Capacity of Brain They Presently Have, which is rapidly becoming Extinct, due to evil-retards “reliably” Preying on Humans, as Zionist Jews promoted & plotted, so All that’s Left is the SAME DAMNED monkey, Our Ancestors impotently “distanced” Themselves from, thus, in THE END the Shit-Monkey has Inherited OUR Voice Box …. THAT’S “it” !!!!

100′s of Thousands of Years of Evolution so a fucking BONOBO can “TALK Us out of Existence,” so They can then “Fuck Kids in peace,” without Their “blunt” inbred evil vacuous brain being Interrupted by Pesky “Moral Humans” Who SEE the folly in “Knowing” Right from wrong & Choosing wrong for “Any” motive …. ie The MORAL LAW of THE DIVINE punishes utter fuck out of You, in THIS Generation & FOR ETERNITY !!!! …. (HINT, HINT ….)

Today’s Monkey-People’s inherited Voice box “temporarily” presides-over Their Jealousy, Envy, Greed & Debauchery-borne FLATTENED-World, revolving around it’s Genocidal fantasy, before it “too” INVARIABLY becomes Extinct …. Whilst Other Planets’ Species Live in Peace & Harmony, Granting 1 Another Comfort & JOY, in Love, to Happily TRANSCEND in The Direction of The Divine, in Their Next Generation …. Who Do So, As They “Realised” that It’s 100% MORAL to CORRECTLY Exterminate High-functioning “Animals” in Human form, Who were brain-scanned & found to be pathologically-lying, maniacally Gambling Junkie-wankers & Sexual-deviants, Who are “superficial” con-merchants of evil-intention ….

It’s BEST that Our Species die-out if that would CONTAIN the virus of the DEFICIENT “Female” MONKEY brain from Getting-out, as Now 70% of Males have the more capacious but still “deficient” Female Monkey-Brain & 90% of Poofs & 70% of Lezards & obviously 90% of Females …. Only 10% of Females have a “Human” Female Brain, 10% of “Zionist-misguided” so-called-homosexual Males have the SAME brain as Them & 30% of so-called Lesbians have the HUMAN “Male” Brain & 30% of so-called Men too ….

I’m FROM The Future, I’m Nature’s Way of Telling You You’re DEVOLVING “rapidly” & becoming Extinct “simultaneously” …. You’ve “incrementally” Taken 2 Steps forward & 1 Step back, as a Species, repeatedly, but “NOW,” a MONKEY has taken a GIGANTIC LEAP & “grabbed” a Voice box, as it has APPEARED in a HUMAN Form & is BREEDING like wild-fire (eg Levi Bellfield has 11 Children YOU are paying for, I’ll reveal More about that 3 Year-old, Needing-Hung, in My Next vids) …. The majority of the Shite-Monkeys have ORGANISED Themselves into “Rings” of lying-retards NEEDING shot, but “YOU” pay the Talking-ANIMALS’ wages, to get WORSE towards You, to the point where They’re PRESENTLY “genociding” You ….

When You FAIL to Treat Animals the way They Deserve to be Treated They “unconsciously” KNOW They Deserve those Boundaries, so are Driven to Treat “YOU” that way, which then Allows The Vulgar Beast to get it’s “primitive” nauseating way, which leads to it then Dancing around Naked, FEELING that’s it’s Monarch of the World, having outfoxed the unsuspecting Human, Who can’t BELIEVE that They were targeted by a State-released BEAST in Human form ….

The Monkey GRINNING imbecilically, proudly Self-amazed in front of it’s imaginary-audience, when, in Reality Where I Exist, it’s a Completely hideously ugly fucking “Abomination,” which is nothing-short of a Walking-abortion & pathetic-mutation of Dormant “monkey-genes” spliced with Long-Suffering Humans’ Who FAILED to Exterminate Walking-shite, out of KINDNESS & Being Able to “SEE” The Bigger picture “lost on” The RUTHLESSLY Self-absorbed !!!!

1 of the “KEYS” to the rapid-proliferation of the Jabbering-Monkey’s genes, Who have NO Moral+Conscience, up front, is it’s OBSESSION with Seeing-if They can get YOU to “Choose” to feel BAD whenever the Semi-simian feels bad about THE TRUTH or is trying to CON You in ANY number of ways …. Which the Animate-shite start doing in “infancy” & Never Stop AMAZING Their Chicken-brain with How Many Times it works, which Allows Them to Believe “You” are “Humiliated” & it’s no-longer SHITE being a Talking-Monkey, They get worse from there ….

They’re Completely Cut-off from Reality, Neuro-Anatomically & 100% Ungrateful for Being Allowed Out of The Zoo …. For Everything They “want” They’re obsessed with Aggressively Confirming Their grossly-inadequate brain’s prattling-bias, atypically comorbid with “delusions of PERFECTION” (You Couldn’t make it up ….) …. No matter how many times They fall flat on Their face They “pretend” that “didn’t” Happen, that it’s somehow “unrelated” & They try to SMOOTH that away, by Continuing to lie to Themselves & Others ….

Even-if They get You to “Politely” pretend-along, out of Sympathy or unwittingly, even-temporarily, Then that’s that been Squared-away & the 3 Year old is Still Perfect & Feels “You’re” the retard for Being conned & The Sense of TRIUMPH & relief is Enough for The Beast to Continue unimproved, “THUS” it’s REPEAT Performance of it’s acts of evil & folly & comeuppance & imbecilic “denial” ….

I Noticed, with All the most Evil of the High-functioning retards I Studied, that They were “Angular,” like a Strictly raised 3 Year old …. They sat at a 90% Angle or at an Obtuse angle, which They could Hold for a length of time which would Hurt most People …. They Also would tend to go from a Standing Position to a, “Right You can Done-This-thing,” Self-Geeing bouncy amble …. Their “delusional” MISGUIDED primitive Brain, “clueless” as it INGRAINS it’s SHITE Character, into a CLEFT brain, leaving Them with a Cloven Hoof at Both Ends ….

They also ALL Thought They were “hypnotists” (You couldn’t make it up) & if ANYONE Gives Them the time of day They automatically feel a Sense of Relief that YOU are YOUNGER than They are …. Afterwhich the Chicken-brain will fold-out it’s Tommee-Tippee Chess-board & begin it’s Moves into Your Territory …. If You foil the ill-wishes, so the Vermin “couldn’t” Commit Their Entire pre-meditated Slew of offences, They then want PRETENGE as that’s a slight on Their regal “perfection,” (AKA Needing shot in the face ….)

I’ve “Casually” Overcome every 1 of Them, without Any premeditation or tactics, as I’m A Profound Genius, but it’s no Accolade, as They’re as thick as shit …. So, I easily Beat Them at the desperate-game “only” They were in & Went on from Strength to Strength, having been Reduced by Their evil-antics to “using” Them then Launching the Dunce-Cunts, then Channelling what I’d Gathered …. As All Farmers Do, when They turn Shite into Bountiful Harvests ….

Speaking of Which, The Farm’s Starting to Blossom All Over & I’m Inundated with God’s Gifts …. It’s Unparalleled This Year, as The Weather Is PHENOMENAL & Every Tree Has A Cycle Which Produces A Different Bounty Each Year, eg Olive Trees usually have a 2 Year Cycle before They Bear Their Fullest …. My Oranges & Tangerines Are Everywhere & My Vines have Sprouted, whilst The Huge Fig Trees are Starting to Add The Character I Like to The old Place …. I’m in no Hurry to Leave, however, if I Have to Go Tomorrow or 6 Months from Now, then Buggalugs & I Will Head to 1 of The Mountain Farms We have Ear-marked, with My 3 Chooks in a Box & Spend some time in a Rented Cottage (with a Swimming Pool, I’ll leave Black) before Alighting on Mount Sinai ….

After I’ve been OUT & About, on The Promised Land, even-if I’ve Just been having A Coffee, when I Return to The Villa I “Feel” how it Must Feel to be A Movie Star, Who’s Loved Universally for A Movie That Will Stand The Test of Time …. Yet, I have No Such Aspirations …. So, even Out Here I’ve not missed The Opportunity to Carry-out Social-Experiments, “thousands” of Miles away, eg Craigneuk ALONE gives a Quarter-of-a-million, PER MONTH, to What They “believe” is a Council …. EACH Council is a vacuum which Funds a Local “Paedophile-ring” of Semi-Simian SCUM, Who Believe that PROVING They’re criminal-shite means it’s THEIR Country & makes Their misery feel “temporarily” better & SHITE like that Get-off on Knowing a Secret You don’t Know, “DOO DAH, DOO DAH” …. IF the “RESURFACED” genes of Their “inbred” Frontal-lobes & Amygdala were Surgically Granted “Capacity” & Connection along the Uncinate Fasciculus, They’d then FULLY+REALISE what an utterly Self-deluded, “PUTRID,” hell-bound dirt-bag They undeniably “TRULY” are !!!!

I’ve got DAMNING Evidence against “ALL” of the SHITE Who’s wages “YOU” pay, on every perch of the Tar-pit-trap of “YOUR” hell-hole of a Country, run by 3 year-old SPASTICS Who have HALF a MONKEY’S BRAIN “between” Them & therefore NEVER Develop beyond 3 & NEED SHOT in the face for trying to put YOU in a Dungeon System, to MAINTAIN Their EVIL empire & to make Themselves feel They’re SUPERIOR to You, a sick pantomime ALL of which “You” are NEEDLESSLY paying THEM for, along with the wages of sin ….

Behind which, They KNOW They “belong” in the fucking Zoo, but megalomaniacally DECREE You as being “BAD” if You don’t “pretend-along-with-SPAZMO” …. IF baby-brains is ALLOWED to con-tinue it’s Toy-town charade, (by duped COWARDS like “You,”) ie To con-tinue it’s INHUMANITY, then it ARMS itself MORE & more & more, as the tiny-minded “Shite-bag” wants to PROTECT it’s sexually-exciting BRUTALITY, Sadomasochistic Aphrodisiacs of unresisted “Personal” destruction & more-importantly “temptingly-forbidden” access to Boy’s BUM HOLES !!!!

St. Bram Stoker Carried Out The Same Social-Experiments I Did, He was somewhat TIMID by Comparison to Me, however, He NAILED Those pieces of shit to a fucking “T” …. ie They’ve NO Self+Awareness, even when They See Themselves in The Mirror …. They feel “proud” when They look at Themselves, as They’re OBSESSED with Believing They’re a Mastermind “humiliating” You, as They PRETEND it’s somehow YOUR fault They “weren’t” Born HUMAN, so They PRETEND “YOU” must be “made” to FEEL how it feels to be Them & to be made to FEEL as though YOU are inadequate “instead,” which You’re NOT wittingly trying to Make Them feel …. (Even-though We’re ALL guilty of Being insensitive, however, that’s Usually to the “UNDECLARED” mentally-handicapped Confirmed “traitor” in Our midst ….)

The Hypersensitive-Hypocrite tries to make You FEEL Their humiliation, during-which They EJACULATE whilst deluding Themselves that They’re in “Reality” & You’re unconscious …. The “Sex-offender” KNOWS They were born HALF-MONKEY & essentially a FILTHY, degenerate, debauched, primitive BEAST, “all of which” turns that SHITE into what Zionist Jews PROGRAM You ALL to be, ie A “Sex-offender” NEEDING “executed” !!!!

They have NO Vision, as You’d Expect from a “3 Year old SPLICED with a Monkey,” Who has an ANIMAL’S “perception” of REALITY & a bitter unconscious DEATH-WISH (best Lampooned by Stoker, as sleeping in a Coffin,) so They are UNLIKELY to “Surrender,” although Many Want-to …. However, the APOLOGIES for MEN Who’s LOVE for Their Families doesn’t Extend 0.00000000000000000000000001% “FAR ENOUGH,” to Actually PROTECT Them, from the unbidden, unhinged Sex-offenders, OBSESSED with Finding People to ABUSE, let-alone the MEGADEATH You’re presently being-bombarded with, which Encourages the BEASTS on Every level all the more, to “OUT” what They’ll soon find is the MAJORITY of “V-Shaped Eyebrowed” Lizard-people, “VOID” of Self+Awareness !!!!

They’re ALL “THANKLESS BEGGARS,” Emotionally-incontinent, USELESS parasites & Believe They can get-away with Trying to Cause YOU a brain-trauma, to make Themselves “Feel” better, in Their flat-earth, TRANSPARENT World of Proving Their an evil wee Dick, NEEDING shot in the face …. ALL of which has Brought around the END of This ENTIRE Species, which THEY are too stupid to know, in Their Tommee-Tippee MASTERPLAN …. Which can’t turn SHITE into Human, anymore than Brain-Surgery could’ve Turned Jimmy Savile into Frank Zappa !!!!

The Average Female is a such a Degenerate, HATE-consumed, “Thankless,” SELF-bullshitting, proud-WHORE, She can be “relied” upon, by Her Zionist-programming to SELF-Destruct amongst Others, (You Couldn’t make it up ….) …. I Discovered “recently” that Those Words are Echoed “throughout” The Ages, by Other Truth Lovers & Also My Theory that “Hell is lined, wall to wall by Females,” was Echoed by a phrase STOLEN by, so Attributed-to, the Paedophile Muhammad, (FUCK HIS NAME, SHITE BE UPON HIM ….)

Whilst Men ENDURE that plague of Incontinent-Arseholes, with Tits, LOOKING for Someone to Get Their Daily Quota of SQUAWKING & PRETENGE done, due to Their Narcissistically-foiled Zionist programming, via Their “redirected Sex-drive,” those FILTHY BEAST’S “illusions” are paralleled by What Heterosexual Men have to ALSO Endure, being SUBJECT to, increasing the “paedophile-rules” which DRAG You into Their dungeon-system, if You SAY BOO about it …. ie So-called Homosexuality is CON-stantly bombarding You & PREYING-on Your MORAL+Conscience, as You don’t want to be Thought-of as Being a BAD Person, by LUNATICS & LUNATITS Who are ROTTEN to the fucking core & SO STUPID They can’t Tell Their arsehole from Their Jap’s eye or Their Cunt from Their Fog-horn ….

In 90% of Cases, so-called Homosexuals (Due to Their MINDLESSLY Self-bullshitting delusions of Perfection) won’t ADMIT to Themselves that They’ve got the WRONG brain for Their body & that They “MADE A MISTAKE” early-on & Then simply CORRECT it & Ingrain An Attraction to The Correct Body …. “Instead,” Behind which, a State-promoted PERVERT grows, “encouraged” by Zionist BUZZWORD creators to become WORSE & worse & worse & worse, to Ensure an Evolutionary Cul-De-Sac, Who can be “relied” on to INCREASE Their Volume of HATRED (ie NEEDING shot in the face) …. All to Ensure YOUR Sympathy for fucking ABOMBINATION & Ensure the PERSECUTION of Heterosexual Men Who say BOO about that SUBHUMAN SHITE, in an ALREADY “doomed” Society, run by Ever-Increasingly Genocidal, THIEVING-PAEDOPHILES & Their WILLINGLY “Traitor” armies of TRANSPARENT Sex-offenders, NEEDING hung !!!!

After Zionist Jews found the Tommee-Tippee printing-press, since Then They’ve Churned-out Their lies to Those Who are EAGER to destroy EVERYTHING They touch, as They lack the “Mental Equipment” to Exist in Reality & are SO RETARDED & such a fucking SCUM-BAG that They Believe “if” They Keep-on NEEDING shot in the face EVENTUALLY Reality will ALTER to Suit a Speck-of-shite NEEDING drowned & burned …. When The REALITY of What They’ve BECOME is “already” Clear to EVERYONE Who can SEE the 3 Year old’s in Adult bodies as They are …. From ALL My Experience, The pygmy robot You See, at The Start of This Scene, is far MORE like Those Who MAKE it “Us & Them” …. If YOU “Truly” Loved Your Family & were WISE You’d “UNITE” into an ARMY of Blade-Runners, executing the Thankless, flat-lining, Junkie-Trash upon Detection ….

The vast Majority of People I met in The West, (ie The ATROCIOUS Vermin I used to Feel Sympathy towards & was Endlessly “Understanding” about,) Who Visited Me, were Sex-offenders with a FEMALE brain, spliced with a fucking MONKEY NEEDING Strangled to death !!!!

Imbeciles like that Get as High as a Naughty Infant when They’re about to Be Smacked, like a Wild Monkey Who’ll hop around The Living Room rerouted into Excitement rather than Integrity …. The SHITE behind “the scenes,” ACTED-out by All the EVIL low-lives Who want a Higher-chair than You on the Deck of the Titanic, OBVIOUSLY KNOW what SHITE They are, it makes Them feel BETTER when There’s COMPANY, so They form “rings” & feel SAFER ….

The UNSELFAWARE Genetic-Trash then get-off on getting YOU, the so-called MORAL Loving Family Type, to PAY for Their SICK pantomime, behind-which, Children of Both Sexes are VACUUMED out of the “Feminist” SINGLE Mum’s Arms, by the INFORMANT “Pigs” TELLING the Sociopath-Work dept., Who’s Children are Then handed to the LOCAL Paedophile-ring, Who DEMAND You PAY “council tax” to FUND that EVIL “operation,” ON TOP of the WAGES of All Those PIECES OF FUCKING SHIT “BEGGING” Me to EXECUTE Them …. However, unlike “You,” I don’t PAY Their wages of sin, in Fact I Continue to UNROB Them & “Save” Children’s Lives, Every way that I Can, on a planet of Hair-brained, “hell-bound,” nit-witted TWATS !!!!

Being-Them “is” CONSTANTLY more punishment than My Executing Them …. eg If I woke up & “was” ANY 1 of that SHITE, I’ll be Exposing over the coming Weeks, (“Sun Tan” Providing,) I would INSTANTLY open ALL the veins I could & SPRAY the Ceiling, then SWALLOW as many pills I could find & Wash Them down with a Bottle of Bleach, then aim for the HIGHEST Window I Could find & Launch Myself HEAD 1st towards what would Hopefully be STONE …. ie FUCK “being” the DERANGED debauched degenerate deluded “shite” !!!!

Which I Would DO “Calmly” with A Smile on Their Face …. They’re All almost-identical & Epitomised by Their TRANSPARENT refusal to ADMIT when They’re OBVIOUSLY to blame & Pretence that They believe that “YOU ARE WHAT THEY ARE” and that should “do it” for the mini-mastermind, followed by Pursuit of PRETENGE when that Clearly FAILS, (AKA Needing executed ….)

Psycho-paths Who have NO MORAL CONSCIENCE, get-off on Pulling Your leg “pathologically,” as the SPASTIC-SOCIETY “Know” that You FEAR being Thought-of as Being a BAD Person, by ANY piece of Walking-Shite Who goes, “OOOoohhhhh” towards You  …. Thus, Your State-ingrained & promoted FEAR of Violence, which is further-instilled by THREAT OF VIOLENCE “by” The SPASTIC-SOCIETY, Who impotently Hope that Simply Saying, “OOOoooohhhhh” Should be Enough & You’re SO IMPOTENT it presently “is” ….

The Ginger-Lunatit, Who continues to Contact Erollowers behind the Scenes, although, According to Cheryl She’s now Stopped Sending Turkish Prostitute Junk-mail & The volume of Junk in an unread “filter,” That Address had been Receiving, has Dropped too, at the same time, to less than 20% …. As the superficial, Sexual-deviant, evil Ginger-flea had “Decreed” that They were “incriminating” blind Allies …. A few Years ago, She went against Her grain to Encourage Me to Watch, what I didn’t See, but Later discovered a Quote, which I imagine was in the Video She wanted Me to See, so That I’d Realise that You “HAVE TO” Execute Them …. She put that on the Same Facebook page She’d written “puerile” death-threats on, which I’ve got DAMNING EVIDENCE “linking” it to The Youtube channel She wrote to Me on as well, amogst others ….

I later Employed that page to “Expose” Your Police-farce with, Who want EVIL LUNATITS like Her OUT & about preying-on People, Seeing how-far They can go, until The Person Kills Themselves, suffering from P.T.S.D., from having Endured an Incontinent Sex-offender Who gets-off on Trying to Trigger Your Amygdala CONSTANTLY, as the Mental-Spastic imbecilically LIVES for Dopamine RUSHES & AMAZES Themselves that You don’t Know that’s what the Reptile’s doing & then Gets-off All the more if You show cowardice ….

Her tiny-mind “Decrees” that GOD doesn’t Exist, no-matter how many times She’s PUNISHED Severely & how many Great Gifts She’s spurned, atypically, until it’s too late & the Fork in the road is Up Her arse again …. After Her latest pit-stop, the MANIAC Eyes the Horizon, DESPERATE to distance Her Self from what She can “NEVER” escape, on those HOLLOW WHISTLING Nights of COLD inevitable retribution, via The MORAL+LAW of The Divine …. Which, COULDN’T Give a fuck about the FANCY of specks-of-shite, Who delude Themselves that hell doesn’t Exist, when They’re ALREADY living it …. You can Test Your Self, if Gravity Cares about YOU Decreeing it’s Not a Law to Heed, because You’re addicted to the RUSH of Free-falling !!!!

Whenever the Ginger Sexual-predator & Serial-killer has laid-out Her dissected Mouse-bones for Me, She’s simultaneously been ejaculating in a state of Provable Self-delusion …. ie Impotently Hoping for Her “Usual Obsession,” which is, deluding Her Self that Her ghoulishly-stupid, narrow, shallow, insectoid, Self-destroyed mind can Say or Do something which You “MUST” CHOOSE to REACT to, when She Proves She’s a low-life DISGRACE, but She squares that away as She’s “CHOOSING” to be so, to get that Affect, therefore She’s not REALLY unjustifiably evil & She’ll not REALLY be punished, PRECISELY time after time after time, as She’s just a fun-loving evil, sex-offender, hoping to Cause A Human Being Brain-trauma, to Delude Her Self Her Mouse-finger has Magical powers, when She stops flicking Her bean, for long-enough, with it ….

She’ll THUNK UP the “exact opposite” & the “last” thing She should ever Say, which means “She” believes You “MUST” Choose to React to Those comments or a more convoluted confabulation, which is even more evilly-laced, which She hopes grants Her more time to tantrically slither & suck, waiting for the CRAVED-FOR moment You BLOW Your top & the Monkey then HOPS around Clapping it’s Paws SHRIEKING “YEEESSSSSSSSSSS, YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS” …. ie The “illusion” of Transference …. (AKA Realising You should “Calmly” shoot Her ….)

If You DO FEEL Your Ancestors’ MORAL PROMPT Insisting that You DO “Choose” to React, to a “GUESSING” 3 Year old, snot-nosed retard, Saying what “They” Believe They Deserve to be punished for “&” Then INCORRECTLY Choose to SUPPRESS Your Right to Execute Her, then You suffer Post Traumatic Stress & the Sex-offender, Who’s as thick as shit, gets to Delude itself that it’s a Mastermind, that Transference has taken-place & that it’s an “Energy Vampire” as You’ll suffer from the Strain You put Your Prefrontal Nerves under …. Which is WHY Zionist SPASTICS Promote “Feminism” & “Homosexual Rights” …. As Both Columns have the Exact same Brain & 90% of Them “KNOW” They’re a POSTER CHILD for Why EVERY Great Mind throughout History has Said “SHUN” the so-called homosexual & NEVER Treat Females as Equal & “FUCK THE JEWS” !!!!

REMEMBER to “WORRY” !!!! …. About Being THOUGHT OF as being a BAD person, by the Self-deluded SPASTIC-SOCIETY, Jabbering as They dig Their way to hell with Their forked Tongues …. Which, if You Witness, You “MUST” Choose to TRIGGER Both Extremes of Your Mind, “WHENEVER” a 3 Year old Mental-SLOTH deludes itself that an infant spliced with a Monkey can MAGICALLY Say Something that it’s Chicken-brain HOPES You’ll be Offended by, “despite” Anything You Say to the retard, “before,” during or after …. Then, if They Approach You again, the stealth-retard, Who prides itself on Being an Incontinent-Chicken, believes You MUST take at-least “some” of THEIR machine-gunned-shit seriously ….

They believe “They” MUST BE a confuser of Wits, They pride Their nit-wit on being so, “if” You give an evil Rem-Dem the “time of Day” …. ie You MUSTN’T be Able to Know it’s a JABBERING-SPASTIC with Half a Walnut between it’s Ears, You MUST “CHOOSE” to be OFFENDED, when a hideously ugly bug-brain, with NO Self+Awareness, THUNKS UP what “They” believe They need Shot in the face for, as “THEN” You MUST FEEL like Executing Them …. If You DO SO, do so “calmly” & Shout FUCK THE JEWS !!!!

I’ve been Lead to Believe, that the Ginger-Loony has Now been Informed, by Erollowers, that “no-one” is Looking at Any more of Her evil-laced, but Once Helpful, “Collages” I used to Magnify …. Nor have I Any interest in Witnessing Her Determination to Continue to be a 1-Dimensional Dick …. So, She can Configure & Confabulate & Self-delude & Channel yet-more Consequence into Her Life, It’s got “NOTHING” to Do with Me, My Days of Selflessly Magnifying Her Self-delusion are OVER …. Part of the Magical-Thinker’s incontinent “smear” of Perception, can be Seen in Them HOPING to be “associated,” with Whatever “Talented” Humans are “Accomplishing,” Who’s Lives are Worth Living, whilst the Hell-bound sit & rot, making Potato-paintings ….

However, I Still Stand by All The “Complimentary” FACTS She’s been Informed about, in the past, despite Any of Her continued megalomaniacal & evil-laced delusions …. I Also Obviously Stand by The “Profile” of The Equally Factual BALANCE, ie That She’s a “superficial,” Sexual-deviant, perversely evil, “Self-deluded,” morally-imbecilic, “Confirmatory-biased,” sadomasochism-addicted, megalomaniacal, would-be psychological-abuser, hypocrite, thief, debauched & degenerate whore, paedophile, “murderer,” black-mailer, super-grass, complicit with rings of Sex-offenders of all types, stalker, I COULD go on …. Suffice to Say, She’s “UNDOUBTEDLY” PUNISHED-SEVERELY via The Moral+Law of The Universe, She doesn’t Believe in …. THE+DIVINE “Granted” Her The BALANCE of Her early Years’ more legitimate hardships & She PROVED that You Get what You “De-Serve” !!!!

On a lighter note, (4 for a pown ….) …. She’d NEVER walk into a Shop & Hand The long-suffering Owner a “Mosaic,” when She wants a Packet of “Fags” …. Which, when He looks Closer, He sees that She’s included 10% of 1 of “His” SIGNS, She carved-up, Which He’d Just Painted & was Hanging Outside His Shop …. Because He didn’t Notice Her lunacy Right-away, She’s “Creaming” Her Self, with pant-wetting Excitement at the potential Fireworks, as She also carved-up His Hat-display 3 Weeks earlier & walked-in Wearing 1 of His “flattened” top-hats & it was a Good 4 minutes before He Realised & Chased Her WHOOPING out of the Shop, not Knowing She’s Genuinely “trying to” KILL Him ….

So, each Second that goes-by, that He doesn’t Notice that Part of the Mosaic is “His Own” Work, She gets ripples of hate-ejaculate across Her Walnut …. When He finally Realises, She MEMORISES The Look on His Face, of The Internal BOLT Hitting The Front of His Head & She Starts LEAPING like a Monkey in a Jungle Fire, Her pyro-MANIAC Eyes, WIDE, Expecting to be Chased by Daddy, Believing She’s got His number if He turns “VIOLENT” …. He’s being USED by Her to trigger Her flat-lining Numb-Skull, He “could” be Any Shop-Keeper, but the Others See Her Coming & have Dogs Outside Trained to Attack, Whom She “plans” on later Being bitten by, with Lazy, evil, Bewigged Paedophiles, She’s COMPLICIT with, waiting in the Wings, in the Kangaroo Courts “YOU” are paying for & PAYING for ….

Even-though it’s Mother Nature’s Way of Thinning The Herd …. Being a “hideously-repulsive,” shallow, TRULY talentless, thoroughly THANKLESS, bone-idle, incessantly pathologically-lying, air-headed, hate-consumed, prancing, Groin-obsessed, utterly Self-deluded, “hair-brained” MAD POOF, Who “prides” Themselves on the IMAGINARY power of Causing HUMANS, (They’re Jealous of,) Brain-Trauma & Con-Trolling “Your” Perception of Reality, by Talking utter-shite whilst NEEDING shot, is NOW the “protected” & perceived “Pinnacle” of Male Perfection …. According-to, “like-minded,” Chicken-brained “evil-retards,” (AKA Sex-offenders,) Who Programmed YOU, (by Genocidal Zionist-Jews,) to “Reliably” Self-destruct, whilst Watching that “MEANINGLESS” GARBAGE …. eg The aptly named LADY “GA-GA” Whom, I’ve NOT Heard ONE note from in “YEARS” !!!!

Single, Burst-Arsed, Female Trollops (with the EXACT SAME brain) Sit Glued to Their THRONE, having a Relationship with a Flashing “compartment,” They NEVER-MISS, where All Their Narcissist “grooming” lies are CONFIRMED, “producing” FUCK ALL, whilst They believe They’re all “individually” united, in Their pricey-rabbit-hutches, by The “Fact” that They SO lack “Self+Awareness,” Their INACTION, whilst COUNTLESS Children are RAPED (behind the scenes) …. “MEANS” …. That, They All PROUDLY DISGRACE Themselves, All bleeding from the Arse, Watching what passes-for Entertainment on The TITANIC, blowing Kisses at 2D “MAD” poofs ….

Which, if You TELL THE TRUTH about ANY of that, You’ve to “FEAR” being Thought-of as being a BAD Man, by SUBHUMAN SHITE Who are ROTTEN to the fucking CORE, but, can SQUARE-that-AWAY with a token Gesture to Their Groomed Clique & by Making an egg-cress Salad for Their Niece Pauline, Once every 13 Weeks …. Meanwhile, John Lennon & George Harrison & Bob Marley & Frank Zappa lie moulding in Their graves, murdered by the SHITE behind Tonight’s Entertainment, with nothing-but Evil behind “The Peaches” of that Camp line-up …. Ta, Ta, Bye bye Now !!!!

I Got A Shipment of Goodies from The City, a Couple of Days ago, including A “Bag” of Chocolate, which I’m going to TRY to Ration-Out to Myself, although I Tend to Snaffle …. When I was Eating My 1st Couple of Bars, I accidentally Saw a Picture of bleak, Scottish, Paedophile-Council flats & it was “Harrowing,” it was like a Memory from a driek-day in the early 1980′s, rather than a Contemporary “Life-style” …. The Eye-sore of that Deliberately-thoughtless, Soul-destroying, “cloned” Architecture meant I Couldn’t look at it for Longer than 2 Seconds …. I Then Walked Out My Villa Door & My Boot was Hit with Glorious Sunshine, whereafter, I Now Look like A Darkie ….


Although I’ve Always Known how to Smack-down People, with Key Phrases (usually Their Own) or by Simply Laughing at Them & telling Them to Fuck off, whilst Giving Them The V’s …. It was important for Me to Magnify “Precisely” the Living-pathology of hopeful-evil & I’ve Now nothing-left to Excoriate on That “microscopic” level of UNENVIABLE, repeatedly-punished, hell-bound Lizard which can NEVER shed Their skins or Their “eternal” SINS …. I Stand Up from My Magnascope, Draw In A “Deep” Breath & Look Out Across A Beautiful Scenery, I Intend to Climb Even Higher, before Shifting Continents, after I’ve Moved Mountains ….

My Chooks Grow more Content with Every passing Day, now They Know Their boundaries, Although My prisoners of fortune Still plot & enact the odd Invasion, Pooping Their disappointment as I Chase Them out the Door, cutting Them off at The Pass …. It’s Great to See Them Regally Posing, In Happy Serenity, then snapping-out of Their Stress-Free Living Moment, to Sample Different treats I Ply Them with & alternative sources of Water, to Their Noble Tastes …. I had to Empty out a Soapy Basin of water, as Maw Broon became too fond of Sampling & then resampling it’s Rare Lemony after-taste ….

Penny’s been Up to Her Usual brinkswomanship tactics, Sneaking up to My Studio & Eyeing Up The Goods, “What’s All This Bro’ ?!?! You Holdin’ Out on The Crew !?!? I may have Fluffy Knickers on, but I can Peck straight through a Toe, You feelin’ Me Mister ?!?!” …. When I Suddenly Grow to 600% Taller than Her, She about Turns & Accepts Her fate, as Though She’s going to the Gallows & atypically Takes Her time, but She still feigns going Left or Right, during Her exit-strategy, to Show Me She’s got the-moves & is Still The Boss of Her !!!!

Buggles is Undoubtedly The Most “Evolved” Dog Of All Time, He’s A Quite Remarkable Character & Defies Categorisation …. He can go from a Sleeping Position to Then being 6 Feet in the Air, pursuing Flying-Sweets, even after Having been Handed a Packet of Biscuits So Long He took 2 Attempts to get out the Door …. I’ll have to add Garlic to His diet Again, as He’s taken to Scratching His Own back, in a Comical way which Again Makes Me Appreciate, God’s Gifts Come in All Shapes & Sizes …. I’ve not Seen Cleo for a Few Days, as She’s been locked-up again by Her evil owner, the Last Time She was Here, She Woke Me Up by Kissing Me on the Lips with “Both” Her nose & lips simultaneously …. After Wiping My Lips with My Forearm, I Cuddled Her like She was A Human Teddy Bear & She Enjoyed Her Self, it’s Amazing to See Dogs Conveying Happiness …. Buggles then got in on the act a Couple of Days later, when He Nose-Butted My nose, when I’d Just Woken, then Walked away again, like A Scene from Train-Spotting ….

Since I have No Set Sleeping Cycle, The Nights are Now so Warm I sometimes Forget it’s Dark outside & Then Have a Coffee under The Moonlight, which Adds A Romantic Hue to The Ever changing Beauty of This unparalleled Haven …. However, even at Night Zionist Jews robots still Spray the Skies with nano-death agents, to EAT YOUR BRAIN & “if” that Doesn’t Work then the FREE INTERNET Satellite’s “CANNONS” Will Blow Your Head off Your Shoulders, from a few Dozen Miles above Your “tell-tale” aluminium-filled Head, so 3 Year olds can have an ARMY of Zombie Sex-slaves …. The Range of ways They’re DETERMINED to KILL “You” & ALL Your Loved one’s, PROVES You don’t “REALLY” Give a fuck about Them ….

And RETARDS will Still Farm, bouncing up & down with Glee, in competition alone, with Their Mercury-laced, Boron, Barium & Strontium-infected Vegetation, taking it to Market, Their hollow skull “Not Caring” about the increasingly-unhealthy Appearance of Their Customers …. I Put Up 3 Posters, Telling the Local LUNATITS & LUNATICS to “LOOK UP !!!!” …. Knowing, that They’d simply stop & WHEN They’d managed to “FOCUS,” then, would simply Think, “This is it gone of the provened, HE IS WHAT WE ARE, it’s now all gone officially officialled, THANK GOD, We can now REST the fear that we’re INBRED, subhuman, EVIL, self-deluded, hideously-ugly, hate-consumed, ‘INSIGNIFICANT’ Savages & it’s HIM, the FOREIGNER, HE IS what WE ARE, it’s ALL gone TRUE, it’s gone TRUE, THANK GOD it’s ALL gone TRUENESSESS ….” …. Before They stall Their tractor & roll back down the hill 12 times in a row ….

MONKEYS “can” ORGANISE Themselves, as seen in the “rings” of Sex-offenders, Who “confirm” Their MATCHING HANDICAPPED BRAIN’S con-venient GROIN-SERVING delusions …. Meanwhile, Narcissism “DIVIDES” the remaining hell-bound masses, due to Their “State-Groomed” delusions of Grandeur, assisted-by the BUZZWORDS They’re programmed to get PRETENGE by SQUAWKING at Each other, in Their DETERMINATION to delude Themselves TRANSFERENCE exists, as They “Decree” Who Deserves to Witness Them BEGGING for INSTANT Execution …. Just Ask LIVING+SAINT Desmond Tutu about the MONKEYS He WANTS “US” to Execute !!!!

“IF” You CARE about The People in Your Life, TELL Everyone You KNOW, to put-aside Their Differences, as You SHARE a “COMMON” enemy …. Tell Them, It’s “DIVIDED We Stand !!!!” …. As otherwise, “United-Monkey’s” will go-on EXTERMINATING The Success Stories of All “Your” Ancestors’ Love+Stories Combined, Who Already ENDURED & Overcame the Psychologically-abusive Paedophiles, going all the way back, Who “SHOULD” have been EXTERMINATED & Their ancestors are BEGGING You to do so “NOW” !!!!

However, the hate-consumed masses are almost AS BAD as that SHITE & that’s WHY serial-killers can now blend-in & “WHY” YOUR Life has gotten worse, whether You KNOW it or not  …. In “Erol On afMErica,” I’ll Orate to A Nation of Retards, what They’re too Corrupt, stupid, evil & subhuman a piece of Garbage to “DO” anything about …. Like Their fellow out-patients, They simply “Seek to See-if” They can Get Someone to “Choose” to Feel THEIR Butt-hurt, which They get-off on if The Sex-Object SUPPRESSES Their MORAL Obligation to fucking EXECUTE the BEAST …. “If” You’re A PROVIDER, Who PRODUCES Something TANGIBLE at The End of The Day, Week or Month, which You Can HOLD in Your Hand, ie Which the the “bar-lowered,” Self-deluded, “hair-brain-proud” Jabbering Whores, MAD Poofs, Lezards & AUTHORITAAAHS “CANNOT” Say …. “Then” …. “ASCEND,” As I Have Done & ABANDON the parasites to Their unenviable fate ….

I’ve PROVEN that Psycho-Paths don’t Exist in Reality, which is Easily Done, when You Either “Pretend” You’re Affected by Their “addiction” to histrionic-sadomasochism or You Continue Talking as Though You didn’t Recognise EVIL in Your Midst, which Produces a Look of utter Amazement …. As That “Does not Compute,” in Their Semi-Simian, Binary, Sparking Pentium-1 Calculator …. Which NEVER stops NEEDING shot in the face, yammering, “What can I Say or Do with My Spastic-Brain that He MUST CHOOSE to REACT to, then SUFFER from SUPPRESSING His MORAL OBLIGATION to Execute Me, as His ANCESTORS WOULD have Done ?!?!” – “What can I Say or Do with My Spastic-Brain that He MUST CHOOSE to REACT to, then SUFFER from SUPPRESSING His MORAL OBLIGATION to Execute Me, as His ANCESTORS WOULD have Done ?!?!” – “What can I Say or Do with My Spastic-Brain that He MUST CHOOSE to REACT to, then SUFFER from SUPPRESSING His MORAL OBLIGATION to Execute Me, as His ANCESTORS WOULD have Done ?!?!” – “What can I Say or Do with My Spastic-Brain that He MUST CHOOSE to REACT to, then SUFFER from SUPPRESSING His MORAL OBLIGATION to Execute Me, as His ANCESTORS WOULD have Done ?!?!” – “What can I Say or Do with My Spastic-Brain that He MUST CHOOSE to REACT to, then SUFFER from SUPPRESSING His MORAL OBLIGATION to Execute Me, as His ANCESTORS WOULD have Done ?!?!” – “What can I Say or Do with My Spastic-Brain that He MUST CHOOSE to REACT to, then SUFFER from SUPPRESSING His MORAL OBLIGATION to Execute Me, as His ANCESTORS WOULD have Done ?!?!” – “What can I Say or Do with My Spastic-Brain that He MUST CHOOSE to REACT to, then SUFFER from SUPPRESSING His MORAL OBLIGATION to Execute Me, as His ANCESTORS WOULD have Done ?!?!” – “What can I Say or Do with My Spastic-Brain that He MUST CHOOSE to REACT to, then SUFFER from SUPPRESSING His MORAL OBLIGATION to Execute Me, as His ANCESTORS WOULD have Done ?!?!” – “What can I Say or Do with My Spastic-Brain that He MUST CHOOSE to REACT to, then SUFFER from SUPPRESSING His MORAL OBLIGATION to Execute Me, as His ANCESTORS WOULD have Done ?!?!”

Thus “Feminism” & GAY Rights “&” Organised “rings” of COWARDLY Binary-Retards, in Clown-shoes, with Half a Doughnut between Their evil Ears, in the EMPTY Shell “THEY” hollowed-out due to the CORRUPT “direction” They CHOSE to go-in in Infancy, whilst DELUDING Themselves They’re a “sophisticated” winner, when They’re HELL-BOUND “DUNCE” trash …. Fuck Those “PAINFUL” NIGHTS & “dreadful hang-overs,” Waking Up KNOWING what They’ve BECOME & what They’ve “DONE” …. Which SHITE, like that, have No Intention of EVER Making Up for, when “THEY” can Square “it” away with that Egg-Cress salad for Their Niece Pauline & the ROYAL DECREE, that a spec of shit has Squared HELL away, for eterNITy !!!!

When You Compare the Size of Our Sun to Arcturus & Arcturus to Antares & how They’re almost INVISIBLE when Compared to the Size of Our Galaxy & Our “MASSIVE” Galaxy is almost indistinguishable or detectable from the Billions of Others, THINK AGAIN of that tiny speck of shite DECREEING that THE+DIVINE doesn’t exist, Their handicapped Brain DECREEING that “MORALITY” doesn’t Exist, when They LACK the SPECIFIC “Componentry” to be Able to CHANNEL “IT” …. The same minuscule speck of trash DECREEING that when You shuffle off This mortal coil You aren’t Forced to ATONE for Your sins, by Being Placed “PRECISELY” at The “DISTANCE” They CHOSE to SHED Their unraveling “Divinity” to …. THINK again about that ALMOST UNDETECABLY TINY “SINNER” con-veniently Decreeing that The PUNISHMENT They PROVABLY “SUFFER” in THIS Generation won’t be CONTINUED, as a “SET” Fate, for ETERNITY, when that’s “DECIDED” by Themselves alone, Someone, Who’s Sum influence on Reality makes The Phrase “FUCK ALL” seem like an Upgrade !!!!

When I 1st Announced I’d Landed in Portugal, I could “HEAR” The Sound of Dozens of Retards Gobs being SMACKED …. (Mainly of My Dark Readership of debauched, evil, Thrill-seeking Talking-monkeys, Who don’t have the “Decency” to Declare Themselves, like a Stalker’s Luggage ….) …. They must’ve felt Pig-SICK When I got to Paradise, again, like They “mattered-a-fuck” !!!! …. You can See The Photos in The Gallery of My Facepants Profile …. I Chose not to Show The Movie-Set Sea View, as I don’t Have Any Shares in “Rope” Companies in dnaltocS, yet ….

In an Atypical Example of “Projective Identification,” the SUBHUMAN BEAST Winston-Churchill, referred to the prancing MALE PROSTITUTE, Who Bezerk Obampot is currently copying, ie ADOLF HITLER, (The Austrian-Jewish Grandson of AshkeNAZI Jew “Rothschild,”) the preposterous blame pseudo-shifting Arsehole, Churchill, Profiled HIMSELF “PRECISELY” & ALL the SHITE I’ve Studied, when He Said that the Mental-Spastic Adolf was, “The REPOSITORY and EMBODIMENT of MANY forms of soul-destroying HATRED and the monstrous PRODUCT of countless FORMER wrongs and SHAME ….”

Cue the Irish, Red Haired, Guinness Drinker, “You’ve got to Hand it to the Obese Paedophile, He fairly Nailed Her There, You have to Say there’s no doubting it, All megalomaniacal so-called homos are banged-to Rights on That 1, slurp, slurp ….”

“Evil” Mental-handicaps NEED shot in Equal number as the more Able brained …. However, that’s another OPPORTUNITY for the PLANTED spastics in Your Life to Say, “OOOOooooohhh” …. eg If You Say that 90% of Autistic Kids SHOULD be Exterminated, (Whom Zionist Jews MADE that way,) then a Spastic BEGGING You to Execute Them, will “pretend They believe” that “YOU ARE WHAT THE JEWS & Themselves ARE” ….

The Core-inadequate Evil-retard, is obsessed with Defending it’s SHITE Self, by “Transparently” acting Being Someone else …. They “ALL” Imagine Their True Self to be a GREAT Mastermind & the “hypersensitive-hypocrite” Decrees that Humans are Touchy, even-though They’ll become HOMOCIDAL at a BREATH of Truth, which it AGAIN Decrees makes You what “THEY ARE” …. They hide a DECREPIT, underdeveloped, evil-infant behind Their NAUSEATING performance, as You don’t “Deserve” to Know The Real Them …. They Then Act, interpersonally, in a Manner which “They” believe They Need shot in the face for & get-off on You not Knowing That Fact ….

Evil is the “choice” of an UNDECLARED blunt “Talking-Animal,” NEEDING executed, YOUR failure to brain Scan Them & PUT THEM IN THE FUCKING ZOO or “Execute Them,” has led to Your Extinction, so that BEASTS can FUCK Children & MURDER Humans They “PRETEND” They’ve got a RIGHT to …. Their unconscious “PROJECTS” the Boundaries They want for Themselves, in the form of the “invasion” into YOURS’ !!!!

If You Employ the Softly, softly Approach, irrespective of Your Intention at Heart, You’ll find that Even the most Barbaric Megalomaniacs, Who’ve committed to a slew of Offences against You, Will Genuinely Seek Encouragement from You, for Them to “Stop Choosing” to Need shot in the face …. They FEAR revealing Their HIDEOUSLY UGLY True-Self, behind Their Offensive-front, which is the “Foil,” which, if You Endure & Overcome MAGICALLY without being marked-down by the SPASTIC, “THEN,” You WIN a HORRIFICALLY macabre Shit-hole, where a Magical-thinking, minuscule, grossly-underdeveloped, JABBERING, riddling fucking “MANIAC” dwells, beneath a CRUMBLING “Bridge” near-incapable of Receiving Traffic from The Outside World, where Gollum fears being robbed of it’s precious “inability” to Appreciating “Anyone” !!!! …. (Where Do I Sign !?!? …. “GROOM” Me !!!!)

If You do Attempt to Encourage, the Thankless cave-beast, Who’s in No position to Negotiate, They’ll attempt to Get better Terms for TROLLS …. If You rumble Them “during” That phase & Lay Bare that Their baffles are TRANSPARENT, They’ll then SQUAWK that They didn’t Want Encouragement Anyway …. ie They PRETEND They didn’t want Petitioned-out of the mine which Their forked-tongue constantly Digs itself, to Escape REALITY …. As it FLEES the AWFUL Light of Truth, exposing it’s underbelly, it then HOPES that You’ll ELECT it the ARBITER of REALITY & therefore Believe whatever They “Pretend They believe” as They throw leaves in the Air & SHRIEK unkind Words & that YOU ARE WHAT IT IS & anything else the Chimp hopes will ANNOY You …. Talk about NEEDING shot !?!? ….

THINK how BAD 90% of Western Female are, when, in Turkey, The Land of My Birth, the Females over There Who are PSYCHO-PATHS are starting to REVEAL Themselves, so even-in the paedophile-massaged Figures of the Judean Post, They’ve had to Admit there’s been a 1,400% INCREASE in Males EXECUTING Females …. Can You imagine what the REAL figure is !?!? …. Since They’re CORRECT to Do so, THINK about how SHITE Western Females are when The “beginnings” of The UGLY Head They “REAR” starts to Reveal itself, in Turkey, it’s Correctly “CUT OFF” & put in the bin …. Which COUNTLESS Western Females “KNOW” NEEDS done to Themselves, They’re simply NOT going to Stop UNTIL Dresden is Carpet bombed, as They PRETEND what They’ve “become” is SOMEHOW Someone else’s fault, that the Hate-consumed VERMIN “repeatedly” Chose to DESTROY Her Self & BOOK “Her PLACE” in Hell, for Eternity …. Ta, Ta, Bye, Bye Now !!!!

It’s no Coincidence, When I Come In from Having Stood Out In The “World Class Sunshine,” I Feel Absolutely Fucking Great, (as much as Would be Wise) …. “Despite” Any “thing” You’ve Stored in Your Memory, which Acted as-though it “Matters,” in the past, popping-up from Your Right Hemisphere, to See-if it “Merits” a repeat Performance, which You Veto nonchalantly & dispatch even the effigy of the memory of that TOXIC, obnoxious, HOOLIGAN, “bestial,” wretched, Jonesing bad-actor, Whom even a wounded Wildebeest wouldn’t trade-places with, the Core-inadequate, sleazy, Magical-Thinking Fucktard !!!!

When SHITE Read The Truth about Themselves, as I’ll be Exposing in “Erol On lagutroP,” even-if the Spastic does-so whilst “spying” on You, as it’s plotting with Others to Carry-out what the Munter Hopes is a “con,” then, even-whilst the Subhuman-garbage is Carrying-out a criminal-campaign They Conspired with Others to Enact, since the ugly, inbred, low-life Shit-head has Read The TRUTH, which when Reflected Confidently solicits DELUSIONS of intelligence from Psycho-Paths & “BAD feeling” as Their unenviable life is a tissue of lies, which They “suffer” from due to Those grandiose delusions …. So, whilst spying to titillate itself that it’s a Mastermind, it Then Reads What I’ve Written about SOMEBODY ELSE, thus, the desperate Spastic then FAILS to Realise how EASILY it BURSTS & so “Decides” if There’s a Chance, during it’s pre-meditated Criminal campaign (Which it squares-away as being OK, in it’s Kangaroo Court of COUNTLESS evil acts & token egg-cress-salad Gestures to Nieces,) the retard, like ALL the Evil Shite I’ve Studied, are at pains to See-if They can “deviously” CON Me into faux-admitting that “I AM WHAT THEY ARE,” as They’ve “FELT BAD” ….

When LUNATICS or LUNATITS feel bad, the incontinent-spastic believes it MUST take-that shit OUT on Someone else, even-if That’s A Humane+Being They’ve spied-on, to titillate Themselves “further,” whilst They were Preparing to Meet Him to enact a con …. However, when the subhuman, semi-simian reptile SEES the AWFUL TRUTH, the hair-brained “megalomaniacal-psychopath” then Decrees that “I’m” arrogant (ie What “THEY” neuro-anatomically & pathologically, “provably” ARE) as the AWFUL retard is Appalled by The Audacious Autonomous 100% ACCURATE Mirror & Existentially-Jealous of “Him” ….

So the Subhuman Cunt, Who needed No Encouragement to be part of What She hoped would be a Con, NOW Has Her “excuse,” She’ll all-ways find, to believe The Sex-Object Deserves it, has it coming & brought it on Themselves & is Asking for it, which Allows the Chicken-brained Retard to Delude Her Self that She’s Gone-Superior & that THEY ARE WHAT I AM & I AM magically WHAT THEY ARE …. Getting-off, as it now Knows another Secret I don’t Know, (DOO DAH DOO DAH) …. ie That it’s a Hate-filled vacuum NEEDING shot in the face, on top of the Secret I COULDN’T possibly Know, about What “I” PUBLICLY Wrote …. On top of the Secret I couldn’t Possibly See-Through, which I SAW THROUGH INSTANTLY & Spared Her Life for REASONS beyond Her hollow-skulled comprehension & “Let” Her even-more corrupt ring-masters KNOW ….

The repulsive, fat, Greasy, atypically-inbred Scottish poisoned-dwarf, Who was Working for the 2 Portuguese Self-confessed Megalomaniacal Psychopath Estate-agents, (1 of Whom admitted to having a “TINY” Mind & that He Hadn’t developed beyond infancy, Whom I’ll be Exposing further,) as They Looked-on with Their respective hollow-skulls, Wondering if I’d rumble Them All, Whilst, Their “HIDEOUSLY” Ugly, Existentially-jealous, Self-bullshitting Scottish Whore’s Husband was Decked in A Celtic-Strip, (WHAT AN AMAZING COINCIDENCE & what a Surprise, a Turn-coat-Tim, ie a SHITE person) …. The repulsive PIG He called His wife, then Asked a misleading Question, COMPLETELY VOID of Self+Awareness, hoping to Trap Me into faux-admitting that “I AM WHAT SHE IS,” ie PIG-IGNORANT, which She is so RETARDED She “admitted” to Being, to “Encourage” Me to faux-admit that I AM WHAT SHE IS …. ie She’d not Learned Portuguese in YEARS of being There & wanted Me to Admit that it’s IGNORANT to have NOT Learned Pig-Speak when You’ve been in the Country for So Long, whereas, I’d Set foot in the Country “1 Day” earlier & was on A Moral+Mission beyond Her inbred empty-skull’s wildest-comprehension, whilst She was party to a Coven of Con-merchant SCUM …. (Whom I unsurprisingly got The Best Deal out of in Recorded History ….)

For FURTHER titillation & PRETENGE, whilst carrying-out Her part of the con, which “gluttonously-evil” SHITE like Her can be RELIED on, as “Sex-offenders” Always get Carried-away with Making more of Their tiny-part, (ie NEEDING shot in the face) …. So, “IRRESPECTIVE” of Me Then Calmly Correcting Her, with Her WHOLE Family Present, Consisting of Several Young Kids, She’d “Already” EJACULATED in front of Them, as She’d “got Her shit-out” & got PRETENGE for Her having READ The Truth I’d Written about Somebody else, which She SAW Her TRUE Self reflected in & “Decreed” that That MADE Me what SHE IS & so She’d now SMOOTHED the clouds Her hollow Clown-head Hovers above, in Her imagination, to a “PERFECT” table-cloth which PROVES She’s SUPERIOR to Me, “despite” Being a Sex-offender Who Clearly ejaculated in front of Her Children, obviously PANTING at Her Self-confessed ignorance, when the SPY was Acting-out Her Con …. Talk about WALKING SHIT !!!!

It takes Christlike Focus to Maintain My Overarching Infinitely More Important & Guiding Moral+Aims, (Mainly, Starving Darkies,) to Remain Cognoscente of the simple Passage of time, which RIDS Me of Those Who lack the MENTAL EQUIPMENT to exist in Reality & default to an IMAGINARY world Where Their COMPLETE-BULLSHIT “Self-image” Must be PRETENGED at all costs …. The Repeatedly-punished, Self-Bullshitting, hell-bound “Serpents,” have Slithered around My Boots wherever I’ve gone, acting-out Their handicapped, bestial brain’s Hollow-Skull-bound ill-wishes, Their pyro-MANIAC Eyes “obsessed” with the illusion-of-Transference which Fills the Mushroom on the Horizon of Every Sex-offenders’ “fantasy world” ….

Whilst, in Reality, where I Exist, They risk being “Correctly” executed, by a Man Who Fucks Whole Police-farces & Kangaroo Courts & Their like-minded slithering Sociopath work Depts. & “Their” female serial-killers & plagues of beasts & “Organised” beasts, Whom I’d have CALMLY Executed, with The Hand Gun, My FAITH In The Moral+Law meant I didn’t have to Use, which I Accrued as I didn’t Want to LET DOWN The+Almighty by not being “prepared” to Use It …. After-which, a Witness “got-rid,” whilst I was Sunning My Chops in Portupants, on My Splendid Vineyards, DUNCE CUNT “Free” !!!!

The EVIL SHITE that I Share a Planet with, want Someone to SEE that They NEED shot in the face, when the SPASTIC calculates that You’ll FAIL to do so …. It’s You MORAL OBLIGATION to EXECUTE Them, You don’t “HAVE TO” Choose to have ANY Reaction, it’s simply “TAKING OUT THE TRASH” …. Genetic-Garbage like that can’t COMPREHEND how it’s POSSIBLE to Witness a 3 year old SHIT it’s PANTS so HARD it comes out of it’s Mouth, so deduce, in Their narcissistic-bubble’s Projection, that You “MUST” Choose to FEEL like Executing it & be left stressing Your Nerves, SUPPRESSING Your Moral “OBLIGATION” …. So, an incontinent-arsehole can Waddle-off to The Mushroom Cloud it Worships, Gone-Proud of Itself, it’s no-longer a Spastic delaying suicide …. It’s Marilyn Monroe ….

I realise WHY Their shit didn’t work on Me when I was 4 & a Half & They were 5, as They’d STOPPED Developing at “3″ …. Apart from the BLOODY OBVIOUS fact that They were Talking shite & Saying, “YOU ARE WHAT I AM” …. Although it’s an unconscious CRY for HELP or Execution, REMEMBER Arcturus & Antares & how that “irrelevant” speck of shite wants to Give an EXCUSE to a paedophile-ring They’ve 100% Complicit with, to Drag You into a Dungeon system, because The “COWARDLY” sex-offender keeps-on delaying Suicide, as They ALL “KNOW” HELL-AWAITS !!!!

I went out a few Days ago, at 7:30AM & there was a Frost …. I’d Seen LOW Cloud Cover a couple of Times before & it was Indeed Beautiful, however, This Time it was Worth FILMING …. The Whole View looked like “Japan” …. I Couldn’t See beyond The End of My Farm & Could Only See the Top 5th of The Mountains & the Clouds where So Smooth They Looked as Though You Could Walk on Them …. ie It Lasted for Ages, “unlike” the sought-after illusion the Mental-spastics I’ve profiled want to “Delude Themselves,” They’ve RIGHTED, by PRETENDING-in-front-of-WITNESSES “failing” to Execute Shit-for-brains …. Receiving God’s Gifts, in REALITY, doesn’t Require deluding Yourself or PROVING to be a piece of shit …. (No-one Will be Surprised to Discover that, from Viewing That, I THEN Realised “WHY” Zionist Jews have been BOMBING & Irradiating Japan for Decades, whilst You PRETEND to Love Your Family ….)

As regards the Ginger-mite, She Knows that I Could’ve had Her Arrested & “imprisoned” 3 times over, Sectioned, Done-in, etc, etc …. She’s Living Proof that Unless You Execute so-called Homosexuals, ie Superficial Sexual-Deviants, Addicted to Sadomasochism, looking for Someone Who won’t exterminate that tiny an evil mind, They’ll simply “Continue,” with the criminal-campaign the Hell-bound retard repeatedly “instigated” & perpetuated, as the SPASTIC believes You’ll NEVER be able to Know that a Genocidal race of Cerebral-Pygmies Who are barely able to Focus, let-alone Exist in Reality, “make a POINT of Their ACT of evil” ….

So, since She “chose” to lace EVERY unsolicited con-tact “She” made, with evil, despite My Selfless Encouragement, Just Compliments, “More than Matching” Her Grain-defying Efforts & with All the Options Open to Her, She chose to close the lid of Her coffin & Bark through the Pine …. She Knows I Know what’s ahead of Her, in This Generation & it’s hell on Earth & More Importantly, The Next, which is Hell for Eternity …. She also Knows that She has NO alibi or Justification of ANY Kind, She’s FULLY aware of Every Decision She’s made & could Easily adjust Her Life to Go Up rather than down, I was Just a Mourner at the Wake of an Infant’s ego …. Her fate rests in Her hands alone …. I Saw the plight of Her inner Child & if She employs any 2D future guess-work Myself & the Troops will offer Her NO more TIME which would Only Help Her delude Her Self anyway …. I Did My Bit which “Your” Police-farce Should’ve been Doing, (in a Morally+Sane world,) to Save Her future Target “&” Her …. I showed Her How Easily Love Conquers All, The Direction to Grow …. Now, She only has Her Self to blame, for what She’s “become” …. End of ….

I’m Living in what Most People would pay 3 Grand for a few Days to “Be like,” during a 2 Week Break They’ve slaved all Year, in an OCCUPIED Country, to be Able to get Themselves into Debt to pay for, which Me & My Chooks & Dugs & ALL The Other Beautiful Birds of Paradise & A Menagerie of Lizards, Cats & Comical Cartoonesque Insects “Receive” As Just+Gifts from The+Divine, even-though I Seek nothing, I’m A Giver, A Provider & I can’t Deny, “Freedom” from Witnessing or Recognising the minuscule, Incontinent, HATE-consumed, evil, animate specks of shite, of YOUR Species, after a while, Produces A no-doubt enviable, yet unassailable, Level of Happiness, as much as would be Right, All “things” Considered ….

Kind regards,

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Love Conquers All !!!!

My latest Song, Written in freezing-cold, barmy dnaltocS, Recorded in Blissfully Sunny, Beautifully Scenic, balmy lagutroP, both Countries run by Genocidal paedophile-rings Lording-it over submissive masonic-cabals of 3 year-old retards, “All” being black-mailed & betrayed by Zionist-Jews intent on Megadeath …. I Prefer The Beatles Myself ….

Fortunately, I Live Miles from any of the predominately-inbred, hate-consumed, raging, utterly Self-deluded, “hideously-ugly,” mindlessly-bigoted, trouble “making,” grossly-unselfaware “Portuguese” Lunatics, Who are a Blight on the Landscape of This Part of This Planet …. Although admittedly, They’re an Improvement on the perma-raging hun Shite of dnaltocS ….

I Also Met The “Most” Humane Beings in lagutroP, Whom I wanted to Embrace & Give Them money & Tell Them that They’re being preyed-on Psychologically by “insignificant,” delusional, animate-shite Who have ZERO Concept of How A Human Perceives Reality or How A Human brain works & simply don’t want Humans to Assume The Position in Life which They’re Entitled to …. So the evil trash try to abuse You & set You up, with an obsessive routine, when You’re simply Not Arrogant or Presumptuous, because You can’t Magnify or Amplify that tiny a hell-bound, unenviable mind & the level of audacity “Sex-offenders” Choose to exhibit, Grossly unaware of How Easily They Burst …. Execute Them !!!!

Due to the lack of “Vision” of abusive shite being on Every Perch, the unpresumptuous Moral Human “isn’t” in Any Competition, so simply Slots into a role, unaware They’re surrounded by sneering Walking-shite Who “are” in Competition with Them, alone …. So Those Humans were Unsurprisingly working in dead-end jobs, with Hate-consumed primitive 3 Year olds in Positions above Them, in an Environment which Couldn’t-be if Humans had routinely Continued Exterminating hypercompetitive, evil, Self-deluded LUNATICS & LUNATITS, instead-of being oppressed & unjustifiably murdered by Them ….

Demented Shite, like that, start with wanting PRETENGE against The Human for Being Human, Who has FUCK ALL to do with the “aggressor” being born a full-term abortion & raised by Savages …. The Human is often raised by Savages too …. The Confirmatory-biased, subhuman vermin Oscillates between believing it’s the Queen of the Supermarket & then woefully feeling inadequate & out of it’s Depth, but whenever Shite like that feel bad The mental-spastic wants The Human to feel bad, so the imbecile sets-about Seeing-if it can Say or Do something, from it’s practiced evil, which The Human “Chooses” to trigger Their Own Amgydala, due to Witnessing or Being subjected to a hideous enemy ….

Which the Moral-imbecile will then Pretend-deny it isn’t guilty of & blink in Self-amazement as the Human is reprimanded by the eager, Existentially-jealous, Sex-offender above both of Them, Who’s angry that They can’t satiate the Greed They feel Entitled to & have been Groomed to believe They Deserve without Any Effort, which Only the Human has been putting-in ….

When the Queen of the Market fucks-up again, She now has Her Fall-Guy & draws Him looks, hopefully, whenever He passes, which He still can’t figure out, but Knows She’s a piece of shit, He is “Groomed” to not Know She NEEDS Her head BLOWN OFF with a Shotgun …. Which She “hopes” He Knows, as She calculates that He would then “have to” be Feeling the anger She feels at having been born a retard, which has NOTHING to do with Him ….

Invariably, the lunatit fucks-up again & pretends She believes She’s “not to blame” & wants to rewrite History & seizes the opportchancity to get more PRETENGE, by “setting up” The Innocent Human stacking the Shelves, again, until He’s sacked & then the 3 Year old retard fingers Her pie-hole, in Self-Amazement, forgetting it’s the same Finger She just picked Her Arse with, it’s eyes Spiralling staring up at an Imaginary Mushroom Cloud, past All the Shelves The Human Stacked, in The Building The Human Man Built, in the Society run by Shite like Herself, which reduced Her to the menial position, She now believes is Her Queendom & that She’s a Mastermind after-all & “that” Human’s been taught a LESSON & She’s finally got legitimate PRETENGE & …. SHOOT + THEM + in + the + face !!!!

Whenever I’ve Met garbage like that, I lack arrogance so I never put Their evil down to Jealousy on Their Part or Their Core-inadequacy, let-alone Their State-groomed & history-borne bigotry & myopic wilfull-incontinent Narcissism …. As I’ve never innately Felt jealousy or envy, as I’m not a Grossly incapacitated, jabbering, evil, Self-deluded, magical-thinking retard …. Shite like that, “disguise” Their unconscious-attraction to Me as what They Hope comes-across as hatred, which They then get “Stuck” Projecting, due to Their FALSE belief that They’re “secretly” a Good Person & Their further Bogus “delusion” that They Should “BE” Me (See, Judas) “&” That I’m Just Lucky & They’re being “REPEATEDLY” unlucky …. Imbeciles like that, Make “token” Gestures to con “Themselves,” as well as Others, that They ARE what Their “behaviour” PROVES They’re “NOT” !!!!

They’re more likely to Believe There won’t be CONSEQUENCE, when They ACT-OUT NEEDING SHOT in front of a “State-groomed” Target …. As They feel “Entitled” to get-away with that behaviour & retards are “Proud” of Themselves if They believe The Innocent Party has “Reacted” negatively, by “Choice,” whereupon the incontinent Sex-offender, Who’s tried to psychologically-traumatise yet another Innocent Human, Self-destructively continues to Pretend They’re not to blame for the position They find Themselves in, “In Life,” due to Their endlessly State-cosseted “delusions” of Intelligence (AKA evil abuse) & mindlessly-repeated “Choices” & obsession with Trying to Delude Themselves by endlessly imbecilically Saying, “YOU ARE WHAT I AM ….”

They’ve no idea how Hideously Ugly They TRULY Are & Truly Disgusting & Truly Repulsive, which Makes Them TRYING to be ugly, disgusting & repulsive All The More Definitive an “Exhibition” of Their TRUE Self …. The “delusional” Animal waddles-off Feeling “temporarily” Lighter, having-had Their hate-ejaculate in Public, the Vulgar, mindlessly-stupid, Morally-insane, incontinent Beast “Gone-Proud” …. ie It Sees itself as Being a BIG Bully & the Filthy-degenerate believes it’s Left it’s Shit with The Sex-Object …. It then wakes Up the next Day the same “unenviable” evil Animal for Whom “nothing” has changed, except, They just “got worse” & Doomed Themselves to yet more punishment, inescapably, in “This” Generation & the NEXT ….

The “level” of OVERT Transference-obsessed, hate-incontinence I Witnessed, in the past, in lagutroP is simply a Request for INSTANT Execution as They’ve been reduced to “suffering” from Their Grandiose-delusions into “menial” jobs, by Zionist invasion, “again” …. The Country-wide Con is more Apparent Here than it is in dnaltocS, where huns think They’re “in on it” …. But Who came whining to Me, in the end, Saying that They were Gob-Smacked that They were being Routinely Targeted for arrest now too ….

I Live Dunce Cunt Free Out Here, with an Unexpected Menagerie of Lovely Creatures, I’m Happy to Let Live in “Parallel” …. eg I Looked Out of The Villa Window Yesterday & Penny was Strolling Around The Grounds far below, with Her Hands behind Her Back, as Though She were The Owner of The Whole Farm …. She Looked as Proud as a Peacock, inspecting The Growth of Certain Plants She was Monitoring & would pay Further interest in, in the near future, Sampling Here & There to See if Things were of Her Standard or Up to Scratch ….

However, My Ambition as always, is to Get as Far from This Planet’s Truly hideously-ugly species of Insectoid, Emotionally-incontinent, Cowardly, pathetic, “Transparently” Self-bullshitting, would-be Psychologically-abusive Sado-masochistic, jabbering-spastics, as Humanly Possible, so it’s A Mountain Top, Then Africa Next & Then Space ….

90% of Western Fee-males & Poofs, plus 70% of Western Males & Lezards “NEED” to be Executed, the KEY which “denotes” That is Simple, ie When the Genetic-Trash See Someone Happy, the mentally-deficient bag-of-shite Then wants to See-if it can “Stop” Them being Happy …. For “That” crime against Humanity, alone, They SHOULD be Exterminated …. The aforementioned Demographic illustrates how outbred Humans are by inbred, hollow-headed, panting dirt-bags, Whom The Moral+Law of The Universe is NEVER going to Change to SUIT “evil-addicted” abusers or Hen-pecking nit-wits, (ie Sex-offenders obsessed with the illusion of Transference,) anymore than Gravity would STOP WORKING if the 5 & a Half Billion MARAUDING morally-insane infants simultaneously DEFY It by CORRECTLY jumping off Cliffs ….

Zionist Jews aren’t as “discriminate” as My Calculation, nor “Moral” with Their Solution, which is Simply “Distance,” ie Completely Abandoning hate-consumed “magical-thinking” Parasites to a pit of like-minded Lunatics & Lunatits …. You’d Think, with So Many Funny Jewish Comedians, They’d Have Decided on Something Far better than MEGADEATH & Damning Their Eternal Soul & increasing Their Own Daily suffering, on the downward spiral They’re pedaling, whilst pulling a Whole Species of apathetic, Narcissistic, Cowards & nihilistic, imbecilically-complicit, “corrupt,” subhuman Retards …. eg They Could’ve Easily Surprised Everybody by Hovering Over The Planet in a Massive Star-Ship & Saying, “Ta, Ta, Bye, Bye Now !!!!”

Obviously, They Could’ve Organised Everyone into Their Waste-free optimum & Channeled Everyone’s Energy into Getting Away from Each Other & off Out into Space …. However, They’re sex-offenders & sado-masochists Who want a DAILY supply of Existential PRETENGE, pulling the Legs off whatever You hold Dear, to Trigger Their Ventral Tegmental reward Centre, in hot-pursuit of Those Who would like that “least” …. So, instead of killing Themselves for what They’ve repeatedly chosen to “become,” They’re killing EVERYBODY else instead, “slowly” & Humans 1st, especially Men, Who are Their “unwitting” rivals ….

The cowards rely on the Aforementioned Demographic to Also target Men “for” Them, thus “Feminism” & “Gay Rights,” after the ENGINEERING of society to “lower-the-bar” to an ALL time low, “across the board,” to ALLOW that SHITE a “perch” They COULDN’T have had in ANY previous Generation …. Moreover, to Delude Their “plants” that They’re “Equal” when They’re AS THICK AS SHIT !!!!

Which Ensures “Emotionally-incontinent,” squawking, Conflict-addicted, Chicken-brained, Existentially-jealous, pathologically-lying, “superficial,” would-be Psychological-abusers to Prey-on Men with “imp-unity,” in ever-increasing VOLUME of ambient ABUSE, for Sexual-relief …. Which “Produces” Suicide all-round & “Fatherless” Children …. Ta, Ta, Bye, Bye Now !!!!

ALL Psychopaths are abominations, Who exhibit a degree of stubbornness & greed which is classable as Megalomania, due to having Mental-handicaps & minuscule-proportions …. They’re “obsessed” with trying to deMORALise You, as “then” that Allows Lunatics to deHUMANise Their prey & Feel Superior to It …. So since the Zionists now Gleefully SEE what They’ve GROOMED, “CHOOSING” to Squawk-along-with “Their” programming, at Innocent Men, that Then allows the megalomaniacal, primitive, evil Jews to Say, “You” DESERVE it …. I can’t disagree !!!!

So, whilst MAD poofs & lezards & THANKLESS con-veniently PROVIDER-hating, decadent, shallow SLUTS & pretend AUTHORITAAAHS are preying-on The hard-working Compassionate “Human Male,” those unwittingly-planted Groomed-agents are also being GENOCIDED, as They’re too stupid to Realise what’s going on ABOVE Their half-empty head, because the nympho-maniacs attention is so drawn-down to the microdot They want to Draw Their Mark’s attention to, so that the “unselfaware” Walking-Shite can hop around yet-another Innocent Human, SQUAWKING, “THAT PROVES IT, THAT PRETEND-PROVES IT, EVERYTHING’S GONE PRETEND PROVEN, YOU ARE WHAT I AM & THAT PROVES IT, THAT’S IT GONE PRETEND PROVEN, YOU ARE WHAT I AM, THAT’S IT GONE CON-CLUDED, I’M AWAY, BUCK-BUCK-AW !!!!”

Jabbering vermin like that, choose to Redirect Their Sex-drive into trying to cause Good Men P.T.S.D. & for a few imaginary-bucks more …. Conversely, Men are TAUGHT NOTHING about becoming Mentally Non-Reactionary, for the Sake of Their Mental Well Being & instead are “programmed” to Afford “the hair-brained bunch” INFINITELY more Respect than They Deserve, when it’s Your MORAL OBLIGATION to “Execute” Anyone Who’s “intention” is to trigger the Inherited Gift from All Your Ancestors “Success” Stories Combined ….

If We’d “Continued” Doing So, ie Executing hideously-ugly, Self-loathing-projecting spastics, obsessed with HOPING You Choose to trigger Your Own “Fight or Flight mechanism” & NOT Entertained Morally-Insane Pharisees “dictating” Our Morality to Us, then ALL of Us Could’ve RECEIVED The “GREATEST GIFT” of All, The “Dorsolateral” Function of Your Brain, which Allows You to CHANNEL The “Moral” Law of The Divine & “See” the puerile Lunatics, as They “are,” scurrying-around Your Feet, like brain-damaged In-Sects ….

The Self-amazing, “planted,” DROOLING sex-offenders “initially” can’t believe that “low-life” SHITE like Themselves can get-away with NEEDING shot, Who’ve resurfaced due to the Zionist-Jew Mong-BREEDING & Human-OUTBREEDING program, to Ensure Armageddon …. So, in the mean-time the “myopic” hypocrites can “get-away” with Targeting Human Men, Whom They’re not “Worthy” to Breathe the Same Air As ….

But over-time, the flat-lining Chicken-brained Talking-Beasts eventually become bored with Their “addiction” to fighting imaginary-opponents, which They used-to “pride” Themselves on, when The Human Couldn’t detect that a bigoted Lunatic was Covertly trying to Cause Them P.T.S.D., pleasing Their tiny-mind more if They could do so at Stealth, as that PRETEND PROVES it, that’s it gone PRETEND PROVEN & the “Sex-offender” has got it’s quota of mindless-repetition & hate-ejaculating done, against the Innocent Person They’re “jealous” of Whom the evil-hypocrite will “always” Find Their “excuse” to BELIEVE Deserves it ….

Eventually, the Lunatits & lunatics, Who secretly See Themselves as Being Good people & “delude” Themselves that They’re sophisticated masterminds with an invisible rapier, which They Only wield against “The Kind” They hope to cause Brain-damage to, before-long, They “recognise” that They’re FULL OF SHIT & Their Shit’s garbage & They’re a hollow ruin, Who’s an utterly Self-deluded, Truly hideous, Confirmatory-biased “jabbering imbecile,” by even a Child’s “Standard” …. So They “degenerate” further into a deflated, “debauched,” delusional mess, still Confirming Their bias, “whereafter,” the Statistics Speak for Themselves ….

90% of the time, “that” is the incontinent-mess which GOOD MEN have been reduced to Enduring, “if” They want a Western Female in Their Life, Who, as soon as She starts Her shite, She’ll “never stop,” as She is an insane-revisionist Who “suffers” from Delusions of “Perfection” & PRETENDS She’s never to blame, as She’s been Groomed to Delude Herself that She’s INVISIBLE & She’s GENUINELY that RETARDED, ergo as soon as She starts Her shite Distance Your Self from Her, “For Good” …. I Feel sorry for Those Men, due to the degenerate TRASH They’re surrounded by Who DELUDE Themselves They’re Regal QUEENS, when They’re an evil, prattling, burst-arsed TOXIC-SLAG heap ….

The additional External-stimuli Good Men are Subject to is due to Living in an equally Megalomaniacal-Jew destroyed Country, AWASH with Core-Inadequacy projecting Moral “imbeciles,” ie USELESS replicants Who’ve replaced Men, on EVERY PERCH, in a Jew-constructed HOLLOW Pyramid, engineered to COLLAPSE, due to the HOLLOW retards Who “imagine” They’re slithering up that SHITE PILE, to get-off on Believing They’re Shitting on Those below & Feeling that They’re Giving Them Their shit …. Talk about Walking shite !!!!

Feminists & Fags & Lezards have Replaced most Good Men & prey-on the remaining Innocents, by Choice, promoted by “additional” bogus & convenient “propaganda,” in an ever-dwindling “Service” industry, “temporarily” installed after INDUSTRY was REMOVED by Sex-offenders, pulling another Leg off the Spider, despite 17,000,000 People Saying, “NO, We WANT to Keep Our INDUSTRY,” but which TURNED-ON the Jews, Who got-off on removing that leg anyway, as impotently Saying, “NO,” doesn’t CUT IT, when You “DO” FUCK-ALL about it & Continue to Look to DISTANT black-mailed Paedophile-rings to DICTATE Your NANNY state-run OWN LIFE to You, Who are OBSESSED with trying to DESTROY Your Life as They are BITTER about Their WEAK surrender to Their GROIN-based urges “&” having been born a Talking beast, which is “Ungrateful” for Being ALLOWED OUT of the fucking ZOO …. So, Your country has been reduced to pampered-infants waiting on the bombs which are ALREADY FALLING, due to Your meek-surrender, under Thatcher & Her black-mailed Cabinet of Shaven-Bonobos, with Countless Huns approving due to Their “like-minded” complicit Soul-damning “Tradition” ….

IDENTICALLY, 90% of Homosexual Males & Females, “irrespective” of Who They delude Themselves They are, are Actually Dunce-cunts Who haven’t Developed The Ability to be “Continent” since They were 3 & OSCILLATE between Sparkly-Eyed Delusions of Being The Pinnacle of Perfection & Then the COLLAPSE of Realising They’re a fucking ABOMINATION …. Whereafter, They sit wallowing & moping & picking pebbles out of Their endless-supply of latest-shit & past-shit & then start whining & farting & moaning & nit-picking & RAGING that They’re FUCK-ALL-like the Air-head They aspire to be, which Zion TOLD Them They were going to be, to then RELY on Them to TARGET Someone-Else to PRETEND They believe it’s “THEIR” fault that the Dunce-cunt never “upgraded” Their PROGRAMMED “Operating System” ….

They CRY that They’re not as Successful a piece of shite as the SLAPPERS & AIR-HEADS in the Zionist-Media & the Average Queen tries to CON “You” into Thinking You MUST SUFFER to “HELP” Them stop “Choosing” to be incontinent & rooted, as They LOUDLY lament that They’ve burst Their precious arse around “past” Cocks of VER-MEN & “YOU” MUST PAY for Their tasteless past Choice of BEASTS Who took-advantage of Their state-programmed moral-insanity, “AS” the INNOCENT Man Whom They feel less “excited” by as They’re as THICK as SHIT & have NO Taste, “Depth,” Insight, Conscience, “Morality,” SENSE or Willingness to Surrender & Imbue Their Partner with The Confidence which Would See Themselves Flying High, over the heads of the “more important” Competition the prehistoric Shit-head’s are ALWAYS in, with equally vapid rivals, Most of Whom “secretly” Think They’re Gay !!!!

90% of Males Who BELIEVE Themselves to be Homosexual or BEHAVE as though They are, are “panting,” Self-amazing, PRETENGE obsessed, “ring-forming,” THANKLESS, pathologically-lying, mindlessly-repetitive, proudly Self-bullshitting, sado-masochism-addicted, hopefully brain-damaging, debauched & degenerate, hyper-evil, TRANSFERENCE obsessed, Genocide-addicted “subhuman” jabbering SHITE, ie The SCUM of the fucking EARTH & “NEED” to be EXTERMINATED …. 70% of Females Who BELIEVE Themselves to be Homosexual or BEHAVE as though They are, are also in DIRE NEED Of being ELIMINATED from the competition ONLY THEY are in, against Human Beings Whom the SHITE won’t leave alone, to Delude Themselves They’re a Spider with a fly ….

As I’ll be Lampooning in an Upcoming Vid, alongside Other inside-tracks …. EVERY Chick I was Ever Visited by Said that They ONLY indulged Their True Sexual desires with “passing-fancy” or Down the whore-house “compartmentally” as a Prostitute, becoming increasingly addicted to debauchery “physically” instead of in a more “Enlightened” Manner …. Which They then hated Themselves for surrendering to, but Began Craving it & degenerated further with Every passing John, Who led Them to hate “Innocent” Men, Who had nothing to do with it & The slut then became Jealous of Human Women also, Who haven’t Chosen to “physically” subject Themselves to what You can Derive A Higher Form of Sexual Ecstasy, equally as Craveable, from Mentally going places, in a Monogamous Relationship, without Sucking Shite out of a Paedophile’s arse …. Thus, Why I Wrote This Book for EVERY Walk of Life, called “FUCKING EXCELLENT !!!!” :-


Nymphomaniacs can’t bring Themselves to Tell Human partners The extent to Which They’re prepared to do almost Anything & “Expect” Him to make-a-move, even-though the imbecile is then likely to Cock-block Him, which He’s to psychically Know He’s to overcome, even-though that Means She’s likely to pull the pen-knife out of Her arse-hole & Stab Him or better-still, phone the Binary Sex-offenders, from 666 Lesbian Avenue, shouting, “Rapist, rapist ….”

You See the “tiny minded” Compartmentalisation process of the Female psychopath, as, if He simply went down the whore-house He could SHIT IN HER MOUTH, for £50, without having to Say a word to Her or endure Her arms Being locked against His “encouraged” Attentions or Her psychological-abuse & LUNACY …. Conversely, If She Cares about Him & He Has Affection for the pig-ignorant Dunce, then if He doesn’t psychically & precognitively “overcome” the insignificant “mute” MAD whore’s obstacle-course, He’s to then Endure Her trying to abuse Him, which She gets-off on, as She’s “redirecting” Her Sex-drive, because She “Chose” to Cock-block Him, even-though He’s giving Her more money Than She’d See in a Month of eating paedophile’s Shite …. TO THE WHORE HOUSE, MEN !!!!

Irrespective of the level of debauchery of the fee-male nit-wit, in “Relationships,” She must NEVER have the Sex She craves, as that would be giving Up Her imaginary-power, from Her overflowing Potty-throne, in the sewer-works below Dog world, surrounded by crap-stained tissues of lies, wearing Her toilet-paper crown …. So, if A Human Man wants “that” for Company & Accepts that Fate then She waves Her toilet-brush in Circles in the air & “Declares” Him a DISGUSTING weakling & if He can’t See that She’s a “BAD” ACTRESS NEEDING SHOT in the face & flushed down the toilet, then, She TRIUMPHANTLY ROARS that “He is what She is,” behind Witch, She declares Him as not Being the Level of Game She aspires to, but, He “DESERVES” to be ABUSED anyway & ANY audacious resistance on His part ENRAGES the Lunatit even-further ….

At the 1st sign of His eventual exhausted-retaliation, She spreads Her Honking pish-flaps like an enraged bat & SQUAWKS with All Her might, Her gums flapping, Her sparking pyro-maniac Eyes flaming, “stringing” together Everything She’s STORED in Her Dark bowl to SPEW at Him, as He’s a FUCKING MAN & ALL Men are BASTARDS, when They’re “Loving Enough” to give SHITE like Her the time of Day !!!!

Gobby Baby-slags, like that, CONFIRM whatever crap They want to believe, which starts with “Pretending” They believe it …. Thus Why They’re spoiled rotten & insanely “Decree” that Men are ONLY after Her body, even though She’s FIT for FUCK ALL else …. She secretly CRAVES A Real Man Who’d Dominate Her, but EVERY Female I’ve met has Lamented Destroying “That” Relationship too, by “TESTING” it, due to Her TRUE-Self being Scared of getting hurt, (AKA “Destroying” the Relationship) …. The incontinent 3 Year olds, Then whined to Me that The Real Man, They didn’t Declare A Real Man, at the time, eventually Had Enough of Her SHITE & went off & got Married to An “ADULT” ….

So the Toilet-Queen “THEN” Felt He was WORTHY & wanted to gate-crash the Wedding, but instead “went-wild” on a fucking-spree, for “YEARS,” to Teach “unrelated” Male-Objects a Lesson, in-advance of Them “becoming” the Married Man Who’d Distanced Himself from Her, “after” She’d tried to cause Him brain-damage for Not being Sexually-Forward enough to Overcome Her Dogged-resistance & for not Loving Her “Enough” to See-through to the 3 Year old hypocritically-judgemental, hypersensitive-con, launching shit-stained tissues at Him ….

Most of Them then Said that They’d then met “ANOTHER Mr. Right,” but were so “caught-up” in the Web of Her past EVIL-WRATH that She fucked-it-up with Him, the Exact Same way, SPRAYING Her usual diatribe of faux-allegations, whereafter, “HE” Successfully went-off to become the new “The 1,” Which She didn’t Realise He was as He was initially Loving Enough to Endure the INSANE Cunt …. After which ALL Men must (continue) to suffer for, because “She” did it again …. Wait for it, They ALL Said, it happened a “THIRD” time, as The 3rd Mr “belated” Right, also Saw that She was a “low-life,” worthless, Self-destroyed nit-wit & after that, most of the Whining Witches then tried Zionist-invented Lesbianism, due to Ally McBeal, but Said it wasn’t as Good without the “Thingy” …. Thus, after all Her sprawling-incontinence, PRETENGE never manifested, as the “Happy” Ex’s Continued Appearing to Be So !!!! …. (To Be Continued ….)

When SHITE like that “realise” that THEY are the problem They “increasingly” continue, regardless, as They delude Themselves that They’re now living a Man’s Lifestyle & the Shaven-Chimp deludes Herself She’s “Free,” but is Consumed with Hatred, wants to be bone-idle & is manifestly “evil” & is now “addicted” to the Thrill of The Innocent Men “not knowing” that a Subhuman State-groomed EVIL piece of shite is “wasting” Their time & The Innocent “Evolved” Man is too-groomed by the other claw of the Zionist-Jew to Know He Should BLOW HER FACE OFF with a Shotgun ….

When the SQUAWKING-addicted, Animate-shite realises that She Alienates Men, when “She starts” Her preferred VOLUME of “performance,” She reluctantly then goes-looking for Good Men to PRACTICE “covertly” hoping to abuse Them & either way, has long-since become obsessed with deluding Her Self that the “superficial” nit-wit can Con-Troll The Other’s Perception of Reality & irrespective of how foiled the range of Her criminal-campaign, She’ll Waddle-off SHOUTING that She’s “won” The Magic-Special & “You are what She is” & that’s it all gone Pretend-Proven …. Does that sound ANYTHING-LIKE the “FAIRER” Sex !?!?

The 30% of Men Who are Human & an Additional percentage more ARE The FAIRER Sex …. 90% of Females simply NEED hung, as They’re SQUAWKING, subhuman, deranged, jabbering, hate-consumed Sex-offenders, Who lack the Mental Equipment to Exist in REALITY, They’re morally-insane, Existentially-jealous, “superficial” VERMIN …. (Spot the difference if You can …. )

Mean-while, badly-raised Men are constantly “Groomed” to be Her unwitting Brain Punch-bag, by The “other” claw, of the Zionist Media-program, to GENUINELY “believe” that the PRIMITIVE, cold, ego-maniacal, greedy, “DETER-MINED,” trouble-making Creature, He’s programmed to See as EQUAL, “BELIEVES” what She’s Saying, when She’s a JABBERING-SPASTIC, Who’s programmed to Think that’s SUPERIOR intelligence & because She Feels “UNTOUCHABLE,” when it’s His MORAL OBLIGATION to fucking EXECUTE Her …. Which “ALL” of His Ancestors “DID” with THAT type of BRAIN, which produces a SHITE person even “before” Zionist “OCCUPATION” !!!!

So now, She’s an unobtanium-obsessed, council-estate Targe, Who Buzzes about Genuinely Thinking She’s someone Special, even though the midget PROVES that She’s the SCUM of the fucking Earth & there’s nothing She won’t STOOP to, to accomplish Her “evil” ambition towards the “latest” Innocent Person She’s “Decreed” isn’t Good enough for “Her,” due to Her feelings of inadequacy & snap-decisions, which Means She CHOOSES to Start Her shite, for a “range” of corruption, because He’s not a paying “Customer,” he’s a paying “Partner” & He’s not fucking Her the alley-way & He’s not Brutally Dominating Her “because” She never Allows Things to Settle below a panic, Because He’s not a Common Scum-bag Whom She wouldn’t say Boo to, as They’d KICK HER few-remaining TEETH IN …. (HINT, HINT !!!!)

So, She’s a Self-frustrated, pseudo-power addicted, Sex-redirecting, “ageing” sloth in-denial, a Conflict-craving, Sexually-conquesting, magical-thinking, Psychic-expecting, Histrionic dwarf …. Ergo, a “Mindlessly-bigoted,” State-encouraged, Hate-hollowed, mentally-deficient, “hell-bound” Prima-Donna …. Who, over-time, comes to “believe” what She’s Saying & CLEARLY doesn’t KNOW how easily She “BURSTS” …. When She’s dependably being “Destructive,” either BOMBASTICALLY, subtly, overtly, covertly, casually, hiddenly, corruptly, manipulatively or subliminally, ie She’s NEEDING shot in the “facely” !!!!

However, due to the Growing Number of Male Megalomaniacs, an ever-increasing number of that Shite, from Both Sexes, Decide to “go 1 worse,” which is what the System is “After” …. The FAILURE of the last few Generations to DROWN or BURN “females” Who NEED to be EXTERMINATED, has led to Them passing on Their genes Exponentially, producing more “MALE” Megalomaniacs, ie COMPLICIT Paedophiles ….

Thus, thanks to the Zionist Jew BREEDING & “GROOMING” Program, now, 2 out of every 3 fee-males & 1 out of 3 males, is a TALKING “BEAST,” Who NEEDS to be EXTERMINATED …. There “IS” A More Moral way, however, it is abject FAILURE to ALLOW that SHITE to continue “doing” what They PRETEND They NEED to, when They “SHOULD” be in a fucking ZOO !!!!

They’re all Conflict “addicted,” meritless Attention-whores, who’s Superficial Chicken-brain Equates “Looks” with Deserved Outcome, even-if They’re FUCK ALL & despite Their SHITE-Character, which COUNTLESS People have “INFORMED” Them They “have,” alongside Their “evil” behaviour “pattern,” which the LUNATIC squares-away as Fun & arbitrary PRETENGE, but, the COWARD only Targets Those They don’t yet fear CONSEQUENCE from …. Without Dorsolateral function “They” Can Never Channel God’s Gifts & without Prefrontal function, They NEVER “Realise” GOD’S WATCHING & simply “returns” Whatever You Choose ….

The State takes-advantage of the Female-Brain having no “Gauge,” whether it’s in a Female Body or A Male Body …. Due to Them having no “Cognitive Empathy,” so without A Loving “Father” to Guide Them & “temper” Their Behaviour Pattern, over time They begin to Think They’ve got an imaginary-power to Psychologically ABUSE Innocent Good Men, Whom the System wants Destroyed …. The Reality-spurned Material-Whore becomes an Eager Glutton for that “Dual-Punishment” …. With an overbearing Single Mother, (2 out of 3 of Whom are “paedophiles,”) They Treat Their “Children” EXACTLY as I’ve Just explained & Exactly as “My” old Dear did too …. All You have to Do is “Turn” & See the Landed-Paedophile on the Hill, Whom You’ll See Hopping Up & Down Shouting, “WAC-A-MOLE,” “WAC-A-MOLE,” “WAC-A-MOLE !!!!”

The Cultural “Dynamic” which Destroys “Your” Life is due to infinitely hair-splitting, autistic, megalomaniacal, “Walnut-brained” war-loving Gypo Kurds & paedophile Pharisees, Who’s Ancestors CRUCIFIED Yeshua of Nazareth, Who now CON You into “Divisions” to Battle Each-other, after GROOMING You to DELUDE Your Self that You’re going to be Elvis & Marilyn, KNOWING that “Then” Telling You You’re “Equal,” to the Remaining Adult Humans, Produces infantile Narcissistic-Overspill …. Even-though there’s no REAL Work to do, GREED exacerbates the underlying inherited condition of the Beast & the Primitive-sexuality of the Baby-brain is “frustrated” further by Having to Do ANYTHING other than be ADORED ….

The DISGUSTING drooling infant, deMORALised into a Reality-irritated, Narcissistic, HATE-projecting, evil, distasteful, shallow, “Confirmatory-biased,” slothful, Sleazy, “Scum-sucking,” Careless, tiny-minded, “PROUDLY abusive” Beast towards Others, has REVEALED itself, due to the SAME Program I was Subject to, but I didn’t “Choose” to become a SCUM BAG & I don’t get-off on Trying to abuse Others or Betray Them, I’m 100% Honest & Try My Best to “DO” What IT “takes” as I’m As MORAL As I Can Possibly Be & “Channel” My Gifts on An Upwards+Trajectory, With An Output I Intend to Up Every Day & for Which I’m Rewarded unexpectedly Near Constantly !!!!

Conversely, Those Who weakly “become” addicted to Being “Sex-offenders,” whether that’s “Cerebral” or Somatic, are GRINNING fat-arsed 3 Year olds, imbecilically charging along a downward-spiral & “Every time” the Morality-Blind buffoon falls flat on it’s inbred face, it gets up & puts That down to “bad luck” AGAIN & even-if EVERYONE They Know suffers the Exact Same fate for Their decadence, bigotry, jealousy, apathy, gluttony, dishonesty, treachoury, ingratitude, hatred, superficiality, envy, selfishness, “arrogance,” abuse, deviousness, Evil, They’ll continue to Confirm Their bias, as when There’s a Consensus of Retards Dresden CAN’T be Carpet-Bombed ….

The Beast, not for turning, then brushes itself down, LOCKS it’s MAD Face again, into the Same Quaking pyro-Maniac Stare, then “focuses,” it’s lips forming a tight O-Shape of unconscious despair, as it targets yet An Other Person, (on The Way Up,) Whom it’s Believes it can Get to SUFFER instead, believing it can “Give Them” Their shit …. The Evil beast never Tries to Develop it’s “proto-emotions,” in pursuit of the imaginary Carrot, it’s “State-protected” dismissive-lack of Insight into it’s Own unconscious & The Belief that Reality is whatever the insignificant bag-of-shit “Feels” like, it CHOOSES to be EVIL ….

Lunatics & Lunatits, Who fundamentally lack Self+Awareness, “temporarily” get-high on PRETENGE, Priding Themselves on continuing to Delude Themselves They’re SUPERIOR to “blame,” always looking for Their Excuse, as Their “preferred” Grandiose imaginary-Self image CAN’T STAND a breath of Truth or an Authentic GOOD Human, Whom it arbitrarily DECREES as Being “WHAT THEY ARE” at will …. YOU should suffer for Their CHOICES instead, as the jabbering-behemoth rolls-on, Consequence be DAMNED, “permanently” ….

They often try being-incontinent at Stealth & after They’ve ACTED-OUT NEEDING shot or worse, it’s Quaking hell-bound half-hollow Head charges-on down, feeling “temporarily” Lighter, the sado-masochist ENJOYING Hoping it’s LEFT it’s shit with You, if You “CHOSE” to REACT how a Beast WISHED …. As the RETARD barrels on, being punished repeatedly by The Moral Law of The Universe, SIGN after SIGN, on it’s way to hell, it’s “also” simply the Megalomaniacal Jew’s “EASY prey” & They so DESERVE it & have it Coming, I’ve SEEN Them Countless times “ASKING for it” & so They “Genuinely” brought it on Themselves …. (See, Dresden !!!!)

Those born at the very-bottom of the pile, of a Landed-Paedophile run Country, are megalomaniacs too, but have SUCH a primitive brain They TRY to do what the Zionist Jews want Them to do, Who want to keep Their System, in the “Middle,” vacuuming cash out of “YOUR” pocket …. Those low-lives Dream about Riches & Fame too, but “desperately” end-up Sucking shite out of a paedophile’s arse for a few Bucks …. Whereafter, They turn to Drugs for Escapism, then, are reduced to being Gang-banged & then “pissed-on” in a bath-tub, where They’re flipped over & made to Drink Their Own piss …. (Spot the difference if You can ….)

They then turn to harder-drugs like Heroin, which makes Them feel POWERFUL, They then ARE Whores & They get worse, sinking lower, again & again, craving more of that drug, sunk so low, That that Paedophile appears again & again, with it’s Anus swinging full-of what She HATES Her Self for starting to “Crave,” as She goes-against Her Megalomania to Smile back up at Him, with a Shit eating Grin, as He brushes Her teeth ….

She hates Her Self even-more, when He walks into the Whore house & She’s looking-for Him to pick “Her,” as She’s got that-craving & hates Her Self even more, when He “sees” that urge & deliberately Chooses 1 of the other Whores instead, Who winks at Her, which She wants revenge for …. She then sees 2 Black Guys walking in & They BOTH fuck Her in the arsehole at the Same time & She laughs about it, publicly, amongst the Equally Hollow whores, but goes home & cries & hurts & bleeds for Days ….

She remembers being a Stripper & pole-dancing WILDLY exciting Her Self that She’d found Her calling, until She was Crying after Swallowing some FAT old SCUM BAGS Cum, for £30 …. After each new Perverse John, baby-brains has found another New potential Addiction & Looks forward to that Experience again, as She masturbates alone in Her bedroom at Home, hating Her Self, but weakly going over it again & again ….

Each new John tries to cause Her P.T.S.D., by sadistically reliving “Their” history & taking-it out on Her, trying to make Her “jumpy,” She is “addicted” to being degraded now, humiliated, insulted, broken, forced to admit what She is & subjugated into worshiping even the most-hideous of evil-doers & calling Them Sir, Master, Daddy, etc …. She then falls-out with the Winking Whores, having Learned ALL the tricks of the trade, from Those desperate-degenerates, especially “black-mail” & then tries going-it-alone on The Streets, to pay for Her habit & Her Fatherless Kids ….

She goes to parties where all the Beasts spray Their Jizz into a Pint Tumbler & once it’s full-enough She drinks it down, to Applause & disdain …. Before long She’s Gang-raped & beaten & “robbed” & wakes up Laughing in a hotel room …. She’s then raped repeatedly, in alley-ways & wakes up Laughing …. She then SCARES a few Johns by pulling Her flick-knife out of Her anal-cavity, unexpectedly …. She gets-off on the “RUSH,” which She feels is “power” …. FREE drugs & REVENGE !!!!

When She looks at The Human Females She passes, from time to time, She irrationally wants to kill Them, out of Existential-jealousy, due to Her Own “weak” bestial-addictions & Zionist-programming & how EASILY They’re HAPPY & no-doubt GOOD, but She DOUBTS Them …. EVERY Man DESERVES to be Killed, now, for PRETENGE …. As “She” Chooses to Associate with Predominately sado-masochistic Sex-offenders & Child-abusers Who “Hate-Fuck” Her, so Whilst She’s HATING Good Men, “Conversely,” She sucks the shite out of the paedophile’s Arse, again & again …. (Spot the difference if You can ….)

She starts advertising for Johns to come to “Her” house & before long She’s got Her “Children” Crawling around, in Their diapers, “whilst” She’s being fucked in front of Them, in Her “living” room …. It’s not long before the Johns want to “interact” with The Toddlers & She “lets” Them, as it’s “Tradition” …. She then gets a reputation for “Dirty deeds done dirt-cheap” ….

No matter how degrading an act She’s asked to do, over the phone, She craves it & before long She’s on Her knees being fucked by a John’s “Dog,” which forms a knot inside Her & She’s stuck There, Laughing …. She ends up being fucked by more than 1 Member of the same Family at the same time, Who high 5 each other over Her half-empty head, which She smiles about, believing She’s “spreading the joy” …. Her John’s have Litres of Their piss ready for Her arrival & make Her drink it, bathe in it, then piss up Her arse & Make Her swallow it, She is in Her element !!!!

She hates Humans more & more, the more She weakly surrenders to the all-round Self-destructive …. After which, Her ever-degenerating Sexual-fantasies, lead to Her applying for a job as a baby-sitter & She “wants” to make the Stuck-Up “Kind Couple” suffer, so when They’re out, She torments the Children & gets-off on it, feeling that surge of power, when The Child looks Scared of Her, surprising Them fiendishly …. She then gets Them to touch Her & ejaculates, not-long after, She starts physically abusing Them …. Every time the Happy Couple return She smiles at Them, feeling Superior & having got PRETENGE, as She has “a Secret They don’t know” (DOO DA, DOO DA) …. Then, She summons the paedophiles Who had put Her up to it in the 1st place, to abuse the Children in front of Her, Who leave the scene before the Happy Couple return ….

She’s now at Her most debauched & craves the illusion-of-power more & more & PRETENGE more & more, but Only against The Good …. She parts company with the paedophile-ring after They murder a child in front of Her, at a black-mass …. She then gets into orgies, then organised business-orgies where Anything goes, amongst the 3 Year old degenerate, drooling, WAHOO, Talking-beasts …. Her addiction to Heroine balanced by Her groin-fixation & desire to be broken-down sexually, She puts it all together & when the offer comes along to take out a “HIT,” by Seducing then Killing someone, She jumps at it …. As that ticks “ALL” Her boxes, especially if She can deMORALise Them 1st & “dehumanise” Them & find Her “excuse,” She’ll always find, to pull the trigger & feel that damned RUSH & delusion-of-power & “feel” tables-turning, fate Transferring & selling Her Soul for money for dope ….

Afterwhich, She “keeps” that as a side-line, then goes-it-alone, Grooming people on that New Invention, the internet, preying-on The Kind, until She’s messed with Their mind enough to pay Them a visit, where She Bullies Them for a “tantric” length of Sexual-pleasure, robs Them, poisons Them, then murders Them & shows-up at Their funeral to take the Sympathy & the Will !!!!

With a steady supply of Johns She can now rely on, visiting Her council-flat, from Where She also fences stolen goods & with a string of dead bodies She killed, behind Her, drinking-daily, to forget the Children She had raped & molested, including Her own, with stomach ulcers borne from germ-laden Paedophile’s stools, nursing a prolapse wrapped around a flick-knife, Her degenerate veins unable to take another needle, toothless, with 1 Eye, riddled with S.T.D.’s, She turned up at My Door !!!!

In the systematically & genetically “infantilised” Brain of Females & so-called Gays, They’re SO SHALLOW, in The Amgydala, They have little “Depth” of Feeling “for” Anyone Other than Themselves & due to a lack of “Cognitive Empathy” They are Encouraged to not “Develop” the Strength of Character to be Mindful, so the lazy, slothful, degenerate instead Develops Sexually “preying-on” Others, in times when Those Others are Groomed to Afford Shite like that “Equality,” which flies in the Face of EVERY Great Mind’s SOLID Advice, including My Own & All Your Ancestors Combined ….

ie Females have a SMALL brain, as do the Males Who inherit that Brain, Who are “solicited” to Call Themselves Gay, to ensure They are an Evolutionary Cul-De-Sac, like Their “inbred” Programmers, but Their programming is so that They “DIE OUT” …. Which doesn’t Sound very “caring” of the Zionists, Who want to Inherit the Earth …. Nor does, using so-called Gays as Test-subjects & injecting a Huge Volume of Them with Hepatitis & Then trying-out Their A.I.D.S. “invention” on Them 1st, too, once-again it doesn’t Sound Very Caring of the Jews there ….

Furthermore, Continuing to Tell MAD Poofs that They’re being “Persecuted” when They’ve NEVER been MORE Central to a Culture in RECORDED History, which leads to Them “then” also being INCONTINENT towards Men, Who’ve been replaced by the hair-brained imbeciles, in dwindling Service-industry & on T.V., which slack-jawed Heterosexual-Man-hating, hypercompetitive, equally-superficial Fee-Males sit GLUED to, whilst PRANCING FAGGOTS Sing with an APPARENTLY HOLLOW Head, Whom the “shallow” but heterosexual Fee-Male then starts WORSHIPING & even-if the Narcissistic MAD Poof was to SPIT in Her Face, She’d RUN Screaming down the Street Shouting, “Where can I Find a Photo-booth, I Need to Have This Framed !!!!”

Meanwhile, “the Faggots Who don’t” get to flounce across Her flashing Zionist-compartment KILL Themselves in Their DROVES, as “ATTENTION” is the MEANING of Their Life & Their suicide is the Precise “outcome” the autistically-evil Megalomaniacal-Jews WANT & Program Them to “take” ….

Now cut to The T.V. Programmed Fag-Hag’s next Relationship where She’s LOADED with Zionist-BUZZWORDS & so is “primed” to “prey-on” ANY word “HE” Says, so She can get Her “Quota” of Redirected-Sex-drive DONE for The Day, in the form of Her SQUAWKING at Him, because She’s DETERMINED to WIN “this” Competition, to ENSURE She’s not going to “waste” ANY MORE time, exactly as She’s “repeatedly” done, for DECADES …. So the LUNATIT systematically tries to cause Him ambient-abuse, Delighting Her Self that “She’s” the BULLY now, Brow-beating Him, Her evil tiny-mind feeling big, Hen pecking Him, the nit-wit trying to Cause Him P.T.S.D., so the “Innocent Object” knows how it feels to have Lived the MORAL IMBECILE’S life & doesn’t get Uppity ….

If He endures that, out of Affection for the sado-masochistic PSYCHO-PATH, then She thinks LESS of Him the “MORE” He Cares about the Dunce-Cunt …. Moreover, Her ego MANIA is triggered at Any Sign of AUTONOMY on His part, which makes Her instantly try to PIN Him down, as the MANIAC “Must” be in Con-Troll, as Her State-Encouraged Existential-Jealousy is Triggered into “Cognitive Dissonance” at how EASILY He’s SUPERIOR to Her ILLUSION of EQUALITY, as She’s “NOT” & NEVER WILL be A FUCKING MAN !!!!

She internally-jabbers in Support of Her moral-insanity, that if She continues to manipulatively, covertly, hypocritically, Narcissistically, brutally & evilly Oppresses Him, THEN She doesn’t have to fear being abandoned or Dominated Her Self, so He MUST stay DOWN, which turns-Her-On again & again & again, so He MUST play dead …. “Unlike” what She Worships on the “Compartment” the Zionist Paedophile’s program to Flash in Her dark cell, as She turns to Smile, with atrophied Phlegm still hanging off Her nose, Her air-head swivels in AWE, so very PLEASED to See, in mid-air, the DANCING QUEER….

“Incontinent” proto-emotions have been BRED into the rotten Core of Each subsequent Zionist-Jew ingrained Generation, to Produce blindness to WAR, which Their ENTIRE System, YOU pay for, RELIES on, which allows Jews to have a Confirmatory-biased “BIG WANK” & continue running the Global “Paedophile ring” …. Imagine, being such a PIECE-of-SHITE You can be RELIED-on to “ENSURE” the perpetuation of that, alongside OBVIOUS Genocide … See, “Feminism” & Gay rights & note the absence of Maleinism or Heterosexual Rights …. Then Ask Your Self, Would “You” EVER Introduce Your Self like This, “Hi, I’m A Heterosexual Christian Communist Man !!!!” …. Only an “ANIMAL” Introduces itself as follows, “Hi, I’m A Gay Atheist” or “Hi, I’m A Lesbian Feminist” …. How About, “Hi, I’m Erol, FUCK THE JEWS !!!!”

Moreover, due to the SHALLOWNESS of the so-called Homosexual “Amygdala” & Their atypically comorbid Frontal “dysfunction,” Across the board, alongside ALL of the Morally-Insane Paedophile-State’s promoted-imbeciles, STAY-TUNED to that Flashing Compartment as it Gives an AIR of Normalcy to what can ONLY be described as “Sodom & Gomorrah” …. Furthermore, that Superficiality, comorbid with what I’ve Covered, is enticed to be what 90% of so-called Homosexual Males & females & 70% of so-called Lesbians & Males Predominately are, ie Shallow PERVERTS Needing Exterminated ….

Psycho-Paths are incapable of “DEPTH” for EITHER sex & have NO Self+Awareness, They’re simply Self-Amazing, lying, miserable, Societally-betrayed “weakly” debauched retards & are PROGRAMMED to COMPETE against Humans, but They CAN’T have a Relationship “without” Surrendering & stopping RUINING It in pursuit of Self-destructive fleeting “delusions,” therefore, Most Psycho-Paths are now giving homosexuality a try, ergo Becoming an “Evolutionary Cul-De-Sac” & Yet-another EASY KILL for the “unselfaware,” Claw-clacking, mindlessly Celebrating, EVIL, subhuman Zionist Jew SCUM !!!!

Since 70% of Males are now Psycho-Paths, the average Female easily becomes SICKENED by Their “overt” Bestial desperation & that Encourages Her further to pursue a so-called Lesbian relationship & also, the more air-headed, gets to Thumb Her nose in a “reactionary” manner at The Innocent GOOD Men “providing” Her with Everything She Thanklessly “Relies” on …. What Underscores the Psycho-Pathic Mindset of Lezards is that They are 6 times more likely to BATTER UTTER FUCK MERCILESSLY out of Their Partner, than a Heterosexual Man …. Even the paedophile-massaged Figures, show over 60% greater likelihood of a Woman being KILLED by a Lesbian than in a Heterosexual relationship ….

Psychopaths are Obsessed with Sub & Dom, They’re ALWAYS going to be Existentially jealous, unless They Accept the SUB Role & even-then They tend to Betray The Dom, “unless” The Dom Knows how Hypersensitive a Hypocrite They’re dealing with & Is Taught by The “Semi-Human” about That & Their Own shortcomings, which Their would-be enemy is Storing-up against Them …. So The Sooner The Better, as Rather Out than in …. Moreover, They’d have to Have Joint Targets That They could Check They were Both “Provably” Achieving, rather than conning Either Party ….

When You give Shite-People Anything They would feel was “power” They ALWAYS wield it & You Witness how absurd the LUNACY of a Grossly Mentally-Handicapped “Perception” of Reality is …. Their mindless-predictability, Sexual-obsession, Self-delusion & Narcissistic-bitterness Easily programmed to “go further” in a Bestial “direction,” rather than 1 Which Would Grant Them All Their Wishes & Make Their Life Worth While, Across The Board …. As to the “unselfaware” Animal, power is an Aphrodisiac & They gluttonously can’t get-enough & They feel They’ve had a Sexual-Conquest if They Deem Themselves “Successfully Abusive” towards A Superior Human Being, Whom the hypocritical MANIAC has Decreed Deserves it, based-on ANY “excuse,” pretending the Human is “WHAT THEY ARE” …. Whilst, the Human’s Groomed to FAIL to fucking EXECUTE it, lest They want to be dragged into a dungeon-system They’re PAYING to maintain ….

Thus “WHY,” in The West “now” only 1 out of Every 10 Females is HUMAN, whilst 3 out of Every 10 Males is Human & only 1 out of Every 10 Females born in the Wrong Body are “Human,” Who Should be Dating the 3 out of 10 Males Who are born in the Wrong Body …. But megalomaniacal sado-masochistic primitive EVIL Jews are at PAINS for Them NOT to find out, due to the Playground Bully’s Obsession with “Evolutionary Cul-De-Sacs,” the Quiet Killer …. Thus, Their endless Promotion of THEIR tags, eg Gay & Lesbian & the “dividing” Rights, They’ve to feel “persecuted” until They have, which They “already” have, but Their GREED, shallowness & tiny-minded paranoia, “plus” the more-witting Element’s Self-titillation & Existential-jealousy “go-along” with it ….

“Especially” due to the Judean Post, highlighting the latest Supremely-important, “untouchable” MAD Poof Who correctly got Their head kicked in for Their “Entitled” hate-speech, which They call “fag bashing” rather than Correctly providing a sado-masochistic would-be psychological abuser with the CONSEQUENCE They “deserve” …. But of course, They’d “pretend” THAT was Hate-Speech & that I’m Scared of Pooves & call the HOMOPHOBIA, They’re so STUPID, They don’t Realise that Translates as “FEAR OF SAME” …. Moreover, I “couldn’t” Give a lesser-fuck about, but Who Crave being the “Panting” Center of Attention, even-without Merit or Talent or WHAT WAY They like to Fuck, let-alone Desire to FIND OUT when the ANIMAL should simply be “INTRODUCING” Themselves to Me, not Telling Me what Kind of Sex They Perversely “Personalise” or that They can’t Tell Their Arsehole from Their Jap’s eye ….

So in Other news, The Ginger flea has “grasped” again & yet-again missed The Mark, by a few thousand Country miles, from Her Glorified Council-flat “YOU” are paying for …. Cheryl Told Me that the Ginger-Stalker had added Herself to My Facepants profile “again,” several Days earlier …. I was Only Informed “after” She’d Started hopping-around & Writing in an incontinently-impatient Manner, under several of My Zionist-Jewtube Videos, hoping to get My “attention,” atypically Deluding Herself that because She’s a whining “Self-romanticising” Narcissist “therefore” I Must Have a Peanut between My Ears too & Her “attentions” would be Something I’d Self Aggrandise over …. YAWN !!!!

Since She’d “chosen” to not Come Correct, again, I Wrote A Reply on Youtube, “spanning” the range of Her motives, which Underscored that if it was Her for Her to “Surrender,” whilst I was Ready to instantly HAMMER Her if She Predictably failed to do so …. ie As Although She always Gives Good insights, it’s Always “laced” with evil …. Which is due to Her “defaulting” to Her PHENOMENALLY primitive Amygdala, when She’s better-off Remaining the “aloof” Neo-Cortex, Whom She “is,” without the “miss-leading” malinfluence of The “Feral” Handicaps She’s hampered by “Pre-Frontally” & at The Core ….

In Other Key areas of Her Brain She’s quite Brilliant & I Felt A “Range” of Compassion towards Her due to Her “Obvious” Mental abnormality, which Made Me want to Scoop Her Up at the time, as I Said to Her in Person I’d liked to have Carried Her About in My Pocket & Up & Out of the shenanigans She “lamented” of Her Goon-strewn park-life & “desperations” & then Channel Her into A Life “Worth” Living & Where All Her Desires Would’ve been Met with Unexpectedly “Superior” & Uplifting Rewards Across The Board …. “However,” as You’ll Discover, She’d succumbed to “evil” long-before She met Me & I’ve Now Done ALL I “Should” Have, which Made Even Me Realise how Selflessly Christlike I Truly Am !!!!

It’s important to Understand that She suffered Severe Brain-damage, but She’s always been a Cunt …. Her Whole Family are Gypo Scumbags & She’s dutifully passed that shit on to Another Con-firmatory biased Generation She has DOOMED with Her malinfluence …. Even-if This was the 15th Century, The Moral+Law of This Universe NEVER Changes to Suit jabberers, however, Today’s Lunatics are ever-more nihilistic as They can See the end is nigh & They’re ENCOURAGED to bring it forward !!!!

Due to the Ginger-Stalker’s brain-dysfunctions, Her “Original” Perception of Self erred towards the Delusion that She’s a Male & She never Developed beyond that Electra-complex, where She believes She’s got a TINY Cock & “that” is at the Core of Her Penis-envy & also the envy of 2 Out of Every 3 Females & so-called Homosexual Males, Who are FEMALE, (in a Male Body) …. You can See CLEARLY what Females are All About, if You Study Gay Males, as They’re BOTH “promiscuous,” degenerate, gluttonous, superficial, USELESS, nympho-maniacs, Narcissists, “incompetent,” would-be Psychologically-abusive, “Existentially-jealous” ergo Sado-masochistic & Love sucking Cock & being Fucked in the Arse, because They’re Wired BACK TO FRONT, as ALL Psychopaths are, in the Ventral Tegmental Reward Centre …. My Arse has ONE WAY Tattooed on it !!!!

2 out of Every 3 Females & so-called Gays are PAEDOPHILES …. Thus Why Zionists are falling over Themselves to have SHITE like that Raise Children WITHOUT A Heterosexual MORAL Father Who Naturally has A “Depth” of Love, rather than an “Incontinent Megalomania” …. But, You’re LEAD to Believe that Men are “WHAT THEY ARE” & that it’s OK to abuse Men, They Deserve it, as They’re ALL bastards & there only to Slave, SERVE & be robbed, then Banished …. Mean-while, a Paedophile-in-a-wig is waiting with a Toffee Hammer to FURTHER Fleece the Hard Working Family Man, Whom the utterly Self-deluded, greedy, “subhuman,” parasitic BEASTS are Already Thanklessly Sponging-off ….

Jacqueline Bradley’s Sister, Who called Herself Marie McCallum & Who’s since implied Her name was Dickson, doesn’t have A Frontal Brain function, which REMOVES ALL Her TABOOS “&” as I’ve Seen in ALL Megalomaniacs, They’re DESPERATE to delude Themselves that MORALITY doesn’t Exist, even-when They KNOW Their handicapped Perception is “DUE” to A BLOW TO THE FUCKING HEAD …. Moreover, They prey-on Humans “having” A Moral+Conscience, by DRAMATISING “tiny-points” They’ve confabulated, to get Sexually-addictive & titillating PRETENGE, which Zionist Jews RELY on Them to behave like, as that Ensures ever-increasing levels of suicide-causing Ambient-Abuse, leading to P.T.S.D., for ENEMY Number 1, the Last Human Men Standing, surrounded by 3 Year olds NEEDING shot in the face …..

Narcissists are so utterly Self-deluded that They PRETEND They’re not Sex-offenders & refer to Themselves as being Energy-Vampires …. When They’re not being Adored, They’re Narcissistically depressed, because Their Own mind-tricks & Societal-lures delude Them that They’re MEANT for “Achievably” Greater things & that They’re somehow doing Their latest PINNED-DOWN Cell-mate a Grand Favour by lowering Themselves to that Relationship, when They’re MEANT for A Higher-Relationship, where They’d be instantly LIFTED UP & be in Ritzy Glitzy events & “Champagne” & Going to Bashes on Red Carpets, Dining Out on the Tiles …. Instead, that just leaves Them in “Sham” pain ….

They NEVER Ask Themselves WHY Great People want FUCK ALL to Do with Them, in Reality, Where I Exist …. Moreover, “if” They Do Meet Such People They INVARIABLY Fuck it up & then PRETEND-They-believe the Innocent Higher-Functioning “Human” is to blame for what Baby-brain’s done-doed …. What They “DESERVE” is Their face KICKED-IN, as They’re an “INCONTINENT ARSEHOLE” NEEDING shot …. (I don’t Know if You can Spot the difference ….)

ie They’re EVIL CUNTS & They’re pretending They Deserve to Dine at the Ritz after Hob-Nobbing with George Clooney, when They’re GUILTY of a mountain of COUNTLESS past crimes of EVIL against HUMANITY, which They can waft-away “easily,” due to having a Grossly handicapped-brain & being UTTERLY delusional, in Their IMAGINARY Self-image …. Which, OBVIOUSLY Zionist Jews “KNOW,” as EVERY GREAT MIND in History has SAID SO & “also” Said, “FUCK THE JEWS !!!!”

The irony of McAllum/Dickson/Flea is that She’s a “superficial” PERVERT & since She Confirms ALL of Her Bias She simply gravitates towards the Sexual Orientation that “Opposes” the Sense of Self She “presently” Feels …. So, it’s Convenient for Her to Call Her Self “Bi-Sexual,” but Stay-Awake as She could be a Dancing-Jew tomorrow, Called Zachariah, then in the Afternoon get a Craving from Her MINUSCULE Amygdala, which She gets turned-on by & weakly-surrenders to, “Then” before You Know it, She instantly becomes Rita the Rug-muncher & by Nightfall Rita’s Welcome matt is thrown Out the Door, as She then becomes Pamela the Stripper, Who loves Teens & before You can Say Jack Robinson She’s got a Local Jakey hanging Out of Her Arse …. (Which I Read the “Tell,” was Made for 2 ….)

She doesn’t Live in a Space time Continuum & She has a Fantastic Ability to Recall EVERYTHING & Her Sense of Humour Would Have Been 1st Class, if She’d have Channeled it, but whenever Opportunity knocks She’s trapped behind the Gauntlet of Her Own not-so-super Ego & feels a Combination of Low Self-Esteem & also Her “100% GUILTY” sliver of Conscience pre-vents Her from that Recovery …. Yet, She has a Remarkably High “Ability” to SOLVE Puzzles & MAKE trouble, which is in NO WAY a substitute for Emotional+Intelligence, Depth, “Morality,” Conscience or the Ability to LEARN from Experience & to PREDICT Consequence ACCURATELY & Benevolently …. Moreover, She’s essentially Feral & “surrenders” Urge “Control” to The Exact-Opposite of Everything She Knows is Wiser ….

She approached Me, in Person, the “Exact same” way as a Prostitute did in lagutroP, They believe that Lying-pathologically is intelligence & outflanks Human Brains, however, I’m An “Absolutist” Profound Genius & Long-time Studier of Animacules, which They weren’t “banking on” …. They believe the LENGTH of time They talk-shit for, Ensures Access to the Sexually-thrilling Environment where They Know They’ve no Right to be & imbecilically Pride Themselves on having conned Their way into …. Where They then HOPE to “Dominate” the Sex-Object, which would be Even more Thrilling, if the target Human doesn’t Know They’re a cowardly “chancer,” thus Their lengthy seduction & love-bombing to Rely on the Mark having FEELINGS for Them, which They can “milk,” whilst “They” Pretend to be For Real, on-top of Which the Vermin will Pretend to be Arbiter of Reality, (AKA NEEDING blown-away ….)

They’ll often indulge in “Sexploitation” which doesn’t Work on Me Either …. Initially, They’ll titillate Themselves by SLAGGING OFF the kind of SCUM “They are” Themselves, deluding Themselves into the bargain that there’s NO WAY You’ll KNOW that They could BE Walking-shite when They vehemently state how abhorrent They claim Talking-Beasts like Themselves are …. Believing That trick Makes Them a mastermind, which They Know They’re not & that combo Gives the flat-lining Beast a Looping thrill ….

Studying Them was Really Helpful, but Exhausting as it Takes Great Effort for Me to Magnify that Tiny an unselfaware Chicken-brain, when it’s working-against The Host & to Stay Ahead of it, as it Ejaculates whilst Hoping to Cause You P.T.S.D. & leave a long-lasting “legacy” of it’s malintent, which it Hopes You “FUME about in the Future” as Each SIN it committed comes-back to You, over time …. Which I’m Aware of in “Real Time” as the lop-sided imaginary-battle unfolds & the Human-sized Insect reveals it’s Practiced clapped-out tiny-minded evil routine, unaware I’m FULLY Cogniscent of The BRUTAL MERCILESS PHYSICAL CONSEQUENCE it is CRYING-out for ….

The Ginger-Flea was the Most Helpful of the Fee-male Lunatics, but They’ve ALL been Helpful when They Realise Their shit’s Garbage & that the delusions-of-Intelligence & perfection, They “suffer” from, can’t be Employed to Ameliorate against The Fact that They’re a FUCKING “LOSER” …. So, They’re then REDUCED to impotently “Hoping” to do as much brain-damage as They can & then flee the Scene Shouting, “I WIN, it’s all gone PROVEN, that YOU ARE WHAT I AM, It’s gone PRETEND PROVENED” …. EXACTLY what Zionist Jews Used Their black-mailed, pre-elected, NODDING Paedophile-ring to PLANT Those LAZY pieces-of-shit in YOUR Life “for” …. Which You PAY & PAY & PAY “for” …. Whom They RELEASED from the “LUNATIC” Asylums …. (Calling it “CARE in the comm-unity” ….)

The Ginger-Sado-masochist appeared in Her latest Guise again, on-line, in a fashion which She “guessed” would Solicit My Sympathies, for Her latest “pity-play,” by mocking-up “3″ websites, all transparently-pretending that She was the Mother of a Girl Who’d been abused “before” She’d known what was Happening & that Her past abuse was now coming-back to Her Daughter through Art-Therapy & She was working towards Raising Awareness about it, “funds” & pursuing Justice, as well as being “persecuted” by Her Sister in Law, Who was pitted-against Her ….

All of which I Saw, even with My Absolutist Mind, as being predominately BULLSHITE & when I eventually Checked it out, I “Did” find Some “useful” Information, which She “both” Wittingly & unwittingly Hoped I’d See …. 1 of Which, summed-up Precisely the Psychological evaluation I’d have Profiled Her as “suffering” from, to a T …. Which was in the “guise” of Her imaginary Sister-in-law’s put-down, on Her hastily contrived blog ….

Then, Out of All “I’d” Written, in My Reply to Her, on Youtube, She “pretended” She wasn’t Her Self …. Then, “as” Her Self, added that She wasn’t wanting to Seduce Me & She Loved Me like a Brother, “PERIOD” …. Which imp-lied to Me that She was “on” Her period, cramping Her, ahem, style “&” She was letting Me Know that Her Con-Tact wasn’t due to underlying forlorn Romantic ideals ….

However, before I got a Chance to Reply again, with My Hammer at The Ready, She then jumped onto Another Video & Wrote “Phrases” which I’d Spoken to Her About, in Person, ie As I’d Met A Couple Who were Childhood Sweethearts & Who’d Told Me that They “never” Feel insecure about Each Other, because “He Knows that She Knows” & That Keeps A Cord of Communion between Them, no matter how far apart They are …. (It was a bit disappointing, when I Later found-out They’d split-up, a few Years later ….)

So She Wrote that, in the “guise” of pretending She was Talking about Her imaginary Sister-in-law & added that They “Know that I Know” & further added, “HOW I FEEL” !!!! …. Which flew-in-the-face of Her “adamant” declaration that She only had Sisterly Love behind Her incontinent latest Choice to “mindlessly predictably” fail to Come-Correct & to no-doubt Then “incestuously” Get-off on Hoping to be Able to “impotently” Type something I’d “Choose” to React to, so She could Ejaculate & feel She’d destressed after “Sparring” with what She evilly, but “transparently,” Hoped Would be an “unwitting” Dance partner, again ….

Behind all of which She’ll “claim” to be a Lesbian, which She Hopes You pursue by Panicking & Desperately Saying, “NO, Slitherina, Don’t be a Lezzer, Let Me Talk You out of that RUG, Here’s £10, ignore that Queen Queer ….” …. When that accrues no Reaction for Her to SPRING into Rebellion against, She then Declares Her Self as being Bi-Sexual & “then” a Forlorn Lover pretending to miss Me & when that Fails to CON Me, as I Remember Her being Fluent & Butt-Naked with My Cock Up Her Thatch …. She’ll then FALL & down-there, She’ll “Genuinely” Miss Me & hate Her True Self & then Me, then Me ….

Then when I don’t have the Reaction She wishes-for, from Her Toilet-Throne, She then PRETENDS whatever Suits Her & scrolls through another Mixture of All of the Above, followed by, “HA HA I’m a Lesbian,” followed by, “HA HA HA I’m a fucking DISGRACE & I NEVER liked You anyway ALL these Years of Contacting You ….” …. Then, “YEEEESSSSSS, YEEEEEEESSSSSS, I’m An ABSOLUTE fucking DISGRACE DADDY, LOOK AT ME DADDY, Ahv Gone Mental, YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS, YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS !!!!”

She’s pursued Me in This manner for Years & Solicited Sex with Me for All that time, I’ve never Felt flattered or “Reacted” in a Manner that would cause Me brain-damage & I cut Her off at the pass Every time, yet Still She continues to “delude” Her Self, in ALL Those guises, irrespective of Me Casually Trumping Her “before, during & after” EVERY time, I repeat EVERY time ….

So I replied to the PERIOD comment & Said that I was Glad that She FELT that way as I was tired of being targeted by Existentially-jealous fee-male serial-killers …. I was Ready to then Drop The Hammer on the Bug, but She hopped about willy-nilly, atypically “nipping” around & “then” Wrote “THaNKs” & that was for the Laughs She’d had from My Comedy, which She HOPED I’d Also Think were at My Expense & She admitted to CRYING a great deal …. Moreover, She admitted to benefiting from The “TRuTH” I’d Conveyed which Must have Resonated with Her, from Those Comedy Sessions & also My Being Hard Hitting at times …. She Also highlighted that She’d been enCOURAGEd by The “Selfless” FACTS I’d Written about Her, as Well as The no-doubt Tougher-to-Take “Balance” Due ….

It obviously wasn’t lost on Me that She used lower-case vowels, due to My Ability to “Magnify” & Amplify the “superficial” Onanist fantasy-world of “Animacules” …. I Sensed that She was Manic-cycling & in hot-pursuit of “dopamine,” which is “WHY” She peddles, in delusion, down a mine on Her vicious-cycle, whooping in a vacuous void, ever-onward on Her downward-spiral …. Which was corroborated when I was Then SUMMONED to Hammer Her, as She was “needing” Her Fix of Me, for Her “pre-meditated” latest ill-wishes ….

You BECOME an ADULT by NEVER giving a fuck about DOPAMINE, but which 3 Year-olds “adopt” as yet-another Cross to bear, which They want to SHARE …. I was Busy, when Her Broomstick tapped My Screen, as I’ve been Working on My New Album, finishing off business Deals & was Doing a Bit of Shopping, whilst She was sitting on Her burst Ginger arse, at “Your” expense in Every Way, yet-again targeting A Living Christ Whom She’d already tried to commit countless crimes against & as is “atypical” of Megalomaniacs, was Still raging that She wasn’t Able to “accomplish” Them all & instead has suffered the “Exact” fate I’d “TOLD” Her that evil People bring-upon “Themselves” ….

Who’s “incontinent” infantile-brain can be “relied” upon, by the paedophile-ring, Who release Shite like that into “Your” Streets, to do what Shite does …. ie The “Lunatic” goes-looking for Someone to See-if the Mental-spastic can get “Them” to Choose to React how the Sex-offender “hopes” They will, due to it’s Practiced-pish …. The coward, only Targeting Those the Chicken-brain believes will Suppress Their Right to Execute the “shallow pervert” …. (ie The “PURPOSE” of the paedophile-UNOPPOSED “Care in the community” ACT !!!!)

Psychopaths are 3 – 5 Year-olds obsessed with an illusion known as “Transference,” as the magical-thinking imbecile initially-wishes it could “Trade Places” with Humans Who “weren’t” Born a High-functioning-retard …. Which, 1-DIMensional nit-wits Decree means The Humans “Deserves” it, but, over-time the Numb-skull Realises it’s full-of-shit, but by which Juncture the Vermin Sees itself as being a Covert sex-offender & becomes “addicted” to it, as well as Feeling that it’s getting insanely “Existential revenge” against the Human for not Being “inbred” & Also Believing that it’s got “Magical powers” ….

The “Poetic+Justice,” Just+Desserts, Karma, Comeuppance, of What Goes Around & Comes Around, which weak surrender-monkeys, “have coming” & brought on Themselves, is “ingrained” into Their Pathology of Their Moral-imbecility, in the Walnut They have in the “hollow” between Their ears & which Leads to the State-planted Arsehole failing to Develop, as You’re “BOMBARDED” with Propaganda Telling You that Shite like that Are “Equal” to You & Deserve YOUR Rights, whilst Yours’ are eroded daily, by even more “pampered” SHITE like that ….

THE Punishment Being Of “The Divine” & INESCAPABLE, yet Every Day The Sex-Offender gets up & weakly surrenders to the “Exact-Same” evil-intent & down & down & down, the sado-masochistic nit spirals, on & on & on, prattling to itself that, “It’s just bad-luck, just bad luck, just REPEATEDLY bad-luck, but never let-on, never let-on, just find another CONVENIENCE ….” …. Their mindlessly-repeating Performance & ENSURED fate in This Generation & The Next, in hell for Eternity, where They belong !!!!

If You Correctly Realise You NEED to Exterminate the 3-Year-old “Talentless” insignificant, Existentially-jealous, grossly-unselfaware, megalomaniacal attention-whores, then, the Spastic “Looks Delighted,” because That’s 1 of the “reactions” the retard was Hoping for …. It’s Hopes & Calculates for what it “prefers” to target, ie YOU Silently being Still & taking-it, like Daddy did to Them or Some equally-slimy, low-life, subhuman piece of shite They’re eager to Prove to “Be” also …. Their “miscalculations” are Why They’re routinely Executed, dying 10-40 before “Morally Sane” Human Beings & also killing Themselves usually in Their 40′s, either way, I call it “Taking out The Trash ….”

So, I Recognised that the Ginger-Cyclops was buzzing & “Expected” Her to drop Her “clanger,” but She didn’t Right-away …. I was Still “Considering” Her “Withnailesque” admission, ie That She’d “Appreciated” The Truth I “Reflect” with My Open+Mind & that She’d shed Helpful tears & although that’s also pity-play territory it Also Seemed like progress …. I Then, Did My Best to “Profile” what’s Up with Her Head & She spent the usual nano-second Reading It, before Jumping to the next Notch along the Length of Rectum She has between the over-flowing Toilet at The Rotten Core of Her brain, at the Other End of The Asshole it leads to ….

I’d Presumed that She MUST Know that I Knew it was Her, but She seemed to keep slipping in & out of That Consciousness …. Like All Narcissists, She “projects” Her grossly-handicapped Mentally-impaired Perception of Reality, as Being what Other People “Must” Perceive Reality is like too …. So, I was “Again” in The Position of Letting Her Have IT, yet I Decided to wait for the 1st Confirmed Sign of premeditated-evil, which She includes in Her usual approaches, alongside the caveat & the bait, genuine laments, faux-laments & the odd useful Insight, wittingly “&” unwittingly ….

In Her Mind, She’s Don Quixote hacking & slashing at Sleep-walking sworn enemies, consumed with hatred for Ghosts, the Coward, delusionally-high in an imaginary boxing-match, in 2D, against an “unwitting” Sparring partner, which “proves” for Her that SHE exists in Reality & that They don’t …. “Despite” ANYTHING You’ve Said, in-advance, during or after, before, during or after, “ad infinitum” ….

Gay rights & feminism is Zionist-promoted to ENSURE “that” specific REPULSIVE mentality is CENTER stage to as many people Lives as possible, as 90% of that SHITE can be RELIED upon to “irrationally” ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK & believe that You “Deserve it,” having it coming & brought it on Your Self, for the APPALLING Crime of Being A Human Male & Audaciously Emotionally+Independent, which MUST be “PRETENGED” by the ego-MANIAC Who never resists an “urge” & Confirms it, atop it’s Potty over-flowing with “perfection” !!!!

Such “hair-brained” RETARDS, COULDN’T behave like if there WAS a fucking INDUSTRY, expecting WORK from them or a Farm or Co-Operative of Bygone Era, instead the Zionist Paedophile-Ring has lowered-the-bar to a “PANSY & Feminazi DELUDING” level of “pretend-jobs,” which Zionist-Jews intend to then TAKE AWAY, now that They’ve drawn You down to the microdot & THEN You’ll simply be left Staring at a poof in mid air, with Their Snot dripping off Your beaks, as You’re “informed” that Now You’ve Accepted paying to live in a Rabbit-hutch & working in a slave-camp, eating “processed” poisoned Gruel & breathing & drinking-in The FINAL poison, They’re now taking-away Your pretend-job & They’ll then sit-back & watch the “DOMESTICATED” KILL each-other, with Glee !!!!

Jacqueline Bradley’s Sister, Whom I Have DAMNING Evidence against, (Although She needn’t Worry as the Police-farce & injustice System is a pathologically-lying, Paedophile-Mason-run, Anti-Irish, Anti HUMAN Man, “ring” of Sex-offenders,) Sees Her Self as being a Stealthy covert-abuser, but the “mindless” predictability of Her approach renders Her “invisible rapier,” blunt & impotent & oft-times Welcome, as I’ve often Found it Helpful, as I’m “IMMUNE” to Her …. ie Her Quixote Further revealing what She believes You’ll fail to See, ie Her very-real “sadness,” grief, “pain,” anger, tears, self-loathing, guilt, rage & hatred …. (Lucky Me !!!!)

She “petitioned” Me to Write A Post for Her Website, She Suggested the Subject of Child abuse, I “immediately” Recognised the evil-laced section of The Range of That pre-meditated recommendation, however, I’d Actually Been Thinking About Writing A Post about Child Abuse, for My Upcoming Long Awaited Video, “Erol On P.T.S.D.” & I wanted to Detail The “LIST Making” Approach to Recovery, which I Felt She’d Benefit from, as Well as Many Others, as Several Have in the past …. Since I Believe In “Balance” In All Matters I Decided to “Hinge” what Would Follow on That …. So, due to All That, I was Able to Write The Post below This 1 in Record time & It’s Gathered A Fair amount of Appreciation Since ….

However, I Decided to Not Contact Her about having Done So & Only Posted It on “My” Sites …. As, a “Tell” I’d Read in Person, which She prides Her Self on, is the Buddhist sand-mosaics which They employ to Then “deface,” in order to Remind Themselves of the Transience of This Life & to rid Themselves of ego, yet I Told Her I’d Always Thought it was a waste, as They could Frame It & make Some money for charity, instead of sitting up an embankment, getting Free rice delivered to Them, whilst Doing fuck all in Return …. Which She’d “got” !!!!

I’d Also Told Her, that Buddhism draws the most Selfish of Confirmatory-biased Narcissists, to delude Themselves, Which led to another “Tell” I Read …. So, That Same Night, I Thought I’d Hit Her with a Velvet Hammer & simply “Profiled” the delusions of the would-be psychologically-abusive Sex-offenders I’d Studied, Whom, if You are still giving Them the time of Day, You See Their belief that They’ve “Gone Special,” as They reveal more & more of Their unconscious Self-loathing, in the vain “hope” that When You finally Realise, Days later, that You were with a Sworn-enemy, Who was ripping the pish out of You, it will “Add to The P.T.S.D.” They’d been Trying to cause You, which I Simplified ….

“ie” I Wrote to Her about A Girl called Pamela introducing Her Self to The Host as “Sue,” at A High Society Bash, She Knows She “shouldn’t” Be At, so the Talking-Beast wants PRETENGE against, Whom She’s “Decreed” as Being, The Toffee-nosed HUMANS …. However, “Every” time The Host Innocently Affords Her “Infinitely” more Respect than She Deserves, by Calling Her Sue, Pamela, void of Self+Awareness, sniggers …. As She’s pretend-proving that “He is what She is” & the Sex-offender feels like She’s “humiliating & degrading” Him, whilst destressing & Feelings like She’s detoxing “into” Him & leaving Her shit with Him ….

By the End of the Night, She’s “deliriously” happy, in Her void of Self Awareness, so She rips Her Shirt off in Front of Him & with Self-Amazing pyro-maniac Eyes dons a T-Shirt with “I’M FUCKING PAMELA” written on it & He Stills Says, “Nice T-Shirt Sue ….” …. Which Makes Pamela’s Head spin in a carousel of virtual-realities, that make Her Feel She’s finally proven that She’s “superior” to All the hoity-toity Humans Who haven’t destroyed Themselves (like “She” Chose to) or hollowed-out Their soul, after a litany of sins, into an EMPTY vessel ….

So, that was The End of That Night & I “Presumed” She’d “understood” that I Knew it was Her & that She wouldn’t Return, unless it was with Her Ginger Head on, which I Presumed was Unlikely …. However, The Next Day, I was Up to My Eyes as usual (Thanks Cheryl) & whilst Balancing Everything Across The Board, She contacted Me again …. So I Politely Inquired if She’d Read The Post, which She implied She hadn’t, then with Trade-mark imbecility con-tinued to the “pre-meditated” notch along the tired-length of Rectum She has limply Stretched between Her Toilet Cubicles at the Core of Her Brain & the Arsehole at The Other End & thus, She near-instantly began writing under My Post ….

The Concept of “Balance” was So Present in My Mind & the “Insights” I’d Gathered “due” to Her Latest Approach, Kept Me from Squashing Her …. However, since She’d “again” Chosen to Appear in-disguise I was Perilously Close to Letting Her Have IT …. But, I was Also Considering Just “letting” Her pretend to Be that Person, as-long-as She didn’t “Ham” the Character & didn’t exhibit the “evil” which Was there ….

I Then Profiled Her Character, in-part due to the Parallel-Crystallisation of the psychological-profile “She” had employed, as the “imaginary” Sister-in-Law …. As I’d been Thinking about The “Electra complex” for a long time, which was not as difficult for Me to Stay Mindful about as penis-envy is, which was “Hard” for Me to Magnify as I’ve Never felt jealousy, loneliness or boredom in My Life, nor am I a Sex-offender or a would-be Psychological abuser, as I’m not a nit-witted RETARD NEEDING Shot in the face & My Right Frontal Lobe is Big Enough to Feed Africa !!!!

Moreover, I’d put the finishing Touches to My Theory on R.E.M. disorders, which are Due to A Separation in the Circuit between The Mirror Neurons of Both Right & Left Hemispheres …. Which I got from A “Tell” I’d Read, in Person, when I Quoted a Comedy Show to Her, “When You Compete You can’t Complete” …. Both words resonated with Her …. As She imbecilically Competes “alone” with Men, due to the Electra-complex, priding Herself that “INSTEAD” of Realising that She’s Proving nothing-other than She’s a Self-deluding Cheat, She “INSTEAD” Declares Her Self “smartererererer” because They couldn’t Detect an EVIL CUNT returning Their Kindness with LUNACY ….

Moreover, She “can’t” Complete a Circuit in Her brain, as the Right Side “genuinely” doesn’t Know what The Left Side is up to, so when She has a Psychotic “break” it’s Provably due to a reaction which “outs” itself “before” The Average Person would be Able to put the Brakes on …. Which is Why She “Needs” A Dominant Personality Whom She’s “scared” of Them Providing Her with INSTANT Consequence, however, She’d Flea from Them like a Bat out of hell ….

Due to Her delusions of perfection & dishonesty, let-alone Her premeditated criminal-campaign, She’ll run-with whatever it is “if” the Other Party “normalises” Her OUTBURST in Some way, which often titillates Her, furthermore, if it’s an aggressive outburst then “if” the Other party is cowed by it, She gets-off on that & it makes Her feel big, as well as Pleasing Her & it assists Her underlying campaigns & preference to not be Dominated again …. “Paradoxically & Ironically,” which is Why She would Ideally like a Dominant, but Sensitive, psychic Lover …. (But that could Change by the time She’s dropped another Eye of Newt into Her soup pot ….)

When the Human flea flees the Scene of Her latest off-broadway Chorus, “if” the Innocent Party doesn’t pursue & “wouldn’t Care” until She returned again, arriving in a Plume of Dramatic Smoke & then “if” He wouldn’t Judge Her on Her lust-strewn absence & then “if” He’d turn into Chocolate & then Grow bunnies ears & then start Playing the Saxophone through His Arsehole, then FIRE Gold Coins, out of the Horn, then DISAPPEAR & then suddenly Become Himself again Right beside Her & Place His Hands over Her Eyes, only for Her to Open Them again to Find the 2 of Them are holding dripping Cornettos on a remote Island, with Marley playing on a Solar Stereo, where They’d get Stoned “without” getting Stoned & then He’d “spontaneously” Make Love to Her, but Change-Sex during it & then Run into The Sea Laughing & Leave Her to cook for 2 Days, then Return with Exactly what She’d been Wishing for, whereupon, The Orderlies drag Her into the Woods & dutifully rape Her ….

Thus, You can Gather, Why Relationships are a problem for Her, even if She accepts the Submissive role, which She ideally prefers & can Also Crave, but if She believes There’s a chance She can Dominate She’ll take it, for Her campaign-management & PRETENGE more than Sexual-craving, but which “then” eventually leads Her to a homocidal-orgasm She fails to resist ….

Behind which, She’s desperately-lonely after Her latest Mark abandons Her obsessive ATTACKS, covertly or overtly, as All Sex-offenders pretend They believe the target is to blame, as They are “flat-lining” Talking-Beasts, Who live to Ejaculate, especially when They’ve failed in so many Other ways, as They invariably are drawn to the Vice-filled gutter of Life, rather Than The Higher Calling Which Only A Connection With God’s Love can Maintain ….

The cynical Withnail character is “atypical” of Right frontal lobe incapacity & You See it in 90% of Females & so-called Homosexual Males, Who “uniformly” exhibit an Infantile-perception of God …. The less Capacity You have in That Module the more You tend to “Confirm Your bias,” irrespective of Evidence or Experience, especially-if You are kicking-against Something from Your past …. ie A Rebel without a Cause, which “adds” to The Hollow which “reactionary” Pathologies engrave into Their psyche …. As, “Decisions” Should Be Borne of The “Self” rather than be the “polar-opposite” of the non-present Oppressor …. Which is complicated-further when They meet “hypocrites” & then instead of ATTACKING Them They embrace Them, but then attack INNOCENT People They Pretend “represent” past monsters & to Pretend-prove that God doesn’t exist, Morality doesn’t exist & that EVERYONE’S BAD “except” the ATTACKER !!!!

After Reading My Post on Paranoid Androids, She then Sent 3 Hearts, which She kept Hidden & which I didn’t Unhide …. She Clearly Saw that I Knew that She’d not Made the “Transition” from the envy-phase which follows Female Infants Who indulge in “Show-&-Tell” with Their Brother, ie When a Female Who’s imbecilically Seen Her Self as Being Male, “then” Realises that She’s got a “tiny” Cock or “no” Cock & feels “inadequate” by Her Own Comparison, She can STICK at the Electra phase & begin mining Her complex …. Envy is the number-1 root-cause of homocide ….

Obviously, to get-past That Phase, 1 in 10 Females discovers That Her Vagina is Her “Sex Organ” & Develops Her Sexual identity flawlessly, whilst the Other 9 are “preyed-on” by Zionist Jews, Who take-advantage of Them in EVERY way “Conceivable” …. eg It’s OBVIOUS IMBECILITY to Class Your Self as HOMOSEXUAL, You HAVE TO have an ENORMOUS AMOUNT “missing” from “BOTH” Your BRAIN Matter & Your PATHOLOGY, as 90% of Females have too …. The end Result of the Zionist “Propaganda” machine promoting same-sex “Sexual-relationships” being “MEGADEATH” & the average Person doesn’t have a fucking clue what’s EATING Their brain “right now” !!!!

“eg” You’re being “constantly” Sprayed by aluminium nano-particles, which cross the blood-brain barrier & Deposit in Key areas of Your brain, which the Zionist Sex-offenders want somewhat-specific Con-Troll over …. They’re “also” Spraying Countless nano-bacteria which cross into Your brain too, as They’re programmed to be attracted to the aluminium & then begin to Eat Your Core brain Modules, so You become the ZOMBIE, They never-tire of Titillating Themselves SHOWING YOU, You’re going to become, in the Movies “They” Promote …. (Say it with Me, “FUCK THE JEWS !!!!)

Other KEY movies, which SHOW You “how far along” They are, are “Invasion of The Body Snatchers” …. Not to mention, “Planet of The Apes,” which They Know Themselves to “be” …. ie They are often Self-effacing I noticed, ie Gallows Humour …. Furthermore, “SKY FALL,” as They’re working on a way of COLLAPSING the Sky, to “rid” the planet of “Their” air-borne radioactive particles “THEY” would be subject to, upon Their resurfacing after All the Zombies are dead …. (After the Fun & games of “Watching Me” Shooting the Fuckers ….)

Moreover, They’re sloughing-off The Atmosphere from Several Locations right now, whilst the Average Female WRESTLER is sitting DARING Her brain-bleeding partner to MOVE an inch, with Phlegm hardened on top of the bridge of Her Quaking beak & a MAD Poof in mid-air on the T.V. Grinning like a Shot fox with a burst Arse …. Unlike the prancer, a Feminism-promoted “focused” Position She can be RELIED upon to “maintain,” until the Bombs drop, after all the little “time bombs” go off in Her brain !!!!

Many Groups of Zionist 3 Year-old Sex-offenders are on Space Stations right-now & Mainly the old farts are Still “on Show,” above ground, whilst the Next Generation of Reptilian-paedophiles are Hovering to “inherit the Earth” after the pesky EVOLVED Humans & ALL Their “minions” are GONE …. The Majority are Under The Ground, ALL Sparkling Eyed HOLLOW-headed, INBRED, subhuman fucking SHITE, wanking into Each Other’s Mouths SHOUTING, “THERE’S NO GOD, THERE’S NO MORALITY, WE’RE FREE, WE’RE THE SUPREME BEINGS, WE’RE A SUPREME-RACE, THE RACE THAT INHERITS THE EARTH” …. With a half-eaten Chicken McNugget between Their ears & INEVITABLE comeuppance, as Best Seen on the Faces of Those “ENTOMBED” with Pharaoh …. I’ll take My Chances with the HIDEOUSLY UGLY Portuguese Lunatics instead ….

A Human Being Should NEVER Witness a Lunatic believing the illusion of Transference can take place, as Lunatics are Talking Animals & so hideously-ugly to “Witness” They NEED to be Exterminated, as They’re SUBHUMAN, “evil,” hate-consumed, grandiosely-delusional walking-shite Who want INNOCENT Kind People to “SUFFER,” because the SPASTIC won’t stop LYING to itself that it’s Something it’s OBVIOUSLY not, which it REALISES when it meets Those Who are AUTHENTIC Human Beings & especially-if They’re AUDACIOUSLY Happy …. However, the Human is often “unaware” what That tiny a mind is up-to & They’ve long-since been Groomed (by Zionist Paedophiles) out of Providing Beasts with The “Consequence,” which Their Ancestors SHOWED THEM how to TREAT hell-bound incontinent-arseholes, ESPECIALLY Zionist Paedophiles ….

Along with the aluminium, the Zionist paedophiles are Spraying over Your ENTIRE FAMILY, You’re also inhaling “mercury” which kills pretty-quickly “&” boron, barium & STRONTIUM …. Plus, Mummy’s-Favourites favourite, ie “Flouride,” which “ACTIVATES” all the SHITE They’ve already PLANTED in Your body, especially due to FEMINIST SPASTICS Who were TAUGHT to NEVER Learn to COOK for Their Fatherless Children, to TEACH Men a Lesson, since “INFANCY,” so They’ve been Shoveling GRUEL out of a micro-wave & down Their Children’s throats & into Their “DNA” ….

NO JEW in HISTORY has “ever” inhaled all that air-borne shit, but “they will now” …. As the Majority of Hebrews are NOT in on it …. The “Zionists” are a break-away class of Hebrew Who conjoined with Kurds in the 8th Century, after Correctly being kicked-out of Every Country, from Canaan to Turkey & then Ever-since …. “Until” the EVIL whining-liars discovered the fucking Printing-press, whereafter, the mindlessly-repetitive “primitive” Pharisees, ie The Anti-Christs, have “shamelessly” publicised Their lies & BOMBARDED the gullible & solicited the deMORALisation of the West by Targeting THE WEAKEST LINK, ie “Females” EAGER to betray Man+Kind ….

The sad Reality is, Men Love Women so Much, so Make SEXIST “Allowances” for evil behaviour I See as being HIDEOUS & in Need of BRUTAL MERCILESS PHYSICAL CONSEQUENCE …. Females have degenerated into the incontinent, hate-consumed, low-life, VER-WIMIN Who walk-around “APPALLED by REALITY” & Squawking at-will at Innocent People They want to KNOW how the LUNATIT feels, as though She’s NO IDEA how EASILY She “BURSTS” …. Until the SCUM that’s been SHAT into This generation of Fee-Males, Men, Who have A Greater Depth & Vision, were Prepared to be Their True+Self & Maintain That Love & Trust, which is “What” led Us ALL in This Direction As A Species, however, the “rock” in The Female’s head is what We perish on ….

“YOU” are a FUCKING COWARD !!!! …. “YOU” are a BULLSHITTER …. As YOU & “EVERYONE You LOVE” are “needlessly” being MURDERED “RIGHT NOW” by a ring of Hebrew megalomaniacs, Who “enshrined” paedophilia into Their religion, Who solicited the Assassination of Yeshua of Nazareth, for Doing What I’m Doing Right Now, Waking apathetic COWARDS like “You” Up to the “NEEDLESS” Lunacy, brutality & Loveless-inhumanity of “usury” & the IMMORAL laws the “daily” GUESSING Pharisees “ENSCRIBED” autistically, without-end, long-before the COWARDS joined-forces with War-loving Kurdish “Gypsies” …. So, in the end, after You’re all gone, there will be-only-1 “caravan” left by The Sea Shore, with a 3 year-old jabbering imbecile in it, surrounded by Children’s bones & “then” there was none ….

I’d Studied High Functioning Retards, since I was 4 & a Half, It was a Pet Project …. My Break throughs were having a Mother Who’s a paedophile, also in Accidentally befriending a sado-masochistic boy, outside of School, furthermore, in Studying the Male Shite Who Visited Me in My late Teens onwards & then Studying the outlandish Character of an I.T. Customer called David, Who was on Lithium & then a Serial-killer on-line called Kay Milton, Who’s ambition was to “Either” Starve to death or for Me to do so, whilst All the While titillating Her Self that She was a Mastermind getting PRETENGE, whilst I was “Trying to lose Weight” ….

Then, I was Targeted by A Girl with the Exact same M.O. as Zionist Jews, the evil Jacqueline Bradley’s Sister …. (Jacqui, hypocritically going by the Tag “ILoveCeltic67″ on Twitter) …. Her Sister is a Serial-killer, “paedophile,” Sexual-predator, Animal-killer & is obsessed with trying to cause Humans P.T.S.D., She is a prostitute, thief, stalker, black-mailer, trespasser, pathological-liar, paranoid-schizophrenic megalomaniacal-psychopath, poisoner, nympho-maniac, Satan-worshipper, alcoholic, junkie, makes false-allegations & is “complicit” with several paedophile-rings & organised sex-offenders & gangs of Thugs & Gypsy scum, ALL of which is a “CHOICE” …. I “Could” go on …. Suffice to Say, She’s as-Good-as Jewish !!!!

If I Told You what-else I Know about Her, You’d throw-up & I Know “EVERYTHING” Because I Read “Tells” …. Which, so far, I’ve Never Let on about What I “Know” She Did, suffice to Say, I Could Write out in 10 Paragraphs what would make You Fill 10 sick Buckets …. Suffice to Say, “Dirty Deeds, Done dirty Cheap ….” …. The Cost of which She wants to Pass-on ONLY to The Good, “never” the SCUM the coward “weakly” surrendered to, “etc” or the SCUM She embraces in the gutter …. Moreover, She doesn’t Know WHAT ELSE I Know She “DID,” it would blow Her tiny-mind, that I’ve KNOWN for “ALL THIS TIME” & then-some !!!!

In Person, I Saw Her inner Child & how Her “mental impairment” had Contributed to the Direction She’d gone-in, which “highlighted” for Me Whom She “Would” Have Been had She not suffered the series of fateful hard-knocks & influence of brutal imbeciles, which was to lead Her ever-downwards, when, if I Could’ve got Her Young I’d Have Held Her aloft like Kunta Kinte !!!!

However, the life She was “led” into & the Life She “CHOSE” to lead, coupled to Dreadful hardships & Her “weak” Taboo-addiction & Confirmatory-biased & reactionary immorality, Her long-suffering, that malinfluence & corrupt FREE WILL, led to what can ONLY be described as a campaign of “evil” …. Visited on ONLY The Good, She’d “always” find Her “excuse” to Decree Deserve Her incontinent sado-masochistic “Sex-offending,” material-pursuits & Self-Amazing “handicapped” delusions & histrionic-psychosis ….

So, “in BALANCE,” because I Know that 90% of Females are programmed to never let-on, as That’s Their inherited Character’s “Self-destructive” defence-mechanism & Because She’s innately untrusting, due to the Deserved-imprisonment of the Gauntlet “She” fashioned, which is “comorbid” with Her inability to “Gauge” on Many fronts, including “Consequence,” I THEREFORE Continued to Feed the introverted black-hole Selflessly, “despite” What I Knew was “inevitable” !!!!

As All My Most Recent Previous Posts Will Show You, I Left no Stone unturned in Allowing Her to do the smidgeon it would’ve taken to Come Correct & Choose a Self-Soothing Mode of Communication, “if” She hadn’t evil intent, “no” present criminality & “wasn’t” presently a prostitute …. I was Fully Aware that YOU may be paying Her enough brew money for Her to not feel She “needs” to Contact Me for Any other Reason than Ejaculating whilst impotently hoping for PRETENGE in 2D, with “prepared” crap, that’s NEVER worked, before during or after, before during or after, nor EVER could …. Ta, Ta, Bye, Bye Now !!!!

So, She Wrote to Me again & I Replied, Ready with My Velvet Hammer, “Knowing” that the lee-way I was Granting Her, wouldn’t be Appreciated, as She Tested for “Resistance” & Reaction, with Several Comments, laced with evil “&” Genuine Desire to Communicate Her Thoughts & Feelings …. However, with Mindless Predictability She then Wrote to a Twitter Profile & Asked if I’d Write Another Post, this time about “The Gift” of P.T.S.D. …. When She’d been Writing to Me, due to Her “oppressed” Desire to Rise Up like a Cobra, I Sensed without flattery that She’d been ejaculating & that She’d ejaculated when Writing That faux request ….

I Instantly cut Her off at The Pass & so was Able to “put Her in Her place,” however, I was Ready to Take The Velvet off The Hidden Hammer, as She seemed to have Forgotten again that I was Fully Aware that it was Pamela mindlessly-predictably pretending to be Sue …. 1 of the things She was Alluding to was My Free Admission that Many Months after Her failed campaign I’d suffered around 10% of P.T.S.D., which I recovered from in a few Days, which was long after Her continued distant sob-stories, “both” Genuine & disingenuous, including Her “evil” intentions into the bargain at Her foiled Campaign & failure to reseduce Me …. “ie” I was saddened as I’d Finally Realised that that wee 3 Year old Girl was Peter Sutcliffe with Tits & it was so SAD a moment, for Many Reasons beyond Her comprehension, which I Knew, due to Her fundamental lack of Self-awareness & True-self-loathing, She’d simply interpret as a “win” !!!!

As I’ve Noticed, when I’ve been Non-Reactionary, with All the Psycho-Paths Who’ve targeted Me, for Their State-Groomed, Retard-ameliorating, Confident-delusions, when You “let” Them go on, Their tiny-mind gets drawn-down to the microdot They want to draw Your attention to & so, when They’re least Expecting it, due to Their legendary lack of maintaining the “Consequence factor” & narrow pathology, then, when “They’re” concentrated, You can EASILY Let the 3 Year-old bestial Sex-offender, in Adult-form, “Have IT” …. It works “EVERY” time, which has never been “pre-meditated” on My Part ….

So, I Then Wrote 2 Paragraphs & Stated The Case, in The 3rd, as I’d all but Had-it with Her usual “hoping for P.T.S.D.,” bonfide’ evil & unconscious as-well-as conscious “admissions” of Her “suffering,” as well as pity-plays & slithering panting superficial Self-amazing “Tantric” Onanism, which She Thought was “hidden” …. She Knows Her evil can Never “Transfer,” but deludes Her Self about “hoping” the pauper can “knock” at least 1 ornament over, in the China Shop, with Her Bull …. As My Late Great Grandmother used to Say, “If You put a Beggar on Horse-back They’ll ride to Hell ….” …. Which I “Told” Her, in Person !!!!

She further-illustrated that She didn’t seem to Remember that I’d rumbled Her, which is also a Sign of the Desperation of the Rectum’s imaginary-rapier to get to it’s GOAL, in 2D …. So I made it “CLEARER” that I’d Known from The Start & “then” She drew My Attention to the 3rd Paragraph “I’d” Written …. Her ambition being to “teach” Me what I “obviously” was Trying to Let “Her” Know …. Her other Hope being that You don’t find-out that it was Her All Along, for Days & then go, “OOOooohhh, I’m doubly-raging now, OH, aww, They things She Said tae, Grrrr, that makes Me feel that I AM WHAT SHE IS, down with that sort of a thing, I want PRETENGE ….”

She went on, to Ask Me a “banal” Question about 10% of 7,000,000 …. So, Knowing that She was up to no-good & Knowing that I’d “Correctly” been Hard on Her too from the start, due to Her “determination” to Not-only have Committed “Countless” crimes against Me, but continuing to fail to do “Her Self” the favour of “Coming Correct,” I was Already Composing A Hard Hitting Expose’ of Her “mindlessly-predictable,” utterly “Self-deluded,” Transparent, Self-destructive, puerile & impotent, but evil, intention !!!!

So, I Assured Her I Already Knew She Knew the answer & Cued-up the Cards She always holds “facing the wrong way” round, which has Often Made Me feel Sorry for Her, as I wanted Her to be “better” at being evil, for Her sake …. (Sue Me) …. She then played the “futility” joker, which I’d debunked in Infancy, in Detail in My 20′s & in Person to Her Snout, then Months After, when the Coward would “periodically” play that Card remotely, even-though I’d Said to Her beak, “The Only thing futile in Life is Deciding that Life is futile, either Get busy Living or pick a Cliff ….” …. She’d smirked & laughed, somewhat proudly foiled & had refrained from playing that dog-eared Card, then a few Months later was Chicken-brained enough to try it again & again & again, which is “EVIL” intent & showed Me more of Her past homocidal-campaigns against “Kind” Humans ….

ie When They’re suffering P.T.S.D. from meeting the Zionist-Jew released Lunatic, from the shut Asylums, (to keep the paedophile-ring going & “their” binary Sex-offenders in doughnuts & Clown-shoes,) if She then Calculates that The Mark’s missing Her & She’s hacked Their computer, She sits back with pyro-maniac Eyes, waiting for the Fire-works as They paw Their laptop Screen, watching Her bequeath 2D songs which Say, “I’d Love to Come back to See You, but it’s YOU Who’s to blame for what I am & I SO WANT to, but I can’t, because of …. …. Ahem, I’d love to See You & I’m sitting Here grinning-with-sadness & SO WISH I could SOMEHOW make it to where YOU are, but …. Ahem, I don’t know how anymore, HOW? What does How even mean? …. How could I, since YOU treated Me so cruelly, when I feel I …. …. I …. …. Oh well, life goes on, Here’s a series of videos which I hope make You think existence is futile …. I’m fading now, I can’t cling on any longer, I’ve got 3 more fishing-rods to rebait, I’m, I’m ….. sigh ….” …. (YAWN !!!!)

However, UNDOUBTEDLY “evil” & that’s what She “DOES” to try to FINISH “the job,” when The Mark’s suffering most & it’s ALL “devastating” to Their State-Groomed Life-long “Perception,” as They’re NOT LIKELY to be A Profound Genius Obsessed with Truth & with A Life Long Pet Project of Studying WHY IS an IDIOT an IDIOT !?!? …. All of which, takes places, at “YOUR” Expense & with Her Gypo family’s complicit-assistance, with Guns at the Ready for Anyone Who overcomes Her evil farce & Shows Up to Correctly Execute Them …. I TRIED to Assist “Them,” as much to Save “Others” from Them, as They ONLY Target HUMANS, the hypocrite SCUM …. When it’s SHITE like Themselves They should be Targeting, especially AUTHORITAAAH, They’re 100% “complicit” with, which You’d expect from a long-line of Gypo “paedophiles” !!!!

She’d hopped-across onto Another Page, whilst I was Writing, on My old Farm Photos & Wrote Beside A Photo I “Knew” She’d have Chosen, out of ALL Those Photographs I’d have bet 40 Grand that She’d have Chosen THAT Photo, for “unconscious,” selfish, witting, “&” evil intent & I Let Her Have IT “There” & illustrated That was Due to what She Wrote in Her final TWIT on TWITter, as follows :-

There’s no Need to “Feel” sorry for My past, as I’ve Said, I was Blissfully ignorant of Being surrounded by MAD fee-males, Who’s “unmagnifiable” intention was to Psychologically abuse Me, to Dominate Me, etc, which Drove Them madder still, until Their Mother would Attack Me, X amount of ways ….

I have “No Feelings” about that, I’d Talk about it in front of a Crowd of Thousands …. The KEY to understanding Psychopaths is, apart from Them being “as thick as shit,” You SEE Them most clearly when They have a “FRESH AIR SHOT” & Miss the MARK by miles ….

Which lays Bare the Animacule sized Mind of the hair-brained evil-doer, Who’s intent on getting-off sexually on trying to bring a Sex-Object They’re jealous of down …. What further exposes Their lunacy is when They believe if They “jabber on LONG-enough” then There’s no way the Human could Work Out That They’re a mental-spastic living in a Fantasy World, requesting that That Particular Sex-Object be The 1 to shoot Them, which is why Cowardly vermin are Reduced to “Renfield in 2D” as They HOPE that The Target “Chooses” to Trigger Their Own Amygdala & then the high-functioning-retard will have “spoiled” The Human’s Day, “sullied” The Beautiful Picture, caused Them P.T.S.D., when essentially They’re a 3 year old with a Tommee Tippee Typewriter, Who’s life is an unenviable series of PRETENGE, when They ONLY Really have Themselves to blame & Their imbecilic determination to pseudo-attack Those They’re jealous of, no-matter how Kind & Worship the Brutal They wallow with in the Gutter of Their Just Desserts …. Would You Trade places with The Beautiful View in The Adjascent photograph for Their council-estate back-garden, let alone Their apology for an ever-dwindling life !?!?

What also came across, from Your Question on TWITter, was that it was remarkably similar to what so-called Homosexual Males ask Ex-partners They’ve deliberately given an S.T.D. to, ie “The Gift” …. Obviously, that again “illustrates” how lacking in Self-awareness & Moral-Sanity the ill-wishing, evil-doer is, but the Person Who’s contracted AIDS from Them still doesn’t NEED to “Choose” to React to a “homocidal” nincom-poop, no matter how much it impotently-wishes for Transference, whilst DYING of AIDS !!!!

To Conclude, when My Gran died, during another Whole host of “coincidences,” as I Wrote About in Yesterday’s Post, I Benefited A Great Deal from “Adjusting” as I Regrew in Strength & I Also got to See, Those Who “Thought” They’d “Contributed” to My Condition, which I was Able to Magnify further, as They believed They’d played a “part” in Me suffering P.T.S.D. which had little to do with Them & afterwhich They were “DISAPPOINTED” when They found Me to Be Even more Enviably Christlike, whilst They became even-more degenerate & “atypically” psychopathic ….

When You Give a Psychopath Information, They “All” drool at the notion of Being Able to string-it-all-together & get PRETENGE & then Waddle-off having evened-the-score against Innocent Human Beings, Whom They Calculate won’t Execute Them …. When, of course, They should simply be visiting Their not-so-Great Grandparent’s Cemetery & smashing Their skulls in, for daring to inbreed, again ….

They could always Rebury Them shattered remains, where I Live, in Paradise, far from the madding Herd, Yet another of My Rewards, from The Almighty, for having no bitterness towards Innocent People & Seeking Only to Help Those Who “Deserve” My Endless Gifts, whilst abandoning Those to Their fate, Who never-stop “destroying” & betraying “Themselves” alone …. Fuck “being” Them ….

Kind regards,

To Whit She replied :-

I wish you know true love one day Erol…. From a helpmeet. Good night.

To whit I Replied :-

In the nanosecond it took You to Read that, showing Your fundamental lack of “Depth,” as per, alongside Your transparent ambition … You’ve mindlessly-predictably typed that “You Wish I was You,” which is Atypical Psychopathic self-delusion ….

You’ve “failed” from Start to Finish, “Evidently” & Still You go on “hoping” You can “Type” Your way out of Your Skin …. Yet, after a Lizard sheds it’s Skin it goes on being a Lizard, especially in 2D ….

The Kids, Who’s Lives I’ve Saved, are running Successful businesses with Their Mothers, I have Their photographs, whilst You wallow in the Gutter in self-delusion, licking Your wounds, after All the fights You started, unable to get the STINK out of Your Skin, no matter how many times You shed it, due to the “debauchery” Your Ayn Rand school of Mentally-handicapped imbecility “confirmed” an infinity of “helpmeets” Couldn’t Edify or undo the Self-destruction You were Determined to Succumb to …. True Love is beyond Your brain’s Capacity & thus Your transparent bitter Wish that “I was You,” as alongside a lack of Mental Equipment You’ve Chosen the “Withnail & I” school of Never Knowing True Love, Congratuhumiliations !!!!

Kind regards,

To Whit She Replied, several Hours later :-

You’re right Erol. Thank you for your truth. And thank you for pushing me away. I have overcome once again. No more delusion or wishful thinking. You will never be me and I will never be you. Thank you for making that clear. I will move forward now onto my path.

To Whit, I Rounded Off with The Following :-

The “1″ Word in My Mind, since Your 1st Contact, was “BALANCE” …. Which I Know Is beyond Your Comprehension, no Matter how Long You’d Think about It for, although I Recommend Erring on The Side of Goodness …. I Believed I’d Let You Know, that Your latest Flimsy disguise was Transparent to Me …. I was Then going to Let You Have IT Sooner, due to Your “corruption,” yet That 1 Word Concept Held Me Back, based upon Your timely Choice of Words (albeit with “lower” case vowels) “&” My Compassion, beyond Your superficial, unselfaware, lop-sided, “evil-biased,” panting, inhumanely-twisted Comprehension ….

As regards Truth, Your perception of IT is Grossly handicapped & Your Desire is to eek Out Your story, like a Mouse masochistically gutting itself in slow-motion, hoping for “Mileage,” in no Position to Bargain & Bluffing with Your Hand facing the wrong way …. Your Legendary lack of Self Awareness multiplies Your “misconceptions” about Me, Giving You The time of Day, into You “revealing” a sneery, reluctantly even “half-hearted,” Transference-obsessed grinning Laptop Operator deluding Themselves that “somehow” They’re a Cat with a Mouse …. “Regardless,” In “Balance,” I Still Wrote An Article, in Part, for You to Read & Benefit from ….

So, as Your mindlessly-repetitive brain Knows, but continues to impotently display evil-intent about, I don’t “Have” Truth, I “Reflect” IT, as Best I can & as You “Already” Know …. Moreover, I have no “Reaction” either, to You “Predictably” Pretending-You-Believe I’m pushing You away, nor are You Magically able to Rewrite “Evidence” Set in Stone above !!!!

Consider The “Fact” You could form a Daisy Chain, with 7,000,000 of “Yourself” Holding Hands & You’d Ring The Circumference of The Earth …. Now Consider That The Planet would Fit “Into” Our Sun 1,000,000 times, then Consider Our Sun is the size of a “.” Compared to Antares & You’d Struggle to Locate Antares on a Map of Our Galaxy, which would Take You 100,000 Years to travel Across, “if” You Travelled at The Speed of Light, for The Whole Journey …. Moreover, That Our Galaxy Is 1 of Countless Billions of Other Galaxies & which You’d have Difficulty Selecting Ours’ Out of …. So, when You “Return” to The Size of “1″ of Those Daisies, Consider Them Thinking about putting Their shoes & socks on & going to have Sex with a Child !!!!

Paedophiles “choose” not to See The Bigger Picture or Stop & Smell The Flowers & Drink In The Myriad of Amazing “Beauty” & Indulge In The “Great” Activities which Can Be Appreciated, no-matter how fleetingly …. They “choose” Not to Take A Deep Breath & “exclude” The Innocent from Their projected sado-masochism, ie Unconscious Self-loathing borne Hatred …. They “choose” not to Delay+Gratification, They “choose” Not to THINK OF SOMETHING HUGE “FOR A WHILE,” whilst Breathing Deeply …. They “choose” to CONFIRM Their bias & fulfil prophecy, as the Author of Their repeated misfortune, amongst-others Who’s Innocence Borne Gifts They “envy” ….

As I’ve “Detailed” repeatedly, I’ve no interest in “Petitioning” Anyone, which Should’ve Been Clear after Witnessing “Erol On Narcissism” …. Moreover, I don’t “Guess” about the plight of Other’s “Choice” of Free-Will, nor have I Any intention of beginning to do so, I Simply Reflect What I KNOW & Keep An “Open” Mind on All fronts, In Balance ….

You have “failed,” in the negative-array of Your inclusion, You also Chose to manifest evil “Evidently” on TWITter (That’s the 1st time I’ve been on That Profile, Cheryl handles ….) …. You had COUNTLESS Other possibilities, but as usual, what You’re “determined” to delude “Your Self Alone” about & deliriously WORSHIP, makes what You’re JEALOUS of DICTATE Your comeuppance, which You refuse to Learn from & thus Keep on digging in a leper colony ….

To “simplify,” I Would Have Channelled A Miracle into Your Life, but Your ever-dishonest, Self-destructive, “cowardly” tiny-mind “unsurprisingly” Chose Not to Believe in Your Self & to wallow in the gutter, which leads nowhere, as per ….

You Know I’m An Absolutist Thinker & Your latest disguise “was” Helpful, as When I Get A Ping-Back from Someone, as far down as You Are, Then It’s like Hitting Rock Bottom & Helps FIRM The Ground I Launch Myself from Up Here …. Your “sins” & also Your disgraceful phoney 2D delusions “cannot” dishearten Me or have Any Adverse “Affect” or influence on Me or “subsequently,” in Any Way …. ie I don’t “choose” to Pretend-along-with-Spazmo, especially when I’ve Theorised about Your latest section of guts So Confidently “before” …. ie The Truth Is Best Known than not Known ….

The atypically cowardly, Self-bullshitting Bully in the Conker Tree’s faux-performance, reduced to 2D, at least Saved Me witnessing Your bare-arse flying off on Your Broomstick & also the horrific possibility of Seeing an unkempt pube, in that exodus ….

I Draw the dishonourable, ahem, Lady’s Attention, to The Article I Posted on The Main Page, as Regards “Lists” …. Whereafter, FINALLY Realise Your “wish” to Rewrite history is nothing-short of non-sense, if You “Choose” to Channel “The Path” of Your Immortal Soul, in The Right Direction, In This Generation, Then You’ll Affect Something Positive, As An Outcome, Along That Line, Due to “Overcoming” what Even You get Sick of “choosing” ….

However, History CAN Be Altered, as Best Seen by Heroically Confident & Courageous People, Who were dealt blow after blow & even when They were dying Overcame by Doing “WHATEVER” IT “takes” to Do The Right Thing …. We Remember Them as Inspiration to This Day, in Countless Ways, whether It be through Their Music, Art, Love, Endeavours or Words of Kindness, We don’t Remember Them for “wanking” !!!! …. (Unless You include the mindless-coward Nero ….)

Your FAILUR to Make Amends At The Level of The Self, I simply “Assure” You, means that Your fate in “This” Generation Will “slowly become” beyond Your worst Nightmares …. My “Knowledge” of That Outcome, Also Contributed to The “Balance” of My Continued Replies …. Whereafter, The Path You’ve jabbered-along in Confirmatory bias, worshipping enemies, betraying The Good, is Clearly SIGN POSTED, that it’s “Road’s End” Ensures Your Eternal fate is Damnation ….

I had no Ambition to Be You, nor You I, I’m A Loving Man & have no intention of lowering My Level of Self Respect “for” People Who’d spread Their legs for Animals, but want to embroil A Man As Evolved As I Am in a Glorified Infant’s activity-centre, behind a Mask of Sanity …. I Simply “Chose” to Help when “You” Contacted Me, In Balance, out of Compassion, Kindness & “Appreciation” of Your Grain …. You BARELY Know Me & therefore have No Idea what I Had In Store …. As per, You Transparently “chose” to include a range of evil intent, “damning” All Outcomes, which Allows Me to Simply SEE The “mess” You’ve made of Your Self, which I’ve no “frustrated-intention” of lowering My “Articulately” Uplifting Great Gifts down into ….

Despite Your wish that You Lived in a snow-shaker, like the rest of the 90% of toxic Sex-offenders, with a Cloven Hoof between Their Legs & between Their Ears, I Know what’s in Your Heart of Hearts & how You baffle Yourself until You Believe it & Your evil permanently-unfulfilled illusions of “Transference,” however, Your delusions give-rise to demonic foolishness which plays into the Claws of the devil & yet You Refuse to Distance Your Self from that debunked & derelict, hollow, broken school of “Thought” ….

I repeat, In Balance, What I Can See, above The masses of horrid, brutal, hell-drawn, nit-witted death-wishers, Means I have A “Perspective” from A Plateau of Serene Sanctuary & I can Magnify the “hideous,” savage, hate-consumed, beasts “flowing” in Dark veins, towards a Giant black pit, sucking the unenviably “conflicted” down to Their “Deserved” end ….

I Always Have Good Intentions At Heart & My Gifts Are Beyond Your Wildest Dreams …. As for Your faux blame-shifting, it has the sum “influence” of nothing, moreover, as You “already” Know, You weren’t on My Path, You were in 2D pretending to be someone else, as per …. Whilst, “hoping” that There’s a chance, “Your” usual delusion could Produce a “reaction” I’m Famed for “Never” having …. However, I’m Aware, ANY Response to Your pathology can be interpreted as Anything You’d prefer was Reality, behind witch lies the drooling addiction Channelled a “final” time as a “party-pooping” Crone-like taker ….

In “Balance,” I Afforded You A Final Chance, leaving “no stone” unturned, as usual, for Reasons “beyond” Your Projected-comprehension, leaving You with the fate You “Deserve,” as per …. There is Now “NO MORE” Opportunity for Your puerile, 2D, “evil” laced “delusion” …. ie I won’t be Replying to “Anyone” Whom Cheryl doesn’t “Vet” ….

You again Chose to delude Yourself that “Choosing” to be eviI means it’s not evil …. From The Start, I “Evidentially” Let You “Know I Knew” …. I Added the Final Weight of “Balance,” which You “premeditatedly” Chose to Prove Your Manic mind, (obsessed with delusions of mining,) “Never” even-remotely Deserves again & Only Could Have had That Consideration from A Living Christ ….

I Fundamentally lack Arrogance, however, Before I Continue Living My Apparently Enviable Good Life, I’ll Needlessly point-out I’ve NEVER “Instigated” Contact with You & Each time You’ve contacted Me it was to delude Yourself You’re a mastermind & perpetuate Your nauseating addiction, deluding Yourself You’re a Pavlovian trickster, with “token” Gesture amidst “inferior,” Tasteless, & predictable evil “incontinence” ….

“IF” You Knew what I Know about You, if You Knew what I’ve Saved You from, if You Knew what I’ve withheld & Why I’ve Delayed, You may still not have Chosen to “come correct” & it’s NEVER lost on Me, that the most Self-deluded or hate-consumed of SHITE People I’ve met, “despite” Their imbecilic “wish” that Their Magical Thinking “con” Me or get Me to “Choose” the reaction the “impotent” low-life would like, are simply sitting on a burst Arse, after making COUNTLESS mistakes & a litany of SINS, surrounded by, Ghoulishly stupid primates, “wallowing” in that gutter, in bed with “Confirmed” Trash, “going nowhere,” but down ….


Kind regards,

To whit She didn’t Reply …. Thus, Cue The Irish Red Haired Guinness Drinker, “Erol Fairly Nailed Her There, He had Her All 6 Six ways Since Sunday & I’m Sure there can’t be Anyone Who wouldn’t be in 100% Complete Agreement with That Conclusion, Slurp, Slurp ….”

As You can See, I’ve Obviously held-back on “What I Know” & I Discovered Years Ago, that Even without Being Ostensibly Successful, if I simply LAUGH at evil People They become even-more enraged at Their subhuman attempts at Their Skill I Call, “retard-hypnosis” …. However, now that I TRULY SEE what 90% of Western Females & 70% of Males ARE, I’m NOT in the least bit FLATTERED, as They’re TRULY “HIDEOUSLY UGLY” through & through & BEGGING Me to EXECUTE Them, so “Fortunately” DUE to The Divine+Law of This Universe, when My GOODNESS Lead Me to Overcome all that demonic SHITE with Their evil-determined, quaking-eyes, of impotent ill-wishing, Whom I’ve Witnessed, staring-madly out of Their predominately hollow-skull, when I’m Finally Ready to BAG the BEASTS of evil-intent, God Lifted Me Up & Took Me to Paradise & has Bade Me Climb Higher Still & cut-off ALL contact with Those “from below” !!!!

In “Balance,” due to the Ginger-pube going against Her “Grain” to Genuinely Help Me more than Most Other People, even-though She was also the “villain” of the Peace, I held-out All this time to Give Her A Chance to “Come Correct,” for a Whole Host of Reasons, including Her foolishly undeclared offerings & wishes, yet still She would persist in predictable evil & “mindless” Onanistic repetition …. If You Look at My Previous “Encouraging” Posts, where I Denote that I have no Selfish Desire, fear or favour, In Balance, I Still Stand By All The Complimentary FACTS I Reflected about Her …. Especially since, I owe Most of What I’ve Just Written to the Sloth’s “Selfless” Donations as well as Her evil-laced hate-Ejaculate P.T.S.D. obsession “unwitting” Donations & Thanks to My Titanium Nerves I was Able to Softly softly Catchy Orangutan …. So, it does seem “unfair” to Target Her out of All the Others, but I Assure You Their time’s Coming …. Moreover, She’s “persisted” in Contacting Me, as She so lacks Self Awareness She throws Her cat’s scratch-post gusset to 1 Side & Croaks, “WORKS EVERY TIME, YA fucking BEEZER !!!!”

I Repeat, what I’ve Said in the Past, Including The Balance of Factual Compliments, despite Her evil …. ie I Prefer Her to Almost EVERY Female I’ve EVER Met in My ENTIRE Life, which may not Seem that Much of a Compliment, when You Realise how “HIDEOUSLY” UGLY The Average Female TRULY is, due to Zionist Jews SOLICITING that deMORALised, vulgar, EVIL-Persona to INGRAIN itself & delude itself further that it’s “untouchable” ….

However, I’ve always had the Distinct Impression that “despite” Her clapped-out evil reseduction-campaign, She secretly Wished to repatriate Somehow & to make amends Somehow, but She has Chosen Every time to remain in a puerile, superficial, cowardly, impotent, 2D fantasy-world of Self-delusion in a Tug-of, ahem, war which Only She’s in, where She was at liberty to Choose Any Outcome She’d Wished for, but Every time Chose YOUR Brew money instead ….

I’d Add at This Juncture, that I’d Never harm a Hair on Her head & Only Wanted to Help Her & “OTHERS” …. eg I’ve “repeatedly” knocked-back COUNTLESS offers, even from Strathclyde Police-farce, 3 times, to Set-about Her, when They hit “The Andes” with Me …. She’s actually YOUR Queen, You pay Her enough so You Should get Your money’s Worth, “eg” She can Tell You EVERYTHING, “YEARS” before it’s Going to Happen & WHO’S doing WHAT to WHO & therefore WHAT “You” NEED to DO “YESTERDAY” !!!!

I’d imagined there was a 0.01% Possibility She’d have Surfaced at all …. So, Her Buddhist Sand Collages were Worth While in Some Respects, but due to Her Own untrustworthiness & Determination to Not Come Correct, She got what She Deserved …. ie Her “Unconscious” Told Me Her True Dreams, whilst Her Conscious Told Me Her nightmares ….

So, She “projects” Her treacherous Character at The Good & worships the rabid-dogs of the Gutter, however, She forgets that She Told Me how-much She “hates” Every last 1 of Them & How “desperate” I remember Her being to get-out of “the game” & HOW sad She was about What She’d become, Her Griefs, fears & I Saw how LONELY She gets after the latest Person Fails to Lock on to Her tiny Mind, which then goes-spare due to Her Desire not to “lose” & the sparking Disconnect between Her Hemispheres & if They fall for the mite’s Aggressive performance, it’s doomed, as They’re then Reduced, from Possible Relationship Material to used, abused, dazed & confused, which She comes to regret, again & again & again ….

She believes if She lies long-enough, She can do some “damage,” for PRETENGE or as part of a criminal-campaign, which only a lousy-fool could pride Themselves on or find it even remotely possible to get High off of, let-alone repeatedly …. Gob-Smackingly, She Also Thinks that Perhaps This time Her “Destructive Testing” & failure to “Contribute” Humanely can Find A REAL Partner Who’ll Be “Decreed” White after Being BLACK, BLACK, BAT’S BLACKEST CRAP, to “Start” with, especially-if They don’t instantly Decree Her a mad lying evil witch ….

However, as She found with All Her black-male, I never Lose sight of Africa, as I’m An Honest Man Through & Through & although No-one’s Perfect & without Sin, I Genuinely Would’ve Channelled A Miracle into Her Life, for Reasons “Beyond the Comprehension of Mong !!!!” …. (A Novel Written by My late Great, Great Grandfather ….)

The Admissions She’s imparted, over the Years, although-slothful & atypically-cold, have been Helpful, She’s Also exhibited remarkably Self-effacing contacts, but Her “African shit-house Fly” routine doesn’t work on Me …. Despite the obscenities & “revisionism” She shouts over Her bright-ginger bare arse, as She flies past the fucking Moon on Her way back to the Gypo Cauldron for Newt’s eyes Elevenses, followed by Bat Soufflé ….

What I Gleaned from Her latest Contact “was” Again Very insightful, it Allowed Me to Turn Her World upside Down & See the “crushing” aftermath of being Raped as a Child, whereas, “I” was Simply HAMMERED psychologically & Attacked Physically, by a “Cerebral” Sex-offender, but Who “never” Touched Me Sexually …. I can Fully Understand the long-lasting Affect & Effect of a “Rapist” going-on to be Culturally APPLAUDED as a Great Guy, whilst the victim Knows He’s a Beast Who needs to be Executed, eg The “Paedophile Jew” Whom I’ve NEVER Found funny, “Woody Allen,” Who has Always Looked like He was being “punished” & continues to be so & Will Eternally be so for His sins, as will the Ginger flea for Hers’ unless She Makes Amends, Yesterday ….

She Obviously can’t Say She didn’t have the Opportunity to save Her Soul, as I left no stone unturned & She prefers a life of crime & grime & Your brew-money, to Countless Blessings across The Board …. She “Chose” hell, as I’d suspected, like Several Others I’ve met, as some People “Know” behind all Their sob-stories that that’s simply what They “Deserve” for what They preferred to do with Their Self-Confirmed apology for a Life ….

The Last Words I’ll Say on the Matter are, I’d have “Helped” if She’d wanted to Rise out of The Gutter-life & had Genuinely Decided to Stop All Her evil & She could easily have Configured a way for That to work, Her Self, which would’ve Saved All Those involved from being Adversely Affected & Produced Miraculous Results …. I repeat, I was under no false-impression that She “required” Me lowering My Self From Paradise, in Any Way & “I” Would have Appreciated Being Her Friend due to Her Unique Mind & Humour & Assistance at KEY moments, although slothful, evil & Onanist, when She could Easily have Danced on Webcam, dressed as Minnie Mouse for Me, singing, “Ai, Ai, Ai, Karachi ….”

For Reasons Beyond the comprehension of Mong, I Dedicate This Song, to the little Girl I met, Who had gone MAD & Who, when She was Being Her True Self, I Told Her I’d have Carried Her along the High Street in My Arms & when People Looked across & Said, “Look at that Guy Carrying that Big lump of a Girl in His Arms,” I Said I’d have Smiled at Them, Kicked Them or ignored Them quite Happily …. She then Said, “What if it was raining but?!” …. I Said, “I’d Put You ‘under’ My Big Jacket & Zip it Up so that You didn’t Get Cold & if People Talked, I’d Simply Smile Broadly at Them, Give Them a Kick or ignore Them ….” …. She added, “But the rain might get in & I’d get soaked ….” …. So, I Informed Her, I’d Put Her inside My Big pocket Then & There’d be a Comfy Easy Chair & A Television & Hot Drinks & When I was Eating Crisps or Chocolate I’d lift the Flap that Protected Her from the rain & Lower down a Massive Crisp & She looked Really Happy …. (I was actually Thinking to Myself at the time, that I’d have to include an automatic suspension & roll-bar grid, to Protect Her from Fat Aggressive birds Who like to Shoulder barge You, so She wouldn’t be disturbed or spill Her drink ….)

I Dedicate This “Final” RESPONSE, to Her Neo-Cortex when She was 3 & hadn’t Yet been Exposed to the Decisions Others malinfluenced & “She” made, that Child is Still 3 for A Reason & Whilst There’s Life in the old Dog yet, This Is The last of The Balance Due to The Sensitivity I Recognise, Who’s Difficulty lies in Knowing The “Consequence” Which They Should mete-out to the causally-evil …. The Innocent Eventually See Others as They Truly Are & Know what Your sins “Merit,” especially-if Your Intention is to deceive to Offend & if You waste Someone’s time, ie USE Them let-alone ABUSE Them, worse, if with premeditated-malice of forethought, in HOPING to trample The Delicate Sensibilities of Others You’re jealous of or Whom “You” Decide “deserve” to Witness Your hideously-ugly hell-bound depraved & Savage Soul, BOUND for a hell where You’ll be Forever “Separated” from The Divine, after Your Already unenviable Life …. To The 3 Year old :-

“Every” megalomaniac I’ve Studied was Existentially-jealous of a “Perception” which is beyond Their Ken & “due” to Zionist’s programming Humans to be “duped” by Their PLANTED counterparts, Who cause mayhem into “the bargain” & even-when Their mini-beasts Find Someone Who “Cares” about Them, They then get carried-away, Their old-ways resurface & Their “denial” takes Them over the edge ….

Kind regards,

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The HIDDEN Child-abuse causing P.T.S.D. of the covert Sex-offender !!!!

I was Commissioned to Write This Article for A Website Dedicated to Exposing Child abuse …. I’ll Begin with The Inevitable “Aftermath” …. When You have a nervous-breakdown, it’s due to the nerves in Your prefrontal cortex having been over-strained with “suppressing” anger or frustration, until the Stress You have been Subjected to, often unwittingly, got too Much & There’s not-only a Collapse of Those Nerves, there’s also an “Accumulated” Neuro-Chemical soup, Your brain’s been steeped in, which Damages You further & produces Side-effects, eg Hallucinations, Heightened Anxiety, FEAR, a feeling on illness, phobia, “fatigue,” depression, futility, nihilism, surreal visions & so on ….

You’ll of course try to Rationalise it & May Suffer & struggle again, especially if You’re still Subjecting Yourself to the Conditions which Produced the “combination” of factors Leading to the Break-down in the 1st instance …. Moreover, if there are Histrionic “unresolved” reasons which continue to “frustrate” You, eg Someone Who’s to “Blame” Who’s abandoned the scene of the crime, that & other factors can “perpetuate” the HARDSHIP which produces additional “reactionary” symptoms, like RAGE, sorrow, grief, hatred, resentment, thoughts of revenge, feelings of anguish, forlorn ennui about ambitions past & present, “desperation” about spurned dreams, feelings of betrayal, pressing awareness about ageing, DEATH & so on ….

Suffice to Say, the 1st Thing You Have to Gather is that Your AMYGDALA is at the ROOTS of the Problem, ie You may not Know it yet, but You have ENEMIES, the more “covert” the more evil and undetectable They were, enemies Who prided Themselves on trying to trigger Your Amygdala’s “Wisely Inherited” fight-or-flight mechanism …. Whether that be due to Those interlopers being “jealous” of You, for a variety of reasons or because They wanted revenge against You for past slights or because They’re simply a sex-offender Who gets-off on trying to Cause “Other” People P.T.S.D. ….

Essentially, the aforementioned Combination “is” P.T.S.D., in most cases You’ve “remained” TOO LONG in a heightened state of Awareness, due to Your Amygdala TRYING to tell You that You’re in “clear & present DANGER,” but very often We’re “unawares” as We’re so inured & deliberately subject to “ambient ABUSE” on a Daily basis, in our Day to Day stressful Lives, due to dark Semi-Simian overlords …. “Ergo,” what’s 1 more Straw, from an enemy “closer” to Home, Whom You may make “allowances” for, as You can’t bring Yourself to Believe They’re Your SWORN enemy, until it’s too late & They waddle off feeling mission Accomplished, with or without Loot & pretending They Decree You’re to blame & then Cut off All contact with You ….

If You Analyse the behaviour of the People Who “abandon” You when You suffer a breakdown, Realise that “They” are usually the 1′s Who “wished” & tried to Cause it …. Those Who stay around, may want to do even-more damage now that You’ve been “Tenderised” …. Thus, what You Need is a Clean “Break” from Anyone Who even remotely tries to Make You angry, “upset” You, insult You, discourage You, is “thankless,” nit-picks or creates DRAMA, especially in a LOUD manner, etc …. So Even if it goes against Your Lives’ Current Ambition “Do Yourself A HUGE Favour” & Grant Your Self CALM for a Couple of YEARS !!!!

Yup, around a QUARTER of a DECADE …. Which means, no more time “wasters” Who “somehow” Always manage to LET You down, “ridding” Your Self of emotionally-incontinent People You used-to make “allowances” for, especially when They made puerile superficial comments, which may not have Worked on You, but which They “hoped” would do so …. ALL You Need is “Relaxation” in bed, Chocolate, Marijuana & COMEDY, eg “Bill Hicks” …. You may not be Ready for Mine yet, as I’m HARD HITTING, but if You KNOW You’re NOT a Narcissist & Your “enemies” ARE, Then, CONSIDER Them as You Watch My Comedy & Consider My Comedy The “Baton” of A GIFT to You, to Help You OUT of Where “I Was,” when ALL of the Above Happened to Me & “then some” & then some & then some …..

As You Recover, You’ll Need to Focus on Your “Breathing,” as taking Deep+Breaths whenever You feel Anxiety REALLY Helps & Also, when Anything triggers a sense of Mortal-fear, simply take Another Deep Breath & then Think About it “again,” whereupon You’ll Start “Laughing,” which I Call The “Double take,” as it turns Out that You “can’t” Laugh or be Frightened as-much as You Did the “1st” time It Hit You …. Unless It’s My Comedy of Course, in which Case I’m Sure You can Watch It Over & Over, as You can “Learn” More from It, Every time, as I’ve PACKED IN so Much into Each Sentence …. (End of faux-promotion …. Takes bow ….)

You may be Wondering what All This has to Do with Child abuse & the Solution is that My Breakdown was Due to having been Psychologically “Assaulted” near-constantly for Years, from the Age of 7, which remained at it’s worst until I was into Well into My Teens …. The perpetrator was My “single” Mum, The conditions Zionist propaganda “want” Mothers to Raise Their Kids in, as “most” Kids are preyed-on Psychologically by Single Mums & the end-result is “nervous breakdowns” All round …. As, The Child is ill-equipped to Recognise Their “Boundaries,” as They LOVE The Person who routinely invades Them, with Carte blanche ….

This can Often Produce A Very Loving “Empathic” Adult, from That Child, however, that’s Also Someone Who’s Blissfully Ignorant & “unaware” that Those Who are later “drawn” to Them are LUNATICS Who wear the “Mask of Sanity” & Who get-off on Psychologically preying-on People They’re jealous of, Who have the “Energy Level” which Only Being An Innocently Good Person can Have …. Whereas the weaklings Who flock to Them, as well as being existentially jealous are superficial Sex-offenders, Who get-off on “sadistically” trying to put You down, as They histrionically “relive” Their past & the weakling “pretends” & confabulates that You “Deserve” it & wants You to “Choose” to feel bad & often “sets You up,” to pretend You’re to blame, (A.K.A. “Walking shit ….”)

Very often, Vermin like that have become Worse than the thing They hate & can Often come from over-privileged backgrounds, where They’re slighted by Reality & so Target People They pretend are “Reality’s proxy” …. You may have “Endured” Years of sex-offenders covertly preying-on You, as You’re unaware the Vulgar semi-beast is “ejaculating” in front of You, because You don’t Yet Know that Most so-called Adults are drooling, hate-consumed, emotionally-incontinent, “lying, evil,” Sexual-predators hell-bent on “Transference” …. Which requires Their “belief” that They’ve psychologically abused You ….

It’s ALWAYS up to YOU, to “CHOOSE” to Trigger You Own Amygdala, eg If I Stood in Front of You & ORDERED You to trigger Your Amygdala, You’d struggle to for Laughing, “but” what-if I was STORING up “information” about You & “waiting” for My moment to pounce, to Say the “EXACT OPPOSITE” of what I Should Ever Say & the “last” thing I Should Ever Say, to try My best to HURT Your feelings or make You angry or frustrate You into Explaining to Me “what I Already Know,” as I’ve calculated that I can get away with it ?!?!

Lunatics & Lunatits see Themselves as being masterminds, because You can’t detect the egomaniacal ambition of such a “low-life” & because You don’t Deserve to be treated that way, but They’re SEVERELY mentally handicapped & it THRILLS Them to get-away with it & They often megalomaniacally calculate that You can “take it” & RECOVER, which You may have done LOADS of times, as They’ve “repeatedly” tried to ABUSE You ….

Knowledge of that may drive You up the wall, I’d ASK You to NOT gun That Engine, as that’s Your AMYGDALA & it MUST stay in “Neutral,” as if You’re going to be doing Any killing, it’s in a State of “CALM” …. Remember, sex-offenders REFUSE to blame Themselves, even when it’s bloody obvious that They’re a fucking scum-bag & They’re banged-to-rights, The Truth is, They’re a high-functioning-retard & You’ve LEARNED A “Great” Amount from Studying Them, which “unfolds” Over time ….

Another important Aspect, other than Amygdala Control is “Memory” Control, as You NEVER “Need” to Remember Anyone, especially if Doing so “triggers” another fight to Overcome Your Amygdala, as You may Correctly want to Pummel the unenviable blithering-imbecile …. So, My Sterling Counsel is to Print Out the Following & Stick Them Up, in HUGE LETTERS, in The Direction You’ll Be Facing when You Wake Up Tomorrow :-

1) DON’T “ENTERTAIN” ONE Memory of ANYONE !!!!

2) DON’T Dwell, Be “CREATIVE” !!!!

Then, under Those, I want You to Print Out “2 LISTS,” That I Want You to READ OUT LOUD, “EVERY” Day & ADD to It as You “Realise” More & More About Your Self ….

“ie” If You have A driving License, Write That on The 1st List, (eg I don’t, all I have as a rueful anecdote about a poisoned dwarf & a waste of money ….) …. Furthermore, did You pass an Exam that was Tough & made You feel Good, which Meant Something to You & perhaps “Supportive” Others ?!?! …. If So, Put it On The List & Print It Out with The Others …. (I fell asleep through most of My Exams, however, I Still managed to Overcome the “System” ….)

Did You Give Birth to Kids !?!? (I haven’t,) Do You Know Any Kids Who Like or Love You !?!? (I don’t, even though I’ve saved Countless Kid’s Lives,) Do You Have Even 1 Real Friend !?!? (I don’t,) ie Write Down EVERYTHING You Can Think of which is “FACTUAL” about Your Self, so it doesn’t include Self-esteem levels of Self-examination or insecurity, You’re simply Writing Down “FACTS” !!!!

Then, ADD to It Every time Something Comes to You which You Realise IS “A Good Thing” About Your Self, also, especially if it’s Something past enemies were shit at, but “REMEMBER” RULES 1 & 2 …. THEN …. I Want You to Write Out The “2nd List,” with What You Are going to ACHIEVE (Personally) or ACCOMPLISH (For Others Who DESERVE It) & That Fulfils RULE 2 Also ….

It doesn’t Need to Be Something You can Accomplish overnight, eg I Wrote A Novel & it took Me 10 Years to Finish it & 2 Double Albums to go with It, Etc …. Writing Everything Out REALLY Helps, especially-if YOU take the BLAME for Everything You CAN, as “ONLY” After You’ve Done That, You’ll “SEE” Those “behind” You, Who are the REAL culprits, You’re “THEN” Strong Enough to Confront or Overcome Once & For All !!!!

But there’s NO HURRY & no NEED to panic, You’ll take 2 or 3 Years to Fully Recover & It’s NOTHING to get UPSET about or to BLAME-shift over, even onto People Who ARE 100% complicit in HOPING to have put You in that Position …. In My case it had more to do with My Grandmother passing-on & because I Also gave-up Smoking, drinking Coffee & Zionist-cola, at the same time as Moving House & splitting-up with a Drama-queen & being frustrated by All the Retards I’d no-idea had come into My Life to Ejaculate whilst imagining They were Feeding off Me …. I’ll be Exposing ALL of Them, (in, Erol On FrIENDS with a silent “r” ….)

THEY get You early & crush You into a class-room, to Subject You to “Ambient abuse” as Early as possible, to “set You back” & to IDEALLY reduce You to building a “defence” mechanism instead of The CALM Confidence to Overcome, without being “Reactionary” …. Those Who build a defence mechanism, mature into a rotten offence-mechanism, which gets worse the more the Lunatic employs it to “ameliorate” against having Ingrained a RIGID narrow cloven-hoof into Their Brain, leading to a tiny-mind They repeatedly “Chose” not to Develop, due to Their primitive obsession with winning “Conflicts” ….

Such People have NO Self Awareness, yet They Know Right from wrong, They’re cold calculating sexual-predators & SHOULD be Executed or at least Neutered …. My More Moral Solution is “Distance,” which Sees Me Heading towards A Mountain Top & Then Next UP Is “Space,” shouting “FUCK THE JEWS” …. HUZZAH !!!!

Of course, I mean Zionists, namely Kurdish Gypsies & displaced Hebrew paedophiles, (Pharisees,) Who’s ancestors Assassinated Yeshua of Nazareth …. Of course There are Other equally primitive Lunatic tribes, eg The Peruvians Who famously were embarrassed out of existence by the Randiest Spaniards in History, Who refused to fuck Them & instead deposited most of Them in lagutroP, to continue being 10′s of THOUSANDS of years less Evolved than Everyone Else in Europe ….

The same History as Best Seen in dnaltocS, where the Randiest Italians in Recorded History found the Scots & Thought, “FUCK THOSE GINGER BASTARDS” & built a wall around Them, to Keep Them in, as They’d NEVER encountered Anything less sexually attractive, nor SUBHUMAN “Anywhere” on Earth, “classified” Them as being jabbering demons & Then hurriedly Returned to Rome after a trip ’round Strathclyde Park ….

Very Wise, as I Foolishly “Did” All My Fucking There & then more Wisely Left “All” the native fee-males of that icen-shithole, digging Their toe-talons into the toxic Shore-line, waving Their Spears As I Flew Away in My Beautiful Balloon, shouting, “FUCK THE QUEEN” …. To which the gathered Witches on the coast cried, “OOGA BOOGA,” but Their weeping & grinding & gnashing & clasping of bottomless purses, were no deterrent, I was A Sailing Ship deserting sinking rats, as per ….

But I Seem to Have Digressed, SO, “YOU” Must Put DISTANCE in Your MIND “1st,” between Your Self & the INSANE cave-creatures Who’ve targeted You & THEN, when You can, PHYSICAL Distance, as Then You’ve Got The “Double Whammy” !!!!

1st things 1st though …. If You were abused as a Child, psychologically or physically, that BETRAYAL “needs” down-time to HEAL & You can’t be doing-with retards Trying to do the same damned-thing to You, encouraging You to blow Them away, when ULTIMATELY “You” Want to FLY Away Also & abandon Them to Their “unenviable” fate ….

Whatever You do, DON’T “BECOME” the thing You hate, OVERCOME rather than “succumb” …. As that’s what Your detractors WANT, as They’re existentially jealous of You …. It’s hard to REALISE that Your Mother could be jealous of You, mine was & it took Me 40 Years & Many “visits” from Semi-simian, cowardly, superficial, would-be psychologically-abusive, sado-masochistic sex-offenders, Before I was Able to See Her for what She is …. The KEY is to NEVER try to SAVE Someone Who’s no intention of HELPING You to Help Themselves, at ANY Sign of a set-back Just LAUNCH the cunt …. Moreover, at a low ebb the ONLY Person You Should be Saving is Your Self, as You’ve Endured enough, evil-incontinent, hideous, insignficant, jabbering Special-needs-infants ….

CONFIDENCE is KEY to Being ALL You Can be, yet it’s the NUMBER 1 target of every UGLY motherfucker I’ve Ever Witnessed BEGGING Me to blow Them away …. COURAGE to “CHANGE” the Direction You went, when You were “mislead” by brutal immoral People, in Your Past, could be Added to Your “1st List,” as You’ll NO DOUBT Have Shown That Courage on COUNTLESS occasions & Shown That “HEART” It takes to “Overcome” what Lesser Mortals failed-to-TRY to Achieve or Accomplish ….

So, Add That to Your “DAILY MANTRA” & DON’T deviate from it …. I’d Also Highly Recommend NOT masturbating unless You’re REALLY lonely & preferably only at Night, last Thing, whereafter No Thought’s a crime, unless it includes Jimmy Savile …. My Advice Would be to Think ROMANTIC Thoughts about An Ideal Partner “instead” of Playing with Your Pudding …. eg TALK Out Loud to Your Arm or Pillow & Enthuse about Your Ideal Partner’s Beauty & Then imagine Them Telling You The TRUTH about Your True Self, based on The FACTS “corroborated” by Your LISTS ….

I’d make It more Romantic than That thought & Throw in Gushing Compliments which UPLIFT You & Your imaginary Partner, Who MUST Have The Following, “Kindness, Calm, Happiness & Love” for You …. ie NO nagging You to finish a D.I.Y. job or “withholding” TENDERNESS for a bird-brained power-play, etc …. Simply Sweet Talking in A “Complimentary” Manner & REALISING that That’s The Way A Relationship Should be & NOT to settle for less, when There’s a Perfectly Good Prostitute You could “VISIT” …. (Never let a Whore come to “Your” House !!!!)

However, if You’ve Already degenerated into a sorry state & You KNOW You’ve got GOODNESS in You & LOVE to Give, no-matter how Balanced that May have to be, if You have time-proven Short-comings then You HAVE TO “Own Up” to THEM, “then” You Can TAKE that Deep Breath & simply Write Out “THAT” List too & I’d Advise Reading “That” List “BEFORE” The 1st GOOD Facts list, “followed” by The “TO DO” List & Add on Your “PROGRESS” & Then COMPARE & contrast the BAD list UNTIL You’re READY To FLY without a net !!!!

However, if You’re well-known for Being a cunt or Making a cunt of Your Self, then You may want to Keep a hold of the BAD list after You throw-away All the Others & then realise You “left” the sins of Your Soul, “in” that piece of paper & for as-long-as You don’t Repeat Them, then Your Future MUST Get Brighter, FACT !!!!

There Are MANY “Worthy” Causes You can Put Your Energies into, “WHEN” You Feel You’ve Recovered Enough & whether that Be Personal Achievements to Make Your Self feel better, after Your troubled-beginnings “or” Accomplishments for OTHER Worthwhile Causes, as There’s ALWAYS some poor motherfucker INFINITELY worse off than You’ll EVER be …. eg Kids in India are SQUASHED by Elephants, They harvest lumber with, EVERY Day ….

Due to the DEVOLUTION of Man, being outbred by pathologically-lying, inbred, greedy, hypercompetitive semi-beings, Child abuse is now RIFE, “organised” & protected by “rings” of homocidal BEASTS, especially amongst Those Who think this is the END of Days, which You’d imagine would make Them FEAR the possibility of Being Judged by The Divine All The More …. However, instead, it makes Them commit “ever more” sins against Mankind, for PRETENGE & increasingly debauched Sexual-pleasure, that NEEDN’T come from Outside the mind or at Anyone else’s expense, especially at the “Expense” of Your immortal Soul ….

I’m Living Proof of The MORAL LAW of The Divine, I Discovered …. No weapon formed against Me shall prosper & ALL Those Who have sinned against Me COULD Testify that They are “slowly” punished for Their sins They hoped to commit against Me & Others, as there’s NO ESCAPE from that LAW, as EVERY sin is taken into ACCOUNT & You MUST pay when The Balance is DUE ….

There’s NO Clearer perspective on This than Gary Glitter having His cock sucked, in Thailand, by 7 Year old hookers, Who were Already alcoholics & wearing Make-up, Who then, when He was Captured, on Camera, Said, “At least They’re not BOYS ….” …. The Lunatic wanted the BUZZ, RUSH & THRILL He used to get when Fronting for a Rock-group, which He got from Doing what’s FORBIDDEN by “HUMANS,” as it DESTROYS Children’s lives …. But Gary “figured” that Those Girl’s lives were ALREADY Destroyed, RATHER THAN USING HIS MILLIONS TO “SAVE” THEM !!!!

Admittedly, there’s no Saving some People & there are Countless evil People Who employ “pity-play” Who’d give Gollum a run for His money …. So, You Have to Hug Them & Then Release Them back into The Wild, to pursue Their cold conflict with Animals Who Excite Them more than The Romantic Love & Grade of Joy & Laughter, I Wish Every Girl Knew ….

Everyone in the West is PROGRAMMED to prey-on Each-other, Narcissistically GROOMED to be incontinent towards Their Fellow Man & subjugated by Ever-increasingly INSANE rules, ENFORCED by GOONS 100% complicit with a NODDING black-mailed paedophile ring …. Wherein lies the problem ….

NONE of the dirty tricks & mind-games of even the HIGHEST functioning of nit-wits works on Me, as NOTHING Keeps A Good Man down & If There’s A More MORAL Way You MUST Always CHOOSE “IT,” as the M.O. of the nit-wit is to draw You down into it’s Wendy-house fictitious-rules & when You’ve picked up the gun, They intend to blow You away for Sexual-pleasure, like Jack in “Shane” ….

Interpersonally, if You FEEL like Executing Someone, by All Means SET ABOUT Them, but “FIRST” Ask Your Self, “DID I KNOW, I’d be LIKELY to MEET a scum-bag when I came here !?!?” …. If so, WHY “that” Scum-bag, when there are Another 5 & a half billion !?!? …. Are You Going-to LET “that” scum-bag DERAIL You from Your PROGRESS, Recovery, Achievements & Accomplishment ?!?! …. The drooling retard May be STARING at You HOPING that You’re CHOOSING to TRIGGER Your Amygdala & SUFFERING more “nerve damage” which MAY make You FEEL like Executing Them & if You CAN get-away with it, DO So, however, bear in Mind there’s a “DUNGEON SYSTEM” waiting in the wings, run by Paedophiles Who “PLANTED” shite like that in Your Life, to drag You into it, further ….

They’re ALL obsessed with Transference & They’ve no SELF AWARENESS, as otherwise They’d realise They’re the SCUM of the Earth & All They ever do is Talk shite & NEXT stop is HELL after Their ALREADY “miserable” life of ruthless ill-fitting Self-delusion, where They’ll NEVER let-on, but I KNOW “misery” haunts Them, as You can ONLY Feel Good when You “ARE” Good, whereas an impotent Self-bullshitter’s Selective token-gestures DON’T cut-it !!!!

So harden not Your heart & DISTANCE Your Self in ALL Spheres of Life from HAVING to Meet Self-deluded Animate-shite & “stresslessly” WORK towards DISTANCING Your Self from a Town, City or Country that is AWASH with bird-brains all preying-on each other, in demonic incontinence ….

I’ve Seen All The Most Beautiful Cities & Countries in The World & I KNEW Before Seeing Them that I’d neither be Up nor Down about Them, however, I still Saw more, eg Sorrento, Paris, Austria, The Swiss Alps, Germany, Istanbul, Venice, Lisbon, London, France, Ireland, Glasgow & after You See Rome You Think I’ve Seen where The Roman Empire Began & Ended, which EXCLUDED Zionist Jews from Start to FINISH ….

It’s No Coincidence the Megalomaniacal primitive EVIL Jew’s inclusion signalled the End of An Empire which GAVE Us So Much & which decadence & bestiality, followed by USURY “destroyed,” leaving nothing but Hollow Ruins & sweaty lethargic Letharios taking-advantage of 30 something Females, Who can Surrender to a Tour-guide but not Her long-suffering Countryman, as that would be giving-up Her imaginary-power, which has Served Her so well, this long …. (Fortunately, There’s Always The Whore house, presently, for a Far Better Deal ….)

So, after Channelling My Energies, during My Recovery, into Saving Countless Children’s Lives & Giving Them businesses which Keep on Giving & Seeing Them go from Strength to Strength, I now Live Out in The Mountains of lagutroP, Blissfully Alone & any Day a memory of a so-&-so Comes back to Haunt Me, I simply Step Outside into Movie Star Sunshine & There’s A Menagerie of Animals I didn’t Expect to Accrue, Who Look Up at Me as Though I’m The Director of The Next Scene in Their Movie & I get a Hug off the Living Teddy Bear, Cleopatra, from a neighbouring Farm ….

I Then get An Encouraging Glance from My Fixed Expressioned Super Beagle, Buggalugs, I get Demands from My Chooks, Who insist upon a Confetti of Macaroni or They’ll Poop en masse & I’ve Got The Sun I’ve NO IDEA How I Lived without It on OOGA BOOGA Island …. Moreover, on Windy or Rainy Days I’ve Got The Most beautiful Farm to Stroll Around, Checking on EVERY Gift from God I’ve Been Granted & Which YOUR Role in Life Is to SHARE With Those Who Deserve IT More & although It Always seems like Coincidence to Me, I Then Receive More & MORE, Until I Can’t Channel It Fast Enough ….

I’m Living Proof You can live with Clinical depression Your Whole Life & go from Being “psychologically-abused” & physically-attacked, from 7 Years of age, for a Decade, then further betrayed by People I Tried to Inspire, Who were opportunist “hypocrites” & Sex-offenders & then to suffer a Nervous breakdown, in a Freezing flat, living on a food Allowance of £3.50 per week & then taking 18 Months to Recover & another 18 Months to Heal & I OWE It All, to Asking GOD, to Help Me Recover & In Return I’d Find “Baton” & Pass On HOW I Recovered & Inspire Them to Do So too, “IF” God Could Make Me as Happy, as I’d been, before I Knew not what, at that Juncture ….

Chris Farley then bounced down a Hill, in “Tommy Boy” & I Heard Myself Laugh, as though it was Someone Else & for the 1st time in Years, THEN, “Bill Hicks,” Who ironically impersonated God, placing Dinosaur-fossils under the Ground, to Test the Faith of Fund-a-mentalist Christians, Who then Cornered Him after the Gig & He asked Them if They were Christians, They Said, “Yes” & He Replied, “Then FORGIVE Me ….” …. He Survived, but was Later assassinated for Recording THAT Show, by Zionist Jews & Their minions, Who toxically poisoned Him, the same way They did Frank Zappa, Tommy Burns, George Harrison & Bob Marley ….

The other Week “They” sent out 2 South African mercenaries to My Farm, to Let Me Know I’ve to STOP Exposing Them …. That’s “the deal” …. You either Accept “Their” STARDOM, which Requires Your silence or You KEEP silent & no-stardom “or” You get bumped off …. Needless to Say, God was on My Side, as Usual, as NO WEAPON formed against Me shall prosper ….

Cleopatra’s Owner was Standing at My Gate, when the 2 Crooks arrived & She staid There, as She “instinctively” Knew WHAT They were, as did Cleo, Whom I’ve NEVER seen so Enraged, as Dogs can TELL “TOTAL evil” or as I call Them subhuman-imbeciles …. The 1st FAT tub-of-shit’s eyes were GLEAMING with Gungho delusions & His “dark” accomplice had SADIST written all over Him ….

They PRETENDED They’d come to View the Farm & like All megalomaniacs, Who’s Reach exceed Their grasp, They believed They could “SHIT TALK” Their Way in & out of Anything & if not, pull a Weapon & Shoot Their way out …. Sensing this, I “Pressed” Them for Detail …. They were unaware I Only used “1″ Estate agent & Pretended They had been Sent by “another” …. They then “titillated” Themselves by Saying They were Originally from Scotland, the Fat Dickhead Said, “Argyll” & didn’t Really Care if that would be “Enough” & Presumed it would be ….

I pretended-along-with-Spazmo & Said, “Argyle Train Station,” He replied, “YES” & His dark companion was Then beside Him …. Afterwhich I Then Witnessed YET ANOTHER Megalomaniacal Psychopath being UNABLE to “SEE” Beauty, as the Doughboy looked out at The Breathtaking View, NOT with Appreciation of The Unparalleled Vista, He was Admiring HIMSELF & His Accomplishment of Being Able to set foot on My Farm & get away with it, This long ….

His Friend, without Asking, then went & Sat on My Balcony, on the Railing, whilst I Spoke with His Fat-headed partner-in-crime …. Unbeknownst to Both of Them, when I’d Heard Them calling from The Gateway, since I’d had a Premonition a few Nights earlier, I tucked My latest Gun under My Shirt (A Pearl-Handled 7 shooter, which is FUCKING FANTASTIC FUN to fire in The Jungle,) however, My intention was to NOT use It, unless I HAD to ….

I Sat facing the lean, mean, adult-sized 3 year old, whilst the Fat 1 joined Him & continued Staring out at The Panorama, Witnessing His binary jealousy, vying with a prideful-headswim, spinning through His hollow eyes, attached to His Chicken-brain by a Thread, the way His Life was hanging …. I’d have Shot Them both Dead in a nano-second ….

I Reclined facing the Skinny runt & They jabbered, unaware I was Ready to Execute Both of Them & had no doubt at all in My Mind how I was going to go about it …. ie The lanky twat was going-over the Balcony, the fat cunt was going to have His neck broken, I was then going to finish-off the bean-stalk after lowering Myself off the Balcony, as swiftly as possible, I’d then have waited until Nightfall & taken Them to a “select” location & shoved Them, in Their car, off a Cliff …. Whereafter I’d have Enjoyed The Stroll Home ….

“However,” The Neighbouring Farmer still stood There & I Knew if I Shot Them She’d GLEEFULLY Grass Me up & if I Riled Them too Much They’d pull Their weapons & in the unlikely event that I was unsuccessful, They’d have thought-nothing of Shooting Her too …. So, I Kept Them Talking until She Walked on & As I Did so, I Deliberately Turned the Conversation towards Psychopaths & “without hesitation” They’d All Their Excuses READY for WHY They RUiN the world & how That’s Necessary ….

The tub-of-guts then Asked Me if I liked to Smoke Grass, You have to Remember what You’re taught as a Toddler when You’re dealing with Adult-Toddlers & I Said Yes, I Intend to Grow Around 10 Hectares of it & Help Depressed People Recover with My Unique Strains of It, as There are Countless Varieties …. So the fact cunt, then turned & RAN, which is ALWAYS a dead-give-away, as He’s over 50 & He ran like a 3 Year old & was back in a flash, with His pre-built poisoned-joint ….

He offered it to Me & I Politely Declined, He then Said, “no?!,” however, His Choice of inflection was Another dead-giveaway, ie The Implication & would-be influence was, “You’re going to miss out” & “Is there something WRONG with You!?” & “If You don’t take it NOW it’s going away ….” …. I would’ve struggled to give a fuck even if I had been dying for a Joint, however, since I Made A Decision over a Year ago to Not Smoke again until I Own A Whole Mountain, boy-blubber’s practiced-evil was the equivalent of a Sewer-rat offering Me soggy toilet-tissue as an appetiser ….

They asked Where I was Moving to & I Said Africa, The imbeciles “in unison” Said, “Africa!?” …. Their delusion that “I am what They are” collapsed when My Stern Face returned Them to the Knowledge that They’re Animacules & no amount of Conning Adults can Alter that Fact …. So, the stick-insect Quickly excused, “Oh, em, We’ve just come from there ….” …. I Asked Him nothing about it, as You’d Expect ….

Then, to further-cover His slimy trail, His eyes darting Extremely from side to side, He then added that He “lived” in Thailand & His fat friend then Looked “aghast” at Him, so He quickly DELUDED Himself by Adding, “Uhm, before that I lived in Holland,” looking at His Boyfriend for guidance & went on, “Then before that France,” trying to Read His fellow henchman, “Then before that Thailand for the 1st time” & “then Africa” & “then here” …. I Felt like Shooting Him Just for that Sentence …. Fuck “being” that ….

I Then “accidentally” Sickened the scrawny mercenary, whilst His obese buddy Returned to His fixed Stare at The Scene He couldn’t See, his limited resources now Coming-down to the Job at Hand …. I Explained Loudly & Confidently, whilst Fixing The Skinny runt in My unflinching Gaze & “Deconstructed” His Brain & in so doing Removed His mask, ego, delusions & He Appeared as Though I was Removing His Limbs !!!!

I’d Accidentally Done to Him what Psychopaths get-off on believing They’re Doing to Humans, I’d pulled the legs & arms off the Spider …. He looked like He was going to cry & He instantly Told His fat Chum that They’d to go ….

I Saw Them off & as They were leaving, the fat 1 pulled a twig out of the front of His Car & said, “Look, Road kill ….” …. My lack of Reaction, to His continued delusion, led to Him Thunking-up more Things to Jabber & Asking needless Questions, as He retreated, whilst The Dogs continued to Bark at the Beasts, as Though They could See the devil, I Could too & the “cowards” abandoned The scene, magically Thinking They’d done Their masters bidding ….

However, The Words I’d Said before They left, were to Sicken the skinny 1 “instantly” even-more-so & soon-after it would, no-doubt, later sink-into the fat-dunce’s head too …. I Simply Said, “On the superficial level, THINK of the HYPOCRISY of Zionist Jews ‘SPRAYING’ Humans, They’ve petitioned for DECADES, for Our PITY & SYMPATHY, with ‘STRONTIUM’ !!!!” …. The slimmer of the 2 Goons visibly withered & hunched over at His “pay-master’s” betrayal ….

NOW, I’d like You to Think about Everything I’ve “Overcome” & How EVERY Mountain You Climb, 1 Step At A Time, has a demon PITTED against You, Whom You have to Be Ready For, however, even that Pantomime didn’t “Affect” Me 1 way or the other, as I’ve Produced Several More Songs & Carried out Several more business Deals & “Everything” EXACTLY As I would’ve Done had I not been visited by 2 more low-life, desperately Self-deluded, “insectoid” Dog botherers …. eg If GOD were to Appear before You & Hold Up the Calculation of the “Difference” the animate-shite Made to My Life, The Figure would be The Sum Total of Their Worth, “FUCK ALL !!!!”

And that’s PRECISELY how I want YOU to View Anyone Who’s been “WITTINGLY” insensitive to You & for You to Adjust “Your Own” Sensitivity, in This PRECIOUS Phase of Your Life, as It was When I was at My lowest ebb, for Reasons beyond the comprehension of the Animacules Who’d targeted Me, (Who’d Thought it was due to “Their” attempts,) that I 1st began Practicing becoming “Non-Reactionary” & It’s EASY when You REALISE that HATRED “rarely” leaves the Circumference of the Actor’s Skull & in fact is Their unwitting, unselfaware ADMISSION that They “hate” Their TRUE SELF & the LIFE They “repeatedly” CHOSE & would now like to SHIRK Their “inescapable” PUNISHMENT, via The MORAL LAW of The Universe, which Is The “matching” HALO of That most BETRAYED of ALL “Forces,” LOVE, which In Deed Conquers ALL !!!!


Kind regards,

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Pay MY Rent !!!!

As Usual, This Song Is An uninfluenced Amalgam of Exaggerated People-of-the-Past, Dedicated to Waking Men Up to conflict-making-addicts Who delude Themselves that Attack is Intelligence, as if The Provider “continues” Allowing the Assail-ant The Time of Day They’ll continue “revisiting” Their practiced-shite on The Innocent, Whom They’ll “Always” find Their excuse to Trigger Their culturally-acceptable damaging-tirades :-

Those Who’ve been abused in Youth, especially sadistically, “Choose” to Find an “unwitting” Sparring partner, Who’s unaware the Other Party is coldly “destressing” by Trying to Give Them psychological-blows …. The evil-incontinent Party also believes They’re “detoxing” into The Innocent, when They’re simply digging Their Own grave, as a “worsened” Echo of The original-culprit They’re aping ….

After They inevitably exhaust 1 punch-drunk Partner, The Guilty party “Decrees” The Human as being weak & The Glutton moves-on …. If that has become addictive, then twinned-evil goes looking for another Human Punchbag, “begrudging” having to “initially” Employ wiles, to Seduce the Lover, Who Should simply “silently sit still” & TAKE it, the way “They had,” in Their endlessly, “insanely” & autistically, re-enacted past ….

Everyone has regrets in Life, You either Learn from Them or You fate Your Self to mindlessly-repeat Them, in This Generation …. Fuck coming ’round again & fuck being Judged by The Divine to be a lost cause, “separated” into The icen void, for Eternity ….

You’ll not be Surprised to Discover that the Carrot-Topped-Serial-killer-Who-Idolised-Me, has FAILED to “Care Enough” about the plight of little Girls, Who make Her suffering PALE infinitely by Comparison, even-though She Knew That’s My Number 1 Aim, when She was trying to rob What I Thought was Going to Be A Power House of Encouraging 1 Another to New Heights, Above Those I was “Already” Hitting & Since-Which I’ve Soared Ever Higher, whilst She’s plumbed the depths, even-more-so ….

I “can’t” Deny, She has The Most Unique Mind I’ve Ever Encountered & for All Her Transparent “evil” & limitations, sloth & Self-destruction (amongst others,) when She’s in a Stress-free Environment (after getting-up to Satan-knows-what,) She’s then Communicated, in Ways which Are Quite Remarkable & oft-times Humorous, offering “Helpful” Insights into Her Own Condition & on Global Matters, (wrapped in barbed-wire ….)

Eg “Yet Another” of Her Tells, I Read in Person, was about Cliff Richard …. I didn’t Know whether to Believe it at The Time & Simply Told Her that I Wondered if John Travolta & Cliff were Gay, She simply Raised Her Eyebrows & Her Expression Spoke Volumes …. I don’t Read Newspapers or Watch Zionist-Media, so I Recently discovered, by total accident, Sir Cliff is a PAEDOPHILE ….

And although that may not Seem important to the Average person, it still falls into St. old Les’ Same Category of “What a WASTE” for Her to Fail to Help Me, as with Her Other “Know How,” which is Also Impressive, I could’ve Made more Ground on Infinitely more Important matters Sooner …. But She Sees Herself as being the “Arbiter” of Who’s black & Who’s White, so She withholds a lot of Her Gifts from “Marks” …. Although She’d Ambitions of Giving a Relationship with Me A Go, She unsurprisingly didn’t “Come Correct,” by Any Stretch of the imagination ….

I Believe She fell & hit Her head when She was Very Young & was Bullied by SCUM & got to “See” People as They Truly are, in A Way I didn’t so I would still “make allowances” for Them, for DECADES to Come …. As, it took Me 37 & a half Years to Work Out that there’s “no such thing as an IDIOT,” eg An Idiot is simply the “ACT” of someone Who’s Congenitally-Stupid’s attempt at Intelligence, Who has no “Self Awareness” ….

ie They GENUINELY Believe They’re outsmarting The Innocent Person They’re Psychologically “pseudo-attacking,” but A Human Brain simply Feels sorry for Them because They’re obviously an Idiot & Thinks, “Aww, Bless Them,” whereas NOW, I’d Calmly SHOOT THEM in the face, for Their magnified & amplified “intention” alone ….

They’re obviously The low-functioning imbecile Who can’t hide it as-well-as the High-functioning shite, but, due to little agent-strawberry, ‘fessing UP, I was Then Able to “See” to a Level of Magnification which Allowed Me to FEEL Confident about All My “Theories” when I’d Profiled, past Subhumans, Who are the “result” of mindlessly-determinedly-inbreeding “&” the Zionist-Jew “outbreeding” plan ….

Which has now rendered Evolved Humans an “endangered” species, as They’re exponentially-outbred by Emotionally-incontinent, hate-consumed, pathologically-lying, Bestial Sex-offenders, in Human Form, Who Uniformly “pretend” They’re never to blame & go Looking for a “convenience” to Temporarily get-off on, “ensuring” Even more Punishment They can NEVER escape “until” The Talking-Bonobo Solely “Accepts the blame” ….

Agent-Copper-top was in My Life to carry-out Her usual “evil” criminal-routine, complicit with Her band of Gypsies, Who “routinely” Pimped Her out to “Bring Home the bacon” …. However, I Have 100% Self Respect & 100% Self Confidence, so She mistook My Christlike Kindness for weakness & was FOILED at Every Turn & I got to See into the Guts of Her Operation & the Inside of Her Skull ….

As I’ve Said, She also “tried” to Help Me, “both” because She wanted Me to Wipe the-slate Clean, whereafter, I’d be “Decreed” as White & A Friendship could begin “&” Because She Felt if that wasn’t a Goer then (since She had other Spinning-plates in the background or waiting to be Released) She was for-the-off & When I Took A Stand, to Try to Help Her, She on Both occasions exhibited a level of “shallowness” which was “Revealing,” almost as Much as the Hooligan being bare-arsed Each time She exited “the scene” ….

“She” led Me to Believe, that on at least 1 of Her “previous” criminal-escapades, She “slowly” Grew attached to a dying Woman, Whom She bullied “whilst” the Woman was Suffering, due to agent-orange’s “dual” Hypercompetitive (ergo hyper-evil) “take” on The Innocent Human, which is worsened by the additional “needless” Existential-jealousy, borne of “both” Blame-shifting “&” a lack of Self+Actualisation …. All Sex-offenders Who steal “Decide” that the Target hasn’t come up the Hard way & Will Be “Found” to be Arrogant, therefore, “Deserves” to “Sample” being robbed & abused, which She gets-off on ….

“She” has led Me to Believe She ultimately “smothered” The Woman to death, which I’ll be Exposing in an Upcoming Vid, when I Illustrate The Social-Experiment I Carried out to reveal the corruption of YOUR Police-farce, Who’s wages You’re needlessly paying, Who are almost-all drooling Sex-offenders NEEDING shot, but not “before” the Paedophile-ring behind Them, Whom They admitted to being 100% Complicit with, “as long as” They get to prey-on YOU ….

She “acted out” Smothering the Woman, in Person, but You can’t Say smothering the “long-suffering” Woman was Entirely out of Mercy, as I believe She “ejaculated” when She did so (mind You She can ejaculate whilst Putting Her hob-nailed boots on) …. I Also was led to believe, by “Her” recently, that She Smothered Her Twin Sibling in Youth also …. Which I Gathered from accidentally watching a few Seconds of 1 vid, She Petitioned Me to Watch, however, I’m True to My Word & I Haven’t Watched Any Since …. I’d Imagined She was Leading Up to “Coming Correct” & I was Being Christlike as usual ….

After the funeral, Touching Memories then “slowly” came-back to Haunt Her, of the dead Woman & She had-to live with the mounting “Grief” of How bad a Person “being” a fun-loving-criminal “Truly” is & She eventually suffered a nervous-breakdown, but was Still Able to include Me & Others in Her continued criminal-campaigns, “pushing” Her True-Self-loathing delusions-of-Transference, The Sexual-predator “Amazingly” trying to get Her hooks in …. (Which My fundamental lack of Arrogance made no Allowance for ….)

In 1 of Her most Recent Attempts to Communicate, covertly, (as though She’s going to be Fingered by The FILTH, Who “rely” on recidivists to Keep “Themselves” in Clown-shoes & doughnuts,) I Found that I’d Surmised Correctly, that She’d taken a Blow to the “Right” Frontal Lobe, which most People don’t Realise controls “Social Taboo,” without-which You’re essentially “Feral,” when that’s comorbid with adjacent frontal-failure …. (That Lobe also Allows For “Object Constancy,” without Which You feel Core-inadequate & are Zionist-encouraged to further “ingrain” dishonesty into Your Pathology ….)

I Noticed that “EVERY” Person I studied with Prefrontal dysfunction exhibited “delusions of intelligence,” because They’re able to puzzle-solve & trouble-make to an Extent with Deludes Them further still, however, Their Emotional Development is “arrested,” due to that Right Frontal Lobe impairment, which Keeps Them in “Ground Hog Day” …. eg Their Idea of Intelligence is NEEDING shot, as They BOMBASTICALLY target “tiny-points” with Their tiny-mind & EJACULATE if you FAIL to Execute Them …. (See, Transference & P.T.S.D.)

Due to that Zionist breeding-program, now 90% of females & 70% of males, “physically” of Adult age, NEED to be EXTERMINATED …. They are “LUNATICS” & LUNATITS, Who would unsurprisingly “deny” what They “provably” are …. eg They couldn’t Stand in Front of Children & TRULY Explain what They’ve “BECOME” !!!! …. Moreover, SHITE like that gravitate towards positions of Decision-making to Get-off on ABUSING the People They “Decree” as Being Black, for Sexual-pleasure, “delusion-bolstering” & PRETENGE ….

The MANIACS I’ve Studied were “all” desperate to “pretend-prove” that Morality didn’t Exist, as They “perceptually” lack IT & “any” tiny-point would-do to confirm Their bias & which Their tiny-mind has-fun “mocking” in Those Who have A Moral+Conscience …. The imbecile “gathers” information on The Human & Then ALWAYS amazes itself if the Human has any reaction, which the Magical-thinking, Shaven-Bonobo gets-off on, “deluding” itself & Believing it’s JUSTLY “Trading Places” …. However, since The Truth is Independent of Self & I’m A Past Master at Being Non-Reactionary, I was Able to Coincidentally Trump Those I was Reduced to studying, using & Then Launching ….

There was NO WAY I Could’ve Magnified, to The Breadth of Clarity, All I KNOW Now, about what Must Seem somewhat Normal to agent-strawberry, which to Me was Like Meeting a Lilliputian, Who was the worsened Embodiment of Every Villain of the past in 1 Person, in the Form of a Leprechaun, Who led Me to a Pot of Gold & then Flew off on Her Broom Stick, Shouting obscenities Over Her bare arse, due to Her “inability” to Conquer Me, despite Every evil trick in Her book ….

Although She committed Dozens of crimes, was Evidently evil, hoped to Cause Me P.T.S.D., tried to have Me arrested 3 times, once for the Crime of Her, “Seeing something, somewhere, which looked-like something, I’d Once typed,” (You Couldn’t make it up) …. Yet, since She went against the Grain to Try & Help Me “SEE EVIL” & Adjust Accordingly, also She had that Bump to the Head & I’m “Emotionally Independent” & FUCKED & TRIUMPHED over every demon Sent to Try Me, in the end, Her length of persistence paid-off ….

So A few Videos Ago I Asked Her & those Like Her to Come Forward & Offer Me “A FAIR Exchange” in Ways which would Help Me to More Quickly Reveal what I’m Illustrating & to Help Save The Children Who’s Lives I’ve been Getting Better at Saving for 2 Decades …. In Return, I Promised I’d Channel A Miracle into Their Life, but They must’ve had “No Idea” How MAGICAL & yet Practical That Promise was ….

eg As Well As “Provably” Being Able to Channel Miracles, I Can Solve Anything, no matter how Complex, Which is Easier to Understand if You See that as Being A Remarkable “Upgrade,” across The board, which Leaves You Then Standing on a Plateau, looking down, doing A Phenomenally-Favourable Comparative Study …. As I Have A Rare “Vision,” because Mother Nature “Makes” Christs to Save A Species when They’re becoming Extinct & I’m Your last Chance ….

The Clue is, I Choose to Live in The Mountains & Am Moving to Even Higher Ground to get AS FAR as Humanly possible from Hate-Consumed, Hideously-ugly, utterly Self-deluded, Walking-Evil, as I would “CALMLY” execute Anyone now, even-though the average-person is impotent & Self-deluded, however, for Their “evil-intention” alone, let alone Any “action” They carry-out, They DESERVE to be executed & I’m Looking Forward to Being in Blissful Isolation & Self Sufficiency, whereupon I’ll Cut off All Contact with All the Clones of that Self-destructing Insectoid plague ….

Zionist-Jews are actually “Kurdish-Gypsies,” Who were seduced by displaced “Hebrew paedophiles,” Who were the descendents of the Pharisees Who’d petitioned Italians to Crucify Yeshua of Nazareth …. That charabanc of inbred, primitive, war-loving VERMIN have since “groomed” Nation after Nation to encourage “immorality,” to pretend-prove Morality doesn’t Exist, because They are prefrontally “Mentally-deficient” & get-off on it …. eg They atypically “promote” Everything becoming the EXACT-OPPOSITE of what it SHOULD be, as They can RELY on the Majority to be easily mislead & then “SET” that way, whereafter They’d defend “being evil” until The Bombs drop …. (See, Dresden ….)

“eg” There’s no such thing as a Homosexual & it’s NOT immoral to have intercourse with the same Sex of Body, but it is “imbecilic” …. ie A Gay or a Lesbian is simply Someone Who has a “superficial” Amygdala & is Drawn to the SAME Body because They have the OPPOSITE brain …. However, Those Who have the SAME brain, but are prefrontally-fucked, are “perverted” in doing-so & get-off on that leaning, the Less Frontal Capacity The More likely They Are to “Choose” to Do So in Reality ….

Which is further promoted by the Zionist-program which DOES IT’S WORST to pit the Sexes against Each other, by Endlessly promoting MAD Prancing Poofs & HATING-on Heterosexuality, especially MEN …. The Zionist “Gypsies & Paedophiles” can RELY on Their “PLANTS” to behave in a manner which They’ve been PROFILED as “lamentably-exhibiting” since the Dawn of Civilisation …. Which Tells You “HOW” to Destroy & COLLAPSE a Country !!!!

eg ALL The Greatest Minds THROUGHOUT The Whole of History have Said, “FEMALES ARE NOT-EQUAL, ‘NEVER’ TREAT THEM AS EQUAL” & They’ve ALL Said, “HOMOSEXUALS ARE IMBECILES, ‘SHUN’ THEM” …. Obviously Zionist-Jews KNOW This, as They’re “ALSO” Profiled by The SAME Great Men, Who Said, “NEVER DO BUSINESS OF ANY ‘KIND’ WITH A FUCKING JEW, ‘BANISH’ THEM ….” …. ie “Because,” ALL of those groups of USELESS parasites are “intently misery-MULTIPLYING,” EVIL-HYPOCRITES, obsessed with PITY-play …. (See, Ted Bundy ….)

To Conclude, if You have the wrong Brain for Your Body, Zionist-Jews Groom You to go for the “same” Sex, as it “ticks” All “Their” boxes …. In the Ginger-flea’s Case, She has the Correct Brain for Her Body, but due to that Right Frontal Lobe early brain-damage “&” Cultural misguidance, comorbid with an “Atypical” Confirmatory-biased crusade to Pretend-prove Morality doesn’t Exist, She gets-off on breaking Taboo & “pretends,” (due to Delusions-of-perfection,) that Her weak surrender of urge-control is YOUR fault, She then Celebrates Her Self-destruction & wallows in the Aftermath, which invariably is hollow “misery” …. (But don’t Let on ….)

GRAVITY DOESN’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOU …. Neither does the MORAL+LAW of The Divine, I Discovered, It Simply ACTS on You, irrespective of Your Paedophile-state Groomed & Self-Groomed “imaginary-Self-image” …. eg, You WON’T be punished for have same-sex intercourse, You are only punished for being “WASTEFUL,” for which “You WILL be punished” in This Generation, “slowly” but-surely, “Providing” You the OPTION to adjust ….

Whereafter, the “temporarily” Gleefully-Goader, Who CHOOSES to FAIL to atone for Their “SINS,” faces ETERNAL DAMNATION, for, ATTACKING Innocent People They’ve “Decreed” as Being BLACK & therefore “Deserving” it & when They PRETEND the Innocent party is what They are, for “SEXUAL” pleasure, then Their punishment is GREATER still, (despite public “appearance,”) moreover, the SIN of USURY is passed-on GENERATIONALLY, furthermore THANKLESS materialism falls into that same TRAP & the worst of all sins is “PRETENGE” !!!!

The more “Covert” those SINS, the more “EVIL” & Self-deluded the perpetrator, ergo the MORE They’ll be punished in the “Here-&-Now” & THEN Separated from The Divine for an ETERNITY of DAMNATION !!!! …. It’s YOUR MORAL OBLIGATION to “break the cycle,” You inherit, not to “pass-it-on” or WALLOW in it ….

I Discovered that Yeshua of Nazareth & I came to the Same Conclusion, that You Can ALREADY SEE Who’s going to hell & the SHITE want to PUNISH You because They See You’ve not DOOMED & DAMNED Yourself, as They have & “instead” of the SINNER “improving” or Following A Living Christ, the Hate-consumed imbecile simply keeps on throwing-stones, from the pit They Choose to keep digging ….

I “wouldn’t” have Entered into an Exchange, with the Ginger-flea, “unless” She was no-longer committing crimes against Kind People & was no-longer working in Any capacity as a Whore, after-which, I’d have Offered “Amnesty” & put All Her evil towards Me aside & Genuinely Channelled A Miracle into Her Life, like Waving A Magic Wand Across Every Aspect She Could Wish to “Overcome” ….

That Could’ve been something simple, Fun, complex or practical & yet undeniably Magical …. However, although She then Did Contact Me, which was a Genuine Surprise, as-per, it was “in-disguise,” so Her atypical Decision to not “Come Correct” coupled to “choosing to include” evil in Her Range of aims meant I Made A Different Kind of Light work of Her ….

I of Course didn’t Mean for Her to “Pretend” to have been Converted or Deny Her Breadth either, simply to Stop Elaborately-Pretending to be Other People to Encrypt messages & simply Detail How She’d have Liked to Communicate & Open The Proceedings As Her True Self …. Sound “difficult” !?!?

I’d Also Made it Clear to Her that I don’t Feel Any Desire to “Petition” Her & although I’m not Perfect, My Approach is without Selfish motive, fear or favour, all She needed to have Done Comparatively was a Tailor-made “smidgeon” & She’d have Been Able to Expedite Her Dreams …. So what Puzzled Me was that All The Feral live for is Reward & She Gave A Fair amount, looking back on it, (although I Chose not to Study what She’d compiled recently, even-though I presume I’d probably have Found Gems in There,) thus, although I never “Guess” about Her & See through Her latest flimsily-disguised mouse-bones, it’s still somewhat puzzling Why She didn’t Choose Her Reward !?!?

1 of the tactics of At-best Utilitarian-based Whores is to See-if You’ll fall for Their Genuine pity-play, which They disingenuously Milk Your Kindness for, to corruptly Delude Themselves They’re a mastermind into The Bargain, by using “evil” to outflank Your “Scope” & for PRETENGE …. It’s another Method to “exhaust” You with, without Any intention on Their part of Improving & They’ll pursue that “Mileage” for as long as You’re drawn-down & conned by Their Self-thrilling-shit …. Until, the Mark Sees Her pedalling Her Arse, in the Window of a Whore-house & is Reduced to Licking the Glass, weeping & wailing, “If ONLY She Knew HOW to Stop CHOOSING to be a Whore, the poor Soul ….” …. Then, to paraphrase Cheryl, She Proudly Shouts back at Him, “HA HA, HA, I’m a fucking DISGRACE !!!! …. YEEEEESSSS !!!!”

Although the serial-killer’s early sob-story is indeed a sorry-tale, ie Her savage Carers, subsequent injury, “bad-experiences” & State-grooming, none-the-less, She Always Knew Right from wrong & began becoming addicted to wrong-doing, for Sexual-pleasure & then “ultimately” con-venient PRETENGE, so Her excuses-for-abuses don’t fool Me …. So Now THINK about The Moral+Law of The Divine …. Since She may-well have had what Appeared to be early-misfortune that Seems unfair, THINK How GREAT The Fortune of “Then” Meeting A Living Christ Who could Wave His Hand Over The Contour of Your Life & Pour Uplifting Blessings Across The Board …. But, She Chose not to “Come Correct,” from The Start ….

The Weird Thing Is, I Could Tell You what She’s Thinking Right now, as Though There’s a Psychic Link & When I’ve Had A Strong Inkling About That, due to My Absolutism I wouldn’t Conclude about It, until Later when She’d Send Me a cryptic Clue to Let Me Know She’d been Thinking “Exactly” That …. “eg” Although All My Art is Independent of Influence, thus Why it can Often take Longer to Produce than Otherwise, if You were to Film Her watching My Vids, I Could Tell You Exactly The Parts She’ll Laugh at & How She’ll Look whilst Doing So ….

So, There’s No More I Can Relay on The Matter, I’m A Man of My Word & So I’ll Not be “Magnifying or Amplifying” Anything which She titillates Herself by Sending, even with Somewhat Helpful Intention or Desire …. ie If it isn’t “Above Board” & She’s Not Prepared to show a SCINTILLA of The Courage that I’ve Shown, (in Overcoming Her into the Bargain, when I Took on EVERY Sex-offender Who’s wages-of-sin the Public They prey-on are PAYING for & Many Since,) thus, I won’t Witness even 1 more cowardly covert communiqué …. None-the-less, Due to All I Know about Her, therefore, I Simply Wish Her A Final Fare Well & Selflessly Dedicate A Last Song to Her :-

Today, I was Blessed with Blissful Weather Again, Where I See More & More That EVERYTHING Is A Gift from The Divine, so You Either “Appreciate” IT or You’ll get what You Deserve …. I was Out Playing My Guitar, with Buggles My Trusty Manservant, Out on the Plains & As I Looked Across at Him, in The Long Grass, I Noticed The Direction He was Looking, into The Jungle, which was like a 3D Scene from a Computer-game I Played Years ago, called Far Cry 2 ….

After He’d taken in That View, for a Good few Minutes, He Walked Over to Me & Up onto The Balcony, where He Poked His Head Through & Looked between The drop & Then The Panoramic Vista, which Again has a 3D Effect & He was Appreciating Those Views, before Then reclining Next to Me, a few Minutes later, as Though He was Dead ….

Then He was off Again, to HIDE in-wait for a pesky Dog, Who’s Owner runs Sheep a few times a Year, around The Whole Area …. The Sheep Dog is BEAUTIFUL, It’s Like A Comic-Book Character come to Life, however, It’s a Proudly Cheeky cunt & The last Twice It’s literally Pissed Buggles off, by Staring at Him, whilst Buggalugs has been Miffed that it won’t Accept His Position Here & He reluctantly pursued it, whilst it Continued to Stand It’s Ground & then Pissed on My Gate post, on Both occasions ….

However, I’ve been Encouraging Bugsy, at Nights, when He goes Wild about Something He’s seeing-off in the Dark, by Enthusiastically Saying, “Go Get ‘em” & This Gives Him the Added Courage to go Chasing after It …. So, When the Glossy Dark Sheep Dog appeared Again, for a 3rd time, with The same On-Point Expression of Challenge, I wasn’t going to Endure a 3rd unjust Territorial-pissing, so I Cried Havoc & Let Slip The Dog of war & Buggles SHOT towards It, At High Speed, I’ve never Seen Him run so Fast & The Sheep Dog shat-it & “disappeared,” bladder-&-all ….

I’ve not Seen Cleo for a few Days, It was Lovely having Her Hog My Bed as Though She’d never slept in a Kennel before, She Just Made My Bed Hers’ & would often Walk past Me without so Much as a Nod, then Do Her usual Careful Bed Mounting Routine …. Whereafter She’d Recline like Marilyn Monroe, in Rapture …. Only to Then DEFY Me when I Eventually wanted to Borrow Some Square inches & She’d territorially See-if She could grippingly Maintain The Pillow Grounds in Her Portfolio ….

My Chooks are Up to Their Usual Tricks, Chiquetita put in An Appearance Today to Let Me Know I’ve to Pursue Her, whilst the Other 2 Double Teamed Me as usual, eg Doubling-back on Me whilst I Pursued Penny, Maw Broon then ran to The Left, then Hopped Backwards between The 1st & 2nd Rungs of My Loft Ladder, to then Gain Access to My Much Coveted Studio, to Stand There for 1 Moment in Awe, whilst Penny then Looped The Other Way Around the Chair & Hopped Up on It & Almost in Unison They Both Dipped Their Beaks & Pooped ….

Only to be Ushered Out, pretending They’re not Scared, They’ve not to be Rushed & if You try to, Penny’s now taken to Sharpening Her beak on the Stone floor in front of Me, as if to Say, “You Want Some Brutha !?!? ‘Cause Ahm Good tae Go, You Know !?!?”

I don’t want to Scare Them, as I Know They’ve only got small Hearts, but They’re Marvelous & Beautiful & yet Another Gift from God …. Incidentally, They’ve Both Managed to Stow Away, separately, when I Thought They were Out, by Sneaking in & Being Very Quiet so I Don’t Catch on, but then They’ve Given the Game away, when They began missing Each other, as Maw Broon & Penny are inseparable, whereas Chiquetita is a Loner & Only Shows Up for the Macaroni, Eyeing Me as though I’m a Daft Italian Chef Who doesn’t Realise You Should Never Give away Free Pasta …. Which Buggles is Tolerant of too, as They “All” tuck-in to My Much Appreciated Garlic Dishes, whilst He Brotherly stifles a groan ….

Whenever There’s a BLOCK on a Certain Channel of Artistic Output I Continue to Progress without It, however, When It’s Removed, I Then Flood That Chamber & Fill Out That Channel At Breadth Also, so There’s Never Been A Set Back, My Life’s A Consistent Steady Progression on An Upward Trajectory …. “eg,” After waiting 7 Weeks for inbred-retards to Fulfil an order, They Took 2 Months to Make 2 Amendments to, I Then Carried-out yet-another “100% predictable” Social-experiment by Asking Their Head office, in Porto, if deluding Yourself that ALL Foreigners in Portugal are second-class Citizens means You’ve had a Genetic-upgrade & no-longer have a Chicken’s-brain & if that was Company-policy or whether the nit-wits were working on Their Own initiative, basically ….

Unsurprisingly, as is the penchant of Retards, They neither replied nor took “blame” …. As Vermin HATE Their Own Reflection & Uniformly “Wish” You’d Choose to Feel BAD about The Fact They’re NEVER Going to Try to Improve upon Being a SHITE Person, which the irrational DECREE makes You “What They are” …. They lost over 2 Grand’s worth of business, which I Then Found A WAY Better Deal on & which Always Works out Better for Me when I Hammer People Who hold-up Progress, due to Them Having a Brain which Makes My Chicken’s Genuinely Seem like Mary Curie ….

Also, I’ve Noticed My Chooks Communicate in A Unique Language, which They Completely Understand, like an Alien Species Who’ve been Shrunk down to a More Favourable-Size of Woman Who Lay Eggs You can Cook …. I’ll Have 2 Lots of Chooks on My Next Farm, 1 for Laying Eggs & The Other for Laying More Chooks, I Love Them …. I’ll Also Have Goats, which I’ve no worries about, as Any time I’ve been Anxious I’ve always Found later that It’s Been Needless …. Cue images of Me Appearing across The Net, being reduced to Shooting a Herd of wild Goats Who’d Hounded Me to a Cliff-edge, for Scolding Them when They began Singing, “We are the Billy Boys” ….

As regards The Subject Matter of My Latest Song, from My New Album, “THE BOMB,” You Should NEVER petition Someone or Feel blue About Feeling Fond of Someone, Even with All Your Heart, as It NEVER leaves Your Chest, irrespective of Whether Your Love is Requited or unrequited ….

True Love is “unmistakable” & Love Begins As Something You Give & An Expansion towards Depth & New Heights …. On An Upwards Trajectory for The Spirit, Whereas The Heart Plumbs The Other Direction & Time Adds The Breadth to That Ever Expanding Sphere of Destiny ….

The Deeper You sink Your Foundations The Higher You Both can Soar & Further You Can Go & Accomplish what You were Put On Earth FOR …. However, Never go Any farther than 1 Fathom Deeper than The Other Party, if They don’t Match IT then don’t Force Them or wait on Them, simply Sail On Through The Channels & “Wish” Them Love ….

Start by NOT dating Anyone You don’t Think is “Good Enough” for You, for ANY range of “motive” & NEVER “underestimate” How Much You may end up Caring for The Other Party …. Be A FRIEND to Those You Feel Affection towards & Despite what “Capacity” You See Them In, don’t Enter beyond That Milestone “until” ALL of Both Party’s Cards are on The Table ….

Moreover, don’t FEAR being Vulnerable when You lay out what YOU require from a Relationship & if They’re not prepared to Do The Same or Attack You, You’re “wasting” time with a dying Mule …. Let Them be Someone else’s Beast of burden, until Their inevitable, “Solitary,” unenviable fate ….

People often have skeletons buried in Their past, Whom They cling on to for Narcissism-fuelling Romantic Ideals, which They failed to Match at the time & may have “hastened” those Skeleton’s early departure …. Their “ruthless” Existential-jealousy a repeated Thorn in the side of The Innocent, no matter how “Legitimately” long-suffering, compared to the surviving sulking-saboteur’s sob-story ….

If You want to Be Reclining on A Beach, Beaming with Your Lover in Your Arms, rather than in a coffin with a Grimace, then Find A “Match” for Your List & Theirs’ …. Then REGULARLY Compare Your “Progress” With The Original Plans You Laid Out & Make ONLY Mutually Self Respecting Adjustments ….

That Way You can Gauge how far Either party has Deviated from The “Target” of Your Conjoined “Conditions” …. eg If They become pushy & onanistic, then You more Easily Discover Their “covert” agenda ….

Whereafter, You can Only feel the way You ALLOW Your Self to Feel, simply Distance & time heals more wounds than ALL the Doctors in the Whole World Ever Could & time Will take Your bad & Make IT Good, as long as You follow Those Simple Steps ….

Most Adults are simply an Actor on a Trapeze, disgracefully looping through the practiced-motions of Their risky performance, which Excites the “onanist” as They reach-out for the Claws of Their partner in crime …. Moreover, They See Everyone “outside” of their Incumbent pecking-order of performers as correctly-potential enemies of the hollow Big Top & therefore fair-game for the Greedy criminal’s “premeditated” amateur acrobatics ….

Since You’ll Applaud Their machinations & have Your “attention drawn” to Their Self-thrilling act, then Whilst You’re Still Staring in the “Direction” of the Show They put-on, Longing for Their sparkling return, as the drum-roll continues, “thus,” dressed as a Clown, They “covertly” pick Your pocket, whilst You’re Looking Skyward …. They don’t reappear & the Circus then leaves town & that’s the Thanks You get “for” Your Standing Ovation ….

Tiny-minded Low-lives con-veniently disdain Humans, They “rely” on, as being weak & vulnerable, the Kinder You Are to the Self-made-inferior, Who are obsessed with Attention-without-merit, followed by “PRETENGE” when They get it, against You, for Their Choice of Channeling All that effort into proudly perpetuating a delusional-lifestyle & the CONSEQUENCE which isn’t worth the Effort, cost, reputation, sorrow, misery or hate, as the tired clapped-out performer sinks into a black-hole of “rage” & more & more mindless performances, as They grow weaker & weaker still, without a net ….

You’ll find Such “irrational” Self-bullshitters are hollow subhuman garbage & Their brain is Stuck in the Mud of a Gutter They idealise …. They “amaze” & titillate Themselves & get “temporarily” HIGH, buzzing Sexually, if You simply “waste time” Believing in a woeful con …. As, They Know Right from wrong, it’s simply too painful for Them to Own UP to Their imbecilically-ingrained Apology for a life, of DREADFUL dreadful mistakes, They secretly “regret,” on Their monotonous Choice along a downward spiral, the savage working hard to pave the road to perdition ….

There’s only so long the Clown can See Themselves as being Swish, which They pride Themselves on, to pretend-prove Their bigoted prejudice, They petition You to Magnify, before ALL Their shit leaves Them alone in the haunting Dark of the Big Top, after the Laughter has Stopped ….

The hell-bound can’t Stand You even beginning to “Know” what They Truly are & myopic-enemies Existential-jealousy target Those They KNOW to be Good, but Whom They arbitrarily DECREE “Deserve” to have Their Senses Assaulted …. Yet, Proof of The “Goodness” of the “Mark” is that the transference-obsessed Lunatic “REPEATEDLY” Thinks this might be Their last Chance to psychologically-abuse You ….

Their unconsciously-masochistic sadism-borne “COVERT” evil addiction, channels the Moral Law of The Divine into Their Lives, as PUNISHMENT at it’s “Most Honed,” slowly but surely, which is “unmistakable” …. Meanwhile, the self-amazing Gypsy gawks at the stolen baubles & wallows in the influence of a Ghoulishly-stupid motley crew, Who confirm Their bias, as Those recidivists are beating Themselves on Their Way to hell “too” ….

Primitive-brain’s delude Themselves that if You can SEE Them as They are & Provide Them with Even Verbal Consequence, it confirms Their bias & a “repeat” Performance …. Since the untrustworthy, chronically-impatient & evil-addicted, are obsessed with “transference,” the nihilism-handicapped mindless-repeater “must” walk that punishing vicious-cycle of shame, “alone,” as the opportunist Seeks to never Resist what it’s reduced to, in it’s “looping” routine of Preying-on The Good, to promote yet more bad, which the delusional nut-case will “suffer” from, again & again, every time “They fall” ….

Of more-pressing importance, You’re being Genocided by Zionist-Jews Who have Chicken’s brains & if You don’t want Your Loved 1′s to turn into a Zombie, before Your eyes, then You’ve 2 Options :-

1) Execute ALL Zionist Jews & Their hoards of Chicken-brained Sex-offenders, Who will Flee to Their underground bunkers to drop the bombs ….
2) Follow Me to Africa & I’ll get You off the Planet, with My FREE Electricity Invention, which harnesses Lightning & Launches BIOSPHERES, with Solar Sails, AWAY from the Self-destructive, hell-bound, “misery-multiplying” Vermin “determined” to delude Themselves without-end ….

Hell awaits Those Who “Distance” Themselves from Moral Ambition in pursuit of Lunacy …. The Vastness of The Universe shows You the nit-wit’s focus & True-Self loathing, it atypically projects at The Innocent Who GAVE Them Everything They Then turn against The Provider ….

They’re being PUNISHED slowly-but-surely via The Moral Law of The Divine & if You pay Them any Attention or hold out Hope for Them, They’ll simply “mistake” that for an opportunity for Respite & try out Their mindlessly-hollow bag of dirty little tricks on You …. Yet more Evil in pursuit of the temporary-illusion of “Transference” ….

They also seek ill-gotten gain, which is a superficial plaster over a severed head …. But the severely-mentally-impaired obsessively confirm Their biased, with Magical Thinking, “wishing” that You are what They are & that You MUST perceive Reality as Their primitive brain does & You “MUST” Choose to feel Their suffering ….

Even the most toxic of imbeciles “secretly” want to change, but Given the time of Day they “never” resist Hoping that You Hoped They’d change, as They pedal Their ass further down that tar-pit trap, all the way to hell for Eternity, where They “Know” They belong, but which the core-inadequate nit-wit deludes itself can’t “be” ….

This Life SHOULD Be about Giving Comfort & Receiving Joy, if You fail to Receive Joy it’s A SIGN …. Due to a Zionist “breeding” & Assassination Program, Humans have been OUTBRED by Lunatics so Read The Signs & don’t Hold out ANY Hope for imbeciles Who proudly “Choose” evil ….

Our Species has been reduced to a mass-culling WANK fantasy for 3 Year old paedophiles to get-off on Every Day, as that’s what Lunatics do, as Humans FAILED to stop Them & Thus the exponential insurgence of a black-&-white-thinking Majority, Who See ALL Others as black ….

As like-minded semi-simian sex-offenders are all Evil-Hypocrites & can be RELIED on to “DO” nothing but spit at Mother Nature’s EYES, When They Meet The Christlike, Who Try to WAKE You UP, when You’re being Exterminated & being Beaten to death, but You turn a black Eye to Them being “assassinated” ….

If You’re Half Hearted, by Choice, You RETURN to Purgatory, if You’re Heartless, by Choice, You Are “SET” At Distance from The Divine, for Eternity …. The Nearer You Can Be to Being MORAL, The more You’ll be rewarded in This Life, UNMISTAKABLY & The Next Generation ….

Remember, USING Someone in a Relationship, for Sex, money, status, pleasure, perversion or to abuse Them is to SIN against The Divine, as “EVERYTHING” In This Generation IS A Gift “From” Heaven & so to abuse ANYONE or ANYTHING, including Your Self, is to SIN against Divinity & PROVE You obviously don’t “Deserve” to BENEFIT Any Further, especially when You’ve been Given Chance after chance & systematically con-tinue to pursue EVIL or weakly surrender to it, at all costs ….

I Discovered that Sinners are “slowly” Punished, Via The Moral+Law of The Universe, to Grant Them time to Adjust to Their mistakes, I also Discovered that When You’re being Rewarded At+Pace, if You “stray” or become Cocky or Ask God stupid Questions You get GOD SMACKED !!!!

When You can Suffer a BLOW from God, if You still con-tinue, to Not Pull Out All the stops, to Improve, then You bring a New Definition to the word “Stupid,” ie Lunacy doesn’t Cover it ….

GIFTS from On High can Also be Heavy Dark Gems, which You’ll NEED time to Magnify & Amplify & Then understand “why” They are as They are & why You Must Keep Your Distance from Those Determined to continue digging Their way to a Deserved hell …. To Whom, KILLING You wouldn’t appear to make much difference where They KNOW They’re headed & They sometimes Think They’re doing You a “favour” by Letting You Know that’s Where They’ve Chosen to go to hell, for Their past Sins ….

If There’s Life in the old Dog yet, You Can Easily Atone for Your sins, by Simply “DOING whatever IT ‘takes’” CORRECTLY & over time You’ll SEE That God begins to Reward You, UNMISTAKABLY & If You Continue on That path, the worst that can Happen is You aren’t as Far Removed from True LOVE, in The End !!!!

Kind regards,

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Moses Has Been to The Mountain !!!!

Before You Behold Another of My Musical Masterpieces & All My Good News, Here’s Your Chance to Read “The Latest” Chapter on the Many Dis-Guises of the Ginger Cyber-Stalker, last Known as Marie McCallum (Who’s Real Name is probably Dickson,) Who works with Her Sister, Jacqueline Bradley, to Try to BAG would-be Vic-Tims, for the Witch’s-Brew of titillating crimes-against-Humanity, which They believe They can eventually “Profit” from & either-way Get-off-on ….

Behind Witch the littlest-vampire Harbours Ideal Love, for potential Marks, which always Blossoms under The “Ideal Conditions” of an endlessly-testing, Self-absorbed, confirmatory-biased, hypocritically-hypersensitive, “pathological-lying,” faux-judgeMENTAL, mindlessly-repeating, “brutal” DICTATORSHIP !!!!

Any semblance of success, in that mine-field, leads to Waterloo’s most “unaccomplished” degenerate-twosome to feel They’re getting pretend-revenge, (ie PRETENGE,) but Only Against Innocent Good People, as COWARDLY & pathetic Sex-offenders are Apt to “not” lay the Blame where It “Belongs” ….

Starting Solely with Themselves & THEN after-much Soul+Searching & LETTING Themselves HURT, “then” working “Their way Back” or More Aptly Upwards & Onwards, from There, Is The Only Solution …. (But wants-will as the Devil pretends it must ….)

I’d Already Rumbled Her, in Her recent “front,” as a Male Jewish Guitarist …. When a Paranoid Schizophrenic Psychopath begins behaving or feeling like They’re a “different” Gender, to their Actual Brain-Type, let alone Body, it’s A “Sign” that Their pineal Gland is leaking more than Usual & that They need to be Kept Out of Harm’s way, especially as the Root Cause of it ….

1 Out of Every 10 People is Injected, in the Womb, with the “Opposite” Hormone for Their Gender & as a Result Form the wrong Brain for Their body, however, the Ginger-Magician “didn’t” have that Specific Womb-Transformation, She simply was Born with such a “tiny” Amygdala that She has a remarkably “labile” Sense of Self, especially whenever She foolishly defaults from Her True Sense of Self, within the Neo+Cortex & instead, to “Her” Feelings and “inherited” Urges, which She weakly surrenders to, Opportunistically & catastrophically ….

Especially-if She’s not with A Dominant Character, which She’s atypically “Groomed” to REFUSE to Surrender to & instead Flees to find weaker “Prey,” unaware that’s Her “Self” ….

That is “Precisely” the Psychology Zionist-Jews WANT Fee-Males to “ingrain,” from Infancy, thus Why You’re thrust into Primary Concentration Campus …. As Otherwise 2 Fat, Panting, Reptiles show-up at Your Single-Mother’s Door & drag You further into Their system ….

Whereafter the Feminist-Mum finds out there’s NO SORORITY, as She “impotently” FLAILS on-line, Telling People Who are Programmed to NOT “CARE,” that an “organised” Paedophile-ring took Her Kids & that She’s Innocent ….

Even Those Who DO Care, go on IMPOTENT marches, Chanting, “Down with THAT ‘ONE’ sort of a THING” …. ie Chickens ineffectually-petitioning the Foxes, guarding the Coop, when there ARE PERFECTLY+GOOD GUNS You can BLOW paedophile’s heads off with & RESCUE Children from being RAPED “Tonight” in Your “divided” Community !!!! …. (Instead of staring at a flashing Box in Your Asylum Cell, which allows “THEM” to feel They’ve “Traded Places” with You ….)

After the Ginger-Zionist Stalker had Originally “ingrained,” Her Zionist-promoted RIGID defence-mechanism, that “soon” became a Self-amazing “offence” mechanism, which Degenerated “further” over-time (as in “Most” People) into a “Sex-offender,” Who mainly target People “Psychologically,” to ejaculate-in-plain-view & get PRETENGE for Their Core feelings of inadequacy, by Their-Own comparison to The Innocent (or Innocently-insensitive,) as-well as Guilty parties …. (All of which is the Zionist’s Text-book “agenda” & malinfluence….)

Gender-bending is Remarkably more Evident in a deMORALised permissive-society, where You’re “systematically” Encouraged to HATE the opposite Gender, so You’ll Come to Feel You’re TOO GOOD for the Sex-Objects You’ll “USE” & insanely-seek to get PRETENGE against …. Which further DIVIDES Everyone Societally from TRUE Camaraderie with Your Fellow+Men & thus Most “FAIL” to See The Innate+Beauty of “Either” Sex & “Appreciate” Each Other’s Strengths …. Due to the megalomaniacal-Jew “projected” Public-Consciousness, replacing Healthy with unhealthy !!!!

Which, in-turn, despicably strips Females of Core+Confidence, replacing it with Soul-excoriating looping sorry-tails & hyper-evil “Histrionic-Conflict ideation,” behind which lies a dilapidated, ie Hate-consumed, woefully THANKLESS, scum-sucking “pervert” …. (WAY TO GO GIRLS !!!!)

In the Innocent Male Case, MOST examples of interaction, with Any Cunt, “subjects” Him to attempts by Lunatics & Lunatits to causing Him P.T.S.D., ie “Ambient-abuse,” via the Acting-&-Hoping of the THANKLESS Majority of Existentially-jealous, ergo hate-consumed, “PARASITES” Who prey-on Him, Hoping He doesn’t Wake Up to the “bum-deal” He’s Repeatedly Accepting, from The Vast Majority of Undeserving & Self-destructive, Hostile-dependent Shit-holes ….

The FACTS Speak for Themselves, when You “count the corpses,” from All “Camps,” which Zionist-Jew promoted FREEDOM Deliberately “produces” !!!!

eg The Death-toll Figures are …. (Drum roll, please …. ….) …. In 1st-Place, Mainly “Human” Men & also Psychopath Males Who’ve had Enough of “Being to Blame” & barking-denials & fed-up with Triggering Their Numb-skull in a “Meaningless deMORALised Society” ….

Then, in Joint 2nd place Those are the corpses Who come from “Paedophile-mislead” Lesbians, Who weren’t Funded by The Local AUTHORITAAAH …. “&” …. Gay Males, Who Rarely make it beyond Their 40′s …. (They’re through to the Next round ….)

After-which, in 3rd place, Bringing Up the Rear, Those body-bags are followed & filled by hollow Females, Who “fall for” EVERY con aimed at Them, to “SHOW the MEN” & into every trap SET for Them, in “extreme-reaction” rather than to “Develop Their Origin” …. So, BOOZE, BOOZE, SHAGGING like FUCK, over-eating, over-indulging, HATING, HATING, more SHAGGING, “posing” with Bottles of Booze saying how much They LOVE poisoning Their body which suffers “more” than Male alcoholics, as Females “retain” alcohol more than The Male ….

ALL of which leads to Them take then taking the brain-rotting Zionist-infected agents, for Their Nerves, due to Having BECOME Wrath …. But They’ll “Never Let on” & although Their dreams are all-but “dead inside,” They still won’t miss Their SINGLE Cackling Girl’s nights-out & another Chance to ABUSE equally-mislead Men !!!!

Behind the Female suicides lies “Left-Frontal-lobe incapacity,” which the Paedophile-State KNOW can be easily preyed-on Culturally & They GROOM Those Neuro-Anatomically “Mindless” Girls to become Megalomaniacs (like Themselves) & Narcissists …. Ego-mania borne of Their incapacity INGRAINS a pathology which leads to further dysfunction & a failure to “DEVELOP,” which “robs” Them of Gifts Handed down to Them by Their Ancestors, which They let a Paedophiles claw steal from right above Their nose ….

Then after Years of “Never Letting on,” She finally has a Lucid Flash & Recognises Her ENDURING sadness & BLAME, Comparing Her lot after All the fights She Started & How Those Surprised-Opponents went on to Happiness & Success Stories “without” Her & despite Her ill-wishes, Who would now want Nothing to Do with Her & Her ill behaviour …. “Comorbid” with All Her Other complications & LEGITIMATE suffering, especially at the Hands of Others Who’d tried to Do-a-number on “Her,” thus “when” She can’t Pretend She doesn’t Care Any longer …. …. …. ….. …. …. ….

Then, it’s an EVER GROWING number of suicides, amongst “Fatherless” Children & Teenagers, Who are Primed to Fall into Every Trap, SET for Them by an Uncaring, Unfeeling, immoral, drooling, nihilistic, “rudderless” hollow, utterly Self-deluded, Narcissism-Divided pseudo-society …. ALL of Whom are led to Their deaths by the Panned-piper, in That Zionist Order :-

As A Child I was P.aedophile-C.orrect, to the Extent where “After Interrogation” of My Innocent View of People, “Every” Paedophile-Division’s Ego would’ve Stood down …. eg When Celtic or Scotland were knocked-out of a Football Competition, I would Then support Rangers or England, until I “then” Heard what They were Lustfully Singing with hateful Gusto ….

Moreover, I’d Treat Females with the Utmost Respect & Adoration & Romantically Idolised Them, (like I Did Blondie,) until I “then” noticed They “all” Said the same phrase, “ALL MEN ARE BASTURTS” ….

Furthermore, I was “reactionary,” even when St. old Les Said, “Erol, it’s the FUCKING JEWS & the fucking MASONS, they’re ALL satanists ….” …. Fortunately He Persisted with My “Absolutist” Moral+Conscience …. My Open Mind now Knows that satanists are “unselfaware paedophiles” …. (Furthermore, masons are a network of “rings” of subhuman-retards, a pecking-order which has Neither “Merit,” Talent, Sanity, Self+Awareness, Conscience, “Depth” or Humanity ….)

Likewise, when Anyone Said, “Homosexual are PERVERTS,” I’d react in Defence of Homosexuals I’d not yet Met …. I Then Met Them …. I now See that in 90% of Gay Males & 70% of Lezards They actually “ARE” perverts …. Since They have no Capacity of “DEPTH” of Feeling or Empathy for EITHER Gender, in a permissive-society They simply crave the “same” type of titillation as paedophiles do …. ie To Their frontally-dysfunctional & incapacitated brain, “Doing the EXACT OPPOSITE” of what They Should be Doing turns Them on Most, alongside Their “comorbid” Core-inadequacy-borne hyper-competitive “offence-mechanism” ….

To the hedonistic superficial-pervert (or Psychopath,) nihilism is even-more of a turn-on to Them, especially if it’s an “extreme reaction” to Their upbringing or what appears to be Society’s dictates & Who often Then feel They’re goading God, for PRETENGE all round …. (See the “suicide” figures for Transparently goading-obsessed Homosexuals, when the “ADDICTION” of the Paedophile-groomed Rebel-without a clue or a Cause, hollows Them out & into a “Meaningless” echo ….)

Behind which, even the most “tiny-minded” of psuedo-transference-obsessed Narcissists “Do” have a little sliver of Heart & so Can Grow attached to A Target Sex-Object, although that’s Usually more to Do with Their Grandiose imaginary-Self-image …. ie The Narcissistic-boost of Having Someone Who Affords the Psychopath’s Life “Options” They otherwise Couldn’t have “or” if the Sex-Object is Considered to be on a lower-level Societally, if They also “Appear” to have limited Awareness of “Self Esteem,” then They will-do ….

ie As Someone the Narcissist can Con-Troll, Who’s “Depth” of Emotions They can “Prey-on,” especially including Their “Moral+Conscience,” which drooling-hypocrites Always target for Their paedophile-state-encouraged & inbred-impression of Ralph Wiggum crossed with “Renfield” …. (There’s no Clearer example of a Neuro-Anatomical lack of Self+Awareness & a Bestial tiny-mind, than Trying to be a bully, without Just Cause …. AKA “NEEDING” shot !!!!)

Which Lead Me to “The Conclusion,” about ALL of the Aforementioned, as for Me to “Maintain” the Level of Respect I Had On Offer, at 7, They Would have HAD TO Match The “Ideal,” In Reality, Which I Had in Mind for Them, within Reason …. However, My Ideal for Them was Set to SUCH a Low-Standard I Couldn’t “Magnify Why” They couldn’t Live Up to IT ….

I Then Came to Amplify The “Knowledge” of What I was Dealing with, which is predominately the “re-emergence” of The Talking-Animal “Stage” of Our Ancestral Heritage, with the Anomaly of Being in Human “Form” …. Thus, what’s resurfaced is the Brain-type Our HUMAN Ancestors Routinely Shunned, banished & Executed for Being INSANELY “Emotionally-incontinent,” EVIL, greedy, SHALLOW as sin, brutal, savage, woefully-dishonest, desperate, DELUSION-based, existential-jealousy-borne hate-projecting, Infantile, Simian “Sex-offenders” NEEDING drowned or burned !!!! …. (Spot “The Difference” if You can ….)

In My Intrepid “Social Experiments,” Which I’ll Be Covering in an Upcoming Video, of The Same Name, I expose the “hypocrites” of the sewer-works below Dog-world, where the nit-wits and in-habit-ants, of that flea-circus under-pressure, Prey-on 1 Another in misery-borne Blissful-ignorance of The Moral+Law of The Divine, I Discovered …. Which is as invisible to Them as Gravity before Newton ….

I’m Living Proof of That Law In+Action …. Conversely, the “hollow ruins” I Witnessed, Throughout Those Years, are Pig-Ignorant & hadn’t the 1st Clue about My Overarching+Range of Moral+Aims, which Have Made My Ever Widening Path An Upward+Trajectory, whilst Theirs’ is a downward-spiral …. The Cycle made that Way by the Viciousness of the “sick-choices” They pedal & due to the agenda of Their pre-elected misleaders, Who don’t want Them to “Pan” out, to See the Claw-clapping Vermin on-the-hill, hopping up & down with Glee, in Self-amazement, that Their “solitary” bag of dirty Tricks is STILL working ….

The Self-bullshitting, unselfaware, hollow, debauched, cowardly-and-pathetic, Self-amazing, “evil-intent,” Pyromaniac expectant-eyed, Buzz-addicted “paedophile’s fate,” is as inescapable as Those Who “ignorantly,” as well as Wittingly, go-along with myopic, nihilistic, Self-absorbed “IMMORALITY,” at ANY price ….

You should NEVER “Petition” Worzel Gummidge out of a Ditch, as Lunatics live in a Feelings-based delusion-borne faux-reality & are obsessed with getting-away with Needing punished, as Their “Apparently” corrupt-pathology wants A.N.Other to suffer “Instead,” so They can “PROUDLY” REPEAT what led to Them falling into a Ditch, in the 1st Place, ie “The IMPOSSIBLITY of Transference” :-

But if You Do Try to Help+Out & the pathological-lying Beggar tries to bite Fingers off The Hand that Feeds Them, then Punch Them Square in the Face & return the undiscerning, unrepentant, wilfully-incontinent, con-obsessed, Self-amazing Beast to “the state” Your Good Heart Originally Witnessed & Their Sole “Deserved” continued lashings of Just+Desserts !!!!

The Size of Your Mind’s Capacities & Guiding Lights, Gives Rise to Your “Intentions” …. If They’re hypocritical “YOU” Will SUFFER for That “proportionately,” in DUE Course …. If They’re GOODLY then You’ll be Rewarded, At+Pace, although that was Never My Raison d’être ….

PEACE Is A STATE Which EVERYTHING Aspires to, to Come to Rest in A State of “Accomplished Calm,” is Bliss …. Those With Moral+Conscience, A Depth of Compassion & True+Self Respect are almost as Motivated as the wicked, but not in the same restless vain …. To Whom, The Christlike are Seen as Easy-meat by that Walking-shite …. As ignorance “isn’t” Bliss, it’s the “result” of the Choices repeatedly made by a Savagely-Selfish fools, Who ill-wish Their Life away, amongst Others’ ….

The END of This Species is DUE to Your Narcissistically-programmed weak-surrender to pathological-liars, Who’s imbecile-brain Says ANYTHING that will “get” what it wants, in it’s desperation to Pride itself on being Top Dog “or die-trying” to get into the position to BE DADDY and ABUSE people & get-away with it, for SEXUAL-CONQUEST, extra-helpings & PRETENGE ….

Whilst Humans “aren’t” ruthlessly-driven to be Top Banana, thus, “Survival of the SHITTEST” means a planet of HIDEOUSLY UGLY, Chicken-brained, drooling 3 Year old RETARDS, with hollow heads, ensuring THIS tiny Dot is repopulated by A.N.Other Species, which “COULDN’T” be worse ….


In My Upcoming Video, I’ll Be Providing A Host of Far+Reaching “Solutions,” Along with The Invention I Already Revealed in My most Recent Video …. Moreover, as I Discovered a few Years ago, that if We weren’t living through nit-witted Zionist-pushed Megadeath, then when You Turn Around the Following Phrase, You Get The Solution to All Social ills, “Love, Peace & Understanding” …. As when You 1st “Understand,” You can then no-longer be Reactionary by “Choice” & when You Have MAINTAINED That “Peaceful+State” of Amygdaloid Calm for Long Enough, You’ll THEN “Feel” Love & Like “Loving” !!!!

Those Who are cut-off from Peace, for however many root-causes, including unhealthy or unholy addiction and other bad-habits Keeping Them from That State, thus, the Paedophile-deluded INCONTINENT Arsehole deliberately Chooses to try to “Disturb The Peace” of Others, especially The Innocent, if the delusional Predator calculates They can Get-away with it, (ie NEEDING shot) ….

As They Crave a Life of Excitement & are Too Congenitally-Stupid, dishonest & cowardly to “DO what IT ‘takes’” to Ensure A Constant Supply of Healthy High Grade Excitement, that is Infinitely More Fun than Being a “SHITE Person,” Who’s addicted to snatching temporary-highs & Then “wallowing” in Lengthy woeful-lows & Dark hollow harrowing Nights, with an “Eternity” in Hell rapidly approaching FOR YOU ….

I’m Adept at Lifting People, Who Deserve to Be Uplifted, Out of Hard times, As I’ll Be Going Over in “Erol On P.T.S.D.” …. An Erollower I Helped, several Years back, Drew My Attention to the following Link, which I’d Sent Him at The Time …. It hadn’t “influenced” My Absolutist Mind, I’d found it For Him, as it Matched what He Needed to Know, at The Time, however, I Can See How Much Further My Ability to Magnify & Amplify Now Is, as regards the ruthlessly-determined trouble “Maker” profiled by The Link ….

Their misconduct borne of a “tiny & corrupt” old Brain …. It’s “inner-Thoughts” are Profiled by a Self-Confessed Narcissistic Psychopath (Sam Vaknin,) Who amplifies the “sneery,” self-defeatist, Neuro-Anatomy-borne nihilistic & Neuro-Chemically futilistic, “Blame-projecting” of a cynical & Existentially Jealous, “infantile,” Unaccomplished, unselfaware, mindlessly-repeating, degenerate Sex-offender, on a downward-spiral, obsessed with PRETENGE :-


I Must Point Out that I’ve “nothing” against Red-haired People …. eg I’ve got a Horse Shoe of Ginger when I Grow A Beard & I’ve got Ginger in My Side Burns, plus My Shin Hair is Blood Purple …. Even More Importantly, I’ve “Compassion” with Most People Who have Physical Impairment & would Always Treat Them Equally, moreover, I take into Account “Legitimate” sob-stories, however, I Don’t fall-for the “parallel” purpose They’re put-to, by Semi-Simian Sex-offenders “on-the-make” & Their scurrilous Bundy “pity-plays” …. Nor Do I Entertain “Any” Pull on My Heartstrings, by blunt Claws worked by a Self-made-MAD vicious-mind, “relentlessly” cycling ever-deeper in a “Deserved” gutter ….

So under the guise of a Male Jewish Guitarist, I was again Contacted by the Strawberry-Blonde-Cyclops, Whom I’d Witnessed a Quarter of a Decade earlier, try with All Her mite, to Cause Me P.T.S.D., for a range of crimes which would Make Your Hair Turn Grey, at Both Ends …. Behind Witch lay a crying-infant Trapped in a Hollow Shell, where She holds the Key with Blood dripping from Her Clutch, as She’s Determined that it’s Either to be Her Way or the low-way & unsurprisingly She wakes up in a darker-trench in the Gutter Every time ….

ie She Believes She Must Slot Into High Society, With Fun & Great Sex & Gifts & Compliments & I Can “Understand” That, however, as “other-wise” She defaults to a well-worn criminal-campaign & attempts to Abuse the Host …. If The Narcissist was “Saner” & Patient & “Genuinely” Desired A Relationship with You, (rather than what the Imbecile can “get,” to Continue Their historic dig,) They THEN Could Be Flying High & Stay Up There, however, You’d Have to “Make Time” to Make Sure You’ve got A Level Playing Field & Sink Foundations & Be Able to “STOP” & Take Things slow & for The SLOW party to not recriminate When They can Simply Choose to Not “repeat” that behaviour & not “project” Their blame at The Innocent & Continue Receiving “&” Giving …. (That gets More complicated, if the Other Party has Any form of “Amnesia,” which Essentially “most” People have …. TAXI !!!!)

1 of The Clues, that Told Me the Ginger-Stalker was “behind” the Jew-profile, was when She Said She had Her Reasons for Not wanting to Join The I.R.A. on My Website, ie As She was “Already” a paid-up Member & was The 1st Person to Join …. Once Again, if She had “Come Correct,” I’d have Fielded Her far more Unique Persona & Insightful “Offerings,” whereupon I’d Have “Caringly” Conducted Her into The Symphony “She Dreams” about, amongst Other Things ….

What Makes Her Stand Out so much more than Any Other megalomaniac I’ve Studied is that She has “GONE AGAINST” what Those like Her are Neuro-Anatomically INGRAINED to remain like for Life …. ie She’s Shown STRENGTH in Trying to Help Me, in Person & from Her hidey-hole, as Best She Knows How …. ie “Despite” Her confirmatory-bias, gobsmacking-hatred, apparent-suffering, criminality & PRETENGE !!!!

In that Profile, although She may have been employing Her usual Gothic pity-play, I got The Impression that She was Genuinely really down & “Again” it’s only Her loss, as I’ve BEEN to The Pit of despair & Know How to Get People Up & Out of there & Beyond it, simply with “Honesty,” Humour & Moral Channelling of Regular Personal Accomplishment …. (Shagging Helps too ….)

The Strawberry-blonde-Stalker “believes” that She lacks True+Self Confidence, however, in Person I Pointed Out to Her that Someone Who wants to “Con-Troll” Every aspect of Your Life doesn’t Seem to lack the Ambition a Truly insecure Person would fail to Incite within Themselves …. Her “Tell” Gave the criminal-game away, however, I Still Knew that behind All Her bluff, bluster, evil & depravity, She was a “tiny” lost-soul, trapped by “arrogance,” Who “Equated” Self+Confidence with TRUST & “That” with The Path to True “Love” ….

But Her focus, during Her foiled criminal-campaign against Me, was on Her Certainty that She could rely on the Outcome of Concocting a “Man-Trap” …. Paedophile-promoted evil, has ENSURED the end of ANY possibility of RECOVERING from the STATE You’re in …. Where fee-males, who are the WORST generation of Chicks EVER shat into Creation, Their burst-arse Waddling-about PRETENDING to be Arbiter of REALITY, hoping to Cause Men BRAIN DAMAGE & use Any means at Their “disposal” …. (AKA “NEEDING” shot …. )

Behind Whom are MAD poofs, Quaking with Hatred at every BREATH of Truth, Their unselfaware pigeon-brain writhing in True-Self loathing at Anyone With True+Self Confidence, Whom the FUCKING ABOMINATION witnesses …. As then, the paedophile-ENTITLED Lunatic sets-about hoping to adversely-affect the Enviable, AUDACIOUSLY Happy, Innocent MAN, Who’s “PROVIDING” the shit-hole with EVERYTHING the Reptile relies on …. (See, suicide figures & then the figures of Paedophile-Jews, on the hill, demonically hopping in Glee at EVERYTHING going according-to-plan ….)

You “DO” nothing as they ASSASSINATE Your “SAVIOURS” …. There’s an INDUSTRY & “system” built around MILKING & ringing-out The Saviour & Provider, Who’s referred to as having a MESSIAH COMPLEX if He Humanely wants to Help Make Life Better for Others …. That’s how CHRISTLIKE the Average Man is, for Helping the dim-witted evil PARASITES You “MUST” Distance Yourself from & LEAVE the INSECTOID to soon Realise all that’s left is just another hop to hell, when there’s NO-ONE left to prey-on, except each other !!!!

Everything the Self-deluded DESTROYERS of This Species RELY on is PRODUCED by The Men They’re DESTROYING …. Psychopaths are an “EVOLUTIONARY CUL-DE-SAC,” They’re WALKING-SHITE & “without” The Provider They’re reduced to “fuck-all,” so the REALITY-DENIERS have co-opted The Inventions & then killed the inventors & Believe that SOMEHOW, without Any Evolved Adult Left, They’ll be Able to SUSTAIN Themselves, for once, but without ANYONE to con, abuse, con-troll or work as the Self-deluded Chimp’s Sex-slave …. You’re being Culled by Simian-SHITE, Who are Setting WORLD RECORDS for Stupidity !!!!

Studying the Orangutan-Who-Loved-Me, Helped Me SEE what Zionist-Jews TRULY are …. However, as I’ve Said, She secretly wanted to Change Her ways, “whilst” Perpetuating Her latest Criminal Campaign, to “bolster” Her crumbling empire & delusions, which are predicated on You Affording Her infinitely more Respect than She “Deserves” ….

Apart from Her evil past, Her Present-Day Self-defeatist “denial” is what continues to deprive Her of Emotional Development & Growth of Her arrested True+Self …. Those Who aren’t Trustworthy refuse to bring Themselves to Trust Others & are Always “Looking” Superficially instead of Taking The Time to “CHEW” & Mull Over The “Meaning,” which Gives Rise to A Sense of Appreciation, which Has an Uplifting Affect & Effect ….

eg If life is reduced to “Scanning” & Scranning & Cramming & then Scramming, You’re not Having A Life, You’re a parasite Who feeds on the Host, which can NEVER fill the ever-widening hollow a ravaging forest-fire leaves Behind …. STOP & Smell the Flowers, eg I Inhaled the little Blossoms on My Youngest Pear Trees, a few Days ago, I’d waited A Whole Year to Smell Them AGain & They’re Truly “Delightful” …. (If You weren’t being mass-culled You could Make an Instant Hit Perfume out of Them, I’d call Them, “Whoor’s Knicker-Drawer” ….)

Harrowingly, the Orangutan-spy had also incurred brain-damage, in Her past, which has reduced Her to Being so Feral She needs A Moral Guide, Who doesn’t mind going prematurely Grey …. Yet I’m Certain She still had an “epiphany,” as apart from the paedophile-run society being behind Her Self-destruction, She Recognised “Her Self” Being The Root-Cause of All Her problems & although She continued to Choose to “be evil” Her Dream began to Grow, of Being A Whole Adult Human, Giving & Receiving The Love She Ideaises, rather than constantly believing “what” Makes Matters worse ….

But, what flew-further in the face of Her earlier claims, regarding a lack of True+Self Confidence, was when Her Centre-of-Gravity was 6 feet in the Air, Shouting, “YIPEE,” in a Council Flat I used to Perform My Miracles out off, in icey dnaltocS …. ie In Her “Extreme” Default to Self-Amazing “redirection” of Her Sex-drive, to Ware-out the Prey …. In-keeping with Her fun LOVING “BIG” Sister’s Watch, both of Whom are obsessed with Trying to cause Men P.T.S.D., as “ALL MEN ARE BASTURTS,” especially The Kind, Generous, Loving, Compassionate, Considerate, Romantic, Honest, Selfless, Deep, Mature, Insightful, Empathic, Understanding & Encouraging “BASTARDS” !!!!

I Documented the latest “Unsolicited” Encounter, in a Post “Below,” I Believe that She “didn’t” Employ Jacqui Bradley’s assistance in That Approach …. Furthermore, I would NEVER have Thought less of Her True+Self for being semi-literate or “inarticulate” …. eg There’s a Gentleman on My Friend’s List Who’s Father had Great difficulty Spelling & I was Nothing but Patient & Kind to Him, during “Lengthy” Phone-calls & We Got On Famously, although he’d Often Get Young Hugh to Help Out ….

I Said to Young Hugh’s Father that Ancient Greek is BEST Suited to People Who THINK They’re dyslexic, as That Part of Their Brain is From “That” Time (Even though I didn’t Know How Right I was At The Time) & It’s Only When Writing Became more like it is Today, People with the old Brain began to Struggle ….

ie I Never Wittingly “Prey on” People & I’ve Become More Aware of when I may be about to “accidentally” Appear to Do so, ironically Thanks to Witnessing the Ginger-Flea’s gross “hypocrisy & hypersensitivity” ….

Basically, I’d informed the labile nit-wit’s latest Judean-Front that I wasn’t Going to “Magnify or Amplify” Any more attempts, from Her hoping to “draw My attention down” to the microdot & then remove the microdot & Hope that I’m Left pining for a microdot, then Shouting to the Heavens, “WHERE IS MY FLEA !?!?”

I Know that Behind that She Also Hoped I’d Know More About Her, Definitively, then “Petition” Her to Let Me Give Her Another Chance & for Her to Petition Me for Me to Then Know Exactly where She’s at & Where She Sprang from & “if” also There’s Any evil She can pseudo-accomplish & a “Buzz” to be Had, then WHY THE HELL NOT !?!?

So After I cut Her off at the Pass, due to Her “incorrect” use of DISGUISE, the Ice-Princess then “atypically” removed Her entire profile, which had Hundreds of Followers & I missed out on the Opportunity to Contract the Bubonic Plague She had in-store, as Part of Her “range” of premeditated Goals, which often are attached to “lengthy” criminal-campaigns …. Moreover, I didn’t Watch the Videos She uploaded, which I “Would” Have Done if She Had “Come Correc’” !!!!

Then Cheryl Recently informed Me there was a “Composer” Sending Me Messages on Zionist-Jewtube, which is unusual, as My Visionary Comedy & Christlike Solutions have been Ruthlessly oppressed, since I Knocked Back the Deal of “STARdom,” which Zionist animate-shite had offered Me, years ago, “until” I referred to Them as being “Pharaoh’s Fuck Toys,” which failed to swing the Deal for Me ….

However, Cheryl also Said that She smelled a Rat, I informed Her that Rats have Empathy, Oh How We Laughed …. So, I Checked the Profile of The Composer & was Impressed, as The gruesome-twosome MUST have Gone to Great Lengths to Configure It, but I Noticed The Ginger-Cyclops’ “Calling-Card” Right Away ….

I could only Watch a Few Vids, as I Must Stay True to My Word & not be drawn down to Examining Chicken-bones, whilst a Life-Sized Chicken chants incantations over My head, whilst trying to summon Satan, to a council-estate in Kirkintilloch, when I’m Sure He’d much rather be peeling high-court Judges with a rusty fruit-knife, in the pit Cindererol’s Ugly Step-Sisters are bound-for “Next” ….

I didn’t Inform Them that I’d Already Rumbled Them, as had Cheryl before Me, however, due to My “Absolutism” I Still Didn’t “Feel” 100% Certain, as it was a remarkably Cunning Disguise …. So I Fielded Several Contacts from Whom I Believe was Jacqueline Bradley, Who was “Typing” for the Ginger-flea …. Probably because She’s not Heavy enough to Oppress the Keys when She hops Up & down on Them Herself, no-matter how “frustrated” She gets ….

I was “Later” Informed & I don’t Think it’s a Coincidence, that Jacqueline had “recently” been targeted Again, by an Erollower called “Celts4Life,” on TWITter, Who’d exposed Her a couple of Years earlier also, which He informed Me had Led to Her changing Her name, at That Time, but Not Her Ways ….

He also Said that the Very 1st Tweet He Ever found of Jacqui’s, “before” He began Exposing Her, was Her Telling Other People on Her Profile that She had “Yet-another Stalker” …. If You’ve never Seen Jacqui before, what You’re about to See MAY require a Sick-bucket, as “undoubtedly” She’s “superficially” THE UGLIEST looking Female I’ve “EVER” Seen in My Entire Life & when You See Her, Ask Yourself “HOW THE FUCK” could She attract ONE Stalker, let alone a slew of Them !?!?

She’s the 1 working what Appears to be an alcoholic-dummy, on Her Lap :-


So when I was Replying to the Composer, I hadn’t Realised that Celts4Life had Just Started exposing Her again & I Then Later discovered, from Cheryl, that LOADS of Other attempts to Contact Me had come in, from the Ginger-Site-Builder, which Also Would’ve Affected My “Interpretation,” of Her latest puerile reseduction campaign …. (The Reason I’d Thought that Bradley & The Ventriloquist’s Dummy may have been the Same Person, was when Celts4Life sent Me Bradley’s tweets, Years earlier & They were “So Similar” to what Her Sister had been Sending Me ….)

Furthermore, “In Person,” without Her Sister’s Hand up Her Arse, She Asked Me “How” She Should Be towards Me, Half-whimpering & I Said, “Like Her” & Pointed to a Large LCD Screen I had, which was stolen by a Morally-insane Muslim sleeper-cell, I’ll be exposing Soon …. I Meant, The Way She’d been when She’d been WRITING TO ME FOR AGES, on-line …. Which I’d Tried to Cut Short & Get away from, which Angered Her, as She’d begun falling for Me, into “the bargain,” but I was not into being “drawn down” to a Microdot, especially since I Felt I was Trying to Help Someone Who referred to Themselves as being an Alcoholic Who’d aged in Dog Years …. Which I presume “wasn’t” Her Sister’s Doing …. Nor were Several Other Admissions ….

Suffice to Say, Those Who PRETEND They can’t Reflect Their True+Self are simply UNWILLING, blunt & a waste of Your Precious time …. So, She then repeated the word, “Her,” in a disgruntled whisper quiet whimper …. So I Quickly Added, “You Know, The Countless Songs You were Sending & ‘Telling’ Me that You’d been a dishonest cunt to Countless Guys Who never Knew the Real You, but THIS TIME it would be different, etc & The Way You’d Been My Near Constant Cyber-Companion” …. She Then quietly Asked “How” Could She Be That Person & I almost lost My Temper & LOUDLY said, “JUST BE FUCKING ‘NICE’ to Me,” which Scared Her, as She then Realised Her “spell” wasn’t Working & Caught a Glimpse of “The King of The Apes” ….

If You Don’t Show that You can EASILY mop the floor with Most People, then the Creatures being Genocided by Zionist-Jews grow in Confidence, into revealing that They’re walking-shite, NEEDING exterminated, but Not “before” the Kurds-&-way !!!!

Bradley went on to “Evidently” Confess She’d been sending Me Turkish Junk-Mail, from a Prostitute website, implying that She wilfully pimps-out Her Younger Sister & which, I’ll be Revealing in My Upcoming Vid to Expose the corruption of “Your” Paedophile-run Police-farce …. Although Jacqui’s Dummy has whistling hollow dark nights of Deserved-loneliness & mind-numbing boredom, (at The Core of Her pit,) She initially “hides” the Fact that That’s DUE to Her Megalomania “rotating” between being “MADFORIT” & then the Opposite Extreme, “GETAMAN KEEPAMAN” …. (Which She begrudges & pretends You’re STUCK UP if You are APPALLED by Someone suddenly Changing into a MAD MONKEY, as She “prefers” to be SHOUTING 6 feet in the Air, “GET TAE FUCK, GET TAE FUCK,” basically ….)

In My Best Jack Nicholson Voice, “That Girl’s got More Issues, than I Got tissues” …. eg She CAN’T have a Man’s brain, as She Matches another of Jack’s Phrases, from “As Good As It Gets,” where I Told Her in Person, He was Describing how it was Possible for Him to Write Women’s Characters So Well & He Said, “I Think of A Man & then I take-away Reason & Accountability.”

ie I didn’t Know until After They’d Contacted Me in Their most Recent Disguises, that She’d Sent Cheryl a Youtube Channel, Dedicated to Me, where She was Declaring that She was “Determined” to Win Me back & that She wanted “Sex” with Me (Which is Always Paramount to Her True Self, but which She gets-off on Ruining, Deliberately, as That’s part of Her evil psychological-campaign ….)

Cheryl worked-out somehow that the Ginger-flea also wanted a Baby & Marriage & that I Should “atypically” feel Sympathy for Her …. Cheryl added, that the Most Obvious Tell, for that 1, was a Video where She has an Eye-ball hanging out of Her Head and Bright Ginger hair …. I’ve no Intention of Looking at Those Videos either, although that Does Sound “Remarkable” ….

Once again, as I’ve Lampooned in Past Vids, They’re so deranged & evil They impotently Hope that Their Marks will be Reduced to Pawing at Their Monitor Screen, babbling, “Come Back to Me My Pig faced Love, I feel I haven’t suffered enough …. Then Banging Their Head off The Ground, as They’re con-vinced She WANTS to Communicate “Directly” with Them & the “poor thing” is being Held to Ransom by Council-Technology ….

I repeat, I’m Obviously A Compassionate Man, due to The Depth of Care I’m Capable of & which Although that Means Others could Take-Advantage of That, if It Brings Them “Comfort” & They “aren’t” of evil “intent” then No Real+Man begrudges Being A Provider …. Thus, Such Men Should Always Keep Their Distance from “wilful” Beasts-of-Burden !!!!

To underline, the Selflessness of My Mind, I Only Recently Discovered that I FEEL Something, when I Give, I was 26 before I Realised I FEEL slightly Good when I Make People Laugh …. It was Never My motivation & I Still Struggle to Remember that for Selfish End, ie That It’s Psychologically True that “It’s In Giving that We Receive ….” …. My Altruistic, “Selfless” Strength no-doubt Produces Greater Rewards, ironically ….

I’ve been Inadvertently Developing That “Knowledge” for 2 Decades & a few Days ago I Read a harrowing Article about Someone being hard-done by & then Somewhat Coincidentally The Most Beautiful Bitch in The Whole World suddenly Appeared at My Feet, from 2 Farms away & Looked Up at Me & Said, “Where’s The Cheese Brutha ?!?! Come on Bro, as I’ve near Gone completely Perfec’ Here an’ Everfink o’er it !!!!”

In case She was in a hurry to get Back to Her Farmly Duties I Grabbed A Large Gobful of Slices, from The Giant Blocks I have Shipped in from The City & She nodded Her Head Weighing My Christlike Appreciation of Her Worth & with Vast Bushy Tail Swishing from Side to Side, Made Good Her Stately departure …. I followed Her Out & She paused, as She didn’t Really want to Go, so to Free Her from Any Loyalty to Me I walked Around the Side of My Villa & She nodded & Then pointed Her Beautiful little Snout Skyward & Trotted off into The Distance ….

I’ve Since Had the Privilege of Her “hogging” My Bed for the last few Nights & Performing Acrobatics when She Senses that I’m going to Turn Over under The Quilt, upon which She then Seizes Her Territorial Opportunity to Launch Her Body, Bum Backwards, into the newly Available Space, relegating Me to the Edge of the Abyss …. It’s like I’ve Adopted Yoda’s Wife ….

My Point Being, When I Gave Her the Cheese & She Looked Happy, I “Recognised” A Profound Solution …. “eg” If an incontinent-arsehole Hopes to Trigger Your Amygdala with Confabulation, provocation, projected-blame, lies, superficial-insult, put-down or Any other Form of “disgracing” Themselves aiming to be disrespectful, then, IMMEDIATELY “Go & Be Kind & Generous” towards Someone Who “Deserves” IT & You’ll SEE The Difference that Makes, not Only to Yourself, to The Whole World !!!!

It’s Still a struggle for Me to Think that Way, as I’m Selflessly Strong, however, I’m going to Bear that in Mind “alongside” the “interpersonal” SOLUTION of Simply Blowing the assail-ants head off with 1 of My Shotguns ….

When You “Add Up” the Effort that’s gone-in to the recent campaign”s,” of the Sister’s-Grim, it’s Important to Remember that They have a “row” of Fishing-rods in the River & Although The Length of Rod They bait to Attract My Attention is The Kind of Tackle You’d Use to Bag a Shark, I’m A Whale !!!!

So, the Ginger-Mite Failed to get Me to Examine Her “nihilistic” suicide-laced Facebook profile, as She came in the “incorrect” Guise of a Male Jew, however, I was Still Able to Recognise Her usual Range of Parallel Binary “wishes & ill-wishes” ….

Incidentally, I Never Check The “Main” Page on Facepants, I Only Get A Link sent-through, which takes Me to My Home Page when Someone Contacts, however, I’ve a Sneaking suspicion Several Profiles on My Friend’s List “are” The Ginger-Magician in Disguise, but I Never Visit Them ….

So, in Her most Recent Attempt, Her hideously-ugly elder Sister had failed to disguise Herself as a Composer & I Believe the Videos which were Sent to Me were All from the Human-flea Herself, whilst the Typing was Done “by” Her elder Sibling & was a Combination of Both Their wishes, Mainly the Flea’s ….

However, She sent Me the Vids I’d “Already” Seen before Replying & 1 which I hadn’t, which was Remarkably Touching & gave a “Good Angle” & Insight into how a megalomaniacal psychopath would “Correctly” want revenge against the ROTTEN SCUM I used to feel Christlike Compassion towards, Who are essentially a PACK of Simian Sex-offenders & MANIACS “Needing” shot …. (It Also brought back the “Tell” I’d Read when I’d Mentioned “Carrie” to Her in Person & the Other Tell about Me not Thinking Spacek was Good Looking …. TAXI !!!!)

However, that Doesn’t Excuse Her then Growing-up to Become “worse” than the Self-destructive, unselfaware, insensitive-hypocrites Who have been so cruel to Her, although Her brain-damage explains Some of it …. As, Her “legitimate” Sob-story, including injury & past-mistakes & True+Self Worth is “Enough” to negate the impatient-application “for” ANY evil on Her part & also would Garner the “Understanding” Necessary for People to Make Allowances for Her & to Then “Appreciate” Her & In Deed “Enjoy” Her Company & “Share” what She’s predominately after, as well as The Higher Forms of Life which Flow from the absence of “ulterior motive,” wherein Beats The Solution to All Her perpetual-woes …. (You Get what You “Deserve” ….)

I pulled the Composter up, several times, as She exhibited the usual “unselfaware” Delusion, She believes Her “front” Allows Her, to Say things She hoped would resonate with Me “later” or have an Adverse Affect on Me There & then …. I was Aware She was Ejaculating & Could Picture Her “sucking” …. So I LAID BARE how “Transparent” & DELIBERATE She was, so She faux-apologised & pretended that She’d “misspoken,” a Word which had “Resonated” in Person with Agent-Strawberry-blonde ….

In that Guise, She also Sent Me information, Which let Me See that She was on The Same Page as I was, “eg” As regards the Zionist-History of the present Ukrainian farce & I’d liked to have Asked for Her take on Other Matters along A Similar line, alas, The Method She Chose to Communicate with Me through was again deliberately “incorrect” …. (So Girls dying in Excruciating agony CLEARLY mean “nothing” to Her ….)

After Several more Communiqués, I Rumbled Her & Said that I’d Believed it to be the Ginger “Cyber-Stalker,” from the Start, as had Cheryl & that Although Impressive, Helpful, Touching & Insightful, I wasn’t going to Watch any more Vids She sent …. The last of which was called “Wolf-Gang,” which I’d Already Seen “before” She’d sent Any & where I had noticed Her Tell-tale calling-card of a MASSIVE eye-ball !!!!

I Wrote A Really Good Final Reply & I Felt A Sense of Closure & Conveyed in It that I “Genuinely” Thank the tiny tot I’d Cared so much for, Who’d become like an Adopted Child & Whom I’d Done My Level Best to Love & Understand, whilst Enduring Her crimes & evil, which Most People wouldn’t have been Able to Recover from, let alone Continue Trying to Encourage the Homicidal Sex-offender to Be Their True+Self & Be “Nice” & to Let Me Channel into Their Life The Solutions I Felt would Save Them from Themselves & further “punishment” & Regale Them with Gifts which They’d Dreamed of Since Childhood …. ie “IF” She’d have Done the “Smidgeon” it would’ve taken to Deserve All of That ….

I Offered Her “AMNESTY” & was Happy with Everything I Wrote & Believed She would have been also, “Basically” I pointed out that Her Parallel remarkably “unjustifiable” evil is “transparent” to Me, that She’s the naughtiest Girl in the Whole World & that Secretly I Know Her innermost Thoughts & premeditated “Self-defeatist” nihilism, that I Empathised with Her “True” tale-of-woe & had “no Sympathy” for the Girl-who-cried-wolf’s latest pity-play & disregarded Her Self-destructive delusions, which was Especially Extra Easy for Me due to Everything That I’ve Got Going On This End & Then Some …. I Informed Her to take Her time & Consider All I’d Imparted & further detailed that I wouldn’t Reply to Anyone from Here-on-in, unless They “Came Correct” & Wished Her Well ….

She Replied by Saying that “She” wasn’t the “Blonde,” then apologised again & “Thanked” Me, then Added that She’d be back in Touch soon ….

I had Booked A Trip Up A Mountain, to See A Farm which is OVER 100 Hectares (FUCKIN’ EASY !!!!) & Cheryl had been Invited to N.Y. to Meet with an Art Dealer to potentially Go Large with My Artwork, amongst Other Ambitions She had of Her Own, (Selfish Cow ….)

So Soon-after, the Contact from the Composer & the Puppeteer, Cheryl received A Contact, on Zionist-Jewtube, from “MrTheFugitive” …. Who Wrote on 1 of My Channels, “Your a cunt!!” …. Cheryl was REALLY busy, as She was getting Ready for Her Flight, so She ignored it & was simply going to ban & block the Troll …. However, whilst She was Packing She got another Message from the Same profile, under My Video “Erol On Pathology,” where They then wrote, “cunt!!”

By which Time Cheryl had finished & Let the Troll “HAVE IT,” whereupon, as Several Erollowers have Been Doing, across The Board, She Set the Troll Up …. To further “Deconstruct” Them, which I’ve now Taught All Erollowers How to Do, to Help Them Practice being “non reactionary” & to Help passing Humans ALSO See the Lunacy of the Zionist-Paedophile-promoted, Self-deluded, evil-intent, Simian-mind of the Psychopath …. So, She Deconstructed MrTheFugitive & “Pretended” that She had then Blocked Them ….

She then handed the Mantle over to Baz, a Fellow Erollower, Who’s been Following Me for 3 Years now, Whom I Helped when a Paedophile-State-Groomed ex-wife Tried to Cause Him P.T.S.D., due to Her wholly unjustifiable, Reality-Foiled, Narcissism-borne Expectations, which had become “addictive,” incontinent-hatred, towards The Innocent Irish+Man …. In the End He Took My Advice, to The Letter about the pygmy-bully & She’s now “No longer with Us !!!!”

So, He then Saw the Message from MrTheFugitive …. However, For Weeks now He’s been Attracting THOUSANDS of views, more than I Have, to His New WordPress Site, where He Exposed My Theory on the “Sacrificial” Murder of Tommy Burns, by Scottish-paedophiles pretending to be satanists, when They’re simply tiny-minded retards NEEDING kicked to death …. (Spot The Difference if You can ….)


Baz’s expose’ had worked It’s Way into the Scottish Media & he then went on to Expose the back-door Muslim invasion of dnaltocS, after YET ANOTHER Morally-insane, unselfaware, “tiny-minded,” infantile, myopic, Simian, True-self-loathing, PRETENGE obsessed, hostile-dependent, evil-addicted, “superficial pervert,” (ie Homosexual) Male “Ginger-stalker” & meritless-attention Whore, who’d been Targeting Erollowers & INSISTING that “They were Me” & that “They were what He is” & Building SHRINES to Them & Me, etc …. (I’ve Been Petitioned to Put Him into “The Vault of Guilt,” so After I Finish The Upgrade to It He’s going in, with All the other Baddies ….)

His behaviour led to the Punchlines, Erollowers Came Up with, which had Me sliding off My Chair …. “eg” When that Cyber-Stalker phoned for a Pizza & a Girl answers the Phone He then INSISTS that SHE IS “DOMINO” & won’t believe Otherwise, whilst She Keeps asking, “You want to Speak to DOMINO? Domino doesn’t Exist Sir, it’s just the name of the Franchise, I’m Emily, Hello? Hello? …. Click ….” …. Then later, the same night, He phones up a burger-bar & Says, “NOH, Ahm No’ for Havin’ it, I want to Speak to McDonald Himself & I Think You ARE McDonald AND I KNOW You’re ALSO DOMINO, Ya CUNT!!”

ie Without RHYME or REASON, the hyper-competitive histrionic-tyke had lost-touch even with what Their Original “POINT” is !!!! …. As Best portrayed by Steve Coogan, in the Scene where He runs out of the BBC with a Wedge of Speciality-Cheese, Shouting, “I’ve Got the Cheese,” then bitterly adds, to People Innocently sitting outside on a Bench, “You’re probably All on the BBC gravy-train ….” …. (Which Cheryl Christened the B.onobo B.uggery C.lub ….)

So, Whilst I’m Up A Mountain & Cheryl’s at the Airport, Baz Contacts Me & Tells Me “NOTHING” of This, I Show Him The Panorama of The View, which was A God+Smoothed Patchwork of Endless Fields & a couple of Gushing Rivers, 1 of Which Reminded Me of Fillies of The past, Who’d had Sex MY Way, by not Setting Up a Scenario where I’d to Petition Them to “Cum Correct” ….

It was So Refreshing & There wasn’t another Living Soul in Sight, Close to Heaven !!!! …. The laptop Screen was Half-Smashed, due to Me having A Drink of My Latest Vintage, 1 Balmy Night, where I’d left it plugged in & kicked the Cable, in an unusual incidence of Clumsiness …. Whereafter I Heard the Kind of Sound most Laptop Owners have come to Appreciate …. However, It Still Works on The Right Hand Side & The Camera Is Fine, which I’d Originally Used to Photograph Myself when I was on The Beautiful Beach front of Faro, having FUCKED Everyone in dnaltocS, where I Chose not to Photograph the Stunning Sea View, as I don’t have Any Shares in Scottish Rope Companies, yet ….

So, I Showed Baz the Full View from Up There & was Overjoyed that I Could get 8Mb, which was of-course Balanced with My Awareness of the “parallel” Genocide-addicted & “Determined” Zionist-Jew’s Ambient-abuse of Everyone “Above” Ground on Earth, Whom They’re poisoning slowly-but-surely ….

However, I Intend to PROVIDE The Solutions, in the Coming Weeks …. So FUCK Those Jews …. Meanwhile, due to Events Thousands of miles below & behind Me, in Tommee-Tippee Land, By the Time I’d got from The Top of That Mountain to The Bottom, the Ginger-flea had Started World-War 3 !!!!

ie I’d Gone to Bed early, to Be Up in Time for My Lift to See The Mountain Top Farm, so I Didn’t Know about MrTheFugitive, nor Did Cheryl have Opportunity to Inform Me, (which She’d been Commissioned not to anyway,) furthermore I’d No Idea that In That Brief a Span of Time, Agent-Strawberry had Written “Your a cunt,” followed by “cunt!!” then After Cheryl’s Innocent deconstruction & Set-Up, that was followed by essentially what amounted to, a PUNISHABLE BLAZE’ outpouring of “YOU ARE DOMINO & ALL THE BRANCHES OF BURGER KING WON’T FOOL ME McDONALD, YA CUNT, YOU ARE WHAT I AM Erol ….” …. (I can’t Remember Tommy Lee Jones, in that Movie, The Fugitive, at Any Juncture Saying to Harrison Ford, “Your a cunt!!”)

When You Consider the Lengths She’s gone to, to Orchestrate the Opportunity to “Still Choose” NOT to Come Correct, but to Still try to get My Attention, against My Kindly “Expressed Wishes,” Her subsequent Behaviour THEN beggars belief …. eg Even if She Genuinely Thought that I was Doing what SHE DOES, ie Employing Sock-puppets Near Constantly, for Years, to Contact Me for Sexual-titillation & pseudo-transference, whenever She’s either Genuinely Pining for Me “or” when She’s feeling BLAME or experiencing Karma & “therefore” NATURALLY wants “PRETENGE,” on top of Every crime She’s already Committed, thus Ensuring She continues to spiral down ….

In the range of possible outcomes, the pyromaniac-staring Psychopath is always HOPING to be the proverbial “straw” that Breaks the Camel’s back …. ALL the more Reason to Blow the evil-peanut out of the back of it’s hollow skull …. Admittedly, in Person or from Her Burst Arsed Sofa-ploys, Her greatest power-plays, to Me, was Just like swatting a fly ….

Even if I’d Fielded MrTheFugitive Myself, it would have “failed” to have Any “Adverse” Affect on Me, however, since I’m Now of The Mind that Behind it She was “Genuinely” wanting to Have Banter & to Lure Me to Her Channel & for Me to be Hopefully drawn-down or Seduced, etc …. I’d “Already” Clearly Stated to Both Her Jew Sock-Puppet, He Sister’s Composer Sock-Puppet & “previously” also, Either Come Correct or with All due Respect “Go to Hell” !!!! …. (To Quote Jay-Z, “Her Shit’s Garbage ….”)

So Baz blew Me away, by Checking-out Who Agent-Strawberry was, before Blocking Her …. As He was Supposed to Simply Be Doing what Cheryl would Do, as She’d Taught Him the Controls & how She Promotes My Art, Music, Comedy, Literature & Moral+Obligations, which Baz wants to Be Able to Do for His lame-assed Business Ideas ….

Whereupon He Found that There was a Video, which Stood Out, from the Other Vids on Agent Strawberry’s profile, which was by the Late Great Moore & Cook, which I’d Played to Agent-Strawberry, in Person, which ends with Peter killing A Man for Saying Hello “&” then further DARING to make Additional Agonised Sounds each time He’s Struck …. Alongside that “insight” into Grandiose-Psychosis, The Video consist of Them Both Using Phrases with the Word “Cunt” a Lot, in a Hilarious Way …. Which I’ve not Heard for Years now, nor Did I Listen to Them before Recording The Intro of the following, as I Never Channel Art that’s been Directly “Influenced,” even in Homage :-

Funnily Enough, I’d Decided a few Weeks ago to Record A Take on Moore & Cook’s later famous alcohol-fuelled Tape-recordings, The Clip Above is Taken from Their Early stuff & Moore’s Voice is taken from 1 specific Moment when He was eating a Sandwich & trying not to Laugh, in The Next Impression I’ll be Doing His Bawdy, more Punch & Judyesque, Voice ….

Baz added that He’d not Watched Any vids She’d posted, He Said most of what else was On The Profile were “nihilistic” Songs, which I Laughed at, but can’t deny I’d liked to Have Known Exactly what They were, especially Since Baz couldn’t possibly be Expected to Know Her Reflections & range of Messages as Well I Can or to be Able to “Magnify” the dissected Mice the Ginger Tabby offers Past Owners ….

However, I Stay True to My Word & As I’ve Said, I’m not Going to Examine Mice-bones so that My Attention is drawn down to the hob-nailed Boots of Agent-Strawberry, Who then uses the Back of My Head to “Magically” Feel She’s Gone-Special !!!!

Cheryl, when She gets back, will be Vetting Every form of Contact, Baz Still is at the moment & Even if I was Offered Another Book Deal, She’d Deal with That Exclusively & if Agent-Strawberry sends “Anything” Else at all, She’ll be Instructed to simply put it with the THOUSANDS of Other “Junk” in The Folder marked “Evidence” of ANIMACULES …. However, if the Ginger-mite was to Send a Skype link or a Webcam link, as Her True Self & “Declared” PRECISELY WHAT Her Intentions are, without playing the fiddle, ONLY THEN could I Ever KNOW Another thing about The Stalker reduced to Cyber-Stalker, Whom I’d Genuinely Cared about, despite Her convenient-evil ….

Although I’d Made+Clear You Should “Never” Petition Someone, She needn’t have worried in “Any” Way about Speaking Her Mind, as I Would Have “Welcomed” Her, for All The Reasons An Adoptive Parent of a runaway Child, (Who’s an Accident raring to happen,) would Understand, but I don’t Have Welcome Written on The Back of My Neck ….

She Knows that I’ve Got A Great Deal of Fun & She wants to Be Part of It, but She fears She’d let The side Down if I don’t Dominate Her & She’s scared of being Dominated, when I’ve “no intention” of Dominating Anyone, even if is was DOMINO …. ie They Either Come Correct or I Distance Them, For Good …. As Every “Decision” is A Deliberate Choice !!!!

Although We Must All Make Allowances for 1 Another, as Nobody’s perfect …. However, Those Who are obsessed with “ameliorating” against Rejection, in “advance” of it, will Always be Rejected & Their “barbed-memories” cold-comfort, as They sit on Their burst-arse, with a hate-quaking face con-tinuing to believe They’re “secretly” a Good Person & that no-longer Enduring a would-be wild-cat Hat is the Other Party’s loss …. (There’s no such thing as Rejection, There’s Just “Compatibility,” incompatibility & Arseholes ….)

In The Case of the Real Life Lucy, Who’s ambition is to “Beg” You to Kick the Ball, as She intends to pull it Away “Every” time, for PRETENGE, behind Which She’s just a fun-loving criminal, but Her “Secret Self” is simply a dreadfully “sad,” dilapidated, oft-times desperate, raging & lonely Girl, Who’ll “Never let on,” Never let on that She ruins Everything She touches to Self-destructively fulfil a biased prophecy  …. (Although with some Admittedly tough breaks in Her Past & “unjustifiable” low Self-esteem, where what she craved carved the downward spiral, a lengthy CON, where the prices for stolen-moments, You PAY, with Your Soul ….)

eg Even if You Tell Her “in advance” what She’ll do & that You’ve no interest in Kicking the ball & that She’s Self-deluded, as “Transference” doesn’t take place & DOESN’T WORK on “Me” irrespective of how DESPERATE the pyro-maniac eyes are when They’re impotently-hoping for Fireworks, due to “Their” Belief that They’re a remarkably BAD person, therefore you MUST CHOOSE the reaction They’re after, as part of the range of outcomes, in Her latest Hope to “Shock” !!!!

ie No matter what You were to Say, a downward-digger Thinks it’s gone-intelligented “EVERY” time, so will Continue to be That “unselfaware,” behind which lies a Tasteless, clueless, incontinent “sorry waste,” needlessly fulfilling a Childhood prophecy, Determined to masochistically punish Her Self Alone, with “Witnesses” :-

eg Due to the “YEARS” She’s been Soliciting My Attention for “&” Being Helpful (as well as hopefully-evil) I Couldn’t have been More Generous in Articulating that She could Delineate “All Other” Parameters, within Reason & I’d Be Accommodating & “Sensitive” towards Her to the Nth Degree, rather than ignoring Her or shooing Her away, as per …. ie “If” She had Come Correct & didn’t have mindlessly-predictable, “ineffectual delusions” of Transference in mind, for Any Juncture, in Any way, in Her unsolicited Contacts …. As even the bitterest of gumsy blind-bats can “NEVER” ware-down the Andes, especially when They’re nowhere Near IT !!!!

All Baz had added, was that at the Top of the Profile, were 4 Songs by “The Fun Loving Criminals,” which He didn’t Tell Me the Titles of, but I can Guess 1 of Them would be the Track I played to Agent-Strawberry in Person …. Only They don’t rob “Banks,” They target innocent People to “abuse” until They kill Themselves, suffering from P.T.S.D., which Your Police-farce are 100% COMPLICIT with, as are Your Paedophile-run Kangaroo-Courts …. Moreover, the gruesome-twosome’s Scooby Snacks are Their various Self-destructive & evil addictions …. (Little-comfort on that downward-spiral ….)

So I Climbed The Mountain, Feeling I’d Left Agent-Strawberry with Genuinely Inspirational & Kind Sentiments, also Deserved Thanks, admonishment of Her “apparent” evil & with Ample Time to Close Her Eyes & Consider The Possibilities, whereupon I’d Genuinely have Channelled A Miracle into Her Life, in Return for A Fair Deal, “eg” Akin to the Ukrainian Jewry Article “or” Simply The Unique Perspective of Her Mind & With My Open Mind, where Although I’d be Sensitive to the Nth Degree I’d no doubt Be Funny, yet I Expressed for The Last Time, that I Wouldn’t Field Anything that wasn’t “As Her True Self” & in a Respectful Manner or She’d Be BANISHED ….

Moreover, I’d Declared in My Videos, ALL of Which She’s Seen, that It’s to HELP ME to HELP SAVE Girls from a WORSE fate than Anything She’s EVER known ….

Unconsciously, if Someone gets the Label of being a BAD Person, They often become a glutton-for-punishment, masochistically, so I’d Believed the odds were 0.01% that Lucy would Contact Me as “Herself” & Fundamentally lacking-arrogance I hadn’t Chance to Give Much Thought to the mindless-repetition She “prides” Herself on & had simply Presumed She “wouldn’t” Contact Me Again & so Left no Additional instruction with Either Cheryl or Baz …. Nor Should I have ….

Looking back on it, I can See, that All She took out of What I’d Written, (Which I’d Felt was Really Well Balanced & Kind & Complimentary & looking back on it was Remarkably Magnanimous,) were around 3 sentences, which Then led to Her “usual” range of Pretending-&-Hoping for a “Reaction,” which is NEVER going to come, behind which is the PRIZE of Her True Self, if You “overcome” the barbed wire She throws in Your face, “again” & again & again & again & AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN & “AGAIN, YIPEE !!!!”

eg “The Fugitive” is based upon a Character Who’s innocent, but is being pursued by the FILTH & He’s eager to clear His name & Expose the real murderer …. Bradley, on Behalf of the Composter, had Already Written that Narcissistic Psychopaths “Always” Tell the PIGS that the Innocent Party is the Perpetrator, ie “YOU ARE WHAT I AM” ….

Which lays bare the “atypical,” sleazy, sneering, Core-inadequate Character of ALL “Existentially-jealous,” blame-projecting, hate-consumed, Semi-Simian Sex-offenders, however, I’d Called Her on Her “expectation,” of Continued Response “whilst” She was hoping I wouldn’t Detect Her trying to Offend Me, Which She then inadequately attempted to “wave away,” ATYPICALLY ….

Moreover, I’d Already Rumbled Her Across The Board, in Advance of Her Charade, so You’d imagine that They Then wouldn’t Play Their pseudo “ace-card” …. As They CAN’T be so fucking stupid that They’d STILL “Expect” Me to have Somehow magically had a brain-downgrade & forgotten Everything I’d Just Said …. As I can’t Think of Any Other way I’d Could have had “Chosen” to have an adverse reaction to Agent-Strawberry then mindlessly-predictably TYPING, “YOU ARE WHAT I AM,” “YOU ARE WHAT I AM,” “YOU’RE DOING WHAT I’M DOING,” “YOU ARE WHAT I AM” ….

ie Although There was No Doubt Selfish Humour, it was Written in a manner which had been “Predicted & Vetoed,” as I’ve Made it Clear I Knew there was at best a 0.01% Chance She’d decide to STOP BEING what most Right Thinking People would Say was simply a SHITE Person & a gutter-hugging Cowardly waster …. Moreover, She’d been Informed that NO-ONE Drawing Breath on Earth could possibly Come Down from The High of, What I Freely “Informed” Them about, Just 1 of what’s Happening for Me at This End …. (Coincidence !?!?)

ie Even if I’d fielded the messages, She Sent last thing at Night & 1st Thing the following Morning, I still “can’t believe” They’d be THAT Stupid, as to Expect Me to Go, “OH, I’ve been conned into Witnessing Them Celebrating that, They’re getting-away with murder & I’m Thought of as being what They are, by a Pig-sty in North Lanarkshite, in a hell-hole of a Country I couldn’t wait to See the Back of & Now Am About to Buy My 2nd Farm After My 2nd Year in Blissfully Sunny Portupants, GRRRRR, GRRRRR, down with That ONE sort of a thing ….”

Is it “possible” to be that Self-deluded !?!? …. Or …. Was it simply the Ginger Shape-Shifter’s Tongue-in-CHEEK, Defence-mechanism-borne attempt, to ameliorate against rejection, in-advance & the atypically MINDLESS Self-destructive “Choice” to not “Come Correct,” as though that would be Anyone Else’s “loss” ….

Incidentally, when I noticed, I Exposed Jacqui as being brimming with Apparent hatred, which She ineffectually-denied, with cum pouring out of Her lugs …. Although, like All Psychopaths, She “Recognises” & somewhat-Appreciates A Truly Good+Heart, but She’d usually prefer it to be served with Chips …. To stick on Either Shoulder, with Her Fish Suppers ….

As I’ll be Exposing about The LAST Social Experiment I did, in The Work Place, which was from a 7 Year long Study, whilst I was Editing “Veracity Vs Adversity,” Where I was targeted by a megalomaniacal Obese retard, called Fat Gary, in the aptly-named “British Gas” …. Who was a bi-sexual would-be psychological-abuser, with piss-poor urge Control & Who atypically Saw Himself as being a Fun-loving Character, when in Fact He was rotten-to-the-core & had partners-in-crime to Bolster His “Self-destruction” & Their Own too ….

Which was The 1st Proper Magnification I got of the “W.T.F. moment,” I later was Able to Be Absolute About, which was The Length of “Rectum” which High-functioning-Retards have “Pathologically” …. ie When A pre-meditated Confabulation “goes-in” the Back-end of the Rectum, then, IRRESPECTIVE of ANYTHING You Say, it “MUST” come out of the Asshole !!!!

So, even-though Agent-Strawberry had Already been Rumbled, even with the Aid of Her Sister, She’d no-doubt prepared “MrTheFugitive” earlier, in the hopes that TRANSFERENCE would take place & that I’d “Choose” to become ANGRY at Her impotent “goading,” from Her Glorified council-flat, in FREEZING dnaltocS, after She’d already been “Informed” that I was In A Great Position, Right across The Board, on All Fronts & Off to Climb Even Higher Mountains ….

Behind which Lay Her “Preferred” Hopes that I’d get it & LAUGH at Her Idea of “Sophistication” & Her latest “failure” & hell-bound pseudo-stubbornness, at being Allowed A Fair Meeting on Common Ground, after Her COUNTLESS unsolicited solicitations …. To whit, if You Reply, “OH, My Sides …. My aching Sides ….” …. THEN …. You’ve passed the Test the arrogant Beggar has Set You & so “Deserve” Her company, as that proves You’re not stuck-up, by Decree of Her Kangaroo-court, as You’ve been Found to “Appreciate” Her mindlessly-predictable, wilfully-remiss, grossly-unselfaware “Sense” of Humour, which allows Her to believe She’s “Above” Control & always got The Fact She’s “not come correct” over You …. Which I’d ALREADY Lampooned, in advance, “Evidently” in Writing !!!! …. (You Couldn’t make it up ….)

“eg” I’d Said, when She goes into the Local Flower Shop to buy “Herself” Flowers, She doesn’t Pretend to be Mute & Start Playing Edelweiss on the Violin & Expecting the Shopkeeper to Start crying & Hand Her a Bunch for Free …. I Added that Ideally A Woman would Never have to Buy Her Own flowers, so SHOUT IT WITH ME, “FUCK ZIONIST JEWS !!!!” …. (That’s not a “Sexual” Command ….)

eg In Person She was Able to Talk for 2 Hours Straight, Whilst We Walked along A Lovely Path, where She normally took Marks, during Her usual Criminal campaign, to Raise Money for Her habits & Her 2 Kids, Who’s Combined age is 50 ….

The money She Grifted for, from Me, I repeatedly put in Writing “before” We Met that I was Happy to Give Her, for Various Good Reason, as well as Her Legitimate & illegitimate pity play …. It was “Peanuts,” but She & Her GROSS Sister had worked towards Getting it for 3 Months …. So I Certainly got My Money’s worth out of That Whore House …. Thus Again, “Why” I’d defy Their criminality & Due to Her LENGTHY Cyber-Stalking Offered to Channel “A Miracle” into Her Life, Should She Have “Deserved” IT …. It COULDN’T Have been simpler ….

Although I’d met Her 5 Year before Her campaign against Me, where I’d come Highly-Recommended by a fellow prostitute called “Mo” (The ho’) …. She’d sent Me the usual NEEDS A MAGNASCOPE E-mail, letting Me Know that She doesn’t Store “Any Depth” of Emotion with “Memory” …. A Fantastic Insight …. Upon Witnessing, I’m supposed to be “A Man of The World” & Offer to Shag Her for £50 …. I Held Her in Far Far Higher Esteem ….

When She contacted Me again on-line, 5 Years later, “AS HERSELF” on Facepants, She would Genuinely “Idealise” & then superficially Think Me not Good enough for Her & then in Person She wanted to Attack Me, when She felt She wasn’t Good enough for Me, whilst balancing that with the “pay-off” ….

I Just Thought She was for-the-off at Any Juncture & was Doing My, Then Trademark, Long Goodbye, as I wanted things to End in Her Favour & Told Her So …. However, She Saw that as An opportunity to “Continue” Her disgraceful & evil campaign, whilst I Provided Nothing But GOODNESS & was reduced to “Studying” Her …. Although I Endured Her I also HAMMERED & Stymied Her Verbally & Especially in Writing, throughout ….

She craves the “Bestial” delusion of  “power,” which All Sex-offenders “feel” like, in Their flat-lining brain, which Suddenly brings meaning to the “hypocrite’s” pantomime & Their “favoured” addictive HIGH …. They also See Themselves as Being masterminds, as You’re “Groomed” by Those even-worse than Them to FAIL to Correctly Execute Them …. (ie They’re SUPPOSED TO BE in the ZOO or at least a “LUNATIC ASYLUM” !!!!)

However, She Helped Me See that Everything She did was an “act,” which Once Again is Why I Found it So Easy to Offer the Composer A Last Chance to Come Correct …. As, in Person, She’d been Desperate to FIX what She’d broken & Overcome what I’d to Selflessly Study for Months, which She sent Me clue after clue about, instead of OPENING HER GIANT MOUTH & Simply Telling Me, as Freely As She Asked for My Cock ….

Moreover, She “didn’t” Think I’d work out that She’s a homicidal Sex-offender, Who tries to Cause Marks P.T.S.D., the more They resist Her “Charms” ….

I’ve Lost Count of How Many Ways I’ve Debunked Her Mythology …. However, the Thought had gone-in 1 end of Her Rectum & out of Self-defence the perverted, evil, “MINDLESSLY PREDICTABLE” Sex-offender, instead, She Chose not-to “Come Correct” or show The Level of Respect She Should’ve Shown, (which Baz put Best, in Quite a Touching way,) Even after She’d “Received” Kind Reflections, Which I Still Stand By & Balanced Insights, also The Perspective of an Open Mind & Heart of Christlike Compassion ….

Despite-Witch, after All “Her Own” Efforts & My Huge Hearted “Peace” Deal, which Jacqueline had Alluded to at the End of Each of Her Messages …. Non-Plussed, Her tiny-minded “Choice” was to Type, “Your a cunt!!”

Followed an hour later by, a solitary, “cunt!!” ….

Then, after Cheryl had deconstructed Her, came Her mistaken “belief” that Cheryl is ME & I’m DOMINO & McDonald is The Burger-King & We’re all in-on-it together & That Pigs might Fly …. Which reveals the mindlessly-transparent obsession of the SOLITARY pathology of ALL psychopaths, Who are OBSESSED with Typing, “YOU ARE WHAT I AM” & believing Their confirmatory-bias, which was best “updated,” with hilarious “additions,” by Baz in His subsequent Expose’ ….


Soon after, She’d read Cheryl’s reply, posted to the “MrTheFugitive” Youtube Discussion page, by which time Baz had then finished His Expose’ of the Gruesome Twosome on His Site, which Although HARD HITTING I Thank Him for It, as It Came from A Good+Heart …. Whereafter, Baz returned to MrTheFugitive’s Discussion Page & was About to post a “link” to His Expose’, under Cheryl’s Deconstruction, when He Saw that Agent-Strawberry had then typed, “What a cunt!!” & that’s All She Wrote ….

I Genuinely Felt I Had Left Things in An Insightful, Caring, “Considerate,” Open & Thoughtful manner, Where I’d Informed Them both that I Harboured “no ill will,” even after a Lengthy criminal campaign of crimes They’d committed against Me & bearing false-witness against Me, unsurprisingly Telling 2 homosexual-psychopaths, in Binary-jump-suits & Clown-shoes, that “I AM WHAT THEY ARE,” even going as-far-as to Tell them that I’d sent Them a BOMB ….

However, I’d Learned A Great Deal from Using Agent-Orange & Her flying-monkeys, especially as a “Lens” in The Stack of My Magnascope, which Helped Me with EVEN DARKER characters I was to Later Study & I’ve Obviously Gone from Strength to Strength & due to My Farseeing Ability & Her Continuous Remote Guide, I Genuinely Empathised with Her True sob-story & Her True Self & All She needed Do, after PETITIONING Me in an Unsolicited Manner, in Every Way She can for YEARS, was to Either “Come Correct or Not Come At All” …. Which I Told Her to “take Her time” about & Close Her Eyes & WISH & “Believe,” then as-usual Just Wished Her “Well” ….

ie I’d Have Happily & Patiently Fielded Her Take on What’s Most important to Her & Kept An Open Mind, whilst Making Sure The Time invested was “Balanced” Across The Board …. This was Conveyed to Them also ….

The Entire time, that She’s been Sending Cheryl Websites & Configuring New 1′s, may well have simply been, infantile-titillation, an admission that She only wants a sexual relationship, which She’s Confident about, as this time She won’t be a Frozen Canadian Lake Needing a Pick-Axe taken to it, to Free the trapped beaver under The Tundra …. Moreover, She may simply have been, again, impotently-hoping for Transference, but I still don’t See HOW that’s Possible ….

ie I’d Have to want to Petition a Fridge to be an Oven & then for it to “Desire” to Turn itself on & Cook Me a Heart …. It’s EITHER Already an Oven that wants Your Bun Growing In It or It’s An Oven that’s PRETENDING & Hoping for Transference or it’s a Fridge Who deludes itself it’s pulling the Legs off a Spider & proving it’s got Magical powers …. Or, in deed She maybe RAGING about Me “Successfully” FOILING Her & Then Exposing Her, amongst Others & Her fellow GOON, but that wouldn’t Explain why She’s been “HELPFUL” for so long, as Her True+Self, which You get to See if You’re not “Stuck-up” enough to CHOOSE  to REACT, in a way which would “PLEASE” Her evil-addiction ….

So, although I’m still undecided as to Her latest Jewish pity-play, it errs on the Side of FAKE, due to Her Deliberate FAILURE to Ask for A Genuinely Uplifting Gift, from A Miracle Worker, in Return for what COULDN’T have been ANY Easier …. I Rest Her Case ….

In My Final Reply, I’d Pointed Out Several Things, I Still Stand By, (“whilst” debunking Their transparent gutter-snipes & parallel-evil “range”) …. More Importantly, I Attempted to Explain to the nihilisticic-nincompoops “HOW” It’s POSSIBLE For Me to “Be” So Big Hearted & Also Complimented Her Genuinely (ie Factually) & Documented That Her Mind’s Unique Qualities Should Be “Channeled” & Thanked Her for the “covert” Assistance She’s Supplied over the YEARS & for parting-with the ODD apology & Going against “Her” criminal-campaign to “Help” Me more than “Most” People have Done, in My Entire Life ….

However, She “unsurprisingly” Chose to betray Herself again, despite It All & I Believe behind it She had Hoped She’d Done Enough to Strike Up Friendship with Me & as I’d Offered, to “LET Bygones ‘BE’ Bygones,” which you’d IMAGINE should have been EASY for the guilty criminal …. (Her Sister did Thank Me ….)

eg I Still Remember X-Amount of Her Ploys, in Person, which were All geared towards being exhausting, sometimes “unwittingly,” but Some of Them were “abominable” & Although I had it Out with Her, at the time & She was “Genuinely” upset about Me not Believing Her as Having been Joking, there were times when She “pretended” that She’d been Joking, which had been part of Her morally-insane obsession with “ambient abuse” & She also Felt that She’d like to “Move on” from that & for Me Just laugh it off, as I’d Seen Through Her criminal-act & She wanted a “Clean slate” …. However, I upset Her more, as I Had To Get to “the bottom” of it !!!!

So, I Climbed A Mountain & by The Time I was Back on The Farm, Her approach was to “run the RISK” as-usual …. So She got what She DESERVED as-usual & that’s Now an “END” to the matter & as-usual She ONLY has Herself to blame ….

Although the waif-cliché is to Say, “SAVE ME POPEYE” & then Step on the Back of Your Head when You’re trying to …. I Thought that “if” She was going to Contact Me “without disguise,” then She’d Send Cheryl a link to Skype or Offer to have a Webcam chat, with the Camera turned to the Wall, etc …. Instead, She made-up another “Sock-puppet” I’ll never See & Wrote, “Your a cunt!!”

If I’d been Fielding My Own Messages & had Got, “Your a cunt!!” I’d have Clocked the name & Seen that “SHE” had “included” evil in the “range” of Outcomes She’s attempting to “trigger” …. Which She’d Already been “ENDLESSLY” foiled “about,” in Person & remotely, in Every Conceivable Way …. So I Wouldn’t have Taken the time to Look at What She’d Prepared, therefore I’d not Have Known it was a Reference to Cook & Moore …. (Annoyingly Baz Did Tell Me it looked like a lot of Rare 45′s on Her Channel …. CURSES !!!!)

More Importantly, Since I’d Already Told Her how to “Come,” I’d have Simply Replied, “NO, you’re Clearly the Cunt, Ya fucking Cunt, You Know You’re a Cunt & You KNOW You’re Admitting to being a Cunt, You Cunt & You’ve mindlessly NOT Come Correct You Fucking Cunt, after Petitioning Me in Countless Guises AS cunts, so Your stubbornness ISN’T stubbornness it’s arrogant EVIL, You Cunt, so I BANISH thee You impotent foul demonic Cunt, back to the PIT from wenst Ye surfaced, As Promised, YOU are a ginger cunt, You lousy fucking Cunt and COLD lay !!!!”

However, She was to fall into the Hands of Cheryl & Baz instead & She got what She Deserved, for Her & Her Sister’s Zionist-promoted OBSESSION-WITH-REACTION, behind which lies “dilapidation,” (Never let on,) leading to FURTHER OBSESSION WITH REACTION, behind which lies a Sex-offender & a mindless BIGOT …. You get “the drift” …. Moreover, I’d asked Them if “The Only reason” to Contact Me was due to wanting Me to Try & put a Stop to The Increasing volume of Others Raising Awareness about Them Both …. “So,” Now Celts4Life is promoting the Link to Baz’s Site, via TWITter & promoting to His Followers & Erollowers …. (You get what You Deserve ….)

As I Said Earlier, I’d have held “nothing” against Her & I Explained “How” That’s possible & How I’ve Always been Able to be Non-reactionary to All Her projections of Her “apparent” suffering …. As I’d Also Told Her, Years earlier, (before I was Able to “Be Absolute” & Lock On to That Level of Magnification & Amplification,) I’d have “Happily” Shown Patience & Sensitivity to The Nth Degree & Been My Usual Hilariously Funny True+Self & Had an Open Mind to Her Beliefs & as I’d “Already” APPRECIATED what She “Already Had” Parted-with, if She was to have Offered Me Something Useful, to Help Me Save Starving Darkies, (instead of pseudo-provocational, unjust, corruption or spineless-foolishness & hoping-to-damage,) then I’d have Channelled Her Miracle, with Everything I’ve Subsequently Gathered over The Years …. (I repeat, behind it, I Believe She wanted A Romantic Relationship, “plus” Bells & Whistles …. No matter how You Look at it, it’s Her “loss” ….)

Put Yourself in Her hob-nailed boots & now imagine again, the mindless-predictability, I’d Already “Profiled” in My Final Reply, about the weak-surrender to the Strong-pull of deluding Herself that “again proving” to be mindlessly-predictable was the Right way to con-tinue to be, exactly as She’s been since She was 3, to megalomaniacally “arrogantly” defensively pretend-prove Her confirmatory-bias, which has Worked out So-Well for Her throughout The Years …. (For all I Know, Every Song was Called, “I FUCKING HATE YOU, I WIN !!!!” …. I’ll never know, curses !!!!)

If I’d been Fielding “My Own” Channel’s messages, I’d have “Twigged” Right away, due to it following-on from The Composer & having Shades of Previous Contact …. However, despite Any Positive Aspect within Her Approach, the broken-projector got What She “Chose” …. I’d Also have Recognised that The Video She Chose to Type “cunt!!” under was an “Admission” …. ie That She’d refused to Bring Herself to “Admit” to before, whilst She’s Cyber-Stalked Me for 3 Years now, as I Comically Deconstruct in “That” Video, as Regards the Quote I’d Said, to Her in Person, about “Watering A Garden,” which if You fail to Do, by “Never Letting on,” Never letting-on about how You Feel, Your Desires, “Needs” & Dreams, then You get what You Deserve !!!!

For all I Know There may have been some Gems on Her Profile & had She Come Correct “Who Knows ?!?!” …. If Baz is Correct & it was simply all Nihilistic vaguery then I’m Glad I won’t Be Fielding It Either way …. Nor have I looked again at Any Previous Profile She’s made-up, moreover, I’ve Thanked Her for Her past Help via that Method, however, I added that even though I’m not going to CHOOSE to REACT even-if it was a series of Videos of Songs by Hippies about getting arrested & a Doppel-Ganger eating Ginger-pussy, “IT’S NOT GOOD FOR ME” ….

So I’m not going to Magnify Her Approach any longer, as it’s nothing-short of Lunacy on the unsolicited Cyber-Stalker’s part, as despite Her Transparent OBSESSION with Me, Her Self-debasing approach is a cold, SLOTHFUL, cowardly, evilly-laced, mindlessly-repetitive, WASTE of time & void of Any further Entitlement since She Chose to Not Come Correct ….

So I’ll never Know “what were” the pitifully-disrespectful transparent-projections of MrTheFugitive, was it the Usual Pattern !?!? …. Where They all nihilistic ditties as Baz Reported !?!? …. Was it a cryptic CRY FOR HELP ?!?! …. Was it a “shaky” rope bridge held by a Heart showing Strength, for Once !?!? …. Were They begging for Turnips !?!? …. Was it forlorn hopes for mindless Transference !?!? …. Was it a Blaze’ YEEESSSSS, YEEEEESSSSSSSSS, HERE WE FUCKIN’ GO !?!? …. Or were there Useful Clues about Zionist-machinations or the usual-pattern which I Famously Showed Cheryl !?!? …. Or was it Hong Kong Phooey the mild-mannered Janitor !?!?

eg I Informed Her, in Person, that if Someone “arrogantly” repeatedly Tells You the Exact-Same Knock-knock Joke, You Should Just Knock-Knock Them Out !!!! …. (Whilst playing Edelweiss on the Violin & tapping Your Toe in 5/4 every few bars, to Let Them Associate letters of the Alphabet, which Tell Them Further, Precisely where They’ve to pick up a Fleece in Devon, with a Clue on it as to where Her 3rd Kitten can be Bought, which is The Kitten which will SAVE THE WORLD !!!!)

I Also Noticed, after I’d Posted That Video, that I Attracted A Lot of Fee-Male interest, because They were “Superficially” drawn to My Appearance & so Zionist-programmed Own-nose-deniers RESENT the “pretend-weakness” of Being Attracted to Me, so are Culturally-encouraged to “Disguise” that, as They’re Constantly MADE to Feel Core-inadequacy, the Other Extreme of Which is bestially hyper-competitiveness, thus They Manifest Existential-jealousy, which is Still ego-dystonic ….

So the Lunatit then “Disguises” that as Hatred, which  is Ego-syntonic to the Morally-insane & in a Paedophile-groomed Society, Their “ingrained” narrow-minded Chicken-brain then feels “ENTITLED” to see-if They could start Their mating-ritual, which is an “imbecilically-practiced,” minuscule, EVIL-campaign, which Dominance-obsessed, despicable, histrionic Magical-Thinkers believe “is working” for As Long as You Grant Their all-round Self-destruction “The Time of Day” …. Eddie Murphy Calls Them, “High Functioning Retards” !!!! …. (Their FAILURE must be PRETENGED at all costs, at all lengths, with Paedophiles rubbing Their plums in the wings, RELYING on “Their” WHORES, Who simply “don’t Care” ….)

However, I Stand By “EVERY” Complimentary Word & Thanks I Wrote, in My “Final” Reply to Agent-Strawberry, The Tiny Girl I Fostered & Did My Level Best to Care about, whilst She committed Every Offence You could possibly imagine against Her fantasy of Me, as Her impotent magic-wand Sparked in malfunction & Her Face Read, “Does-not-Compute,” as I Exhibited Christlike Compassion, The sin of Kindness, Generosity, Love, The sin of Hope, Understanding, Inspirational+Encouragement, Moral+Conscience, Great Punchlines & ultimately pin-point Magnified the egomaniac, as a Transparently looping Self-destructive, cold, calculating, dishonest, evil Orchestrator “&” Her hideous Translator behind Her with Her Hand up Her Arse working Half the switches ….

When I 1st Studied “moral-imbecility” I Read the Take of A Man Who’d been Studying it in the Early 1800′s, Who’d Watched a “demented” megalomaniac playing a Game of Doubles, at Tennis, He Commented that They have no Self+Awareness & are apt to Try to Convince Others that “They are what He is” & Even when the Exact Opposite is Glaringly obvious …. Whereupon, if The Scamp is given Any further Opportunity They Exhibit the most outlandish of Behaviour as Though They’d conned Your Perception of Reality out of Existence & now were in Complete Control of It, whereupon They Continue to Exhibit increasing Examples of absurdly titillating nonsense, behind Which often lies a Child fit to cry if it Can’t get it’s Way & if it Does the Outcome is “Morally-insane,” as even in Those times They exhibit confirmatory-biased “NIHILISM” !!!! …. So They Must always be Dominated, but in a permissive Zionist-Society You end up with Acres of Levi Bellfields ….

My “Perspective,” on Agent-Strawberry’s most Recent Guess-work & Lengthy Campaign to Get My “Attention,” is that She Genuinely Would have Liked to Try Everything Out, which She “Now” Knows About Me, as She no-doubt Now Thinks She’s got “The Measure of Me” & has Finally Figured Out How She could Con-Troll My Great Mind, with even-fancier parlour Tricks (although She still tries “plays” which COULDN’T work on Me) …. ie She not-so-secretly Longs for Comfort & Joy & True+Self Kindred Ambition, with Overarching Moral+Aims at Heart …. (Plus lashings of Cock) …. For the “acts” of Her flea-circus to work on Me, it Would “Require” A Lengthy List of Prerequisites to Be Ticked, which would be Higher Than The Mountains I Climb ….

“Despite” Her parallel evil range, tracing it’s roots to the Cradle, She’ll be unable to Contact Me again with the Method I Gathered so much from, as even if I was to be Handed a Note by a low-flying balloon Saying, “GO TO THIS CHANNEL & read the lyrics backwards of the 180,985th song down,” I won’t be MAGNIFYING or AMPLIFYING that futile-gesture either …. The Moral Law is TANGIBLE in It’s Returns, I’ve no interest in a butt-hurt, 3 Year-old’s, Regal, 2D fantasy-world ….

I Go Now to “Accomplish” what Others wouldn’t even Dream of, due to the boxed-set-future “ingrained” into the Vast Majority of “rigid,” transparent, hollow, mindless, delusional Chicken-brains …. (Thus why Zionist Jews call You Goyim ….)

Thus, I’m reduced to the sin of Hope again, (even as the bombs are dropping,) I Hope She stops committing crimes against “Kind” People, I Hope She is Able to Channel Miracles Herself by Simply “Doing” Good by Those Who “Deserve” Her Gifts, I Hope She Keeps away from bad-influence & that “She” stops abusing Her Self & Her Body & She Looks in The Mirror & Sees The Beauty There that I Saw & The Child There Who mustn’t See Her “Self” as Bad Ever AGain & Remember that I Loved Her & Thought The World of Her True+Self, even whilst She Treated Me to Witness such BAD bad “Choices,” yet To See Herself as Being Witty, Funny, Sharp, Spontaneous, Giving, An Animal Lover, A Great Puzzle Solver (& maker,) A Unique Mind, with An Added Spark that’s sorely lacking from a Cast of millions, that Her Taste in Music & Dark Sensitivity is A Poetic Origin Worth Channelling, although, She should Understand, That “Unfulfilled” leads to Self-Destruction, Be BRAVE, Channel In All Directions with Achievable Milestones & LOVE & TRUST & BE HONEST & True to Your Self, “LET IT” hurt & OUT-THINK & “silence” Opposition internally & externally Choose “Distance” & ASK GOD for Forgiveness & “DO what IT ‘takes’” to CHANNEL A Miracle into Your Mind & I “ASSURE” You IT Will !!!! ….

And I Say all that, even-though She was the worst Lay of My Life & suspiciously-ginger ….

You Should NEVER Date Anyone if You don’t Believe They’re GOOD ENOUGH for You …. When I 1st met Agent-Strawberry, Although I Had An Open Heart & Mind, Initially, I didn’t Think She was Good Enough & So I got what I Deserved for wasting Her time, had She Been on The Level …. However, In My Final Reply to Her I Pointed Out that She was Always Going to Be Good Enough for Me, but since She’d “Hidden” Her Brilliant Aspects, behind the “range” of Her evil-campaign, My inability to Magnify & Amplify to That Extent Produced the Same damned-outcome, due to Her repeating the Exact Same approach, never without-fail ….

Instead of “the EVIL & imbecilic approach” to the FAIRER Sex, (ie MEN,) All Females Should “Rely On” An Innate+Desire to Develop Her True+Self, despite Zionist malinfluence, Her Ambition Should be borne of The “Belief” That Life’s Worth Living & that She Can Trust The “Provider” & That it’s Self-destructive folly to attempt to “Con Him out of Knowing” that Being A Provider Is “Appreciated,” so The Worth of Both Parties “Blossoms” in The Garden Where the idle turn into weeds, Whereas True+Lovers BOTH “Tend” to 1+Another’s Dreams, “Adapting Correctly” & Entwining Spiritually “Nurturing” Hearts, elst They wither on The Vine ….

At The Catholic Primary School I went to, There was only 1 Prick Who was a Bully & I Stood Up to Him, after Enduring Him for a While …. There Certainly wasn’t Mob Bullying & The Average Child Exhibited Humanity …. Those Who Exhibited The Most Humanity “Left” dnaltocS …. (A Bully is Either Acting Up, which can Be Channelled anew Insightfully, but if They’re “habitually” Acting-out Then They have to be Castigated or “Banished” or Better still “Distance Your Self” ….)

Although She wants to Evade Consequence & is ANGRY at Those Who “Correctly” Provide Her with ANY, I Believe Jacqueline Bradley’s Sister Wants to “Come Good” …. She Obviously Sees that She’s the problem & that Her initial brutal Approach & covert-evil are “Also” Why She can’t Tell shit from Shinola, until it’s “too late” & They’ve Seen what “She is,” into the Bargain …. However, when You See Her inner Child, which She Thought was impossible & You Get to Know Her True Story & “So On” You See The Way She Could Be Lead, OUT of The pit & abandon an “inhumane” life of crime & PRETENGE ….

Although She’d take 2 Decades to Be Her True+Self with The less Insightful, when She wants a few Hundred Quid after a few months of Her Sister wiggling Her fingers, in Her Council-mezzanine, the Ginger-flea is butt-naked on Your Lap with Your Cock up Her Rory Thatch …. (Spot The Difference IF You can ….)

Although I Always Have Good+Intentions at Heart, although no-one’s Perfect, I Run the risk of Being a Bully Myself as Obviously the Ginger-whipper-snapper is a Hypocrite, who’s “HYPERSENSITIVE,” as ALL Schizotypal brain-constructs are & She’s been through a LOT in Youth which Makes even “CORRECT” Consequence trigger latent psychosis as She’s “suffered enough” …. You’d “imagine” Therefore They wouldn’t bring that Consequence upon Themselves ….

Moreover, They can Often See Reality MORE Clearly than the Average Person, but Not As Balanced & Clearly as A Fully Functioning Mind with Greater Capacity …. You lose Them & Their Great Gifts, in paedophile-ingrained cultures, Where They’re not “Channelled” & grossly Medicated instead of being Dedicated to what They Can Accomplish & Getting Feedback from & Encouragement Through, with Appropriate “Appreciation” ….

An brutally “insensitive,” pseudo-society of aggressively Narcissistic, TALENTLESS, paedophile-groomed IMBECILES, get what They “Deserve” …. eg Van Gogh “Chose” not to Sell ANY of the 990 Paintings He Produced in only 10 Years …. Although He handed 1 to a Hard-faced Cow He liked, in lieu of Rent ….)

On a Planet NOT being “poisoned,” NO-ONE Should Ever Need to work for more than 2 Weeks per Month & ONLY for Themselves & Those Who Deserve It …. There should be NO Tiers of ANY Organisation, Only Circles feeding Larger Circles, Blowing Our Hopes & Wishes Out into The Universe …. Where I Intend to Be “Broadcasting” All My Work Into, via “Radiowaves,” so That Far Distant Planets can “LEARN” from Seeing the “SHAME” of This Species DESTROYING itself, because of “Bestial,” Narcissism-borne hatred & hypocrisy ….

Although My upcoming Video Provides Larger Solutions, on the smaller Scale A Society should be Configured where You NEVER sweat the small stuff & Are In Communion with All Those Who Seek to Channel Morality into The Equation …. This Life is Simply About Giving Those Who Deserve IT “Comfort & Joy” & Preparing Yourself for Your “Next Generation” …. JUSTICE Should Be Paramount & Irrespective of Your history, You Alone Create The Present, ergo The Future …. (The MORAL Law of This Universe is INESCAPABLE !!!!)

Incidentally, I’ve Invented A New Style of “Not Caring,” for Those Who Pride Themselves on Saying, “I DON’T CARE” apathetically …. How about Donating Your Effort, time & cash to A Genuine Cause where You Can SEE The Outcome & Difference You’re Making to Some “suffering” Child’s Life Out There, Who Knows hardship that No-one in the 1st World could Ever have Known …. So, If A drunken Bum-chum Asks, “Why” you donated, then simply Say, “FUCK IT !!!!” …. Then if They ask Why You’re not Spending it on Yourself for Booze, Say, “I DON’T CARE !!!!” …. Then if They continue & Say, “But it’s being Made that way, for That Kid, by Zionist Jews & Your money’s being Vacuumed, You’re not Dealing with the Heart of the problem, which Requires EITHER shooting Jews & Their minion in the head or LEAVING the planet” …. Reply, “FUCK IT !!!!” …. If They persist & Say, “Alright, You’re saving that 1 Girl’s Life from becoming Vulture scran, but It’s Not Dealing with the Zionist-Reptiles Who’ve Created the ongoing Conditions & Who Need Shot ….” …. Simply Say, “I DON’T CARE !!!!”

Those Who pay taxes in Hate-Britain, (ie Theft by Paedophiles,) are Essentially “Supporting” Sex-offender’s Charities, (AKA “Themselves”) …. 1 of Which is actually run in Aid of Female Serial-Killers, but Would “You” Still Support Them, as Much As I Have, if They sent You Junk-Mail !?!? …. (Although, to Quote Coogan, sometimes, “Absolutely 1st Class” ….)

Infinitely More Importantly, It’s Roasting Outside, My Chooks are Double Teaming Me for Extra Pasta Rations & They’re GOB SMACKINGLY Intelligent …. They BEAT Open My Villa Door, if I leave it even a Little Ajar & It’s 6 times taller Than They Are & Made of Solid Iron …. They Then nosey Around My Villa, EVERY Day, Going, “Alright for Some, isn’t it ?!?! …. Ark at His Fancy Digs !!!! …. I Know We’re Lording It over the Whole Farm & have Taken Up Residence Wherever We Please, but I Mean He’s got a Square Inch to Himself so Lets Constantly Invade It ….”

I Thought Chiquetita had scarpered, as I hadn’t Seen Her for 2 Days & Then I didn’t See Her again for 3, however, It’s All part of Their Cunning Plan …. She’s the “elaborate” Decoy, which You can See when Poor Buggles is Guarding His Pasta …. eg Penny will Sneak Up on Him & Any time He moves, even a little, in Her Direction, She ducks Behind His Field of Vision, whilst the Other 2 Distract Him on the Other Side …. She then closes in for the steal …. He’s all but Given Up, so now She Just saunters up & pecks away at His dinner, Loving the Food that’s “NOT” Hers’ more than Her Own Food which She’s Got in Abundance ….

So, Their Idea is for Me to Abandon the Villa, Wide Open, looking for Chiquetita, then for Them to Invade & Shit all over It, so They’ve Made It Their Own & Then Upon My Return Flap About & Squawk & Run around Me like mini American-Footballers, until I Give Up the Ghost & Move into The Chicken-Coop …. At This Rate I’d get More Peace …. They’re BEAUTIFUL & I Love Them, at That Size !!!!

Buggles, Grows Steadily More Intelligent with Every passing Day, the Same Hang Dog expression, however, His Tells Are “Remarkable,” which Let You Know what He’s Thinking, what He’d like & He Recognises My Tells as They’re Rather Loud & Start with O. & end with T. !!!! …. (As He’s taken to Exhibiting a Magic Trick, where He believes if He Walks out of the Room & Gives it 20 Seconds & Then Walks back in Again, then Perhaps Magically He’ll Have Entered “Meal Time” !!!!)

I had needlessly, initially, felt anxiety about My Farming Duties & Especially about Keeping Animals, however, I’ve Adapted Seamlessly & It was A Gift from God to recently See Buggles Chase Maw Broon, when She Had A Beakful of His Pasta, Bouncing Out of Both Sides of Her Mouth, with Him on at Her Tail, nosing after Her at High Speed, as She Made Good Her escape & They both “Sped” towards My Canopied Balcony …. She Looked like an Olympic Marathon Runner & Remarkably Proud of Herself, whilst, Behind His Back, the Other 2 Weighed-into His Fare …. Upon His Return, Feeling He’d at least Taught Her a Lesson, He looked exasperated at “Them” Then making off with yet-more of The Goods too & I Simply Said to Him, “Women” & He Looked Up at Me & I Realised “WHY” He Always Has That Exact Same Expression !!!!

Even-though most People are fast asleep, cowards or narrow-minded nit-picking scum-bags, Who are being “poisoned to death Right Now,” THANKS to Zionist-Jews & Their drooling-minion …. None-the-less, when You’ve Seen Rome & Every Major City You can Shake A Stick at in The Whole World & You’ve Lived in Paradisiacal Conditions for 2 Years, surrounded by The Beauty of Nature, as You can imagine, You’d give it all up, to Do Your shopping for toxin-laced gruel, with Transference-obsessed face-pulling True-self loathing Lunatics & Lunatits, charging You an arm & a leg, to go back to Your Rabbit Hutch & con-tinue paying through the nose, to live in Hatesville, watching a flashing-box on a fucked-sofa, surrounded by the clueless, hollow-point, low-life Rabid-Dogs Buzzing-at-the-Disco, daring You to Correctly BURST Them, in a Freezing Concentration-campus You pay & You pay & You “slave” to maintain :-

I also have a Pet Lizard Who Lives upside down on My Studio Wall & Unsuccessfully tries to Mug Beasties, I’ve not Seen Her Catch 1 …. As They easily fly-away or run-off, ripping the pish as They go, Shouting, “Get it up Ye, Ya Scaley bastart, You couldny Catch a cold, You are what I am,” whenever They See Her forked-tongue coming ….

Speaking of which, if A Female Sees Herself as Being A Queen, She Can Only “Be So” If She Knows How to Treat A King With The Respect Her Superior’s Due …. Furthermore, since, in 90% of Cases Females “never” Mature beyond 5 (Thus the “Fatherless” Kids Zionist & Suicides Jews WANT) & more-often than not They don’t Develop beyond “3,” Think of how RIDICULOUS a Culture You have with 3 Year old MUNCHKINS replacing Men, throwing Themselves off bridges …. Moreover, Picture a 3 Year old Dictating to a Grown Man what a REAL Man should be Like …. Males are “Groomed” by Genocidal-paedophiles to Allow Themselves to be discarded like old Sports Socks by “Infantile-Females,” when There Are Perfectly Good Whore Houses & Street Hookers Who’ll Treat You like A King, before going Home to BEAT “Their” Boy-friend, Who pays Her 10 times more, for NO Sex & the WRONG Kind of a HARD time ….

In My Upcoming Vid I Intend to Include the Difference between Men From 1 Side of the Road, in lagutroP, Who Wear Big Cowboy Hats & Their Smiles are BEAMING, with This Blissful Sunshine Glinting off Their Teeth, as They Laugh & Regale Each Other with what They’ve Been Up to, whilst Enjoying Their Own Life & “Income” ….

Whilst, on the Other side of the street, are “brow-beaten,” broken, very-troubled Looking Men, Who look nearly-insane & “exhausted,” Who are Accompanied by Mahogany Hob-goblins, with Square heads, Who walk like She’s shat Her Bloomers, with a Leg Positioned at the Extreme End of Either Side of Her Pelvis, like a Full Sized Snooker Table & A Curly Hair-do which fails to add Anything Feminine for Her Gurning Appearance, as She SQUAWKS LOUDLY as Though She were the Tempo of a Slave-Galley, whilst Her brow-beaten cohort nods in ticking subservience, wearing Either a Flat-cap or worse a pork-pie hat …. (TO THE WHORE HOUSE MEN !!!!)

Conversely, on The Other Sunnier Side of The Street, The Real+Men, Witnessing Them, Suddenly Appear to Have Even Greater Reason to Celebrate, ie Evil Dunce-Cunt Free :-

Due to My Sensitivity, I Can Appreciate that Narcissists and Megalomaniacs, no-matter how Much They Wish They were with The Other Party, at most Would Have a “Brief” Window of Mutual Opportchancity They Hope You’ll Jump through, before They Slam The Shutters & Pretend-Away that Yearning, which Will “Never” Leave Them ….

I Stand By what I Told Agent-Strawberry, in Person, that Often The Greatest of Romances are Between 2 Stalkers Who Happened to Both Want to Stalk Each Other at The Same Time …. However, Every Relationship Should Be About What You’re “Giving” & Being Grateful for What You Receive, which Is an Upwards+Trajectory, ie Not Egomaniacally “Preying-on” The Other Party, ensuring an ever-worsening outcome All round ….

Ideally, We’d All Allow Other People in Our Lives to Completely Be Their True+Self & not be “Prejudiced” or Take Them Seriously if They have a “weak” Brain-fart & also Support Them by Accommodating Their short-comings & “likewise” Our Own & to Simply SLOW down if Offence “is” caused & Then “Adjust” to The Contour of The Other, rather than Seize a Vulgar Semi-Bestial feeling of pseudo-power at a potential Sexual-conquest, (A.K.A. all-round Self-destruction ….)

Behold My Latest “Composition” which Even the TALENTLESS can Enjoy …. I’ve Got Several More “Ready to Rock” :-

I Found Recently, with People I’ve been Meeting, We Offered Each Other A Clean Slate & We were Laughing like old Friends, where No-one Preyed-on The Other Parties, We were Simply “Being” Happy “For” 1 Another & Adding to The Other’s Lot As Our True+Self …. But if Someone’s insecure, immature or proudly-mentally-impaired & You Give Them The Same Free+Reign, They “Tend” to get “carried-away,” then, in a Paedophile-ruled society They’re at Liberty to Flee People, due to Black-&-White Selfish-thinking towards Anyone Who Correctly Oppress hypocrites …. Never Pursue or impregnate Anyone Who doesn’t Cum Correct !!!!

Even-though, after the dust settles, the wayward then tend to PINE for The Greater+Party, Everafter & If You “Lend” A Hand to Scoop Them out of the latest Ditch They find Themselves in, none-the-less, the imbecile will simply Wish to Trade Places with You for PRETENGE, with is “ALWAYS” a bright idea …. So Keep Your Distance from Those Who Flee A Justice They can NEVER “outrun” & have That WEAKLY ingrained “Track-Record” & especially-if that’s a criminal one, Said “The Fugitive,” AT+LARGE, (FUCKIN’ EASY !!!!) :-

Kind regards,

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Erol On Narcissism

I was Con-Tacted by a young Jewish Guitarist, Who’s initials were C.J.D., I Noticed that Right away …. I “Presumed” it was the state-groomed & sanctioned “female” Serial-killer, Who’d Finally wanted to Surface to “Donate” Insights, which Would Be of Use to Me in Some Way, which Could Save “Starving Darkies” & Earn Her A Channeled Miracle …. However, I couldn’t be “Absolutely” Sure ….

I Replied, at Face Value, as I’ve Done EVERY time She’s “pretended” to be a Jew & in All the Other ways She’s Solicited Reply, when the Magical-Thinker’s Contacted Me …. Her Approach, Deluding Herself She’s “pretend-proving” She’s a mastermind, titillating Herself in a “mindlessly” repeated manner, due to having an imbecile’s ability to Gauge Consequence “&” a Desire to tempt fate & an urge Obsessed with the illusion of “Transference” …. (Which always works out so well for Her ….)

Behind which, She is “lonely,” desperate, seeking a thrill, reluctantly-regretful (ie Feeling bad about what She is,) imbalanced, Jealous & Also “Wondering,” ie Reluctantly-Hopeful ….

However, the 1st Time She did-so, as a Jew, She didn’t Know I’d Tracked-down the Owner of The Vids, Which were on The profile the Gimp had made-up & so I “Knew” it was Probably Her …. But Just in-case, I Still Kept the Veneer of Speaking to a Jewish Wizard, rather than Outing the  Ginger Cyclops ….

As I’ve Documented, repeatedly, She “always” Follows The “Exact Same Pattern” …. Her limited brain’s Solitary-pathology is Obsessed with “transference” & Hoping You “Choose” to Feel how the 3 year old feels, impotently “wishing” YOU would Choose to Feel that instead, due to the Weight of “Her” guilt & the blame which imbeciles are obsessed with believing “denying,” for mileage, might eventually alter REALITY …. Thus Ensuring Their “repeat” Performance ….

90% & 70% of Females & Males are “Imbeciles,” Who come to BELIEVE Their lies & before that, “Go proudnesses” if They can Con the LESS-IMPORTANT-THAN-SELF “Innocent” into Believing it’s “Their” fault, for “Spazmo’s” Lengthy list of sins, for which They NEED shot …. Which Any adverse Reaction, from the Innocent, allows Spazmo to Believe it’s a Mastermind, as the Imbecile “Confabulates” a variation on “You are what I am” ….

Accumulated Chains, Psychopaths can “Never” Shed, as They’ve “no intention” of Atoning for Their sins, as the Imbecile is Determined to delude itself that it went the Right way, at Primary Concentration Campus, when it’s Chicken-brain began attempting to Ameliorate against “Provably” Being A SHITE Person ….

Thus They REMAIN a Shite Person, in impotently-hopeful denial, as They NEVER Improve on Their “True Self,” which “ingrained” itself into a Defence-mechanism, which then Morphed into an unjustifiable-offence Mechanism & INSTEAD of Maturing it became an Opportunist “Sex-offender” ….

Which They’re prepared to DEFEND to the end, as They continue to “degenerate” further, Daily, “proudly” & imbecilically, on Their way to Hell, after Their already unenviable apology for a Life, as an arrested, HIDEOUSLY ugly, hollow Soul, in a subhuman retard ….

In Her Recent disguise, as A Jewish Male, Again, In-Case it “was” A Genuine Person, I Kept The Veneer whilst Addressing Them …. However, If She had “Come Correc’” I’d have Entertained whatever “Parameters” She may have wanted to Place on The Conversation, Transaction, Wishes & in Her Conveying Her Perception of Reality & no-doubt lies & alibis …. Nonetheless I’d have been Sensitive towards the hypocrite & Made it “Easy” on Her ….

If it was Indeed Her, It Would have Been Useful to receive at least an Honest Insight into either Her Inner Landscape, History, Present State, Wishes, Future plans, regrets, belief-system, HEARTFELT apologies & so on ….

However, I Articulated A Response which “Stemmed” the gamut of Her approach, Across The Board, due to Her “pathetic” Choice of pretending to be Yet Another Jewish Male …. Despite Her atypically Self-deluded approach, I gained Insights on Her past anyway, yet again ….

In My Reply, I Stated Clearly that I’d no intention of “magnifying or amplifying” Anything sent imbecilically …. That They either Speak Their Mind Honestly or “Bon Voyage” …. I Then Pointed Out the Gargantuan “disparity” between What I Channel & the minuscule “smear” which Megalomaniacal Psychopaths offer, which “pales” by “Comparison,” but which Allows Them to feel “Grandiose” if You waste Your time on the Trail left behind an Incontinent Slug …. (She may have been Offended at Having put a great deal of Thought into Her latest smear ….)

However, “1″ Sentence in Reply from Me is Enough to Make Her Mind Spiral in Countless Directions & Although I Clearly Illustrated that I’ve got an “Open Mind” & didn’t Expect “War & Peace,” I Deliberately went on to Write Out Several “High Brow” Checks & Measures, which Would Lead a Self-deluded Common-Person (ie superficial-binary) to Think, “FUCK THIS,” (at being cut-off at The Pass) …. Who’d then go-off the Idea & Con-veniently con-clude that “HE’S STUCK UP,” (due to being rumbled) & that I Think I’m a Know-It-all, “etc,” etc …. (AKA Being defeatist) …. Whereafter, She “Chose” Not to Express Her Self & Beliefs Etc, After I’d Left The Ball in Her Court & Rounded it off with This Video :-

The superficial nit-wit didn’t Write again & that was That …. I was Receiving Messages from Other People on Facepants, behind the Scenes & I was Surprised to See the Ginger-Jew’s Profile Showed as Still Being Active …. So Several Days later I Clicked on Their Name & took a Look at Their Profile, to See-if it was for Real or from the Ginger-Clinger ….

I Saw a list of Gothic suicide-metal tracks, posted, which I didn’t waste Any time listening to or Reading Lyrics on, as I’d Stated …. There was also a Black Rose logo & a photo of a Quantum landscape, (Cuddly Toy, Cuddly Toy) …. The wording on each Post was tantamount to gibberish & Self-pity, with “cyclical Self-mockery” as Regards Overcoming superficial, Self-imposed, imbecilic-cynicism …. The Jew was Profiled as Bi-Sexual & that Their Father was Sadistically & Autistically cruel, but Atypically blunt & unsupportive ….

I didn’t Return Again & a few Days later, I got A Note From Cheryl Saying I’d Private messages on Facepants, when I was Reading Them I wasn’t Surprised to See the “Exact same pattern,” ie The Jew’s Profile had been Completely removed ….

It may well have been A Jewish Male, however, Everything They Said in Their Opening Gambit was consistent with “Tells” I’d Read in Person, when the serial-killer, calling Herself Marie McCallum (Who’s Sister is Jacqueline Bradley) had Targeted Me, (for Her usual criminal-campaign,) where She’d failed & “instead” fallen for Me …. ie Due to My Moral Heart “foiling” & Freeing the evil-intent mind, from the Range of immoral-aims Lunatics “pride” Themselves on ….

Thus Revealing a little Girl Who’d harboured “both” Ambitions of Ideal Love, with Me & “accumulated” pretend-revenge, “Both” for Ghosts from Her “Past” & ANYTHING I may have Said which hurt the pathologically-lying hypocrite’s delicate sensibilities …. (COMBO !!!!)

Her infatuation for Me & attachment, the Equivalent of a 3 year old having a Crush on a Rock Star …. But if the Rock Star doesn’t Dominate Her then She reveals “MANIA” & wants to Kill Him to Keep Him or con-clude that He’s wishy-washy, if He’s Kind Enough to “Encourage” Her, which Hate-Consumed, Narrow-minded, Lunatics & Lunatits Co-opt to get yet-more pretend-revenge on Men-of-the-past ….

Alternatively Any Excuse, She manufactures, means The Mark’s “guilty” of Deserving whatever crime She conjures next, from Her dirty little bag of clapped-out Tricks, especially if He’s unaware He’s been targeted by a pathologically-lying Lunatic Who prides itself on Humans being “Groomed” to fail to Shoot feral beasts, by Decree of ruthless, Cowardly, Self-deluded Landed paedophiles  ….

Her “range” of outcomes is “premeditated” & can often degenerate into stealing Your curtains & putting a dog-bowl through Your window, for Not being Allowed to pseudo-accomplish that slew of Offences or The hidden Dreams which the megalomaniac had in-store for The Rock Star even had They Dominated Her & as I Discovered when I Put My Foot down & the Butt-Naked “Savage” shed Her Skin & ran off Squawking, “You are what I am ….” …. The Coward Never to be Seen again in 3D …. (Unless You’re A Skilful Manipulator of Kangaroo-Courts & Corrupt Cops, 100% “complicit” with Landed paedophiles, All NEEDING shot ….)

The vacuum of a #Psychopath’s lack of Conscience is such that They “hope” You just “forget” about Their countless attempts at committing heinous-offences against You, which the hypocrite Believes You’re not supposed-to “accumulate” & which They’re Regally “Entitled” to & because it’s not happening to the “lazy” Self-amazing 3 Year old Handicap, Themselves, so it’s not “Stored” or “Experienced” as SHOULD be …. However, They Always Know Right from wrong & so SHOULD be Exterminated ….

Moreover, when They’re Naturally Trumped, You’ve to dismiss Memory of Their evil hopes of psychologically-abusing the Person They “thought” You were …. Their aim’s to Con You out of “Remembering” & Correctly “either” wanting to Apply “Consequence” or Take Distance …. For Either “Retaliation” the twisted-instigator will Pretend that That “pre-dates” Their “thrilling” pre-meditated criminal-campaign of Gross Hypocrisy, P.UNISHABLE B.y D.eath …. (Converting the Initials BPD to P.B.D. ….)

They Make it You or Them & They ONLY have Themselves to blame, FUCK THEM & the Charabanc of spastics They come off …. INSTEAD …. “They” GENUINELY “&” disingenuously Hope You’ll believe You should “softly softly” Reseduce Them, with Your Tender Heart, as They’ve “invested” time into Your PESKY AUTONOMY ….

They Ideally Believe They Deserve Your Tender Heart & disguise Their addiction to abusing & dominating & USING you, disguised further by the Self-delusion that ALL Their evil is because Their SUPER-Heart is Worth so much more than Yours’ & that You’re Being “insensitive” to the Psychological-ABUSER & would-be SERIAL KILLER ….

If You “miss” the MIRAGE They’d Then have You believe You’ve now to Accept Their other “Agendas,” 1 of which may be to get-married to Them, as They “GROOM” You & Then to have a Baby, so She can GET HIGH on the FREE DRUGS & the experience, including Meritless Attention & “not-forgetting” Subsequent Paedophile-state “payments” …. Then She’ll either rid Herself of You or Leave “YOU” to Raise The Child alone, whilst the whirling-dervisher is “off” on Her next criminal-campaign or “Episode” ….

Update COMBO, to BIMBO !!!! …. See, Barbie with a Flick Knife & a poisoned Vial, with a finishing Mold for that Production line, of Mindless evil Self-deluded Clones, which impales The living Doll, so She’s got a Vagina like a Set of Swing Doors in an Emergency ward, after the Glasgow Derby …. 90% of Females would be Better off having a Revolving Door fitted, between Their Legs …. (By A Man ….)

In My Study of McCallum/Dickson, in Person, I Witnessed suppressed Sexual-depravity “in mind” which Allowed Me to See what lies in Store for Those Who don’t As Easily Overcome the superficial Reptile’s would-be Hypnosis …. Which Lunatics pride Themselves on & was Best Lampooned by St. Bram Stoker …. (Bear in Mind The “Solutions” He Recommended ….)

eg Psychopaths are psychologically-incontinent, due in part to Proto-emotional incapacity, so Stoker invented Renfield, Who’s obsessed with Bugs, Who wants to Progress to sucking on Humans …. The insect is the Metaphor for Renfield’s “tiny” mind, which All Psychopaths “project” ….

So, McCallum/Dickson Sees Herself as being an Animal & wants to be Dominated by a Loving Randy Generous Sensitive Handler, Which She secretly Craves, Whilst Wanting A Balance in-between & like 90% of Females (AKA Sick Cunts) She’d “prefer” to Set-up a MOAN-FEST, which Lunatits believe is a Position of POWER, where They can constantly DICTATE to You to FILL that BLACK HOLE …. Which does NEITHER of You any Good & essentially Truly sickens Her more & wares Down The Mark, ie The STAR ….

Conversely, if The Man Promotes His Own Vision, She’ll try to RESIST & withhold & obstruct & pretend to be the Arbiter of Reality, DICTATING what “Rightfully” Expecting ANYTHING from Her makes You …. She’ll Prey-on “tiny” points, nit-picking at Volume, Amazing Herself if You Endure it & if You Do She somewhat-irredeemably Thinks less of You & that She’s “Got 1,” Her Own Personal Human Punchbag to Abuse …. Precisely as the Paedophile-on-the-Hill, rubbing His plums, WANTS ….

If The “Innocent” Man Insightfully Overcomes Her Jousts “&” She Sees Him as Being Enough of A Catch, that the “cold-blooded” Villainess doesn’t want to Lose Him just-yet “&” He “Therefore” Manages to Inspire the piece-of-shit & Lifts the Burst-Arsed-Spastic into “His” Dream, She Then Find Herself Tripping The Light Fantastic & “secretly” Looks Back on the Moaning-minnie Who’d have been Sitting in Track-suit Bottoms, in a Dictatorship-of-silence, preying on His Psychology & causing Him Brain damage & so She temporarily feels a little-bit-bad & Recognises Her lack of “Vision,” but then INSULTS Him, to make that “feel” ALL better, due to Her delusions-of-perfection ….

Which He’s not to Add, to Her “Accumulating” offences, which the GROSSLY IMPERFECT BEHEMOTH is 100% Guilty of, in Her JABBERING Chicken-brain, otherwise She’ll SQUAWK as She runs from Her latest crime-scene, “YOU ARE WHAT I AM” & spouting Everything-else the EVIL SCUM-bag has been “storing” up against Him, with a treacherous & Hypocritical minutia of accounting ….

Conversely, Above All That, as He Forgives Her latest irrational neurotic slight, whilst She’s In The Throws of Him Morally “Leading” Her to New Heights, She Then SOON FORGETS that She’d have been BEING an EVIL INHUMAN WORTHLESS CUNT towards Him, in a Gloomy unwelcoming prison-camp …. Instead, She Throws Her Half-empty Head Back, Laughing & Daring Him not to See Her Beauty, as She FULLY ENJOYS Her “undeserved” Benefits of His COURAGEOUS Vision, which Her Very presence Must Outshine ….

Which He’ll Then have to FIGHT to “Provide” Every time, until His early Grave, due to the Beast-of-Burden, Who’ll then be Soaking Up the Sympathy & later the Lizard will be found on the Beach spending His Life-insurance …. TO THE WHORE HOUSE MEN !!!!

In My previous Vids, I Gave the fee-male Serial-killer A Chance to Redeem Her Soul & That I’d Channel A Miracle into Her Life if She “Came Correc’” & I’d Genuinely Have Treated Her Unique Perspective & Contribution with “Respect” & So on …. Which Would Have Involved Her Conveying, from Her Dark pit, What She Truly Believes would’ve been Something I Could’ve Helped Save “Pickininis” with …. Which I’d Declared in My Vid ….

#Psychopaths are Identical to 1 Another, so it May Just Be “Amazing” Coincidence that C.J.D. repeated a String of “Tells” I’d Read, as the “Psychic” Detective, which Paedophile-State “Groomed,” woefully-inadequate Lunatits “expect” You to be …. But it probably was Her “&” She Chose to Come as a Male Jew, for the Cuckoo to titillate Herself & Cover Her Ample Arse, just in case dnaltocS SUDDENLY “developed” a Justice System, that isn’t run by “rings” of Sex-offenders NEEDING shot in the face ….

“Due” to Her imbecilic “Approach” I Made it Difficult for Her to Tell “Her” story & One can Only Draw the Conclusion that She doesn’t Believe She’s going to hell & She doesn’t TRULY See that The Moral+Law is constantly punishing Her (Karma) …. It’s Apparent that the sulking-nihilist isn’t going to change Her ways, She “unsurprisingly” doesn’t Care & Her ego continues to be “Her Everything” & lies Her “transparent” attempt to cover Her retreat from “wittingly” putting Her Self in the Vulnerable Position She “always” Finds Her Self in anyway …. A downward spiral ….

The FILTHY Jew Declared what I’d Already Known was Likely to be the Case, As I’d Read the “Tells” the Ginger-prostitute had Given, when I Said The Same Key phrases to Her, in Person, (I won’t Repeat Them,) but She was essentially Showing Me some of Her “scars” & some of Her early regrets & long-held suspicions …. I’d Have Welcomed An Even Field of Open Dialogue ….

She only has Her Self to blame, as per, for Her latest Pantomime ending in Her being Butt-hurt, at Being Foiled in All Her goals, THEN giving rise to Her “store” of further mental-gymnastics, to convince Herself of the “exact same” garbage, She’s been wallowing-in for Donkey’s Years & the exact same tired, clapped-out, “worthless” & evil pantomime She’s been pedaling Her Whole Life …. The aftermath Being, Her then Sending Cheryl premeditated “denials” to cover Her trail …. YAWN ….

When the Ginger-hypocrite Decrees You as Being Sensitive or Deserving Enough for Her to “open up,” alongside Her Open Arms lies the atypical psychopath-obsession with an Armoury of weaponry Should You cause a Stir in the Hive Mind, with “Your” INDOMITABLE, Audaciously Masculine & Adult OWN Mind, “Attempting” to Fit LIFE into Her Wendy House Sized spell, where the wicked-witch Intends to Claw Her nails down Your Brain to spread “Her” disease & upon Your “unwillingness” to Endure without Censure, She Then Flies off on Her Broom-stick SQUAWKING, Shouting Obscenities over Her Bare Arse, along with, “I Never wanted You anyway ….”

Beside Those Arms, lay primed imaginary-buffers, to “diffuse” slights …. I Presume (as the evil minx had repeatedly hoped in the past,) She’d hypocritically wanted to get past Cheryl’s guard & simply wanted Me to be “drawn down” to the microdot, which Allows nit-wits to Hop around & Hope You’re left Calling-out to a Hall of Mirrors, whilst They titter 1 perch above You, peeing-themselves, imagining They’ve “Traded-Places” with You, seeing Themselves as wearing a Dark hooded robe, which Hides Their dripping Adult diaper ….

When Self-amazing Chimps nip-around, like They were in a Jungle-Fire, We “SHOULD” Have An Elected “Arbiter of Reality” (Other Than My Good Self,) I’d Choose A Southern+Irish Catholic Curly Copper Haired Guinness Drinker & We’d Go Across to Him Live, Projected Onto A Huge Public Screen & Convey The Perceptions of Reality which Both Parties Are Stating They Believe to Be True & He’d Lower His Guinness from His Lips, Just Long Enough to Say, “Erol fairly buried Her There, after All Her latest slithering ….” GLUG, Glug, Glug, glug …. The Crowd Would Be In Rapture & the Ginger Witch would be Hung !!!! ….”HUZZAH !!!!”

What People won’t Understand is, that God Provided Me with incrementally increasingly heavier Dark Gems, At The Pace I Could Handle, ALL of Whom “Should” be Executed, if You “can” Alter “Your” Society in the-time-remaining …. Even-though the Ginger-magician had targeted Me (the same way the career-criminal has targeted Countless Unsuspecting Past Innocents,) before, during “&” after, the imbecile Genuinely fell for Me & wanted to Save Me from “Her” Self & For Me to Inspire “Her” out of Her pessimistic debauchery & evil-practices, borne of Her delusions that She’s a mastermind & Doing You A Favour ….

Behind which lies a bitter, lonely, desperate, Married, SLOW, forlorn, “LIAR,” Who can Forgive Herself for ANYTHING You’d class as the behaviour of Someone Who’s either beyond DAFT or a “Piece of shit” ….

A lack of True+Conscience leading to the UNWORTHY “defaulting” to Judging Her next Mark as Deserving to be punished, Should They not Worship Her 1-Eyed Ginger-magnificence or Allow Her to Commit Her range of Offences “or” Alternatively Overthrow Her evil-myopia & Dominate Her & Give Her the Perfect Love She Secretly Craves, which Requires Her, in the 1st Instance, to not Even Consider “Being” a Sickening Scum-bag Needing shot in the Face ….

She Idealises that Mr. Right would See Through Her “Basic Instinct” & Overcome Her Stocked Range of Weaponry & pre-meditated Secondary weaponry & pre-meditated range of campaigns She has in Store for Those Who waste the Queen insect’s time, especially if She’s dared to Care a Jot about Them …. GOD HELP THEM !!!!

In Person, the evil, WEARY, WEARISOME, TEDIOUS, ENDLESSLY INCONTINENT Ginger-tosser also wanted to “Help” Increase My Magnification into Her fantasy-world & That Above All Else, when “Coupled” to My Ability to See A Person’s Inner Child & to Metaphysically “Know” what They’re Truly Thinking, At All Times, was what led to Me “rejecting” Corrupt-cop’s “repeated” requests to have Her & Her Sister imprisoned, when the FILTH had given-up on Their hopes at causing Me P.T.S.D. too, as Directed to by the Paedophiles-on-the-hill …. (Cue the Public Up in Arms …. I’ll not Hold My Breath ….)

I’ve made No Bones about The Fact that She was repeatedly Helpful towards Me whilst repeatedly Trying to commit Every offence in Her well-thumbed little black Book …. Her lengthy-lying Allows Her to Believe She’s at a 45 Degree Angle to Reality & that You’re Looking at Her Projection, where She can Sit “Peripherally” & Judge You, whilst Looking for Her excuses & alibis & Sizing You Up for the aforementioned Firing-range ….

No matter how often I Told Her that Her shit was garbage & Documented that She’s a transparent liar, She continued, as The Sane struggle to Believe it’s Possible to be a Masked-Lunatic “hiding-in-plain-view” …. I Then Often Saw Her Heart-sink When She believed, at “Light speed,” that She wasn’t Good enough for Me & that I’d be Repulsed by The Real Her ….

In My Latest Vid, I Provide 1 of My Inventions, which has NOTHING AT ALL to do with Psychopaths, Which Is A “Solution” which Conveniently Completely “Overcomes” hell-bound Lunatics obsessed with psychological-abuse & Daylight-robbery, ie SHITE people …. It was Conceived As A Gift to The World, Completely “Independently” of the subsistence of Mongs, in It’s Creation …. Which Appalls “Meritless” & Talentless, flat-lining Attention-Whores, Who NEVER Ask Themselves WHY “Great People” NEVER want Anything to do with “Incontinent Arseholes” :-

Retards amaze Themselves by trying to Dominate Innocent People, with Their acting & melodrama, “Disturbing The Peace” …. Behind which, the Reptard may Be tired of Their HOLLOW fantasy-world & Common parlour-tricks & Reach The Point Where They Genuinely Want A Real Relationship, with the Latest injured Party, but That Innocent Still has to Jump through Hoops to Deserve the delusional 3 Year old Simian nut-case …. (Just Make Mine A Guinness or a Glass of Farm Red ….)

When the mental-spastic “can’t” Get it’s way, it then wants “perpetual” pretend-revenge for it’s toilet-throne’s foiled-delusions, thus Why it Needs to be Executed …. As it “Never” stops & it has No Justification or Alibi of Any Kind other than it’s internally “Elected” Fascist Reign of “Fantasy” ….

Interpersonally & Globally, I’ve Found “More Moral” Over+Arching & Simple Solutions, than Execution …. Most of Which I’ll Be Providing in My Next Vid …. (However, 90% of Females & 70% of Males NEED shot in the face, for Their “obsession” with pretend-revenge …. But “SADLY” that doesn’t Mean to Say They “MUST” Be ….)

In Her Approach, in Person & more recently, The Ginger Night-Mare Admitted to being an “Animal” in Human Form & She’s Been “Honest” in So Many ways, whilst All the While “hoping” to Be Offensive to “ameliorate” against the “Rejection & loss” She always fears, “in advance” …. (Prophecy, She never tires of Fool-filling ….)

I didn’t Know what Lay in Store, if McCallum/Dickson had have Taken Me Up on The+Offer, I’d Thrown Open to All-Sorts, in My Previous Vids …. I Laughed at the Possibilities, eg The Strawberry-blonde-Orangutan Asking for Sanctuary & Amnesty in exchange for Revealing Her True Self, leading to Her pitching Up at the Other end of The Promised Land, in a Caravan, where Buggalugs has to Deliver Chocolate every 2 Hours like Clockwork & at Night He adds a Flagon of Farm Red, whereupon I Chum Him down with Planks, Nails & A Good Hammer, to Board Her in …. Afterwhich, We ignore The Howling …. Then set Her Free in the Morning, (When We Remember,) where We leave a Pile of Chocolate & run for Our Lives ….

Only, 1 Night We Hear the Boards Creaking in the Distance & the Howling gets Louder & then We Hear the Sound of Approaching Hooves, whereupon My Trusty Manservant Buggles Looks at Me Pensively & Asks “Should I Get The Rifle Sir ?!?!” …. I Reply, “No Buggles, This is Personal, that’s the 3rd time This Month the Beast has Escaped …. She’s costing Me a small fortune in Nails & Buckshot …. Her Hides like Rhino Skin Anyway ….” …. Buggles nods & Hands Me My Trusty Club & Hiking Boots & Says, “I Wish You Well Sir …. Bring Me back a Ginger rug …. God Speed ….”

If I hadn’t have Taken the Time to Show Cheryl, How to “Magnify” a smear, She not have Known about the latest impotent, microscopic ill-wishes of the Red-Death’s imaginary Self-image, deluding itself it’s a Mastermind, with half a Chicken’s brain …. Cheryl’s Agreed to not Bother Her Arse “magnifying” Anything Else from hell-bound low-lives & has Passed that Message on to Erollowers Who are now Being Stalked by Fire-breathing Ginger Lunatics too …. (You Couldn’t make it up ….)


To the hell-bound, unenviable, Self-deluded, Self-amazing, Self-destructive Hypocrite, Their tiny Mind’s delusions-of-intelligence & delusions-of-perfection are Their EVERYTHING …. LUNATICS believe They DESERVE what They’ve NO TALENT to substantiate, other than “desperately” BULLSHITTING Themselves that They’re something They’re not ….

Thus, Their Chicken-brain Always puts the “AUTHENTIC” Success of Others down to “Good luck” & that You don’t Deserve it & instead They Deserve it, which is hotly followed by, “You are what I am,” based-on ANY excuse, especially if You don’t Pretend-along-with-Spazmo, Who’s a primitive, ARROGANT, “INSANE” HYPOCRITE, NEEDING shot in the inbred face ….

They’re a walking “liability” & Should be Exterminated …. However, I’m Always Duty+Bound to Find More MORAL+Solutions, “Beyond the Comprehension of Mong” & In This Video & The Next I Reveal Them …. When I’d Rather run around with a Blunderbuss, “discriminately” Executing 80% of Humanimals & Their TRANSPARENT misleaders, ALL of Whom are JABBERING SPASTICS BEGGING to be Dispatched to HELL, where They Belong for ETERNITY …. As, EVERY “piece o’ shit” I’ve EVER met KNOWS right from wrong, but Lacks “SELF AWARENESS” & the Ability to Appreciate ANYTHING, They’re EVIL primitive “bestial” sleazy “bird brains” ….

The next time You Look at a Lentil, cut it into 32 pieces & then hold 2 of Them Up to The Window, Then THINK of EVERYONE You can REMEMBER from Your ENTIRE Life Who didn’t want You to Know They’re RETARDED, Who behaved in a Manner Known as “NEEDING SHOVED OUT THE WINDOW” & Who was Existentially-Jealous of You, Whom You incorrectly failed to EXECUTE, then whilst Looking at The “Fractions of Lentil,” Say Out Loud, “FUCK ‘BEING’ YOU” !!!!

ALL of the fraction-brained, suffer from Such delusions-of-intelligence that They’re desperate to OFFEND Those They’re woefully-inadequate by Their Own Comparison too, it helps “RELIEVE” the Unselfaware delusional Sex-offender ….

When Shite like that go for the long-con, even when They’re Rumbled, the cerebral-rectum is Still rumbling as it runs out The Door, shouting that “You’re to blame” …. EXECUTE them …. They’re WALKING SHITE & that’s the Thanks You get for “Granting” Squawking, Jabbering, True+Self-loathing parasitic Animals “Human+Rights” …. ie “Extinction” ….

I’m As High As I was, at Times, When I 1st Arrived in Portugal …. It’s No Coincidence that when “HOMOSEXUALS” met Me They TARGETED My Happiness & H-H-HOPED to Adversely Affect That, for which Zionist Jews are CORRECTLY Exterminating You, as Although “They” GROOMED You to reveal Your True Self, it was So Jack Palance could Then Believe You “MUST” be Exterminated for what You’ve “Chosen” to BECOME ….

But You Shouldn’t be Exterminated “before” Them & There IS A More Moral+Way …. Once Again, “Beyond The Comprehension of Mong ….” …. Which was A Book Written by My late Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great great Grand+Father ….

Lunatic’s delusions of intelligence are bolstered by Their tiny mind “imagining” They’re pulling the leg of a Spider off & Hoping to Psychologically-abuse Anyone Who takes Their SHITE seriously & REACTS to a Chimp impotently hoping to offend You, so You suffer Nerve failure & the Spastic ejaculates in front of You, which makes the degenerate feel-better about being a flat-lining Chicken-brained reptile NEEDING shot in the face ….

As I’ll Be Exposing in My Next vid, I’ve Seen Rome & Every Major City I Care to have Visited & Decided a Loooooooong time ago, with the added later assistance of St. old Les, to NEVER have to set foot in a gutter Ever again or Meet Another Gutter-snipe BEGGING Me to EXECUTE it, as the Incontinent is so deranged the SPASTIC believes it can shed it’s skin & therefore STOP being a Lizard & that TRANSFERENCE will have taken place ….

As I later Discovered Yeshua of Nazareth Also noticed “that approach” is tantamount to Their Cyclical “Just Desserts” as the corruption behind Their “temporary” unselfaware-high is Why They REFUSE to stop being PUNISHED via The Moral+Law Of “The Divine” & Since They Then Come to BELIEVE the lies the Lunatic wants to Foist on You, Thus Why You MUST Keep Your Distance from the gutter, which is Rather Easy to Do, when You’ve Already Seen Rome ….

Fortunately, My Mission & FREEDOM, Light Years Ahead of & Infinitely Above & Beyond the Trash of the gutter, coincides with Me Being LOCKED & LOADED to blow Holes through would-be psychologically-abusive Retards, desperately & impotently PRETENDING-&-HOPING by pulling inbred faces of hate, ie True Self loathing …. Behind which They’re secretly a Good Person NEEDING shot ….

Thus, shite-free, My High has Kept On Climbing, Higher than I Thought is Possible, With Every Passing Day …. Today I Saw Geese Flying in Several V Formations, Laughing At “low-life” Hunters Who can’t Reach High Fliers, no-matter how greasy the “trigger” finger ….

Perhaps it’s the Blissful Weather, Where You can Get A Sun Tan of a Morning or The Idyllic View & Perhaps It’s Because I Know I’m moving on Up Again …. Perhaps it’s Because Buggalugs Pads over to Me simply to Be Beside Me when I’m Having A Coffee at The Stone Picnic Table …. Perhaps It’s because Cleopatra is the Most Beautiful Furry Bitch on Earth …. Perhaps It’s Because My Chooks are Nick Park Characters Come to Life …. Perhaps It’s because I haven’t had a whining, incontinent, evil bitch in My Life for Over A Year now & It’s NOT been a Day too long ….

Perhaps it’s because I haven’t met a Napolean acting-out His unconscious Request for Me to SMASH His inbred FACE through the back of it’s HOLLOW skull …. When You’re MORAL & “Doing what IT takes,” regardless of the “initial” costs, FOREVER KEEP “Your” Distance from SLIME-bags Who BELONG in the gutter ….

I’d RATHER Be A Happy Wanker than an unhappy fucker & It’s “IMPOSSIBLE” for Me to Now “Endure” Anyone TRYING to Offend Me ever again, no-matter how impotently & transparently, as I’d simply SHOOT Them in the fucking face …. Which would mean as much to Me as You Cooking something made of the Potato Which Your Hand’s never too far away from …. WHEN was the Last time You WOKE UP Sweating & Sat Upright Thinking, “OH NOH, I DONE THAT TATTIE IN !!!!” …. Did You pace the floor That Night ?!?!

You Live on a Planet where Incontinent, hate-consumed, utterly Self-deluded, genocidal Sex-offenders, Who haven’t Developed beyond 3 & are Predominately Simian, are Obsessed with Targeting Innocent People & pretending & often BELIEVING “Any” Reaction “PRE-DATES” Their wholly-unwarranted instigation, which You’ve to let Them away with, because They’re Holier-Than-Thou …. EXECUTE it …. (Although, expect Them to “pretend” They’ve suddenly become the “Arbiter of Morality,” in Their protestations hypocritically Hoping to prey-on Your Moral+Conscience ….)

“ie” Being “Absolutist” in My Thinking, With The Jewess’ Profile in Mind, Since I’d Already Recorded My Latest Vid, I Innocently Asked Cheryl Today, if Anything had Come in from the Orangutan …. I could Already Tell by Her Laugh, before She replied …. She Said, “Loads of shit ….” …. Cheryl covers All My Websites & Mails now & Marshalls the Troops of Erollowers, Whom Her Skills have Reduced to Them doing Very little Per Day & Getting Max Results, in Interest & Traffic to Many of My Sites ….

She’d been “Obliged” to Not Tell Me up until Now & I didn’t Ask Her to Do Her Own investigations …. However, All I Asked Her was “Why” She Thinks the 3 year old Continues to Send Shit & She basically Said, that the serial-killer still thinks “there’s a chance” She can get Me to “Choose” to feel frustrated into Deciphering & wanting to reply to foreign junk-mail & that I’ll read the lyrics of the Latest Websites She’s built in My Honour & then Track Her down to Her ginger-pube-strewn Nest & Start Singing the Lyrics of My Classic Song, “Hurry back to Me My pig-faced love ….”

We had A Good Chuckle & Cheryl added that She Believed the “combined” recent Activity was Tantamount to a Lengthy “reseduction” campaign, where McCallum/Dickson had “Genuinely Hoped” to Convey Her inner-suffering & personal perceptions & when Scolded had become frustrated, so charged Pseudo-Homosexually “Panting” to the Other Extreme, Where Cheryl said She’d made it CLEAR She’d wanted a Sexual relationship with Me Again & in a nut-shell, to be “Rescued” & that She was Never going to Stop until We Were an Item ….

Which brought Back Memories of Her “Tell” I Read about “Just Jack” Stalking “Kevin Bacon” in “Will & Grace” …. But She’s NOT a Poof & I don’t have a HUGE Nose …. Moreover, She’s the MOST Female female I’ve EVER met …. She’s simply “primitive” & raised in a deMORALised Society, which Encourages Her All round Self-Destruction to Manifest ….

She Does have Brilliant aspects to Her Mind, sadly sown as sin …. Futhermore, She let Me Know the Clock’s ticking, as regards the rapid degeneration of Her condition …. She can’t Say to Satan that I didn’t Offer …. Harrowingly, I got The Impression that She Believes She gets Communications from Another Realm, which “Countless” People Would INSIST is True ….

Basically, Her Pineal Gland leaks DMT, due to Her Prefrontal Cortex not Functioning Correctly, whereupon She essentially Dream with Her Eyes Open …. Moreover, The Section of the Brain which Lights Up when YOU Hear “External” Audio, Lights Up when The Schizophrenic Brain is having These Delusions, flash-backs, Echoes of past-abuses & when Being Traumatised by Their Own Sadistic not-so-super Ego …. My Ability to HEAL People in That Condition no-longer frustrates Me when They prefer the pull of the Wild & are Determined to FAIL Themselves & Their Family ….

I’ve Not Looked & Will Not Look at What Cheryl based Her Findings on, There may be Coincidences in there which Psychopaths “thrive” on, in Atypical plausible-deniability & sowing Seeds of doubt …. But She closed Her Statement with Adding that the Last thing She got, was in-keeping with the “precise” Exact-same pattern I’d informed Her about since Day 1 & Which I’ve Documented in Previous Vids …. Which always ends with, “HA HA, I didn’t want You anyway ….”

It’s apparently Lost on the evil Orangutan that I have to “Know” whatever She’s been slithering-about Her greasy mouse-pad & “impotently” Mailing Cheryl, if I’m to be Innocent Enough to be “drawn down” into Her 2D fantasy World, rather-than, “Not” being drawn at all, Foiling Her “Evidentially” & at Length, then Lampooning Her with a Video & then Taking no more to Do with Her or Her superficial forlorn “droppings” & only finding Out about Her imaginary-Self-image’s latest “denials” via Cheryl’s anecdotes …. Which is Both Her DESERVED fate & Transference “FAIL” !!!!

You could Describe Her Conditions as being Manic-Psychosis, which Translates as a Hypersensitive bad Person with a Fish Supper on Each Shoulder …. She’s Grown in Confidence in ALL the wrong ways, since Infancy & Believes that The Relationship She Desires in Her Heart of Hearts requires Her to fit into a TINY paradigm, when in Fact She’s a BRUTAL, MORONIC, MINDLESS, SELFISH, Hate-Consumed, RAVING LUNATIC, Who ideaises BEING that way, as it makes the-delusional feel more Confident & ADULT …. Spot the Difference if You Can ….

Even-though, no-doubt to the Surprise of Those Who Know Her, She’s Secretly a Bookish Nerd …. But, SHITE which behave as She does towards Innocent People, Doesn’t DESERVE Love …. Such Hypocrites Should “Encourage” Those Who’ve been Promoted above “Mark” to reach Farther down, in a Society that Teaches Us to be Insensitive & Hopes to deMORALise us ….

However, Psychopaths “appear” to be Incapable of Love …. Which is Evidence, Yet Again, of The Moral+Law of The Divine, as what You “INGRAIN” into Your Brain HARDENS into the Bars of Your Prison, within which MISERY LOVES COMPANY ….

Everyone’s Capable of Having Everything They DESIRE, You simply have to Come Correc’ & Be OPEN & Honest & “SLOW DOWN” at ANY Insensitivity which is going to “CARRY FORWARD” between Both Parties …. Both Men & Women NEED to Learn This & ironically, As I’ve Documented in Previous Vids, it was My Study of McCallum/Dickson that Increased My Ability to Be Sensitive & MORE Moral at that Level & Adjust IT At The Higher Level ….

eg I’d NEVER Have a Sexual Relationship with a Female again, if I DIDN’T See A Long Term Future with Her …. However, nor would I “Underestimate” the Affect of ANY Female, Who’s more than Capable of Making You Miss Her, which This Fabulous Well Worded Song Underlines, which I Bought when I was a Teenager & Then the Album, which was quite poor :-

As You’ll Discover …. If Cheryl’s Investigative Deductions are Right, but She’s “wrong” that McCallum/Dickson’s latest Teenage Boyfriend “DOESN’T” Exist, then I Can’t Deny I “Truly” Feel Sorry for Him, as He’ll have NO IDEA that He’s laying next to a PATHOLOGY which has INGRAINED a “hollow” FALSE SELF into a pseudo-psychotic, Homocidal, Criminally-insane, Bye-Sexual, Sex-offender, Who’s Husband’s swinging in the Attic above Them ….

ie She’s a Paranoid Schizophrenic Megalomaniacal Psychopath obsessed with Trying to Cause Her Marks P.T.S.D. & leave Her Marks on Them ANY way the Witch can, especially if They don’t Allow Her to “FINISH” the-job …. (FUCKIN’ EASY !!!!)

My Advice to Any Such Man is to THROW the Man-hating nymphomaniac THROUGH THE FUCKING WINDOW & let Black-magic Break Her Fall :-

Alternatively, KEEP HER FUCKING …. Otherwise You’ll get, weary Violin Music playing & “variations” on, “LET ME continue to try to kill you, or the GINGER Gets it ….” …. This is A Photo of Me Politely Declining Her “last” Request, which a Neighbouring Witness managed to Snap in Time :-

Erol with foiled serial-killer Marie Mccallum http://Christlike.be

Erol with foiled serial-killer Marie Mccallum/Dickson

I Presume McCallum/Dickson is in between “Marks” at the moment, “suffering” as per for Her Combined evil & “terrified” of the Fact She can No Longer Redeem Her Soul & That No-one was Ever as Close to “Her” True Self than Myself, Whom She Sees Her Father in …. Her stubbornness in “Denying Gravity” Exists makes ALL Her Worth into Worthless ….

As I Documented A Loooooong time ago, the insignificant hell-bound hypocrite Essentially Hopes YOU Choose to be Offended if She’s worked Her “mouse-pad-magic,” Sponsored by TommeeTippee, Who also Make Great Styrofoam Cups & strings, which Reach to Your Local piggery …. (FUCKIN’ EASY !!!!) …. Her mouse-pad-hopes are that, by PROVING She’s a fucking DISGRACE, You must want to “Rescue” Her no-matter how You INTERPRET that ….

She “can’t” Really Tell the Difference between Your Range of Intentions & Hopes that She’s “Proving” MORALITY doesn’t Exist, Moreover, She Clearly can’t Tell even the Difference between Her Fanny & Her Heart …. Unless it’s got a String hanging from it …. Either way I wouldn’t Pull it …. Been There, Binned the T-Shirt & The Witch & The Country & SYSTEM of Genocidal Reptiles getting Their “Just Desserts” ….

I’ll be Exposing the Parallel Sob stories I’ve Heard from SO MANY Females Who PRETEND They “can’t stop” NEEDING shot in the face & Who ALWAYS end-up suicidal, but “Don’t let on, never let on” …. (THE WINNER’S STRATEGY) …. That Sketch includes My Strategy & The HAPPY Single old Portuguese Men with Cowboy Hat’s Strategy & ends with the Phrase “Ooga Booga ….” about The Island where I did all My Fucking with WHORES & Left Them riding Their Kangaroos around PITS of Children’s bones, as I Flew into The Sunset  ….

Due to Prefrontal & Temporal lobe impairment & degeneration the aforementioned Ginger Head-banger has “Seemingly” insatiable urges, which Her Prefrontal Cortex struggles with, thus, She is Excessive & when Coupled to “pretending” She’s not to blame, it leads to promiscuity, alcoholism, drug-addiction, crime & so on, ie She’s an Exhausting liability & Beast of burden with a Tiny mind ….

She Sees Me as “Both” A Parent Who can “psychically” Read Her inner most Wants (Which I Can, Even Remotely) & ALSO She wants Me to “punish” Her masochistic-streak …. However, if You DO So She flees like an Orangutan with it’s nappy on Fire, conversely, if the People She Brutalises “can’t” Penetrate Her Chicken-brain, so Easily, She then Thinks They’re not Good Enough to Be Daddy & with Trade Mark Patience moves on to The NEXT tit …. (Zionist Jews are having a Field-Day ….)

Yet, Despite Her crimes & concentrated-evil, I’d Still Offered My Hand down into Her Leper Colony, simply Because of Her going-against Her “Manifestly” confirmed-evil, to “Also” Try to Help Me, in the past, during Her “parallel” approaches, when, My Christlike Heart Had “Proved” to Her that She Can “Overcome” Her demons & Remedy the chasm which looms & gapes before Her & echoes with matching mock-cynicism around the Casket of Her bias-hollowed Soul ….

Although She Always Knows Right from wrong, the feral Monkey’s “range” is due to Her Greed & Fundamental-lack of True+Self Awareness, which is Void of most of A Moral+Dimension, which is All “Coupled” to Her premeditated-pretence, which She Magically & Strategically employs to Help ameliorate against Her Never-ending fears of rejection, of Her delusions, which are “prepared” in Advance of Approaching A Mark &/or Heart Throb ….

What flies in the Face of the Ginger-flea’s Core+Confidence issue is the Fact She can go to the Other Extreme like an Alcoholic Hijacker, Who has a 50,000 Yard Stare, with The Joker’s Grin Etched into Their Face, impenetrably Gleeful as They Thrust the Controls into a Nose Dive, Shouting, “YEEEHAAAWW ….”

Her REAL problem is Her Handicapped-Belief There Should be No Consequence & Often Her Surprise that There Is Any Due, from ALL Directions, especially Since She Thinks She’s Doing You A Favour, forgets what She’s done, “whilst” Carrying-out Her crimes, thus, Any Backlash Also defies Her belief that She’s “Near Gone Completely Perfec’ ….”

90% of Females lack “Cognitive” Empathy, so have No Idea how “Transparent” They are or how TRULY HIDEOUS a vulgar hooligan & obnoxious, “infantile” jabbering-lunatit They “Clearly” Are & are REDUCED further to self-deluding FARCE when the hate-consumed, “woefully-thankless,” megalomaniacal imbecile is State-Encouraged into developing it’s Belief that “Psychological-abuse is Intelligence” when Aimed at Those Equally “Groomed” to FAIL to execute it ….

If The Target attempts to Provide Her with Appropriate Consequence, She then Proves She’s “Complicit” with “Organised” RINGS of Sex-Offenders, ie A Paedophile ring & Their drooling Binary-Jump-Suit wearing Goons …. Human Men are enemy number 1 to all that “parasitic,” worthless, hate-consumed, “hell-bound” SHITE ….

When They FAIL in Their crimes, the LEAST They “Hope” for is to be Able to sit-back & watch the Fireworks from afar or Better-still in Court, with a Nodding Grinning Paedophile-in-a-wig, Pleased with His “Self-destructive” Trained-pussy “agent,” ALL vacuuming into the Void ….

You Live in a Country where SHITE eventually feels it’s ENTITLED believe it can get-away with Their CRIMES against Humanity …. Which allows Ever emboldening “imbeciles” to believe They’re SMART & Should be “Innocently Allowed” to PRETEND Reality-away & “rewrite” history & “delude” Themselves about “Perfections,” whilst You’re TOLD not to harm a hair on Their half-empty Head ….

However, When I Foil Them, which BARELY Requires Any Thought (Could You IMAGINE what I Could Do to Them if I Put My Great Mind TO “it” ….) …. When So Easily FOILED They tend to have the following Reaction & Completely forget Their Original Mission Statement, as They’re “REDUCED” to Magical-Thinking, in Defence of the dwindling Legacy of Their Toilet-Throne …. They can but DREAM :-

So According to Cheryl, the Ginger-Jewess was “Genuinely” Hoping to Build a rope Bridge & wanted “Intelligent Communication” with My Great Mind “&” no-doubt a Chance to “rewrite” history & so on, behind Witch She wanted a Sexual Relationship & “Fun” & also HONEST Communion & A Desire to Be Rescued & Loved …. What I’d Already Gathered is that She “Genuinely” Thinks She’s not got Long left ….

As the latest Jew, She offered to Show Me Her brain-scan, I’d have Bitten Her Hand off at The Arm “IF” She had “Come Correc’” & been Remotely Serious about That …. However, I “Deconstructed” Her Psychology & cut All Her bullshit off at The pass, for Her “Determined” non-sensical Approach ….

Then, according to Cheryl, McCallum/Dickson revealed yet-more Lunacy (surprise surprise) when She didn’t Get HER way, in the Form of Her “range” of ego-ameliorating pre-mediation, which Cheryl added was then Followed by an admission that She’s Stuck on Me & then was followed a few Days later by, the usual End of the Stalker’s Exact Same pattern, ie “I Didn’t want You anyway” ….

Cheryl Then Had Me in Stitches, as I hadn’t a Clue & Still wasn’t 100% Certain that the Jew was Ginger, I’d Thought that was The End of Cheryl’s Revelations, which I’d been Slightly Apprehensive about, as I didn’t Know what “Wishing” the Jezebel would have hazarded, even though the Perfidious-Rapscallion seems to Know that She’s hurting Her Self “Alone” ….

Cheryl Then Told Me the 3 year old Stalker’s ACE card & that She’d Received it, in the Form of Turkish Junk-Mail (Mindlessly unsurprisingly) …. My Mind Boggled, what Could it Be, oh What Could it be ?!?! …. Cheryl broke it down, thusly, “I’ve got a Teenage Boyfriend now & it’s ‘BRILLIANT’ & that’s ‘what’ was BEHIND My approach ‘all-along,’ as I wanted to SEDUCE You & then go ‘BAM,’ I don’t Need You, I had a Teenage boyfriend ‘all-along,’ Who treats Me like A QUEEN & rides Me silly which is WAY better than Saving Kid’s Lives & SHITTY In Depth Adult Conversation, Atoning for Your sins, Channelling Life Saving Miracles or BEING HONEST or even Your True Self ….”

I can’t Deny I Laughed & I Laughed Out LOUD …. “until” …. Cheryl added, that the Ginger-finger implied She was going to kill again …. Where, I Had A Repeat of A Moment I’d Experienced, where Another Prostitute had Brought Me Back some Duty Free Cigarettes & Mid Smoke 1 of Them Exploded, whilst I was Inhaling, You Can imagine the “Sympathy” Her Laughter Afforded Me as I Choked in Stasis with involuntary Tears streaming down My Cheeks ….

However, as Could’ve been Brought to My Attention 1st, Cheryl doesn’t Believe the Ginger-Minge has a Teenage boyfriend, as if She did “Why” Would She be Contacting Cheryl to Tell Me ?!?! …. ie Why wouldn’t She simply be Face down in a jungle of Adolescent pubes !?!? …. If Her Toy-boy Means So Much to Her, Why is She crafting a Lengthy campaign behind His Childlike Back & Trying to Tell Me AT ALL !?!?

Cheryl also thinks McCallum/Jewess doesn’t Believe Cheryl fields My Mail, so that I “Must” be Seeing Her “Incontinence,” which again Proves She doesn’t Exist in Reality & there’s “No lengths” Megalomaniacal Psychopaths won’t go to, due to that proto-emotional incontinence, Seeing Humans as a Convenience for pseudo-transference & since that NEVER happens in REALITY, thus They’ll con-tinue looking for Innocents to “relieve” Themselves “against” …. Which is WHY you HAVE TO Execute Them if They target You …. (Fuck Your Police-farce & Just-Us “system” & Complicit Sociopath depts. …. LET “Them” HAVE+IT too ….)

The line that Cheryl floored Me with When She was Telling Me about Her Detective work & Said, “It’s got Longevity ‘Written’ all over it ….” …. I Made Her Laugh, although I can’t Remember at what Juncture I Said it, but it was When I said, “Where Do I Sign !?!?” that She Creased …. Then I nearly slid off My Chair when She added, “We’ll All be throwing Prophylactics outside the Black Mass ….” …. I added some more, but I’ll draw a Veil over it ….

Cheryl’s Got Me to The Top of Several Websites now & that’s without Additional Equipment I’ve got Coming …. I Need to Get A New Computer as She’s Forever Logging into Mine & Reducing My Running Speed …. But for Her Sterling Effort, as I Predicted, both Her & The Troops are Attracting YET MORE GINGER STALKERS …. You Couldn’t Make it up …. (That’s what You get for Treating Red-haired People as Equal ….)

In the Pedophile-state Groomed Orangutan’s case, She implies She wants “Me” to Be The 1 to Execute Her (She harbours atypical Freudian secret desires too, That She’d prefer, which I’ll Draw a Veil over) …. I’ve had AMPLE opportunity to Take Her to Task, however I’ve Refrained, due to The Help “I” Got Out of Her & because I’d Cared about Her Once & Saw Aspects Which Are Great by Anyone’s Comparison & So I Tried to Teach Her how to Love Her True+Self & I Saw Her Inner+Child & Saw Her “True” suffering (although 1-Sided, Opportunist & Hypocritical, etc ….)

She’s Her Own worst enemy, BY CHOICE, I’d dismissed ALL Her garbage at 1 Point & Offered Her A Life Worth Living, Back in dnaltocS, where I Had Big Farms Up on The Monitor Screen & so on …. However, the tiny-minded, degenerate, hate-consumed, lunatic CHANCER decided to drive-off in a Fucked ford Escort, shouting Her common head off, with “Witnesses” …. End of ….

If I’d committed 1 offence against the Orangutan, let-alone an extended campaign of ill-will, evil-hopes, “complicit corruption,” a volume of crimes,  malintent, heartlessness, would-be bullying, volatility, trauma-ideaisation, megalomania, bearing false-witness, stalking, covert operations, complicit-conspiracy & “SO ON” & So on …. I repeat, if I’d committed “1″ offence against Her, on that list, She “wouldn’t” have Been Offering to Channel A Miracle into My Life, for the LOFTY PRICE of Simply “Coming Correc’” …. (Remember, The Gift “Magical-thinking” Psychopaths PRETEND They Intended to Give-of is Helping You Magnify “How Shite Shite Can Be ….”)

What more Would You Need to Know than THAT, about the deranged “Entitlement” of megalomaniacs, Who Only Respect BRUTAL MERCILESS PHYSICAL CONSEQUENCE, but Secretly want to Be Loved, but Only by Someone Who takes no shit, which DOOMS Them in a “permissive” Society/system :-

Psychopaths never lay the blame where it belongs, as They’re a “COWARD,” CRUSHED a thousand times over, by a pyramid of SHITE in Their pecking-order & past …. So it locks-on to a “convenient” opponent, Whom They Think They’ve got the Measure of & Who’d BETTER “let Them” do Their worst or Be THE+1 or simply “do for now,” etc …. ie So a mindless “BIGOT” & retarded “coward” can Covertly abuse Them, to Feel less BAD, (a perpetual cycle,) “then” to build-up to Overtly doing-so BOMBASTICALLY, with quaking-head & Wide but shallow sparkling-eyes, Drinking in the Mushroom Cloud in the Distance, atop the Canopy, FINALLY on Top, AT LAST, Getting Pretend-revenge against Daddy, AT LAST, YEEEEEESSSSSS …. YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS ….

ALL Sex-offenders Hope to Find a Willing Victim, to Kill or Who conveniently Kills Themselves after the campaign, due to P.T.S.D., so that the Council-sludge can sit with Her Pyromaniac stare, having “gone proudnesses,” She’s NOW Daddy, in Her rundown pokey-flat, staring at a 3 bar fire, with Hell Just a heart-beat away ….

So the delirious Chimp of begrudgery & drudgery couldn’t Manage even-that, ie To simply “Come Correc’,” due to Her hyper-sensitivity & mountain of evil She stands before, with Her suspiciously-stained finger forever-pointing in the Opposite Direction of “blame” …. When Her time comes & it “won’t” be long, She simply Travels toward The “Event Horizon” where the “Weight” of the Chains around Her hollowed-out Soul means that the “weak link” will drop & travel to the Extent of Her unjustifiable Deeds, whilst, The Light Hearted Will Rise & “Never” The Twain Shall Meet AGain ….

“Until” They face that Eternal fate the Cockiness God ALWAYS punishes tides Them over, but will “soon” leave Them, as it OFTEN does (never let on, never let on) & Then it will Finally be laid to rest, in it’s place, as unenviable as “The Day” is long ….

Although I Recorded This Video, before My Chat with Cheryl, it may Surprise You that I Stand By what I Said in The Vid & I’d Add, That “despite” All the Strawberry-Ginger’s EVIL, stupidity, corruption, dishonesty, “Transparent” hedged-bets, disguises, hyper-modes, dirty-tricks, denials & “so on,” inside Her “True Self” I Saw Many Other Aspects, which were “Constant” & Some of which were AMAZINGLY Good & Worth So Much to The Whole World …. What a Shame & as St. old Les Said, in 1 Word, what a “WASTE” ….

In Person I wanted to Encourage Her Gifts Out of Her & Find Adaptations so She’d Be At Her Best on “All” Fronts, Where I’d have Channelled Healing, Soul Nourishing & Accomplishing Dreams Come True, alongside Practical & Naturally Fulfilling Remedies & Self+Uplifting Results, Leading Her to Pastures Greener …. But due to The imbecile’s Self-titillating, Classless, unselfaware, myopic, drooling Moral-imbecility I’d have Naturally Struggled at The Time, which is simply Her Eternal loss ….

“Self-defeatist” woefully-addicted rotten-scoundrels simply See You Trying to Help the Nigger as Yet Another “way” of mindlessly Hoping to “exhaust” You, instead of The Way UP & out of Their downward spiral & The Pits where They Are the Expert walking-dead, on a downward-spiral They’ve work so hard on & have so richly earned….

Over time I Learned How to “Channel” & Became Even Better at Healing such Lives, (Which I’ll be Recording in “Erol On PTSD,”) from A Safe Distance …. I’ve been Gearing Towards That Video for 20 Years …. I’m Certain I can Cure even the worst of Conditions, Afflictions & suffering etc, which Starts with “Their” Belief, “Their” Desire, “Their” Endeavour, “Their” Respect & Their Decision to “Come Correc’,” Otherwise FUCK THEM ….

Due to the superficial-plane of hyper-actions which the Ginger-Stalker’s obsessed with & Her underlying “denial & dysfunction” borne nihilism, She Grew “Attached” to Me Because I Helped Her So Easily “Overcome” aspects of Her hate-borne ministry, Once Upon A time …. I Could’ve Gone On to Completely Heal Her in Profound Ways, beyond Her present Comprehension, had She Shown the Level of Respect which is the “least” the imbecile Could Afford, after All Her “criminal-insanity” I Witnessed & Overcame ….

Due to Her being a deranged “SEX-OFFENDER,” She only has Her Self to blame & with the Exception of a string of Teens & Her latest Husband creaking from the Loft Rafters, She’s now on Her Own, in Her “unenviable,” bleak, tawdry & debauched, degenerate, apology for a Life, where She’ll continue to be “Her Own” worst enemy, bullshitting-away like a back-firing Cludgy & My Last Words to Her have Always Been The same, simply to “Wish” Her “Well” …. It’s been “Years” since I “Chose” to Feel disappointment about Her obstructing My Increasingly+Brilliant Ability to Help Those Who “Deserve” IT …. To HELL with Those Who don’t ….

Although I Saw the Photo of Her, when She was a Child, on Her Father’s Shoulders, which She Thrust at Me, barely-able to Conceal Her “rage” that She wasn’t Able to Dominate Me …. The photo was to imply that That’s “The Ideal Relationship,” Where I’d Have had Her scraggy old Ginger Stoat at The Back of My Neck, barking Orders at Me from on-high, as My Shiny New Ginger Chicken-hat of Self-frustrated fowl-hate, which, if Not Worn Correctly, would lead to a Suffering-Rendition of Her latest “performance” of “RIGHT AHM AWAY YA BASTURT” ….

I “Instead” Saw A Picture In Mind, The Whole Time She was “disgracing” Her Self Alone & It’s 1 of The Main Reasons Sex wasn’t A Thrust of My “Range” of Moral “Care” for Her & Why I Tried to Help Her as much as I Did, ­­As Lovingly & Encouragingly As Possible …. Seeing Her past, despite Her Transparent DISGRACEFUL pity-play, which No Man should put before what They’ve Overcome Themselves …. THANK GOD I didn’t Show Her how to Have Sex The Way I Teach in My New Book, as Otherwise She’d have drafted in a Bolivian crack-troop to Bring Me back “Alive” ….


“Instead,” This Image was in My Mind, at The time, about “When” It All went wrong for Her & I Said I’d liked to Have Helped Her “before” She went Mad, however, I’d Actually have Had to Have Met Her When She was This age …. To Inspire “You” to OVERTHROW & OVERCOME, “All” YOU have to Do is Gaze Upon The “Beauty” of A Child to DIE for & The Size of Her “Shoulders” …. Zionist Jews are MURDERING Her :-

Although I Stand+By My Interpersonal Advice to Men “targeted” by Lunatits, This puts fee-male Psychopaths Performance in Perspective & Sums Up My Choice of “Reaction” at “Witnessing” evil-bitches’ jabbering “degenerate” Performances, Who are obsessed with pseudo-Transference :-

When You See what Others Can’t & You See “InSide” The Bestial & Locate The “ways” where They’re “fundamentally” Going wrong & lack “Vision” to Be Able to “Overcome,” You find out, that behind All the bluff & bluster & GENUINE evil, They’re Suicidal, (even-though They’re even prepared to use “that” simultaneously as another Pity-play ….)

As A Christlike “Human” You So Want to Encourage “Their” Gifts & Inspire Them into Seeing, That This World “IS” For Them & The Far+Reaching Great & Good Legacy They Could Leave behind Them, for All Children & Those Adults Who “Deserve” to Be Saved from the Razor’s edge & “Instead,” turn Victim into Saviour & Save A wee Copper Headed Lassie from The Fate They’ve endured Themselves …. ie “Instead” of being a “worsened-echo” of evil & vulgar primitive-perversion ….

This IS Purgatory & You can ALREADY See Those Who are GOING TO HELL …. The SOLUTION is “a simple surrender” to an end to brutality-by-choice, for pretend-revenge against “commissioned slights,” in the form of con-venient excuses, behind which lies a hollow, hate-consumed hypocrisy in hot-pursuit of undeserved Perfection, taking whatever it can get & deliriously SUCKING it’s “delusion” dry ….

In the Fee-Male Sex-Offender & serial-killer’s Case, The Best Way to See Them is in BINARY “parallel” …. They Gave Up on their superficial-denial of Love a long time ago & took-up Being a despicable Psychological-abuser Who sets-about People’s Lives, They feel Entitled to “infest,” as the paedophile-state-assisted & often “made” Huntress ….

Mid campaign, when They lost-the-Plot, Their arrogance means that You’ve to petition Their “untrustworthy” True Self out of it’s pit, but which They Tend to corruptly abuse as “mileage” for Their B-movie …. (Oblivious to how TRANSPARENT They are to Me & a GROWING number of Gun+Toting GOOD Men ….)

Although She-Devils have A Hoof in Both Worlds & A Tail in Hell …. Still, within Them, is a Tiny Heart & a Tiny Light & A God+Given Gift …. But if They believe They can “flee” from Detection, They “will,” Every single time without exception, for Eternity & when They Recognise You SEE Them, They ruefully “turn” to Their bad-side & try to exact pretend-revenge, for Being “exposed” & Hope They can Throw flying-monkeys to distract & damage Your Head ….

Then Along Comes Me, Innocently Whistling, with My Trusty Magnascope, A Song in My Heart & Freely Sharing My Gifts with the Gutter, “until” I Now Reside In The Mountains & am simply “beyond the reach” of the Grasping claws of unenviable low-lives …. Next Stop, A Far Distant Peak, where I’ll Channel My Greatest Miracles Yet !!!!

In Previous Vids, I’d Said that if the Imbecile “wanted” to Take Me Up on My CHRISTLIKE offer of Channelling Her A Miracle, then the Cyclops must Close Her Eye & THINK What She Wants MOST in The Whole World, that Would Make EVERYTHING Right for “Her” …. Then …. After That Lengthy Consideration, to Consider What Could She “Give Me,” Through That, which would Save starving “Girls” ….

“eg” She Could have Appeared As Her “True” Self, on Webcam, (Even if She’d blacked-up like Al Johnson & Disguised Her Voice, with mission-impossible Music playing in the Background,) as Her LAST CHANCE to “Perhaps” Redeem Her Soul & to Receive My Best Efforts At Channelling That Miracle …. Then …. I’d Have Been Sensitive to the Nth Degree & “She” could’ve Set “Parameters,” (within Reason) …. I’ve Deliberately Not Revealed what was Written to Me Privately, which Underlines I Keep “Confidence” ….

If She had “Come Correc’” I’d have Been “Considerate” to the Nth Degree, I’d have Been My Usual Hilarious Self (no doubt) “&” Interjected, without “Stemming” Her flow or “range” …. She could have Factored in a “Time Out” (for Recovery from Innocent Truth Reception) & She May Have Preferred A “Turn Based” Typing Session …. Either Way, If She’d been “disrespectful,” at Any Juncture, then She’d have Been banished to the pit, for Eternity ….

However, She Chose to continue to be a remorseless fucking Clown & I didn’t Entertain Her & Cut Her off at the pass & Pushed Her shallow vessel away & Wished It “Bon Voyage,” as I’ve Done Each time the Red-Bull poured “Their” Self-poisoned misery in My Direction …. It’s only Her funeral, I was Just A Mourner at The Wake of So many egos ….

Even If She had have “Come Correc’,” with Her volatility & imbecility & hyper-competitive brutally-destructive blame-projection it would Likely have Ended with Her “ruining & running,” SPRAYING, “So That Proves it, YOU ARE WHAT I AM,” followed by, “GET TAE FUCK, GET TAE FUCK, AHM AWAY TAE SUCK A TEENAGER AFF ….” …. Followed by, “MEN ARE AW BASTURTS, Men are aw basturts” …. Supported by, “TEENS TREAT OLD YINS LIKE QUEENS ….” …. Rounded off with, “Ahm Buzzin’, Ahm fuckin’ Buzzin’, Ya fuckin’ Beezer, MEN ARE AW BASTURTS, Men are aw basturts …. YEEEEEESSSSSSS, Ahm Fucking BUZZIN, YEEEEEESSSSSSSS ….”

Before then switching off All Her “Inventions” Created by Them, delivered by Men, built by Men, Repaired & Maintained by “Us” ….

If You’ve no Reaction to Walking-shite, when it “comes back down” from it’s Latest “delirious” mindless-high, They “Then” Remember How Good & Kind You Are & They “do” Idealise That, over a Soggy TommeeTippe Pillow….But They “Never let on, Never let on,” as That strategy is a “Recipe for Success” with a Proven Track-record ….

Then, Upon Your failure to see a “Junkie-wanker,” if the Tasmanian-devil is Given “The Time of Day” again, at it’s earliest opportchancity the “hypocritically-hypersensitive,” grandiosely-delusional incontinent-oddity (Who’s Magical powers are “Proportionate” to the Pace at which You Execute retards,) then becomes “reactionary” again, for “pretend-revenge-against-the-men” & gets High on it’s Latest performance of “NEEDING Shot” ….

When the lunatic, unsurprisingly, finds Herself Single yet-again, in a Zionist-ingrained DOOMED society (See, Dresden) which facilitates Females to Waddle around SQUAWKING, without a “Moral+Mind” to Guide the Chicken, Then the incontinent-fowl ALWAYS “defaults” to imaginary “Purging,” (AKA NEEDING shot) with Her mindless-mantra of “Somebody Elses fault” on a loop, in the downward-spiral between Her ears, where a Hate-consumed, hideously-ugly Soul feasts, at the Centre of a Length of Rectum, hoping to get Men to REACT, so They “suffer” Brain-damage, for the crime of Treating INADEQUATE Fee-Males as “Equals,” Who are Addicted to “hate-ejaculate,” on Their way to hell …. Fuck “BEING” Them …. (HUMAN Men NEED Clubs & MUST Start to “SWING+AWAY” ….)

If a low-life Female CONS Her way into a Relationship with A Lovely Man, She bullshits Herself, “I won’t Start My Shite with ‘This 1,’ I’ll make an ‘exception’ for Him” …. The Very Fact She’s GOT SHITE is because She “IS” SHITE & that’s ALL She has to Give & She “WILL” Start “Her” Shite, just to “TEST” Him, whilst lacking “COGNITIVE” ability …. Which means Her Testing is “DESTROYING things between Them” …. Which She’ll blame on Him & if He falls for that, He was a “FUCKING DISGUSTING WEAKLING anyway ….”

If He “Then” CORRECTLY Treats Her like SHITE, then the SHITE will want Pretend-Revenge, as that Proves He Never Really Cared about the SHITE in the 1st place, (Cue the Morning Soap-Opera violins) …. She Just TESTED Him by “BEING SHITE towards Him,” for Which She was CORRECTLY Then Treated like SHITE, because She’s an ALL-ROUND DESTRUCTIVE Fucking LUNATIT, who can be RELIED on by Zionist-paedophiles to SELF-DESTRUCT “amongst Others” FAR MORE “IMPORATNT” than the WORTHLESS & FUCKING USELESS, Magical-Thinking, ill-wishing, pessimistic DUNCE CUNT ….

The ONLY thing Her reality-ameliorating tiny-mind would take from What I Just Wrote, is how I Spelled “IMPORTANT,” which pretend-proves it …. That’s it ALL gone pretend-proven, that’s it gone got goned pretend provened, speaking OFFICIAL officialeese, due to a Qualification of Unenviable saddle-bags, that’s it ALL being completely PROVELONIED …. (BAG the Bitch !!!!)

So Shite like that “Degenerate” into preying-on the odd Mark Here & There, nearer Their Own level, Whom They believe is “WAY” BENEATH Them & that They’re Doing Him a “Favour” & SOON unsurprisingly AGAIN “Start Their shit” with Those Parties too …. As There MUST be Someone Who’ll let the burst-arsed SCUM-bag “Dominate” Them, to pretend-prove “They” ARE the SHITE person SHE IS & in-so-doing She PROVES She’s a SHITE person …. Obviously, the “SHITE” person She wants to prove She is, to Her handicapped Chicken brain, is a “GREAT” Person …. (You Couldn’t Make it up ….)

In My Next Vid I’ll Give A Very Revealing Insight into The “Identical” woeful sob-stories of Man-Abusers, Who Keep on Making the Exact same mistakes over & over & over again :-

Because They’re “Groomed” to not KNOW They’re GENUINELY “insane” & PROVABLY “Mindlessly” delusional, DISGUSTINGLY jealous & PUNISHABLY hate-consumed, which They’ll Self-destruct due to, for as long as They Refuse to Accept Life As Being Moral+Law Governed & simply “The Truth” :-

What I’ve not Said yet, as Regards How I Knew that A Youtube Channel, I Showed Cheryl, was from the female serial-killer (Who wants amnesty, whilst Apparently Continuing with Her magical-powers of Needing shot ….) …. I “didn’t” Know it was from Her & was Expecting to find Something, to Tell Cheryl that it meant it “couldn’t” be from Her, so She could spot the Difference …. I Genuinely wasn’t Expecting to have Received Anything from the greasy ginger Mouse-pad …. But when I Got to an “ABBEY” Video, that Made Me Laugh out Loud too, as it’s Where I Got The Phrase “Hollow Ruin” from ….

Coincidentally, It had been a Video I’d Showed Strathclyde Piggery, which Could “Only” have Come from Her …. Which illustrated the “Haunted” & Hollow way She feels after Her latest all-too-often ANIMALISTIC attempts to INVADE Someone’s life have failed, which has Correctly left Her crawling through the Ashes, with Her Magical-Artistry being nothing more than a Con, which is reduced to fading Graffiti, left Mainly by Alcoholics, bullshitting Themselves that it’s Just “LUCK” as They SPRAY on the wall of a forlorn Ruin no-one Visits (Correctly) & which Haunts Her rooted-raging HOURS of darkness, but “Never let on, Never let on ….”

If the Orangutan-with-a-flick-knife was Completely Sorted, on the icy prison-island of dnaltocS, then “Why Even Try” to Contact Me ?!?! …. (Let alone to Exhibit a Fundamental lack of Self+Awareness Cringeworthily “APPARENT” to All but Her ….) …. Moreover, If She “isn’t” Sorted then Why not Jump at the Opportchancity of Having A Miracle Channelled into Her Life !?!? …. Quite apart from Her rank evil, there’s no Clearer indication of insanity & rank BADNESS, than a stubborn-Mule, FAILING to Impart Something I’d Be Able to “Convert” into Saving Starving Children’s Lives, which would Be Priceless ….

Psychopaths are as thick as shit, as They’re an “Emotional Dunce,” but are Determined to pretend-prove Other-wise …. The longer They go on for, with Their “tiny” mind, the more Chance there is that They’ll find Something They can Hoot & Holler about, hoping that Pretend-proves it, which relies on You Believing They Believe what They’re jabbering about …. (You Couldn’t Make it up ….)

So, the Lengths They’re prepared to go to, irrespective of Their “Original Mission Statement” or Subsequent variations, in Their Desires, are All pinned-upon How societally “Free” The unhinged are to enact their incontinent Self-absorption …. (See, Care in the “community” ….)

All of which, is why Your Country is going to the Dogs, as Zionist “AGENTS” are prepared to increase the level of Abuse “The Best of Us” are subjected to, for buttons …. (See, “Recidivistic” Sex offenders ….)

Psychopaths want Attention without Merit, as They fundamentally lack Self+Awareness & haven’t Developed Their Talents or “True+Self” Confidence, moreover, the hate-consumed Unselfaware Existentially-jealous low-life want to Destroy The Ball if They can’t be The Belle …. This Video was Recorded before Cheryl’s revelation, I’m not Going to Look at the Evidence She’s got, as I’ve Seen “it” ALL Before & “then some” …. Fnarr, Fnarr ….

I don’t Want to Give Away too much about My “Next” Vid, as There wasn’t Enough time to Fit MOST of What I’d Prepared into This Current Vid …. Where, As I’ve Been Publically Declaring for quite some time, I Aptly Perform as “Worzel & Stradivarius” …. Cheryl’s latest Revelations Won’t Contribute to The Format of Further Work Either, as “All” My Artforms Are “Independent” of Malinfluence ….

Although, I May Add, In the Latest Ridiculous & “Self-defeatist” machinations of Dickson of Dock Orange, on Her way to hell, She’s “MASOCHISTICALLY” degenerating into the Same fate as Margaret Thatcher’s final Years & the inevitable “screaming” which the “evil exhibit” when They face Their death-throes & “inevitable” Comeuppance, which only Lunatics Who are a Law unto Themselves Believe They can “avoid,” Who Are Too Stupid to “Take Stock” of the “punishments” They “slowly” Gather, Courtesy of MORAL+LAW ….

In the same way, delusional-morons Who Think They can Fly, Throw Themselves off Scaffolding, when Ducks Take Off from The Ground …. But Megalomaniacal Psychopaths, void of ALL Magnanimity, get so Carried away They Believe They can Alter Reality by simply Talking Enough Shit Quickly Enough, in the same manner, over & over again …. Gravity “Takes No Shit” OFF Anybody ….

Cheryl added that the ginger-devil wants My “ATTENTION” & unconsciously to Let Me Know She’s still-suffering, due to Her “regret” about having Lost Me YEARS ago (Although that’s Always got a Parallel) …. Which Reminded Me about A “Tell” I Read, in Person, about The Comedy Show “Cheers,” where Shelley Long had Ted Danson’s Character “arrested” So He’d Propose Again, to the Night-Mare …. (I’ll Reveal More on that in My Upcoming Vid ….

Suffice to Say, She had Me arrested as She wanted Me to VISIT Her, but I was pseudo-officially-banned from Doing so, by a paedophile in a Wig, Whom I Gave A Hard time to, after Choosing to have Myself Arrested, for 1 of My last few Social Experiments on that fucking ice-cube …. However, if I had still Visited Her, despite paedophile “permission,” it would’ve Given Her All The Cards She wanted, after Her FAILURE …. eg If I’d Then Shown Up on The Back of a Lorry, Crooning & playing The Banjo & She’d looked up Long Enough from a Mouthful of Teenage Kicks to Say, “GET TAE FUCK, GET TAE FUCK” …. Or :-

Like ALL State-groomed Moral-imbeciles, the 3 year old Chimp-Girl wants to Trade Places with Me & is Still As Attached As A Whale …. So, the “ACT” of Sending Junk & making Websites is a puerile, superficial attempt at imaginary Communication & worse “Transference,” where She Hopes I “Choose” to Communicate via a 2D Wendy-house & also RELIVE what She’s been through …. Lacking Self+Awareness or Enough GOODNESS She doesn’t Realise how BLOODY OBVIOUS that is & it’s simply Her incontinent-unconscious Giving HER a “work around” …. (Note to Self ….) …. Instead She of-course WISHES I’d be Left with HER “Just+Desserts” which She can Never Escape by mindlessly keeping-on Digging, in denial ….

It BEGGARS belief & NEEDS a club, when You “SEE” utterly-Self-deluded Morally-insane Fee-Males TRY to Cause Men brain-damage , no-matter how Great the Gamble She stands to Lose, (due to Her BELIEF that She’s Near Gone Completely Perfec’,) to GET what She wants, She TRIES to ABUSE Him …. SWING AWAY !!!!

ALL the Fee-Males I’ve Ever Met, due to Their CHOICE of incontinence & then HATRED of Men Who FAIL Her “TESTS,” by not being Able to SEE THROUGH Her imbecilic CHOICE, (because Men are GROOMED to afford Her INFINITELY more Respect than a “Clueless” ANIMAL Deserves,) Declared that They Ideaised Being CLUBBED over the Head & Kept as a Fuck Toy, As The SOLUTION …. SWING+AWAY !!!!

Since 90% of “Gays” & Females are ALL LIKE THAT, thus Why They MUSTN’T be allowed Anywhere Near HUMAN Men or Children “unSUPERvised” & Men MUST Carry Clubs & USE Them against Burst-arsed Bog beasts, Who want to DICTATE that You MUST Pretend-along-with-Spazmo, Who, until You CLUNK Them over The hollow Head think They’ve got DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITAH :-

Cheryl informed Me that When Either I Post Anything on The net or “She” Does Something, on 1 of My Profiles, the Orangutan knows & “PERSONALISES” it, as it’s ALL about Her & She Thinks Everything I Do is About Her …. You COULDN’T make it up …. No doubt the Orangutan-Who-Stalks-Me, is so insane, even after All Her State-promoted crimes She wants pretend-revenge, for Me FOILING Her, as Easily as crumpling a piece of Scrap-paper ….

Whereafter, by Simply TYPING Home Truths & Being Autonomous, Successful, Receiving Bountiful Gifts From On+High & As Happy As Is Sane, when She’s RAGING, I’ve Repeatedly “Doubly” Devastated Her …. (Boo Hoo ….)

Due to Which, She’s no doubt Stomped around Her council-flat in “impotent” RAGE over That …. Before long She then “Chooses” to Target another Innocent, to Start a Relationship with, to take “That” out On Them …. Titillating Herself about Them NOT Knowing & Therefore Affording Her infinitely more Respect than a drooling Sex-offender, criminally-insane, scum-sucking Reptile DESERVES …. THUS, “WHY” Psychopaths MUST be executed …. (Even though within Them all, the desperate dominator, so, trouble maker, Just wants to Be Loved & Be Their True Self ….)

I’ll Round off by “Repeating” that “Confidence” is KEY & the “Incentive” for the hypocritically-insensitive & Their tiny-pointed mind, Should simply Be to Channel Moral+Law & I’d Have Warmly Assisted the Ginger-finger had She Seen The Light & Chosen Heaven over Hell, as amidst rank-evil There were Aspects of Her which had Never Shone & Are Parts Which Need Turned On in That Machine …. Without which She’s stooped to such lows, upon-which “reveal” The True story She denies Her Self …. But When You Target the Innocent to Deceive Them for immoral aims, Either Way, You get What You Deserve ….

I’m Working on A Whole Load of New Songs At The Mo’ & Making Breakthroughs on Old Classics …. The Weather Here Has Gone Delish, I Get Up Every Morning to Stand & Gaze Out Over what Pharaoh Would Have Insisted His slaves kill Themselves to Produce, Whereas I Just Get Up & A Portuguese Beagle Says, “We Going or We Drinking Coffee Erol ?!?!” …. If I Stay, He Accepts That & Returns to The Villa & Blissful Stasis …. ‘Tis then, the Whacky Racers ‘Round The Corner, like 3 little Dinosaurs & Upon Seeing Me “pretend” They hadn’t-been Running & That They’re Dignified Ladies …. (Never let on, Never let on ….)

Not long After, They’re Bullying Me for Pasta & Penny was Up at My Pasta Shelf Again the Other Day, Where I Had Half A Glass of Farm Red & upon Being Gentlemanly Shooed, She dipped Her Head, Showed off Her Shirley Temple Fluffy Knickers & Shat Straight into the Glass, A Direct Hit !!!!

They then Wandered Out Casually, so As to Not Look Uncool or Rushed & Enjoyed The Sunshine, as They back-heeled dirt onto My Clean Patio, looking for Tiny points to Pick-on …. They’ve Also Showed Up Outside My Villa when it’s been Lashing & They don’t Seem to Note The Difference, as, like Psychopaths, They have No Feeling in Their Body …. They’d Take on Any Bugger …. Ma Broon even tried to Peck Cleo in the Eye, which She Took in Her Stride, “Ney Bother ….”

I Intend to Get Dozens More & I’m Looking forward to Fluffy Yellow Baby Chooks & The MAD Age They Then Develop into, Which My Youngest (now Sainted) Africa Used to Display, on Her Daily Charges, “Fuck You Mister, Ahm Out O’ Here, Ye Canny Stoap Us Aw, Ya Bam Ah A Man, Ahm Away, YEEEEEEEHHHSSS ….” …. At A 45 Degree Angle, Her Olympic Walking with No Clear Destination or Finish Line in Mind was A Rare Privilege ….

I’d Then Put 1 Foot in Her Direction & You Could Hear Her Gulp, “Oops, Fuck,” then She’d Barrel like a Bob Sleigh Straight Back The Way She’d Came & then Through The “Tiny” Gap She’d Found, without fear of Scalping Herself ….

I Believe My Cockerol killed Her & that’s Why the Bully Chooks Killed Him & then Backheeled Long Grass over Him, until He was “Buried,” so I didn’t Find Him until the Next Day …. He was a “Nutter” too, He went for Buggles 3 Times, They “want” to Live Their Life fearlessly …. Chiquitita takes Her time Building Up to what You Can Tell She’s Going to Do, AGES before She does it …. She goes All Round the Houses before Revealing that She wants to Sit on Top of Your Head & Even Cleo & Buggles, whilst Basking, have time to Look Up at Me repeatedly, as if to Say, “WHO’S SHE KIDDING ?!?!”

Cleo’s an Amazing Character, She’s got inbuilt Mascara (She’s probably got a Sponsorship with Max Factor) …. Whenever She breaks Free She Decides to Commandeer My Bed & Snuggles in as Though It’s Always Been Hers, She reminds Me a wee bit of the aforementioned Serial-killer, like an Adopted Daughter, but She doesn’t Send Her Step Father nude photos of Her stripping in Vegas, BUZZING, to “Show Him,” for Trying to Help Her once & committing the sin of Hope …. (Afterwhich come the begging letters & the Polaroid snaps of the scars ….)

I’ve Also got A Paranoid Cat, Called Misty, Who Lives in My Ancient Olive Trees & When I Walk towards Them I can Hear Their Thoughts, “You can’t See Me, I’m beyond Your Comprehension, I’ve got The Skiwwws an’ The Know How, I’m Waaaaay over Your Head Pal, I’m Blended in, You’re so stupid I could Paint Me arse Bright Blue & You still Wouldn’t See Me, I’m a Smooth Operator with Skiwwws that Would blow Your Mind, IF, I repeat, IF I started on You You’d NOT KNOW what had Hit You, Cos I got the Skiwwws, I’d Be Round You like a whirlwind, Scratching You like You were falling into a Pit of Thorns, You’d Beg for Mercy where There’d be None, hisssssss, Don’t Look Up Here, Fack Off, Oh Fark Ah’ve been Rumbled, FUCKIN’ LEG IT ….” …. And with That There’s a Misty Grey sleek Streak Across the Sky & tiny white Dainty Paws Flee like a Grey Hound, with Elegant Bounds like a Gazelle & great Stretches like a Cheetah …. (I’d Only wanted to Offer Milk …. But it Prefers to Steal that, as it’s got the Skiwwws ….)

I Breath In The Sunshine of Paradise Here, where even The Insects are Cartoonesque & Tolerant of “1″ “Another” …. Out Here You can Top Up Your Tan, even in the Morning & The View is Priceless, especially Over A Coffee …. I’ve not Set foot in a Market or Seen Another Subhuman-Actor (ie LUNATIC or LUNATIT) for Months Now & It’s Not Been A Day too Long ….

I’m About to Receive A “No Cooking Necessary,” Cave+Man+Friendly Yummity Yum Delivery of Loads of Scrummy Things AND Another Great Fuck off Chair …. I’m ALLOWED These Things, as They’re ALL to Increase Productivity & “Help” Me Save Even more Children from NEEDLESS excruciating agony, at the Hands of Genocide-addicted Hypocritical Monkey-People (AKA Zionist Jews ….)

Everything I Receive & Give is Parallel Within All The Over+Arching Moral+Aims of My Output …. If You’re NOT Exactly The Same You’re GOING TO HELL FOR ETERNITY, after an ALREADY unenviable PUNISHING Life …. (But “don’t let on, NEVER let on”) …. ENJOY !!!!

I’ve got “Welcome Guests” Coming Tomorrow to Appreciate The Promised Land …. I’m In No Hurry & If They take to This Beautiful Hallow then I’ll Either Kiss Cleo Goodbye & be on My Road Again “or” Have A Suspicious Lump Up My Jumper & Yet another Police-farce after Me ….

This TINY planet’s “incontinent,” hyper-competitive, sub-species of semi-beings, HATE The Privilege of Being Afforded “Adult Human” Rights, as They Know They’re NOT Human & Unless We Keep Them in A Zoo & Do Unto Them what They presently “Are” Doing to “Us,” then it’s Game-over for Them & REALITY Over for Us …. Either way, Hell or Heaven Awaits, whether You Believe in Gravity or not :-

Kind regards,

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FINISH Them !!!!

BEHOLD, Ahmet Tokdemir, a “Lizard” in Human “Form” …. Who Saw His 1st Born Son “twice,” since He was 7, “then” CHOSE not to Make Contact AGain for almost a Third of A CENTURY …. (Who’s no different to Any Other trouble making Sex-offender Who’s tiny-mind Sees itself as being an “Energy-vampire” & a mastermind & is desperate to pretend-prove it …. Best Lampooned in My Upcoming New Video as Worzel GumMidge ….)

I Afforded Ahmet the CHRISTLIKE Opportunity of a Clean Slate & Allowed Him to Reflect His True Self & to See “Absolutely” what’s There …. However, Ahmet began by Feigning an Interest in Coming to Portugal to Meet & then began revealing His True Agenda …. (You’ll Now Witness My Ability to Magnify & Amplify Psychopaths, Selflessly ….)

Ahmet, doesn’t Know that I Know what His inner-most Thoughts are & were …. Ahmet, like all evil People, faces “Eternity” in hell, so He was laying at Night Thinking about the “disparity” between His True Self & His “groomed” imaginary Self image ….

Ahmet then “decided” that He’d track Me down & Attempt to Atone for His “COUNTLESS” SINS & in-keeping with His ingrained primitive Psychology the Megalomaniacal Psychopath became “intent” on Pretending “I Am what He is ….” …. Due to His delusions of “perfection” …. You can SEE Ahmet’s lack of Self Awareness, if You Look at the MAGNIFIED Word, in The Video the imbecile decided to add His tuppence-worth under ….

His despicable & “pre-meditated” campaign, against A Son He’d Never Known, was to See-if He Could get Me to Call Him Daddy (ie Pulling rank, as an AUTHORITAAAH) then to See-if I would Change My Name to His (ie Projective-identification, on closer inspection “evil”) & Then when He met with Any “Resistance” to PRETEND that “I am what He is,” (ie Transference, laying bare the corrupt “hopes” which “reveal” a SOUL’S final Destination ….)

Since I Knew His ex-wife rather Well, due to 7 Years of near-constant Psychological abuse & Physical abuse, which She targeted Me with, due to the loss of Her Sexual-partner, the Coward Choosing Me to get-off on attempting to Dominate & hoping to break ME, by Her Pretending to be the “Arbiter” of Reality, however, I infuriated Her due to My Love of “Independent” Truth ….

There was Only 1 Farm on Earth where I Could’ve met a Female Farmer Who Openly Announced that She’s a Paedophile …. As, She so Fundamentally lacks Self+Awareness that She was Hoping I’d feel “sorry” for Her, (Ted Bundy’s pity-play,) as Her Son doesn’t visit Her anymore, but Visits His Dad, when He can Catch Him, as He’s still running, with a Smile You Can Often Mistake for The Sun Widening Across His Face, EVERY Day He doesn’t Need to Endure an evil MAD disgusting “aging witch” ….


Her immediate Motive was to Then “turn Her back” on Me & March off, when She “Guessed” I’d have That “Reaction” …. Portuguese war-horses get-off Sexually on what They Hope is “Transference” when They Disgrace Themselves, by setting-up a Scenario where They get to shun The Men, because Men “Correctly” shun the bird-brains out Here, whilst, Those Who “don’t” Look as though They’ve been 10 rounds with Tyson ….

Before that Revelation, I’d Recently Studied the Megalomaniacal Sex-offender “Jansen Gray” (delusion-central) & Had “Then” Witnessed “both” That Female Farmer “&” A Thatched Lesbian French Dwarf, Who both “SHRIEKED” & EJACULATED, in front of Me, for pretend-revenge, in a quick-fire Game of Top-Trump, only The hideously-ugly degenerate-bigots were in …. Through that Combination I “FINALLY” Gained Enough Magnification to Be Absolutely CLEAR about What Then Allows Me Greater Clarity Across A Breadth of That Level of hell ….

The Additional Lenses which Had Helped Me, where 2 Retarded Female Cops, Who’d Shown Up repeatedly to Detain Me, on Behalf of the serial-killer Marie McCallum & Her equally corrupt Sister Jacqueline Bradley, both of Whom are Psychopaths & the former of Whom, Knowing Me to Be the Only Real Man She Ever Met, as Due to Me Being An “Evolved” Alpha Male, I Made Her Feel like a Natural Woman, for The 1st Time since Her paedophile-state groomed con-veniently Man-hating campaign began …. Thus, She still Carries A Candle for Me (However, I also Think She’s got a Flame-thrower to Light it With ….)

It’s been 2 & a Half Months since I’ve Fielded Anything the Beast Sent & I’ll Reveal more about That in My Next Vid …. Out of pity, I Eventually Let the 2 Cops into My old pad, as Everyone in the Street had been Laughing at Them, Daily, as They Bounced-up & Down, at the Top of the Street, Psyching Themselves up, Saying to Each other, “Right, Right, let’s do it, we can done this thing ….” …. However, I either didn’t Answer or wasn’t in & They left feeling at a loss …. (I began being Stopped in the Street by Neighbours Laughing about the gruesome twosome ….)

1 of Them was 4’9″ & She has a perfectly Square Head & Her tongue hung out of Her mouth the Whole time, which meant She was “drooling” …. She’s a Megalomaniacal Psychopath, with the Confidence level of a 3 Year old, but was Manifestly evil …. The Blonde Cop was around 5’6″ & She was more Full of Herself, although behind-which She’s a Core-inadequate nasty Imbecile, I’m Certain ….

The Blonde SPREAD Her Legs, as She Stood in front of Me & then She pulled-out a ratty, dog-eared Bible, as She’s so retarded She couldn’t Remember what She had to Say, so “intent” was She on Orgasming in front of Me, which I didn’t Fully Realise at the time …. I looked down & for the 1st time in My Life saw a Clitoral Erection, bulging through Her black trousers, as She “shook” & read-out what She wanted Me to “pretend-along” with …. If I Could’ve Magnified as Well then as I Know Now, I’d have Thrown Her through the Window, then Broken Her drooling Partner’s Neck ….

However, Since I was Quite Advanced in the undercover Social+Experiment, I’m renowned for, Which is “Always” Beyond the Comprehension of petty Mongs, even when They’ve READ that That’s what I Do with delusional SHITE, Who See Themselves as being “masterminds” …. However, Those Days are numbered, as Ideally I’d like to Never Hear or Read another Word from “the sewer” Ever again …. So, I Decided to go-along with Whatever the Munchkins had in Store, to allow Them to incriminate Themselves & Those They’re complicit with, behind Whom are even-more Depraved BEASTS They’re equally complicit with …. For as long as They get to Live a Lifestyle which They’ve No MERITORIOUS Right to & which Allows Them to Ejaculate in Public “without” Touching Their tiny cock ….

I Added that Lens, to an almost IDENTICAL Blonde, Who’s the wife of a Megalomaniacal Psychopath, called Sonny, Who Said He’d bought the House off the late Colin McCrae (Photos of who’s charred remains & His Sons were handed out to Strathclyde’s finest, to take to the Toilets for a wank) …. Sonny Said He’s an Airline Pilot & He asked Me if I’d Fix His Computer in His Home, which I Rarely Did ….

When I got There, He & His wife were on Their best behaviour, however, I Still wasn’t Able, at that time, to Magnify the “minuscule” mind of Shite like Sonny …. His Wife Drove Me Home & She had the atypical “Bounce” of a Megalomaniacal Psychopath, which was 1st Pointed Out to Me by a Megalomaniacal Psychopath called “Wully FindLay” (You couldn’t make it up ….)

The Second time, Sonny came for Me, He had a Friend Driving …. I presumed He was A Celtic Fan, as His wife Had Said She was Passionately into Celtic …. When I Innocently Mentioned Celtic to Sonny, the Mentally-Handicapped Sex-offender seized His “opportunity” to Get His Quota of SHOUTING down, which Allows Simian brained Sex-offenders to Feel They’ve had a Sexual-Conquest, especially if You FAIL to Execute Them ….

I “Thought,” at the time, of Simply Tapping the Driver’s Shoulder & Asking Him to pull over to the Bus-stop, where I’d have Let Sonny Have it Verbally, whilst Having about 1 punch in Me, which I Could’ve Justified to My Conscience Morally, at the time ….

Knowing what I “KNOW” Now, I’d Calmly Have Told the Driver to Pull over & Executed Sonny, which would’ve meant the same to Me as You feel about opening a tin of Beans …. However, unbeknownst to the tiny-minded Reptile, Who Sees Himself as being a covert sex-offender, I was Funding A WHOLE VILLAGE in INDIA & Sonny, Who’s Indian, didn’t Know That Fact …. As the only thing that matters to 3 Year old’s, Who are Nailed to the floor inside Their hollow skull, is the illusion of “Transference,” but which “requires” Your Assistance ….

So, since I was around 7 Miles away from My old pad, I Decided to carry-on & get the £90, I was Modestly asking for, due to Them being “repeat” offenders …. However, when I was Ready to Leave, after Doing a Fair amount of work to quite an old computer, which They seemed intent on Maintaining rather than Upgrading …. I Went into the Kitchen & Sonny’s Wife, “SPREAD” Her Legs & Raised Her Voice somewhat as Though She was an AUTHORITAAAH ….

I wasn’t as Aware of how FALSE the “premise” She employed, to Get-off on Pretending, to Speak in a manner which She hoped would be interpreted as Talking-down to Someone …. She’d referred to a Printer, which was “nothing” to Do with The Job They’d asked Me to Carry out & which I’d “Kindly” Had A Look at & Already Discovered that They didn’t have a Cartridge, without which it wouldn’t Print ….

She asked Me about it, as though I’d “failed” & as-if I was being “audacious” in Calling it a Night, having Already Done “Extra” work due to My Usual Thorough “Standard” …. I Calmly Informed Her of “Her” problem & that I’d Already Kindly Looked into it for Her …. I “Noticed” that Her Eyes Were Looking-off “Extremely” to 1 Side & She was Breathing Heavily, almost panting ….

I Remember Looking to a Pot of Pasta, She had on the Hob & My “Instincts” Told Me to Crown Her with it …. I Genuinely Felt like Doing so, but at the time, Thought it was wrong …. However, “now” I’d not have Been able to Get that Far, as I’d have Already Executed Her 3 year-old Husband or at least Dragged Him from the car & Knocked Him out, depending on What I Felt was Most “Appropriate” …. Ironically I “CAN’T” fight as My Blows are “Ferocious” ….

Moreover, “if” the existentially-jealous retard had “behaved” Himself beyond that point, then I “Would” have Scalded His Wife & Perhaps Clubbed Her Unconscious also …. However, I still didn’t Think it was Right to Do So at The Time …. So, She Stood corrected & I’d No Idea She’d just cum & That Her chimp-brained Husband Approved of Their pseudo-satanic lifestyle ….

I Then Sat down & Waited for the retards to finish Their jabbering, as They were to give Me a Lift back to My pad …. Sonny’s Cousin was There & He also Claimed to be a Pilot & He Seemed A Genuinely Human Being …. So, We Chatted, whilst Sonny finished doing a Grass Deal with the driver …. He then turned to Me & Asked Me if I Knew the Dictionary Definition of a Feature He was Looking at, on an Ancient Map of a Property He was interested in ….

I Asked for the Map & then “Began” Replying, by Saying what it Sounded like to Me, due to what it Looked like, however, Sonny seized that as His “pre-meditated” Opportunity to SHOUT again, about Me NOT KNOWING the “precise” Dictionary Definition of a Circular building’s ye-olde Terminology for a Circular building, therefore I “Shouldn’t” Reply to “His Question” ….

Sonny is simply a Homosexual-psychopath who was Jealous of My Intelligence as He hasn’t Developed beyond 3, as the “retarded” brain believes Conning is More Intelligent than “Developing” Intelligence & is determined to pretend-prove that’s-so, at all costs …. They then atypically “mature” into a Self-amazing Sex-offender, in Societies already-doomed …. The more Cowardly the incontinent-arsehole the more pent-up the Binobo becomes, which then leads to it’s VOLUME Con-Troll, (AKA NEEDING shot ….)

However, since My Only Interest was in Tanjina Aktur & Her Village, Whom I’d been Funding for 6 Years, in India, I Endured the imbecile …. As, at That time, I Simply Saw it as Being “His” sin alone & that He was a disgrace & Needed INFORMED of the Finer Points of Humanity that APPEARED to be lost on Him, over the Sound of the Junlge drums beating in the Hollow between His ears …. However, I’d have been Explaining to a sex-offender what it “Already Knows,” as it was trying to get pretend-revenge against Me, due to How it’s Jealousy of My Evolved Mind makes it feel, which RETARDS PRETEND makes it “Your” fault ….

His Cousin then Gave Me a lift down the Road & He was a Thoroughly Nice Chap & “Apologised” to Me, Shame-facedly about Sonny’s behaviour & attempted to sweep it away, but was Essentially sorry I’d had to Witness the wee dickhead act-out His “inferiority” …. I’d No Idea that Sonny was “hoping” to Adversely Affect My Self Confidence & Happiness & for Me to be “tricked somehow” into Thinking I’m not as Intelligent as I Am, because Sonny impotently “wishes” that to be True, instead of The Reality …. Shite like that hope to teach You a lesson for You “Being Your Self” & That Being True, whereas They’re NOT A True Self & being believing They’re getting “revenge” for How Their inferiority & cowardice makes Them FEEL …. As They’re the Center of the Universe, due to being Cut-off from Reality, Neuro-Anatomically ….

I didn’t Realise at the time, that Sonny’s a Homosexual, but what Stood Out most was His Wife’s Clitoris, which when Coupled to the Blonde PIG, Who’s Clitoris stood-out Even more, then, when “Added” to the Quota-of-SHRIEKING obsessed Mizzzzz Gray “&” the Thatched-Lesbian Dwarf & Female Paedophile-Farmer double “act” & then Added to the Farmer “telling” Me She’s a Paedophile, I “THEN” Remembered the Wife, Whom Ahmet had left Me with, looking off “Extremely” to 1 side, as She “pretended” that She didn’t Believe what I was Saying, pretending She was an AUTHORITAAAH making “definitive” Statements as the “Arbiter of Reality” & therefore “pretending” She could “accuse” Me of what She “knew” wasn’t True ….

The Memory Magnified by All the Aforementioned Female “Lenses,” Allowed Me to See Bridget McBride as She was that Day & “Why” …. She Spread Her Legs, the Same way The Others Did, Their Mouths dry with Sexual-Excitement, licking Their Lips & Panting slightly, Breathing Heavily, Looking off to 1 side, padding from hoof to hoof to Get a firm Footing, as the Bully Ideaised it’s intent to Physically Attack ….

She’d manufacture Her excuse, based-upon Attempting to “outflank” My Intelligence, however, due to My Love of “Independent” Truth & Her insistence on talking shit, My Adherence to “Needlessly” Correcting Her infuriated Her further & thus Gave the sex-offender the “excuse” She Needed to Then Slap Me as Hard as She Could across the face, which She preferred to Do, on Both Cheeks 3 times, 6 all in ….

She’d then Grab Me by My Hair, which was Quite long in the 70′s & She’d drag Me at-pace, so I’d stagger & fall, She’d Then drag Me down the hall by the Hair & the Arm …. The Whole time, SHOUTING, “YOU’RE JUST LIKE AHMET, YOU’RE A TURKISH BASTARD, I WISH YOU’D NEVER BEEN BORN OR THAT I’D LEFT YOU WITH HIM IN TURKEY, YOU ARE THE SPAWN OF SATAN, YOU ARE A DEMON SEED ….”

I Didn’t “Believe” what She was Saying, then She’d dragged Me about 35 feet, She would Then throw My 7 Year old Skinny Body onto the Carpet, where I Enjoyed the Warmth of the Sun, which Formed A Diagonaled Shape of The Window Panes on the Blonde Carpet …. The Megalomaniacal Psychopath would Then Reach for a Clattering weapon of further torment, There was a range of Wooden implements hanging outside My Bedroom, however They never intimidated Me ….

Based on “Nothing” other than the Desire for a “hate ejaculate,” the 33 Year old Would Start Beating on Me with A Club, A Stinger or a bit of both …. All the While “pretending” that She doesn’t Believe what I’m Saying & that She doesn’t Know that it’s True & pretending that I “Deserve” it …. Then continuing to attack Me, as She shoves Me towards the bed …. Where She then Whallops-away repeatedly until She’s cum hard ….

I remember Her scrunched-up face of fury, as She spat out every lie She could think of, as I Witnessed Her, the Coward conveniently believed She was detoxing & decanting & degrading & humiliating & belittling Me, whilst I simply Continued to Plead For “The Truth” …. I’d no Idea She was a Sex-offender, Who’s a Morally insane Child-abuser & a Paedophile, Who get-off on Trying to “abuse” Anyone They don’t “fear” Consequence from ….

She Continued spraying Her Hate, whilst Making the Bed & throwing the cover over My Head & tucking in Me in, as though I was a Corpse …. She’d then Insist that if I Moved or made a Sound She’d be back to kill Me & would Stab Me to death with a Kitchen knife ….

I Resented Thinking that She was a Cow …. I Remember Counseling Myself not to Think that of Her, as She did so Many Other things for Me …. However, The longest I went “without” That Happening to Me was 3 Days …. There was Never a Time, for 7 Years, that I went Any longer than 3 Days without Her Attacking Me at Length …. I Didn’t feel scared, but I’d lay There a While, Listening to Lads Outside Playing Football, for Several more Hours ….

I Developed mental conditions due to the Traumatic Experience I was Innocently being subject to, due to My Mother’s lack of a Sexual partner or Moral+Sanity …. She eventually took Me to See a Psychiatrist, as She couldn’t break or Dominate Me out of Thinking the Truth & loving The Truth & Speaking The Truth …. To His Eternal Credit, the Psychiatrist Said, “The problem, Mizzzzz McBride, is YOU & Your Youngest Daughter & Your shit-stirring Mother ….”

She Then took Me to a Samaritan Psychiatrist, after that “unfavourable” Reflection …. So having failed to “con” the 1st, the next was a fat Bearded Homosexual Paedophile, wearing Sandals, Who was licking His lips & Breathing heavily at the Idea of Hoovering a Lad out of His insane Mother’s grasps & into His cellar …. He settled for pretending-along with the Same Neuro-type, He recognised, more than She did …. Whereafter, it was all gone “pretend-proven” that it was “Me Who is the thing that is the thing what is the thing that is the thing that She is ….”

There’s no-lengths Psychopaths won’t go to, in Their Determination to pretend-prove You are what They are & that They’re “perfect” & Superior …. All They care about it the “Superficial” Appearance, ergo Arrangement, of What the Autistic Retard would “prefer” to Think, as it Lacks the Mental “Equipment” to Exist in Reality, Where it NEEDS shot in the face …. (All Mania is borne of the insecure party’s inadequacy-borne ego-based DESIRE to Con-Troll “Someone” ….)

I Selflessly Rescued Bridget, before I left dnaltocS, as She’d been reduced into another “Conflict,” She’d started for sexual-pleasure & ego-boosting …. Which hadn’t worked out as She’d planned, as She was reduced to Her knees & clinging onto the handle of a House She’d no right to be in, as They tried to Throw Her out on Her Arse ….

Due in no-small-part to the GARGANTUAN PROBLEM of Psychopaths coming to BELIEVE Their lies & then ACTING on Them, (See, Jack Palance,) I Still didn’t See Her as being a Paedophile, even-though She was Guilty of what I Now See as Being “Emotional incest” & Who attempted to add a “complex” of lies (ie excuses) to the Trauma, which Shite like Her are Obsessed with Trying to Cause “innocent” Good Men, Mainly …. The 3 Year old’s hobby-horse is to attempt to ameliorate against Their BLAME & hurt, at the AWFUL TRUTH They HATE, about Their True Self, by targeting Those nearest & dearest & longest Suffering & “more importantly” Non+Reactionary ….


There’s a Megalomaniacal Psychopath living at number 19 Glencleland road, Who’s also a COWARD, Whom I’ll be exposing soon …. She was run-out of Her previous address for “constantly” trying to take Her shit shit out on a 90 Year old man, as the psychopath brains believes it’s LEAVING it’s “suffering” with You, in it’s “pant-wetting” Obsession with Transference …. She’s an incontinent hideously-ugly beast & wishes She was Top Banana, She’s simply a walking toilet ….

When She moved below My old pad, She sent “Pat Donn” to My Door, (a paranoid Schizophrenic Psychopath,) She’d commissioned that Coward to build-up to Returning Kindness with Attack …. Like All Psychopaths, They’ll “find” Their “excuse” to pseduo-justify Their “premeditated” campaign, (See, Yeshua of Nazareth being nailed to a Tree ….) …. However, I was Studying Pat & “Ready” for Him & when He finally was about to make His move, I Looked at Him & Asked, “Would You Attack a MORAL Man Pat ?!?!”

He was STUNNED, but Still said “yes,” but He recoiled from The Light in My Eyes & The undinting Confidence which Comes from a True+Self & A “Calling” of A Life Worth Living, in The Donation of countering & overcoming the cruelty VERMIN are enacting on This Planet’s farther-flung Children …. So, I Asked Him Again, incredulously, but needlessly, as He’d already begun to Cry …. Which I’ve Found in Every Experiment I’ve done (or been reduced to) with even the most seemingly-dangerous of Beings, They See My Morality as Innate Goodness & “Can’t” bring Themselves to enact what They’d then have Discovered was a swift death at My Hand …. (No-one Man’s landed a Glove on Me in My Adult Live, it Would be The last Thing They Did in This Realm …..)

I’d been Busy trying to finish off Some Computer work & so Continued with that & My “Preparations” to leave all that Shite behind, meanwhile, the drunk Pat fell asleep & Dozed for the better part of an Hour, …. I Looked at Him, a few times “&” the Fuck+Off Stick I Had propped up against the Fire & “How Easy” it would’ve been to bring My Flight forward & Cave His Skull in, but He “hadn’t” Done Anything, but He Did Deserve a Good beating, as He was trying to carry-out the work of a hell-bound “coward,” from Number 19′s “mindlessly repeating” pattern ….

When Pat woke up, I shoved Him out the Door & He Staggered all over the shop, He then repeatedly Burst out Laughing at Some 1 Liners I was Cracking & Then tried to quieten Himself, as the Beast downstairs would Realise that He’d failed in His mission …. He returned later the Same Day to Apologise, as like all Psychopaths, They think They can wave a Magic wand & The Slate’s “clean” …. Sadly, a lot of “Humans” still fall for that, “Projecting” Their Own Goodness into the ROTTEN scoundrel, however, The Moral Law of The Universe doesn’t work like that & nor Do I …. (To Be Continued ….)

It’s beyond the grasp & “acceptance” of BEASTS that They’re FUCK ALL, so they’re determined to “pretend-prove,” with Their party-tricks & lies, that They ARE “a someone” & They’re prepared to MURDER You to pretend-prove that & get pretend-revenge for Their “imaginary Self” image borne “feelings” …. Thus, Why I Promote an “interpersonal” Solution, as Well As The Over+Arching Moral+Aims, in My New Vids ….

You SUPPORT a paedophile-run system which GROOMS females to HATE men, due to Their “feelings” of inferiority to Men, in the Competition “only They” are in, due to Their delusions-of-perfection & superficial Desperation to “rewrite history,” so that it’s YOU who has to suffer for Baby’s butt-hurt …. Unsurprisingly, that Produces the “Fatherless” Children, which the Paedophile-ring KNOW will be ABUSED in 90% of Cases, as 66% of Females are BEASTS & an Additional 24% are almost Equally All-round-Destructive dishonest “WORTHLESS” SCUM ….

You MAY have Seen “Them,” BARING ALL, whilst Shoving FROGS up Their Arse on the Internet, in a ratio of 10,000 Porn-Actresses to Every 1 Male Actor …. You may Also have Seen Them Queuing up to MURDER Their unborn Children (plural) …. You may Also have Seen Them Queuing up to FUND wig-wearing paedophiles, so the Subhuman cunt can get pretend-revenge against Her latest MARK ….

Men have been Equally “Groomed” to Fail to K.ICK HER F.UCKING C.UNT IN …. Human MEN are the Number 1 victim of ALL crime, Females are the Number 1 “perpetrator” of ALL crime, by a VAST margin …. Unsurprisingly the EXACT OPPOSITE is Reported in the “Judean Post, during an Epidemic explosion of State-groomed, hate-consumed, pathologically-lying, waddling, “unselfaware” burst-arsed Dwarves NEEDING Shot …. Thus, Why I’m Calling on Men to Start PHYSICALLY Thumping the Jabbering “PROVIDER HATING” bi-sexual Lunatits, Whenever They Witness 1 “Unjustifiably” on the war-path ….

I Can’t Begin to Tell You How HIDEOUSLY UGLY 90% of Females TRULY Are & as I Mentioned in My Post Above, when You’re Finally Ready to Start providing People with “Brutal, Merciless, Physical CONSEQUENCE,” IF You’re MORAL The Universe Lifts You UP, however, if You’re NOT Moral the universe drags You down ….

So Due to My Faith in The Moral+Law of The Universe, I Instead Channeled Another Miracle, so I didn’t have to drill-through the Gun I Had, which I Thought I Might have had to Use, to Shoot My Way out of dnaltocS, as I Timed Things to Perfection & as I’ll Be “Revealing,” As Did The Moral+Law of The Universe …. I’d bought A High Precision Drill & found a Bullet Supplier …. I’ll be Exposing the “unselfaware,” corrupt, LUNATICS & Lunatits of Strathclyde Piggery in the coming Days, which was 1 of My Last Social+Experiments, on that Freezing put of reptiles ….

eg It’s Safe to Say that if I Met Stevie Nolan or Paul Goodship “etc,” I’d Execute Them without hesitation, as that’s what You DO with Walking shite …. But They’re “YOUR PROBLEM” as YOU pay Those unenviable Chimps’ wages & They’re NOT going to change …. “ie” If the Psychopath at Number 19 moves House, the Sex-offender Will simply target “someone else” Whom the coward Thinks She an get-away with trying to “offend,” to get-off in Her delusional world, so the “hate-ejaculating” Lunatic can believe TRANSFERENCE has taken place & that “Right has been gone done & doed gone officialled ….” …. (I Heard Her shit-it from The Lass at Number 15, before I left, which was Funny …. “ALL” of Which Will “Be Continued” …. “Plus Newcomers,” all of Whom Think They’re “untouchable,” when The Moral+Law of The Universe & I are UNSWAYED in Our “Duty” ….)

There’s no Clearer Declaration of TRUE SELF loathing, than wanting to “Trade Places” with Someone Who’s Happy & Confident when You’re not …. (That ALONE Is Grounds for Execution ….) ….. The “hollow” lack of Insight of such “unenviable” Hell-bound reptiles can Only be Purified by Fire …. Garbage like that aspire to becoming like the higher-functioning Shite They’re subserviant to, so Seek to Take it out on HUMANS Who are “nothing like” the Shite They aspire to …. eg I’m NOT in Any Pyramid of Any form & Will Never Be, moreover, the Only Pyramids I’ve entered were as undercover Experiments, where I would get another “Chapter” & Retire to My Retreat to “Articulate” The Beast, which I Later Discovered was the Same way St. Bram Stoker did, when inventing Renfield ….

So, I Rescued Bridget, which I’ll be Exposing in “Erol On lagutroP” & I Chose A Farm for Her, which The Universe “Knew” Could Only Have Been Here, as the imbecile wanted a Farm which Ticked Every box She could make-up as She went along, whilst “knowing” that She’d no intention of Staying & was Simply wanting to accrue Rent payments by freeloading for a While, before going back to “conflict” in Court, (at “Your” expense,) in Fights “She” started, scratching Her way under the Skin of Her latest Mark, with wigged-paedophiles in the wings lapping it up …. BECAUSE Men are FAILING to EXECUTE 3 year old Sex-Offenders (ie LUNATICS ….)

Every single Person I’ve mentioned is a SHIT BAG, They mistake Kindness for weakness & Those behind the whole corrupt show SURROUND Themselves with complicit RINGS of Goons to protect Themselves from YOU & furthermore Up Your NEEDLESS torment, to keep you from WAKING UP & Providing Them with the FINAL+SOLUTION …. As best Illustrated by St. Stoker & St. Gibson in “Brave” HEART …. A “COWARD” DIES A THOUSAND DEATHS, Just the 1 for Me thanks ….

When Bridget got Here, She didn’t Realise that Although I’d told the serial-killer McCallum, that I Trained with the Best, Bridget didn’t Realise that due to McCallum I’d trained with the worst …. So, Her shit was garbage too & I made Light work of the incontinent Lunatic & All the dirty tricks the imbecile had up Her sleeve, so She was Soon Launched back onto Her Broomstick ….

Reconsider, the “Ingrained” pathology of the Megalomaniacal Psychopath, when Considering that Bridget McBride wanted to attack Me for Correctly Not Visiting Her for Years, even-though I’d Swooped to Save Her, after Everything I’d Gone Through …. Holding nothing against Her for Her is guilty heinous-litany of crimes against a 7 Year old, Whom She attacked, as described, around 100 times per Year, but due to the Imbecile’s unwillingness to “blame” Her “Self” & the anomaly of All retards “believing” whatever They “prefer,” She was out for more pretend-revenge …. (You Couldn’t make it up ….)

There no “Moral” component to the Lunatic’s Perception, furthermore no “MIND” in Their Cognitive Capacity, no “DEPTH” Emotionally & They’re wired “back to front,” with delusions of “perfection” They’re Determined to PRETEND have Merit & They’re CARNALLY Addicted to “redirecting” Their flat-lining brain’s Sex-drive into “Conflict,” to ameliorate against the boredom a Queen shouldn’t have-to endure …. HAPPINESS is a ROASTING hot Gun, How come I’m About to Own My 4th & You’ve got NONE ?!?!

Waiting in the Wings, behind Your COWARDICE are rule-making, trouble-making, heat-increasing PAEDOPHILES ,Whom it’s Your MORAL+OBLIGATION to fucking EXECUTE, I’ve Exposed a Whole Police-farce & Kangaroo Court-system, on record, whilst the Average Male WORRIES about breaking Their MADE UP PISH, so “SHALLOW” Lesbian psychopaths can go-on getting pretend-revenge-against-the-PROVIDER, sitting on top of a EVERYTHING Men have “Invented, Build, Deliver, maintain & repair” …. The “delirium-addicted” gambling-imbecile projects Her unconscious DEATH WISH for what the retarded “maniac” has allowed Her SELF to “BECOME” …. “They” are All Hostile “dependents” …. (Hint, Hint ….)

So, I Rescued Bridget & “unsurprisingly” the willfully-evil “insignificant” Lunatic repeatedly attempted to betray Me, for pretend-revenge & financial gain, however, due to My Morality I was Bound to Give Her 1 last Chance to Redeem Her Soul through “Accomplishing” A Moral+Project, Where Every Box She’d wanted was Ticked & I Chose “This” Farm Instead of The more Remote Farm I’d Been Looking For & I’m Hunting For Again …. Unsurprisingly, The Universe Rewarded Me beyond ANY Expectation I Had & Delivered HEAVY dark-gems aplenty into the Bargain, for Me to Magnify …. (To Be Continued ….)

The atypical megalomaniacal psychopath’s tiny-mind seeks tiny-points to dramatise, (upon detection execute Them, Male or Female) …. So, the Self-obsessed, corrupt, jabbering, hate-consumed, “incontinent,” Moral-imbecile began Trying to find fault, but She was hard-pushed to, in Her “weaving” Web, which I cut off at the Pass ….

In the end, the old failure passed-on the Baton, to a Neighbouring drooling Female Farmer & Asked Her to Visit My Farm, in Her absence & then She Spread rumours to the Already malicious Reptiles of the Nearest Village-of-the-Damned …. Once Again, it’s “beyond” Their Comprehension that They’re “provably” Fuck-All …. Thus, Why I’ve Not seen so-much as 1 of the phenomenally “unenviable” & primitive “Trouble-Making” hell-bound Munchkins in Well over a Year …. Who “Pride” Themselves on Needing shot, fuck BEING Them ….

So, I’ve Informed Every Would-be Viewer, about the nearest Locale’s Shite Characters & it’s put Quite a few off, however, It’s of Course A Social+Experiment to Find Who “Deserves” This Wonderful Farm, as The Mountains Call My Name more Loudly Every Day …. eg A Couple of African retards (Sam & His Face-pulling Wife, obsessed with hoping for Transference) Showed up “Pretending” They want to See The Farm, “Hoping” to get “pretend-revenge,” as the They’d researched Me & Seen My “Confident” Love of “Independent” Truth, which Allows delusional Mental-SPASTICS, Who See Themselves as Being Masterminds, (Who “provably” have Half a Chicken’s brain,) to delude Themselves that “I am what They are” & that I Deserve Their grandiosely-delusional black-magic, having it coming & brought it on Myself & am Asking for it, in Their inbred hollow-head ….

I Made light work of both of Them, but The UTTERLY Self-deluded OBESE Retards fell into the Same Category as Sonny & His Blonde Bimbo, as the Reason They’re still Drawing Breath & were Ever Fortunate Enough to Have Met Me, like All the Aforementioned, is PURELY Because I’ve Saved so Many “AFRICAN” Children’s Lives, whilst They Stuff Their fat arses with MORE Cake ….

No Good Man goes unpunished, unless Chimps KNOW They WILL be Shot …. Which I’m Going to Paint on a Sign, in Portuguese, on My Next Farm, unless I Opt for Africa 1st …. In the meantime it’s AGAINST The “PEACE” It’s WISE to EXCLUSIVELY Live In, to deal with Estate-Agents, as You’d expect, They’re not HUMAN & have BEGGED Me to Execute Them or Far More Easily destroy the reptile’s business …. They’re atypically-delusional ROTTEN hell-bound garbage, Who’s BACKWARD Chicken-brain “prides” itself on trying to “Con” Humans & when They can’t They Then want pretend-revenge, as “that’s ALL They’ve got” ….

Insignificant shite like that Hope You Choose to be Offended, by Whatever the Spastic Makes up & Hopes, with it’s “tiny” mind, stuck in “Ralph Wiggum” mode (The bitter Sex-offender Years) …. Moreover, the Lunatic hopes it can “Hypnotise” You & will attempt to dominate or Intimidate You …. Futhermore, if You’re Kind to it, You then Witness the incontinent-reptile Believe it’s defecating, from the hollow, shallow tube it has between it’s ears, as it Only Respects Sex-Objects it fears, as then Spazmo hides it’s True feelings & troubles & often Fails to Manifest transference-ideation ….

In Youth I Realised how Easily I could “Make” money & I Knew I’d inherited the same Ability as Ahmet, So I Steered away from it, Because He’d Steered Himself away from His Family, abandoning Us to the fate Paedophile-engineers can Rely on …. Decades later, I Realised I Could save even-more Children’s lives “NOW” if I Upped the Amount I Earned & Then the Universe Began Rewarding Me ENDLESSLY, until I was Making Thousands non-stop ….

What I’ve Not “Declared” before is that I UNROBBED, the paedophile-ring of Hate-Britain, of HUNDREDS of Thousands, in ways I’ll reveal in My Upcoming Vids (Then Donated it to Starving Indians & Africans, whilst Sonny & Sam & Their burst-arsed partners in crime Stew in Their greed “unaware” How EASILY They BURST ….) …. St. old Les Advised I go for broke on th emoney front, as it’s all a CON, COMPLETELY & Utter BULLSHIT of a gargantuanly incompetent sprawling system …. Which I’d Already Concluded about “before” I Found Bill Hicks, Whom I Wrote an Homage to in 1998 …. (Although sadly, Hicks’ Quotes are employed by nihilistic retards, Who would’ve treated Him shabbily if They’d Known Him Personally ….)

When I’m taking on the INSECTOID vermin of This Planet I set Their Game to INSANE Mode & Still Manage to Keep Myself in The Black …. “eg” Right Now I Could Max Out EVERY Loan, Credit Card & Remortgage You could Think of & Say FUCK IT, “Find” Me if You Can …. However, money means “FUCK ALL” to Me, which Sums-Up what Those Who pursue it “ARE,” also …. (Unless I’m Mistaken, A Kind Man called John may be Replacing Me Here & Out of ALL The People I’ve Examined I Believe He Would “Deserve” to Stay Here & I’ll miss the Neighbouring Paedophile’s Bitch when I go, Cleopatra ….) …. His Family will Receive SO Many Gifts Here I Couldn’t List Them All & I’ve Atypically “Knocked Down” The Doors, lesser Minds Couldn’t have, due to My Titanium Nerves which were Forged in Hell, Where I Laughed & Said, “FUCKING EASY” …. So He can Walk Straight through Those Archways to Meet “evil” hypocrites desperate for a Second Chance (Although I’ve Advised He take “nothing” to do with “Them” ….)

To cut a long story Short, I’ll be revealing more on These Subjects in “Erol On Child Abuse,” My Work’s becoming more & more Popular at The Moment …. I’ve Made Some Great Discoveries about “Self,” PTSD & Joyful Recovery Techniques, to Help Others …. eg Although I’ve Found THE Solution, I Also I Advise You BEAT the SHIT out of the 3rd-Eye-Blind Hate-tig obsessed “UNJUSTIFIABLE” reptiles, Who Should be GRATEFUL for being ALLOWED out, when They KNOW They Should be kept in a CAGE & can’t Believe that You would “go along” with Them putting YOU in 1, if YOU “Owned” even “1″ of My Guns, to “Protect” Yourself from the BEASTS They “deliberately” Release ….

Infinitely More importantly, I Get Up Every Day & There’s no incontinent Retarded Dwarf There, “hoping” to have an Adverse Affect on Me, because She refuses to ADJUST Her DERANGED “delusions” of Self & “Expectations,” in Her MYOPIC Chicken-brain, to GRATITUDE …. Thus, COLD bleak weary-arsed hate-filled vacuums Mope & RAGE around Their unenviable subsistence, a “COW full of HATE,” Whilst I’m Wearing A “Cowboy Hat” & Smiling Up At Orange Season in Full Swing, Doing ALL I Can & DETERMINED To Do More, to Save even-more Starving Darkies ….

Speaking of which, The FAT Darkie above, (Ahmet,) is “bleating” about Self, when the imbecile hasn’t Developed beyond 3, has no Moral+Conscience or Self+Awareness, ergo to ALL such Reptiles Self+Respect is simply ATTACKING Those Who won’t Allow Themselves to be Con-Trolled by an intellectual-pygmy Who HATES Truth …. Impotently Hoping You “choose” to be Offended ….

Think Again, about the “GULF” of DISPARITY between Self-absorption & Self+Worth … eg What the “Absence” of that prick meant I’d to Endure & How Christlike My Mind in Overcoming it, so similar to the History of Yeshua of Nazareth, Who’s Mother was a MAD Whore, but Who “had” A Beautiful Step Father to take some of Miriam’s “relentless” sexual-frustration …. Moreover, the “agenda” of the Reptile in Hoping that if He can get Me to “delude Myself” that by Not pretending-along with a Self-inflated balloon “then” I’ll be tricked into Thinking, “I am what He is” & Then that Means His TERROR at Being JUDGED, in his RAPIDLY Approaching Death, (Which I Assured Him I could Quicken for Him,) means He’s TRICKED God out-of DISPATCHING Him Straight to Hell, for Eternity …. (You Couldn’t make it up ….)

God is Not Mocked, irrespective of the Mental Gymnastics of Ahmet, Allah Will Simply cast Him into the pit of hell, to be “separated,” in a cold-banish for “infinitely” longer than He left His 1st Born for, only to Con-Tact Them again a Third of a Century later, “apparently” lacking in Respect & “desperate” to Delude Himself there’s a chance There’s something He can Say which will “con” a Different outcome, yet-again Establishing that Being SHITE “proves” to be an unenviable, unwelcome, deserved & “PERMANENT” State ….

You’ll not be surprised to discover that the Sister, Whom the Psychiatrist Decreed as Being in-on-it with Her paedophile-mother, “couldn’t wait” to Change Her name & call Him Daddy, hoping for a bag of silver …. I Told the old fart, Right off the bat, that I don’t Need any money & I’m A Self+Made Man, My Father’s “The+Truth” …. After I was “Absolutely” Certain, I Told Ahmet what I Thought of Him, when He’d “revealed” His True Self ….

Whereafter, the subhuman prick began “typing & hoping” in a Manner You’d expect from an alcoholic suspiciously-Ginger prostitute, however, This Real Man, Told Ahmet that I was Off Out to SPREAD A higher form of MANure, than Him, across My Farm …. Whist CinderErol’s UGLY Sister’s were hoping to suck the shite out of His FAT hell-bound old Arse ….

I Could Go On, I Wrote All of This in the Length of Time it Took for My Pasta to be Ready …. I’ve Been Working Long into The Night, So On A Lovely Morning, I’m off Out to My Stone Picnic Table to Have The Best Pasta I’ve “Ever” Made Myself, Sharing A Glass of Wine with Buggles & Drinking in what May be the Last of These Rare Mountains, before I Climb Yet More, where I’ll Then Finally Become COMPLETELY & FOREVER 100% jabbering “Dunce-Cunt FREE” …. (It’s No Coincidence that That’s when I’m Finally READY to Shoot Them ….)

There’s nothing Psychopath’s hate more than a Confident “independent” Happy HUMAN Man, it’s a mouth-watering Challenge, as Your Independence is in pseudo-defiance of “the wake of Their ego” …. Upon “detection” of that megalomaniacally ARROGANT type of shite-monkey, finish the job & EXECUTE Them, without prejudice …. Watch this REPEATEDLY to “SEE” HYPOCRISY :-


Kind regards,

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